Sunday, December 16, 2018


Yesterday was Xmas Cheer at the Waitangi Golf Club.   I was teamed up with an American who divides his time seven months in the US and the remainder here in Paihia.   

As we ambled our way around the course we chatted about this and that.   He 'enthralled' us with this snippet of information ... at the Iowa State Fair the signature food is deep fried butter ... I kid you not ... looked it up.   'Invented'  by a guy named Abel Gonzales Jnr aka 'Fried Jesus' of Dallas Texas and made its debut at the Texas State Fair in 2009.   Prepared using battered frozen butter it was awarded the 'Most Creative Food' prize at the Fair.   Since then it has apparently taken orf.

Yeh Gods ... can't imagine anything more revolting.   Surpasses deep fried Mars Bars going away.
How do you market it? ... 'pure cholestrol and nothing but cholestrol' ... only in the Good Ole US of A ... until it reaches here. 


David said...

I have seen Americans deep fry coca cola so this is no surprise

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

I suppose if you can bake ice cream you can deepfry butter. I expect it is the high cream unsalted butter like wot comes from to try it.

The world of cooking just gets weirder.....Heston Blumental, he of the snail porridge fame now adds pebbles from Provence to some of his dishes. Dinner for two spread over four hours....a whopping NZ$1000.