Sunday, September 24, 2017

How Do You Solve A Problem Like ..........

Maria Winston?

September 23rd will go down in history as a day of flippancy in which a flibbertigibbet lost and a will 'o the wisp was made King Maker - yet again!

Winston Peters is the exception to the old financial rule - 'Past performance is no guarantee of future results.'    With him you get a 100% ironclad guarantee that future results will measure exactly past performance.

Who can ever forget the way the charlatan dragged out the process for weeks, milking every last ounce of publicity from it.  The only serious service he provided for his country was to rescue an unhappily married perverted poof from an LAX toilet.

So, what is Blenglish to do?

Here's what Adolf would do.

I'd sit down with the drunken dwarf and slowly offer him the world.  Start low and work up a bit at each meeting.   Let just the smallest hint of the word prime minister intrude.  Then watch the media circus go mad.

Then, when all appears nearly settled, I would call a press conference at which I would announce a coalition deal has been struck with The Greens who, sans Me Tu, will make for a much more stable government than anything which relies on Winston Peters.

The Greens have no chance of being in any government with Labour and NZFirst so they are ripe for the picking.  Two cabinet seats and a couple of their saner environmental policies.

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Noel said...

You are an insensitive person.
Dwarfism is 4 foot 10 inches or below.