Tuesday, December 4, 2018


I have just finished watching the arrival of President George HW Bush's casket at Andrews AFB just outside Washington in preparation for his 'lying in state' at the Capitol.

When the casket was removed from Airforce 1 the Band played 'Hail to the Chief' followed by the 'British National Anthem' as it was escorted to the hearse.

A virtual chocolate fish to the first reader to supply the correct answer.


alwyn said...

I imagine that they were playing what an American would recognise as "My country 'Tis of thee". I believe it was the US National Anthem before the Star Spangled Banner was adopted.
They have the same tune.

The Veteran said...

Alwyn ... clearly you're not just a pretty face.

alwyn said...

It is a pity that George didn't have a connection with Maryland.
Then they could perhaps have played the state song of that State.
Good lefties would have recognized it of course as being the Socialist Anthem "The Red Flag". Same tune again.

The Veteran said...

Alwyn ... 'O Tannenbaum' strikes again.

David said...
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The Veteran said...

David ... threadjacking again to unleash a tirade of vindictive against the dead President and you've paid the price ... I contrast that to the warm tributes paid the late President from across the US political spectrum. I was particularly moved by thew letter of support he left in the Oval office for the incoming President Clinton on the day of his (Clinton's) inauguration.

No style David, no style and, as I said, you've paid the price.

Voyager said...

Wonder what David did? Probably spoke out against the hagiography of Bush, which wouldn't go down well with the "ne'er speak ill of the dead" bunch.

O Tannenbaum?

Isn't that

"The working class
can kiss my arse
I've got the foreman's
job at last"?

Funeral song for Bush.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David and Voyager remind me in some ways of Goebbels and Hess. Goebbels had a few brains but was totally misguided while Hess was just a dil along for the ride.

All four adhered or adhere to flawed ideologies.

The Veteran said...

Voyager ... coming close to David. GHW Bush never paraded himself as a Saint and he certainly admitted to mistakes. The New Yorker, which is no great friend of the Republican Party, has this to say about him ... "Today there is a consensus across much of the political spectrum that George H. W. Bush was a President of some consequence, a man of conscience and reason, a steady hand at a time of geopolitical instability".

David was binned for threadjacking and not having the common courtesy to hold back on his diatribe of hate ... at least until the Bush was buried. He's all class NOT and it clearly goes with his territory.

Anonymous said...

Oh no......woke up to late to win the chocolate fish. However if there is smaller choccy fish for second prize I might add the other British connection. The Star Spangled Banner was composed by a Gloucester lad, the Church Organist at Gloucester Cathedral John Smith.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well spotted, Legbut.

George said...

He could fly and fly fish.
Can't get any better than that