Thursday, September 21, 2017

Winston Doesn't Like The National Anthem

TVNZ is carrying a story in which Winston Peters is promising to change the national anthem.   Good old Winston - always right there with the critical hot button issues.

I nearly died laughing when I read this quote:-

He said that, anecdotally, he had never seen Kiwis sing the anthem in times of great joy or celebration, 

By hell, they will be on September 24th if NZ1st falls below five percent.  You'll hear the song of joyous rapture echoing from coast to coast.


The Veteran said...

That's the best he can do? ... reduced to that to get a headline. Sad, sad, sad.

He really has lost the plot like when he exited a packed 'Meet the Candidates' Meeting in Paihia where the 200 plus audience clapped and cheered National's Matt King while Winstons speech was greeted with very short and muted applause and he got the huff and left early.

Shelldrake said...

Other than Super gold Card what other achievements has he had in 39 yeaRS in Parliament. Yet the older citizens still flock to him waiting for him to arrive as the new Messiah. It has already been a long wait and will only gEt long.

Anonymous said...

I like the latest (17th) effort from the spoof account, about Winston Peters
honest Winnie


paul scott said...

NZ First 8%.

George said...

Call the party what it is.
The peters first party and sycophants Inc.