Sunday, April 21, 2019


I guess I was lucky growing up in the 1950s.   It was a 'gentle' time where folklore has it that the Minister of Labour knew each of the unemployed by name and where we guzzled on (slightly warm) school milk.

But I still remember when my bike was yellow-stickered by the local traffic cop because it wasn't sporting a bell FFS ... and he gave me a clip around the ears when I said I could yell louder than any bell telling me not to be smart and my Dad would hear all about this.

Just why was it compulsory to have bells on bikes anyway?

Happy daze.

Ho Ho Ho

Saturday, April 20, 2019


The Limited Service Volunteer (LSV) Scheme was a National Party initiative developed in the early 1980's designed to teach life skills to unemployed young persons aged between 18 and 25.   Trainees are volunteers referred by MSD and are subject to police and medical checks.    The six week residential course is run by the military with social workers and other specialist personnel available to support the trainees during the course.

Support for the initiative waned during the term of Clark Labour Government and revived again when National was returned to power.     Mark Mitchell, the National Party Minister of Defence, was enthusiastic supporter of the scheme's enhancement and it's great to see that the coalition government has picked up on where National left off with work now underway on a new $10 million dollar, 120 bed facility, at the Whenuapai Air Force Base due for completion by the end of the year.

That will lift capacity to 1600 places annually with courses conducted at Burnham and Whenuapai.   It's money well spent.   The latest statistics available show that 81% of trainees complete the course with 52% coming off the benefit within 16 weeks after graduation.

The LSV Scheme is not for everybody but it works for many (particularly those with low self esteem) and provides a launching pad for those who accept the challenge to develop into useful and contributing members of society.   


Friday, April 19, 2019

Of Other Things

For the last four and the next six weeks Adolf has been and will be head down bum up in rehearsals.

This time it is a piece by Vivaldi entitled 'Gloria' and one by some fellow called John Rutter called 'Magnificat.'

Adolf's music reading ability goes as far as dealing with a simple melody and keeping up with something in waltz time so he is less than impressed when presented with page after page of discordant and nonrhythmic music in which the timing changes up to six times on one page.

Rutter must have been drunk when he wrote it. However, my musical colleagues assure me it will sound find by performances time.  We'll just have to see.

The Opera Company has issued a fancy little gadget via the internet with which I can listen to the bass part for each piece with the accompaniment and other voices in the background. A truly amazing piece of technology, without which I would be lost.  So, it's rehearsal for four hours each week and half an hour each day at home with the 'gadget,' headphones and sheet music.

Anyway, here are the two pieces in question.  We have three performances in mid June.


Second born rang with a heads up for a current program on 'Prime', on a three hour show running on passenger train travel in NZ  from Auckland to Bluff. very tranquil viewing for a holiday afternoon,  no commentary only track and engine noise and signage for locating positions.

Thankyou Darling very appropriate viewing with a new puppy to sort out.

To be repeated at 1900 hrs tonight.

We were lucky we availed ourselves of a Daylight trip on NI main trunk Palmerston to Hamilton and on to Tauranga after a meal for an overnight stay, next day back to Cambridge out to Rotorua and return to Palmy back around 1990.
Not so today with no branch passenger service to Tauranga or Rotorua,  Palmy to Gisborne line ending at Wairoa but no Passenger beyond excursions and nothing south of Rolleston where the Alpine Express leaves the main trunk to head west.
They still run the NI MainTrunk the Alpine express and the Coastal Pacific so do we assume they turn a profit

Am I being a dreamer in wondering why Kiwi Rail is not  investigating doing weekly or even less regular train travel excursions on the lines that remain open for freight.
Surely in the tourist climate that has such exposure with Cruise Boats, an opportunity exists?


Every day some in the media announce the political death for Nat Leader Simon Bridges.

I wonder why.

As many reasons as  there are writers of such drivel with varying agenda.

"He doesn't present well on TV" Vacuous at best how did Labours most competent leader since Frazer go?
"He is almost invisible," Opposition leaders have this as a given not helped by a fawning media running anti Nat since ????
"Ardern has greater impact", sheesh what a revelation, who apart from some spasmodic moments from Hosking and careless attention to detail by a failing fourth estate  daring to call her out.

Those who watch Parliament, particularly Questions for oral answer where a shallow grip of fact is cruelly exposed will note how she is continuously "rescued" by a speaker well up in the stakes for worst ever, given temporary shielding by her Godfather Deputy PM with diversionary rubbish most speakers would immediately jump on but Mallard merely smiles through benignly, see her exposed all too often as shallow and ill-informed falling back on catch phrases and meaningless slogans.
Do what pass as Political Journoes give this exposure, well not often, very rarely and then edited to remove the worst of it

Of course the Government Coalition of N(Winston)ZF and his puppet led Labour, along with their perennial lapdog melons would love the disruption and uncertainty of a National leadership wrangle. It is their only chance to reduce the scrutiny coming on the monumental deficiencies of the appalling government foisted on NZ Inc by the Charlatan leader of the one man band. Note how his merry-go-round of representation goes on election after election as a protection measure and now the inevitable is happening before our eyes with the blatantly suspicious dodgy bag of money delivered by the never released "Coalition agreement" to Heir apparent Shane "porn" Jones in a never disguised, 'up you  the voter',  move, to avoid the 5% problem by purchasing a Northern seat. A move that has failed at least twice so far with defeats by Hone and Shane Reti.

