Thursday, January 31, 2019


In the second half of last Century I began farming at  our own risk with borrowings that today seem extraordinary brave in terms that Sir Humphry might have described, with equity of 6% paying commercial interest rates on almost $100K of borrowing.

One of my immediate Neighbours was a youngish National chap who had carried the Blue flag against Mabel Howard in two elections in a hopeless cause in the Sydenham electorate where a red rosette pinned on a park bench would have carried the day.
I had known Derek for some time as a friend, YFC elder, and now neighbour and MP for Rangiora, so when he asked me to a woolshed meeting to meet an up and coming man of the future  from Te Kuiti my respect for Derek swept me up.
On payment of a one dollar "donation that took some years to convince my National Mates was not a "membership" subscription, I listened to James "Spud" Bolger only to come away with some serious reservations as to the conservative beliefs of the man who would later clamber over the bodies to become the Fifth National Prime Minister.

Those doubts were reinforced in spades when details of his Report of a working group on "Fair Pay" became open knowledge this week.
He has spurned everything he told the voters he believed in, in the wake of the revolution initiated by Sir Roger Douglas when in a series of political expediencies he and his ministers of the fourth National government elected in a landslide smashed the cloth cap, northern England communists hold on union activity that had been a hand brake for workers, no indeed a very large concrete block sea anchor for the NZ economy since they were empowered by the first Labour Government of Michael Joseph Savage. 
While much of the civilised world has admired the real advances this country has made since the near disasters of Muldoon and the labour theorists who preceded that aberration that  came about when in the opportunity knocks that ensued from Lange's outfit as they ended subsidised exports  and manipulation of imports to allow The Market to do its thing. The little country deep in the South Pacific showed what a market economy could deliver when the Government stands aside.
Now in a back to the future with a vengeance, series of marxist playbook written rotten garbage will unravel all the achievements often gained at considerable costs in people and investment, so unless the more sensible members of Winston First stand up for much of what the Electorate were led to believe they stand for, this country is well on track to remove Venezuela as the poster child for failed socialism to second place.

Throughout much of my farming and it's often challenged financial returns,  a recurring problem was industrial action by Union Masters manipulating the rule book to maintain their power. Meat processing, transport costs, shipping costs, wharf disruption as immediate drags but additional rubbish such as the horrors of the BNZ building in the Wellington CBD with dear old Con Devitt, unions maintained a financial drag on almost all commercial activity, often with no winners only an  ever growing list of losers.

What Irony, Spud's efforts of the 1990s that might have gained some kudos in history piddled up against a tin fence thirty years later while his old drinking mate from the glory days is all we rely on to avoid disaster.

Her's a little gem Spud, it will never make for a strong successful nation by making everyone equally poor and your latest foray to the state trough sets a way to achieve that.

That's Pretty Cold

Right now it's -33C in Minneapolis.  That's pretty cold.

Which reminds me that:-

Christianity is a religion whose adherents save other people's lives,

Islam is a religion whose adherents take other people's lives

and Global Warmenising is a religion whose adherents take other people's money.


Big thanks to "Doggy' Little back in the halcyon days mid 20th century who was a very good physics teacher. Mr Little had an innate ability to make his students want to learn and understand a subject that too many eschew for being too hard.

The laws of physics are pretty well settled at school/college level.

I think it was the second law of thermowhatever that dealt with heat transfer and it was a one way street unless an external intervention intruded. Heat travels from warm or hot to cool or cold.
The sun is hot, unbelievably so in fact as a current probe has been dispatched from planet earth to fly at the sun transmitting data until the vehicle becomes smoke sans mirrors.
It is the sun that maintains this planet at temperatures allowing nature to exist with plants and animals as we know it. The polar regions are at extreme angles to the suns rays and much of the heat energy either bounces of and past or is weakened to a point where the cold of space absorbs most of the heat leaving frozen water. Near the equator the rays are more direct and heat transfer is far greater and good ole earth resorts to other physics based activity to prevent the seas boiling, evaporation to form clouds and rain big contributors.
The earth is spinning on its axis that is at an inclination leading to the seasons of winter and summer depending on the angle leading to months of night at one polar region and a corresponding endless day at the other.
The power of the suns rays also fluctuate depending as to what is being emitted from  the giant nuclear reactor we see so bright on cloudless days but can still burn the earth and its residents under light cloud cover.
Should the evaporation/precipitation cycle become at odds with the ideal, floods and/or  drought ensue. This season has been one of the most favourable for vegetation growth across much of the country in my years on the planet. Although drought threatened in the spring for some Eastern areas rains came and any threat  was over before dry became drought.  Now well into High summer with Autumn approaching, tree rings will record for history what a favourable season it has been.
Of course the realist within me knows all too well that a dry can occur at any time and one of the scariest seasonal drys, "a dry autumn" can easily turn up unannounced. Not forgetting  the favourable growth happened just days after a drip under pressure announced to the country that November and December would be hot and dry for eastern lands. We spent the month of December in and around eastern  districts of the North Island and we enjoyed a mere  three days with zero rain.

Since the New Year began the weather has been one of the 'best' summers by and large since those wonderful days we enjoyed in the 1950s. Of course they were endless days of heat, sun, swimming and pleasure, the bad days were immediately put in the garbage and forgotten.
Tuesday a day to match the good old days hit on Wellywood and a 93 year record high was exceeded for a few hours at Kelburn, Train tracks were threatened and many were moved to claim AGW was here and now, Doomsday had arrived. Naturally the media dead from their supermarket puddle having dried up went into an orgy of tales of woe. Any and every ill or even suspicious looking loitering bad was down to "Climate Change" and an idiot Melon  predicting the end once more was recalled for another spot
And what do you know the bleedin sun came up again the next day.

Was it just me or did someone else notice some page eight stories in foreign papers that parts of the northern hemisphere were in serious trouble due to some bloody cold weather.
Then the kicker, their cold was due to a bit of hot air lodged over the North Pole, probably the remnants of the Davos Circus from the over fifteen hundred planes delivering all the important people to pontificate as to how the profligate use of carbon was hastening the sad end for dear old Auntie Earth.
Naturally those who see an opportunity to make another grab at wealth creators wallets, make the  entirely predictable response that "Climate Change" will manifest as extreme "weather events" without a shred of evidence ,doctored or not, to support.
If here in Paradise we have some really hot weather I believe it is because of any of several factors allowing heat from our nuclear reactor Sun to head out into space with some of it intercepting with Auntie Earth, if it becomes colder then there will be an answer in a  Physics text book and no one has managed to effect a change to the laws  by Taxation, that is another discipline called Economics, something Dear old Doggy didn't dwell on.

