Tuesday, October 10, 2017


As the race relations commissioner continues her squashbuckling random attacks, devoid of any understanding of the definitions of race, religion or culture, often based on People "taking Offence" as opposed to actual offensive behaviour,  over a very languid and erroneous interpretation of what Duncan Garner actually stated, her time in the Role is well past its use by date.

The idiot woman needs to be taken out back and have some relevance instruction as forcefully as is needed culminating in an apology and immediate resignation.
Her term at the trough should be squashed forthwith

Disgraceful is somewhat inadequate.

It could be revealing should she honestly answer 'Garners Eighteen Questions' published on Whaleoil.


pdm said...

Devoy was aided and abetted by stuff who censored my contribution questioning her involvement in this matter and did not publish it.

I assume others were so treated by stuff as well.

Anonymous said...

Luv the squashbuckling.

Lord Egbut