Wednesday, January 23, 2019


A group from an out of State catholic boys school head to Washington,  then when waiting to board their transport back to Kentucky, were milling around pretty much just being boisterous.

While waiting they were approached by a black supremacist gang spewing abuse and taunts to which the students responded, chanting their college equivalent to NZ school haka, normally reserved for their college sports events.
Then during the fracas a Native American Indian of advanced years beating a small hand held drum also approached the waiting boys leaving them confused as to whether he was in support of the supremacists or the Catholic school students.
No actual violence just shouting and posturing.

A short mobile phone video from "Twitter"  then swept the anti Trump media like a California wildfire suddenly transforming the students of Covington Catholic College Boys on a trip to The Nations Capital where they took part in a march  for life,  into shock troops for Donald Trump,  boys who showed total disrespect for The Native American by then described as a 'Veteran'.
Racists, privileged, white supremacists, sneering, any pejorative available, the Media went nuts with no fact checking, no background checks, no balance only total bias as they almost to a one piled on.
Because they boys were Catholic, marching for life, white and many wearing MAGA red caps, it was more than enough to set off the storm that included death threats, violent assault threats,  suggesting they be fed into a chipper,  in a disgusting orgy of hate.

Then some enlightened souls actually did some fact checking:
The 20 second Twitter so widely published was part of an hour long video that almost totally exonerated the Boys.
The North American Native Veteran was known to police and his Veteran status in doubt.
Zero mention of the provocation from the quaintly named "Black Hebrew Brethren".
The mostly stoical demeanour of the boys apart from spontaneous renditions of their college chants.

Now Back in Kentucky their school is in partial shut down, the students, by now publicly identified and their families, being taunted, threatened, even to the extreme where the vitriol and hatred is also being visited on other families with no connection to the college.  People guilty of nothing apart from sharing a name
That this disturbing episode began on the steps of The Lincoln Memorial,  was leapt onto by a media entrenched in their collective hatred of The President,  then unravelled to leave every single so called journalist involved with enough egg on their faces to feed Venezuelas poorest for days,  leaves one the difficult choice as to whether that unravelling was "Spectacular" or "Stupendous" so maybe you choose.


Drove back from Wellington to Paihia last weekend.    Filled up the car before I left with '91' at $2.03.9/litre.  Was gobsmacked when I got to Taihape to see that petrol there was retailing at $1.73.9/litre.

Sheesh ... I thought we had it good in Paihia with Waitomo at $1.89.9 but Taihape?????    In the middle of NZL with the cost of transporting the fuel an additional cost to be 'absorbed'.

30c cheaper than Wellington.   Something doesn't add up.

Be interested to know if there is anyplace cheaper to get petrol than the Gumboot capital of the world.


However that deja vu gets totalled as it leaves the court.

The feeing of joy was fleeting as he went on to the ridiculous.

Yes the justice system in New Zealand is, if not broken then so badly out of kilter it is often in the view of victims and bystanders not fit for purpose.The massive disconnect between the expectations of Joe and Josephine Citizen and what the courts deliver would have rioting in the streets if a concentrated publicity effort to make sense of the more nonsensical outcomes was ever mounted.

How widely is it understood that following the Mild inconvenience suffered by the drug using young woman who inadvertently killed a young man wearing ear pods, cycling through a red light  in a dodgy "hit and run",   a non custodial sentence when compared to the draconian penalties threatened to a retailer who after July one, might in a moment of care and consideration offer a small plastic bag to a pensioner to carry goods from the point of sale, a mere $200 000.

It is certainly a fact that many would wish fewer people were incarcerated, but unlike the pie in the sky dreaming of the Little Minister who has a desire to just release prisoners, such nonsensical rubbish runs aground because to perform an acceptable solution would in all probability require a very big reduction in the incidence of bad people doing bad things.  All the indications are that that is way beyond dreaming in fact the reality is the opposite.