I wonder what exactly the science is settled Gurus   Climate Change trough feeders will have as a response to that warmish day 93 years ago in Wellington when there was no Oil and Gas industry sending Paradise to hell in a hand cart (built in a Smithy's shop burning coal in a forge naturally).

Then again I remain very skeptical as regards UFOs and aliens but rest assured that if an opportunity arose enabling Socialists to Tax such believers who had resources that could be appropriated by act of the legislature, here comes the Alien tax.


There is an old mantra in Real Estate "Location Location Location" that defines a rather large foundation for decisions buyers should consider always.

Oh there are others such as worst house in good street, all buyers are liars, it hasn't sold so price too high agent is crap or both, however I digress.

The current omnishambles masquerading as a Government of New Zealand is heading further up a creek without a paddle.
Words such as Fiscal responsibility, managed budgets, targeted assistance, equality, consultation, select committee, appear consigned to redundant.

New words to replace them have appeared, Provincial growth fund, transparency, open, fair, captains call, feelings, and very recently wellness and a real doozy, yesterday when the collapse of Kiwibuild came as close as will ever be admitted, - RECALIBRATION???

Google, gives a definition from The Cambridge Dictionary for recalibration:
 "making 'small' adjustments to an instrument to ensure accuracy".

Can we assume Kiwibuild to be an instrument, I guess so with a stretch of an agile mind.
However when it comes to reducing 100 000 homes in a decade to one thousand in the first year and further abandoning all target readings of the original instrument when it in spite of massive rejigging start dates, completions and what exactly a kiwibuilt house actually is, output readings at 33 completed houses, (not forgetting the 61 houses,  the other bit of responsibility Mr Twyford carries ie LTSA under Transport,  flattened for road widening). is it at all possible the "Instrument" was built in a Blacksmiths shop using pig iron, a forge, and large hammers. Then sadly when constructed for gawd knows how much dosh, never to be revealed, the "Instrument" was not and never would be fit for purpose.

I am declaring the spin doctors use of recalibration to be utter commercial speak bollocks.
If Kiwibuild was a dog I would suggest the vet, not to remove testes but to be put down, any other option is abject cruelty to others.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


This from ex Green MP Dr Kennedy Graham ... "Environmentalism and sustainability need not fall on the political left or right, and there’s space for a more centrist party".

From a man who exited the Greens with his head held high having the moral courage to call time-up on the 'Material Girl' for parading her rorting of the welfare system as some sort of badge of courage.

I have seen the analysis that suggests back at the time of the 2014 election one in five Green Party voters preferred National over Labour.     Clearly there is a chunk of soft Green support who might be persuaded to shift House were there to be a Green alternative to the increasingly radical agenda being articulated by the Greens co-leader.

It remains to be seen whether the talk of a 'New Green Party' is just that.   Word around the traps is that another ex Green MP (not Dr Kennedy Graham) is involved in the discussions taking place.    Despite the bluster from the left that any breakaway Green Party is destined to electoral oblivion one senses a tad of nervousness out there among the true believers. 


Found myself watching State TV after Swmbo had been watching another victory for the plebs on Bradley Wiggin's "The Chase".

Trying my very best to avoid the shallow opinionated infotainment liberally sprinkled with the expected support for the NZLP they surprising gave some coverage to National Leaders SoTN where he announced a concerted pledge to deal to Bracket Creep that insidious hidden tax increase that Joe Taxpayer and Josephine his wife mostly miss,  of  the avarice  that almost guarantees annual increases for government income from tax just because most remain in complete oblivion.

Did we get a pitch from that man,  err no,  not quite,  while a rather unflattering picture of the man who would be PM displayed wooden and still on the screen,  a voice over giving  TV One's resume of what he said, then shucks a "live Cross" to a smug fat spokesman for the government allowed to make political points in person with free rein

Fortunate indeed we are, have a caring open, transparent Government swaddling us with Kindness and  Wellbeing or the State TV might deprave us.

Bracket Creep is theft by stealth ignored by governments since forever, maybe Mr Bridges has seen how unfair that can be,  of course Mr Robbertson might have  genomic traits in his DNA that might see nothing wrong with theft by stealth.

"Don't forget your booties, because it's COOOOLD OUT THERE TODAY”

So yesterday as Auckland eased towards 3pm the temperature peaked at a brutal 30C.
I’m kidding about the brutal part. In the US that’s 86F and that was a cool day for most of the summers I lived in Chicago, especially when you add 100% humidity into the mix.

But what that city is about to endure is truly brutal.

In Chicago, the coldest temperatures of the year will arrive midweek. After seeing a high around 34 on Monday at O’Hare International Airport, temperatures will drop to near zero before the end of the day, according to the National Weather Service. By Tuesday night, temperatures are expected to take another plunge, to 23 below zero [-30.5C], flirting with Chicago’s coldest temperature ever: minus 27 on Jan. 20, 1985.
Unlike NZ the temperatures in summer or winter in Chicago often don’t follow the sun, which is why the mercury that started dropping last night in the city has continued to do so through today, and will continue to drop:
Temperatures are forecast to inch up to a daytime high of about minus 14 (-25.5C) on Wednesday — the first subzero high temperature in five years and the coldest winter high ever recorded in Chicago — before dipping, again, to about minus 21 overnight. The coldest daytime high in Chicago was minus 11 on Christmas Eve 1983.
Most people never experience cold like this and until you do you can’t imagine what it’s like, especially when it goes on for days. This will likely be the coldest period in Chicago since Jan 18-20, 1994 - and Mother Of God, I remember that one vividly. 

I sat at home for three days because conditions were too dangerous to drive to my work in nearby Schaumburg. But this was literally little comfort since even our wonderful central heating system - a gas-fired, boiling water radiator setup that breezed through most winters - was barely coping, and my beloved and I sat watching TV in the front room of our house covered in blankets, with a pitiful little electric fan heater to help. That last item, so common in NZ, was almost unknown in Chicago, and required a lot of shopping around to find. It wasn’t worth it either, although it may have taken the edge off in the room. An electric blanket would have been better, but again, the Yankees don’t have much use for them, given the ubiquity of central heating.

