Wednesday, May 31, 2017


So TV 1 goes full on with the shock horror expose that the Prime Minister at half-time at a netball match in Porirua spent much of his time talking to his host rather than watching and applauding the half-time entertainment.

Silly me and I thought half-time was when you got out of your seat to stretch the legs; take a leak; buy a drink or possibly all three (although best practice would suggest not all at once).  As for talking to ones host and everyone knows this is more properly done during the game ... don't they!!!!!!

Such crass behavior.   The PM should be horsewhipped.   Meanwhile in the real world ........... 

The Berlin Face Lift

Has she really had one?

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

One Liner of The Week

US Sec of Defense, Mattis.

CBS's Dickerson asked him what keeps him awake at night:

"Nothing.  I keep other people awake at night."

Monday, May 29, 2017


Hot on the heals of not knowing whether to applaud or condemn the budget (so he did both) the Pinstriped Dwarf has really excelled himself by pledging your dime to rebuild Christchurch's Anglican Cathedral.     OK, we know he's a  s l o w  learner who very seldom reads his briefing papers but one might have thought that even he would recognise that we have a certain separation of Church and State in New Zealand.

Just why the Christchurch Cathedral?    What about the other churches destroyed or severely damaged in the quakes.    What's the man got against Catholics with the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in ruins; the Presbyterians with Knox Church severely damaged; the Methodists with their Durham Street Church having to be demolished  (after three workers were killed in the 2011 quake); with the Baptists with their Oxford Terrace Church and their Beckenham Church both demolished.    Surely it would be inequitable to deny them Government funding too?    Peters is playing populist politics and this time he has misjudged the electorate completely.

Why do I know that ... there is a lady at our gold club who for the last little while has been singing the praises of Peters the messiah.    This morning she was incandescent with rage.   In buying the votes of some Cantabs who see John Frum as alive and well in the Peters persona he's certainly lost hers and, I suggest, many more besides.     That promise is going to come back and bite him with a vengeance.    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


One of the moments during last years Presidential election that may have caused the defeat of the snowflakes overwhelming belief system, came when Mrs Bill Clinton called supporters of Donald Trump, "Deplorables".
Now that was quickly latched onto by many who identified with Trump as a badge of honour with badges and t-shirts to prove it.

As NZ election year enters its last four months much of the focus for the leaders revolves around acts of questionable media stunts to reach the first item of the Infotainment hour on either of the two main TV channels at 1800 hrs.
That people, is where you can take a chill pill and seek out truely deplorable behaviour as they plumb the depths to try and win the black banana skin for that day.
Yet another scab picking of Pike River whether by an illadvised Poly trying to get the diminishing number of Bernie Monks Church of redemption relevance, to vote for them,
A couple of ex pollies unable to discard their cloak of power trying to spend OPMs to rebuild a pile of Halswell stone and Limestone from a true miracle amongst the destruction of 22/11, the miracle being no person died when the Tower collapsed.
A lawyer from a Pacific Island struck off in her homeland whining that a Judge threatened to have her in contempt of Court if she failed to appear before him within the hour.
Another Poor person unable to buy a house in their preferred suburb of Auckland because the money wasted on smashed Avocardo and Latte prevents accumulation of a deposit.
One of the endless parade of  bearded gits bleating on how Dirty dairy prevents them swimming in the river of their childhood when no-one had any idea what was in that water.
One more welfare addicted overweight sheilah who cannot afford to feed her growing brood of fatherless children.
Now of course there is a lode of dross to be mined over sexual orientation , safe toilets where boys can pee on the seat the floor and their shoes, and gender choice over uniforms that according to one this morning claiming as many as 3 in every 10 who will be wondering.

Meanwhile on Planet earth employment is lower, job growth on steroids, economic growth, and opportunities for entrepreneurial minded people to get ahead, all  wont cut the mustard.

Don't be a dick

Being an arts graduate, I'm a natural-born grammar pedant (eg, unlike most people I suffer moral outrage when I see someone unnecessarily insisting on using the word "whom" and then using it wrongly). So, picture my dropped-jaw perplexity at this column in the NZ Herald: "Misgendering in New Zealand."  The author writes of his frustration at people misgendering him by, for example, referring to him as "him."