Would it be impertinent to suggest that the bad bad racism decried around incarceration rates might be in part,  bad people being fed a line that claiming a connection to Maori could reduce severity of consequences leading in part to the disturbing statistics around numbers of "Maori" in gaol apart from the very obvious links between crime and predominantly Maori make up of the gangs.

Of course then there is a clear propensity for increasingly total lack of respect across the population for the "Law" leading to offending that has many ordinary people thinking prison to be an obvious outcome only to discover a soft hearted Justice swayed by a dubious tale of woe from a brief results in a slap from a wet bus ticket.

Broken might be a tad hyperbolic Mr Little but I return to my suggestion the other day, you might have been considered to have been better employed here at home seeking some meaningful answers rather than swanning to the otherside of the globe pontificating to a bunch of equally inept souls in Geneva or where ever the hell the talkfest occurred.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


It was a really dumb move by St Jacinda to release the latest raft of e-mails relating to the Sroubek affair, sought under the OIA, as she boarded a plane on her way to London to negotiate free trade agreements with the UN and the EU post Brexit.

Dumb because she held back from releasing them outside the statutory period which in itself raises questions and double dumb if she thought that being out of the country would insulate her from any fallout.

News for Jacinda ... the fallout continues with a new name coming into play ... one Alex Sweny, convicted fraudster and tax evader who, as a prisoner, got to know Sroubek and texted and e-mailed the Prime Minister arguing against his deportation.   Now, it transpires Sweny's brother is related through marriage to the Ardern family so the question is did he, like Hardcore, enjoy privileged access to the PM and did that access contribute to the initial decision of IL-G to decline Sroubek's deportation.

I have to admit I'm normally a fan of Hanlon's Razor (never ascribe to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity) but in this case there are too many unanswered questions and yes Jacinda, your release of the latest e-mails when you did was just dumb political management which has ensured the issue will keep bubbling away until parliament reconvenes.


Sitting around what has replaced the 'campfire' in the tranquil setting above the mighty Rakaia now called "fivesies" with a wide cross section of ordinary New Zealanders, politics and social issues get wide coverage once the fishy tales have been exhausted.

I was somewhat surprised at the strength of feeling opposing Police Chases of drivers clearly a danger to other road users following the fiery deaths of three teens.

It is a vexed question and the fiery demise of three teenagers in a stolen car on Blenheim Road in the village of the damned was for me a sad end for someones children , however clearly more satisfying in that no other innocents were killed or maimed by the truly awful actions of the miscreants.

That apocalyptic disaster for the boys in blue just doing what was seen as appropriate was followed only days later with another effort that saw suspicious activity related to a car in the leafy burbs near CBHS that when approached by police suddenly began a two hour chase to Darfield some 40 kms west of the city and back to the city where the perps swapped to another car and so far the bad boys being bad have successfully eluded Police.
There will be many who know what went down and could clear the whole matter up but we can be almost certain that aint gunna happen

One of the more apparent criticisms was why not just get the rego and description of the vehicle then follow it up later.
Sorry almost without exception the cars involved are stolen, therefore finding the driver intent on placing many innocents in danger will be somewhat difficult.  In addition the stolen car almost always ends up a burnt out wreck with precious little evidence

I personally do have reservations around Police Chases and the danger they escalate from a stolen car incident that might get to burnout activity to a full on missile threat to other road users going about their lawful activities.
My only solution includes softly softly police response on the road coupled with an "Eagle Chopper".


 A young man wearing a MAGA hat gets mega coverage when Fake News portray him as intimidating a north American Native veteran when the facts were elsewhere.

Th father of two of the ferals burnt to death in Blenheim Road Christchurch following an aborted police chase portrayed in the media wearing a FTP Cap suggesting that the police had caused the deaths of The Mothers two "babies".

Has the cap whether worn as designed, sideways or with the peak to the rear, replaced the "TIE as the current tribal designation.
Having grown up in the times of the much maligned "old school tie", could it be that the hat has become such a symbol.

Soon to follow The Badged document holders that now adorn the "Benches of Parliament to designate party affiliation of the trougher seated there, will Caps become the dress de jour.

