Wednesday, January 9, 2019


The Labour Party, to their everlasting discredit, signed off on the biggest rort ever of our electoral system by giving NZ First 3 billion dollars of taxpayer money in a political slush fund designed to maintain their electoral support and hopefully buy an electorate seat.

Winston First have re-defined 'pork barrel' politics and taken it to a new level.   In doing so they have entrusted taxpayer money to the Jones' boy; someone with an ego that rivals that of Trump and so consumed with his own importance that he has taken to referring to himself in the third person and all this from someone who thought nothing of charging off pornographic movies to his ministerial credit-card.

Fortunately voters are not stupid and have seen through the charade with NZ First's support halving to just 3% in the polls ... not helped by their breaking of several key manifesto pledges.

But I'll finish where I started.   It was Labour who set them up and it's Labour who deserves everything coming their way from giving Winston First the tools to try and rort our electoral system.


Snowflake said...

You hysterical shrieking about spending a reasonably small amount on regional development as “a rort of the electoral system” is a great parody of a right-wing sore loser who can’t get over being a loser. Thanks for the effort.

The Veteran said...

Flake ... your response confirms this has touched another raw nerve among the 'true believers'. Heh, keep on keeping on with your 'nothing to see here' meme which goes to confirm that King Canute is alive and well in the rust bucket old tub that masquerades as the Labour Party. Old adage ... lie down with a dog and you get fleas ... enjoy.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

For Snowflake's benefit, I'd like to see a break down of where his 'reasonably small' three billion dollars has been committed.

If all the idiots in all the villages of the world moved out and formed themselves into a new village, Snowflake would be the village idiot.

Snowflake said...

Well, if Adolt would like a breakdown, then a dolt can simply look it up on the inter web. And is that lamo cliche the best abuse you can come up with? Disappointing.

Oh Veteran, you’re hilarious, buddy. Stay outraged all the way to 2027, when you may just get to see Chris Bishop become PM.

Anonymous said...

Evidently Shane is financing an area of what he can see from his front verandah.
And where are those billion trees?

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... well among other things there is the small matter of some millions for the building of a tourist hub in Kawakawa!!!!!!!! repeat Kawakawa !!!!!!!!! a town that is bypassed by tourists on their way to the BoI. It will create 2.7 jobs for Shane's cuzzie bros (the ones 'he' was going to get orf their arse and plant trees but that was too hard and they're now forced to import PI labour to do the work ... and we'll not even talk about the small matter of 163,000 seedings going 'cheep').

Flake ... a little bird whispered in my ear that you are a Labour Party Beehive Press Officer flunky employed to monitor and respond to anything critical of the government.
You could take a leaf out of Lord Egbut and PM's books ... they at least respond intelligently.

p.s. thank you for your confirmation that Labour in Hutt South will continue to poll second.

pdm said...

Vet - if your sources are correct and Snowflake is a Labour party Beehive Press Officer they must be having serious recruitment problems because the grammar isn't too flash most of the time.

The Veteran said...

pdm .... taking after his bosses. Just received a letter from a minister which clearly had been drafted by a refugee from NCEA level 1 English.

RosscoWLG said...

Snowflake NCEA Level 3 Media Studies. It was as good as it got for him. Probably got the job based on who he knew rather than what he knows. (On the latter they are still looking!)