Friday, September 29, 2017


Recently had an experience in a MSD office that was at a minimum unsettling.

No secret swmbo is dealing with a neurological condition that she is handling in many wonderful ways but there is no denying the progression is ongoing, including mobility issues..

Needing proof of residential address for an anti money laundering control (that is imho clearly doomed to fail) regarding where swmb normally calles home and being nearly a hundred Kms from access to such info there, I walked nearly a Km to a nearby MSD office leaving swmbo to drink coffee and wait in the mall. An additional fact that has such Crat nonsense ruled as rather problematic comes from our penchant to enjoy life on the road as we often spend  over half our time  in our mobile home.  I have heard other grey nomads having similar problems with the one size fits all rulings from MSD when their Movan is their only place of residence.

Outside the workplace for the minions who I assist with funding their wages, stood a clip board wielding Armourguard employee who asked if I had an appointment to which I replied "no, I was only seeking assistance in response to a one off need". Inside the locked office front door, it was late morning around 11 30AM, a visible queue of people waiting to get to reception.  'Outsider' Agd employee using basic sign language asked how many and inside another Ag employee monitoring the queue within, held up four fingers and thumb of one hand and a single finger of the other hand. Asking what that was about, 'outsider' informed me an arbitrary limit of seven was in place for those wishing to approach reception, leaving me understanding we would have been forced to wait even longer had swmbo been with me.
Having eventually gained entry after 'outsider Agd' unlocked the door, I waited many minutes to get to reception where I offered my gold card as proof of Id, then explained my need for a document generated by computer with proof of residence so swmbo could do her lawful business in the mall, a long walk  for her, nearly a Km away.
Yes their computer had the capability to fulfill the request but in swmbo's absence, "no can do"!
I calmly repeated my need and explained the document could have been diverted by self from our joint PO Box, and no one any the wiser, swmbo's mobility issues, and a compelling need for some latitude, again a resounding no.
Then following a small indication of regret from Frau Reception for being unable to assist and somewhat chagrined, I beat a strategic retreat back to the mall to rejoin a by now agitated swmbo who has gained an added affliction of paranoia to accompany her neurological issues.

I understand rules are rules but do too many revert to blanket application as an easy way to administer, eg OIA requests that too often end up with an Ombudsman intervention leading to an over rule.

On my way back to the Mall in a moment of inspiration I recalled a commercial outfit we had a relationship with was located in that mall, so after meeting swmbo and explaining the situation, I explored a new alternative.
Now choice number two  only had a Postal address in their records and having already established a PO Box did not comply must have led to a degree of disconsolation in body language as without further prompting the very nice lady offered to alter their records to show swmbo's physical address, print a document and then restore their records to the original PO Box number.

Back in business everything happened as needed and although only by including an act of  conspiracy to circumvent a rule, led to completion, all was well. Apart that is from exposing a significant hole in the system that goes some way to explain how so many easily subvert the well laid plans of those "Crats" who think they have all the answers.

Yes the tragic events in the MSD office in nearby Ashburton just over three years ago were senseless and appalling and measures need to be taken to avoid any repeat. Dont Banks and other institutions have to confront such dangers on a daily basis with out the amateur hour OTT measures that are currently in place ostensibly to protect  staff in one of the most used state service outlets with a clientele that often might  be socially diminished in an ability to just get along.
An earlier incident when self and swmbo wanted to redirect swmbo's benefit to a different a/c immediately after the killings in Ashburton, was equally out of this world at Linwood  MSD where a very large Armourguard Male only allowed admission on production of a drivers licence for both of us, then handed us over  to another gorilla who then stood at our shoulder while what we regarded as private and personal discussions ensued.

Dysfunctional is one word that comes to mind in assessing MSD procedures currently in place.


Psycho Milt said...

"Deliberate" would be a better word than "dysfunctional." But don't complain, because you just voted for the people deliberately requiring MSD to make life as difficult as possible for the people who have business with it.

If you think about it, your own experience of having to circumvent MSD's deliberate obstructiveness might lead you to revisit what Metiria Turei was trying to tell us about the experience of being poor in this country. But only if you think about it.

gravedodger said...

And I voted how Milt? I was clearly wrong it was a secret ballot! You haf sources? or just making shit up? Assumptions aside my attendance at a polling place might just as easily have resulted in a "non of the above" non counting vote

How come banks and other institutions avoid such OTT process.

The bullshit that my experience had any connection to Turei's admitted fraud is tenuous in the extreme.

Told If I had status as swmbo's "agent" I could have been given what I had sought then I asked how that could be achieved only to be told I would need to apply and that would need swmbo's signature, circular eh.

I dont blame governance it is Bureaucracy on steroids from managers protecting their already shiney arses after a cluster f*&k of non performance in Ashburton thirty six months ago and inadequate process for a clearly deranged "client" who should have been trespassed from the welfare premises, only able to be circumvented with an accompanying member of the constabulary.
Controlled opening doors as employed by many banks must be better technology than gorillas in pseudo law enforcement dress staying within earshot of already likely fraught personal conversations between "clients" (valued customer might be more accurate) and staff does not seem best practice to me. That comes from management but people who might express disquiet at Sperrings pay for adding over two billion to Fonterra's bottom line might struggle to equate such ethereal matters.

Noel said...

Aw stop yah bitching.
I've got an artificial knee and hip along with a colostomy bag.
You want to see the security hoops I've got to go through before I can head to my seat on the aircraft.

Psycho Milt said...

OK, we'll maintain the fiction it's entirely possible you voted for one of the parties that would end the deliberate policy of having MSD make life difficult for anyone who wants service from it.

Unknown said...

You are a real socalist fuckwit arent you, aptly named physco- milt

paul scott said...

Yes, it is so bad going to MSD Office you have to mentally condition yourself immediately prior. I once asked one of the gorillas if he was armed. Look it didn't go down very well.
MSD have a special Citizens file IHYA or something [ Social Investment system, is that Orwellian or what ] and extremely obnoxious characters like me go on the lists.
This means we can be treated much worse than even the rest of you, and even discriminatory provisions can be applied to our superannuation.
If there is any remaining time when it is suitable occasion to take drugs it is prior to an MSD visit.
Staff with absolutely no intention or allowance for common sense like this are obscene.
In this way Psycho Milt up above has a point about how all this was established and why it is still so. Who is running this mess?.
I don't have much time for that egoist CEO, Brendan Boyle, and Tolley is very doubtful.
Write a complaint to Tolley and Boyle, Dodger, be like me, get on to the super obnoxious list.