Monday, December 17, 2018


A well worn legend of perception in media standards.

The naivety of a Prime Minister deliberately choosing to make a tearful scene from a very tragic and untimely demise of a foreign tourist who just happened to have a back story as an attractive , successful, graduate, on a gap year, about to embark on a career that would take her who knows where is shocking enough.

Apologising on behalf of  c4 500 000 people of these islands, a majority of who have little regard for the PM personally and how she rose to high office, was a step too far for too many, in fact  an affront and down right embarrassingly wrong.

We live in an age where moral values , personal behaviours and personal development of relationship activity towards others, regardless of gender,  occasionally sees outcomes that are abhorrent to almost every other person, however such incidents might occur with mind numbing regularity.
Some agree that Sir Apirana Ngata's prophetic words on the introduction of welfare in the 1930s by the first Labour government, of welfare's destructive potential. A morphed system now massively expanded with  a general decline in personal responsibility and self pride, is but a manifestation of what Ngata saw as a real danger for his people but  now a malaise that impacts on all of us in variable degrees.

The extremely sad ending of the tourists life was only one of what are rightly seen as brutal and gruesome killings of human beings currently involving the time and resources of the constabulary with an accompanying serious toll on their mental health and ability to continue the work nobody else wants to do. Yet there are a bunch of shallow thinking,  almost blind to reality folk who see no incongruity in the head of government with all the accompanying power to alter the lemming like plunge to disaster that current policy settings and ambitions around punishment, welfare, education, and socialist Utopian dreams might just be contributing to the climate of behaviour that leads to such tragedies in many ways.
Violent unstable relationships, video  games that feature killing and maiming that seem so aggressive to those off us who, sporting wooden guns played cowboys and indians then went home to  a stable often spartan homelife with zero intent to actually inflict hurt or harm on anyone.

Contrast offerings on TV of cage fighting,  kick boxing, mixed martial arts along with reports of King Hit deaths and beatings around gang activity and visible society has some questions to answer.
The black and white stills of Paulus surrender and even  the liberated camp photos didd not portray the absolute depravity and squallor that went before, while a blood spattered person getting the crap litterally kicked out off them is so graphic.

Politicians, media and the internet have all advanced a godless shallow value system around everyday activity where the value of human life has plummeted from what I recall was  apparent to us as children and callow youth, yet we spent our formative years in the aftermath of the bloodiest, mass slaughter man ever endured. Did that impact as a fact,  life having a higher value then.


Psycho Milt said...

Politicians, media and the internet have all advanced a godless shallow value system around everyday activity where the value of human life has plummeted from what I recall was apparent to us as children and callow youth...

1. NZ in the 1950s, far from the utopian life-valuing society you'd like to fondly remember it as, was a place where women could be raped and beaten with impunity by their husbands and homosexual men could be beaten or murdered for making it too obvious what they were. If turning our backs on those attitudes is godless and shallow, let's please have more godless and shallow.

2. The fact that the PM was on TV visibly distraught at this woman's murder while you've now done two posts effectively saying "Meh - so what?" also suggests that the "godless, shallow" modern attitude to human life is an improvement on the one you grew up with.

RosscoWlg said...

Labour Milt
So knowing the current statistics on violence and imprisonment in NZ and we project them back in time to the 1950's
- being NZ white women probably pretty damn good
- Being a Polynesian women or a kid) in Tonga and Samoa etc, Id guess 10x worse than now
- Being a Maori women (or child) Id say at a guess 20x worse than now
Why because these societies were behind us in the degree of civilisation.

So who dominates the statistics I mentioned above... work it out mate!

As for Utopia never heard that mentioned anywhere but I agree with grave digger is was a better time and it sure had a better education system.

As for Jacinda I am one of the silent majority who were simply revolted by her performance. I know you sing her praises. But I have difficulty reconciling her attitude (and blatant lying) for Stroebek against that murder!

I guess you are one of the lucky ones who has her personal cell....

Oh and by the way did you write those immortal lines that clanged into history " I apologise for being a man"



Adolf Fiinkensein said...


In those 1950s to which you refer, I was a child and teenager, brought up in a slightly remote and predominantly Maori community. Many of my mates' parent spoke little English. The only violence I saw (or saw evidence of was the Pakeha headmaster bashing up Maori kids who were misbehaving. There was much jumping of fences but, to my knowledge, no abortions. All the illegitimate babies were brought up, cared for and loved by their extended families. And for your information the influence of the Anglican and Catholic churches was strong.

So, I can tell you from experience, Maori women and children were a hell of a lot better off then because most of them had husbands and fathers around and those fathers all had jobs. At the freezing works, at the dairy factory and on the railway or running their family dairy farms. There was little, if any, welfare apart from the Family Benefit.

You should study those 1950s a little more closely. Who knows, you might learn something positive.

Psycho Milt said...

Rossco: people who lack critical thinking skills often make dubious claims of their personal opinion being shared by the majority - firstly because they struggle with the concept that reasonable people might hold a different opinion from themselves, and secondly because they're under the mistaken impression that being in the majority counts for something when it comes to opinion.

Psycho Milt said...

Adolf: your description of the period and mine are not incompatible, in fact both are reasonably accurate.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

"Apologising on behalf of c4 500 000 people of these islands, a majority of who have little regard for the PM personally and how she rose to high office, was a step too far for too many, in fact an affront and down right embarrassingly wrong."

