Saturday, December 1, 2018


Leading the TV news tonight an item pushing the line that foodbanks throughout the country were facing unprecedented demand in the lead up to Xmas increasing 44% over this time last year.

How can this possibly be with the CoL in government I ask.

Only two possible answers ... (1) either the CoL ain't 'working' or (2) when you give away free stuff the demand will increase in line with the amount of free stuff on offer.

Not denigrating the good people who run foodbanks and I understand why they operate a 'no questions asked' policy.    The problem is that there are those who will attempt to 'game' the system as per (2) but noting always (1).   


Snowflake said...

There are of course more possible explanations, which for some reason you are unwilling to confront. The most likely is that 9 years of policy making by the likes of Bennett, English, Brudges, Brownlee, McCully et al have wrought a horrible legacy which will take time of rectify. But go ahead, blame the poor. It’s the easy way out and if I were you I wouldn’t want to look in the mirror either.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


But but but but Shane Jones has got jobs for you and all the other mendicand ne'erdowell buggers who don't actually want to work.

What are you babbling about?

I expect tomorrow you'll be complaining about the quality of this year's food parcels.

The Veteran said...

Snowflake ... your mob have shoveled dollars against the meme of relieving
'p o v e r d y'. Unemployment is at unprecedented low levels yet the demand for good parcels is increasing. Something just doesn't add up and, while I understand the discomfort that my (1) and (2) may cause you, the reality is that blaming the other lot for the increase that is happening 'your' watch doesn't wash.

pdm said...

We had a visit during the week from an acquaintance who is known to be in a comfortable financial position - trips overseas to her Eastern European bloc homeland every two years confirm this. We were astounded when she told us that she regularly calls in for food parcels from the Hastings equivalent of a food bank.

I drive past this place most Friday afternoons at about 4.45pm and the quality of the cars they get out of or in to and the dress of the customers confirms what many are saying - give something for nothing and they (the bludgers) will come from near and far.

Snowflake said...

Yeah see pdm, anecdotal evidence isn’t evidence. It conveniently plays into your narrative though doesn’t it? I suspect a bit of projection is going on, but most people don’t behave the way you do.

Vet, yep, unemployment is really low, no thanks to the vicious attempts by you and others to talk the economy down. Remember how you were suggesting petrol prices and the exchange rate were precursors of disaster? What happened there btw?

As I said, and I note you failed to address my point, the most likely explanation is that 9 years of policies designed to enrich the already wealthy (like doing nothing to address housing costs) and suppress wages (like importing cheap labour units in vast numbers) have had an impact on poverty levels. The current government has had a year. I know they’re good, but I’m surprised you think they’re that good.

pdm said...

Snowflake my first para is 100% fact.

My second para is fact based on my observations. Given that the Hastings outlet is adjacent to a set of traffic lights which usually take 2 phases to get through I am comfortable that my observations are also factual.

Pray tell me the way you see me as behaving based on your first sentence. I can't wait.

Snowflake said...

Based on your observations? Take some photos of people in Gucci loafers getting out of their Beamers and heading into said foodbank then. What are you, some sort of anthropologist now?

What I’m saying is you seem to think that just because you would take something not meant for you because it’s there that evertone’s like that, but they’re not. It’s just pathological right-wing nutbars.

pdm said...

Snowflake accuse me of stealing again and you will be banned.

I have left your comment this time so others can see where you have libeled me.

As far as your first sentence is concerned read both of my contributions again - slowly - then you might comprehend.

David said...

How thin skinned some people can be ... nothing like the self righteous to project. Keep going snowflake, you're a ray of sunshine

David said...

My second para is fact based on my observations.

And your "observations" may well be flawed. Are the people in the Beamers taking or delivering? You don't know.

If they are taking then it simply proves what we have known all along - rich pricks will take any chance they can to fuck over the poor.

Anonymous said...

There does not seem to be a vetting process in NZ as there is in UK. Health workers, schools, religious institution's etc issue vouchers to those identified as needy.

Perhaps NZ is relying on human nature in that anyone who is somebody would not be caught dead in a food bank.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... thank you for that link. The Russell Trust seems to have taken this to a whole new level. Perhaps NZL could learn from them.

I know that in NZL foodbanks see vetting as a negative. Just how you turn that into a positive is the tricky bit. I can see a huge reaction from the 'do gooders' clan labeling vetting as stigmatizing.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Veteran and Legbut

In the 1970s Perth Jaycees used to operate what was called 'The Lord Mayor's Christmas Appeal.'

From memory this was, as Legbut described, a system whereby businesses were asked for donations of food and goodies for Christmas and we in Jaycees were given the addresses for delivery of parcels the week before. So, somebody had 'vetted' the recipients and all the goodies went to the right people with no double dipping.

As far as I'm aware, Jaycees no longer exists in Australia.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Further to last

A search for 'Perth Lord Mayor's Christmas Appeal' brings up the news that the current Lord Mayor of Perth is appealing a recent conviction for fraud.

Times do seem to have changed in the Jewel of the West.

David said...

Not sure whaT THE ISSUE at hand is here.

Are the Righteousd Right mad that the caring left establish food banks and then the rapacious capitalists try to grab everything for themselves?

Rather than crtiticising the caring Left, direct your anger at the already wealthy who take but never give.

David said...

Adolf, Jaycees still exist, but they have dropped the capitalist moniker "Commerce" and relabelled themselves Internationalists and are focused obn building communities, giving back, and doing good around the world. You just wouldn't fit in.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

" Internationalists and are focused obn building communities, giving back, and doing good around the world. "

A euphemism for 'taken over and ruined by the left.

In my day the organisation's prime focus was on training it's members to be leaders.

I notice you link particularly excludes South and Western Australia.