Saturday, December 1, 2018


or does it just come naturally?     Sure, he's got the best job in cabinet ... giving away 'our' money and never mind that along the way some of that dosh has been/is being mismanaged to the point that out in the real world heads would have rolled as people were held to account.

The pomposity goes with the territory of an inherently lazy politician wedded to endless self promotion as a substitute for doing the hard yards.   It's not rocket science that Jones will stand for NZ First in the Northland seat (after having failed to win Whangarei in 2017 and every other seat he has ever stood in) but one would have thought that in doing so he would have at least bothered to establish an OOP electorate office in Northland ... but no, too much like hard work for a someone with a penchant for partying over hard work.    Much easier to fling the dosh around with gay abandon in order to try and 'buy' the seat with our money.

But it has all come crashing down ... the billion trees initiative (except its not a billion trees) designed to get 'his' whanau off the couch and off the dole has stalled because 'his' whanau won't play ball.   Instead Jones is going to have to import 'Melanesian' workers under the Pacific Islands Work Scheme to do the planting.   So, a double hit ... the Jones whanau remain on the dole and we pay imported labour to do the job that the Jones whanau won't.

Shane Jones is so far up himself he has shut his ears to the derision his name inspires in Northland.


pdm said...

At least the Pacific Island workers will get stuck in and get the job done. I watch the Samoans, Fijians, Tongans, Vanuatans and others in the orchards in Hawkes Bay with awe at times. They don't know when to stop.

Meanwhile Jonesy's nephews continue to slouch on the couch - probably smoking dope.

pdm said...

Hey Vet - just saw this in an email from Beth Houlbrooke - ACT.

`Shane Jones must have the best job in parliament, touring the country giving handouts. Everyone wants to entertain him for a splash of the cash stash.

He’s on a bender with your money, effectively returning us to the days of agricultural subsidies, and acting as the bank of mum and dad taxpayer.

“By not purchasing their products and services, New Zealanders have said they don’t wish to support these firms. But the Government has taken taxpayer money and doled out corporate welfare anyway.”

Reinforces what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

Where would you like our tax dollars to go, to the 1%.? This way the tax money remains in the system instead of in the canines islands or other tax havens.

pdm said...

anon - by canines island do you mean Dog Island in London?

Not much by way of tax havens there as far as I am aware.

BTW - all Vet and I want is to see taxpayers money spent sensibly not squandered on stupid unworkable projects.

Anonymous said... mean the Isle of Dogs. Where the movie "Full metal Jacket" was shot.

Lord Egbut

pdm said...

Thanks Egbut - same place.