Sunday, December 9, 2018


The once significant United Kingdom Independence Party has clearly lost its way since the raison d'etre for its existence was achieved when the electorate voted for Brexit.

In the last few weeks UKIP has moved to the hard right and embraced the notorious Tommy Robinson, late of the English Defence League and the fascist British National Party.

The last few days have seen mass resignations from the Party including former leaders Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall, the former deputy chair of the Party Suzanne Evans, the former leader of the Party in the Welsh Assembly Caroline Jones, the leader of the Party in Scotland David Coburn and most of its MEPs.     Farange spoke for many of them in attacking UKIPs current leader Gerald Batten saying he was 'obsessed' with Islam and that UKIP wasn't founded to be a Party based on fighting a religious crusade.

For all intents and purposes UKIP is now a rebranded version of the British National Party.


Snowflake said...

It’s Farage. Jeez, he’s your pal, not mine, get his name right at least.

And after years of lies and stoking xenophobia in order to scare Brits into voting themselves into oblivion it’s a bit rich for Farage and co to pretend that it wasn’t the Muslims they were aiming at, just all the others. Wankers all.

David said...

UKIP's only policy was to tear the place down, they had no idea how to rebuild or replace. All they had to sell was fear, not hope.

The UK is about to pull out of the world's biggest free trade deal just so it can negotiate a free trade deal. FFS,it is at a time like this that a government needs to Govern and do what is best for the Nation, not just appease the poorly educated dupes and do the will of Murdoch.

The Veteran said...

Snowflake ... thank you for your correction ... patronising gitt. Wot makes you think Farage is my 'pal' but at least in this instance he has put his money where his mouth is and said enough is enough. Tommy Robinson is poison and, if you study the BNP which morphed out of Mosley's BUF, you would know 'they' were very much wedded to the European ideal. Strange bedfellows all.

Anonymous said...

Dear little misunderstood Tommy, Dodgers favourite child, now worth several million and being backed by Steve Bannon, several US billionaires, far right groups in Sth Africa, US and Australia. The target is several liberal democracies that make up the EU. Rupert Murdoch and mark Zuckenberg have indirectly thrown their weight behind this campaign to destabilise Europe.

Facebook is under investigation in France for it's part in distributing fake news, fanning the flames and using algorithms to aid the protesters.

Just a word on Paris and the media obsession with the minutia of riots. 95% of Paris went about their daily business, outside of the tourist centre the Christmas markets were booming. 8,000 protesters, some who turned on the agitators who tried to set fire to vehicles, turned up. What was not reported, except by the Guardian, is a climate change march in another part of Paris attracted 25,000 people.

To do the sums it is like 80 people in the centre of CHC shouting a lot. The media is it's own worst enemy at times.

Of course the one that talked it up the most was RT, the Russian state TV channel. They kept referring to tanks manned by military police charging rioters....utter bollocks.

Back to Tommy, the bottom line he is a dupe, as person he is as thick as two shore planks and playing the victim for all it's worth. The agenda is changing from lies about Islam to lies about the EU with constant references to WW2, SS ranks in the EU parliament and the unelected elite which the dispossessed and uneducated love ...hooray Spitfires at dawn.

The break up of the EU will signify a dark period in human history with new allegiances and war across the continent, all fuelled by the new Soviet empire.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Forgot to have a poke at Veterans "No second referendum" comment a while back.

As I mentioned before self preservation will dictate that the Tories will will suddenly discover that the will of the people should be listened to....but they will wait for the now fast tracked court case on industrial scale cheating in the first referendum.

I bet a box of cote de Rhone Villages 2010.......any takers?

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

RosscoWlg said...

Gotta love ole Ergbutt.... nothing to be seen in the Paris riots.

Just the Globalist in chief has had to eat his words and recind the tax increases.
This morning the Interior minister making noises about more dialog and compromise
70 injured
Hundreds arrested
Worst unrest in 50 years
Yep nothing to be seen here... just a Facebook scam

And he's an expert on UK politics too!


Anonymous said...

First protest yes......second protest no. The Cops on the ball searching those who entering Paris 70% of arrests non violent for carrying offensive weapons well outside the protest area.

More dialogue.....good. Why do you consider it in the negative?

What is more interesting are the events and repercussions happening in the rest of the country. People are disgusted by the hijacking by the violent far right. Many of the protesters coming from the country tried to stop the arsonists, many hurt in this endeavour.

Lorries no longer honking support at rond-points and many Gilet Jaunes have removed the yellow vest from the dashboard of their vehicle.

We are all globalist in way and it's quite stupid to use the term as an insult or in the negative.......Key is globalist, so is the PM.

You are as bad as Walter with your one liners...all mouth and no trousers as my mum would say.

Lord Egbut

RosscoWlg said...

Still when you are down at 18% says it all really>

And who are protesting, the middle and working classes having their income eroded by the globalists puppet...

More dialogue... that means your position is weak, because they GJ's have other demands don't they...

Good to here a little of local flavour from you, maybe true..horn honkinging

Im not a globalist in any way... in the true way it is defined. Key was best mates with Obama,another recognised leftist and Globalist. He and Key had a lot in common, great talkers did nothing of substance.

Our current PM... what a joke she is... transgender version of Trudeau, or is it the other way around!

Macron is now a nobody..walking dead as they say.

As for your Mum.. that's a bad call on your side.