Thursday, June 14, 2018


A Melon promoted above her pay grade makes a the only decision she is told she can make to give a green (LoL) light to a Chinese company wishing to invest millions, create employment, while bottling an infinitesimal quantity of spring water for export to China.

And her party that is still firmly entrenched in the mindset of opposition is in turmoil.

Just another example of the dearth of understanding of business and the law that exists within a party that never truly considered they might someday be in an executive position trying to run NZ Inc.

As a commenter said on Farrar's blog yesterday, millions of liters of water were causing serious costs, disruptions and downstream economic losses in her home district of Gisborne  on its way to the Pacific Ocean that only needed a bit of filtering before bottling.

No understanding, no perspective,  no concept, no idea but the newly minted co-leader of the Melons wont let such trivialities get in the way of her simple little idealistic world.


Allan said...

The fact that we even have to pay these clowns is an aberration in itself. What an utter waste of space, food and oxygen they are. The Green Party get far too much air time and news coverage. They live in an alternate universe from us mere mortals who actually are out there trying to get by and make a living so therefore their idiotic views should not even be countenanced.

The Veteran said...

Sage may understand the the law but equally clearly her Deputy Leader and many Green rank and file don't.

It must be galling from going to pristine pure in Opposition to having to administer the law of the land when in government.

But if they can't stand the heat they should get the hell out of the kitchen.

Lolitas brother said...

As evidence from Europe and USA comes in > these socialists double down and become insane as truth and reality surround and humiliate them.