Saturday, December 22, 2018


President Trump's decision to withdraw up to half the remaining US fores in Afghanistan, made against the advice of his military commanders and against the backdrop of increased Taliban activity, has analysts warning that it could have a devastating effect on the stability of the country and hand the Taliban militants a propaganda victory.

Clearly this was the straw that broke Jim Mattis' back and led to his resignation as Trump's Defence Secretary.

Trump appears to be increasingly isolated as President.   Something is going to have to give and give soon.    Don't know what but, in all likelihood, it ain't gonna be pretty.


Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

The worrying thing about this is the fact that the western democracies seemed not to have learned from history on how to deal with with this situation. Millions of Germans realised what the rise of Hitler and National socialism meant but were sidelined and became the targets of the mob. The only way to get on and put food on the table was to join the "mob" ie. the NAZI party.

Hopefully there will be enough republicans with the sense to see that Trumps way of operating will not advance the US cause on the world stage and the shutdown of the US Govt over the wall funding is probably a blessing in disguise.....bring it to a head and lance it.

Putin's overt backing for Trumps Syria decision in the last few days has jolted a few of the more somnolent republican senators awake.

All is peace and goodwill to all men in La Belle France...Congratulated a Gendarme on his pay rise..."Not us Mate, we are on military pay scales" oh well, nearly peace on earth.

The Veteran said...

And the fallout continues ... this time stemming from his decision to quit Syria (abandoning the Kurds and leaving the Russians to make all the running) with the resignation of Brett McGurk, the US envoy for the global coalition to defeat the Islamic State.

Trump makes foreign policy decisions on the fly. When Trump loyalists like Republican Senator Lindsay Graham blast his announcement calling it an 'Obama like decision' you can take it that all is not well in the 'tent'. Americas friends and allies too will be confused.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Interesting that those on this blog who hailed the Orange manchild as the new messiah are distancing themselves now, Just like Niggle Fromage....Donald Who?

Success has many friends but failure is an orphan.

RosscoWlg said...

Oh boy the wailing and knashing of teeth...end of the world stuff!!

So the US is pulling 2,000 service people out of Syria. As I understand it the vast bulk are airforce personnel. So for the footsloggers and grunts who occupy this blog the airforce are the things that fly around above the battle field dropping shit on you. Or in this case I suspect they sit in caravans and drones drop the things that go bang.

As I understand it the YKK fighting in Syria is a group from Northern Iraq.

Further Syria has been a Russian client for a good many years.

Thirdly Syria is a shithole full of rubble, run by a complete ........., complete the sentence yourself.

Fourthly as you military experts will know there is only so many times you can make the rubble bounce.... I believe the Israelis call it mowing the grass. Perhaps in 30-40 years when Russia has rebuilt the place we need to worry.

Is there any oil in Syria? Nope I doubt it.

Is Matthias part of the military-industrial complex that perpetrates these never ending wars.. probably.

Is Trump trying something different... yes!. Is it better than carrying on the same thing and expecting a diffent outcome...maybe>

Is the world ending coz 2000 airforce personnel are leaving Syria... nope, anything to see here... nope, shall we move on.......nope coz Eggie Hasbacon will want the last word.

Anonymous said...

What would the nutters have without Trump.
There'd be no caustic comments, no "We're all going to die"
He's got the publicity sussed when every-one apposed to him cant stop talking about him

Andrei said...

"Afghanistan the graveyard of empires"

So why are the USA there? What is the objective? What would victory look like?

Initially of course the reason for going there was to capture Osama bin Laden but he presumably escaped after the battle of Tora Bora (that was seventeen years ago now, can you believe that?)

We are told he was killed in Pakistan in 2011 (more than seven years ago now), So the original rational for being in Afghanistan has long since become irrelevant

We know why the USA is in Syria - that is to do with pipelines to Europe and containing Iran.

This is another looser - the USA is trillions of dollars in debt and a fading power but whether it will accept its limitiations gracefully of blow up the world in a fit of petulance remains to be seen

RosscoWlg said...

And here is the real story on Mattis

President Donald Trump said he gave Gen. Jim Mattis a “second chance” after he was fired by former President Barack Obama.

“When President Obama ingloriously fired Jim Mattis, I gave him a second chance. Some thought I shouldn’t, I thought I should,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Mattis was pushed out as the commander of Central Command in 2013 by the Obama administration due to his aggressive position against Iran.

