Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Farrar takes time out from parenting to publish some required reading for the appointed one.

Back in the sometimes confusing times following the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy the 35th POTUS, his Veep and successor, a long serving Senator from Texas embarked on FDR's New Deal mark ll.
Lyndon Baines Johnson set out to defeat poverty.
"This administration, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty in America" was part of LBJ's first State of The Union address to the legislature on Capitol Hill in January 1964.

So what happened, yes then  there was real poverty in depressed decaying industrial areas and much of the South, but twenty two Trillion dollars (a figure that does not include Medicare and social security) spent over time yet the crybaby Democrats are still bleeding  and crying crocodile tears over the  poor people.
An almost un-comprehensible, 22 000 000 000 000, or 22 million millions

Almost all measures of poverty  because of the structures and protocols used will never achieve success.
Here in lil ole NZ, we call poverty as accessing income below an arbitrary figure aligned to the average wage as a percentage. Anyone with a minimal understanding of Maths knows that that figure could be a million dollars and yet under the farcical result the system delivers us around half will still officially "be in Poverdy".

I cannot be arsed to do the maths but I wonder if the 22 trillion had been dispersed along with the benefits of medicare and social security to the less well off would the picture be any different 53 years later.
One certainty, the army of people charged with the management and disbursement of the vast sums might have ended up poorer, but I wonder what the social landscape would appear like.


And happy he, Strzok's Tweeted "Andy" is certainly not.
FBI Director Wray had a wee word with his deputy as Capitol Hill seems about to release the damaging reveal curiously named "The Memo" used as the basis for the FISA warrant that resulted in Trump Tower being given Federal Judiciary consent to wiretap and investigate the Trump election team by the once apolitical FBI.

Comey gone, McCabe gone, Strzok removed to HR, who next.

Rosenstein maybe.

Have recently been reading novels based around a millenia ago and the brutal reality in those dark days where failure paydays were swift and certainly delivered when public officials backed the wrong horse.
Earls, Barons, Knights, and Sheriffs could all forfeit their Brain storage facility when a monarch lost a battle.

Swamp draining in DC just made another step.
The Clinton News Network are reduced to trying to lay McCabe's demise at the Whitehouse front door, when the timeline and the waterfall of leaks has it a Wray move to limit damage his Agency  he inherited in July last year from James Comey who Trump had fired  two months earlier.


Winston's picks get worsor.

Good ole boy Shane "Fuller" Jones made a lot of white noise promising to plant a billion trees a year and every simpleton clapped.
Gee sequestering all that carbon, surely the planet is saved.

Nup it was all shite.
1 The forestry industry already has plantings running at around 500 000 a year as normal replanting and forest extension.
2 no word as to will my ornamentals, fruit trees, conservation planting count.
3 There is a short window of around five months when all goes well between moisture levels reaching a sustainable figure in the autumn and too risky for a spring dry to kill the vulnerable nursery bred plants. A window that can be seriously compromised when bad weather, poor access, labour availability pressures,  without considering availability of stock.

However it made great copy for the industry and the melons wanting more land covered in a sterile toxic plantation that has minimal benefits for fauna, even possums cant use radiata for anything beyond shelter apart from a brief food source at Pollen release. even then willow and many other plants are more attractive.

Now The Minister (he just loves that bit) is begging land owners to hand land over for lease to give his impossible dream some gas.

Pretty mess you have got us into Oliver.
The reality is it is heading for a big fail Oliver, I mean Shane, Winny, head back to the videos where   fanciful is enough for the happy clappers.

Help Please

Our daughter, husband and two children have just arrived back in New Zealand after 20 years approx in the UK and are planning to settle somewhere in the Greater Wellington area - they are flexible on actual location. Although it is early days they seem to be struggling to find both Rental Agencies and Employment agencies who will recognise their UK references and work experience. If some of our readers can assist by recommending an employment or rental agent who might be able to assist please email me at - cruliviig@gmail.com. Your help will be appreciated.


The kindy kids who would struggle to sell 50 one dollar tickets for a bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1955 in a caucus meeting have the answer to rising rents that have emerged as a direct consequence of their artificially created market interference arising from "the first year free" election bribe.
Guess what,  they will legislate to achieve the equivalent of pushing water uphill with a rake.

I guess when there is an almost total dearth of understanding of basic business practise accompanying kindergarten level experience,  that would seem to a moron like Grunter a brainwave when it is really only a  poor example of a "brainfart".

Sheesh the incompetent casual with truth idiot could not even understand that the TV audience could see 'Alf" clearly in shot at the pub while he believed he could "deny" Alf was even present.
That people is what years of attendance at Uni, immersed in political activity while seeking a worthless bit of parchment that Robbo thinks makes him  the cleverest of all.

Poor old deluded Rob Muldoon thought he could solve inflation with a bureaucratic planned and operated Wage Price freeze, something people with a reading age of 5  soon picked up on the futility of that.

Finance guru teletubby, should have gained at least a suspicion before he decided that letting fees, an entirely lawful  market response to cover the cost of the service of finding, vetting, arranging, documenting then managing rent collection, that to be avoided requires someone else to do the donkey work to be banned, say the landlord for example
Landlords will either increase the rent level to cover that cost that will then  in a long term situation result in additional profits (didnt see that did you stupid) or create a new levy, charge or impost to recover what the letting fee once covered, that any smart lawyer will  already have in their computer system.