Could enhance the circus atmosphere that already pervades the place. At least such a sartorial addition  would give The current Mr Speaker something of a quandary.

Monday, January 21, 2019


The Veteran has morphed from being a monarchist into a tepid republican provided always that any President is a titular figure only with very limited powers (much like those of the President of Singapore) with Parliament exercising all power in the Westminster tradition and with the additional proviso that the appointment can never be filled by an ex (central government) politician.

In  saying that I acknowledge that I once held the Queen's commission while even now I hold a couple of 'warrants' signed by the GG on behalf of the Queen.    They could of course just as easily be signed by the President of NZL acting on the advice of the government.

I have considerable respect for Her Majesty and would oppose any move to make us a republic while she remains on the throne.   It's what comes next that bothers me.     I have no respect for Charlie boy whose apparent greatest desire was to be a tampax inside Camilla.     And the events of the last few days reinforces my stance.   An aged Duke causes a serious accident and not a skerrick of concern for the victims from Buck House.   Indeed, a few days later there he is back behind the wheel of a brand new Landrover and not wearing a seat belt.   Entitlement rules OK in spades.

Willy and Harry may have breathed new life into the monarchy but it's too late for me and it's time for NZL to recognise that the next step in the path to our being a truly independent nation should see us divest ourselves of the last vestiges of monarchical rule. 


Reports that a failed wannabe socialist Prime Minister is off to face the totally hypocritically appointed Human Rights Council of the corrupt U N to explain the terrible standards of care and opportunity facing New Zealand citizens with emphasis on Maori child and infant deaths and an assessed widening gap between rich and poor.

What a trainload of complete "TOSH".

Political educational gender and other basic  freedoms coupled with one of the most open and free media rules, one is forced to ask why will we as a democratic nation be answering to an outfit formed almost completely under the pervasive influence of nations of Islam that have constitutional setups totally at odds with that which prevail here deep in the South Pacific.

Current membership of the infamous UNHRC:
TermsAfrican States (13)Asian States (13)Eastern European
States (6)
Latin American &
Caribbean States (8)
Western European &
Other States (7)
2017—2020[18] Angola
 Democratic Republic of the Congo
2016—2019 Egypt
 South Africa
 Saudi Arabia
 United Kingdom
2015—2018 [21] Burundi
 Ivory Coast
 South Korea
 United Arab Emirates

What an inspiring bunch of near neanderthals to have sitting in judgement on us under the leadership of that outstanding bastion of freedom, Saudi Arabia, the very same nation state that it is almost certain sent a hit squad to their Turkish Embassy were they inveigled a CNN journalist who specialised in giving exposure to much that is abhorrent in the Desert Kingdom, inside and then with little "due Process" chopped him up.

No Andrew there are things that need addressing here in paradise, no not the one that includes  the Snack Bar operatives,  the great little democratic islands state East South East of Straya.
Travelling around the world to be confronted by a bunch of mainly retards including many religious fanatics aint gunna do a single dam thing to prevent a disgruntled "step Father" killing the spawn of a previous user of a uterus for hire to welfare for remuneration. Neither is it going to motivate a drug addled person who enjoyed exactly the same opportunity to break the historical bracelets forged by previous generations and go out to work, save some money and even become self reliant.
Hell some might even get to Sir Cullens original "rich prick" status.

In answer to the never to be answered question: "Has the United Nations prevented another conflagration such as those of 1914/18 and 1939/45" , as many answers as there are citizens of the world minus the millions killed in collateral damage from mans propensity to seek domination who now do not give much thought , "as to did the UN make any difference"  as they remain very dead.

To paraphrase Potus to Pelosi, your job  Andy is right here to deal with the here and now!
You might even make a difference, dollar to a knob of goat poo something your jaunt to Geneva emphatically will not.

Cameron Slater

It s reported that Cameron Slater, of Whaleoil blog, has suffered a severe stroke from which recovery will be long and arduous.   It appears unlikely he will fully regain his former state of physical health.

