Monday, December 31, 2018


TV1 News last night featured the problems associated with the 'Boy Racers' convention in Christchurch with the police bemoaning the fact that they were having to divert scarce resources to dealing with the problem.

Sorry fellas, stop whinging and do your job.   It was National per courtesy of Judith Collins who gave you the tools needed to sort the problem out.    Namby-pamby policing doesn't work but crushing a few cars will.

The 'good' citizens of Christchurch deserve better than this.     


Sunday, December 30, 2018


on their well deserved win over Sri Lanka which propels NZL to third place in the World Test Match Rankings (behind India and England and now two ahead of Australia).

I agree with Simon Doull that picking the MOTM was a tough one with Boult and Latham very much in contention but I think that in naming Tim Southee they got it right.

Meanwhile Australian Cricket continues to tear itself apart with the aftermath on the ball tampering affair.     The orchestrated faux apologies by Smith and Bancroft on the eve of the Boxing Day Test and their attempt to shift the blame entirely onto the Coach and Warner has been rightly condemned by a slew of OZ cricketing greats including Dean Jones, Michael Slater and Ricky Ponting.

Smith, Warner and Bancroft become eligible to return to test cricket on 28 March.   Having them back in the game would be a bit like Lou Vincent playing for the Black Caps.   

Ho Ho Ho

Somebody gave us a pack of 'Hillary Clinton' toilet paper for Christmas.

Now we have blocked drains.

I came to say Happy to my friend Elizabeth Warren. Cant find her.

Now there's a Jewish camper van.


Friday, December 28, 2018


The purveyors of fake news attempted to place another arrow in POTUS but it fell short once again and a passing Eagle shat on them leaving messy faces.
Ever thought that most of the world MSM seem to have missed out on the embarrassment gene, as when their fake news is proved to be just that, they are totally  unaware apparently.

It was national news, Christmas had a lonely isolated POTUS surrounded by the crashed Dow as referenced by Adolf earlier, spending the day all alone in the Whitehouse while his extraordinary missus was going to be at the Florida campus Mar-a-Lago.
Then think for one second how a journalist with a trace of probity, might feel when it was revealed that Trump and the First Lady were visiting US Troops in the hot spots of Afghanistan and Iraq and not even in the US?
Sorry we got that wrong, "err no" just downplay the truth and ignore the shameless hate motivated garbage ultimately exposed.
Normal transmission resumed??

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Dim Wits

Like some of our resident trolls, the people at CNN are dimwits.

For a week now, their coverage of the Wall Street Crash (It's only a mild correction.) was wall to wall Trump mania.  It was all Donald Trump's fault.

Confusing signals from Washington send markets plunging

Funny thing is, they are too dumb to realise that if it is the president's fault that the market goes down, then it must be his positive influence at play when the same market goes up.

Here's today's headline:-

Dow soars 1,086 points in a miraculous comeback

Nothing to to do with the president, folks.  Just a bloody miracle. 

Hell, they might have to go to church and give thanks to God.

It get's even funnier as you read though the tripe.  In essence, their story is:-  Donald Trump caused the Dow to plunge 653 points while three days later a rise of 1,086 points is attributed to divine intervention.


The shortest war in history took place between Great Britain and Zanzibar on 27 August 1896.    It lasted 38 minutes.    Zanzibar lost.  Funny that.

Jacqueline Bouvier (later Jacqui Kennedy later Jacqui Onassis) lost her virginity in 1951 to a John P Marquand Jnr ... son of the famous writer John P Marquand Snr ... in an 'elevator'.   The mind boggles.

Both Stalin and Hitler were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize ... they didn't get it.

Early on in WW2 HRH the Duke of Windsor mused privately that, if offered, he would accept the position of President of the Republic of Great Britain as a means of bringing an end to the war.    A reflection of the enmity he felt towards the Royal family and indicative of his total disconnect from reality.

Fanta was invented by Max Keith, head of Coca-Cola Deutschland, when the US trade embargo against Germany made the importing of Coca-Cola syrup impossible.    He used only the ingredients available in Germany at that time including whey and apple pomace.    It became the preferred soft-drink for the German military.

p.s.    Back in Paihia.   Blue Sky, the sun's out.   Gonna be a hot day.


