Friday, January 4, 2019

Australians Of African Appearance

'Australians of African Appearance' is the code applied by Australia's politically correct media and Victoria's inept police force to the growing gangs of young male Sudanese and Somali immigrants who for some months now have been terrorizing people in various parts of Melbourne.

The abjectly inept Victorian police at one stage announced a policy of 'non-arrest' when dealing with these young thugs.  How ironic that when a public meeting was scheduled today to protest at the activities of these gangs, the police made a point of insisting that any participants who engaged in unruly behavior would be arrested.

According to Adolf's spies on the ground in Melbourne, the situation is as follows.

Black gangs not only are attacking people who visit certain beaches but  are trashing and smashing property, particularly shops owned by Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants.  (Ain't multiculturalism just the bestest?)  Their latest trick is to station three or four gang members outside these businesses to intimidate people and prevent them from entering the shops.

Apparently the older Vietnamese and Chinese feel unable to do anything about it but I'm told the younger Vietnamese and Chinese are organising themselves into vigilante style militias with help from bikies and other gentle people.

It looks like war is about to break out and I suggest the casualties will all be 'of African appearance.'

Such in the unintended consequence of  selectively applied 'non- arrest' policies.

As they say, the story is developing.


David said...

White male radicalised by Scientology goes on a rampage, murders one, attempts to murder another.

Adolf - Crickets.

White German male goes on a New Years Day rampage on Berlin, attempting to murder Syrians and Afghans.

Adolf - crickets.

man goes on violent rampage in Sydney, murders one, attempts to murder others.

Adolf - crickets.

Convicted criminals and violent thugs plan a riot at St Kilda Saturday, they hope to emulate the Cronulla Riots.

Adolf - crickets.

OK, now fair enough, Adolf can't be expected to keep up with every crime, but he does seem to only see crimes committed by those he fears, not those who cause us harm.

Racism fits like a pair of well worn slippers.

Anonymous said...

Searched the Melbourne Age and come up with this....I had no idea things were so bad.

Bill Kawolski