Friday, August 31, 2018


NZ First has long opposed the privitisation to government assets and especially the sale of assets to foreigners.    Indeed, the catalyst for the break-up of the National-NZ First coalition in 1998 was the  proposal by the Shipley government to sell off its stake in Wellington Airport.

But now in a case of 'look what I say' rather than 'look what I do' Peters is proposing to flog off the TAB to the Australians as part of his plan to rescue the Racing Industry.   A plan that will see the closure of many race courses around the country and the loss of hundreds of jobs.    WRP couldn't lie straight in bed. 

And in an attempt to divert attention from this policy two step he has his faithful Minister for Inflated Egos launch a broadside at the four big banks for their continued rationalisation of banking outlets in the face of the digital revolution.   Never mind that the State owned Kiwibank is doing the same thing; never mind that NZ Post has had to adapt to the reduced volume of mail by cutting down on the days it delivers mail.   

I ask you.   Just how many times do you walk through the doors of your bank to do business.   I deal with two major banks.    99% of all my transactions are done through the internet or though a machine.   One of those banks I have never visited in my life even when to set up my account.    The other bank I went to yesterday to buy some o'seas funds.    That was the first time this year.    I would suggest that my usage pattern reflects that of the majority of bank customers.

To answer the question ... no ... as Peters is NZ First he can't be a traitor to its ideals ... just that their ideals are are moveable feast at the behest of Peters.

Meanwhile, as business confidence takes a further hit, Fairy stardust spends her time talking about motherhood and apple pie to pregnant schoolgirls.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018


The 'Hon' Meka Whaitiri (to be honest I had never heard of her before today) has been stood down from her portfolios while an investigation into a staffing matter in her office is carried out.  

My understanding is that it is claimed the Minister assaulted a staff member.

Whaitiri's office has been notable for a high churn rate among staff in the nine months since the Minister was appointed.  Were I unkind I could suggest a link between this and her standing down but I'm not so I won't.

Whaitiri is the Customs Minister and Associate Minister of Agriculture, Local Government and Crown/Maori relations.

Two in six days then.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A Massive Rate Hike

It must be massive, otherwise it would just a simple old ordinary rate 'increase.'

Oh, and to make matters worse, it was 'out of cycle.'   Shit eh?  I can think of absolutely nothing worse than an out of cycle whacking great increase in mortgage rates.  (Cepting of course, I no longer have a mortgage!)

Anyway, here's how the once reliable Australian newspaper reported this latest Aussie financial disaster.

Westpac fires gun on rate hikes

The opening salvo:-

Westpac, the nation’s second largest lender, has broken with the other Big Four banks by hitting borrowers with the first out-of-cycle rate hike in years, risking the wrath of new Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.


Blaming rising funding costs, Westpac today said it would be hike interest rates on its standard variable mortgage by 14 basis points to 5.38 per cent for owner-occupiers with principal and interest loans.

Of course they carefully omit any information about how many borrowers currently are on variable rates.   It is my guess that the number would be less than three in one hundred.

Oh yeah.

It took two economics reporters to write this junk.


is right in declining to make public the results of the now completed internal investigation by her Party into the debacle that surrounded  Labour's Summer Youth Camp which saw a 20 YO now before the Courts facing sexual assault charges.

Those charges will be heard in the Auckland District Court starting next Wednesday and, as the matter is sub judice, it would be entirely improper to put into the public arena information which might be prejudicial to the accused receiving a fair trial.

In the meantime rumours continue to swirl as to the identity of the accused including whether he related to a senior Labour Party figure ... if he is found guilty all will be revealed in due course unless the Judge were to grant permanent name suppression in which case I guess all hell would break loose.


How to destroy a political advantage

Poor DPF.  The Southern and Molyneux speaking in Auckland debacle followed by the Don Brash speaking at Massey University debacle presented a golden propaganda opportunity to paint the right as champions of free speech and the left as judgy hypocrites who pay lip service to freedom of speech but in reality try to shut down speech they don't like.  DPF seized that opportunity and I lost count of how many posts appeared on Kiwiblog about it.  Seemed like it was pretty successful, too.

