Friday, September 22, 2017

Gilbert and Sullivan, Lewis Carrol, J M Barrie.

The Electoral Commission employs bits of all three as departmental strategies it seems.

I accept the almost invisible quango has a very light hand in maintaining a semblance of probity around enforcing the many often stupid laws around the election bits of our democratic process.
However my take on current management and enforcement has me totally dismayed and disillusioned..

Democracy and its siblings free speech, freedom of religion, freedom to associate, freedom to vote rely on personal responsibility of the individual to ensure the survival of the whole package. Too many have given their lives to protect and defend these basic tenets.

Of course such nefarious ideology is anathema to communists and their neo socialist fellow travelers who rely on ignorance, fear and coercion to force the peasants  into line.

Why I ask does a main focus of those who are charged to administer the voting bit of democracy seem to be entirely targeted at enrolment and voting while they ignore entirely, breaches of the simple tenets of a voter taking responsibility for their availing themselves of the opportunity free from coercion?

This year the dim bulbs of the Commission have outdone all previous efforts to overcome complacency and laziness that have increasing numbers not bothering to vote.
If it is too hard for a voter to make sufficient effort to get to a polling station having already done the enrolment bit as required by law, then imho their vote is more than likely to be worthless either from a lack of committment or insufficient understanding of the issues, and therefore better that vote be discounted.

Having people going around rest homes to manoeuvre people into a vote when the fact that if such assistance is required then it is highly likely the assistant may well control where the vote ends up.
The same, when as revealed in anecdotal evidence, teachers taking a class to an "early voting facility"  to enrol and vote, from school, something that is OK before the official Polling day but apparently proscribed on polling day, such activity is fraught when it is statistically probable the teacher is biased to one particular loyalty.
There were reports of coercion by "employers" when they were merely pointing out the salient fact to employees that a socialist Government may well lead to commercial retraction and job losses. for the company. Such factual guidance apparently being very bad and should be outlawed, sheesh.

Has anyone knowledge of a prosecution for failing to enrol? an offence, presumably with sanction for anyone 18 years or older failing to comply?

The rules around funding, signage, campaigning and voter coercion may as well all be scrapped as compliance is entirely voluntary and prosecution for non compliance so rare as to be seen as unfair.

How is collecting up voters and taking them to a polling station never seen as coercion? I have sometimes flirted with ringing Labour or the Melons for a hitch to the booth just to be bloody minded but at the same time fully aware they may well not have a car available LoL.

Media bias is rampant and seventy something thousand souls making a petition to have Hosking replaced as debate monitor merely because he resists the herd mentality that prevails amongst the sad bastards misnamed as Journalists who together make up "The Media Party" as a force in all elections, but one minor piece of evidence.

So call me simple, enrolling as required by law with updates as to change of address, then getting off ones posterior to get to a Polling Booth between 0900 and 1700 hours on one day out of over one thousand one hundred, is too hard, give me strength.
Yes some will have to make alternative arrangements because they are out of their electorate, working, sick or needing some other form of  dispensation but the current circus with clearly labeled party aficionados assisting morons in malls, supermarkets et al is just too cheap and artificial, not forgetting being open to skulduggery.
If voting is so casualised and apparently not important then don't bother, just leave it to the grownups while the stupid and moronic behave like grasshoppers, dancing, playing and enjoying theirselves.

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