However, the worst part came when food supplies had to be obtained. Dressed like Nanook of The North in about five layers of clothing just to walk to the bloody corner shop for milk or some such. This photo from that Chicago Tribune article is an accurate depiction:

I recall shuffling along, feeling the cold really bite into my face and lips, muttering to myself, "This is unbelievable. I'm not in the Arctic. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE”.

Several hundred people died from that cold snap, not including one old lady who was found frozen to the floor by her bed where she had been saying her nightly prayers. After fireman pried her loose she recovered in hospital. Whether that death toll will be approached this time around is hard to say. Although a quarter century has elapsed, the technology of heating and insulation - although light years ahead of New Zealand - has not appreciably changed much. 

It will come down to who has prepared and who has not, which is why we've been phoning some elderly friends over there to make sure they're all set up - just as they would have to be for a hurricane. Even with all our technology, to have to prepare as the ancients did is a sobering thought in our modern age.

Great! Just great!


That allows us to stand four-square alongside the likes of Russia, China, Cuba, Syria and North Korea in continuing to recognise the legitimacy of the Venezuelan Government.

A failed socialist experiment where the military have turned their guns on the populace agitating for change; a country wracked with hyper-inflation (currently 80,000%) rendering their currency effectively worthless: where staples such as basic food items and medicines are in short supply and where 3 million citizens have voted with their feet and fled the country.

No matter that we have turned our backs on the United States, France, the UK, Germany, the EU, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, the OAS and Australia all of whom have called time-up for the killer regime of President Nicolás Maduro.

Why are we doing this ... perhaps the answer has something to do with St Jacinda's past as President of the International Union of Socialist Youth and her not wanting to put the blowtorch to a fellow Comrade.     Turn the clock back and were this to be Pinochet's Chile 'she' would be leading the charge ... double standards rules ok.

But, as I said, New Zealanders can be 'proud' we now have a truly independent foreign policy ... cough splutter.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Throughout the nine years of 'neglect' from National, as they dealt with the over ten thousand seismic events in Canterbury that alighted on the already fragile economic recovery required to cope with the one year earlier than the rest of the western world,  dive into recession created by the wonderful Dr Cullen, Her Majesties loyal Opposition hit on a mythical housing crisis that saw some pressures from immigration and an expanding economy.

After nine years of actual neglect as the Socialists wrestled with a succession of leadership fiascos  where they transferred the top  NZLP political job to a succession of Union approved miniature males until facing yet another humiliating defeat they turned at the eleventh hour to a fresh faced youthful (cough cough) female largely unknown in the eyes of the voters, "person".

At around the same time  with the media allies fuelling daily episodes  of a saga around homelessness and car dwellers, now strangely submerged into almost total silence,  a new initiative created in the feverish minds of the hopeless called  KIWIBUILD" was born.

The answer to a maidens prayers, the homeless would be housed in warm, clean, dry "Affordable Homes". 
Then that nice Mr Twyford fresh from an illustrious career at Oxfam, yes the very same Oxfam recently fisked for some very dodgy data in the realm of wealth spread in NZ based on Two billionaires, was suddenly enmeshed in trying to morph the dreamtime ramblings about people living in Cars, to "Building" ten thousand affordable homes in ten years.
Of course there was going to be ongoing house construction that had been responding to market demands for decades albeit slightly out of kilter as regards an accurate response to unusual demands, something a dyed in the wool socialist such as Phil would never grasp, even if he was locked in a room with a tutor for months. He would need a brain transplant to change his ideological bent. So a full blown corporate structure was created to go head to head with an already thriving entrenched building industry working its arse off to satisfy  extraordinary demand, a facet that has been an  occasional challenge for the industry since forever.
Then reality smashed into the brick wall of the real world inhabited by those who trust the market to deliver what Socialists think they can do better and 1000 in the first year dissolved into failure as the start date was moved out some ten months after the glorious launch of the dream to July 2018, now half way through that restructured first year another reality check sees first year 1000 reduced to 300 (only as a target mind you) and the sum total of houses delivered by "Kiwibuild" so far reaches a lofty grand total of 33, a figure that was always going to happen from National initiatives anyway.
In the meantime in an unrelated but significant move the Auckland CC presided over currently by one from the Labour discard pile began flattening some sixty homes to make way for a road widening to create mayhem in another of Phil's domains, transport.

Now had Phil and his socialist masters (mistresses) been freed from the inconvenient circumstances that voter appeal requires, they could have just come out with something like, "To satisfy the clearly upsetting to us, need for additional housing to shelter the feckless renters, the property trashers, the meth makers, the feral breeders and such clients that conventional wisdom decrees will not be given opportunities to wreak their havoc on  assets fate has deemed worthy of protection, we as a caring, transparent, open government will embark on a program of building concrete block walled, concrete floored, indestructible dwellings to house those forced to live under bridges and in cars."
No such truth and probity ensued, the Phail corporation embarked on a series of ethereal machinations always doomed to fail with ever declining target numbers and postponement commence dates, until over a year later with much pomp and publicity a Dr Lady and her marketing guru  Partner take delivery of the first of the 'flood' of Affordable Homes. Too bad not homeless people, not poor people, not even maybe destitute  people just an up market successful couple about to break through the so called upper limit of qualifying income for Kiwibuild largesse.  The very first  beneficiaries of Socialist meddling and poorly targeted help so distant from the palaver spewed forth during the election dreamtime will be newbie rich pricks before the lawns are established

This week as if the bushfire  of another Socialist cockup wasnt keeping the spin doctors working overtime  for the CoL the Clusterbuck  just got potentially a lot more serious as Kiwibuild CEO Stephen Barclay finally departed the fiasco after  non attending his office for months and now he  Lawyered up to attempt further pecuniary gains from a series of legal manoeuvres around a fight with his ex boss, CEO of the New Ministry Housing and Urban development,  one Andrew Crisp.
How much taxpayer money will be hoovered up by the Phail Corporate and piddled against a wall that will have no connection to housing the homeless? we will never know.

I do not know who the smart of the Day was who Gave Phil an A but Phail does have a ring to it.

Wow - Chris Trotter

In the lead up to the 11am news today respected Left Wing Journalist and Commentator Chris Trotter gave Jacinda a real serve to Peter Williams on Magic Talk. To the extent that Trotter was of the view that Grant Robertson has usurped her position and is now the de facto Prime Minister.


