Friday, October 27, 2017


Dunedin DHB has joined the mindless ideological crusade to decline accommodation for parents and family of seriously ill children in their hospitals following the outrageous action of  Manakau DHB who operate Middlemore hospital, such charitable accommodation funded by Ronald McDonald.

What a Terrible decision based on a tenuous Link between a favourite target of social justice warriors, fast food giant McDonalds, and the charity accommodation provider.

Some of the most challenged amongst us with a child in treatment involving some very distressing side effects and possibly facing an early death of the patient and these ignoramuses want their personal  'halo' polishing group hug to remove such a valuable adjunct to service delivery of the hospital thy are charged with administering.

I readily accept that overindulgence in most fast and convenience food can exacerbate  a tendency to obesity,  a problem that certainly will not be confronting the seriously sick child of parents availing themselves of Ronald Mc Donald houses.
There is a plethora of gratitude from such family members anecdotally and no other provider in sight yet these people are so disconnected from reality that they can indulge their self absorbed attitudes in a misguided mob attack.

Obesity is a direct result of excess calorie intake allied to inadequate exercise and that is not any food provider's fault, it arises from poor decision making by individuals and parents.

Back in last century as a father of two girls year seven and nine, I was confronting a lover, wife and mother becoming paralysed from T1 down and the advice of the medics it was terminal and untreatable in Neurological ward of Dunedin hospital.
Financially challenged in a city hundreds of Kms from home, the offer of accommodation in the by then retired nurses home was a godsend.  There was no one in that fine city we knew, very dark times it must be said.
In a time of severe stress such support was  just so welcome and looking back 45 years that feeling is as raw today.  That our travail was ended with only residual nerve damage and still all alive today I have some appreciation of just what a marvellous thing Ronald McDonald homes supply to parents facing something everyone hopes won't happen to them.


Psycho Milt said...

Pedant corner: no arguments from me re the foolishness of trying to block charity from Macdonalds, but as an obsessive about nutrition and obesity I can't let this go by:

Obesity is a direct result of excess calorie intake allied to inadequate exercise...

That's incorrect. Obesity is related to type of diet, not calories in general. How your body extracts the calories from different foods makes a big difference to the effects they have. The public health clowns might be horribly confused about exactly what type of diet is involved in obesity and diabetes, but they're correct that it's a matter of diet.

Paulus said...

Typical hypocrites -
We will now see many more example of this kind of behaviour from people who have just kicked the working class into touch.