Friday, December 28, 2018


The purveyors of fake news attempted to place another arrow in POTUS but it fell short once again and a passing Eagle shat on them leaving messy faces.
Ever thought that most of the world MSM seem to have missed out on the embarrassment gene, as when their fake news is proved to be just that, they are totally  unaware apparently.

It was national news, Christmas had a lonely isolated POTUS surrounded by the crashed Dow as referenced by Adolf earlier, spending the day all alone in the Whitehouse while his extraordinary missus was going to be at the Florida campus Mar-a-Lago.
Then think for one second how a journalist with a trace of probity, might feel when it was revealed that Trump and the First Lady were visiting US Troops in the hot spots of Afghanistan and Iraq and not even in the US?
Sorry we got that wrong, "err no" just downplay the truth and ignore the shameless hate motivated garbage ultimately exposed.
Normal transmission resumed??


Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Let's see if I have this right....the Cane Toad turns up at an Iraqi US airbase for three hours without telling anyone. As head of state visiting a sovereign country he didn't bother with the diplomatic niceties of actually meeting his hosts and just to top off a good day he posted a video on his twitter feed of Seal team 5 therefore exposing their identities.......what a fucking hero.

Snowflake said...

And that’s a good day, believe it or not. And he’s simultaneously holding the government to ransom in an attempt to extort a massive sum of money for a useless wall Mexico is paying for. So much winning.

pdm said...

Egbut let me help you.

He wasn't in Iraq on official joint government business - he was there to visit American Troops based there.

Pretty straightforward really.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Escalation.....he really knows how to piss people off.

The Russians have just taken control of most of the Venezuelan oil and gas fields including their US will take them about 20 minutes to do the same to Iraq because of this imbecilic self obsessed lunatic.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

pdm......typical Trump apologist. About as straight forward as his mythical bone spurs.

Read the next post CAREFULLY....I can translate if you come across any three syllable words if you like.

pdm said...

Egbut - when Angry Andy visited Afghanistan a few weeks ago did he meet with the Afghan Government - no he did not he visited New Zealand Troops.

Difference please - apart from Trump being President of his country and Angry Andy being just a Cabinet Minister.

Snowflake said...

ROFL, Angry Andy! Such wit you Tory losers have! Angry Andy indeed. BTW pms, how do you know Little’s programme didn’t include a courtesy call on Afghan government officials?

Archangel Gabriel said...

When Minister Little visited Iraq in February (not a few weeks ago) to see our troops, he did as any normal Govt representative would do visiting a sovereign nation in meeting representatives of the host nation.

David said...

In violation of all diplomatic protocols and military security, Commander Bone Spurs faffs around in a playsuit, gives away location and identities of Navy Seals, pisses of another foreign ally, and calls it "winning"; Yankee Doodle would have called it Macaroni.

Adding further insult, Donnie Two Scoops drags members of The Secret Service away from their homes at Xmas, expects them to take a bullet for him, but won't pay their wages because he is "proud to shutdown the government".

But none of that matters to the fellators of The Giant Orange Cheeto squatting in the Whitehouse, they just cheer him on while he destroys the last vestiges of democracy in the USA.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ya know yoronto a winner when the whole horde descends together, full of the usual bullshit.

David excels himself. Not only is he the world's most knowledgeable Christian theologian but he now adds the title of 'Conscientious Objector Who Knows Most About Diplomatic Protocols and Military Security.

In his faux outrage, he's forgotten Helen Clark's famous unmasking of VC winner Corporal Willie Apiata.

David said...

Adolf, once agains, excels in his ignorance. I am sure Veteran will concur, a VC isn't "won", it is awarded. There isn't a competition for VC's or other gongs.

The Veteran said...

I'm over President Trump but I have to say the faux outrage that he should visit troops in Afghanistan and Iraq without paying courtesy calls on those countries governments is I think TDS at its worst as is the meme that he somehow broke regulations by autographing MAGA hats offered to him by troops there.

Direct your outrage at this from Trump where he claims to have authorised a 10% pay hike for the military On the info provided this claim appears to be false.

I also found this piece from Kiwipolitico interesting

The President is in trouble when Fox News calls him out. How does President Pence sound with Senator Lindsay Graham as VP?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, is that all you've got?

You'd better hightail it over to Washington DC and line up for the Dec of Def job. They need your wisdom and expertise. Weather might be a bit cooler than ***** Vale.


You have to laugh. Within half an hour of those foolish reports, the internet was awash with pictures of Obama singing things for the troops.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

We don't have an edit function for comments so in case you're wondering why the same comment appears a number of times in the sidebar, we have to cut the original and paste it into a new comment, correct or add to it and then republish. It's pretty clumsy but you can blame Blogger. Unfortunately only blog authors can do this.