After decades of attempting to get some semblance of reason around some Japanese wanting to eat a traditional meat choice The Land of The rising Sun has told the increasingly inane "International Whaling Commission" where to put their ban on all Whaling.

The Inuit sometimes labeled Eskimo, peoples are allowed to harvest their traditional Protein source and some inhabitants of Norway still take whales for meat but because the Japanese took commercial whaling to a larger profile they became the big target for the environmental nutters.

Just imagine if a move to prevent the slaughter of fluffy little Lambs for human consumption, yes I know it would be of little interest to the majority of the people of the world who do not like the quite different flavour, smell and taste of cooked sheepmeat but extend that stupidity to Goats possibly the most eaten flesh of cloven footed animals, or god forbid bovine pleasures such as steak or its even more consumed ground beef.

Meanwhile recovering populations of some whale species occupy many hours of media whipped up drama when occasional strandings, events that incidentally have been occurring naturally for all of human recorded time and most likely many centuries beyond that. have modern manipulated misguided ignoring a potential protein bonanza while perpetrating the suffering all too often of doomed mammals.

Whale meat is just one of many protein sources that have survived human development, just as have Chickens, Pigs, Cattle, turkeys and so on but currently for reasons few could advance have become verboten.

I do not know if I need a licence to harvest a salmon on its final journey to death up a Canadian river, as I am forced to here in NZ, but I do know that a hungry Grizzley can stand in the icy water and catch as many as it can, and that has also been a natural event for much longer since almost forever.

Listening to the pathos dripping voices protesting what is little different to what happens across the worlds slaughter houses for meat processing other food protein, and sadly many of those do not match the hygienic and humane ones here in NZ, it seems just one more step for those who want one world order to mung beans and tofu.

Monday, December 24, 2018


and it gives me great pleasure to wish my colleague bloggers and all those who 'infest' (bad word but you know what I mean) this blog a joyful Christmas break (or Happy Holidays for the Davids of this world) and may 2019 be all you want it to be.

Enjoy the break (if you're having one); be safe on the roads and in the water and continue to stand up for what you believe is right.

Thank you one and all ... I enjoy your contributions.

p.s.    Christmas Day and Boxing Day are blog free days for me.   Mrs Vet and I are up at the Ramada Resort at Taipa Beach enjoying the 'rain' which continues to hose down here in the Far North.    Thank you Queensland.

Sunday, December 23, 2018


as they dragged WRP kicking and screaming to sign the UN Compact on Migration remembering back to the dead rat they had to ingest in voting for 'his' waka jumping legislation.

'And count us in with that' sayeth Labour remembering 'his' scuttling of their legislation to repeal the three strikes provisions of the Sentencing and Parole Reform Act.

And clearly Peters' blustering ... trust me 'I'm a lawyer,  I've read the Compact and there's nothing to worry about, doesn't wash with his Party faithful ... go look at the NZF Facebook page for confirmation of that ... and, as for the lawyer bit, well he has a law degree but he's never practiced law beyond being a law clerk in a minor law firm half a century ago; he doesn't hold a current practising certificate and he clearly doesn't know (or chooses to ignore) the fact that it's an offense under s 21 of the Lawyers and Conveyances Act for a person to describe themselves as a lawyer when they don't hold a practising certificate.   'Bush lawyer' at best and not a very good bush lawyer at that.

So, what does the Compact do?    Well, among other things it gives new heart to people smugglers and immigration lawyers because it recommends equal status be given to all refugees and immigrants both legal and illegal. The genuine asylum seeker fearing for his/her life is to have the same status and rights of someone who has paid a people smuggler x dollars facilitate their illegal entry into a country and that's a valuable selling tool for the people smuggler when he pitches his offer.   And it gives new work to immigration lawyers who will be able to argue before the courts that the immigration service has breached in some way, shape or form, the persons rights as set out in the Compact ... that's not me saying that ... it's Crown Law's advice to the government.

Bottom line ... illegal immigrants will find it easier to stay here with their legal fees paid for by the taxpayer.

