Sunday, September 30, 2018


In a previous life and I am going back almost the same time span that the incredible accusations against Judge Bret Kavanaugh have been passing into history leaving a zero trail of any evidence  of malfeasance, my late FiL expressed his decision to never act as a baby sitter ever again.

 That was during the shit storm,  still unresolved in the minds of a worrying number, now referred to as "The Civic Creche' prosecution that left a young man Peter Ellis,  victim of several strains of social engineered societal breakdown.
Ellis was different and a perceived failure to conform to his gender and social norms expected of males, was a serious impediment to any luck when the law ran amok.

Ellis was a child carer at a Christchurch central city creche and along with a group of somewhat different women was accused of sex crimes supposedly perpetrated on very young children whose very dodgy testimony extracted by psych methods that stretched credibility to breaking point culminated in a position where it was taken into court.  Ellis was convicted of numerous charges and sentenced to ten years in prison. His female co-accused were all discharged during the trial that still stands as a stark reminder that a pendulum had swung in a wild lurch.
Alleged victims now are delivered a path that can turn seemingly flimsy evidence based allegations into a   conviction.
Read Lynley Hood's  book "A  City Possessed"

Before you all jump to the usual conclusions about my seriously held opinions I have never been a party to anything approaching criminality around intimate relations at any level.
In short I am a very boring and in modern parlance inexperienced in such matters.
56 years of total exclusive commitment to the love of my life, I have zero doubt as to Kavanaugh's claims in defence to the quite outrageous allegations of youthful indiscretions while I could also name several "Town bikes" who were reputed to be very free with intimate favours along with another list of Lotharios who were quick to claim serial conquests.

I have no wish to excuse Cosby, Weinstein, Harris, or indeed any of those who have no wish to exercise a degree of behavioral restraint that might interfere with pursuit of personal gratification, but I find it nauseous that such flimsy claims  may derail the path to SCOTUS for Kavanaugh.

I understand in the closing decades of the last century the system did impede far too many opportunities for redress, particularly for female complainants ranging from kiddy fiddling to serious rapes, but to base an opinion on whether Kavanaugh should become an associate justice on the Federal Supreme court on the evidence so far reported is arrant nonsense.

How would anyone defend such vague accusations from nearly 4 decades ago.
Statements such as "I found her a very credible person" based on her evidence to the Senate Judicial Committee hearings,  similarly claims that Kavanaugh was over the top in his emotional response  are equally suspect.

Some humans are very good actors, some are bloody pathetic, credibility is inherent yet this whole charade in Washington revolves around such behavioral traits. The lack of any evidence to support the accusations of Blazey Ford, when added to a mounting pile of bovine excrement that backgrounds Ford and her group of social and family support  has all the hallmarks of a kangaroo court.
Of course the political ramifications around consequences of Kavanaugh replacing Justice Kennedy  are serious and potentially socially changing, while dear old 85 year old Justice Ginzburg is on record as saying she will never retire to allow Trump to nominate her replacement, sees a real threat to the liberal left leaning court that increasingly appears to "make" law as opposed to interpreting laws passed by politicians, with regard to the constitution  as a primary focus.
Ginzburg raises a spectre of the old dribblers in the Politburo where use by dates were ignored.

Kavanaugh is not the first candidate as an associate justice to face such scrutiny, many fine candidates have either given up the fight or been derailed by a very partisan political process that seems in the Trump era to have been elevated to nuclear attack levels. That Candidate Kavanaugh has been promoted several times in the US system, each time open to serious scrutiny from the process without any hint of objection or even the flimsiest accusations that now seem to have  surfaced because SCOTUS is under threat in the eyes of some political leaders.
Leaders who themselves might be destroyed if their lives were scrutinised to a similar level, is fascinating yet at the same time really scary.
An effective defence is almost impossible unless not being anywhere near enough is avaiable. Poor old Bret was at College setting up his stella career in the law, so not much hope of any relief from that.


The Royal New Zealand Herald has reported here that delegates to the NZ First Party Conference in Tauranga voted to have the Government buy back Kiwibank.

We must therefore assume that most delegates at the meeting were aliens from outer space.   Kiwibank is owned jointly by NZ Post, the NZ Superannuation Fund and the ACC.   Those three entities are 100% government owned.

So, NZ First is proposing the Government borrows money from overseas to buy something the Government already owns.    I do aliens an injustice ... clearly the delegates have been sourced from the Mad Haters Tea Party.   Figures.