Just to be clear, we're not talking here about a trans-woman who gets arseholes trying to make a point by referring to her as a man (that one really is pretty vile because it's a deliberate expression of contempt for someone who's done you no harm), we're talking about an actual man who just doesn't want people referring to him as one.  He writes:

... I don't consider myself female or male. I'm simply a human being who prefers the pronouns "they" and "their."

Leaving aside for a moment the fact that his male body and beard would make it fairly difficult for strangers to discern this "fact" about Mr Mack without him telling them, the English language already has a non-gendered singular pronoun: "it." The pronouns "they" and "their" are plural pronouns. A "non-binary" person who dislikes English's existing non-gendered pronoun shouldn't then try and get everyone to butcher the language by trying to make plural pronouns into singular ones, because those words already have meanings that aren't compatible with the alternate use being demanded.

Also, there are worse outcomes of this demand than butchering the language.  Mack proudly writes how he's now confident enough to instruct taxi drivers to stop calling him sir: 

Just the other day, I was in a cab by myself, and the driver began the conversation with "how are you, sir?"

"Please don't call me sir," I said.

"Ok, sir," he replied.

"I'd really prefer you didn't call me sir," I said again. "Just call me Ben, please."

That was the last time I was called "sir" that day.

Oh, I bet it was! I expect the taxi driver had his own word for you by that point.  And there's this:

Despite my frustrations, I can also say this: every time I've corrected someone about my preferred pronouns, I've never had to deal with someone who refused to stop misgendering me.

Well, yes mate, that's because in this country most of us operate on the principle "Don't be a dick."  It means we'll generally be willing to call you by the wrong pronoun if you ask us to. Here's the thing though: it also means we won't constantly try to "correct" people who refer to us in a way that's entirely normal for their and our culture and instead have them call us something we made up, because that would totally be a dick move.


This morning NZ time during lap 34 at The Brickyard, Scott Dixon came across a competitor sliding off the upper fence after drifting off the race line and took a wrong option, running his car over the by now lapped out of control vehicle.

It was spectacular with Dixon stepping out of a car reduced to one wheel that had slid to a halt after a 10/10 flip, riding the upper fence, flames shooting from under it and sliding on its belly to a halt on a debris littered track.

Watching in real time serious injury if not fatality was an only outcome yet stunningly neither driver was injured beyond bruising.
After having a gun to his head at a Taco Belle drive through last week SD must be wondering where number three will come from.

Testament to the massive advances in safety of tracks and cars, very few years ago it would have been one if not two dead in the cars and possibly spectators just as dead from flying debris.

So Mr Cliff and your equally stupid morons in the Police policy trough, vehicle safety has reduced the road toll, not your histrionic posturing around drink driving and speeding.
A now rising toll of dead on NZ roads is directly attributable to major increases in traffic volumes with poor policing of the more moronic drivers failing to don their bullet proof vests who need to be brought to book.
Of course that would entail a more efficient modus operandi something that would require a total rethink and greater effort from fat arses in Police HQ and their minions out on the roads.
So breath holding ain't an option.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


On Q & A this morning Winston  Peters described the budget as "disastrous".    Given that, one can perhaps be forgiven for wondering why he and his Party trooped into the Ayes Lobby at 3.51 pm on Friday afternoon to vote in support of it.

The mans a numpty of the first order and it shows.   He was all over the place is trying to explain the juxtaposition.    All over the place because he couldn't.   At least Labour was consistent even though their position was consistently bad.

The Poor Bastard


John Davis, b 1911 d 2006, was by any measure a remarkable man.   He was captivated by Malaya.   He loved the country and its peoples.   He served ten years in the Federated  Malay States Police Service becoming fluent in Malay, Tamil and a range of Chinese dialects before transferring to the Straits Settlements Police in Singapore where he was posted to the Special Branch before he was moved to the Defence Security Office as a cover for his real job in counter-intelligence.  

As such and in story that has yet to be fully told he was responsible for acting as case officer for the Special Branch's most infamous secret double agent Lai Tek, Secretary-General of the Malayan Communist Party from 1939 through to 1946 when he decamped to Thailand after cleaning out the Party bank accounts.   