But alas, how quickly all that work can be undone by the boofhead simpletons among National's MPs, in this instance Michael Woodhouse:  National wants Chelsea Manning barred from New Zealand.

National has re-ignited the free speech debate by calling on the Government to bar ex-US army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning from visiting the country next month. 
Former Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse said the "convicted felon" should not be allowed to earn money talking about her crimes, and it would "not enhance" New Zealand's relationship with the US.

It must be facepalms all round among National's spin doctors.  Not only is National now against freedom of speech, it's against it because some speech might make it harder to suck up to the Americans.  Wouldn't want to be Michael Woodhouse over the next few days...

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

On Oz Politics

Is PM Scott Morrison a prize dil or a political genius?  That is the question.

Image result for scott morrison

I'm finding it difficult to come up with an answer one way or the other.

On one hand he left Tony Abbot and Barnaby Joyce out of his cabinet line up.  The omission of Abbott I thought was a serious error.  Don't all those Abbott supporter's votes mean anything?   Barnaby Joyce?  I couldn't remember his name but I don't know why he still hangs around.

On the other hand, he put three of Abbott's strong supporters in as ministers in the portfolios for which Abbott has strongly advocated - Education, Energy and Immigration.   You can bet your boots Tony Abbott will be whispering in their ears over coming months.

I wonder if Morrison has done a deal with Abbott?    Let's let the dust settle and we'll bring you into cabinet or shadow cabinet after the election.  Meanwhile please get out there and do your best to help us win.

It has been said Turnbull was the leader of the Liberal Party's left faction, Morrison the leader of the centre-right and Abbott the leader of the right.  That puts Morrison fair and square in the same camp as NZ's most successful PM, John Key.

I wonder if Morrison will be smart enough to take some leaves out of John Key's play book.

I see today he has kicked the Paris Accord down the road a little way.  That's a start.

The first thing he has to do is build some new coal fired power stations.

Monday, August 27, 2018


Corbyn is quickly finding out that the freedom he enjoyed as a no-name maverick MP to associate himself with Jew haters and to use inflammatory language directed against UK Jewry can come back to bite him with a vengeance.

A tape has now emerged of a speech he made defending the remarks of the Palestinian representative to the UK against criticism from British Jews when he called those objecting to the remarks 'Zionists' with two problems ... that they don't want to study history and that having lived in this country for a long time and probably all of their lives they don't understand English irony.    The Zionist epathete is long understood by Jew haters as a code-word to be directed at Jews implying someone who owes allegiance to Israel over his/her own country.
This response from Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger who tweeted ... "The video released today of the leader of UK Labour making inexcusable comments - defended by a Party spokesman - makes me, as a proud British Jew, feel unwelcome in my own Party ... I've lived in Britain all my life and I don't need any lessons in history/irony."

And from blogger Richard Millett who was one of the persons attacked by Corbyn ...  "suggesting that I do not understand English irony implies I am not from here, not from the United Kingdom.   To highlight that I find very offensive.   It was unnecessary to do that and racist.

This from their own ... Corbyn makes me feel unwelcome in my own Party ... he is a racist.

This from me ... Corbyn is a throw-back to cloth cap socialism circa the 1930s; a believer in class warfare with a history of indulging in a little 'harmless' Jew-baiting when standing alongside his Arab friends.  A leopard does not change his spots.


Sunday, August 26, 2018


Senator John McCain died a few hours ago having declined further treatment for brain cancer.

McCain is one of my heroes.   Decorated Vietnam war veteran (Silver Star, Bronze Star (2), Legion of Merit (2), Distinguished Flying Cross, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal) who went on to become a respected Republican Senator and Republican nominee for President.

In the 2008 Presidential election he lost to Obama 365-173 in the Electoral College vote (53-46% in the popular vote).    Part of the reason for that loss was his controversial choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate.    He never apologised for that but later said if he had to do it all over again he would have chosen Senator Joe Lieberman to run with him.   Lieberman was an independent senator would had previously stood for vice-president on the 2000 Democratic Party ticket.    IMHO Lieberman would have been the better choice.

McCain was a small 'c' conservative and a feisty individual who was not afraid to stand up for what he believed.   He enjoyed the enmity of President Trump and said he didn't want him at his funeral. Suspect that even David would approve of that.

