Friday, December 7, 2018

How Time Flies

Adolf has been spending a few minutes deleting post labels which have been used no more than once.

It's quite a laborious process but not so when I have the complete waltzes by Chopin flowing though my headphones.  You have to click on the subject, edit the post, and delete the label.  In doing so I came across the label 'Marital Bliss.'

Had a bit of a chuckle, so here it is, nine years later.  BTW, that excellent Vietnamese joint run by Koreans is in Glenfield Rd, not far from the Holden dealership.

The other night Adolf took The Cook out for dinner. It was her wedding anniversary, you see. We went to that nice little el cheapo Vietnamese place (run by Koreans) just down the road.

The Cook invited the oldest offspring and the father of her children, along with said children and Adolf decided at the last minute to go across the road and get some better quality wine than that available at the eatery. He carefully selected three bottles - chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and cabernet sauvignon- of significantly higher than usual price and marched up to the check out.

"Would you mind removing the price tags from the bottles? It's my wife's wedding anniversary and if she sees those she'll divorce me."

"Oh thats nice. How many years?

"Thirty seven."

The bloke waiting behind me chipped in. "Jees! Do you still have to get her drunk?"


RosscoWlg said...

Haha very good Adolf .. I'm only up to 34!!

But going cheap and cheerful on the wedding anniversary wont cut it with my wife.

All the best for the next 34 !

Im having my summer holidays in Torbay so that crap weather in Auckland better improve quick!!!

Cheers Rossco

RosscoWlg said...

By the way tried Piatti Italian Restaurant in Waiake last Friday night as up for my Mum's 94th birthday.
Great food as run by a Scilian.... just a little hint of danger thrown in for free
Good prices
And whats better after dinner you can pop down to Waiake Beach for a romantic stroll along the beach with the better half... extra bonus points!!!