Monday, January 21, 2019

Mission Impossible???

The SLG fresh from a couple of months mostly out of the Office is heading to Davos to enlighten other less endowed World Leaders on matters economic based on her extensive knowledge and experience that includes a rather lowly understanding of GDP and Current Accounts is going to take time out from her hectic schedule to offer Teresa May on her rather convoluted Brexit disaster.
Oh and negotiate a post Brexit Trade Deal with the UK in an effort to play catch up with our Trans Tasman allies.
What could possibly go awry?

Jokes for our time

Conservatives used to joke that a liberal's ideal job applicant would be a black, disabled, lesbian, vegeterian whale.

Funnily enough, yesterday we got to see what a joke about a conservative's ideal job applicant would look like, only it wasn't a joke: white students in Trump hats from an all-male private religious school following up their attendance at an anti-abortion rally by shouting "Build that wall!" at a Native American. That has to be the full conservative bingo.


On the plus side, the image of white men shouting "Build that wall!" at a Native American does give us a good illustration of what Trump's wall is actually about - nothing to do with immigration policy but everything to do with white supremacy.

Sunday, January 20, 2019


Homepaddock is a blog of Ele Luddeman that is a great resource in the NZ internet for rural pressure points, and recently has a feature that gathers some headlines current in the "Rural landscape".

Today in that bunch is a heads up for a contribution from Keith Woodford on a matter that is dear to my very being, wilding pines.

My formative years that led to a great love of the lower slopes of the High Country that lie as a still very productive belt below the snow prone shingle scree and rock of the true "High Country that I never tire of sharing, albeit now days  only at a distance and hopefully from a tarsealed road. In recent times I have been fortunate to become a member of the Rakaia Gorge Society, a body that leases a small bit of the terrace land adjacent to the Rakaia Gorge Double bridges on Route 72 the now decommissioned SH 72 often referred to as "the inland scenic highway" Amberley to Geraldine.
This little bit of NZ is where I am likely to be at anytime between Labour Weekend and Easter where in a sudden change "the Plains meet direct with the High Country in the form of Mt Hutt.
Amidst plantings of natives, resplendent with birdsong,  true peace exists, sans lectric, interwebby and only cellphone by text from vodaphone, it is why I disappear from time to time and now freed from the acreage at Akaroa such times are more frequent and for longer.

Enough of that, the article from Woodford reveals a massive problem that now faces many thousands  of Hectares of our iconic frontier lands that have been regathered into the DoC estate through "Land Tenure review".
Growing up on the Amuri Range between Waiau and The Hanmer Basin on the very boundary of the Hanmer State forest now in private ownership, the almost weed free tussock grassland became invaded by some of the many North American and Eurasian  tree species that were planted up wind, often as trials, in addition to the ubiquitous Radiata Pine native to southern California.
Larch, Nigra, Contorta and Douglas Fir were others that began to arrive uninvited on the wings of the Nor Wester.
My Family has been fortunate to occupy a part of that land since 1945 in three ownerships and the original Barcaldine Block was kept free of the Wilding invasion, while the rest of the range was slowly overcome as it became just too hard. Then at the onset of the gold rush to carbon credits suddenly the truly awful trees might  be worth more than could be created from pastoral activity. However another pendulum swing has  Dairy Support intruding into sheep and beef production, it is not such an  attractive option.

Hello, The DoC estate is threatened  and suddenly the few lone voices that could see the massive environmental  disaster,  is gaining traction and the once implacable refusal of the Government Forest plantings to be held to account for their callous disregard of the suffocating threat from wind distributed seedlings replacing every other living plant and creature  in creating a sterile acidic landscape, might just be a problem after all.

The unforeseen outcomes from the well intentioned actions of people such as  Donald Burnett at Mt Cook Station NW of Lake Pukaki  and other station plantings for shelter can be forgiven as precursors to Wilding pine invasion of Upper Clutha and The Mckenzie Basin but I find the stupidity of educated people trying to recreate Skiing through scattered Natural occurring pine species in the Cragieburn Valley, not so forgiving..