RIP John McCain - American patriot.

Ho Ho Ho


Cartoon: Johannes Leak

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Saturday, August 25, 2018


There is some developing 'noise' about he possibility of impeachment proceedings being initiated against President Trump given the events of the last few days and the possibility the Democrats will regain control of the House in the November mid-term elections.

For the record and it requires a simple majority in the House to vote an article of impeachment which is then referred to the Senate.   The constitution requires a two-thirds majority in the Senate in favour of impeachment. 

Have to say I think a two-thirds Senate vote is unlikely even if the Republicans were to lose their majority there which is unlikely.    But I can see why the Democrats might want to initiate the process in the House as it would have the effect of paralyzing the Trump administration through to the 2000 elections.

But it would also have the country in political and social turmoil for an extended period of time and that could backfire on the Democrats ... the more astute in the Democratic Party will be reflecting on that.

A Classical Anniversary (Updated)

(Yesterday there were distractions and I forgot to finish this post.)

One hundred years ago today was born Leonard Bernstein, arguably the greatest musician of the twentieth century.  He is regarded by those who know about these things as the only person who excelled at all three disciplines - pianist, composer and conductor.

Image result for leonard bernstein

Here is a Kiwi tribute from Lou and Simon, from a time when we were able to laugh at ourselves.  Sadly, thanks to the humourless  bullies of the left, no longer can we do so.

Bernstein the composer

Bernstein the conductor

Bernstein the pianist

Friday, August 24, 2018

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Australia's Long Line Up Of Duds


Image result for turnbull

Prime Ditherer


Image result for rudd

Spineless earwax eater


Image result for gillard

Humped her way through the AWU


Image result for michael cheika

Born to lose


Image result for steve smith

Hit wicket


Image result for clive palmer

God's gift to insolvency


Image result for general morrison

Some mothers do have 'em

Jay Weatheril

Image result for jay weatherill

Father of all black outs


I have a simple test which I apply when assessing whether a Prime Minister is a truly great political leader.   Did that person leave their Party in a better shape than when they inherited it.

In recent times and in Oz ... Rudd1 No; Gillard No, Rudd2 No; Abbott No; Turnbull No.

In NZL ... Clark possibly yes (although 'she' lost) ; Key yes, English possibly yes (although 'he' lost).

But of those only Turnbull stands out as someone whose legacy is clearly that of attempting to destroy the Party that gifted him the ultimate prize in politics.


One bit of the infotainment smacked me tonight.
Swmbo, watching the propaganda service, as is her wont while Moi prepared a meal.
As predicted; Kick Trump, repeat  how sad Turnbull was about to become the latest sitting Aus  PM to be sacked after winning (cough cough cough) an election, then our Princess and babies, all right on cue.

Then a bit of actual "News" with The City of Sails proposing to add a cycle way to the Nippon Clip on for a bargain basement price of $67 million, (it wont end there).
Along comes Goofy with the stupidist for the Day; "we are the second most obese nation on earth so getting people on bikes must be good".

Why didn't anyone ask the only relevant question; "how many fat bastards will ever attempt to bike on the most expensive bit of cycleway ever proposed"
I regularly drive along many Kms of the Little River "Rail Trail" and fat bastards are a very rare sight!!
It is almost flat with much of it lying in single figures of altitude in Meters Above Sea level.

Meanwhile on another Planet the Christchurch Southern Motorway from Brougham Street seems to have moved to work to rule and rumours abound it has been drastically slowed to free funds for Auckland infrastructure.
The Motorway, always needed, is so much more vital now as the Village of the Damned continues to move South and West in response to Anderton's demolition

I am suggesting an additional seventy million for a brainfart will cost progress somewhere else.


Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have agreed to play a multi-million dollar, 18 hole, head-to-head match at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas during the American Thanksgiving weekend in November.

The winner will walk away with a cool US$9m.    Sheesh ... the caddy will probably pick up around 10% of that.      Not bad for four hours +/- work.     

The interest will be HUGE. 


Over the last few days we have been subjected to a shock horror bullshit story from TV1 alleging that since 2013 some 5,000 charges have been laid against serving military personnel and dealt with by military courts.