Blundering blindfolded seems somewhat inadequate.

Monday, January 29, 2018


Life is replete with anecdotes about people ... some amusing, some serious ... two of my favorites. 

Churchill at a pre-war dinner party and in his cups was accosted by a society dowager who said "Mr Churchill, you are drunk, disgustingly drunk" to which Churchill replied "Madam, you are ugly, disgustingly ugly, and the difference between you and me is that in the morning I will be sober".

Rear Admiral Tom (thumb) Phillips and the then Air Marshal 'Bomber Harris' were good friends.   Phillips had no great appreciation of air power and believed in the invincibility of the battleship.   Early on in WW2 Harris said to Phillips "Tom, one day you will be standing on a box on your bridge (he was very short) with your ship going down having been blown to bits by dive-bombers and torpedo-bombers and you will be heard to say ... f**k, that was a very big mine".     For the record ... Admiral Phillips commanded Force Z comprising HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse and four destroyers that set sail from Singapore on 9 December 1941 to intercept the Japanese ships landing troops in Malaya.  On 10 December both capital ships were sunk off Kuantan by air power.   Phillips went down with his ship.

And another one concerning Churchill from an old friend of mine in Cambridge.      Churchill was in the carsey to be told that the Lord Privy Seal wanted to speak to him.    Churchill said "Tell him he'll have to wait ... I can only deal with one s**t at a time".

Love the hear your favorites .....

You Got What You Didn't Vote For

Charter Schools - out.

Corporate welfare for a dying industry - in.

Which investment represents the best return on capital?

With the plethora of gambling activities available today I don't understand what keeps horse racing alive.   During the 1950s 'the races' was a big event because there was not much else.  Not so today so it is no surprise that charlatan Peters is repaying some of his many debts.

One wonders what he will give the scampi industry?

When will he repay that $158,000 he stole?   That is the question.


Apparently now just another beneficiary lacking faith and hope reduced to relying on charity.

Does anyone recall the snowflakes melting down when the Key Government saved the embryonic Film industry from crashing and burning because a bunch of unionists wanted to force their moronic view of economics on the still emerging success of Jackson, Campion and Co who by harnessing the kiwi can do, had a booming wealth creation in full bloom.

Weta workshops created stuff most New Zealanders were in total ignorance about until Lord of The Rings emerged.

Clear skies, space,  user friendly conditions of employment, the indomitable kiwi work ethic and free economic environments created a perfect storm of real success that was threatened with  a nuclear  option from NZ unionists in response to pressure from across the Tasman that almost achieved the destruction of something wonderful.  In times when the old primary production wealth creation machine needed a diversity of effort along came the film industry and its joined at the hip tourism to add further options.

Then there was the Tiwai Point Smelter threatened with closure and another cacophony of dissent against job preservation moves that were quickly labeled "Corporate welfare".

Yesterday when the multi million thoroughbred industry commenced its ultimate shop window effort that sees a bunch of entrepreneurs who recognize something a Kiwi industry does well, descend on The Karaka Sales with millions of foreign dosh, the opportunity arose for political big noting that this year fell as an opportunity to the Pin-striped charlatan.
Instead of confining his effort to congratulations and applauding a success story, the little prick made  yet another effort to curry favour with people  he owed bigly.
A freakin "all weather track" to avoid the odd cancellation of race meetings that is part and parcel of our 'island' weather patterns.
At a cost suggested (cough cough cough) of a mere thirty million it must be a bargain.
Not so, it is not mobile,  will probably be within a stone toss of Cambridge and will not be of any assistance to Kumara, Omakau, Wingatui or any one of several barely surviving race tracks around the nation.
How long will it last, Bowling clubs using artificial greens face 'turf' replacement  around every twenty years and they only have sedate pedestrian traffic, not hundreds of horses training and racing.

The morning "news" were suggesting the Sport  industry was facing a crunch of falling income and rising costs, now how did that happen.
Maybe, just maybe, costs are not under sufficient control and income is falling because their "model" is flawed.  To all the muppets and morons out there, that is exactly what every business is forced to confront at all times and they either correct or fold.
Racing is no different and unlike the film industry facing an imminent threat from a bunch of its workers, or a smelter facing an unusual squeeze from demand reduction and cost pressures that came from offshore, racing gallopers, trotters and pacers  has been around since  European settlers arrived. If mismanagement and a lack of support has become a threat then they need to make changes, begging for corporate welfare is only postponing the inevitable and will result in  another dead loss to tax payers who neither care or even show interest.

Many who keep the racing industry afloat as breeders, owners, trainers and the serious numbers who volunteer to staff meetings unpaid on a daily basis will not gain any benefit from a white elephant in the Waikato yet their Industry sport participation is either unpaid or at the very least heavily subsidised from their own pocket and could hardly be further removed from the glamour billion dollar showtime where The Dwarf was given his opportunity to stand on his two soap boxes.

The sport of kings has reduced to the sport of beneficiaries, not that they would see that.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

More Amazing Technology

Amazon has opened it's first 'staff free' shop in Seattle.   There are no check outs.  You simply walk in, put what you want into your bag and walk out without speaking to a person or scanning a bar code.