I do not know him very well but when blogging started in the early to mid eighties there were a number of social functions where I and The Cook met Cam and his wife Juanita.  They were happy times and Cameron was a great help to me in overcoming initial computer illiteracy.

Two or three years ago I stopped visiting Whaleoil blog, primarily due to the pursuit of what I perceived as personal Vendettas, in particular a campaign of denigration aimed at Bill English who, unarguably, is one of the most successful Treasurers NZ has seen.  However, Cameron Slater must be given credit for stirring up and enlivening political debate - no matter what you think of his methods or political allegiances.

I think I have a good understanding of what his father, wife and children are enduring.  My mother's younger sister, in the 1970s, was Principal Violin, in an Australian metropolitan symphony orchestra when her promising career was shattered by a serious stroke at the age of 37.  Her left arm was paralyzed and her recovery was long and difficult.  Many years later, at mother's funeral, Aunt acknowledged that but for my mother's help she may not have made it.   I sincerely trust Cameron has around him people who will similarly care for him.

I apologise if this post sounds a bit like an obituary but the reality is that, for Cameron, an old life has ended and a new life is beginning.

Get well, Cam!

Mission Impossible???

The SLG fresh from a couple of months mostly out of the Office is heading to Davos to enlighten other less endowed World Leaders on matters economic based on her extensive knowledge and experience that includes a rather lowly understanding of GDP and Current Accounts is going to take time out from her hectic schedule to offer Teresa May on her rather convoluted Brexit disaster.
Oh and negotiate a post Brexit Trade Deal with the UK in an effort to play catch up with our Trans Tasman allies.
What could possibly go awry?

Jokes for our time

Conservatives used to joke that a liberal's ideal job applicant would be a black, disabled, lesbian, vegeterian whale.

Funnily enough, yesterday we got to see what a joke about a conservative's ideal job applicant would look like, only it wasn't a joke: white students in Trump hats from an all-male private religious school following up their attendance at an anti-abortion rally by shouting "Build that wall!" at a Native American. That has to be the full conservative bingo.


On the plus side, the image of white men shouting "Build that wall!" at a Native American does give us a good illustration of what Trump's wall is actually about - nothing to do with immigration policy but everything to do with white supremacy.

Sunday, January 20, 2019


Homepaddock is a blog of Ele Luddeman that is a great resource in the NZ internet for rural pressure points, and recently has a feature that gathers some headlines current in the "Rural landscape".

Today in that bunch is a heads up for a contribution from Keith Woodford on a matter that is dear to my very being, wilding pines.

My formative years that led to a great love of the lower slopes of the High Country that lie as a still very productive belt below the snow prone shingle scree and rock of the true "High Country that I never tire of sharing, albeit now days  only at a distance and hopefully from a tarsealed road. In recent times I have been fortunate to become a member of the Rakaia Gorge Society, a body that leases a small bit of the terrace land adjacent to the Rakaia Gorge Double bridges on Route 72 the now decommissioned SH 72 often referred to as "the inland scenic highway" Amberley to Geraldine.
This little bit of NZ is where I am likely to be at anytime between Labour Weekend and Easter where in a sudden change "the Plains meet direct with the High Country in the form of Mt Hutt.
Amidst plantings of natives, resplendent with birdsong,  true peace exists, sans lectric, interwebby and only cellphone by text from vodaphone, it is why I disappear from time to time and now freed from the acreage at Akaroa such times are more frequent and for longer.

Enough of that, the article from Woodford reveals a massive problem that now faces many thousands  of Hectares of our iconic frontier lands that have been regathered into the DoC estate through "Land Tenure review".
Growing up on the Amuri Range between Waiau and The Hanmer Basin on the very boundary of the Hanmer State forest now in private ownership, the almost weed free tussock grassland became invaded by some of the many North American and Eurasian  tree species that were planted up wind, often as trials, in addition to the ubiquitous Radiata Pine native to southern California.
Larch, Nigra, Contorta and Douglas Fir were others that began to arrive uninvited on the wings of the Nor Wester.
My Family has been fortunate to occupy a part of that land since 1945 in three ownerships and the original Barcaldine Block was kept free of the Wilding invasion, while the rest of the range was slowly overcome as it became just too hard. Then at the onset of the gold rush to carbon credits suddenly the truly awful trees might  be worth more than could be created from pastoral activity. However another pendulum swing has  Dairy Support intruding into sheep and beef production, it is not such an  attractive option.