Despite Trump’s widespread praise for Mattis, the famous general resigned on Thursday in protest of Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria. He is scheduled to leave in February.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Why is the US government so far in debt?


On his watch government debt increased from 9 trillion to 20 trillion.

For what was the money used? Largely kickbacks to Democrat-friendly businesses and NGOs by way of selected subsidies and grants. Most of these favoured businesses went broke e.g. Solyndra. None of it was spent on infrastructure and at the same time the military was allowed to decline. That's why Obama prematurely withdrew from Iraq. He needed the money to give to his mates, including Iran.

During the presidency of Donald Trump, thus far debt has increased by a further 2 trillion. The money has been spent on rebuilding the military and renewing infrastructure, among other things. Hardly the sign of a fading power.

There is nothing wrong with debt provided it is used responsibly.

BTW during Obama's watch, no Secretary of Defense lasted longer than two years. Not a murmur from what passes for media. How strange. The same people who vociferously wanted the troops home under Obama's watch complain loudly when president Trump brings them home.

David said...

Under Trump, debt to GDP ratio is 108%, the highest it has been since 1946.

Yes, Trump is MAGA by following his gut - who needs experts when he already knows everything?

David said...

By % terms, Obama's increase was the fifth largest, coming in behind Shrub, St Ronnie, Wilson and FDR.

Judge Holden said...

And Adolt continues to lie. Robert Gates. Now why don’t you piss off you ignorant shit for brains loser?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Your Black Arsed Jack Ass inherited a debt to gdp ratio of 67% in 2008. In 8 short years he took the ratio to 103%. I didn't hear you screaming blue murder at the time.

President Trump has held the increase in two years to just 105%. A increase of just two percentage points.

Now what other damn fool figures do you have up your sleeve?

Sludge you have again demonstrated why you were twice banned. You manage to give fuckwits a bad name.

By the way, Robert Gates served most of his time under pres GW Bush. He lasted only a few days more than two years under Obama before the stench drove him out.

David said...

Your Black Arsed Jack Ass inherited a debt to gdp ratio of 67% in 2008. In 8 short years he took the ratio to 103%. I didn't hear you screaming blue murder at the time.

Of course I didn't, it's only ignorant, racist fools who carry on like that.

Xmas time and the love flows out like endless rain into a paper cup.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, stick to selling losing lotto tickets.

You perversion of statistics is juvenile. Charlatans always quote percentages when they are coming off a very small base. Reality is that Obama's predecessors managed to keep the increases to an acceptable minimum. The quantum of the increases was unexceptional and unnoticed.

Obama got into office and ejaculated debt in all directions. He was addicted to debt. Why, he even blew away more money than did FDR ($209 billion) who had to finance a real war.

If you inflation adjust FDR's war time debt by an average of 5% the figure today would be $6.7 trillion dollars. So Obama borrowed three times the total cost of the Second World Fucking War.

What a hero!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Errrr no David. It's ignorant racist fools who try to disguise their partisan dementia by accusing other people of racism. Had he been a gross fat white prick (say Teddy Kennedy) I would have devised some suitable desciptor but there is none better than Black Arsed Jack Ass for you hero. He gets an 'A' pass on all four counts.

Oh I see you conveniently ignored any discussion on the possible virtue of his mammoth debt binge? Can you point to just one useful asset America acquired as a result of it?

And you just fuck off and leave my Christmas alone, you cheeky bloody atheist.

Judge Holden said...

And Adlolt just keeps lying and has now doubled down by throwing in a dose of racism. Gates was Defence Secretary for two and a half years under Obama, not “a few days more than two years”, but in lying , you at least admitted you lied. Also he had two other Defence Secretaries who served as long or longer than Mattis, so you really have no point, fuckwit. As for the deficit, Obama had to rescue the economy Bush trashed. Trump is growing the deficit at an alarming rate and has no excuse. Seen the Dow? All coming unstuck now isn’t it. Enjoy your day shit for brains.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

One of life’s never ending pleasures is the act of ‘taking a crap,’ as the Americans put it.

Every day, after a few minutes contemplation, I can stand up, turn around, push the button and watch Judge Holden slither down the drain.

Judge Holden said...

And having been totally owned, Adolt falls back on vulgarity in a feeble attempt to salvage some dignity. Sad.