David said...

that he somehow broke regulations by autographing MAGA hats offered to him by troops there.

You mean that pesky little regulation that prohibits uniformed troops taking part in political activities? Having a photo of the CiC autographed is not a political act, but having an active campaign advertisement signed is. I thought you'd spot the difference.

How does President Pence sound with Senator Lindsay Graham as VP?

Very fucking scary. Pence is a theocrat who places The Bible above the law and the constitution. Graham has never seen a brown country he did not want to invade, a nigger he did not want to lynch, or a woman he did not want to force to give birth.

Volkner's eyeball said...

If you don't meet them you don't have to bow to the buggers as the Kenyan did.

The Veteran said...

David ... in attacking Trump can I suggest you focus on the big stuff rather than trivia. Signing MAGA hats hardly constitutes political activity.

Your comment re Graham just makes you look stupid. Reference your assertion about him wanting to invade all ‘brown countries' and 'lynch every nigger'. Stupid as ..... on

RosscoWLG said...

Sitting in my deckchair at the Bosun's Cottage in Torbay with my own private beach, Winston Cove, 25 deg C on the clock and finally got the internet going only to find this rabidness from the left.

Just as I was about to crack an Estrella beer too.

Old mother Hubbard, Herald ran some piece of shit this morning that President Trump only read the first 100 words of Mattis's resignation letter.... oh dear oh dear

Shock horror comments please in order of seniority from David, Egbut, and others

Now where's my beer or should I go for a swim in my private cove?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


It was Newsweek, not the President, who 'gave away the identities' of a few fellows dressed in camo and kitted up with night vision goggles, wandering about the place.

For all you or they know, these guys might have been kitchen hands.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Faux outrage Veteran??........Marine One touches down over the US Blenheim spy base, he stays for 3 hours giving a campaign speech on how they are winning the spy war bigley then buggers off after ringing the PM to say goodbye. Not outraged eh??

It seems no one bothers with links so I will spell it out. The Iraqi parliament is meeting to decide whether they should ask the US troops to leave. THEY are highly offended. Veteran and the Dodger are both wrong....he never visited Afghanistan....fake news from the right wing blogs. They are still shooting live ammo in the Stan and the US has not won bigley.

As usual light hearted ridicule from Wiggo, diversion and insult from from the Trump apologists but nobody addresses the problem of an out of control narcissist which is putting the world on course for confrontation.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Veteran....Your contention that slamming your political opponents, ridiculing their policies and making about $8 for every MAGA hat sold (He owns the trade mark.) in a campaign speech to the military most of whom are very young is not political then your rose coloured glasses need a polish

David said...

Adolf, is this Newsweek?

Anonymous said...

I find the 'discussion' here of the Trump's visit most enlightening. The personal attacks and name calling allow all rational argument impossible. The original post was about how the MSM in the US got egg on their faces for calling Trump out for not visiting the troops in a combat zone at Christmas while he and the FLOTUS are in the air on the way to visit the troops.

Any reference to 'The Orange Cheeto', 'Cane Toad' etc are designed to avoid addressing the actual point. I could not care less whether you love or loathe Trump, the fact is outlets like NBC blew it and took more than a day to not only admit it but when they do, they find another means to denigrate him. But that isn't what David, Lord Egbut and their like can handle with decorum. They would rather shout "But look at that over there!" "EVIL TRUMP!" etc.

Let me be clear, I am no fan of Trump's behaviour or tactics but give the devil his do. He has reduced stifling regulations leading to an economic boom, had a massive tax cut passed, encouraged energy production to where the US is the world's leading producer, opened a line of diplomacy with North Korea and renegotiated trade agreements to better advantage of the US and more. It almost seems like those most angry with Trump are that way because they hate the US and can't stand it that he has put the welfare of US citizens first.

Michael in Nelson

David said...

The personal attacks and name calling allow all rational argument impossible.

Agreed. Name calling and insults like.

the fact is outlets like NBC blew it...

They can only publish what they know. As this trip was done in secret, until a noticed it, British plane spotter noticed it, what would you have them do?

He has reduced stifling regulations because nobody needs clean air and water, leading to an economic boom, which is invisible to all except the Orange Cheeto and his cheer squad, had a massive tax cut passed, to the benefit of Trump and is cronies, encouraged energy production to where the US is the world's leading producer, which is mostly the planet heating type, no clean energy for 'Mercans opened a line of diplomacy with North Korea that saw the world laugh at Trump and Kim continuing to do what Kim does and renegotiated trade agreements to better advantage of the US including a crashing of American soy bean prices and higher prices for US consumers on manufactured goods.

Nelson breeds a lot of drop kicks it seems.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, you don't know how funny you are.

"They can only publish what they know"

You didn't write that line seriously, did you?

Come on, man. Surely you know they only publish what they make up?