Giving in to the chorus of fools will fail just as badly when the sycophantic Media arm of socialists united go to work on the shiny new leader while proceeding to gloss over the many deficiencies of the Coalition of Losers,  blinded by the Fairydust.

H Clark rolled Moore after only weeks in the job because he was deficient in condemning the so called "Neo Liberalism" of Douglas, immersed in a welter of poor polling she then lost to Bolger with the ubiquitous leader of Winston First doing his "look at me" with two phones, before beating Shipley who had rolled Bolger two years earlier in, 1999. Having seen off a pathetic coup attempt from Goff and Call me Sir in the meantime.

Most voters do not appreciate the divisions and uncertainty that always accompanies leadership spills whether successful (are they ever) or not.
National might not have a 'Key' to successfully deny the Fairy princess and Her Fairy Godfather but getting off a horse in midstream always has a risk of drowning, and that can extend to well intentioned 'saviours', also.

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Thursday, April 18, 2019


So the gummit, having milked it for all it's worth, has now lowered the national threat level from High to Medium.

Funny that.

Trouble at T'Mill

This from the erstwhile Labour Party supporting 'No Right Turn' blog last night  ....

Remember how in 2017 Labour campaigned on change? They were going to fix things, introduce a capital gains tax, make the rich pay their fair share for once.
Yeah, fooled us all, didn't they? And they'll no doubt try and do it again in the elections next year. But if you're angry about their betrayal, make yourself a promise now: don't get fooled again. If you want change, don't vote Labour, don't donate to Labour, don't volunteer for Labour. Give your vote, your money, your time and effort to another party, any other party that promises change, than the one who betrayed you. Because if you don't, Labour will continue to treat you like a fool, and continue to promise change while delivering none.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

BREAKING NEWS: CGT Negotiation Details Leaked

NoMinister brings you this exclusive video from inside the Coalition Government of key moments in Prime Minister Jacinda Adern's negotiations with Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters over the Capital Gains Tax.

The video has apparently been leaked by horrified Green Party MP's who witnessed the event and supplied NoMinister with the following quotes.
"Disgusting. Offensive. I felt triggered"
"I thought I was going to be sick."
"The power this tiny man has is beyond belief." 
"These monstrous capitalists must be stopped before they control the entire planet."
"Dude! That baby. Like he really bawled, man."
"I've never seen intersectionality so vividly reified. I cried for Jacinda."
She thinks this was giving her power. Can you believe it? 
"The way Winston just sat there smiling and sipping his whiskey through the whole ordeal like some patriarch of old - ugh." 
In public the PM assured Labour MP's that she felt refreshed and energised by the experience:
"I could go for months without another full meal now. I'm certainly not going vegan after that wonderful experience. I absolutely commend the leader of NZ First for his advice on healthy whiskey additives."


While NZ basks in the reflected glory of the most transparent and honest government ever, in fact so pure of thought and action it does not even need a functioning executive, what some see as a desirable affliction could be coming to a government near by.

Yesterday while campaigning in Adelaide Bill Shorton adhering to his policy of " if we don't divulge costs we cannot be challenged if they have no relation to economic reality" meme,  repeatedly declined to answer a question from Channel ten reporter Jonathan Lea on costs to the Australian Economy of the rush to lower carbon emissions.
Lea stuck to his guns and things became quite testy but eventually the curtain came down and the total mystery as to what the tax payer will be up for looks like remaining until after the election.

Good work if you can get it but if a few more find their reproductive organs, Billy Bovver Boy nd ex union thug might just lose some of the Gloss the ABC assiduously polish  daily.

Good work Jonathan, upticks here, the suave child of allegedly unmarried parents sure got rattled.


The various propaganda arms of NZLP are at work.
This morning on Hosking(absent currently with Mike Yardley sitting in) a "News" bulletin described the Tax Working Group" as "Independent" and the long awaited  favourable opportunity to dump it onto a preoccupied citizenry may well come this week as Easter descends for a break that may for many last 10 or so days allowing for the filing to be completed and the drawer shut tight.  History would say whats new?

