Thursday, December 27, 2018


After decades of attempting to get some semblance of reason around some Japanese wanting to eat a traditional meat choice The Land of The rising Sun has told the increasingly inane "International Whaling Commission" where to put their ban on all Whaling.

The Inuit sometimes labeled Eskimo, peoples are allowed to harvest their traditional Protein source and some inhabitants of Norway still take whales for meat but because the Japanese took commercial whaling to a larger profile they became the big target for the environmental nutters.

Just imagine if a move to prevent the slaughter of fluffy little Lambs for human consumption, yes I know it would be of little interest to the majority of the people of the world who do not like the quite different flavour, smell and taste of cooked sheepmeat but extend that stupidity to Goats possibly the most eaten flesh of cloven footed animals, or god forbid bovine pleasures such as steak or its even more consumed ground beef.

Meanwhile recovering populations of some whale species occupy many hours of media whipped up drama when occasional strandings, events that incidentally have been occurring naturally for all of human recorded time and most likely many centuries beyond that. have modern manipulated misguided ignoring a potential protein bonanza while perpetrating the suffering all too often of doomed mammals.

Whale meat is just one of many protein sources that have survived human development, just as have Chickens, Pigs, Cattle, turkeys and so on but currently for reasons few could advance have become verboten.

I do not know if I need a licence to harvest a salmon on its final journey to death up a Canadian river, as I am forced to here in NZ, but I do know that a hungry Grizzley can stand in the icy water and catch as many as it can, and that has also been a natural event for much longer since almost forever.

Listening to the pathos dripping voices protesting what is little different to what happens across the worlds slaughter houses for meat processing other food protein, and sadly many of those do not match the hygienic and humane ones here in NZ, it seems just one more step for those who want one world order to mung beans and tofu.


Psycho Milt said...

Just imagine if a move to prevent the slaughter of fluffy little Lambs for human consumption...

False analogy. Unless I missed the recent history of sheep being wild animals hunted almost to extinction, only brought back from the brink at the last moment and slowly recovered to significantly endangered status only by complete bans on killing them? It's true that some whale species have recovered to the point that they're no longer endangered, but people who think "now off the endangered list" equals "Oh good we can go back to wiping them out" are people who should never get a say in the treatment of animals or the environment.

The Veteran said...

Hmmmmm ... like lamb on the spit. Could never figure out why Mike Moore's 'lambburgers' never took off. Whale meat leaves me cold. The Japanese meme of harvesting whales for 'research' has about as much going for it as a Potemkin Village but, having said that, I see nothing wrong with the concept of an international quota system, rigidly enforced, designed to maintain the whale population at sustainable levels.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Before anyone falls for Dodgers provocative nonsense about protein etc, read this......