Ho Ho Ho

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a certain 'connect' between the 'thuggery' indulged in by the now ex Minister Meka Whaitiri and these statistics ...

46% of total children with Physical Abuse findings are Māori.

53% of total children with Neglect findings are Māori.

61% of total children in care are Māori.

Māori children have higher rates of hospitalisation due to assault, neglect, and maltreatment than other children.

16 of the 37 children who died from abuse and neglect between 2009 and 2012 were Māori.   You will remember the appalling case of Kris and Kru Kahui where the family closed ranks to protect the perpetrator of that crime ... much the same as Labour's Maori caucus closed ranks behind Whaitiri. 

Māori children are 6 times more likely to die from child abuse or neglect than other children.

Remembering always that Māori make up just 15% of our population.

Until Māori recognise that putting the 'bash' in is not OK these these statistics won't change and certainly Ms Whaitiri is no great role model for that.

Saturday, September 29, 2018


About the advice from the compilers of the World Electoral Freedom Index (WEFI) that the 'Waka Jumping' Bill passed into law on Thursday will almost certainly see New Zealand dropped further down the index from its now 39th position (one below Australia).

This from 'their' spokesperson ... "Any new rule which objectively increases the power held by the political party apparatus would most likely weaken the MPs' individual standings as representatives of his or her constituents.  This ... will is seen as a regression by WEFI standards and will certainly reflect on the country's performance in upcoming editions."

Well, we should be.   Thursday was a black day for Parliament.   I don't blame NZ First ... they needed the legislation.    I do however condemn the Greens in the strongest possible terms ... they prostituted their principles (so called) in their support for the legislation.    Clearly they have no principles that can't be bought.   Sad, very sad.


The rather gushing media reports on the impact the Prime Minister made on delegates when she delivered her speech to the UN General Assembly ..... to this picture.   FFS ... it appears very few delegates even bothered to turn up ... sigh.

Friday, September 28, 2018

An Earthy Turn of Phrase

There should be a special place reserved in Heaven for those rare people who can express, in a few words, what thousands already are thinking.

Today Adolf stumbled upon this gem from an article discussing the possibility of a Senate enquiry into the shenanigans at Their ABC.

I give you The Australian's columnist, Jack The Insider.

"The Senate, collectively, could not find their own arses with a sextant and a well-thumbed copy of Gray’s Anatomy."

The Battle of The Bilge

The Dopey Democrats, that is.

Image result for kavanaugh

It appears now that Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be installed as a judge of the SCOTUS.

The Democratic party has expended a very large proportion of it's already dwindling political capital on a campaign to denigrate the nominee and frustrate his appointment.  Readers do not need me to remind them of the sordid details of industrial scale fraud and lies employed.

But all to no avail.  One is left to wonder whether for the Democrats it was all worth it.  I'm of the view they have blundered badly.  In an all out, anything goes (and it did) campaign to knock over Judge Kavanaugh they seem not to have considered the possibility they might fail.  (You'd think they's have learned after 2016)

All the treasure spent but no tactical victory.  Now consider the strategic scenario. 

As a result of their appalling behaviour, they have incensed and aroused millions of Republican and Independent voters who normally would have stayed home for the mid term elections.  Now, as a result of the Democrats stupidity, these people will all make sure to vote in November. 

They thought their farrago of lies and deceit would cause women voters to turn away from the Republicans but accounts now are emerging of widespread anger among America's wives, mothers and daughters at the prospect of their respective husbands, sons and fathers being treated by the Democrats in the same way they treated Brett Kavanaugh.

It will not surprise me one little bit if, in November, the Republicans retain both the House and the Senate with increases to their majorities in both houses.

Then the Democrats can sit back and watch the next few SCOTUS appointments and wonder where they went wrong.


My old friend John Stringer has written in Kiwiblog here of the schism facing the Anglican Church in New Zealand.    It got me thinking ... 'what is God's truth'.

Always wondered about that having a father who was staunch Anglican (confirmed by the Archbishop of Canterbury no less) and a mother who was an equally staunch Baptist.    I was brought up theologically confused.

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that God's table is a smorgasbord of theological truths with some in conflict with others and some more important that others.    People are free to pick and choose from that smorgasbord and do so based on what is important to them.

We live in an ever changing world were nothing is immutable except birth, death and taxes. 