Independent my posterior, with failed economic guru, call me 'Sir', Michael Cullen who in nine years of siting in the prime seat to inflict this utter usury on a defenceless population avoided the concept totally, yet suddenly 3 years after being out to pasture became the creator as a paid consultant  designing the most draconian use of such thieving for his new paymasters,  he leapt with alacrity  at being installed as Chairman and pilot in command.
Who also in a breathless continuation of the troughing opportunity then became the salesman, read yet more money,  for the flawed destructive envy based assault on economic practice built up over decades of successful operation, albeit somewhat deficient in garnering savings beyond the family home for too many.

Oh sure there was some token representation to provide a shroud of  "Independence" and three of the bunch did manage to deliver a minority report against some of the extremes but it was always an "arms length" deniability for the administration sounding out of the population on further state sanctioned theft disingenuously titled  "Tax reform".  There is already a campaign to call the outcome  delivered by the Cullen Trough as "Fair" and that is also a fraudulent miss representation of the truth.
Fair: Free from Bias, dishonesty or injustice.

How any sane person could define a theft by the state with particular reference to taking from the thrifty, conservative, careful,  responsible, industrious, entrepreneurial and wealth creative of significant portions of accumulated savings of already taxed money invested or banked plus an added impost of further predations on the inflation component of such investments, as  Fair, indicates a blinkered daft use of the word. Deliberate malfeasance comes to into focus.

"Independent",  "Fair", "tax reform", "fiscally neutral", "targeted at speculators", all totally fraudulent use of language to miss represent the truth from a public that will remain in ignorance of the lurch to state control, welfare dependance and economic destruction.

Revenue Minister Nash in a wet defence this morning claimed asking people  "do they want more Tax" getting a resounding Thumbs down" while would they support additional Taxation to provide better health care more nurses getting a big tick. Nice one Stewie, it was originally being sold as Fiscally neutral, Freudian slip eh.


Professor Peter Ridd took James Cook University to the High Court  Of Australia accusing them of first bullying, followed by attempted gagging and finally unjustified dismissal in relation to his widely acknowledged scholarship around the BS of Climate science lobby beliefs as they relate to a perceived destruction to the Barrier Reef.
Yesterday a resounding victory for the Professor.
That institution has a sad history of such behaviour

Professor Ridd has endured too much he could not afford yet his will to survive and ultimately prevail was a small victory richly deserved.

I guess the James Cook bit will be short lived as rewriting history grows as a cult will this resounding legal defeat will give added pressure to that change.

A victory for academic freedom and human rights to disagree with the mob, how refreshing a judge remained true to the principles and the law around such unfashionable doctrines.

The socialist march through educational institutions remains a threat to the health of humanity but Ridd's victory was but one small battle in what the left regard as the War.
Well done that man.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


There is an incessant amount of chatter about the National Party leadership ... much of it from commentators engaged in interviewing their typewriters backed by some healthy doses of Whale-Oil.      There becomes a point where their predictions become self-fulfilling but I'm not sure that point has yet been reached.

St Jacinda is riding high right now and the Labour Party is benefiting from her coattails.    Any new Leader of the Opposition is going to find it difficult to get traction.    If there is to be change (and that's for the National Party caucus to determine) then better to wait until after the budget and the beginning of the 'winter of our discontent' ... Kiwiflop; CGT; strife in the education sector; hospital waiting lists ... there's much bubbling away just below the surface.

No, I'm drawn to the latest post on 'The Daily Blog' ... Bomber Bradbury's low road alternative to Chris Trotter's 'Bowalley Road' where he bemoans the state of the Green Party leadership.

The article poses this question "Right now the Green Party are polling below their 2017 meltdown - at what point will anyone inside the Party suggest the problem is a leadership one?".    It concludes with this prediction ... "The Greens are like the Pride Parade Board, self righteous, divisive and wanting to redefine inclusion by excluding everyone who doesn’t believe i their latest woke mantra. It’s pure temple politics as opposed to broadchurch politics.   The Greens will sink under 5% and rather than identify their alienating woke identity politics as the reason they are out of Parliament will instead blame the heteronormative patriarchy as the problem.

Hmmmmm ... confirmation that the Davidson faction is driving the (electric) bus/paddling the waka ... call it what you will.    Must say I like the bit about 'heteronormative patriarchy'.  

Is one allowed to wonder, given Bradbury's links with the Labour Party, if this is not a none too subtle message from on high for the Greens to get their act together less they become (in the words of a certain Labour Party luminary) 'last cab off the rack'.   Certainly on current polling and with the Greens on the cusp of being out of parliament and Winston First more so, that would have to be an attractive proposition for Labour ... government in their own right without the two 'enfante terrible.


Australians Handed In Their Testicles Ten Years Ago

Thus wrote the British commentator James Delingpole five or six years ago.

And boy oh boy, was he so right.

Here's today's politically correct nonsense from the green leafy inner city suburbs of Melbourne.

