Sunday, September 10, 2017


Three years ago National stopped listening and began with the we know best on the back of six years of adulation for negotiating the GFC and seismic activity.

Nats who before had engaged in debate and discussion began preaching and turned off the hearing aids.

Kiwiblog that once was a forum for debate became a divisive echo chamber where the main focus seemed to be two ticks blue.
A strategy doomed to premature death because of simple math rules. In the mid forties and clinging to the rotting carcass of the moribund bouffant who never hesitated to destroy with his intractable opposition, socialist based, to reform of the shackles of the RMA and an inexplicable move to promote an increasingly obvious endangerment of people dabbling in substance abuse with Legal  alternative cannabis product while  standing four square in opposition to the clear benefits for certain medical applications for the Hemp.

At the same time the Nats clung to the Maori Party that under a pragmatic Turei and Sharples had presented an almost credible conservative approach but still held sway from a base of entitled grasping bunch who saw the ToW as  way forward abetted by one time legal supporter Chris Findlayson,  has become a party now well represented by a racist harridan displaying the true colours of The Maroi Party c2017.

While a rudderless opposition basked in a succession of leaders who facing a modern day economic manager with a passably competent Min Fin, it was all too easy and third term-itus became a potential epidemic.  When the Media Party were delivered a pretty young thing to oppose a captains choice as Nat leader, what had been obvious to a few became a mantra for many.

National have had a ruthless management system for dealing with losers and when Simon English delivered a rock bottom support of 20% in 2002 he began a long haul back, culminating in the captain's call late last year by Key to deny the MPs any real voice in a succession plan and installed Simon as PM while he cut and ran. Holyoake did the same to Jack Marshal and Norman Kirk took advantage.

Einstein is often quoted with a definition of insanity;  doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.
National are insane and look increasingly similar to a bunch of sad bastards crowded into a Tumbrel trundling to an appointment with Madame Guillotine.

Not long into the third term and an elected member representing Northland was  exposed as wanting but the response was mediocre and inept.
Minister Joyce took the job of campaign supremo for the subsequent by-election and the disaster was completed with the resurrection of an almost comatose megalomaniac race mixing charlatan who now may well be given another launch as "The Man".

The current campaign under personal of so many proven failures in the face of a very clever and well planned rain of vagueness, threats, and outright misinformation from Labour is notable for its ineptness.

Two ticks Blue just will not do it, and the daft buggers who think it will are symptomatic of the malaise of National left to NZ by Sir John Key.

If Simon English was the answer it was a bloody daft question.


The Veteran said...

GD ... there is much in your analysis that I can agree with especially re the (forced) coronation of BE. You can be a very good number two but that does not necessarily translate into number one (Marshall, Watt, Palmer) ... sometimes the electorate just wants a new face ... and with Socialist Cindy they will certainly be getting a new face complete with a huge shift to the left ... just have a look at 'their' industrial relations policy.

But what really gets me is the electorates lemming like embrace of new taxes to be determined after the event ... trust us to do what's right ... spew. Well, I'll tell you what's not right. It's not right for Government to steal from my kids their inheritance that I have worked hard for. That's socialism and that's why I'm not a socialist.

Judge Holden said...

Socialist Cindy! The voters are lemmings! Liarbour are commies! Keep it up guys, it's working a treat. For someone who's not crapping himself you sure do smell bad.

Anonymous said...

"The current campaign under personal of so many proven failures in the face of a very clever and well planned rain of vagueness, threats, and outright misinformation from Labour is notable for its ineptness."

Nothing inept about this from Labour today.........

Foreign, non-resident homebuyers would be shut out of the housing market by Christmas through an urgent law change - a move which National says will breach New Zealand's free trade agreements.

Breach of free trade agreements my arse...try buying property in Singapore, Thailand or land in Hong Kong and see how the the National government in NZ looks after your interests....NOT.

Property is a one way street, US internet moguls can buy the South Island and dirty money from SE Asia can buy the the North Island from under our noses and all we do is wring our hands and bleat on about free trade agreements. We as a country with 3 mill people do not have the financial clout to make a dent in the US or Asian housing market but they sure as hell have made a hole in ours by purchasing and then renting it back to us at extortionate rates. Why is it such a surprise that a young woman with passion and fire in her belly is taking it away from grey middle aged men?

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... It probably escapes you but foreign buyers are predominantly interested in the high end property market. Banning them will do little to help fist home buyers but heh, what's wrong with a healthy bit of xenophobia between friends. Clearly Labour hasn't moved on too much from when it blamed the housing shortage on those with 'chinky' sounding names ... easier to do rather than address the real culprit ... an out of control RMA and inept local government.

Psycho Milt said...

If there are tens of thousands of Chinese investors looking for overseas property to buy and NZ makes it available to them, it doesn't matter what end of the market they're interested in, prices go up across the board. It's been bizarre watching a supposedly economics-savvy government spending 9 years trying to pretend that demand and supply are unrelated in terms of price - thank Christ we're about to get one that doesn't have to pretend that.

Anonymous said... have to have your head well down in the firmament not see this happening in New Zealand...

Lord Egbut

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

How can New Zealand have a housing crisis, no one lives there?

Easy prediction, six years from now New Zealand will still have a housing crisis. It's almost like the political class are all in it together. Anyone want to bet how many houses Jacinda will own by the end of her term as Prime Minster?

Anonymous said...

Disrupter troll from St Petersburg. Very low in the pecking order.

Gerald said...

High end market only.
Perception not fact.