Atheists of course have it easy ... nothing to worry about ... except if they discover too late they were wrong.   For myself and I've always had a soft spot for the Salvation Army ... matching their mouths with muscle.


I will happily admit to only a passing interest in 'League'.   For me its relationship to Rugby is akin to that between Cricket and Softball.    Both Rugby and Cricket are there for the purist.    For League and Softball you don't need the same amount of technical skills.

Nevertheless I can acknowledge that League is the game enjoyed by many thousands of New Zealanders and in that game Simon Mannering stands head and shoulders above those of all other players.  Captain of the Kiwis and 301 games for the Warriors.  

Many players in League are over hyped ... Shaun 'Magic' Johnson ... piffle.   Mannering never courted that.   He let his on-field performance speak for him.   He gave it his all every game and he never gave up especially when all those around him had dropped their heads and their bundles.

Simon Mannering has earned the accolade of one of our great sportsmen.   I wish him well in his retirement.   I hope the Government chooses to recognise his contribution to NZ Sport in the 2019 New Years Honours List.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018


The explosive allegation by National's Chris Bishop in Parliament yesterday that the Deputy Prime Minister in the Labour led ooooops Coalition government phoned Deputy Commissioner (for the time being) Wally Haumana to assure him that he was safe in his job would, if proven, be sufficient to force Peters to resign.

There is no doubt that Peters and Haumana have form.   Peters has now changed his story that he was invited by the then National led government to speak at a function organised to celebrate Haumana's appointment as Assistant Commissioner to ....  'I can't remember who invited me'.    No matter that Haumana was an aspiring NZ First candidate for the Rotorua seat; no matter that Fletcher Taubeteau, Deputy Leader of NZ First, refers to Haumana as family; no matter that close Peters confidante Tommy Gear, Taubeteau's uncle, is a trustee of the Ngāti Ngāraranui Hapu Trust along with Haumaha.

Bishop also claimed that Haumana was not the preferred candidate of the two names submitted to the Minister of Police for his recommendation to the Prime Minister.

It does seem that Bishop has strong sources from within the NZ Police; sources that recognize Haumana's appointment was inappropriate at best and subject to political pressure at worst.    Bishop needs to front with the proof ... not sure we will see it today ... better to drag it out and inflict death by a thousand cuts.    Peters gone and the Labour led ooooops Coalition government is goneburger too.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Some Similarities (Updated and Bumped)

When Donald Trump won the US presidential election Adolf took the view that while far from perfect he was superior to Hillary Clinton in every respect by a multiple of at least one hundred. (BTW, that's the correct use of the word 'multiple.'  It is NOT a synonym for 'many.')

Now Australia has been relieved of it's white silver-tailed version of the inept Obama, Malcolm Turnbull.  In his place, the Liberal Party has elected as its leader and Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.  Morrison has been accurately described by those who know more about politics than I do as 'of the centre right' and some have asserted he was Turnbull's choice.

Image result for scott morrison

As has been my habit for a long time, I take little note of commentators or of what leaders say from time to time and, instead, try to focus on what they do.  In this regard, Morrison has some spectacular similarities with president Trump who hit the ground running and left commentators standing around agape.   Readers do not need me to repeat the list of which the best is the destruction of Obama's poodle 'economists' who sang in unison '2.0% GDP is the new normal.'

Morrison has been in the chair for just one month and one day and his record of action over a short time is impressive.

  • Resolved Turnbull's long standing vote losing war with Catholic schools.
  • Legislated a fifteen year jail sentence for those found guilty of contaminating food supplies.
  • Initiated a Royal Commission into age care.

One of the most telling lines comes from columnist Jenifer Oriel:-

"Against Turnbull, Shorten looked street smart. Against Morrison, he looks tired."

All of the above caused Adolf to remark the other day "Morrison has the political instincts and drive of which Turnbull could only dream while he dithered."


A few minutes ago Morrison launched a government enquiry into the actions of the ABC chairman who ordered the CEO to fire a particular senior journalist 'because she was sending Malcolm ballistic' and when she refused his illegal order, had her fired instead.  Silly man.  She's an experienced corporate lawyer who will do him and the ABC for very penny she can get.


Yesterday in Parliament the Speaker accepted a motion by the Opposition to hold an urgent debate on the firing of Labour Party (oooops, Sorry Winston) coalition government Minister Meka Whaitiri following allegations she assaulted her Press Secretary.