President Trump and Speaker Pelosi went head to head over funding for the 'Wall' with the Government shutdown as their proxy and Trump blinked first.

What I don't understand.   If Trump couldn't get the dosh for his flagship policy in the two years the Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate just how in hell does he expect to get it with the Democrats now controlling the House?

Building the wall is Trump's cause célèbre.   Opposing it and it's same same for the Democrats and never the twain shall meet.

Astroturfing for fun and profit

No-mates National has a problem at the election - no mates.  The conventional wisdom is that it needs a coalition partner if it's to re-take power in 2020, so the news that it's creating a sock-puppet "environmental" party doesn't come as a surprise:

Talk of a new centrist green political party which could potentially partner with National in a future government coalition is starting to become more than just speculation. 
It is understood preliminary discussions among interested parties have already been held on creating a party that combines economic and environmental credentials, filling a demand not already taken up by existing political parties. 
It is also understood former Green Party leadership contender and one-time National candidate hopeful Vernon Tava is the front-runner to lead the party. 
One political commentator said financial backing would not be an issue because the business sector would support the formation of such a party.

Oh, you bet business would support the formation of a party that pretends to support the environment while actually supporting business activity that harms the environment.  After all, Dairy NZ is doing all the astroturf heavy lifting right now so it could use a bit of help.

Dairy NZ's The Vision is Clear propaganda campaign is aimed at fooling people into thinking water quality issues are an urban rather than rural problem, but it comes up against those stubborn political opponents known as "facts":

Numerous studies have demonstrated a link between poor lowland water quality and the boom in more input-heavy forms of agriculture in the 1990s and 2000s. A recent peer-reviewed assessment, based on analysis of 26 years of data, found that the greatest negative impact on water quality in New Zealand had been "high-producing pastures that require large amounts of fertilizer to support high densities of livestock".
Anyone who gives a shit about the environment already knows that, of course.  Dairy NZ is aiming its message at the ignorant, and at people who'd like to feel good about the environment without having to change any of the things that are damaging it.

That second group is also the voter base National is supposedly targeting with its "blue-green" astroturfing effort.  However, don't be fooled - that voter base is tiny.  There's no way a blue-green National sock-puppet is going to make it to 5% and help National govern - the actual purpose is to try and chip enough support off the Green Party to drag it below 5% and re-distribute its votes to the main parties, thereby allowing National to govern alone.  Personally I think it's doomed to failure, but I'm going to have a lot of fun with commentary on its progress towards that failure.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Die MSM, Die 1.0 - The Hook

The “Hook” is what all journalists are taught in writing a story; to have a headline and lead paragraph that grabs a reader by the collar and pulls them into the whole piece. It’s the print version of Internet click-bait, so perhaps we should not be so scathing about the latter.

The problem comes when what follows the Hook does not justify it. And it, plus The Narrative, have resulted in very bad times, not just for the old MSM, but for their 21st century replacements.

Like Buzzfeed, whose editor-in-chief is long-time Washington journalist Ben Smith.

ON Thursday, January 18, the shit hit the fan when Buzzfeed published a story that it had solid evidence that President Trump had directed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. A simple, dramatic hook and it worked. Almost the entire US MSM, and most of their mates around the world, rose from their death beds for yet another gigantic WE’VE GOT TRUMP NOW orgasm.

If true then it would actually be an impeachable offense, though conviction would still be some way down the line. But for the Media, it’s always 1973 and Nixon.

Other media excitedly got one of the Buzzfeed journalists, Anthony Cormier, on air to ask him all about it - whereupon he admitted that he had not actually seen the evidence supporting the story. Ok, not necessarily a killer. Reporters rely on sources and two of them had seen the evidence because they’re part of the Mueller team. And you can trust the reporters with the bylines and their precious, “sources” who can be trusted because they’ve been back-checked, right?

Amid the post-coitus cigarettes, that’s where it finally blew up. None other than Mueller himself released a statement the very next day saying that Buzzfeed had got it wrong. By that afternoon they were reduced to sad cherry-picking:
“We are continuing to report and determine what the special counsel is disputing. We remain confident in the accuracy of our report."
Sure. Mueller was all vague and hazy: let’s go with that spin. The only thing that Mueller disputes about the Buzzfeed story is the Buzzfeed story. Other than that, how was the play Mrs Lincoln?

And as with Dan Rather in 2004, bloggers begin to do some digging and found that the other reporter on the story, Jason Leopold, had quite a history:
Salon removed Leopold’s August 29, 2002 story about Enron from its site after it was discovered that he plagiarized parts from the Financial Times and was unable to provide a copy of an email that was critical to the piece.
[in 2006] Leopold reported that Karl Rove “told President Bush and Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten, as well as a few other high level administration officials,” that he was about to be indicted in the Valerie Plame CIA leak case, “according to people knowledgeable about these discussions.” Leopold claimed that multiple sources “confirmed Rove’s indictment is imminent.
After the 2002 scandal, Leopold wrote a book in which he said he had engaged in "lying, cheating, and backstabbing" in his life; battled mental illness; and struggled with substance abuse.

And Buzzfeed employed this prick? This is the sort of creature I’m supposed to trust in reporting the news? Given this and the numerous Jason Blair's, Claas Relotius's, and Stephen Glass's of recent years you really do have to wonder which reporters are not serial fabulists.

Two days later CNN's Jeffrey Toobin, during one of their endless yap sessions, said bluntly:
 "People are going to take from this story is that the news media are a bunch of leftist liars who are dying to get the president, and they're willing to lie to do it."
Ya think? What was your first clue, Jeffrey?

And what’s with this “Leftist Liars”? I prefer the term (DOWB) - Democrat Operatives With Bylines. Once you understand that, most US reporting makes sense. It’s less ideological than tribal, which is why the MSM will always allow you to think that Old Rich White People is a sneering reference to Republicans like Donald Trump and Mitt Romney rather than Democrats like John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein or why the support of countless current senior Democrats for the Iraq War - like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden - is memory-holed.

But this bias is aided by a collapse of many old-fashioned journalistic standards, including holding opinion to the opinion pages (and then with a light touch), and shunning or at least back-checking and cross-checking anonymous sources so that they could not use the reporter simply for backstabbing and settling personal scores. Not to do that was to reveal yourself to the world not as a hard-boiled reporter but as a schmuck.

