Sunday, September 24, 2017


12.25 and just got back home from our election party at the Pioneer Tavern at Waipapakauri.    Packed to the rafters with many new (and young) faces.   Some nervous moments but once the Kerikeri/Paihia booths came in  it was all over rover.   Winston's 5,500 majority evaporated into a 1,292 win for National's Matt King.

Must have been a huge gnashing of teeth from the 33 person media contingent at Winston's bash at the Duke of Marlborough.   Clearly they expected him to win but all he did was to pack up shop early and skip back to Paihia on the ferry.   The one journo at our function had a scoop on the King victory.

No concession or congratulatory call from Peters.   Perhaps he was hurting too much having been ejected by the voters from three seats during his time in Parliament.    But the loser becomes a winner per courtesy of MMP ... funny that a Party polling less than it did in 2014 and ending up with two fewer MPs gets to choose who forms the next government.     More about that in later posts.

Good Morning.


Anonymous said...

Now is the time to play the long game. Labour needs to publicly rebuff and reject any alliance with NZF. Gift them to the Nats and watch them self destruct over the next four years.......labours promise to introduce NZ residency laws on property purchases should the first tricky one.....a poisoned chalice indeed.

Lord Egbut


Jacindarella certainly needs to do all she can to let National take the role of government.
It will give her time to grow up.
It is clear her inexperience showed by the way she blew a campaign that had her in the lead for a time until her shortcomings were exposed, especially on tax.
Come 2020 she will be 40 and will have had sufficient time to get her policies sorted.
I do expect she will be PM one day and time is her friend.
Bill English still has a job to do.
He needs to keep on delivering the sound economic conditions that appear to have delivered New Zealand much prosperity and a budget surplus.
However, he will need to look at related issues.
He will have to sort out the housing market, especially where it affects younger people.
The last thing New Zealand needs is New Zealand falling for some sort of Corbynista Youthquake, which had its potentially devastating impacts on Britain.
National has a sound record of economic competence to be proud of but it will have to look at how it can extend its appeal to the young.
Oh, and as for Winston, forget about the abuse thrown at him in 2008, deserved as it was.
Winston needs to be treated with dignity. He is an elder statesman who needs to have his ego massed.
It should be his last three years in politics, so appeal to his ego, give him some baubles while leaving the Nats in effective control.
Bill English gave a fine speech which talked about differences but respect. So give Winston the respect necessary to form a government and New Zealand's good time should continue.
If not, brace yourselves for a coalition of chaos and losers.

Noel said...

Ironic the influence of MMP. Shedding minor parties,Winston loosing the electorate but remains necessary, Nicky Kaye losses her electorate seat but returns on the list etc.
With all that I continue to favour it over the ideological swings and roundabouts of FPP.

pdm said...

Wrong again Noel - Nicky Kaye has an election night majority of 1,500 plus votes.

FFM - there will be too many hungry egos pushing Adern for her to snub Peters. Robertson, Twyford, Davis, Woods x2 to name a few.

Noel said...

Wrong Nicky....Wagner.

The Veteran said...

The media are pushing the line that National threw everything they had to win the Northland seat and embarrass Winston. Crap. Party central played very little part in our victory. We wanted to do our own thing and we did it with a candidate who worked his butt off for nine months, traveling 35,000k in the process, against an essentially absentee MP who confined himself to issuing press releases and making very occasional visits from his home base in St Mary's Bay, Auckland.

But I agree, Winston should be embarrassed. Elected to and then booted out of Hunua, Tauranga and now Northland is a record in politics that will never be beaten.

Anonymous said...

Veteran....there is no such thing as "the media" no central control no spooks under the bed every outlet with different editors/programmers has their own take on events.

Having said that, a difference of opinion could prove to be difficult with only two national papers in EnZud.

FairFacts...I wonder if you could point out the "potential devastating effects" you refer to. The youth is the future and very rarely do its ideas coincide with old mens, Brexit being the perfect example.

Lord Egbut