Some would argue the Compact is non-binding on the nations that signed it and, in absolute terms, that's right. But in signing it you have a moral obligation to work towards its implementation ... if that were not so then you lay yourself open to the charge of hypocrisy and we all know the CoL ain't hypocrites ... are they?

All this from a Party that has dined out on the immigration issue since its inception ... well, actions speak louder then words ... this year has seen NZF sign up to an increased refugee quota; acknowledge that, far from getting Shane Jones' unemployed cuzzie bros off their arse planting 'his' billion trees, they're going to have to import labour from the Pacific Islands to do the work ... and now this.    Their flagship policy is in tatters.   

Forget the Provincial Growth Fund as a source of vote buying shoring up the NZ First vote.   WRP signing the contract is the ultimate betrayal of many thousands of 'his' true believers and won't be forgotten no matter the blustering assurances of their bush lawyer leader. 

Updated ... I see that Angela Merkel is now reported as saying that the countries that signed the Compact could (on an majority vote?) agree to make it legally binding.   So already, with the ink barely dry, the 'Progressives' are looking to up the stakes ... funny that.

Ho Ho Ho

A little boy told his Mum that God's name was Harold Wishart.

They said a prayer in church today - Our Father Wishart in Heaven, Harold be Thy name.

Trump's Wall

I see Donald Trump is threatening to close down the government because Congress won't pay for wall.

Weird.  I thought Mexico was paying for the wall.

Saturday, December 22, 2018


President Trump's decision to withdraw up to half the remaining US fores in Afghanistan, made against the advice of his military commanders and against the backdrop of increased Taliban activity, has analysts warning that it could have a devastating effect on the stability of the country and hand the Taliban militants a propaganda victory.

Clearly this was the straw that broke Jim Mattis' back and led to his resignation as Trump's Defence Secretary.

Trump appears to be increasingly isolated as President.   Something is going to have to give and give soon.    Don't know what but, in all likelihood, it ain't gonna be pretty.


Ngapuhi have a reputation as a warrior tribe.   In years gone by when they tired of fratricide they used to sally forth from the North in search of easier prey.   My good mate from Te Araroa on the East Coast once explained his bitterness towards Ngapuhi ... they ate my ancestors.

The infighting continues to this day.     Andrew Little has just announced the result of the Ngapuhi-wide vote on the 'Evolved Mandate' proposal ... translated ... who gets to negotiate with the Crown the terms of  'their' treaty settlement.    The threshold for the mandate's adoption was 75% agreement. Individuals voted 52-48 for adoption while the Hapu result was a resounding NO with 73 voting to oppose and only 31 in favour.

So it's back to the drawing boards although clearly they're running out of options.   Equally clear the fact that Ngapuhi enjoy fighting among themselves in preference to sitting down and negotiating a settlement that would see the tribe in a position to emulate the commercial success of Ngai Tahu.    In the meantime their leaders, so called, continue to live high on the hog looking forward to further Hui and much koreao (not forgetting the honorarium and expenses).  

Chris Finlayson had it about right in his valedictory when he said miracles can sometime happen ... Sonny Tau (of dead bird smuggling fame) might decide to go a live in Iceland.     

Friday, December 21, 2018

Christmas Greetings

As another Christmas day approaches I wish those who write here at No Minister and those who comment in a civilized manner the very best for themselves and their families.  In particular, here's a shout out to Nick, Vet, Dodger, pdm and Milt.  Your points of view and styles bring a nice balance and flavour to the blog. 

An honorable mention to one time contributor and now frequent commenter, Andrei, to whom I'm indebted for reminding me of the true meaning of 'holidays' and 'goodbye.'   Merry Christmas, Andrei.

As far as the gang of verminous trolls is concerned, they can rot in Hell over Christmas. 

No doubt such sentiment will illicit outrage from the fundamentalist atheist who knows more about Christianity than do Christians.  Andrei will back me up in my contention that redemption is available only to those who repent and the word repent is derived from the Greek language meaning 'to change from the old ways.'   Offered an amnesty a couple of weeks ago, these idiots couldn't get back into their old habits fast enough.

Feliz Navidad y un feliz ano nuevo.


