Thursday, September 21, 2017

Not Seen in the New York Times

Here's an interesting story from the Times of London.

All about a world leader quietly intervening behind the scenes and actually preventing an all out war in the Middle East.  The western leader showed remarkable diplomatic skill and statesmanship in persuading Saudi Arabia and its Sunni friend UAE from invading Shia Qatar..

Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah, Kuwait’s emir, who has acted as mediator, praised Mr XXXXX's efforts at a September 7 press conference. “Thank God, what’s important is that we stopped any military action,” he said.
You've got to hand it to those suave smooth talking French statesmen, don't you?

Well, not today because the western leader in question was that presidential boorish bastard Donald Trump.

How long before the media and the Republicans wake up to the fact that Trump is a hell of a lot smarter than they are and a sight more competent?

The NYT, CNN, MSNBC, WAPO et al would have been going nonstop ape shit for days if this triumph had been pulled off by Obama.  So far, I've not seen a word apart from the NYT calling the effort a failure.

Somehow, I think the London Times has more credibility that the New York Times..


Anonymous said...

Why put up a thread that ends in a paywall?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It encourages unintelligent mean bastards to subscribe. The intelligent ones already do.

David said...

Adolf puts up links behind paywalls all the time, it stops people from challenging his ill founded assertions. It is dishonest in the extreme.

He claims the article is in The Times, but links to The Australian website. The Oz does republish material from The Times, but I am unable to find Adolf's quote in today or yesterday's print editions of the Oz. No doubt Adolf will respond that it was in last Tuesday's paper, or some such nonsense.

Even if Trump did what Adolf claims, he most certainly did not prevent "an all out war in the Middle East". There are a number of those, and trump is continuing to encourage the bloodbaths in Syria and Palestine as well as trying to goad Iran.

If Trump's diplomatic skills are so great, why has he been reduced to name calling the North Korean President? Because Trump doesn't have Kim's phone number and would not know how to negotiate with the Koreans. Trump is so far out of his depth he can only bluster and bully, he has no idea how to apply himself o his job.

Fools, morons, and Adolf's will still be singing Trump's praises as the world ignite because for them there is never any answer that does not include horrendous death and destruction.

Of far more concern to Adolf should be the front page story in today's Australian about Chinese influence over the current NZ government. re-electing The Nationals will see NZ totally under the thumb of China.

Concern over Chinese political donations and the use of Chinese owned dairy farms to launch industrial balloons which allegedly can be used for missile technology have electrified New Zealand’s election campaign, where Prime Minister Bill English has rallied to be in reach of a historic victory.


Both parties were blindsided yesterday by a study into China’s “soft power” that tracked an increase in donations to New Zealand political parties as state-backed Chinese firms move to take strategic stakes in the country’s dairy industry.

The report by researcher Anne-Marie Brady, of the University of Canterbury, singled out a $100,000 donation last year by six Chinese donors who had attended a lunch with Mr English’s predecessor as prime minister, John Key, over the bid to change the New Zealand flag.

Professor Brady noted the Chinese donors want “the Union Jack removed from the New Zealand flag because it reminded them of the history of British imperialism in China”.

The report also addressed controversy over National MP Jian Yang, who allegedly taught Chinese spies English, according to media reports during the election campaign. Professor Brady claimed Mr Yang had a 15-year career in the People’s Liberation Army which he did not mention on his National Party online CV or the online CV provided for his profile when he was a lecturer at the University of Auckland.

There you go, Adolf. That's how you show honesty, by quoting your source, not simply stuffing in dead links.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, are all you pinko commies too poor to pay for a decent newspaper?

Only a demented commie pinko could describe funds totaling $100k donated by SIX people as one donation.

When it comes to half truths and bullshit, you are head and shoulders above the rest.

BTW, it's not so long ago I recall a number of major 'fundraising' evening run by Auckland's Chinese community at which massive sums of money were collected and then presented by the organisers to Helen Clark's Labour Party.

Now what was that your idiot correspondent was on about?

David said...

Only a demented commie pinko could describe funds totaling $100k donated by SIX people as one donation.

Are you that thick that you cannot follow simple English? Six people pooled their dosh and handed it over in one lump sum. that, for all intents and purposes, is a single donation.

Anyway, these are not my claims, these are the claims made on the front page of The Australian, so how about you take it up with the author?

Anonymous said...

"Lets destroy Nth Korea"...... Trump
"Lets irradiate Iran" .........Trump
"Lets flatten Venezuela".......Trump

Lets ban extremism on the internet...... Guess who.

50 shades of grey ghost.