This is a peep into the future of shopping and it should make the sphincters of Matt McCarten and his ilk quiver because there's nobody in the joint who needs a union.  Not only that but there's no such thing as a 'minimum wage.'

Customers download an app onto their phones, which they then scan at turnstiles upon entering the store. As they shop, hundreds of cameras watch them from above, monitoring what they pick up, put down, and put in their bags. As soon as someone picks up an item from the shelf it is added to their virtual cart. If they put it back again, it is immediately removed.
When customers are done shopping, they simply leave the store with their items. Their Amazon account is charged, a receipt is sent immediately to their phone, and they’re on their way. 

Apparently there might be one person in the place to look after refilling shelves which have eluded the robots.

Ho Ho Ho


But I have to admit I'm seriously considering voting 'Green'.    The Far North District Council is holding a By-Election in the Whangaroa Ward to elect a replacement for Willow-Jean Prime who resigned her seat following her election to Parliament.

David Clendon, the ex Green MP,  who resigned from his Party  over the Me Tu affair is standing.    He is likely to get my vote.     He did what he did because he determined it was the right thing to do regardless of the cost ... and the cost was his seat.   Clearly he is a man of principle and for that he has my respect and my support.

I think Clendon will be a valuable addition to the Council table.     Mind you, the other three candidates aren't too much chop ... an activist Maori; a failed Mayoral candidate and a no-name Community Board member with her eye on the main chance.

May God have mercy on my soul.

Saturday, January 27, 2018


Well deep state anyway.

In the declining months of the increasingly exposed dodgy Obama regime that became increasingly focused on preserving the facade of a 'Legacy' by ensuring a successful outcome for Clinton Mk ll, a very politicized Department of Justice cabal embarked on a bizarre and corrupt unlawful path.
Their arrogance and smugness seemed unbounded as the now rediscovered five months of Strzok/Page messaging reveal.

A very well hidden from discovery campaign began with the protection of ex Secstate Hillary Clinton from some questionable activities during her time as head of Obama's foreign policy. Use of an email server, exposed and beyond official channels, Bengazi deaths, permitting the transfer of 25% of US strategic Uranium to a Rusian company, and corrupt garnering of formidably wealth to continue the Clinton dynasty were among many questionable activities all reasonable successfully run avoiding scrutiny from Lawmen and  a complicit media.
While obfuscation and corrupt activities at the very heart of the DoJ and the FBI combined to be employed to first bury Bernie Sanders who had emerged as a credible threat to do an Obama to the Clinton second tilt and derail the Billary show, some very important people became enmeshed either innocently as in Rank and file "Gmen" and corruptly as in top brass.
My incomplete list includes Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Strzok, Page, Rosenstein, Huma Abedin

An Airport apron meeting between Ex Potus Bill Clinton and Head honcho of the DoJ Loretta Lynch was fobbed off to a complacent MSM as talk of social and family matters, when a short time later the HC investigation was down graded by Lynch's department.
The Issue of a FISA Warrant to enable the electronic surveillance of Trump Tower on another illegal concept.
A concerted campaign of FBI activity that included Now dumped FBI Director James Comey, his Deputy Andrew McCabe, and FBI intelligence top man Peter Strzok who in an impressive tranche of emails to his lover and fellow top operative in McCabe's team, Lisa Page, all contributed to a series of moves to assist Clinton to enable the consolidation of the Obama legacy.  How in the hell so called busy high flyers had the time to create the now rediscoverd mind boggling pile of incriminating data is another mystery.

The official inquiry into some of the dodgy acts from her Secstate career and then campaign for Potus was downgraded from 'investigation' to "a Matter".

A decision was taken to find no evidence and effectively "clear" the candidate along with documents saying so  drafted days before Hillary was even "interviewed"??????

In a bizarre twist when Comey, under oath was asked by a senate inquiry if that timeline above was a fact,  Comey said "no", now proven to be false but he then added the kicker," if any of my colleagues at the Bureau think this is not true or I am lying would they please contact my office for  continued discussions". Bizarre seems suddenly somewhat inadequate.

It is serious folks and NZ is being treated like 'mushrooms' as Our Media continue to peddle the WaPo, CNN, New York Times BS that is the only news slant that daily invades Infotainment here.
Can anyone point to a single bit of unbiased information promulgated by what passes for NZ media enlightenment as to anything Trump has achieved sans the nauseating pack mentality output of fake news repeated.

Feel free but be warned personal abuse of the poster or his colleagues will see any such inane output deleted and goneburger, no ifs buts or maybes. Even if other content of such comment includes an appearance of worthy opinion.
I have no wish to edit, and my delete button really is bigger than yours, so adult and reasonable could be  the standard desired.


No Minister enjoys an eclectic readership.     Last week I authored a post 'A Greenie on the Greens'.    It attracted some comment.    I was not aware when I wrote the post that 'Pablo' was the pseudo name of Paul Buchanan.   I was soon put right.

Paul B has joined the fray and posted some interesting comment on the thread developing his original argument as well as postulating the theory that the 'Me Tu' affair was a hit job on Turei orchestrated by her erstwhile co-leader in an attempt to move the Greens to the 'right'.    I offer no comment on that but I commend you going back to the thread for a heads up.  

I will be fascinated to read a response from Psycho Milt.

