Monday, December 31, 2018


TV1 News last night featured the problems associated with the 'Boy Racers' convention in Christchurch with the police bemoaning the fact that they were having to divert scarce resources to dealing with the problem.

Sorry fellas, stop whinging and do your job.   It was National per courtesy of Judith Collins who gave you the tools needed to sort the problem out.    Namby-pamby policing doesn't work but crushing a few cars will.

The 'good' citizens of Christchurch deserve better than this.     



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

When do they take a leaf our of the Victorian Police operations manual and announce a 'non-arrest' policy.

Speaking of which, I see the Victorian Police proudly announced yesterday that after three months tireless work, they now know the identities of all the black Sudanese gang members in Melbourne. That will be of great comfort to the people who have been and continue to be bashed, slashed, kicked and glassed by these people.

Just don't arrest them.

PM of NZ said...

'... now know the identities of all ...'

Same here with NZ Plod and gangs - non-arrest. Beats me why we do not remove the criminal scum at source in our streets.

But as you note, very comforting to those on the receiving end and they're often such 'nice boys' doing the community 'good'.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The most ironic comment came from a 'leader' of the 'Sudanese' community in Melbourne who described his lads as 'just a few boys who happen to know each other.'

Noel said...

The Police have had no problem with Crushers law which saw three cars crushed.
It a bit hard to expect them to issue three tickets in succession to get the car crushed when they have a heap of false 111 calls getting in the way.

Gerald said...

Inept police eh?

Andrei said...

If so called " boy racers" are the biggest problem the police face then we don't have much to worry about

Of course young working class males is about the last place testosterone remains in our effeminate society and the term itself comes from female politicians with bad cases of penis envy

David said...

When your only news source is the daily beat ups in The Australian, a paper that longs to go back to White Australia, it is no surprise Adolf sits at home curtains twitching. For someone who lives over 3,000 Kms from Melbourne, poor Adolf is very scared, not by what is happening where he lives, but because his racist paranoia is being fed by the Murdoch machine.

For the rest of us, we get on with our lives.

It doesn't suit the racist narrative, but Victorian crime is down 3.9% in the year ending Sept 2018.

It doesn't suit the racist narrative, but more crime is committed by people who are not of African heritage. Children are far more likely to be raped by a family member or a priest than by a non related person of African heritage. Women are more likely to be murdered by white, self entitled males or intimate partners than by an African stranger.

I am a child of 1950's Western Suburbs Melbourne and remember the roaming gangs of "wogs and dagos", the use of knives instead of traditional fists and boots, the brawls at local soccer matches when two teams of opposing ethnicities played, the ex NAZI Croats undertaking military style drills in preparation for a "war" with the Serbs, and yet life went on.

Then came the Vietnamese "boat people", many of whom turned to crime, most of whom became good citizens. The papers were full of stories of heroin rings and prostitution being run be Vietnamese as if those things didn't already exist in Oz.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I expect you will produce some reliable figures to show the number of people raped or bashed by priests in Melbourne compared with the number raped or bashed by Australians of African Appearance. (Remember now David, priests are either Anglican or Catholic.)

And next time you visit Melbourne, I suggest you go for a walk along St Kilda beach at 2330 hours on a Friday.

George said...

Block the streets that exit the scene.
Arrest the drivers.
Tow and crush all the cars.
Go through all the internet traffic and arrest the posters.
2020 will not have the same problem