It was a sad day for Maoridom to see in that debate member after member of Labour's Maori caucus, led by the Deputy Labour Party Leader, Minister Kelvin Davis and Labour Minister Willie Jackson, pledge their undying support for Whaitiri ... nary a word about the victim, zip, zero, nothing; it was all about Whaitiri and her mana.

This is Tikanga gone bollicks but it may help to explain why violence appears to be tolerated in Maoridom ... clearly it is to be excused as a cultural imperative.



It is not my habit to post an entire article from another blog but I'm making an exception with this one from Kiwiblog which lays out in stark detail the mendacity of the Prime Minister in the omni-shambles surrounding the (now) non-appointment of Derek Handley as Chief technology Officer.    I commend it to you.

The debacle has already cost YOU the taxpayer $100k (plus an unknown amount to cover expenses) paid to Handley over and above the cost of the (non) appointment process.  But, in addition to that it has cost the Labour led (whooops, sorry Winston) Coalition Government dearly. 

It seems the best defense Ardern can offer is to parade baby Neve and have the glitterati gush over her and her in the hope the problem will go away ... some hope.    She needs more than that ... her problem can best be summed by by the newspaper editorial which said "There can be no doubt the Derek Handley saga is a train wreck that is now threatening to derail confidence in the Government".

And it's all 'her' own work aided and abetted by her mate Clare Curran.   Fairy Stardust indeed.   

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


I note tonight state TV has elevated the Silly Little Girl to Head of State.
Silly old me thought she was the head of the Labour led Government, appointed by Mr Seven Percent who is chagrined that some dont recognise the Pensioner from St Marys Bay as one of the hogs in the homestead at Manor Farm.

Morons cant even differentiate between Head of State and Head of Government.
Wonder what Dame Patsy and Liz will think of that.


I guess I could comment on the Prime Minister's penchant for tripping the world stage to be fawned over as some sort of miracle Mum in preference to fronting up to parliament (when not taking a 'sickie') and being grilled on the shenanigans surrounding the Clare Curran resignation ... but I won't.

I guess I could comment on the Labour led (oooops, apologies to Winston) Coalition Government's mendacity in refusing to accept the Remuneration Authorities determination on MP's salaries and then deciding, by fiat, that Ministers should be able to take their domestic servants with them on official o'seas trips (traveling business class of course) to be paid for by the taxpayer ... but I won't.

Instead I want to comment on the Labour led (oooops, apologies to Winston) Coalition Government's recently introduced legislation to 'entrench' the Maori seats.   Legislation going nowhere because there is no way the Labour led (oooops, apologies to Winston) Coalition Government can cobble together the 75% majority required to pass the legislation into law.  

Let's first reflect on the fact the legislation only made it into the House with the support of NZ First ... a Party committed to the abolishing the Maori seats.    Strange? ... it gets more bizarre.   Peter's sez they did that in order to allow NZ First to introduce an amendment during the Committee stages of the Bill providing for a binding referendum on whether or not to retain the seats.    Now it now gets even more bizarre.   I suspect National will, in all likelihood, support that amendment (in the spirit of creating happy mischief ... thank you DPF) which will then pass.    Labour and the Greens can't let that happen so they will pull the Bill.    Hours of parliamentary time wasted and all in aid of a little virtual signalling.  

And that folks defines 'our' Labour led (oooops, apologies to Winston) Coalition Government.

Monday, September 24, 2018


To observe the 'intellectual' gymnastics by those who continue to give their personal support to the now proven liar who occupies the Vice-Chancellor's Chair at Massey University.

It is admitted that Brash was denied speaking rights at a function organised by the University Politics Club not because of what he was going say (he had been invited to talk about his life as a parliamentarian) but because of his support for the Hobson Pledge Movement which argues for one standard of citizenship and the abolition of race based seats both in parliament and local government.   In the Vice-Chancellor's world view that makes Brash a dangerous racist.

So here's a question for those supporting Ms Thomas ... those two policy provisions mirror those of NZ First and indeed, the Hobson Pledge Movement threw their electoral support behind NZ First at the election, so will the Vice-Chancellor ban the Deputy Prime Minister from speaking at the University.

Brash and Peters have much in common ... both are old, both have achieved much ... only difference is one is white and one is brown so I guess that gives the Vice-Chancellor an out ... in her lexicon Maori can't be racist.


Sunday, September 23, 2018


Do I go and play Veterans Golf tomorrow morning or do I stay at home and watch the final round of the Tour Championship with Tiger Woods starting three shots clear of Justin Rose and Rory Mcllroy?