There was also the matters of wearing out shoe leather, knocking on doors, cajoling people, grabbing evidence wherever you could find it, in order to nail down a story. This was especially required if you were an “investigative reporter”, like the two Buzzfeed twits. For the rest of the media, they should have at least waited for 48 hours before joining in with the Bonobo chimp shrieking.

But money is so tight now that it demands a 24/7 screamfest, while there is not enough cash for old-fashioned journalism by hustling, streetwise reporters who graduated from the School of Hard Knocks. Who needs it anyway when you’ve got a university degree, Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, and when you have the same ideology or goals or targets as your “sources” - or should I say, the same feelz.

It’s no wonder that Ben Rhodes, having turned a career as a failed novelist and speechwriter for Obama into being his deputy national-security adviser, said this in 2016:
“The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing,”
Just to rub it in he said that on the pages of the New York Times Magazine. Not much gratitude for all the love given Obama by the MSM for eight years. And you thought the Trump Administration was contemptuous of the media.

In his comments the other day, Toobin also said this:
...I just think this is a bad day for us”
A bad day? Singular? How about bad year? Bad two decades?

Toobin didn’t know it, but another bad day was happening for the media even as he spoke those words. The Covington School clusterfuck, but that's a story for another day.

NOTE: I had been tempted to label this piece as Die, MSM, Die I. But there will be plenty more self-inflicted wounds before they burn themselves to the ground, so unlike the Superbowl it won’t take fifty years to force the move from Roman numerals to numbers, and they’ll be many versions of their deaths, so 1.0 it is for me, even though we’re probably at version 20.9.

Sunday, January 27, 2019


Recently a storm erupted when an Asian Company acquired a block of land in Belfast on the Northern Boundary of Christchurch that had water rights assigned to the previous occupiers, a wool scouring operation.

When it was discovered the new owners intended to bottle and export the Artesian Water that could be lawfully drawn from wells on the title, xenophobia and envy kicked a bunch of the ignorant into action as apart from renewing the existing water rights as required by The Regional Council these bloody asians would sell and make money from the resource. A resource that in spite of much dramatic posturing was an almost inexhaustible aquifer.

If one has an understanding of pumping water from wells in Canterbury particularly those abounding the lower reaches of the Waimakariri, the spring water often needs little "pumping" to be extracted, as it literally bubbles out of the ground.

Of course had the water been taken by some other entity than the Chinese it is likely nobody would have noticed or cared but a Chinaman to extract and then export for profit, xenophobia inflamed  derangement soon took hold and calls were made for a levy(tax) be applied, a notion quickly fastened upon by those who sit around the Council table of the village of the Damned with Mayor Dalziel in the van.

In the closing months of last year Lime scooters, a California based outfit, came to Christchurch and  for a paltry hawkers fee of less than $200 were consented to place hundreds of battery powered scooters around the City, Accessed by a Mobile phone app for an unlock fee and so much a minute of use cost, the scheme rapidly took hold.
Now should one ride a bike on the streets and roads of the garden city it is legislated that the rider be mandated to wear an approved helmet under threat of a fine, law that applies across the Nation
However this Internet dreaming did not need such nonsense, although warned in the terms of use a helmet should be worn there was and still no requirement for such health and safety measures. I guess that might be because the scooter rider although managing speeds well in excess of many cyclists were somehow immune to head injury. Would that be their position in motion being closer to the ground a helmet would be exempt.
However some very disturbing figures reveal that there has been a rash of ACC claims mainly for limb damage but others including a Dunedin rider, brain injury is involved.
Now I accept that the helmet use enforcement will create problems as heads have sizes and nothing like a sweaty helmet as a breading ground for some undesirables, so making helmets compulsory will be troublesome for the whole scooter hire system, but would it be more problematic than an artificial envy based xenophobic kneejerk barrier erected to thwart the first mentioned foreign entity also apparently exploiting New Zealand but in fact costing a whole lot less in realtime financial terms


News that John Tamihere and Christine Fletcher have teamed up as a ticket to challenge Labour's Phil Goff for the Auckland mayoralty has the blog-sphere all in a tither. 

Two ex-cabinet ministers from different parties.   One from the right of the Labour Party and the other from the left of National.   Both are flakes who enjoyed very little support in their respective caucuses.  Neither are team players.    Have a passing relationship with JT and the most positive thing going for him is that he ain't 'pc' in spades.   He follows the dictum of WRP ... my way or the highway.     As for CF and my abiding memory of her as the Auckland Mayor (subsequently defeated) was her proposal to do away with the traditional ANZAC Day parade and replace it with a march honoring service ... ex servicemen/women; first responders; nurses; JPs, Scout and Guide leaders etc, etc, etc.    Fell flat.    Whatever, dollars to donuts, the marriage between these two is more likely than not to end in tears. 

Goff should of course be easy meat.   He has redefined himself as an executive Mayor who has made an art form of divide and rule.   His legacy is one of broken promises.

But whether the electorate is ready to dump him for a couple of flakes is a moot.   Goff can count on the Labour Party machine vote while I'm not sure 'Team Tamihere' will necessarily excite the 'Right'.    One thing for sure ... gonna be an interesting few months

Ho Ho Ho

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Saturday, January 26, 2019


Once upon a time it was part of legend that Tax on Taxes was verboten even "unfair" in the eyes of many
Then the caring altruistic Socialists were threatened with running out of other people's money as Baroness Thatcher had predicted.
Robin Hood aka Robbing the rich pricks, suddenly discovered that if a caring bunch of socialists had made it to the treasury benches with the assistance of telling porkies to win votes, how about  a wonderful new tax now widely known as Goods and Services Tax or GST for brevity. 
Consumption Tax Came to Gods own. A couple of little nasties there though, in that it did not actually require a very accurate definition of either  goods or a service,  in fact it could be levied on anything that moved including Taxes that might be called Levies, Rates or any other euphemism that the wordsmiths might dream up, to remove created wealth for redistribution to the feckless.
A Tax that even further inflates the retail price of petrol already approaching a fifty percent impost creating additional costs for almost everyone whether filling up the car or just suffering increased delivery costs for the necessities of life.