Enough from me just follow the links Homepaddock provides and then you might understand what My Father and two brothers successively fought for, to deal with a scourge that came overwhelmingly from "Government Plantings"on the outskirts of Hanmer Springs,  with no results. by way of support , not even acceptance of any culpability.

Tipping Points

Every day some goon from the Climatistas tells us the world is at a tipping point unless we send all our money to the many shithole countries of the world and go back to living in caves.

But what of political tipping points?  The point at which a political leader or up and coming candidate turned his or her career into a train wreck?  Just for fun I'll list some I can remember.  Readers may be able to help out with others in comments.

Helen Clark     

Her moment came with her cowardly refusal to front up a speak to Maori about her Foreskins and Seaweed legislation.   Instead she went off into the wilderness to commune with Shrek.  Thus did she alienate the Maori vote and beget the Maori Party.

Michael Dukarkis

Being perceived as soft on defense, Democrat presidential candidate Dukarkis did a PR stunt with an Abrams tank.  The resulting picture went viral and was lampooned so widely and severely that his poll ratings plummeted and he was soundly defeated by George Bush Snr.

An object lesson in how to tank a campaign

Don Brash

'Walking the plank' was possibly the most cringeworthy political effort I've seen.  It made Dr Brash appear clumsy and incompetent and I think it was instrumental in his failure to defeat Clark in what was a very close election.  (Can't find a picture.)

Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren

The now infamous DNA test which showed her only possible Indian ancestry might have come from the South American Incas.  Well, maybe it didn't but it might as well have done.  The DNA analysis used South American Indian DNA as a substitute for North American DNA because they couldn't find any.  The final result showed Warren to be perhaps 1/1024th American Indian, the same percentage as all white Americans. 

Her campaign is Dead Near Arrival.

Image result for elizabeth warren indian

Meteria Turei

Corpulent benefit fraudster

Image result for metiria turei

Hillary Clinton

Who could ever forget Crooked Hillary's 'deplorables' moment?  It takes an extremely refined sense of political judgement to alienate, in one sentence, the very voters you need to bring in those last few critical electoral college votes.

Image result for deplorables

Senator Dan Quayle was like a quail impaled when Senator Lloyd Bentsen stopped him in his tracks during a live television debate.

"Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy."  Take a look at the fool's face!  He knows he's been gunned down.

Image result for You're no Jack kennedy

Phil Goff

Was getting away with his usual bullshit and lies by NZ's lamentable media when he was brought up short by Jon Key's simple request.

'Show us the money Phil, just show us the money.'   Goff did a Dan Quayle impersonation and was never seen again.

Go to 0:28 for great entertainment.

Rodney Hide

Dancing With The Stars

Image result for rodney hide dancing with the stars

David Shearer

I will make you fishers of Men

Image result for shearer snapper

Rob Muldoon (tkx pdm)

Image result for muldoon snap election

Yesh. Lesh have a elecshun.

Ho Ho Ho

Overheard at ladies bingo night.

"Hubby was complaining he had to show WINZ  his grey hair to get his pension.    If he'd shown them his dick, he would have got a disability allowance as well.


Friday, January 18, 2019

Political Theatre

Whether you love President Trump or loathe him, you have to give him credit for being a master of political theatre.

Of all the US presidents since WWII he is head and shoulders above the rest in the art of baiting the opposition and distracting the media with trivia.   The Vet's hero Truman probably is number two, with Reagan following close behind.

Roosevelt was efficient but boring - he had a war to fight.   Eisenhower was plain boring, Kennedy turned out to be a butterfly, LBJ was an oaf, Nixon was a fool, Ford was a stumble waiting to happen, Carter was a fundamentalist incompetent, George H Bush was reliable and dull, Bill Clinton was and is a crook, Dubbya allowed the media to ride roughshod over him, Barack Obama was nauseatingly dishonest, which brings us to Donald Trump.

For sheer delicious entertainment, I don't think there has been a week like this last week.

Nancy Pelosi simply does not have a clue.  She thought she was being really smart by refusing to invite the President to enter the House and present the State of the Union Address.  (She claimed her action was justified by the lack of security available due to the shutdown.)   In doing so, she broke with a more than two hundred year old tradition of political decency.

