Thursday, December 13, 2018


A recently graduated young lady went on tour from her home in the UK, after her graduation and lost her life in New Zealands largest city after travelling through South America.

A very sad end of a life about to  possibly bloom with contributions to society of potential  benefits never to be discovered.

She died, it is alleged at the hands of a rather dubious male character who had exhibited behaviour causing disquiet to a degree that previous flatmates had asked him to depart from  their shared accommodation.

Now I cannot be arsed to research how many young people indulging in various risky activities have died doing stuff that can end ugly.  Burnouts, bungy jumping, jet boats. river swimming, drinking, fighting, horse riding, motorbikes,  climbing, hang gliding, skydiving, cycling, lime scooters, boxing, getting out of bed all have a potential  for a fatal outcome should things go awry.
Dating via Tinder has many happy and successful tales of personal fulfillment in experiencing desire driven travel, bit like hitch hiking in some ways,  but and in this sad case a very final and devastating "BUT"!
The last published information gleaned from cctv suggests this unfortunate young lady might have been her disappearing into the residential zone of her alleged killer.

Meanwhile how many other young and not necessarily young people not even indulging in what many might see as risky activity died during the last week in this country and the vacuous Prime minister would never even know they had died.

Not a  shrinking violet when a perceived opportunity presented to her we had a cringe worthy crocodile  tear dribbling media stunt to  show how deeply she really cares.

Currently on tour and seeing on the interwebby a reported truck versus small car on  the outskirts of my newly adopted urban settlement resulting in fatality on a section of Highway the CoL has deemed not to be needing already scheduled fourlaning so as to free up spondulucks for virtue signalling tram installation in the very city where the doomed UK citizen had her life ended. Afaik the Prime Minister has no such need to shed tears for anyone involved in that tragedy so far away from her personal bubble space and almost certainly no political advantage accompanying

ps I note some of her virtue signalling support crew are attempting to expand the sad demise of a tourist into a general  mauling of all who perpetrate violence with an emphasis on males.

Risk taking can end badly and sometimes  death comes unexpectedly unannounced.

RiP Grace Millane


Andrei said...

What this shows GD is that all people are not created equal

An attractive young female goes missing and it is taken seriously from the get go (which is good of course) but for others the attention might not be so great

Pretty people rule the world when the violent don't

Andrei said...

Incidently this case shows the futility of name suppression - Google served me up the name of the gentleman in custody without me even trying to find it or seek it out in any way

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... In this case I agree with Andrew Little. Name suppression must mean what it means and anyone breaking an order has to be held to account no matter where they may be domiciled. It would be really sad if the breaking of the order allowed the accused defence team to argue that it compromised his right to a fair trial.

Anonymous said...

Veteran....going to have to get used to it. Name and Photo splashed all over the online Daily Mail two days ago. 18th century law meets 21st century loses. Change or rewrite the law. are very bitter and twisted old man, seek help. The family, as did the nation took comfort from the PM's speech.....however she was diplomatic enough not to mention that NZ is the third most common country for rape in the OECD. Random violence in NZ is reaching epidemic proportions.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

Afaik the Prime Minister has no such need to shed tears for anyone involved in that tragedy so far away from her personal bubble space...

1. PM's don't comment on every crash on the roads, for fairly obvious reasons.

2. If you have some basis for your view that dating-app hookups in central Auckland are the PM's "personal bubble space," do enlighten us.

3. It's called "compassion." Try a dictionary.

Voyager said...

So are you arguing for a New World Order of a single transnational law? Afraid the internet has made suppression orders worthless.

Two events from Oz will show the proof of that.

Today every major news website in Oz carried a story about the high ranking, world renowned Australian, convicted of heinous crimes, but due to a suppression order, the offender's name and crimes could not be published.

The Pope Sacked Cardinal George Pell.

Do I need to draw you a diagram?

Andrei said...


I too agree with Andrew Little (and yourself).

But New Zealand Law only applies to people in New Zealand and cannot be applied to foreign nationals in other juristictions - that is a reality that we have to live with

However Google's blunder which revealed the name to me and to many others presumably came at the hands of a bot rather than a human. As a company they have a prescence here and are subject to our laws and will doubtless be prosecuted

This one is going to be interesting

DenMT said...

This scrapes the bottom of the barrel. It takes an old man to ascribe blame to this woman for using Tinder. Stay classy.