In the UK Gatwick Airport has been shut down following repeated incursions by 'industrial' drone aircraft over the airport perimeter.
The incursions have resulted in disruptions to some 760 flights and has affected the travel plans of some 110,000 passengers.   As I write this the airport remains closed and will not reopen until it is safe to do so.    The Army has been called in presumably to help track the drones and/or shoot them down.

Meanwhile the nice Mr Corbyn is facing criticism from within his own party for bottling out on his plan to table a vote of 'No Confidence' on Theresa May's Government.    I guess he was distracted from the task by having to deal with Fiona Onasanya MP (and former Labour Party Whip) who yesterday was found guilty of three counts of perverting the course of justice by lying to to Police.    It is possible she will face jail.    She has been suspended from the Labour Party amid calls for her to resign her seat.

And Putin has called on Americans and Britons to respect the will of the people who voted for President Trump and for Brexit ... I guess he thought he was trying to be helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated 1430 NZDT  ... Gatwick remains closed.   2.9m passengers are booked to transit through Gatwick over the Christmas/New Year period.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018


Does anyone seriously want to argue the toss that, in the year of #Me Too, if Deputy Commissioner Haumaha had been Pakeha with connections to the National Party (as opposed to being Maori with connections to Winston First) he would have been gone by lunchtime?

Just askin.


My old mate 'The Realist' is an occasional contributor to the No Minister blog.    I was chatting to him off blog and mentioned I had received a Xmas card emblazoned 'Happy Holidays'.

The Realist's response ... I get those too.   I post them straight back to the sender with the words 'If  you mean Merry Christmas then why don't you say it' ... or words to that effect.   The Realist is renowned for his plain speaking.

Take a bow Realist ... take a bow.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Those of you who watched/heard Chris Finlayson's valedictory speech in the House will have had it confirmed that Parliament has lost an inherently decent man of undoubted ability, integrity and passion for making New Zealand a better place.

The Neanderthals sought to denigrate his work as Treaty Settlements Minister and did so because they were too thick and stupid to recognise that there were/are genuine grievances that needed to be put right.    The paucity of their argument was such that they were forced to resort to a whispering campaign focusing on his sexuality ... 'Twinks for dessert anyone'.   Sez more about them than it does about CF.

Finlayson was a liberal conservative in the Jack Marshall tradition and a devout Catholic to boot.   He didn't/doesn't stand fools and has a razor sharp intellect.   He will mainly be remembered as having presided over close to 60 Treaty settlements and while I suspect we haven't heard the last of him one thing for sure, history will treat him kindly.


Yesterday the increasingly  under the pump appointed PM resorted to childhood name calling by ending an answer to the Opposition Leader with an accentuated "Simple Simon".

Now in US Football, the line backer rides shotgun behind the defensive line to cover, in the Parliament the role is filled currently by one Trevor Mallard but yesterday whether deliberate or not, such a clear and provocative threat to "order" was not picked up until Bridges was well into his next supplementary before the worst speaker in my time and that includes "fingernails on the blackboard" Margaret Wilson, no small achievement incidentally, finally politely asked Arden to 'withdraw and apologise'.

The relentless probing around the astonishingly naive effort to give convicted drug importer, wife threatener and general all round thug Karel Sroubek deportation blocking residency as a protection at the end of his five year sentence for importing almost five Kgs of MDMA, continues to erode the lofty position of the Fairy Princess, Winston First employed to give impetus to his twilight status.

Amazing that with all the history of Pollies getting undone by the cover up when the original mistake was no threat, that a communications graduate ignores her recent text history.
If Hardcore's message of congratulation is so innocent just release it and stop with the pinhead dancing, after all Key was placed in a position where releasing was seen as a better option so the suggestion that precedent creation is a problem does not exist, OTOH hiding embarrassing messages might just still come around on the Karma bus.

Follow the money. Just... follow the money

So, it turns out there is something deeply dodgy at the bottom of the Karel Sroubek affair after all, just not the something that Mark Mitchell would have you believe. (Speaking of Mitchell, it's kind of funny that someone who hired dirty-politics specialists Slater and Lusk to help get him selected and can't tell journalists how many people he's killed, calls Sroubek a "nasty piece of work.")