Then to their great surprise some socialists who had lived in the wilderness for nearly a decade with five failed leaders, selected a sixth with far to little time for the electorate to see beyond the fairy dust that surrounded an ex Fish and chip worker with  no economic nous,  though still  with little hope of getting into the peoples vault.
Suddenly things changed,  an embittered old man who had been thwarted and cast out of  favour by countless temporary allies for almost all of the Forty years he had, mostly by manipulation and populist manoeuvring, haunted the halls of power, often accompanied by a distinctive odour of sharp dealing saw a chance. He eschewed the long standing plank in his political beliefs to never share power with the melons and made a still secret deal to allow the Fairy dust sprinkler some trappings of power while he was in charge and the Melons were released to wreak havoc on the economy.
Fearful though,  that their grand plans for giving hard earned money taken from wealth creators to their idle base supporters might again founder on the rocks of reality as predicted by The Iron Lady many decades earlier, they immediately on gaining power,  albeit still somewhat at the whim of their old fairy godfather,  recalled one of their great failures from the previous decade whose stewardship over one of the most favourable economic decades in the last sixty years,  had managed to put the much blessed country into recession a year ahead of the rest of the world, to head up a dreamers collection of people well versed in robbing hood activities to work, to reach deeper into the pockets of the "Rich Pricks".
Naturally surrounded in an aura of 'Fairness' claptrap, the good Dr who had previously on leaving the old established Christs College c 1960s, made a derisive prediction that he would embark on a crusade to take ever more money from those who had given him an opportunity, denied to most, by way of a fees free five years  scholarship, has now embarked on a crusade to take even more money from the builders and creators of wealth by taxing the inflationary gains that might somehow recompense for the erosions of  the paper profits largely created by out of control government spending.
A beach house, a second /third  home purchased as a self provided retirement nest egg, the inflation generated increase in  value of a place of business, other inflation artificially boosted by local government restrictions of land use, growth in shares bought as an alternative self help retirement fund, will all become a target for usury to fund wasteful spending on welfare. Spending never targeted to reach the truly needy, ill or dispossessed but scatter gun spraying of money never better exemplified than that boost to socialist electoral support by ensuring every enrolling student would enjoy the cost exemption of their first year of tertiary  on the poor old taxpayer, Students that included all who could well pay their own way, and later declared a  failure when student numbers did not reveal any increase,  a much heralded aim of the bribe.
Then there will be an additional but one widely expected to remain low profile, last gasp Tax on dyeing, a much loathed and hardship inducing  tax most thought had been abandoned decades ago. A tax that too often results in forced sale of productive assets inflated again by government actions that destroys  productive activity in farms, and other capital intensive  businesses.

Of course such blind faith envy based socialist usury will have unintended consequences or maybe more accurately, outcomes that will successfully remain hidden from those whose jobs, and incomes  become a casualty of capital flight.
The wealthy will not sit and watch their money taken, they will take whatever measures they  can while it will be the  poor buggers in the middle  of struggle street with neither the resources or the opportunity to protect what has already been taxed as income and invested who will be ensnared by the Cullen Clutch.
 What will be "FAIR about that?

Invasion Day - Really?

Today is Australia Day, January the 26th.  It is the day on which the first Europeans landed in Australia at Botany Bay.

Around Australia today millions of people celebrate Australia Day while in the centre of state capitals, a few hundred of the usual shouters from the Left protest at what they call 'Invasion Day.'

Adolf made the following comment on The Australian's website.

"There's no doubt Blackfellas have been hard done over by Whitefellas.

Their life expectancy has been increased by thirty years or so, they no longer have to hunt for game in order to eat, they have received billions in mining royalties, they have  the opportunity for a solid education and they can buy as much booze as they like.

On January 26th they should be celebrating Aboriginal Deliverance Day"


Most of you will be aware of the arrest of Alex Salmond, ex Chief Minister of Scotland and ex Leader of the Scottish National Party, and his being charged with a total of 14 offences comprising two of attempted rape, nine of sexual assaults, two of indecent assault and a breech of the peace.

There was comment on Kiwiblog that Salmond was receiving preferential treatment given that his first court appearance was held in private.

Not so.   The Scottish judicial system is quite different from the English one.  Because the allegations against him are so serious, and could carry a lengthy prison sentence if he is convicted, the case is being dealt with through what is known as solemn procedure.   As with all solemn procedure cases, Mr Salmond's first court appearance was held in private - with only Mr Salmond, his lawyer, the Sheriff, prosecutors, court officials and the police allowed to attend.

So, far from Salmond receiving preferential treatment, all that happened was that the Courts followed standard procedure.

Friday, January 25, 2019


I have had the privilege of representing the New Zealand government (both Labour and National led) in various forums overseas ... the last time less than a year ago.    It is a given that one thing you don't do is badmouth your country when you are representing it.

Clearly this doesn't apply to Labour's Andrew Little who, at the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, opined to all and sundry that the NZL Justice System was broken.    That led to several countries including such paragons of virtue as Russia, Egypt and Indonesia criticising our treatment of Maori while Iran jumped in to slam NZL for failing to have a strategy to combat "religious hatred".

News for Mr Little.   Our justice system ain't broken except perhaps for a few 'soft cock' judges while the high rates of incarceration for Maori are nothing more than a reflection of 'do the crime and you do the time'.    But in respect of the latter it's all about to change with Labour's move to dilute the sentencing laws and make the grating of bail easier ... and bugger the rest of society.

You've already had a massive fail with your Justice summit (how many millions over budget did that cost and for what????) and now clearly you take some pleasure in putting your country down in international forums.    About par for a Party where virtue signalling rules ok and where hanging your department out to dry is the new norm.     Just where does the buck stop Mr Little?

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Thursday, January 24, 2019


Watching the NZ vs India Women's one dayer in Napier.

Will someone please, please take Billy Bowden aside (yet again) and tell him the games not about the umpire and to stop behaving like a demented coat-hanger with his 'extravagant' signalling. 

As for the game ... well at least NZL was bowled out in the 50th over .... unlike their male counterparts.    Still, when you're playing the best it's a pleasure to watch.

Orwell nails prophecy again

From Gravedodger's piece on the Covington media clusterfuck/firestorm:
... ask if you can establish a Tass agency and publish news in Pravda,...
And voila..

Heh! This just gets better and better.

How the Left see this:

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


So, St Jacinda skips the country leaving her hapless Housing Minister to confirm what everyone knew ... that Labour's flagship policy is in tatters.    The TV1 News headline 'Government's housing promise crumbles as KiwiBuild goal falters' just about sums it up.

Not 1,000 houses by the end of June, not 500, not even 300 with contracts let for only 278.   And what's not told is how many of those houses already completed remain empty because nobody wanted them ... like the Onehunga Mall development where five properties failed to sell off the ballot and are now being offered to anyone who qualifies on a first come, first served basis.