Barry Humphries loses naming honour for Melbourne International Comedy Festival award

Barry Humphries, as Dame Edna Everage, will no longer have the Melbourne International Comedy Festival award named after him. Picture: Sam Ruttyn

Melbourne International Comedy Festival is rebranding the Barry Award, which honours comedian Barry Humphries, in order to make the award gender neutral and to better reflect the city of Melbourne.

Many of these so-called comedians could go on to become future CEO's of Quantas.


Things a bit loose  around here lately,  I might have missed the memo, but sooner or later her ladyship will need to turn her now so widely acknowledged talents to the task at hand she collects the money to perform.

There are some things that while Sir William was in the captains chair  and deemed so troubling then,  are still not fixed and in some cases getting worse, in fact almost jepradising good social outcomes.

Passing ill considered kneejerk arms controls that will only be observed by  already compliant  citizens,  proposing hate speech entrapment offending for all who decline to follow the orthodox beliefs of the ruling class, continuing with any form of taxing again, savings of tax paid money invested and the government assured accompanying inflation affecting the real value of such folly, rewriting the budget aims to ignore existing economic reality replaced by following a "Wizzard of Oz' golden road to a feel good nirvana might just become "an empress with no clothes and that dear voters will not pass the sniff  test amongst her Imminence's new found adulators both believers and non believers.

All the while ignoring a clear failure of Statistics NZ to measure the true state of the population for electoral decisions, infrastructure planning and giving an accurate base for governance decision making. A monumental strategic  failure that needs a rapid response far more necessary than the virtue signalling that has propelled the current Saintly figure masquerading as our head of Government to stratospheric levels.
Then there are some troubling facts emerging on how some of the real progress English was delivering is unravelling almost under the radar of the submissive fourth estate, or at least being overlooked  in wilful  arrogance.
Child poverty, benefit numbers, housing, rent rises, business confidence, immigration figures, inflation pressures,  troubling signals from Police uncertainty over public events, patent vote buying on a scale unmatched in the nations history, all obscured and ignored in the dust cloud surrounding the most blatant attempt at personal political cult like adulation unmatched in my lifetime. The nearest home grown phenomena might be that which accompanied Michael Joseph Savage prior to my birth,  that saw his iconic photo adorning walls everywhere including homes of the blessed believers.
Sort of as one might recall those images of her Majesty in days gone by.

It almost seems milking the tragedy of nearly five weeks ago will continue unabated as the aims and philosophy of Tarrant continue to be fulfilled on a daily basis.
Crikey how did the Nation ever deal with The Great War, The Great depression, the genuine threat from the Axis Powers and the cold war. The effects of those events endured for decades and over a month after Tarrant's assault we seem still paralysed while duplicitous leaders take political profits from that tragedy leaving faceless Crats running the shop.

Almost has one wishing he had avoided reading Orwell's 1984.

Quasimodo's home destroyed.

He is now homeless and quite possibly dead to boot.

Another tragedy for the whole world, the Catholic Cathedral many if not most,  might associate with Victor Hugo's novel published nearly 200 years ago  about times centuries earlier, has been virtually destroyed by fire.

The destruction of catholicism in the country second only to Rome for its historic subservience to the teachings of Jesus under the Vatican sect began with the beheading of many of the Clergy in the revolution some 60 years after Hugo's novel was published,  continues to this day as France becomes almost totally secular.
Sadly the march of socialism/communism seems to decree the destruction of the faith so integrated in the development of successive governments, even Little ole NZ had its knee bending to christendom diluted as each successive administration takes office, current Speaker Mallard sought to abolish the pre sitting prayer  entirely  before replacing it with a very pallid one.  Not an associated problem for countries with majority numbers of the followers of Islam though where a competitive spirit to be ever more demonstrably faithful seems to  exist.
 The Sultan of Brunei the latest to give such virtue signalling a go with adoption of stricter Sharia Law tenets.

Eight hundred years of history destroyed in a day, sombre thoughts dominate once more.
Over four hundred years of construction and apparently many articles of serious historic value might have been lost.

Current socialist  President Macron presiding over an economy that has total debt perilously near to annual GDP claims he will rebuild "Our Mother", not sure what he will use for money unless an equally stupid outfit insured the loss, not likely methinks.
Give a little page might work?


Tucker Carlson has predicted in two decades from now, the way the demented Democratic party 2020 contenders are blaming everything bad on Trump,  9/11 will have been perpetrated by "White Supremacists"???

Die MSM, Die - The Avenatti File

You may remember this bullet-headed prick from 2017-18.

Michael Avenatti. Lawyer. Aggressive motormouth. Trump's doppelgänger. "A Beast" (said with approval). The Saviour of The Republic.