Have to say I enjoyed the to and fro with PB.   Clearly we inhabit different parts of the political spectrum.   No rancor, no invective, just debate.  Refreshing.  

Friday, January 26, 2018

Woeful Poms

After just 45 minutes play at Adelaide, the Poms have lost FIVE wickets for thirteen runs.

Does anyone know that the record is for the shortest ever ODI?

There will be plenty of people demanding their money back from Cricket Australia after today's debacle.


Those of you who know me in real life as well as those you know me as 'The Veteran' will have figured out long before now that I count it as a signal badge of honour to be identified as firmly in the Judith Collins' camp.

Sure she has her detractors ... politicians that stand for something will always have their detractors, but with Judith Collins, you know what you get and it's the real deal ... not of the ersatz variety.   She is someone who punches well about her weight (which is perhaps befitting given that Joseph Parker is her nephew).

It's been my privilege to have known her and husband David for nigh on 16 years.    And what I know above all is that her word is her bond and that counts for much in my book.   Judith has a mind like a razor and the intellect to boot and when she commits to something she gives it 120%.   Her political journey is evidence of the old saying that 'if you aren't a socialist at age 20 you haven't got a heart and if you're not a capitalist at age 40 you haven't got a brain'.    She was a Labour voter until a restaurant business she established with David was dumped on by Union heavies.

Judith is recognised as a very effective electorate MP  and enjoys considerable cross-party support ... Papakura should be a marginal seat ... it's not, it's fortress Collins with a majority of 7,486.   That sez much.

It would be trite not to acknowledge what some might see as mistakes.    You show me a politician who hasn't made a mistake and I'll show you a liar (or alternatively a 'grey' person who, in their time in the House did nothing but eat their lunch and achieve nowt).   But whatever was thrown at her she kept her cool when lesser people might have responded differently and even when some in National distanced themselves from her she remained loyal and conducted herself with dignity and grace. 

So, where to from here for Judith Collins.    She was acknowledged as a very effective minister on top of her brief.   Post the election she was elevated back onto the Opposition front bench and given the shadow transport portfolio where she is already making waves.    Bill English will remain leader for as long as he wants it but it may well be that his deputy may choose to step down in which case Judith would be her obvious replacement.   It would be a good mix with Bill on the centre-left of the Party and Judith representing the centre-right.    Together they would present a formatable duo in holding the government to account and pillering their many weak links.    There would be collateral advantage too ... Collins as number 2 would make it harder for parties on the right of National to gain traction.   Many in that constituency see Judith as their standard bearer and her elevation would bring with it their Party vote.

What I'm saying is that the leader's inner circle needs real rejuvenation.    I'm also saying that an effective opposition politician requires a different set of skill-sets.  Judith Collins has those skill-sets in spades.   The National Party needs them and her time has surely come.

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, January 25, 2018


Congrats to Afghanistan who dicked the Black Caps in their quarter final match in crickets U19 World Cup to reach the semi final for the first time ever.

There has been some amazing talent on display in the matches so far but you have to take your hats off to the Afghani boys especially given the state of their country today.    From adversity comes success.

And great that cricket can bring nations together.

Makes You Wonder

A poncy local accommodation joint is advertising for a part time gardener.   Here's part of their advert.

24 Jan 2018
Bunbury & South West

$0 - $24 per hour

Work Type
Part Time

Trades & ServicesGardening & Landscaping

Adolf wonders for what level of skill these people are prepared to pay Zero dollars per hour.
Maybe they didn't get the memo about the legal minimum wage.


I see that the number of people in receipt of what MSD categorise as 'Main Benefits' (includes Jobseeker Support (the dole), Solo Parent Support and Supported Living Payment) dropped by 7,222 or 2.3% in 2017.

Not much doubt as to which Party takes the credit for this but it will be submerged in the feeding frenzy created by St Jacinda's bump.

I expect that trend to reverse given the scrapping of the three month trial period, the tightening of labour laws and decreasing business confidence all per courtesy of the Labour/NZF/Greens government. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Amazing Technology

Today I was listening to a long Youtube recording, 'The best of Tchaikovsky' when I heard a piece of music I had never heard before.  A haunting and poignant violin piece.  Because it was in the middle of a collection, I didn't know what it was.

My daughter's 'man' turned up and said "I'll find out what it is for you.'  To understand my disbelief, I need to tell you his taste in what passes for music these days is philistine.  He dangled his smartphone in front of the laptop and after six seconds announced, 'It's the violin concerto in D major.'

Here it is, for your enjoyment.


The sight of politicians of all stripes and colours prostrating themselves at the alter of Ratana is one of the enduring mysteries of the Zealand body politik.    Ratana is by any measure a minor religion (even among Maori) with just 40,353 adherents according to the 2011 census.    It's theology is interesting while their bands are renowned more for their enthusiasm than their musical ability.   I digress.

Ok, I guess you can argue for Labour to front there acknowledging their historic ties with the Ratana religion albeit somewhat loosened in recent years.    But why the others.    Makes no sense to me at all.

Now, if political leaders fronted up to the AGM of the NZRFU that would be understandable.


Time will tell but some will be feeling their necks exposed.
Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Rosenstein, Loretta Lynch and others might be sweating  their insurance disolved when Hillary didnt get elected

It is a common factor that a cover up transcends a crime and it is currently getting very interesting in Washington.