If that were true it would be a matter of real concern.    The reality is that 95% of the charges would have been dealt with summarily by the person's commanding officer under delegated authority.   They would have ranged from the minor (the 'good order and military discipline' catch-all) up to the more serious (such as the unathorised discharge of a firearm). 

The number of offences to be dealt with by way of a military courts martial is likely to be very small and I would be surprised if they exceeded 50 in any one year spread over the three services.

My plea to the media (which they will ignore) is please do a modicum of research and tell the whole story rather than go for the shock horror headline.

What I do think is really concerning is that the information released to TV1 under the Official Information Act contained the names of five persons (including two females and a child), the victims of violent crime.   s9(2)(c) of the OIA provides for the withholding of information where it is necessary to protect the privacy of natural persons.   That surely was the case here.    The release would have been signed off at a very senor level.   It is inexcusable this should have happened.  Head(s) should roll.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


News breaking in Canberra tonight seems to have the bell tolling for Malcolm.

The hapless Liberal Party members, who were forced to admit their treachery and reaffirm loyalty to Mal, today faced career ending ridicule at the hands of gleeful Labor MPs in the Federal Parliament.
The sad pricks might now be frantically digging their political graves again tonight.

Johnnie Howard was never loved by all his team but he eventually became the most successful PM since Bob Menzies.

Tony Abbott was foiled by the Labor machine when a late leadership change from Rudd to Gillard followed by serious shenanigans around some ex right of center fringe players.  They went rogue and became "independent" plus a treacherous Lib who allowed himself to be bought as Speaker, allowing Gillard slip through for a three year reign until the massive ego of Rudd made a last hurrah.

It only delayed the inevitable.  Three years on and another eleventh hour switch back to Rudd did little other than save some Labor members arses.

Abbott in a very convincing win by some seventeen seats became 28th Prime minister.  Then, after some serious sideline antics, Turnbull became 'turncoat' and the silver fox realised a long time goal to become Federal Prime Minister.

Turnbull made some serious money in the world of international finance. Then he became Liberal Leader of the Opposition but fell foul of his Liberals one year into his leadership, when in a reversion to his love of socialism, he became enamoured of Rudd's climate change idiocy.  This was in total defiance of then Liberal policy and Abbot rolled Turnbull in 2009 ending the Rudd's ETS.

Now again it is "Global Warming" at the center of the Liberal Party blood letting.
Today, after a close shave for Malc last night and a day of "dead rat eating" it seems it is all on again.

Shorten must be beside himself, after watching 'Rudd, Gillard, Rudd again' which left the Labor Caucus on life support.  Apparently that abortion taught  the Liberals zero, zip nada.

Turnbull made more than one begging trip to gain selection as a Labor Senator where he would have been a far better fit, then went after pre-selection for the Liberals in Sydney's seat of Wentworth.  He became a Liberal PM in 2003 after some false starts and rather grubby tactics to overcome the sitting Wentworth MP, King, who ended up contesting as an independent making a safe seat marginal.

Wentworth is gold plated.  Liberal in the guts of Sydney.

The Media never liked Abbott and supported Turnbull, largely because he was often merely seen as a seat warmer for the left as they recovered from the Rudd,Gillard, Rudd bloodletting.  Now, of course, Tony Abbott is being widely condemned as a bitter revenge driven wrecker while giving Turnbull's record that many regard as far worse than Abbott an easy ride, since forever.

Turnbull worked with Neville Wran, a Labor Premier of NSW; was in partnership with Gough Whitlam's Son; was Paul Keeting's supporter for Republicanism; and begged with Labor for preselection. Now after winning the last Federal Election reducing Abbott's successful majority of sixteen evaporate to a one seat heart beat from a hung parliament, he is finally the dog tucker he always was.

Tomorrow could see a fifth PM succumb to flesh wounds aka Pythons Black Knight in"Its only a scratch".

Six Prime Ministers ousted in eleven years that is Italian "stability"!!!

At least John Howard only suffered defeat at the polls but even that was pretty tragic, Labor didn't just win enough seats to govern, they took Johnnie's seat of Bennelong to end his time in the Lodge.


