Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Karl Du Fresne is a freelance journalist and columnist living in Wairarapa.  He has written an opinion piece titled 'Voters lose control when coalition negotiations begin'.    You can read it here.

It's a thoughtful piece.   Clearly not all will agree (Geoffrey Palmer particularly ... but that probably adds credence to the article).

Recommended reading.


David said...

De Fresne is right, MMP is a crock that will never deliver on its promises.

A return to FFP is not the answer.

I like the hare Clark system as run in Tasmania. 5 electorates each elect 5 members by STV.

Obviously NZ would need more then 5 electorates, but it should produce a better result than MMp with all elected members answerable to an electorate.

paul scott said...

How much control would a media person like Karl want to have over democracy ? Oh right, Media, probably hasn't thought that far ahead. .

If Karl thinks he loses the power with MMP > how about an Upper House with old Nat party people and elite Maori? No?
Ok, what about a Constitution made up by Palmer some old Nats and many Maori elite. Then Karl's vote will never mean anything at all.
Media people have a condition which prevents thinking power.
What does he think MMP is doing. He is introducing as much NZF policy as he can.
Sorry you don't like our policies Karl. tough.

The Veteran said...

Paul ... straw man comment indeed. No Party apart from TOP was proposing a second chamber (and remind me just how many seats TOP won. No Party was agitating for a written constitution. It is the hobby horse of a certain failed Prime Minister who wet dreams over constitutional law.

And all this per courtesy of MMP which is tail wags dog politics. FPP may have its faults but at least it is the tyranny of the majority (note majority) but certainly MMP has more with its entrenchment of the tyranny of the minority.

And what about all those good people who voted Winston First solely on the basis of Winston's promise to hold a referendum on the Maori seats (and there were many of them). Within hours of the election Winston jettisons it to clear the deck so he could talk to St Jacinda. Truly a wondrous act of bastardy proportions.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"......on the basis of Winston's promise to hold a referendum on the Maori seats (and there were many of them)."

And that is the most duplicitous aspect of the whole farce.

pdm said...

Paul Scott - Karl du Fresne is a top man whom I have known since he was about 12. One of his older brothers was a friend right through High School and remains so after over 57 years of friendship. I therefore run into Carl from time to time and as I recall the last time was at my Aunts funeral a few years ago - it is always good to catch up with him.

Believe me Carl has always been a class act as a journalist and former newspaper editor and he remains many notches above those portraying themselves as journalists these days.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Cameron Slater, Food and Grocery Council head Katherine Rich and PR specialist Carrick Graham have failed in a bid to get a defamation claim thrown out of court.

The case was brought by public health professionals Dr Doug Sellman, Dr Boyd Swinburn and Shane Bradbrook, who alleged they had been defamed in a series of blog posts on Slater’s Whale Oil blog, and comments Graham allegedly left on the posts.

They also alleged Graham had organised the posts’ publication and authored one of them himself, and Rich – a former National MP – and the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council had paid Graham for his services.

The case was prompted by allegations made in Nicky Hager’s 2014 book Dirty Politics.

In a decision released this week, the High Court at Auckland declined the defendants’ bid to have the case struck out.

They had argued the case was filed too late as it was brought more than two years after the first publication of the statements.

However, Justice Matthew Palmer said as the statements were still available on Slater’s blog, they had, in effect, been published multiple times.

Shelldrake said...

Even better piece by Du Fresne in this mornings Dom. Refers to Peters as Doctor Who. On Stuff now.