Don't you dare presume to speak for me. From where I'm sitting it was appreciated by the family and helped ease the pain.

My old mate Wiggo has weighed into the fray by being "revolted" and being the silent majority...since when have middle aged men who vote National been in the majority. Given your short and inglorious history of being caught out making stuff up I would rephrase some of your comments.

Have you eve stopped to consider the only ones making political capital out of this tragedy are you two bottom feeders.

RosscoWlg said...

Leftie Milt and Nobacon..
The double headers on double standards.

"I have Jacinda's cell number Leftie Milt" puts up his strawman about the 50's as fact and then conveniently ignores the violence facts contained in my post... and attacks my opinion... OK so be it, its a free speech world.... haha gotcha again... not in your world its not.

So Milti remind me whos doing all the violence against women....yep, right its not the white people...say it after me "its not the white males", statistical fact, not a virtue signal

I really think the Paris riots, no I mean French unrest has thrown Baron Bacon Egbut (has a better rhyme and rhythm don't ya think), the only person making poll capital is that revolting PM we have..

Eggie you have to speak louder I cant quite catch what you are saying about Sroubek and the PM... bottom feeders you say ?? Check with Milt he probably has Ritchies cell phone number too

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Wiggo....It's not your attempt at world weary cynicism or light hearted ridicule that you employ which bothers me, it's your ongoing destruction of the English language and endless insinuation based on nothing but your fevered imagination.

As for Milt attacking your opinions I have rarely seen opinions more worth attacking.

Psycho Milt said...

You didn't have any "violence facts" in your comment, just an implication that violence against women is something only Polynesians engage in, which you've then stated explicitly in your follow-up comment. I ignored that claim because it's so obviously wrong it hardly needs me to point it out.

RosscoWlg said...

Clearly statistics, maths, finance or economics didn't feature highly in either Bacon's or Milt's education, 1st class honours in masters of virtue signalling I suspect.

Firstly violence statistics are commonly available in NZ so a simple lookup will tell you both who is doing the violence to women (and men) and as a percentage of the relative population groups. Prove otherwise....

Secondly after the bucket brigade had washed away the crocodile tears what we are left with.... that's right
1. a repeat offender
2. Multiple convictions with low or little time

Remember it was you socialist chaps who abolished 3 strikes and you are out..

What do you think he will get 15 years, 18 years, 5 years off because his parents forced him to eat porridge for breakfast.?

Is caring Jacinda going to change the penalty for murder in the first degree nope.

All show for the international media!.

Bet in France they lock them up for 30 years, 35 years eh Eggy ?

David said...

All those darkies committing murders, eh Wig?

Darkies like:

Raymond Lloyd Cullen
Antonie Ronnie DIXON
David Malcolm GRAY
Liam James REID
Clayton Robert WEATHERSTON
Daniel LUFF

Not like any whitefella would commit murder, is it?

RosscoWlg said...

Thanks for that list of NZ arseholes.

The point I am trying to make which seems beyond the Socialist mentality to deal with maths is:
The current proportion of Maori in the NZ population is 15%. They are currently 50% of the incarcerated population, Pacific Island 11% and European 31%.
38% of the NZ prison population is in for violence!

In 1952 the following was the position
Murders, 2
Attempt Murder, 0
Manslaughter 2
Sexual Offences 198

Get your own numbers for 2018.

Tends to support Adolf's position that NZ was a kinder gentler place in the 1950's

Anonymous said... have stop doing this. Comparing 1950's anything with 2018 anything is an exercise in futility and no conclusions can be drawn most assaults and violent against persons were unreported and it was not "manly" to go running off to the police. This attitude was mainly down to the military influence due to WW2 veterans in the workforce.

Reported crime and jail time are two different things. In 1950 we had half the population and almost all one on one crimes went unsolved particularly domestic violence that was rarely reported anyway. Due to DNA, CCTV and better trained detectives/police jail time has increased tenfold.

Was 1950's NZ a gentler place?...depends whether your informative years were in Sydenham or Fendalton. I can assure you that in the early sixties knuckle dusters and lead saps were regularly carried around CHC's many billiard halls.

Crime is generally measured by the number of offences being reported to police per 100,000 people. However many crimes go unreported, especially sexual crimes, and do not appear in official statistics. Crime rates in New Zealand rose for much of the 20th century but began to decline during the 1990s. In the 2014 calendar year, just over 350,000 crimes were reported to police for a national population of 4.51 million, giving a national rate of 777 crimes per 10,000 population.

In 1952 the national rate was 420 crimes per 10,000....half the population....geddit.

Anonymous said... my deliberate mistake.

Psycho Milt said...

So, if we boil down the incoherence to uncover your attempts at arguments, they are:

Argument 1:
Polynesian men have a higher rate of domestic violence than Pākeha men.

Therefore... I'm not sure what the conclusion you're arguing for here. Therefore women needn't fear violence from White men? I hope not, because that would be a non-sequitur.

Argument 2:
The reported crime rate was lower in the 1950s than it is now.

Therefore the more conservative attitudes of the 1950s were superior to the more liberal ones of today. This one at least isn't a non sequitur, but it's also not compelling. For one thing, there's the problem with it being about "reported" crime, and for another it's correlation but not necessarily causation.