In the space of less than a year he appeared something like 200 times on MSM channels like CNN, MSNBC, and late night "comedy" shows hosted by folk like Bill Maher and Steve Colbert. What he was not going to do to Trump was not worth mentioning: he would take down Trump in court, on Twitter, in other public arenas and in politics. He even got local NZ fool, Russell Brown, tweeting excitedly about him.

To me he always looked like a criminal, and that's what he's turned out to be. He first ran into trouble with his most famous client, "Stormy" Daniels, who had salacious tales to tell of Trump. She ditched Avenatti when he mis-represented what she said, potentially landing her in trouble.

His problems began to multiply. Charges of extortion against Nike. More charges of wire and bank fraud. The crowning blow was delivered the other day with Federal charges of 36 indictments that could, in theory, put him behind in the House of Crowbars for 335 years, for filching millions from his clients to spend on himself, one notable expense being a private jet.

As his star has fallen the MSM have slowly backed away from him in recent months, and are now trying to pretend that they had nothing to do with his rise from bog standard lawyer-crook status to Trump Challenger. But the internet means that the old Memory Hole treatment no longer works.

Thus I present a collection of the MSM fellating Avenatti, and once again making complete and utter cocks of themselves over fluff they could not be bothered being real journalists about. You can add this to the Mueller investigation coverage, the Cohen report screwup, the Covington kids, and ... well, just about everything else they report on.

For your Schadenfreudelicious joy:

Monday, April 15, 2019

In For a Penny...... for a pound.

Adolf reckons Mayor Pete Buttigeig will be the Democrat presidential nominee for 2020.   He won't win but he'll set himself up for a serious tilt in 2024.

Buttigieg portrait

Why do I think Buttigeig will get the guernsey?   Because he's a homosexual, because he's young and because he's the only contender with any real-world administrative experience and he hasn't had his hands straying all over stray women for the last thirty years.  He is an Oxford and Harvard graduate and Rhodes scholar who served as a naval intelligence officer and was deployed to Afghanistan.  (He's actually ten times the man Obama ever was or ever will be,)

In 2008 Americans couldn't wait to get their first black president so they elected a half-breed.  Today America's left will cream themselves in their haste to elect America's first homosexual president.  Oh that will be just so much more woke than a silly old first woman president.  (I've known plenty of homosexuals and none of them could be described as gay.  Usually they were sour,and humourless and overfull of their own importance.)

So just watch the Democrat media adjunct build this guy up over coming months to a screaming crescendo in November next year. 

The real beauty of this strategy is that the Democrats wont have to lay out any policies.


When the propaganda division of the great carbon ponzi scheme deliver yet another bit of the greatest show on earth, why do they employ images of vast chimneys and cooling towers belching steam.

Steam is a basic part of the weather cycle except that almost all the evaporation that sends water up into he atmosphere where it condenses and falls back to earth providing the precipitation that sustains life for the living earth, has the water vapour invisible as is the CO2 of the "carbon cycle"

The attempt to demonise Carbon gases in particular CO2 is a total fraud as that gas is never visible unless in the extreme cold state of "Carbonic ice" that was so fascinating for children of my generation when used to cool the canvas bags that delivered tubs of Ice Cream to public gatherings.
Of course the carbon cycle is as important to the continuation of life on this planet just as water is, in actual fact the earths only chance of regeneration of forests and obstruction of desertification relies totally on both happening for evermore.

Is the fraudulent use of steam emissions an act of deliberate  duplicitousness or merely  total ignorance of the true facts.
The misguided rantings of the ignorant indicate both are at work.


Following the devastating earthquakes, September 4th  2010 and February 22nd 2011 a wise Minister who was once the woodwork teacher at Catholic St Bedes College in the Northern suburb of the Garden City, appointed Fletchers to head the building recovery and I asked at the time "what could possibly go wrong". Well as it turns out,  in a word,  'Plenty'.

In the headlong rush to sideline the insurance industry that had over time established  very strong fiduciary relationships with many of those destined to become claimants for the damage incurred, EQC rapidly grew from a small collection office to process and invest the levies that flowed from every insurance policy written, into a mega insurance claim and recovery project manager. Assessments were all too often handled by tyro builders and retired Police personal???
Many of those commissioned with recovery oversight and claim management were suddenly exposed as incompetents and a saga of dissatisfaction ensued.
Many victims of the flawed process remain in limbo even today.

At least since Savage, Semple and Co took over following the 1935 NZLP election success, Jim Fletcher, his heirs and successors have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with administrations of all hues leading to a total dominance of building construction , material supply and awarded contract success across the nation
So who is going to notice the close place at the table for  Fletchers at The SLG 's latest talkfest  number two hundred and whatever , created to address politically,  the totally non existent "Housing Crisis". now morphed into a general construction crisis.
Another waste of public money to inquire why state intervention due to the abysmal failures surrounding the incompetent twerp Twyford's dancing on pin heads whilst whistling in the dark will succeed? I dont think so.  An ongoing saga of humour  laced ineptitude delivered almost daily, suddenly  needs a solution?
The  structural  commercial dominance, component and material supply bottle necks and general malaise for building in the tiny market that is NZ Inc. Talk about appointing a poacher as Gamekeeper, very funny if not so serious.