In 1942 JD managed to escape from Singapore to India where he was appointed to command Force 136 established to infiltrate back into Malaya in preparation for the eventual British landings.    He returned to Malaya by submarine in May 1943 and thereafter worked in close co-operation with Chin Peng, head of the Communist Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army.   He was made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) and awarded a Distinguished Service Order (DSO) for his war work.    After the war  he transferred to the Malayan Civil Service where he served in a variety of roles,   At the start of the Malayan Emergency in 1948 he was the driver behind the establishment of Ferret Force which was the first attempt to take on the Communists by hitting them in their jungle bases.   For his leadership of Ferret Force he was awarded a Mentioned in Despatches.   Later he became the principal advisor to successive Governors overseeing the resettlement of (mainly) Chinese squatters into 'New Villages' which broke the back of the Min Yuen (the CT support network).

Following 'Merdeka' in 1957 he was one of the few Europeans invited to stay on in service by the new Malaysian Government.    He oversaw Johor State, which had been a hotbed of terrorist activity, finally declared a 'White' area by the end of 1958 before moving to the staunchly Malay State of Kedah as Chairman of the State War Executive Committee and the Metri Besar's (Chief Minister) right hand man.   When he finally retired in mid 1960 he was honored by the Malaysian Government with the award of the JMN (The Most Distinguished Order of the Defender of the Realm) and by the Johor Government with the SMJ (Companion of the Order of the Crown of Johor.

But what really caught my eye was this tribute by Chin Peng, the Communist Guerilla leader,  read at John's funeral.   From 1948 to 1960 they were sworn enemies and would have happily killed each other.  I make no apologies for reprinting it in full.

Many people tend to believe that friendships cannot bridge the divisions of international conflict - particularly in situations where those with close bonds of trust and understanding find themselves in bitterly opposing camps.   I would quietly differ from this viewpoint.  I would even go so far as to suggest that perhaps there might be a lesson for our troubled world today in the decades long relationship that has existed between my friend, John Davis, and myself.

It is not that we were in constant touch with each other throughout this time.   Historical circumstances determined this was not to be.   But those very historical circumstances also determined that at no point in our lives, once we had met and worked together, would we ever forget each other.

I well remember the day John Davis and I first came into contact.   It was 30 September 1943.  The place was Segari beach on the Malacca Straits of Perak State in Japanese-occupied Malaya.   John was there to establish links with the outlawed MCP - the only active anti-Japanese Resistance group then in existence in the country.  After initial introductions John presented me with a his credentials - a letter signed by Adm Louis Mountbatten, head of Britain's Ceylon based SEAC.   I was there representing the Perak State Committee of the MCP.

That initial meeting forged an association that was at first expedient.  We both wanted to rid Malaya of a common enemy.   But both of us ultimately realised that the period of being allies in common cause would eventually come to an end.   And it did.

But I can never forget my time together with John in the Malayan jungle.   I remember him as an implacable leader in the most harrowing of circumstances.  On one occasion, in the Bidor region of southern Perak, John and I together with a band of MCP guerillas had gathered to receive a joint personnel and arms drop by RAF aircraft.   Things went terribly wrong.   Parachutes landed in the wrong areas.  Arms landed where personnel should have been and vice versa.   And to top it all we came under heavy Japanese machine-gun fire.   I was twenty years old at the time, John was in his early thirties.  I had never encountered such a sustained attack before and perhaps for the first time in my life I knew the feeling of real fear.  I looked across at John and he appeared calm and in control.  That is the picture of John Davis that has stayed in my mind all these years.

John was also a man of principle and I recognised that very early on.   I came to appreciate it when our guerillas became his group's Security Force at the hill-top Blantan camp.   I knew it when the MCP signed the Blantan Agreement with SEAC on 26 February 1945.   This tied his cause and mine to an honorable agreement, albeit of limited duration.

I knew it when I saw him again during the Malayan Emergency.   We renewed old ties at the so called Baling peace talks in northern Malaya held on 28-29 December 1955.  Sadly these failed.   Because of our wartime association John had been deputised to look after me at Baling during the MCP's negotiations with Malaya's Tunku Abdul Rahman and Singapore's David Marshall.   John escorted me to and from each bargaining session.   My onetime ally was now my enemy.   We both acknowledged this fact.  But at no point during that Baling episode did I feel any personal hostility on his part.   Neither did I feel any antagonism towards him.     We both strongly differed on matters of politics and principle, but there was still great mutual respect which precluded personal enmity.