Then she made the fatal mistake of heading off with six of her Democrat pals for an all expenses paid two week junket to North Africa and Europe, flying in an Air Force VIP jet.  (Apparently she had no trouble getting together all the extra security needed for such a jaunt.)

When the president heard about the trip, he waited until the many times face lifted harridan and her six accomplices were on the bus ready to head for the airport and announced that he was cancelling her trip as she was needed at home to negotiate an end to the shutdown.  Impeccable timing!

You see, dumbarse Pelosi forgot the president is the commander in chief of the Air Force and he simply announced that while the shutdown was on, the Air Force was prohibited from operating congressional VIP flights.

The absolute piece de resistance was an instruction to the Air Force to return the gang's baggage to Pelosi's office.

You know, even Hollywood at its intellectual peak could not write comedy as good as this.

And guess what?   Just out today a new poll shows President Trump enjoying a nineteen percent increase in his approval rate among Latinos.  He's now running at 50% approval with this demographic, according to the NPR/PBS poll.

You see, Latinos aren't stupid.  They really do want a wall to keep all the bad bastards out.

Shaving, Toxic Masculinity and Surviving R. Kelly

And now around the shearing floor the listening shearers gape,
He tells the story over and over, and brags of his escape.
"Them barber chaps what keeps a tote, By George, I've had enough,
One tried to cut my bloomin' throat, but thank the Lord it's tough."
And whether he's believed or not, there's one thing to remark,
That flowing beards are all the go way up in Ironbark.

And perhaps soon also in the HQ of Gillette - assuming the remaining men have any self-respect. The company was founded in 1901 and early on figured out the business angle of selling razor handles dirt cheap and locking customers into a lifetime of expensive blade refills. IBM and every computer printer manufacturer say thank you to King Gillette for that business model.

It took decades but men finally cottoned on to this bullshit and like many other businesses Gillette is also now being “disrupted” by modern technology. In the 1970’s disposable razors were awful, electric razors were less messy. But wet shaving and beards have made a comeback, while disposables have steadily improved and are now are just as good for much less money. So Gillette has been having a tough time, with its US market share dropping from 70% to 50% in the last decade and continuing falls in revenue and profits.

What to do? What to do? 
More blades in each razor?
Reduced price gouging?
The return of Friday Night Fights (1946-1960), complete with the Gillette Look Sharp March?

Putting the company’s name on every Predator missile that kills a bearded Islamist?
Gillette: The Best A Jihadist Can Be
But no. Instead, Proctor & Gamble (owners of Gillette), seem to have hired marketing and advertising managers from the Gender & Queer Studies Department of Brown University, who have promptly got the company to go “Woke”, starting with Toxic Masculinity. The Gillette brand director for North America, Pankaj Bhalla:
“This is an important conversation happening, and as a company that encourages men to be their best, we feel compelled to both address it and take action of our own, come along on that journey to find our ‘best’ together.”
Be our best? It’s one thing to lecture men and boys about not bullying others and living up to higher standards in how you treat people. It’s quite another thing to utilise that sharmic bullshit phrase created in Leftist academia, “Toxic Masculinity”, which, like all other such phrases is now simply a summary for “not a female trait”, while the conversation - whenever a Leftist invites you to one - amounts to Shut Up And Listen To Your Moral, Ethical, and Intellectual Betters.

I can’t be arsed helping these corporate slugs regain market share by spreading their message of fear and loathing of men who aren't like woman,  so you can search for the advert on YouTube. It can be summarised thusly: 
Are you a traditional male and somehow under the impression that you’re not a bully and rape culture acolyte? Then give us your money, you piece of unwoke shit.
This is the exact opposite of what P&G did with its much lauded “Like a Girl” ad campaign for feminine-care brand Always and the “Stress test” advertisment for deodorant brand Secret. Those advertisements were designed to make women feel better about themselves. This advert is designed to make men feel worse about themselves until they shape up by following the instructions of feminists and rising through the slime of manhood to the presumed pedestal of womenhood.