Tiger blew the opposition away with his third round first nine holes performance.   Seven birdies ... sublime golf.

And I said 'he' would never win again.   Humble pie2.   Silly me. 

Ho Ho Ho

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Putting Lipstick on Turkeys

It has been remarked that should US Democrat house leader Nancy Pelosi undergo another face life, her eyes will be looking out through the back of her head.

I was reminded of this sage piece of drollery when I saw a picture of the erstwhile Minister for punching up new staff, Meka Fightery (tm Kiwibog comments)

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will announce her decision on the future of suspended minister Meka Whaitiri this afternoon. Photo / Paul Taylor

Compare this fat old tart with the slim trim young wahine presented to the electorate just a year ago:-

Image result for whaitiri

Mind you, there is precedent:

Image result for helen clarkImage result for helen clark

Isn't there a law against this sort of thing?


It is reported that some parents are upset and threatening to remove their children from Hamilton's Fraser Hill High School following the Principal's comments at a full school assembly that ... "Every student who walks out of the gate to truant is already a statistic of the worst kind - highly likely to go to prison, either commit domestic violence or be a victim of domestic violence, be illiterate, be a rape victim, be a suicide victim."

All kudos to Virginia Crawford for telling it how it is.   I suspect 'good parents' will be applauding her remarks.     Sure it rattles the cages of parents who turn a blind eye to truancy and so it should.   Their outrage would be better directed at their own shortcomings.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Friday, September 21, 2018


Self and Mems have just returned from three weeks in Fiji.  

Apologies for the spelling in some of my comments over that period ... trying to type on an I-phone dripping with sweat ain't the best recipe for getting things right.

Back to Fiji.    This time we were at a relatively isolated resort (five star) on the Coral Coast ... isolated compared with Denarau.   But that aside and acknowledging that Fiji has always been expensive compared with say Vanuatu or Samoa I think the country is coming close to being considered a tourist trap rip-off.   F29 (NZ23.50) for a single shot of standard brand spirits; F47 (NZ38.50) for a sirloin steak sans nothing else with sides an additional F10 (NZ8.50 each) and on what was touted as an international buffet night at F68 a head (NZ55) with Beef Wellington the feature dish and Beef Wellington was orf luv substituted with sausages.

Yeh, ok, we should have loaded up with our own booze but, quite frankly, I'm past that so, in part, it's physician heal thyself, but there becomes a point where you say enough is enough.    So, for us at least, next year its back to Samoa and North Queensland (Palm Beach) and Bali.

At least the Fiji Bitter was cold and at happy hour the pay two, get three, at F24 (NZ20) wuz some sort of deal over their normal price of F12 (NZ10) per bottle.

Back home tanned and rested and ready to do battle.   So much to comment on.   Start shortly.


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Thursday, September 20, 2018

The New TV Mystery - Where is Andrew Saville?

A few of us were debating my fastest All Black ever question at Bowls in Waipawa on Tuesday and one of the others raised the question - what has happened to Andrew Saville we haven't seen him on TV for ages. Does anyone have the answer - perhaps even Andrew could come on to the thread and tell us what he is doing these days as it does not seem to include presenting on Sky or TVNZ.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Following the indefensible concerted attacks on Lauren Southern and Stephen Molyneux instigated by long time lefty Mayor  of Auckland with his "deplatforming" tactics, done as a personal assault on Freedom of Speach and movement came an even more disturbing incident at Massey Uni.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Jan Thomas, Queensland educated and intellectually suspect, took it on herself to deny a student political  club doing a series of addresses by some leaders in national politics both  current and former, to prevent ex National leader Don Brash from being involved.

This morning Mr Farrar's Blog has a very revealing summary, assisted by OIA, that leaves Ms Thomas only one way forward.
Those of us who watch with disgust at how socialism and lefty theory failures, dominate so much University current practice in advancing the cause of human progress, must see how this incident unfolded as now revealed by Farrar as a step far to far.
The language, tactical nous, and lying to her fellow senior staff, the media and the public leaves her with one option.
Just bugger off before you do any more damage.

There may have been racist undertones in that  unfortunate unfolding incident but they emanated from the gob and computer of Ms  Jan Thomas, not Donald Brash.