The world moves on.    Visions and  goals likewise modify and change from all perspectives.  So, when I visited the United Kingdom in 1998, I sought out my old friend John Davis.     It was my way of showing my deep gratitude for a man who, despite being vehemently opposed to my anti-British colonial struggle, always treated me fairly and decently.       You cannot ask more of a man or a friend.   John Davis is a great loss to this troubled world.

One final thought.  When John and I got together in Britain that day in 1998 he gently laid down the ground rules for our reunion. 'Chin Peng' he said, 'lets just talk about the good old days'. And that is how I will always remember him - John Davis in the good old days.

What a tribute.   I would have liked to have met John Davis.


Katie Hopkins Not Guilty as Charged,

However her sin is elsewhere, she calls out a biased media, idiot politicians and inept justice officials along with snowflakes in general.

Yes taken in isolation her tweet using "A Final Solution" could be perceived as  ill advised but the underlining message was at grand central station as far as the events that led to its use were pertinent.

Just as many words and phrases have been allocated a new inference, for example, as in a gay time where 'gay' has been stolen to re brand queers, poofs, and homos, so it was with Ms Hopkins use of the term for the slaughter of Hitler's many deplorables by Katie Hopkins in a moment of inattention laced with horror at yet another Lone wolf, a term used to euphemistically label cowards whose mind and reason has been usurped by leaders of Islam. Leading to, in this latest atrocity, to slaughtering, disfiguring and traumatising mainly young girls, one only eight years old, so she  resorted to a need to make a substantial effort in response, by calling for a 'final solution' to a sickening and increasingly occurring problem.
Now I do not think Ms Hopkins had even a fleeting thought of rounding up all Muslims and cooking them but it is almost a dead cert she wanted some supreme solution to be pursued in an attempt to thwart the airy fairy (bang goes another word with a double entendre) responses from our elected representatives and their enforcers, who have a sworn duty to rule over us and keep the citizenry safe.

Her conservative views have been increasingly seen by a majority of snowflakes to be prime targets for silencing, as has Milo Yiannopoulos, from publicly speaking among by many wishing to silence  alternative opinion, in his case mainly around  US Universities.

When words written and or espoused become a target for censorship it is almost certain that an increasing number of people in power are losing a battle.
One of the first steps in any Coup d'etat is to control the media, not for protecting it but to silence potential contrary opinion.

Ms Katie Hopkins rarely misses a point, is articulate and accurate in almost all her work, to lose her job and platform for a single poor choice of expression in a bloody tweet smacks of desperation to me.

To see law enforcement leadership and their political masters scrupulously avoiding connections to "the religion of peace" in their post event analysis and press statements is lamentable.
First his identity, then slowly it all dribbled out as numerous arrests, searches and piecing together of information reveals a serious revelation of the hand of Islam being central to that atrocity and it is suggested more to come or thwarted.

Who says there's never any good news?

Not me - this news is great!

Who'd have thought?  Once the campaign starts and voters start hearing from Jeremy Corbyn himself rather than reading about him in rabid Tory rags, his approval ratings take a sudden spike upwards. Probably too late to do any good, but the Tories' discomfort is a sheer pleasure to watch.  I bet the phones are running hot between Conservative Party HQ and their pals running Britain's media.

Only down side is that we're unlikely to see an equivalent Labour spike here - pity.


Sky News Oz this morning ... 15 minutes wall to wall coverage on the return of Schapelle Corby to Australia where she has apparently gone bush.

Who cares?   

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Hillary Rodham Clinton has recently appeared at her Alma Mata, Wellesley College where she delivered the "2017 Commencement Address".

How unfortunate that the current greatest loser used such and important and potentially life changing celebration day for a student body to continue with her now in denial failure.

In ninety sixty nine Bill's missus graduated as Chairman of the Wellesley Republicans, another example of the Chameleon makeup of so many prominent troughers in Washington.
Her torment last November was a Democrat until he saw how hard his run for President would be in that mob so Trump  became a Rino.