Here's the timeline:

19 September: Iain Lees-Galloway performs the mundane task of looking at his officials' report on Karel Sroubek's request to overturn his deportation order, and grants it on the basis there's a credible risk to the guy's life if he's returned to his original country. Nobody finds this in any way unusual, because it isn't.

Weeks pass. Sroubek's ex-wife, who's now fucking a Nat insider called Mark Davey, starts trying to sell their jointly-owned home and business.

26 October: Sroubek places a caveat on the sale process to protect his share.

28 October:  DPF posts "Labour grants residency to recidivist criminal!!", in which Lees-Galloway's routine decision to overturn Sroubek's deportation order is suddenly a shock-horror story worthy of multiple exclamation marks.

Over the next week, DPF makes multiple posts on the subject and the attack gets into full swing in the House.  It becomes clear that National knows a lot more about Sroubek than Minister Lees-Galloway's officials did, and its MPs use this info to attack the Minister's competence.

28 November: the government accepts that National's attack has been successful and cuts its losses.  Sroubek's deportation order is re-instated, with various implausible reasons given because the actual reason, "We're cutting our losses," isn't one a politician can announce publicly.

In the meantime, some people had started asking themselves how it could be that National knew more about Sroubek's situation than the Immigration officials who'd reported on it to the minister, and others had come to the correct conclusion that the inside information was being provided to National by Sroubek's ex-wife, via Mark Davey.

5 December: with the cat out of the bag, National tries a new tack. DPF dutifully posts "Sroubek’s estranged wife is ‘afraid for her life’", part of a new narrative in which the ex-wife now isn't so much an informant as a damsel in distress being horribly victimised by the evil Sroubek and his dastardly cronies in the Labour Party. They've been running with that one ever since, with the latest effort being carefully-edited exerpts from a recorded phone call.

I had been under the impression that ex-Mrs Sroubek was being duped by National in yet another of its dirty-politics capers, but Sroubek's letter to the Herald unveiled the true story by making the timeline clear:

The caveat was placed on October 26 and the news about Sroubek getting residency broke two days later. 

That sentence is all you really need to know about the Sroubek affair.  Nice hit, very successful for both the ex-wife and her new boyfriend's political party. Always follow the money...

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Too Good to Keep Until Sunday

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Naughty Little Boys

Australian politics these days seems preoccupied with sex scandals.

A second National Party MP has been forced to stand down due to his obsessive pursuit of a bit of poontang while overseas.

First there was the dumb Kiwi, Barnaby Joyce and now we have an Aussie dickhead, Andrew Broad.  I pity their poor wives.   The media insists on publishing pictures of these fools' wives as though somehow they too are deserving of ridicule.

Adolf is reminded that back in the day Liberal Party MPs were Libs; National Party MPs were Nats and Country Party MPs were ------ just hanging around on the periphery.


I recall several instances of roadside signage falling foul of Transit rules by being a distraction.
A danger that suddenly  becomes benign if a "Fee" is paid, as if that totally unrelated extortion suddenly transforms the danger to a negligible one.

Traveling this morning to Rotorua via SH 30 along the shores of Rotoiti this effort by a  complete moron seems to be at odds with its central message,

A road safety message that must compete with the equally moronic one, once situated near the top of the ridge between Takamatua and Akaroa  less than 3 Kms from the end of Highway seventy five, suggesting drivers pull over and rest.
The stupid is only exceeded by the waste of resources.


Dear old Snowflake has been seized with what constitutes political correctness and what doesn't.   So he can try this for size.

A couple of days ago I met up with an old acquaintance of mine, Leith Comer, in the Koru Lounge at Auckland Airport.   I was privileged to command Leith when he was a young subaltern in Singapore.   He went on to complete a distinguished career in the military and latterly as the Chief Executive of Te Puni Kokiri.     Leith has just been appointed as Chair of the Veterans Advisory Board.

He told me he had been directed by his Minister to review the definition of what constitutes a 'Veteran' with the meme that it should be expanded to include all those who have ever served in the military in whatever capacity.   What arrant nonsense ... clearly designed to appease the Snowflakes of the world who want to dumb down everything to the lowest common denominator.