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

For somebody who quotes the MSM so many times in his posts I would have thought that the whiff of hypocrisy must permeate the Australian air, if indeed you live there.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Micheal of "somewhere"......I would like a dollar for every time I have seen posts like yours on UK and US blogs not to mention newspaper comments sections.

The matey tone of reasonableness then the the I'm no fan of ".....add name...." then the lies.

Firstly as I have said many times I'm a great admirer of the USA but highly critical of some of their policies,Democrat and Republican, so don't link me with David who is on a different planet than me.

On the BBC we are now told that the Cane Toad want's to scrap the emission standards on Mercury from coal mines as it to expensive to mercury and tell me if that's a good idea. The world now realises, and so does Fatboy Kim, that the Singapore jamboree was a PR stunt designed to inflate Trumpos standing with his fan base and has had no follow on or benefit.

But you know all this which makes me wonder why you are a fan?

Anonymous said...

Thank you David, you proved my point by calling me (and all rational Nelsonians) 'drop kicks'. Just couldn't help yourself could you

Michael in Nelson

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Michael in Siberia has all the rational Nelsonians permission to have their names attached to his crap post, Not in my name.

Dave from Takaka

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Thought I would fact check David's claim that a Brit anorak blew the secret visit to Iraq.... This is a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Nobody in Nelson has heard of Michael out of Siberia, he is just fake news.

Russell of Tauranga.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... I have no great desire to prolong this discussion as you know that I am no great supporter of Trump but I do wish that in attacking him people would focus on the big stuff, like his decision to quit Syria, like his decision to wind down in Afghanistan with the job there not complete, rather than the trivial and banal.

But what's this with your 'US Blenheim Spy Base' ... hope you're not imbibing the Green Party organic wine ... it can addle the brain. Those sort of comments detract from your more reasoned ones and fall into the same category as David's on Senator Graham.

Apart from all that life's good. Shot a net 61 at golf yesterday at the Club's New Year Bash tournament and managed to avoid being thrown out of the clubhouse per courtesy of some clown who shot a net 60.

Anonymous said...

I see Dave from Takaka and Russel of Tauranga don't know sarcasm when they read it but they can step in with changing a moniker to try to insult someone, nicely juvenile.


Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Veteran..........the big stuff is above my paygrade but the continual undermining of democracy, the normalising of the abnormal, rise of nationalism an loss of American influence is not.

I suspect most people got my drift as to how Trump humiliated the Iraqi Prime minister so it seems you would be happy if he humiliated ours........silly me, of course you would.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... what makes you think that? She's quite capable of humiliating herself, witness her performance in the Karel Sroubek affair, without any help from an idiot like Trump.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Mmmm.....I suspect that even most New Zealanders have never heard of Sroubek. The move by rightwing bloggers to isolate Trump from the Republican Party seems to be working....."Not me Guv, it's him".

The fact that the Republicans are in lockstep and lack the guts speak out about the deteriorating and divisive political situation is deeply disturbing. Funny what power does to common sense....ask Putin.

Anonymous said...

Is this better MiN?

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... very few NZrs will have missed the wall to wall coverage the affair has created. It's perception that counts and the perception is that the PM is somehow tied up in the mess through her association with Hardcastle. Unfair perhaps but that's the perception and the polls I've seen confirm that with 'her' popularity taking a hit. And don't blame National. She stoked the fire with her quite stupid "you need to read between the lines" comment along with the u-turn by her Minister.

Noel said...

I dunno once the Minister had reversed his decision most thought that would be the end of it. But the claims and counter claims continued. I suspect the majority of Kiwis switched off at that point.

Psycho Milt said...

It's perception that counts and the perception is that the PM is somehow tied up in the mess through her association with Hardcastle.

Excellent summing up - it's perception, not substance, that counts. This whole propaganda campaign has been about creating a false perception, not pursuing anything of substance. It was slickly done and fairly successful, as most of National's propaganda campaigns are, but creating a false perception was all there ever was to it.

The Veteran said...

Milt ... perception becomes reality when at 4.30 pm on the last working day before Xmas Minister Lees-Galloway chooses to release a whole slew of documents relating to the Sroubek affair with virtually every page heavily redacted.

One is entitled to ask WHY ... to protect the privacy of a convicted drug dealer (give me feekin strength) or to prevent an inconvenient truth from seeing the light of day?

By their actions the government continues to give the story oxygen ... funny that.

Psycho Milt said...

Could you point out the bit in the Privacy Act that says it doesn't apply to people who've received a drug-related conviction?

You're entitled to ask any question you like, of course, but given that the whole thing has been a propaganda exercise aimed at creating a false perception, the rest of us are equally entitled to ask questions.

The Veteran said...

Milt ... so easy to hide behind the Privacy Act to hide an inconvenient truth.