Hello, The DoC estate is threatened  and suddenly the few lone voices that could see the massive environmental  disaster,  is gaining traction and the once implacable refusal of the Government Forest plantings to be held to account for their callous disregard of the suffocating threat from wind distributed seedlings replacing every other living plant and creature  in creating a sterile acidic landscape, might just be a problem after all.

The unforeseen outcomes from the well intentioned actions of people such as  Donald Burnett at Mt Cook Station NW of Lake Pukaki  and other station plantings for shelter can be forgiven as precursors to Wilding pine invasion of Upper Clutha and The Mckenzie Basin but I find the stupidity of educated people trying to recreate Skiing through scattered Natural occurring pine species in the Cragieburn Valley, not so forgiving..

Enough from me just follow the links Homepaddock provides and then you might understand what My Father and two brothers successively fought for, to deal with a scourge that came overwhelmingly from "Government Plantings"on the outskirts of Hanmer Springs,  with no results. by way of support , not even acceptance of any culpability.

Tipping Points

Every day some goon from the Climatistas tells us the world is at a tipping point unless we send all our money to the many shithole countries of the world and go back to living in caves.

But what of political tipping points?  The point at which a political leader or up and coming candidate turned his or her career into a train wreck?  Just for fun I'll list some I can remember.  Readers may be able to help out with others in comments.

Helen Clark     

Her moment came with her cowardly refusal to front up a speak to Maori about her Foreskins and Seaweed legislation.   Instead she went off into the wilderness to commune with Shrek.  Thus did she alienate the Maori vote and beget the Maori Party.

Michael Dukarkis

Being perceived as soft on defense, Democrat presidential candidate Dukarkis did a PR stunt with an Abrams tank.  The resulting picture went viral and was lampooned so widely and severely that his poll ratings plummeted and he was soundly defeated by George Bush Snr.

An object lesson in how to tank a campaign

Don Brash

'Walking the plank' was possibly the most cringeworthy political effort I've seen.  It made Dr Brash appear clumsy and incompetent and I think it was instrumental in his failure to defeat Clark in what was a very close election.  (Can't find a picture.)

Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren

The now infamous DNA test which showed her only possible Indian ancestry might have come from the South American Incas.  Well, maybe it didn't but it might as well have done.  The DNA analysis used South American Indian DNA as a substitute for North American DNA because they couldn't find any.  The final result showed Warren to be perhaps 1/1024th American Indian, the same percentage as all white Americans. 

Her campaign is Dead Near Arrival.

Image result for elizabeth warren indian

Meteria Turei

Corpulent benefit fraudster

Image result for metiria turei

Hillary Clinton

Who could ever forget Crooked Hillary's 'deplorables' moment?  It takes an extremely refined sense of political judgement to alienate, in one sentence, the very voters you need to bring in those last few critical electoral college votes.

Image result for deplorables

Senator Dan Quayle was like a quail impaled when Senator Lloyd Bentsen stopped him in his tracks during a live television debate.

"Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy."  Take a look at the fool's face!  He knows he's been gunned down.

Image result for You're no Jack kennedy

Phil Goff

Was getting away with his usual bullshit and lies by NZ's lamentable media when he was brought up short by Jon Key's simple request.

'Show us the money Phil, just show us the money.'   Goff did a Dan Quayle impersonation and was never seen again.

Go to 0:28 for great entertainment.

Rodney Hide

Dancing With The Stars

Image result for rodney hide dancing with the stars

David Shearer

I will make you fishers of Men

Image result for shearer snapper

Rob Muldoon (tkx pdm)

Image result for muldoon snap election

Yesh. Lesh have a elecshun.