Saturday, December 8, 2018

Cops And Robbers - Oh Yes. And Lawyers

Alert readers will have been reading of the nefarious goings on within the police force and legal fraternity of the Australian state of Victoria.

Back is the day, it was the police force of New South Wales which was known for it's rampant corruption.  A senior secretary for the Sydney head office of a well known multi-national company resigned to pursue a career as a brothel madame.  She was reported to have told friends the business model was very simple.  Total revenue was split three ways.  She kept one third, the girls received one third while the remaining third went to either the mafia or the NSW Police.

Today's NSW police force is like a platoon of the Salvation Army compared with its compatriots in Victoria. 

In recent weeks Victorian police have admitted running a policy of not arresting Somalian and Sudanese thugs engaged in a massive spree of violent crime in various Melbourne suburbs.  The complicit media describe these fellow as 'Australians of African appearance' or 'African Australians.'  A leader of the Somalian community deplored the labeling of these gangs (fifty or sixty in one mob) as gangs.  "They are nothing more than young chaps who happen to know each other."

Orwell would have been proud of them.

However the latest revelation is what in these parts is called a booby dazzler.   It turns out the police have been using as an informer a lawyer whose major clientele includes many of Victoria's most violent and senior members of organised crime gangs.  The coppers have spent nearly five million dollars over the last three years to keep this little gem secret while the lady lawyer ratted on her clients.

It's a sad day when even bad bastards can't tell anything to their lawyers.

So far, Adolf has seen no comment from the Victorian Law Society.

One wonders are they, like Sydney brothel owners, affiliated with either the Mafia or the Police?

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David said...

Seems Victoria has a problem with white crims

Serious assault
Alleged offender's country of birth
2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Australia 1,699 1,576 1,462
New Zealand 87 75 91
Sudan 29 50 45
Kenya 4 10 15

It was wonderful to see brave Victorians risk their lives at the hands of "African gangs" while they turned out to vote and hand a record drubbing to the party of fear!