I see that Labour MP Chris Williamson, Corbyn confidante and enforcer in chief, has embarked on the self styled 'Democracy Roadshow' targeting constituencies held by Labour MPs critical of Corbyn.

He is traveling around the country on a Harley-Davidson along with other prominent Corbyn supporters to make the case for greater accountability and democracy within the party.   A moderate Labour MP has called it a 'deselection roadshow'.

Williamson has form.   He defended and subsequently shared a platform with a party activist expelled from Labour for haranguing Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth at the launch of Labour's antiSemitism review in 2016 while. over the weekend. he was criticised for tweeting that he had been 'privileged' to meet with controversial blogger Vanessa Beeley who had defended the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and described murdered Labour MP Joe Cox as a 'warmongering Blairite'. 

All class.

Caption Competition

And ain't it just the bestest photo ever?

It is happening again

NewstalkZB bulletins this morning highlight that the planes are starting to fill up as increasing numbers of New Zealanders leave for Australia and other overseas destinations to ply their talents. Shades of 1999 through to 2008 and it is happening early under this regime.


South African President Cyril Ramaposa announced on Tuesday that the ANC government will press ahead to amend the countries constitution to allow for expropriation of land (read white farmers land) without compensation.

This follows the vote in the SA parliament earlier this year on a motion brought by the radical Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters Party (EFF) and supported by the ANC to refer the matter to the parliament's Constitutional Review Committee.

Worked well in Zimbabwe didn't it? 


Tuesday, August 21, 2018


but I won't because no matter that he defeated Dutton 48-35 he is reduced to 'dead man walking' status.

Not much more to be said.


The decision by Jacinda Ardern to place a freeze on the salaries of parliamentarians is both smart politics and virtue signalling of the worst kind.

Smart politics because the great unwashed see MPs as enjoying a champagne lifestyle on a champagne income.

The reality is the exact opposite (especially for those MPs holding constituency seats).     MPs  are not well remunerated.    At the bottom end of the scale a backbench MP with no additional responsibilities is paid some $40,000 less per annum than an Auckland GP while, at the other end, the Prime Minister receives some $130,000 less per annum than the Police Commissioner (appointed by her).    

One might of course be tempted to focus on the small number of MPs who would struggle to match what they are receiving in the real world but they are very much in the minority.   Certainly many of the MPs that I work/associate with would command far higher salaries in the market place.

And it's virtue signalling of the worst kind because next year when the Remuneration Authority makes it determination next year it will factor the 3% adjustment foregone into its new determination and, while the PM can bang on as much as she likes about changing the basis on which the determinations are made, the reality is that the Authority is independent of Parliament and that is as it should be.

The alternative is a return to the bad old days when parliamentarians set their own salaries.  That must be avoided.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

The One That Got Away

I missed this gem earlier today

No automatic alt text available.

Farewell, Cheeky Darkie

The butt of Paul Holmes' most famous one liner has died.

The dreadful Kofi Annan, who came to the UN as a penniless bureaucrat and enriched himself and his family from the spoils of the 'oil for food' programme in Iraq.

He will not be missed.

Ho Ho Ho


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Cartoon: Best of Bill Leak

Cartoon: Best of Bill Leak


lord Matiria Turei as some sort of a modern day reincarnation of Mother Teresa when the reality is she's an unrepentant benefit fraudster who wears her rort as some sort of badge of courage.

Continue to demonstrate their not so latent xenophobia and lack of economic understanding by advocating a complete ban on foreign owned companies (read those with 'chinky' sounding names) exporting bottled water.    And 'they' can't even run the 'saving the planet' argument.     Every year NZL uses around 2% of this renewal resource for all purposes (including irrigation).   Total bottled water production accounts for only 0.002% of that 2%.    The Greens are simply windmill tilting ... it's pathetic.

Must have been embarrassing for them to have Jeanette Fitzsimons, co-founder of the their Party and former Green MP, lambaste them on TV1 last night for abandoning all their principles in their support on WRP's waka jumping legislation.  

The Green Party is but a shadow of its former self; Labour's poodle shunned by Labour's coalition partner; fed scraps and reduced to voting cannon fodder.