Kiwibuild is a PR disaster for the Government.   It was sold as the answer to the housing problem by a bombastic Minister who talked up the policy as giving hope to struggling kiwi families looking to enter the housing market.   The reality is the struggling kiwi families can't afford the $600,000 price tag while those who can prefer to pick where they want to live rather than have the government decide it for them.

It was no coincidence that St Jacinda chose to skip town thus avoiding embarrassing questions and, in the process, hung her Minister out to dry.   Becoming a bit of a habit from a 'girl' whose understanding of the market is limited to her time spend wrapping fish and chips ..... at least Pauline Hanson actually owned her fish and chip shop.

One almost feels sorry for Twyford when Parliament reconvenes ... not.

Updated 9.41 ... It gets worse.   Have just picked up on an interview with Twyford where he said  "There may in some cases be the occasional home that's not been sold to KiwiBuild home buyers (in which case) they'll then be sold on the open market."   WTF ... empty houses paid for by the taxpayer that nobody wants being flogged off on the open market ... at a discount?????


A group from an out of State catholic boys school head to Washington,  then when waiting to board their transport back to Kentucky, were milling around pretty much just being boisterous.

While waiting they were approached by a black supremacist gang spewing abuse and taunts to which the students responded, chanting their college equivalent to NZ school haka, normally reserved for their college sports events.
Then during the fracas a Native American Indian of advanced years beating a small hand held drum also approached the waiting boys leaving them confused as to whether he was in support of the supremacists or the Catholic school students.
No actual violence just shouting and posturing.

A short mobile phone video from "Twitter"  then swept the anti Trump media like a California wildfire suddenly transforming the students of Covington Catholic College Boys on a trip to The Nations Capital where they took part in a march  for life,  into shock troops for Donald Trump,  boys who showed total disrespect for The Native American by then described as a 'Veteran'.
Racists, privileged, white supremacists, sneering, any pejorative available, the Media went nuts with no fact checking, no background checks, no balance only total bias as they almost to a one piled on.
Because they boys were Catholic, marching for life, white and many wearing MAGA red caps, it was more than enough to set off the storm that included death threats, violent assault threats,  suggesting they be fed into a chipper,  in a disgusting orgy of hate.

Then some enlightened souls actually did some fact checking:
The 20 second Twitter so widely published was part of an hour long video that almost totally exonerated the Boys.
The North American Native Veteran was known to police and his Veteran status in doubt.
Zero mention of the provocation from the quaintly named "Black Hebrew Brethren".
The mostly stoical demeanour of the boys apart from spontaneous renditions of their college chants.

Now Back in Kentucky their school is in partial shut down, the students, by now publicly identified and their families, being taunted, threatened, even to the extreme where the vitriol and hatred is also being visited on other families with no connection to the college.  People guilty of nothing apart from sharing a name
That this disturbing episode began on the steps of The Lincoln Memorial,  was leapt onto by a media entrenched in their collective hatred of The President,  then unravelled to leave every single so called journalist involved with enough egg on their faces to feed Venezuelas poorest for days,  leaves one the difficult choice as to whether that unravelling was "Spectacular" or "Stupendous" so maybe you choose.


Drove back from Wellington to Paihia last weekend.    Filled up the car before I left with '91' at $2.03.9/litre.  Was gobsmacked when I got to Taihape to see that petrol there was retailing at $1.73.9/litre.

Sheesh ... I thought we had it good in Paihia with Waitomo at $1.89.9 but Taihape?????    In the middle of NZL with the cost of transporting the fuel an additional cost to be 'absorbed'.

30c cheaper than Wellington.   Something doesn't add up.

Be interested to know if there is anyplace cheaper to get petrol than the Gumboot capital of the world.


However that deja vu gets totalled as it leaves the court.

The feeing of joy was fleeting as he went on to the ridiculous.

Yes the justice system in New Zealand is, if not broken then so badly out of kilter it is often in the view of victims and bystanders not fit for purpose.The massive disconnect between the expectations of Joe and Josephine Citizen and what the courts deliver would have rioting in the streets if a concentrated publicity effort to make sense of the more nonsensical outcomes was ever mounted.

How widely is it understood that following the Mild inconvenience suffered by the drug using young woman who inadvertently killed a young man wearing ear pods, cycling through a red light  in a dodgy "hit and run",   a non custodial sentence when compared to the draconian penalties threatened to a retailer who after July one, might in a moment of care and consideration offer a small plastic bag to a pensioner to carry goods from the point of sale, a mere $200 000.

It is certainly a fact that many would wish fewer people were incarcerated, but unlike the pie in the sky dreaming of the Little Minister who has a desire to just release prisoners, such nonsensical rubbish runs aground because to perform an acceptable solution would in all probability require a very big reduction in the incidence of bad people doing bad things.  All the indications are that that is way beyond dreaming in fact the reality is the opposite.

Would it be impertinent to suggest that the bad bad racism decried around incarceration rates might be in part,  bad people being fed a line that claiming a connection to Maori could reduce severity of consequences leading in part to the disturbing statistics around numbers of "Maori" in gaol apart from the very obvious links between crime and predominantly Maori make up of the gangs.

Of course then there is a clear propensity for increasingly total lack of respect across the population for the "Law" leading to offending that has many ordinary people thinking prison to be an obvious outcome only to discover a soft hearted Justice swayed by a dubious tale of woe from a brief results in a slap from a wet bus ticket.

Broken might be a tad hyperbolic Mr Little but I return to my suggestion the other day, you might have been considered to have been better employed here at home seeking some meaningful answers rather than swanning to the otherside of the globe pontificating to a bunch of equally inept souls in Geneva or where ever the hell the talkfest occurred.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


It was a really dumb move by St Jacinda to release the latest raft of e-mails relating to the Sroubek affair, sought under the OIA, as she boarded a plane on her way to London to negotiate free trade agreements with the UN and the EU post Brexit.

Dumb because she held back from releasing them outside the statutory period which in itself raises questions and double dumb if she thought that being out of the country would insulate her from any fallout.

News for Jacinda ... the fallout continues with a new name coming into play ... one Alex Sweny, convicted fraudster and tax evader who, as a prisoner, got to know Sroubek and texted and e-mailed the Prime Minister arguing against his deportation.   Now, it transpires Sweny's brother is related through marriage to the Ardern family so the question is did he, like Hardcore, enjoy privileged access to the PM and did that access contribute to the initial decision of IL-G to decline Sroubek's deportation.

