Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Doomsday This Saturday?

Apparently some group of religious nutters in the United States have been given a preview of NZ's general election result on Saturday.

"If you have plans for Saturday, you may want to move them up a day. You see, several media outlets are reporting numerologist David Meade's prediction that this Saturday, September 23, marks the day that the world will end.......
.........The problem with almost all of the reporting, though, is that the news reports connect David Meade's doomsday predictions with a Biblical prophecy ministry named Unsealed. "

Apparently Winston Peters is some nasty character hiding behind the pseudonym 'Nibiru.'


The Veteran said...

Adolf ... the people are right even if they are wrong. A Labour victory does not equate to the 'end days' ... only close to it. And then three years hence comes the glorious resurrection with Socialist Cindy revealed as Cardinal Pell in drag (metaomorphically speaking of course) .. Sorry for any offense ... Couldn't resist this.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

He's not as skinny as her, has better teeth and he has held down a real job for years.

Anonymous said...

A mate in Wellington related a story about one of his customers many years ago that got involved with a cult that thought the world was going to end on a certain Thursday (or whatever). The family sold everything, gave the money away and found themselves penniless in their clothes on Friday. Amusing but sad whereas a Labour victory on Saturday will just be sad.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Colmar Brunton is our friend.

George said...

Nibiru is supposedly a renegade 'brown dwarf' that roams about the Sun and was supposed to kill us all in 2002.
Evidently the beings who live on it are in telepathetic communication with some crazy American woman..
And as a by I understand there's a web page with all the 'End of the world' prophesies