As history records it was one of the more drawn out trips to concession that night last  November when the numbers became truth and since,  instead of a realistic re-evaluation of what went wrong, she has flailed about blaming everone remotely available for losing when the so far avoided sad truth is it came down to her ego, her history and an innate belief she only had to turn up.
Shrillary was a deeply flawed candidate defeated by another one of the genre.

The most succinct comment on her trip to  Wellesley came from a commentator who suggested she should head back to the woods with some more Chardonay and see if she could find the truth that still seems to escape her cognitive ability.


National's package of tax cuts and increased assistance to families announced in the Budget was passed into law on Friday with ALL parties bar Labour voting for it.    Winston First and the Greens are to be applauded for their support and endorsement of a budget measure that will impact positively on virtually every New Zealand taxpayer and household.

Labour's argument that the package favors the rich confirms they remain mired in the politics of envy.   It also confirms how numerically challenged they are.    Low income earners earning $20,000 ('their' supposed demographic) will have their tax liability reduced by 17%.   That compares with just 4% for those earning $100,000.    Clearly Labour can't get their collective heads around the fact that the more you earn the more tax you pay.  Clearly too Labour believes 'they' can spend your dollar better than you can.    Collective Muppets all.

My good friend and co-blogger NK would have it that the budget is good politics but bad economics.
Just how a budget that produces a surplus is bad economics is a little difficult to fathom as is his dancing on the head of a pin when arguing that changing the thresholds is not the same as a tax deduction ... bottom line for both ... more take home pay.    But you have to ask if the budget was that bad then why did ACT vote for it?

In 2008 Labour bequeathed the incoming National led government a dog of an economy going bust with every day planeloads of Kiwis seeking to escape the country permanently.   If the GFC was bad enough along came not one but four earthquakes.    It required good governance to see the country back into the black without resorting to slash and burn and no-one, but no-one I've met thinks Labour could have even half matched that.

As for ACT's solution of  'let them eat cake' .... nuff said.

Friday, May 26, 2017


Larry Pickering might just have a solution to the Lone Wolves creating mayhem in historically Christian countries.

In accordance with the Christian beliefs of love and inclusion,  announce a policy of giving the mince that can be assembled a post mortem Baptism in the Christian traditions and then a full Christian burial ceremony with interment in an infidel cemetery.
Such apostasy will surely blunt the hope of their 72 virgins in Paradise for a soldier of Allah in their martyrdom.


No ifs no buts no maybes.

She dominated the women's tennis at a time when it paid bugger all.

She is entitled to her opinions.

I concur and if same sex couples have a desire to diminish the sacred state of matrimony as western civilisation developed and nurtured it, I will never understand how getting married makes a shot of difference. Just the latest attack by snowflakes  to destroy a concept of healthy, honourable and fiduciary duty to nurture, protect and care for the vulnerable young that emanate from a caring and loving partnership of a man and a woman, something that with sickening regularity sees little innocents killed in dysfunctional relationships that seem too often to have zero concepts of what Marriage embodies for many.

To see the despicable, me too, attitudes of self anointed arbiters of morals and mores from industry leaders such as Joyce trying to be so hip when such matters have zero connection to his companies core business.
Apart that is from mincing Male trolly dollies and a serious lift in tourism as our Straya couzzies struggle to revamp their marriage laws.

Margaret Court has no truck with the lemming like rush to a future that is beyond her acceptance and has announced a self imposed refusal to fly with Joyce's airline Qantas, something I would have thought was an entirely appropriate response she thought worthy of line in the sand stuff.
Now A dyke who was another to dominate the women's game wants the honour awarded with the naming of a court at the site of The Australian Open venue, The Margaret Court Arena, to be withdrawn, seems to have a stench of hypocrisy about it.
In times where sexual orientation has reached some absurd lengths with so many options on offer that culminated recently with a bloke in Auckland turning into a sheilah after getting some supreme advantages in developing as a man then turning into a woman for weight lifting competition and immediately smashing all existing records in its class.
Recall if you will those beautiful young Press girls who came to world competition as Russian athletes only to have their careers ended abruptly when gender verification was introduced and "The Press Brothers" withdrew from international competition.

