Monday, September 25, 2017

The Demise Of ACT - From The Provinces

The result for ACT was a disaster and one I believe could have been avoided if the people running the Party had taken the time and had the forethought to re establish the provincial Networks and basis which used to be in place. Now in saying this I am not a member of ACT or any other political party but for this election I decided to offer my time to support ACT because of the way National has moved so far left. As a first step on 23 May I emailed ACT Head Office (is there one?) offering to do letter box drops in the area around where I live in Hastings. I received a reply from Danae Smith, General Manager, within an hour or two advising that I would SOON be contacted by their Campaign Manager - lucky I did not hold my breath as I am still waiting. Now I am on ACTS email lists and at one stage they did ask for helpers but having already made my offer I waited for them to initiate direct contact. Given that people in the Tukituki electorate home of the Grasshopper Group were instrumental in the formation of ACT 20 plus year ago it shows how far the Act Party has strayed from its grass roots - to its detriment. Finally I did not see one ACT sign in Hastings and there were no drops to my letter box - disappointing. I still Party Voted ACT, as I have done in every MMP election except 2014, in the hope they might get a second MP but in hindsight there was never a chance of that happening so I wasted my Vote - never again.


workingman said...

I also despair at ACT. I have voted for them since 2005 (Having arrived in New Zealand in 2003) as they were to me a breathe of fresh air from the old left/right I left behind in the UK.

This election I received loads of emails from David Seymour but nothing locally. I did not see one billboard, and nothing through my letterbox. Even bloody TOP put 2 leaflets in my letterbox. I'm in the Ohariu electorate.

They still got my party vote, but they will need to lift their game for next election. To not even get 11,000 votes nationally (excluding the Epsom electorate vote) is a total failure. Legalise cannabis got nearly 6000 votes.

Steve Wrathall said...

Hi Workingman. Then you would have recieved heaps of emails from David telling you to get in touch with the Wellington board member (Jim Rose) and offer to help deliver letters, put up billboards, sponsor billboards etc. I know the Wgn team put up almost 100 signs and delivered tens of 1000s of letters. Did you volunteer to help? We know that 12% are favourably disposed to US and 3% may switch they vote if directly exposed to key messages. Those who support low tax and more freedom have to stop talking about ACT in the 3rd person and help make it happen. Regards Steve Wrathall. Palmerston N ACT co-ordinator

Ciaron said...

With that kind of reply, it's no wonder Act achieved 0.5%.

Electorate presence is surely driven by the candidate and their team, reaching out to the likes of Workingman. To tell Workingman that it's his fault for not getting involved (sorry, that's how it reads to me) is to put it charitably, shooting the messenger.

pdm said...

Steve Wrathall as Ciaron says your comment is symptomatic of all that is wrong in ACT and what is dragging the party down. I did not respond to David's emails for helpers because I HAD ALREADY VOLUNTEERED AND HAD A RESPONSE saying I would be contacted by the Campaign Manager.

Sounds like the administration needs a good kick in the arse!!!

Anonymous said...

Among the reasons I think for ACT's low vote:

1. Polling suggested they would only get one MP - in which case, the vote is needed more by National, and the overhang is a bonus.

2. Historically, ACT has balanced support from both liberals and conservatives. David Seymour's conspicuous support for both euthanasia and abortion has made it less appealing to conservatives.

Notwithstanding, I think David has done a fantastic job in parliament.

pdm said...

Agreed anon.

Next time please use a nom de plume as I do not want anonymous comments on my posts - few that they have been recently.