Wednesday, September 27, 2017


I see that the NBR has published an opinion piece by Wayne Brown labeling electors in Northland as stupid for voting out Winston Peters as their MP.

Some might opine that Brown has a mortgage on stupidity having been voted in as Mayor of the Far North District Council with a mandate for change and dumped six years later leaving behind, as his legacy, a totally dysfunctional Council.   Other less charitable folk have described Brown as a totally self-serving prick quite up himself.. 

Sucking up to Winston for a job perhaps.   One thing for sure, National owes him nothing, zip, zero.


Wilbur said...

No wonder you and eggbutthead get on so well, he's an old fart with Trump Derangement Syndrome and you have Winnie Derangement Syndrome !!

The Veteran said...

Wilbur ... as do 92.5% of the voting public (and that number has probably increased following 'his' quite bizarre news conference today).

For the record I am younger than Peters and Egbut is younger than me so I guess in your lexicon that makes Peters a REALLY old fart.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear....Veteran, what I lack in youth I make for in bloodymindedness. When I find out what school Wilbur goes to I'm going to mug him for his lunch money.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... cruel (but nice).