Saturday, September 30, 2017


The NZ First camp is leaking like a sieve since Winston's back-flip on his bottom-line promise to hold a referendum on the Maori seats issue.     This from my informant who was at the NZ First election  night dirge at Duke of Marlborough in Russell.

Cut to Winston's 9.50 pm TV interview carried live on both channels when he said that with the final result still unknown he was off to catch the last ferry back to Paihia.

Fact ... WRP was not on the 10 pm ferry.   In fact he didn't leave Russell at all ...  he stayed there that night.    The catalyst for his TV announcement was the advice tendered to him a view moments earlier that he had lost heavily in Kerikeri (won at the by-election) and that it was all over rover.

The reality was that Winston didn't want to be seen as a loser hence his supposed departure from the Duke ... and the Media Party fell for it hook, line and sinker.      

Winston is a loser and not even a good loser to boot ... Matt King is still waiting for Winston's concession call.


Wilbur said...

Trouble is, with this flawed MMP system we have, ushered in by a clueless ideologically bereft bozo called Bolger, Winnie is the most powerful person in the country right now and he's all out to shank the Nats right about now - even though he lost his seat!

My MMP fix is this: any party in party in parliament must hold at least one electorate seat. The Greens have done it, the Alliance have done it, ACT have done it, The mouldi party have done it, the bouffant party did it. Even social credit under fpp managed it.

Unknown said...

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The Veteran said...

Reno Silaban ... you are not welcome here ... f**k off.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I didn't know you'd joined the Polish Hari Krishna.