Saturday, September 30, 2017


Not so great for one on a fixed income who will fund most of the excesses of the morons who convinced enough of the great unwashed to gain electoral success.

Not content to oversee the cost of rebuilding the Christchurch  Central Library climb from sixty odd million to over ninety million in just over two years, the wonderfully acumen saturated city fathers (mothers, uncles,  aunts and gender indeterminates) then wasted nearly fifteen thousand dollars in consultation on a fitting name for the edifice on Columbo St between Gloucester St and  Cathedral Square.

Clearly Central City Library was never going to be a  suitable  name despite it being accurate, descriptive, entirely appropriate and self explanetory

After spending an amount equal to five times my annual  rates impost, "Turanga" was chosen and the first question to be asked is what percentage of the ignorant masses of the City will have an inkling as to what the new building will house.

Which leads on to how anyone with an IQ greater than their inside leg expressed in meters believes the rebuild of the nearby pile of decaying rubble into a functioning church HQ for Anglicans will be held to one hundred and whatever millions over the coming decade.
Of course by then almost every one of the morons who support such arrant nonsense will be long departed and only the by now  current long suffering rate payers will be in the gun for additional funding.

Disclaimer I am a user of the current temporary setup in Peterborough St mainly as a wi fi support and access place that is warm, dry, and with adequate parking and easy access. How that will transfer to the new creation is yet to be discovered.


macdoctor said...

The name Turanga was "gifted" (who knew words could be owned?) to the council. The 15 grand was for "Place of Discovery".

Interestingly, turanga means foundation, so Te Turanga/Our Foundation would have been perfectly adequate, suitably pandering to Maori and, most importantly, free.

Anonymous said...

Well directed anger Dodger. Two things that stand out are.....Has the council not heard of fixed price contracts with penalty clauses? And...whatever the name chosen it will still be known as Central city library. Time for the councillors to be renamed I think.

Lord Egbut

paul scott said...

I would go to the old Library next to Farmers twice a week for as long as it was there.
I gave the Peterborough thing one shot. I didn't like it. Never went back.
Christchurch starts and finishes outside the four avenues for most of us.
Bob Jones is right, Christchurch was and is completely fucked.