A prudent observer of the financial outcome from the Justice Precinct contract as a cornerstone of the village of the Damned  rebuild might give pause before setting Fletchers up to sort out stuff they are having trouble with themselves in spite of overwhelming market dominance?

The MSM wont even notice something might be a little odiferous!
Fairydust is just too blinding and makes hearing fraught as well.

Come back Gilbert and Sullivan at least you might turn excruciating farce into entertainment for the masses.

Generating Degeneracy: The Plebs

Degeneracy - "the state of being degenerate", 
Degenerate itself has several definitions, of which this seems the most appropriate to this article:
People have always complained about how their societies have degenerated, going back to at least to Socrates:
“The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.”
Still, it's more of a problem when those in middle and late age are the ones that start showing signs of descending into a corrupt and vicious state.

Let's say that you're someone like the guy pictured below: an older gentlemen just sitting in a Starbucks cafe. You're wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat, and not just for kicks like some high school kid, but because you're actually a Trump supporter.

In California! And not just somewhere like the Central Valley or the North of the state, where men in cowboy hats still drive their pickups to honky tonk bars, just two hours drive north of San Francisco. No, you're sitting in Palo Alto, but even so, in a normal society this should mean nothing.

And then, out of nowhere, a complete stranger comes up to  you and starts screaming at you about how you're a "racist" and a "Nazi" and how you "hate brown people."  This creature is a woman and she's very, very angry at you. She starts telling the other customers and staff that they need to rise up against you. When you retreat outside, she follows you to the parking lot, yelling at you that she will leave you with "nowhere to hide". And it turns out that she means it, later posting pictures she took of you on Facebook, describing all the above, vowing to find out where you live and work:
“I am going to organize protests where he works and make him feel as unsafe as he made every brown person he met today.”
Because you're wearing a hat she really does not like.

I'm not a psychologist but if you're triggered into a towering, screaming ragefest by a hat with an innocuous political slogan on it, then I don't think the hat is the problem. Spending some time in a nice, quiet, padded room containing no sharp objects and lots of pictures of puppies and kittens might work. Perhaps even a brief stay in a psychiatric clinic with some good drugs? Although since she lives in California that's probably redundant.

Punching Back Twice As Hard
As some famous US President once said.

Turns out that putting all this on her Facebook and Twitter accounts was not the brightest thing to do. Several days later, she was fired from her accounting job at Gryphon Stringed Instruments, after they ran into a shitstorm of bad Yelp reviews based on her posting. Gryphon manager Matt Lynch:
“What she said in no way reflects Gryphon or how the company feels,  It’s a big shock to us.”
Richard Johnston owns Gryphon and said that he decided to fire Mankey - a friend since early school days - not because of the firestorm, but because her bullying actions were
“not indicative of how we conduct ourselves at the shop.” 
Why you could take all those words straight out of the mouth of the Australian Rugby Union CEO! Except that this woman went to a level that Folau never has.

The woman's name is Rebecca Parker Mankey, she's a 46 year old lifetime resident of Palo Alto, and this is her FB picture:
But is this "punching back" really going to lead anywhere good? On the one hand it's nice to see a Leftist thug face some real consequences of precisely the type that she was so eager to dish out. On the other hand, was what she was doing also free speech? What if she'd said the same stuff in a quiet manner and similarly on her FB and Twitter accounts?

As for the man, it turns out that he's a 74 year old Jew who gave only his first name, Victor, to KTVU when they interviewed him. During that interview he still had the hat but was wearing his kippah. He had some interesting comments as he confirmed Mankey's story:
“It’s called Trump derangement syndrome: people acting crazy. If you can’t tell the difference between a hat that says ‘Make America Great Again’ and a Nazi helmet or a Ku Klux Klan hat, I’d say you’re deranged. 
What’s happened around here is that people get the idea that if you’re for Trump you are an evil person.” 
There is no intelligent dialogue. People watch right-wing websites and left-wing websites, There’s no intelligent discussion at all. There used to be some sense of two political parties.”
And this is not an uncommon event. There was the guy in Texas who stole a MAGA hat off a kid's head in a restaurant and threw a drink in his face. There was the woman who got pepper-sprayed by some Antifa loser because she was wearing a "Make Bitcoin Great Again" hat. A woman in Boston who assaulted a MAGA hat wearing guy. The last case had some juicy, delicious irony as it turned out that she was a Brazilian national who'd been living in the US illegally for 25 years, so got handed to ICE for deportation. And then there's this full-on shitstorm in a Post Office, recorded by Paloma Zuniga, a dual US-Mexican citizen who happens to be a Trump supporter and was wearing a MAGA hat. It must have given the short-haired, shorts-and-sock wearing white woman in the video great pleasure to call a Mexican a racist. 