A tranche of electronic data that was created by a senior FBI person Peter Strzok and his lover Ms Page during the late stages of the US election and the inauguration period, has a gap with ominous similarities to the infamous eighteen minute gap in the 'Watergate Tapes' that finally sank Nixon.

The stupid bumbling efforts of the "plumbers" who were low level idiots trying by burglary to gain advantage in Nixons re-election efforts could have been buried in the minutiae of dirty tricks, but when a paranoid POTUS sought to ensure his distance by unnecessary Whitehouse involvement that should have never been attempted, his fate was sealed.

Department of Justice and FBI leadership machinations in support of the Clinton campaign that buried Sanders then protected Clinton in her death struggle with Trump is slowly unravelling and there is a real drama unfolding.
These revelations will remain a mystery unless people consciously expose themselves to Fox News or some other alternative to the establishment media engrossed as they are in their ideological battle with Trump.
Of course with our pathetic media who seem enslaved by CNN and the snowflakes it wont see any exposure here in Godzone.

Maybe it will just be a case of a very careless FBI evidence security but I cannot see such a simple sequence as viable, only time will tell, meanwhile a big hole continues to be dug and karma is standing by for an event that could make the AFL grand final seem minor, even  eerily similar to maypole dancing on May Day


Our Prime Minister, chosen by Mr 5 percent, has been widely panned 'across the ditch'  for her ill advised conversations around the scum presently living it up on PNG territory on Manus Island where they languish having been thwarted from entering The Lucky Country by Abbott's very effective 'Sovereign Borders' policy creations.

I posted at the time the now proven fertile and hence regarded by some as beyond criticism, chosen one, was courting a disastrous fracture of the historical bond that carries the ANZAC title.
Since CER cemented that special relationship as delivering some unique freedoms inherent in business, travel and cooperation along with many other convenience factors and it could all be at serious risk from the patently amateur gobbing off from one raised quickly beyond her comfort zone.

Well things are very close to a total breakdown, maybe not yet in an official acknowledgement at the top level but certainly at a submerged level where reality is the only currency.

A woman who became PM at the whimsical Utu driven desires of another clinging to his place at the trough by his fingertips really needs someone with a greater grasp of the reality of geopolitics for advice before a bond forged over a century of common interests is trashed leaving us more isolated  and potentially in a very lonely  place in the South Pacific.

Pretending a situation of "independence" that can morph into a threatened position very quickly should be front and center of any consideration in strategic status at all times.

Aus PM Turnbull was quite blunt when he advised the world, People Smugglers were apparently emboldened by Ardern's thoughtless and stupid pronouncements that had culminated in Aus security forces  intercepting three boats of fakugees said to be headed for New Zealand. That was unwelcome confirmation of the "not if but when" unpleasant truth.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Progressive Bros

Three weeks ago, Adolf and The Cook chatted to the house-keeping staff at the Mercure Hotel.  They were Maori girls from Rotorua.  Yesterday Adolf went into town for a haircut.  The barber was a young Maori fellow originally from Masterton.

Today Adolf went into town to mow the small lawn in front of his daughter's business premises.  After that he took daughter and grandson for lunch at the local fish and chippery.  The proprietor is a Maori fellow from Te Kuiti with various members of the whanau working in the business.  Without doubt the best fish and chips anywhere.

Image result for aj's fish and chips bunbury menu

Of one thing you can be sure. 

These people never will be followers of Harawira.  All the dead beat hangers on stay home with their hands out, looking for more.

I Love The Smell of Decaying Socialists in the Morning

Have you noticed how, on the left, nothing much changes?

Enough has been written today about the tragic- comedy figure Schmuck Schumer having to swallow a humiliating 81 - 18 vote defeat in Congress for me to talk of other things.

Do you remember that NZ bimbo journalist with a ratbag mother who said "It doesn't matter what we say or do, the opinions polls don't move.'?  (Or words to that effect?)

Well, it seems these days CNN is suffering the same frustration.

"......when you talk to people about Russia, and that’s all we talk about at CNN basically, they say they don’t care,” Maeve Reston, a national politics reporter at CNN, said on “Inside Politics.”

Of course, that might have to do with CNN's wall to wall 'Russian collusion' shtick for month after month with no evidence to support the claim.

Monday, January 22, 2018


I see that TVNZ ran an on-line poll where 98.3% of respondents agreed with the proposition that dental care should be free for all ages.

Only thing that suprises me is that the 'Nays' polled so high.

What next ... polls on whether the sheeple are in favour of 'free' housing, cars, clothing, groceries, beer?

Slow news season continues apace.



Kiwipolitico is a left leaning blog with more than tinge of Green.    Their criticism of the Green's list selection process cannot therefore be dismissed lightly.   I have taken the liberty of reproducing the article written by 'Pablo' below ....

12 weeks after the election the Green Party’s 14th ranked candidate in 2017 opts out of politics and joins a morning television program. Shortly after the election it is discovered that one of their new MPs fudged her credentials as a human rights lawyer.  Another successful newcomer has a more established social media presence than the business experience she claims to have. The former co-leader was ousted after volunteering (at whose behest is still a mystery) that she committed benefit and electoral fraud when younger.  

