Sunday, September 3, 2017

Pssst! Dijja Hear About...................?

I see Steven Spielberg is secretly working on a new movie based in Washington DC.

The title?

"The Saving of Ryan's Privates."

Impeccable sources from within the film industry and Republican party officials who can't be named because they are not authorised to speak (Trademark NYT) have leaked documents to selected media showing a script and potential casting list.  It's the story of the desperate search for GOP Speaker Paul Ryan's missing cojones.

It is apparent the President will play a cameo role as Spielberg films the live public sacking of the Mueller circus.

Oh and by the way, it seems the Auckland Museum will today unveil a statue commemorating 'the unknown father,' on account of there being a hell of a lot more of them these days than there are unknown soldiers.  The statue will depict a person of  indeterminate race, neanderthal gait, reversed baseball cap and bum crack hanging out of dacks slung so low the crutch shelters his knees.

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