Just to insure the message is not missed they’ve got some comments from the hideous gargoyle Ana Kasparian (from The Young Turks political yap show) talking about sexual assault and sexual harassment. Oh yeah, I so want my sons to be "better" men in her eyes so can they hook up with creatures like her and be hate-fucked into submission.

Oh and BTW, I guarantee you that part of the backlash to the backlash will be that if you find the advert’s “positive, helping” message actually offensive - because they’re only asking men to be “nice” - then there’s something wrong with you. A classic Kafka Trap.

Trashing your primary customer base doesn't seem like a good idea, but we’ll see how it goes. Nike seems to have done well from its Woke campaign. Dick’s Sporting Goods, not so much. And obviously Gillette has far to go in the Woke stakes, if this other promotion is anything to go by.

Still if you are going to castrate men, what better way to start than with a razor company. 

Which brings me to Mr R Kelly, who is suddenly (and finally) in a lot of trouble thanks to the release of a documentary series about him on the Lifetime channel.

Kelly is a native of Chicago, and even as his musical fame began to spread in the early ’90’s, so too did stories of his encounters with young woman. In the age of NWA, Kelly was a throwback to the likes of Marvin Gaye. As far as the rumours went, well, that was the music business forever.

But the rumours got more solid, and in 2002 he was arrested for child pornography! The charges were dismissed, thanks to expensive lawyers getting his videotapes thrown out on a technicality. But not before people saw some of them, including him paying for sex with a young girl and then doing some pretty unspeakable things to her. Even hardened journalists at the Chicago Tribune and the Sun-Times gagged at what they saw, and despite his denials both he and the girl in the video were identified by multiple witnesses. Not the family though. They refused to cooperate with the prosecution. What a father! I'd say that sort of enabling shit is Toxic.

The documentary has a lot of women, including Kelly's ex-wife, all telling the same story. How he made them call him “Daddy,”. How their movements were severely restricted, including going to the toilet and eating. Being "trained" to respond to him like beaten dogs.

Sounds like Toxic Masculinity on steroids! And here’s the kicker: a number of girls who went with him are missing. Here’s just one, Azriel Clary:
This young, beautiful girl was actually introduced to Kelly by her parents when she was 17, even as they knew of the allegations against him. She was soon running off with him and is now believed to be on one of his properties, although she’s not been heard from for two years.

So what does her Dad do? Well on the Lifetime doco he calls the Chicago PD to try and get them to do a “wellness check” on the studio where they think she’s being held, but that goes nowhere. They knock and there’s no answer. Search warrant? Nah! Insufficient cause. But then it gets really sad. Dad trundles back later and knocks on the door. Then he throws some pebbles against the window. Then he gives up.

WTF? You’re a dad, and yeah, you screwed up handing over your daughter to a pedophile for a shot at money and fame. But now you know that your little girl is being held somewhere, like other girls, and being broken physically, mentally and spiritually by that POS. You strongly suspect you know where she is and the only thing between you and her is a door.  Millie B has a suggestion:


But no. Obey the rules and the authorities. Ring 911 - again - now that the doco’s out, maybe they’ll find some probable cause. But don’t use violence yourself. Don’t exercise your own judgement. Don’t indulge in “Boys will be Boys”. Don’t risk the consequences that come with breaking down a door and going in to search the place. 

Given the woeful performance of the fathers here, it would be better if MillieB led the charge; as an "Afrofuturist, radical feminist, non-monogamous queer", it's not likely she would be attacked for expressing Toxic Masculinity, although given the autophagy of the Intersectional Left nowadays I wouldn't put it past them.

And what will be done about Kelly’s Toxic Masculinity if not this? Therapy? Sex Offender Treatment? Not while he has all his wealth and power, which the slowly grinding wheels of justice will not attrite for years. Maybe he’ll see the Gillette advert and start questioning his morals and ethics? After all, the same system that produced that advert produced and enabled R Kelly and the useless, wealth-and-fame-envying fathers of the girls he's got under his thumb.

It makes you want to reach for a crowbar and a razor - and not the Gillette kind.