The first three people replaced seasoned politicians such as Kennedy Graham, who capably handled his MP responsibilities.    Mojo Mathers, an eloquent champion of the disabled, just missed out entering parliament at number 9 on the list, having been leapfrogged by neophytes at numbers 7 and 8). Two of the three new candidates mentioned above come from well-to-do Auckland backgrounds (which is a stretch from the traditional Greens grassroots) and share with the third (another Aucklander) a complete lack of political experience other than undergraduate degrees and campaigning for office. The unsuccessful list candidate-turned-TV-bubblehead recently is quoted as saying that her single greatest moment was to be invited onto a TV dancing show rather that being selected as a candidate for a party that she once said she felt “passionate” about.

Let me clear that I am sure that the ACT Party attracts weirdos and self-aggrandized liars in droves, and that even the two major parties and NZ First could well have people with inflated resumes and/or dubious backgrounds on their MP rosters. But I expect more from the Greens because they are supposed to be the truth that speaks to power in parliament and the idealists who hold parliamentary cynics in check as well as keep Labour honest from the Left side of the table. So I am a bit disappointed by how things played out in the run up and aftermath of the election.

Beyond the fact that all the list shake ups in 2017 managed to do is lose the Greens votes when compared to the previous elections (11 percent and 14 seats in 2011, 10.70 percent and 14 seats in 2014 to 6.3 percent and 8 seats in 2017), they also resulted in the Greens being the third-party step-child in the Labour-NZ First led government coalition. The distribution of cabinet seats is evidence of that (no Green minsters in a 20 member Cabinet). The Greens may claim that the 2017 list was the "strongest ever" but if so the strength being measured did not translate into votes or political power. In fact, one can argue that their strength, such at it is, lies in the first six names on the list, with what followed being a mix of opportunistic shoulder tapping for newcomers and insult to steadfast old-timers.

Renovation and rejuvenation are always part of any Party’s reproductive process, but in this instance what resulted was a political still birth.

Given what I outlined in the first paragraph, I think that to some degree this is due to poor candidate vetting and selection processes within the Greens. In 2017 the operative campaign logic appeared to be about style over substance and the seemingly naive belief that everything a candidate claimed to be true about themselves was in fact true. This is dangerous because not only do political opponents have the means to verify candidate claims in a hostile manner (as was seen in the case of the human rights lawyer), but it leaves the Party exposed to ridicule and marginalisation should candidates with doctored or inflated resumes be shown to be inept or incompetent in fulfilling roles assigned to them because of their supposed expertise.

Again, this is of no consequence when we talk about blowhard parties like ACT. Nor do I wish to be mean to the people in question (I simply think they needed to spend more time honing their political skills by working for the party and/or in public policy-related fields). But the Greens worked hard for two decades to be taken seriously on the national stage and it would be a pity if they squander the gains made by allowing unqualified candidates/MPs to champion their cause without proper due diligence having been done on their backgrounds. Because at the rate they are going (losing more than four percentage points compared to the previous two elections), the Greens risk following the path of the Maori Party into political oblivion.

Now if the rumored new Green Centre Party becomes a reality that would really set the cat among the pigeons. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Fired up my steam driven poll predictor this morning and this is what it came up with for the next round of polls ...

Labour to enjoy a bump caused by the bump in St Jacinda and the fact that it's summer? and people normally feel positive in the summertime.  

National to register a small decline.   MIA (except for Judith Collins) and not helped by the attempts of another blogger to dump on a number of MPs that he sees as a threat to Judith Collins.

The Greens to continue to hover around the 9-10% mark simply because that's their bottom-line base once you edit out the fallout from the Me Tu affair reflected in the election result.

Winston First to drop below the 5% threshold as his own brand of dirty politics comes home to bite.

MOE stuff for everyone else.


You read it first.

Ho Ho Ho

Both these men are 71 years old.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


It would be churlish indeed not to congratulate the Government on the admission that their flagship one billion trees policy (or, to be more precise, their additional 500 million trees policy) is in crisis with only 5 million trees (at best) to be planted this year over and above that already planned for by the industry leaving a shortfall of 45 million.

If you were a cynical person you might think that having the Jones boy front the camera about the same time that St Jacinda announced she was pregnant was something more than a happy coincidence but far be it for me to make such an allegation.

So, what have we got?  An admission by Jones that 'they' are finding it a real challenge to find the necessary land.   "It costs about $8k to buy a hectare of land and I don't have the money to scream around buying land."   Add to that his admission that farmers are leery (of the project) and Maori often find it difficult to agree (on anything involving 'their' land) and the question  to be asked is just where are you going to plant the trees .... conservation estate nah ... Landcorp farmland ... possibly (but at a cost).

Throw into the mix that right now there are only 4 million seedlings available for purchase and then there's the little matter of Jacinda slapping down the proposal by Jones that the planting could be achieved by some sort of grand work-for-the-dole scheme designed to get his cuzzie bros of the couch and doing something useful and you've got the classic over-promise and under-delivery and Mr Jones is left holding the can for NZ First and looking stupid.

Today trees ... tomorrow/next week/month there's the little matter of the 10,000 'affordable' houses to explain away and, one thing for sure, Mr Twyford won't have the pregnancy card to play.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Herald Gets Something Right

One of the few accurate headlines in a long time may be found on the Herald website.

"Ardern: 'I didn't know what it was like to be PM without being nauseous'"

There is absolutely no doubt Ardern is the most nauseous prime Minister I can remember.