On one level it's all minor shit, but I don't recall similar stuff during Obama's two terms, or even during Bush's Presidency, despite the hatred unloaded on both men in the Internet world. With Trump though such incidents have appeared and have steadily ramped up - and these ones are just the incidents recorded or that led to arrests, meaning there are many more. It's no longer happening at protests but in private life, and it's indicative of larger things afoot in the USA that don't lead anywhere good.

It looks like the New Left phrase of the late 1960's, "the personal is political", has morphed from a rationale for defending the source of politics into a rationale for attack.

Sunday, April 14, 2019


Thanks be for that, it was always an incident requiring the 'White Coats' to respond" but as almost anyone embroiled in emerging mental health breakdowns there are no responders available to defuse such incidents,  only clean up crews if things don't reach undertaker response, an all too common outcome, alas.

Last Wednesday a mentally disturbed 33 year old male made abusive statements towards Worshippers at the Al Noor Mosque where the deranged Foreigner had wrought his slaughter weeks earlier. He was also said to have vented on and kicked some of the tributes to the dead.

He was immediately leapt upon by a shallow media without any fact checking as variously:
A caucasian,
White supremacist,
Another example of the racism that is rife in the City,
An islamophobe,
All in a disgusting reach for headlines.
Oh and not forgetting the poor bugger was wearing a Trump t shirt, when it might have been a Che Guevara and never mentioned.

On Friday the unfortunate individual appeared in court after being arrested for "disorderly behaviour likely to incite", then in a massive departure from the meme that has freckled red heads with a part Maori ancestor  playing for the apartheid rugby team his naming became somewhat at odds to the MSM rants of Wednesday when the pack attacked. Daniel Nicholas Tuapawa who received none of the protection normally afforded suspects arrested for criminal acts, (not forgetting the armed police guarding the Mosque saw no reason to arrest him as he made his assault) only reacting to the media pack attacks by Thursday a day later, in seeking to arrest the by now clearly a mental patient that almost first entrants at a primary school might work out was having an "episode".

I guess all rather inevitable as the original tragedy has inspired much to be regretted even to closing down ANZAC services scheduled for some six weeks after the foreigner went on his rampage.
Then there is still Willy's weeping visit to come and that is yet more extending of the trauma.

I just hope Mr Tuapawa gets all the help he clearly  so badly needs,  if the current powers moves to decriminalise Cannabis are a go then maybe this is a case where such compassion could be employed.


Hat-tip to my informant who tells me the good citizenry of Devonport have said 'enough is enough' with the decision of their local RSA to bow to pressure and cancel the outside services and inside hold a service in the RSA Building restricted to 150 persons (all the building will hold).    As a counter they are organising their own service at the Devonport War Memorial ('The Untidy Soldier') at 10.00 am on ANZAC Day as they always have.

That service has traditionally attracted a crowd upwards of 3,500 wishing to pay their respects ... I suspect this year will be no different ... people have had enough of this nonsense.   

Look, if there was to be a retaliatory attack by radicalised Muslims looking for revenge (and I don't believe this is at all likely) then surely no better occasion than a Good Friday Easter Service.    Are the Police recommending the cancellation/centralisation of Easter services ... rhetorical question.   You know the answer to that.

I repeat, this whole ANZAC Day thing is a nonsense.   All power to the good people of Devonport thumbing their collective noses at the powers to be.

Ho Ho Ho


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Saturday, April 13, 2019


You could almost feel sorry for that 'nice' Mr Corbyn with the news here that the Jewish Labour Movement has passed a vote of 'no confidence' in his leadership (or lack of) in the handling of complaints concerning anti-Semiticism in the Labour Party.

Labour MP Ruth Smeeth said it had been a "heartbreaking day" and she felt "sick" after the meeting.  She said: "Jewish members of the Labour Party have come together in anger and frustration to make it clear to the leadership that enough was enough.   The mood was very sombre.  The party has to shine a light on what's really going on - it's time for the Labour Party to remove itself from its own disciplinary and complaints process and hand it to an independent body."

Corbyn has talked the talk but he's failed dismally to walk the talk let alone walk the walk.    Sorry for Corbyn ... nah, he made his own bed.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Israel Folau

Following on from GD's earlier piece, I see Australian newspapers are having a field day over what is falsely characterized by the media as an 'anti homosexual rant' by Rugby Australia's best player, Israel Folau.

Mr Folau quoted various books of the Bible in asserting that drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolators will finish up in Hell unless they repent and turn away from their naughty doings.   Those charming sinless denizens of the media blew this up into an 'anti-homosexual rant.'  Bob Jones deals with this in his usual impeccable way.