The word 'Veteran' is properly defined in the Veterans' Support Act as "a member of the armed forces who took part in qualifying operational service at the direction of the New Zealand Government" ...  you take away the operational service bit and you're left with????????

Those members of the armed service with operational service deserve much better than this and what a feekin waste of the VAB's time and energy.    They could do much better probing the rationale behind the little known fact that the annual general adjustment to  the War Disablement Pensions is discounted by any movement in the CPI relating to the tobacco excise tax. 

Monday, December 17, 2018


A well worn legend of perception in media standards.

The naivety of a Prime Minister deliberately choosing to make a tearful scene from a very tragic and untimely demise of a foreign tourist who just happened to have a back story as an attractive , successful, graduate, on a gap year, about to embark on a career that would take her who knows where is shocking enough.

Apologising on behalf of  c4 500 000 people of these islands, a majority of who have little regard for the PM personally and how she rose to high office, was a step too far for too many, in fact  an affront and down right embarrassingly wrong.

We live in an age where moral values , personal behaviours and personal development of relationship activity towards others, regardless of gender,  occasionally sees outcomes that are abhorrent to almost every other person, however such incidents might occur with mind numbing regularity.
Some agree that Sir Apirana Ngata's prophetic words on the introduction of welfare in the 1930s by the first Labour government, of welfare's destructive potential. A morphed system now massively expanded with  a general decline in personal responsibility and self pride, is but a manifestation of what Ngata saw as a real danger for his people but  now a malaise that impacts on all of us in variable degrees.

The extremely sad ending of the tourists life was only one of what are rightly seen as brutal and gruesome killings of human beings currently involving the time and resources of the constabulary with an accompanying serious toll on their mental health and ability to continue the work nobody else wants to do. Yet there are a bunch of shallow thinking,  almost blind to reality folk who see no incongruity in the head of government with all the accompanying power to alter the lemming like plunge to disaster that current policy settings and ambitions around punishment, welfare, education, and socialist Utopian dreams might just be contributing to the climate of behaviour that leads to such tragedies in many ways.
Violent unstable relationships, video  games that feature killing and maiming that seem so aggressive to those off us who, sporting wooden guns played cowboys and indians then went home to  a stable often spartan homelife with zero intent to actually inflict hurt or harm on anyone.

Contrast offerings on TV of cage fighting,  kick boxing, mixed martial arts along with reports of King Hit deaths and beatings around gang activity and visible society has some questions to answer.
The black and white stills of Paulus surrender and even  the liberated camp photos didd not portray the absolute depravity and squallor that went before, while a blood spattered person getting the crap litterally kicked out off them is so graphic.

Politicians, media and the internet have all advanced a godless shallow value system around everyday activity where the value of human life has plummeted from what I recall was  apparent to us as children and callow youth, yet we spent our formative years in the aftermath of the bloodiest, mass slaughter man ever endured. Did that impact as a fact,  life having a higher value then.

Sunday, December 16, 2018


Yesterday was Xmas Cheer at the Waitangi Golf Club.   I was teamed up with an American who divides his time seven months in the US and the remainder here in Paihia.   

As we ambled our way around the course we chatted about this and that.   He 'enthralled' us with this snippet of information ... at the Iowa State Fair the signature food is deep fried butter ... I kid you not ... looked it up.   'Invented'  by a guy named Abel Gonzales Jnr aka 'Fried Jesus' of Dallas Texas and made its debut at the Texas State Fair in 2009.   Prepared using battered frozen butter it was awarded the 'Most Creative Food' prize at the Fair.   Since then it has apparently taken orf.

Yeh Gods ... can't imagine anything more revolting.   Surpasses deep fried Mars Bars going away.
How do you market it? ... 'pure cholestrol and nothing but cholestrol' ... only in the Good Ole US of A ... until it reaches here. 

Ho Ho Ho

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Were NZ's PM a resident of Australia she would by now have been deported for associating with people of exceedingly dubious character.


What's the difference between Jacinda Ardern and Alemain Kopu?

Alemain Kopu kept her mouth shut.