Mark The Date - Dec 9th, 2017

When Adolf predicted Ardern would step down as PM during 2018 and Peters would become PM.

Today one sees the first step in the process.  The dopey PM didn't have enough sense of responsibility to take thee pill while she held a high office to which she is grossly unsuited.

Just watch as the story unfolds.

Somehow, there will be serious 'dynamic implacashuns' during the pregnancy which will bring our heroine to conclude she must resign.

Peters will be appointed PM.

Just remember, you saw it first here, forty days and forty nights ago.


Trumps approval rating measured by FiveThirtyEight's poll of polls currently stands at 40.2%.

They compared this against every other post WW2 President one year into their respective presidencies.  The result ....

Truman 50%; Eisenhower 71.3%; Kennedy 79%; Johnson 74%; Nixon 60.2%; Ford 43.5%; Carter 55%; Reagan 48.9%; George HW Bush 78.3%; Clinton 54.8%; George W Bush 81.2% and Obama 50%.

I was a tad surprised that George W Bush pipped Kennedy for the highest rating.   Drill down into the data and 264 days into his presidency George W Bush scored an approval rating of 88.1%.   The nearest Kennedy got to that was 83% at day 105.    At the other end of the scale the lowest ever approval rating was scored by Ford at 34.8% at day 162.   Trump's lowest was 36.6% on 7 August last.  

One could argue that prior to Nixon polling was somewhat less sophisticated than it is today but certainly the results are an interesting snapshot in time. 

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Too Good To Miss

Stolen from Whaleoil


The crash can be spectacular and complete.

As CNN, along with MSNBC, (now there is a mentally deranged person in Rachel Maddow) and other once great networks, whose opposition to the election of Trump as POTUS is unrelenting,  now a year on from his victory over Clinton Foundation beneficiary, Hillary,   it is becoming only embarrassing. The handling of the "Annual Medical" conducted at Bethesda Military hospital  under the leadership of Ron Jackson who has held the same task for the last three presidents, by many in the media pack, borders on the very insanity the network clings to increasingly desperately to hang The President with..

Never pick a fight with someone who buys Ink by the Barrel is a well worn bit of parlance from US history of very powerful newspaper figures, albeit becoming increasingly irrelevant in the digital age.
The warning is now applied to one who buys data in bulk or creates  the controls a platform  to dispense it and some of those have power to match the Hearsts of a century ago.

William Randolph Hearst  was once a king pin of print media yet he lost most of his wealth and his publishing empire mainly because he backed losers.

Early example of backing the wrong horse arose from his almost hatred of everything British,  he opposed the  League of Nations,  he backed losing presidential candidates, was more than sympathetic to the rise of Nazi Germany, he then opposed perhaps the most popular modern US president Franklin D. Roosevelt.
His end times were a long way short of the great wealth that saw him astride the print media for decades.

I guess my choice to include Fox News in my infotainment diet that has snowflakes so derisive, may just be a better informed choice than those who include so much of the kindergarten efforts in the NZ sandpit by what passes for media here.
The current machinations around whos who in TV ones stable is of very little concern, Hayley Holt who only a few short months ago was a flagship Melon candidate  is headed for a "prime" slot with Vunder Kid Tame merely brings a "so what". Who will watch it to be informed amongst the thousands who will be seduced by her undoubted talents in "Infotainment".

Yes I still hanker for the days when erudite commentators and editorialists opined without ever divulging their personal political stance, they dealt in analysis and backgrounding.
Watching Brian Edwards in his prime before he joined the socialists to make a difference, he seemed to be searching for answers from  any politician across the spectrum.

Today the electronic media options have largely negated the once awesome power of newspapers but the fawning obsessive behaviour of modern journalist impersonators is merely light entertainment yet sadly democracy demands that all citizens who might get direction from the vacuous, get to exercise their inalienable right to vote.
Hence we have a PM chosen by a well past his use by date dinosaur, local councils governed by people who would struggle to run the affairs of a scout troupe, and a politicised public service that once held a principle of neutrality, sacrosanct.

A word of warning to CNN, the light at the end of the tunnel is more likely an oncoming train.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


President trump had his appointment with the military MD, Vice Admiral Jackson who then did over an hour long stand up where the infantile media that have been shilling to have POTUS disqualified because he is mentally deficient asked some really pathetic questions.
Leaves the question how would the Whitehouse press corp done, they revealed a big deficit on intelligence and health.

Well the news is he is clinically obese, he eats too much junk food, watches too much device delivered information, has a medication for cholesterol and possible hypertension, is cardicaly sound, has his own teeth, and in the opinion of Admiral Jackson who also had the job with George W Bush and Obama, Trump will on current indications be more than capable to run again for a second term.

Oh and as an add-on Trump requested a Cognisance assessment using the MoCA test an industry standard that designates any score over 26/30 as normal.
President Trump scored a 30/30.
  • Trump underwent the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (or, MoCA)
  • It is a 10-minute, one-page test which was designed in 1996, and is now the industry standard
  • The test assesses concentration, attention, memory, language, calculations, orientation, executive functions and visual skills
  • The president scored 30/30

  • Someone else will give the WAPO/ Clinton News Network take I have nasal hair to remove.
    I will guess they will say he had cheat notes or a stand in.