As a result, the loosingest rugby side in the world is attempting to rid itself of it's best player.  Could it be because the CEO of Rugby Australia's major sponsor is a poofter?

I wonder if a careful search or SBW's twitter and facebook accounts might find any similar references to contentious passages from the Koran?

No, Siri!

We live in age of marvels, although I'm sure anybody driving a car and watching planes in the 1910's would have said much the same.

One of those marvels is the so-called "Smart Phone", or just phone, typically "iPhone", to anybody under the age of 40! 😀  It was the introduction of the iPhone3 in 2007 that really started the ball rolling on these devices, and given the impact they've had on work and business, it's sometimes hard to believe that they've only been around a little over a decade.

A whole host of devices, such as video cameras, SLR cameras (really any cameras at all), music players, voice recorders and so forth, have been marginalised by the miraculous smart-phone. In a rare case of successful cannibalisation, Apple even thrived as the iPhone destroyed its previous wonder-toy, the iPod, for whom Podcasts are the only living remanent of that early 2000's device.

The apps available have also meant that many young people don't even much bother with a laptop, let alone a desktop computer. There are Apps for navigation, weather forecasts, fishing, star-gazing, and a million other uses, not to mention the horrors of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram - although gaming message systems such as Discord have been supplanting the first two. The youngin's at Beloved Child's university all went with Discord for group work, the Gen Z hatred of Facebook and Twitter being the driver. There are even apps which give the average rifle shooter the sort of detailed ballistics calculations which, as recently as a decade ago, were available only to military snipers.

But there are still limits on what these things can do, and my recent trip to Wellington showed that, in vivid and annoying detail, and also what it means to become reliant on technology.

A year or so ago, Beloved and I were driving to Auckland on the Southern Motorway when Siri told us to pull off at Papakura. Mystified and not pressed for time, we decided to follow the directions through the backstreets before rejoining the motorway. At which point we found out that there had been a crash on the motorway that had caused huge traffic jams.

Clever Siri.

Clearly, it was getting informaton from the NZTA, as has been the case with foreign traffic control systems for some years now.

And so we come to this week's trip: a joyride to Wellington. As those of you in the region will know, there are some fairly extensive local roadworks that have been underway over the last year. Not just Transmission Gully, which has actually not interfered that much, but works from Levin through Otaki to join the Northern end of the Kapiti Expressway. Otaki in particular has been a pain, with a new roadbridge being built over the top of the railway. This is probably also enabling the new Expressway, but it's hard to tell. In any case it's a mess and when my son and I drove down last year we hit terrible traffic jams in the area. The second time, Siri sent us through country back roads to the East, which landed us back in Otaki but past the worst of the traffic. I expected the same this time, and leaving from the Waikato that's what Siri showed.

Until Taihape, where we were suddenly presented with this on the car's screen:

No, Siri! 

A diversion through Palmerston North (shudder), and then East through the Wairarapa? Or a longer divert through Fielding, turning off in the heart of the Rangitikei River area. Okay - so vineyards but...

So what the hell did Siri know about the coastal SH1 roadworks that we did not? This caused a problem because we had figured we'd be in Wellington by 3:30 or so, just in time to pick up Beloved Child direct from the end of the varsity day, for a birthday dinner. This was looking like a pickup from the flat at 5ish: a pain in the ass for everybody. We decided to press on to Bulls/Sanson and see what she said then.

No, Siri.

Note that at no stage was the SH1 "option" even presented, which would be a problem in the tap-and-go mode with which drivers are supposed to be able to use these things while driving, in the same way as changing songs. Luckily there were two of us.

With a little effort, I was able to force it to show Levin to Wellington and get the key data: 1 hour 26 minutes. Ok - so what the hell were all the diversions about? Again we ignore her and press on to Levin. Only to be presented with this "option".

No, Siri

Seriously? An almost four hour diversion involving backtracking a good 50-80km? Bugger that for a game of soldiers. But of course the worry you get nowadays is wondering whether Siri is right and you're wrong. What then? A completely stuffed up birthday?

In the end, it turned out that the new Otaki roadbridge had been opened to traffic, and while work continued all around it and beyond, there were no traffic problems at all, certainly not like 2018. We were in the Capital by 3:40pm and all was well.

What I think has happened here is that while Siri may get updates from the NZTA they're not up-to-date and they probably don't include actual traffic volumes. Even so, if I could build a route showing a total time from Taihape of about 3 hours, why could Siri not do so? Isn't she supposed to be "Smart"?

We were ready for her on the return trip, having seen the conditions ourselves and as you might guess, this is what she showed us as the optimum choices for driving North:

No, Siri.

She'll improve of course, as all these things do. But what happens when people stop looking at the world outside their screens, when what the computer displays for you becomes your reality? When you're living in the world of Neuromancer?