Sunday, October 29, 2017

Focusing on Twyford Land

Now that the government has changed, I have decided to do a little more blogging over the next three years.

The Executive is huge, and with that will come more spin doctors and noise.

It's too much for any critiquer to handle.  There will be stuff-ups, and I expect the country to hurt.  Winston Peters already alluded to that in his "acceptance" speech.  He knows how bad the government's policies will be for the poor and helpless, and he has forewarned us.

For me, Jacinda has done me a huge favour by making tertiary education free for the first year as my daughter is heading off there in 2019.  That will save our family about $5,000.00 for that first year - better than any tax cut could have.  But of course, that's paid for by taxi drivers in Gore and hairdressers from Wanganui - thanks!

It is impossible for any of us to capture all the dire shit that will be propelled upon us, and so I will focus almost entirely on housing, and particularly Phil Twyford's policies and promulgations.  Property, real estate, tax et al are areas I know a fair bit about, and so it makes sense for me to do that, rather than try to be a jack of all trades here.  It will probably involve Official Information Act requests and the like.  As much as I can, I will apply the blowtorch to his ill-founded proclamations.

It also makes sense because as sure as night follows day, the media won't do that job.  Particularly not with Paddy Gower, who seems to be behaving more and more, each day, like a love-struck teenager fawning over Jacinda Ardern.

So that's my plan.  Hopefully, it will leave a policy area that can be looked back upon over the years, much like Lindsay Mitchell does with welfare.  I have created a new tag for the posts - Twyford Land.

On the topic of Lindsay Mitchell, keep an eye on this - it's a valuable line in the sand.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Let the games begin!

I wonder how long the obsequious media honeymoon will last?

Judge Holden said...

You’re going to purposely waste public money with vexatious OIA requests. Good to know. And why do you consider that hairdressers’ and taxi drivers’ children don’t deserve a tertiary education?

pdm said...

Judge you fool - read again.

Nick is thanking the taxi drivers and hairdressers for funding his daughters University education.

The Veteran said...

Poor old Mr Holden ... clearly in his brave new world all the OIA requests directed by the toxic trio at National over the last few years were entirely legitimate while now, with the tables turned, they are to be considered both a waste of public money and vexatious.

One has to wonder if Mr Holden is fortelling a move by government to limit/do way with OIA requests? Just askin.

Judge Holden said...

Well pms, I’m sure the hairdresser and the taxi driver will be grateful to Nick for helping fund their children’s education also.

Vet used to worry about wasteful government expenditure. However, it now doesn’t seem to matter to him that right wingers are preparing to spend public resources on pointless fishing expeditions. Hypocrisy much?

Nick K said...

I haven't thrown the line into the water yet. So I'm not sure how you can call the fishing expeditions "pointless".

Psycho Milt said...

One has to wonder if Mr Holden is fortelling a move by government to limit/do way with OIA requests?

They'd have an uphill struggle to top National's record over the last nine years.

Psycho Milt said...

Nick is thanking the taxi drivers and hairdressers for funding his daughters University education.

Every taxpayer funds every public service, regardless of whether they personally benefit from that service or not. That's inherent in taxation. I don't see the problem that supposedly exists with that.

Anonymous said...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the multi millionaires, whose number has doubled in the last ten years, who are funding Nick's children's tertiary education.

Such altruism is rare these days particularly in the face of the certain financial catastrophe that is about to envelope us. I have sold all my assets and now sitting in cave waiting for the inevitable end.

Lord Egbut

Nick..I might be a bit cross with you if it all works out OK.