    Tuesday, January 16, 2018

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    I see there's a bit of a hoohaa in the UK because the NHS is treating people according to their registered gender. 

    That means if a person is registered as female, invitations and reminders for mammograms and smear tests will be issued.  However, these invitations and reminders will not be issued to those who are registered as male.    Well that's pretty sensible, you might think.  But the LGBT gang is kicking up bobsy dye.    'What about all the gals who think they're guys?'

    Well what about them? I say.  Let them count themselves fortunate they'll all receive complementary prostate tests.


    The rules governing electoral spending in New Zealand are fairly robust.    In the three months prior to the 2017 election individual candidates were limited to $26k (GST inclusive)) in the amount they could spend on their campaign.   Parties too were limited in the amount of broadcasting time they got determined by the Electoral Commission from funds appropriated by Parliament for the purpose (in 2017 the amount was $4.176m) and are capped in the amount they can spend in contesting the party vote ($1.1m ).   The amount spent by third parties in promoting political parties/candidates is also regulated.

    Not so in the land of the free.   Unlimited money dominates the electoral process. PACs (Political Action Committees) and now Super PACs dominate with open ended cheque books.   I well remember visiting the office of a Congressman over a decade ago.    You will know that Congressional elections are held every two years with all seats up for grabs.   I was drawn to a bar chart in the office of the Congressman's Chief of Staff.    Short story ... the chart detailed progress in the $10,000 he needed to accumulate each and every week in the period up to the next election as a minimum to running his next campaign.   Two staff members were assigned that task full-time.

    I suspect right now the number is close to $25,000 per week.    You can rightly ask is that 'healthy' politics.   What deals are done; what favours ensue from that kind of money.    It matters not Republican or Democrat ... they're both at it although it appears the Democrats hold the edge in both fundraising and spending.

    And now the news that Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, hero to some, traitor to many, sentenced to 35 years imprisonment for leaking classified material during her service with the military as an intelligence analyst  (with 'her' sentence commuted by Obama in one of his last actions as President) is to run for the US Senate as a Democrat.    Great advert for that Party not but, given that state of politics in the land of the free, you would have to think 'she' was in with a chance.

    Do They Read What They Write?

    Adolf scans the job ads each day for a part time job.   Today there was some unintentional humor.

    Here's a section from a job description:-

    ".......The duties directly relating to your position will be nominated in mutual agreement with yourself and the Leadership team and may look different on a weekly basis. ....."


    We don't have a ****ing clue what we really want you to do.

    Monday, January 15, 2018


    But the furor over his alleged descriptive of certain African failed countries as "Arsehole" states is hardly a hanging offence ... undiplomatic, perhaps, but true nevertheless      What other way would you describe the likes of Somalia, Chad, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Take Somalia where the rule of law simply does not exist; where pirates ply the coast while radical Islamist militias roam the streets of Mogadishu unchecked.

    And if it weren't true why the hundreds of thousands of refugees trying for a better life in anywhere but their native country.

    Nah, the snowflake St Jacinda's of this world need to take their heads out of the sand and recognise the reality for what it is instead of pretending it's all a big lie. 

    Goodbye Google

    Readers will be aware a number of major tech companies e g Google, Facebook, Twitter have moved towards what can only be called political censorship, whereby conservative comments are blocked and conservative sites harassed.

    The latest episode concerning Google has prompted a potentially damaging action from an employee who was fired for expressing quite mild views which did not comply with the PC leftist group-think of the corporation.

    Adolf is grateful for a commenter at Bloomberg who provided detail of an alternative search engine, duckduckgo.com.

    Adolf will not be returning to Google nor does he use Facebook or Twitter.

    Sunday, January 14, 2018

    Delightful Interlude

    Below, for your sheer enjoyment is one of my favorite pieces of music.  It was played some years ago in our church during the offertory by an elderly retired concert pianist.

    Still brings a tear to the eye as I remember this gorgeous, elegant and sophisticated lady of talent.

    Here it is.  Arabesque by Robert Schumann.

    First Hot Day of the Year

    Forty degrees Celsius at 1430 hrs and Adolf has just enjoyed his third swim of the day.

    The pool is heated by way of a large roof top solar unit with a complicated control unit.   Current water temperature is a refreshing 30 degrees.

    I find it quite unpleasant even in the shade, so I'm inside wrapping myself around an ice cold beer while the aircon maintains a civilized 23 degrees.

    I wonder how everyone is getting on in that South Pacific ****hole?


    Kiwiblog has a handy little counter which tells you how many trees had to be planted by now were the Jones/Ardern government to fulfill their promise of planting a billion new trees a year.     As it stands right now the total stands at 204.5 million increasing by 2 trees per second.

    I guess the 'out' for this mob of losers is that 'they' didn't specify a start year nor did they come clean that their total includes all the trees normally planted by the industry.

    But it was instructive that Jones was slapped down by Ardern when he suggested the planing would be done by his cussie bros in some sort of grand 'work-for-the-dole' scheme.    Tree planting is seasonal and hard work with a high attrition rate if they are not planted properly.    Does anyone really think the Jones' boy cussie bros are willing and capable of such work.  

    Hat tip ... ask any Forester up here in Northland why much of their workforce is imported Island labour.  

    Ho Ho Ho