Wednesday, September 13, 2017


In yet another "captains call" the NZ peoples princess is now promising to set up a new TV station using the nest of socialist vipers presently inhabiting Radio NZ as the basis.
As if state owned and funded TVNZ is not doing a splendid enough job already in advancing the progressive agenda

Does this little country needs any more fake news purveyors? of course not
The pretty little thing wants it modelled on the BBC and the ABC although so far has not told us whether it is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation presently federally funded with over a billion tax dollars a year, or the US one.
I suspect the former as it does such a splendid job of advancing progressive politics. It was a serious factor in the  demolition of Tony Abbott but is somewhat restrained in its attacks on Turnbull as he is deemed almost acceptable. No surprises  there.

New Zealand is smaller than Yorkshire or Queensland in population, and needs for another state funded and politically directed  television network are nonsensical.
Will any media person presently employed either by state or commercial entities critiscise, of course not, they will only see expanded opportunity to do the socialist bidding as they train for the lucrative jobs as media managers to get the message out whether as  copy writers or presenters.

The Australian Broadcaster is very biased towards socialist crim hugging, Islam supporting ideology and totally in the pocket of the union dominated ALP.

In serious defiance of its charter obligations to be fair and balanced,  it is a rare event to hear a right of center opinion and when they do succumb to a minimal degree of possible even handed approach there is a veritable cavalry like panel to launch attacks on the hapless person before any damage occurs.

Do we need it, no, but when it comes to pass they could use excerpts of Ardern's address to the World Socialist Youth (Communist) gathering as Chairman in 2009 one year after she became a NZLP list MP, as introductory footage.
After all by then she will be well on her way to succeed President Helen Clark as "President"of the most successful agricultural source of food for the world, as it follows the nation with the largest petroleum reserves into liquidation.


Noel said...

Would agree with commentators that claim the ABC leans slightly to the left but it is high in the factual rating vs Pickering Post who is rabid right wing and often not factual.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel the word 'heavily' is not spelled with an 's.'

Gerald said...

Gerald said...

Oh gee should have added the "Australian" is not included.