I have to admit I'm normally a fan of Hanlon's Razor (never ascribe to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity) but in this case there are too many unanswered questions and yes Jacinda, your release of the latest e-mails when you did was just dumb political management which has ensured the issue will keep bubbling away until parliament reconvenes.


Sitting around what has replaced the 'campfire' in the tranquil setting above the mighty Rakaia now called "fivesies" with a wide cross section of ordinary New Zealanders, politics and social issues get wide coverage once the fishy tales have been exhausted.

I was somewhat surprised at the strength of feeling opposing Police Chases of drivers clearly a danger to other road users following the fiery deaths of three teens.

It is a vexed question and the fiery demise of three teenagers in a stolen car on Blenheim Road in the village of the damned was for me a sad end for someones children , however clearly more satisfying in that no other innocents were killed or maimed by the truly awful actions of the miscreants.

That apocalyptic disaster for the boys in blue just doing what was seen as appropriate was followed only days later with another effort that saw suspicious activity related to a car in the leafy burbs near CBHS that when approached by police suddenly began a two hour chase to Darfield some 40 kms west of the city and back to the city where the perps swapped to another car and so far the bad boys being bad have successfully eluded Police.
There will be many who know what went down and could clear the whole matter up but we can be almost certain that aint gunna happen

One of the more apparent criticisms was why not just get the rego and description of the vehicle then follow it up later.
Sorry almost without exception the cars involved are stolen, therefore finding the driver intent on placing many innocents in danger will be somewhat difficult.  In addition the stolen car almost always ends up a burnt out wreck with precious little evidence

I personally do have reservations around Police Chases and the danger they escalate from a stolen car incident that might get to burnout activity to a full on missile threat to other road users going about their lawful activities.
My only solution includes softly softly police response on the road coupled with an "Eagle Chopper".


 A young man wearing a MAGA hat gets mega coverage when Fake News portray him as intimidating a north American Native veteran when the facts were elsewhere.

Th father of two of the ferals burnt to death in Blenheim Road Christchurch following an aborted police chase portrayed in the media wearing a FTP Cap suggesting that the police had caused the deaths of The Mothers two "babies".

Has the cap whether worn as designed, sideways or with the peak to the rear, replaced the "TIE as the current tribal designation.
Having grown up in the times of the much maligned "old school tie", could it be that the hat has become such a symbol.

Soon to follow The Badged document holders that now adorn the "Benches of Parliament to designate party affiliation of the trougher seated there, will Caps become the dress de jour.

Could enhance the circus atmosphere that already pervades the place. At least such a sartorial addition  would give The current Mr Speaker something of a quandary.

Monday, January 21, 2019


The Veteran has morphed from being a monarchist into a tepid republican provided always that any President is a titular figure only with very limited powers (much like those of the President of Singapore) with Parliament exercising all power in the Westminster tradition and with the additional proviso that the appointment can never be filled by an ex (central government) politician.

In  saying that I acknowledge that I once held the Queen's commission while even now I hold a couple of 'warrants' signed by the GG on behalf of the Queen.    They could of course just as easily be signed by the President of NZL acting on the advice of the government.

I have considerable respect for Her Majesty and would oppose any move to make us a republic while she remains on the throne.   It's what comes next that bothers me.     I have no respect for Charlie boy whose apparent greatest desire was to be a tampax inside Camilla.     And the events of the last few days reinforces my stance.   An aged Duke causes a serious accident and not a skerrick of concern for the victims from Buck House.   Indeed, a few days later there he is back behind the wheel of a brand new Landrover and not wearing a seat belt.   Entitlement rules OK in spades.

Willy and Harry may have breathed new life into the monarchy but it's too late for me and it's time for NZL to recognise that the next step in the path to our being a truly independent nation should see us divest ourselves of the last vestiges of monarchical rule. 


Reports that a failed wannabe socialist Prime Minister is off to face the totally hypocritically appointed Human Rights Council of the corrupt U N to explain the terrible standards of care and opportunity facing New Zealand citizens with emphasis on Maori child and infant deaths and an assessed widening gap between rich and poor.

What a trainload of complete "TOSH".

Political educational gender and other basic  freedoms coupled with one of the most open and free media rules, one is forced to ask why will we as a democratic nation be answering to an outfit formed almost completely under the pervasive influence of nations of Islam that have constitutional setups totally at odds with that which prevail here deep in the South Pacific.

Current membership of the infamous UNHRC:
TermsAfrican States (13)Asian States (13)Eastern European
States (6)
Latin American &
Caribbean States (8)
Western European &
Other States (7)
2017—2020[18] Angola
 Democratic Republic of the Congo
2016—2019 Egypt
 South Africa
 Saudi Arabia
 United Kingdom
2015—2018 [21] Burundi
 Ivory Coast
 South Korea
 United Arab Emirates

What an inspiring bunch of near neanderthals to have sitting in judgement on us under the leadership of that outstanding bastion of freedom, Saudi Arabia, the very same nation state that it is almost certain sent a hit squad to their Turkish Embassy were they inveigled a CNN journalist who specialised in giving exposure to much that is abhorrent in the Desert Kingdom, inside and then with little "due Process" chopped him up.

No Andrew there are things that need addressing here in paradise, no not the one that includes  the Snack Bar operatives,  the great little democratic islands state East South East of Straya.
Travelling around the world to be confronted by a bunch of mainly retards including many religious fanatics aint gunna do a single dam thing to prevent a disgruntled "step Father" killing the spawn of a previous user of a uterus for hire to welfare for remuneration. Neither is it going to motivate a drug addled person who enjoyed exactly the same opportunity to break the historical bracelets forged by previous generations and go out to work, save some money and even become self reliant.
Hell some might even get to Sir Cullens original "rich prick" status.

In answer to the never to be answered question: "Has the United Nations prevented another conflagration such as those of 1914/18 and 1939/45" , as many answers as there are citizens of the world minus the millions killed in collateral damage from mans propensity to seek domination who now do not give much thought , "as to did the UN make any difference"  as they remain very dead.

To paraphrase Potus to Pelosi, your job  Andy is right here to deal with the here and now!
You might even make a difference, dollar to a knob of goat poo something your jaunt to Geneva emphatically will not.