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Fastest All Black Ever

Late on Saturday afternoon I was catching up with some random sports coverage in The Herald when I found an article where someone suggested Reiko Ioane was the fastest All Black ever. They compared him with a few relatively recent All Blacks going back to about the turn of the century and over the last day and a half I have been thinking about a few further back than that who may well have been faster. For example Peter Henderson (1950) an absolute flyer, Bruce McPhail (1959) who at age 47 ran 11.7 for the hundred yards so he must have been quick as a young fellow, Rod Heeps (early 1960's) 3 national 100yards titles and clocked at 9.8 plus record try scorer for the All Blacks with 8 in one match in Australia in 1962 and Tony Steel (mid 1960's) selected as a Commonwealth Games (probably Jamaica 1966) sprinter but turned it down for the All Black jersey. I also thought of Terry Wright from the mid to late 80's but on a quick look could not find much info on his athletic abilities and Ron Jarden but his athletic prowess was mainly in the 400yards. Can anyone think of others?


Those with a few brain cells still functioning and an ability to see beyond the clear intoxicating effect that has the Socialists (albeit the ones further to the left anyway) in power, will recall the denigration piled onto John Key in a mindless epithet "Smile and Wave".

Watching the propaganda arm of the current occupiers of the Government benches attempting to move a wheel barrow of bovine excrement from the back of the cow bail onto the national stage in a pathetic attempt at " we are one" without the singing, thank all the deities, was I the only one who noticed all the CoL players were making forced efforts to continually smile and wave while the rest of the carefully managed side show presented, not surprisingly, absolutely nothing news worthy.

I suppose while they were doing that wasted effort they were not actually destroying any of the remaining productive sector who must be wondering what is coming down the line next.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Quiet Nap

On most days, Adolf indulges in a forty minute nap, after lunch.

Today he was awakened by a gentle rocking at about 1250.   Thinking The Cook might be getting frisky, Adolf sat up and looked around but the room was empty.

Aaah haaaa, I thought.  Must be an earthquake.

It went on for about thirty seconds and was indeed an earthquake of 5.6 Richter scale, centred at Walpole, about 130 miles away.

There must be some way I can pin it on Turnbull before the Julie Bishop announces it's Abbott's fault.

The last big one in Western Australia was centred at Meckering in 1968 and was 6.9 on the scale.

Daily Reading List

For what it's worth, here is the daily Adolfian reading list:-

The Australian
Andrew Bolt
Tim Blair
Wall Street Journal
South China Morning Post
Washington Examiner

And no, I don't look at Fox News, Sky News or Whaleoil every day.

Notably absent and unlamented:-

ABC (Both of them)
NZ Herald
Morning Star

Ardern and her poodles give major speech on absolutely nothing

From Granny:

In a show of unity, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been joined by Government coalition partners New Zealand First and the Green Party for a major speech in Auckland in which she has outlined the next steps in the Government's plans for the country.
I read about this on Friday.  I really sat up and thought, "whoa, this could be big".  Even the introductory paragraph to the Herald article says it's a "major speech in which [she] has outlined the next steps in the Government's plans for the country".  I couldn't wait to see the major policy announcements - the socialist path they were taking us down. 

Instead we get a bunch of bullet points that a twelve year old could put together for a school assignment on "What does it mean for you to be  New Zealander".  Here are some examples:

Build a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy
• Grow & share New Zealand's prosperity
• Deliver responsible governance with a broader measure of success
• Support thriving & sustainable regions
• Transition to a clean, green and carbon-neutral New Zealand

Improving the wellbeing of New Zealanders and their families

• Ensure everyone is earning, learning, caring or volunteering
• Support healthier, safer, & more connected communities
• Ensure everyone has a warm, dry home
• Make New Zealand the best place in the world to be a child

Providing new leadership by Government

• Deliver transparent, transformative and compassionate Government
• Build closer partnerships with Māori
• Value who we are as a country
• Create an international reputation we can be proud of

My favourites are, "Ensure everyone is earning, learning, caring or volunteering", and "Value who we are as a country".  Followed closely by "Deliver responsible governnace with a broader measure of success".

I've never read such drivel from a government.  It's unmitigated trash, and is fit only for a year 9 social studies school assignment.

I'm embarrassed for the government, and I don't even support it.

Ho Ho Ho

According to the Democrat media, Donald Trump caused Florence - now just a storm.


A confused Barnaby Joyce looks on as Malcolm Turnbull's brain tries to escape.

A concerned Barnaby Joyce looks on as Malcolm Turnbull’s brain tries to escape