There seems to be a number of lesbian sheilahs in womens tennis that is accepted to have Male dominance so emphatic that the other sex not only does not compete in mens events but only play three firths of the scheduled format for equal remuneration.

Go you good thing Margaret Court, an Aussie Legend.


A couple of days ago I reported on a mystery deposit from an 'O T Doe' into our bank account.   Mystery no more but pointer as to how bureaucrats think)

Since 2002 I have acted as a consultant to the Ministry of Social Development in a number of fields.      The payment referred to came from the newly formed Ministry for Vulnerable Children where I am part of a reference group providing independent advice to the Minister.   The Ministry is also known as Oranga Tamariki (explains the O T bit ... but not the Doe).    Seems some Ministry bureaucrat decided there is a certain stigma in money paid tagged Ministry for Vulnerable Children hence a decision to hide it behind nonsensical facade.   

Stupid decision .... PC barking mad.  

Thursday, May 25, 2017


My good friend and co-blogger Psycho Milt wrote in a recent post that he 'dislikes Islam'.    I don't.   What I dislike are radical Islamists who have perverted the teachings of the Koran in order to justify their 12th century view of the world.  

There's good and bad in every religion.   Growing up in small town New Zealand in the 1950's and I can remember the ditty directed at those who attended St Joseph's Catholic School down the road ... something along the lines of Catholic dogs, sitting on logs, eating the innards out of frogs.   That didn't sit well with me.   They were our neighbors.   They were the people who played rugby with me.   They were members of my Scout Troop.  In short, why were they to be defined in such terms?

People are people. Judge people not on their religion but on how they live their lives, what they do, how they treat others.

Put simply, there are good Christians/Muslims/Hindus/Buddhists/whatever/whatever just as there are bad Christians/Muslims/Hindus/Buddists/whatever/whatever.    There is far too much hate in this world to condemn a religion per se.   Let's reserve our condemnation and more for those who, in the name of religion, by thought and deed encourage violence as a means to an end.    That I can readily sign up to.

I anticipate some reaction.   

And Now For The Best

In Australia it's difficult to pick the best PM since 1940.

My contenders are Hawke, Keating, Howard, Curtin and Menzies all of whom were excellent performers.

I'd give the race to Menzies by a nose with Howard a close second.

 Image result for menzies

Menzies built thee modern day Liberal Party and presided over by far and away the best economic resurgence Australia has ever seen.

In NZ it's a different story.  There's no competition.

Unfortunately for the mentally deranged on the far left and far right, John Key takes it away followed by Keith Holyoake.

 Image result for john key

Key took over a failed economy and turned it into one which is the envy of the western world while managing the rebuild of a major city.   Early in his tenure he was reported to have said he does not cleave to ideology but on each issue he decides to do what is best for NZ.

Prediction of the day

Steven "Handout" Muldoon Joyce will deliver a budget that is even more left wing than the one delivered a couple of years ago.  And incredibly, his MPs will stand and applause and rush over to shake his hand as if he's just won the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Handout will then tell the country taking more money off me to give to others is "fair".  Delivering billions in corporate welfare is "fair".

It might be fair to them, but it's damn unfair to me, and will lead to more tax avoidance.

Labour will be left flapping around like a fish on the beach.  And rightly so, as Handout goes deep into its territory.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


In this post, I had a whinge at Steven Muldoon Joyce (aka "Handout") and complained bitterly, ante budget, that the very people who do most of the work in this country are likely to kicked in the guts in tomorrow's budget.

Someone who is smarter than me said it better than I could in this morning's Dom Post:
But it is no myth that at least 40 per cent of households pay no net taxes – despite Keith Ng's Four tax myths that might pop up this year.

Properly accounting for the things Ng points to, like GST, education and healthcare, shows that about 60 per cent of households receive more in benefits and services than they contribute in taxesand that the system is heavily reliant on high earners.
We all know this, but it bears repeating.  In election year, the Labour/Green movement like to pretend those in the top 10% should pay even more, and those in the 60% referred to above should receive even more.

It's parties like National that are meant to correct this bullshit, yet they focus on keeping Labour out, instead of doing what's proper and right according to their principles.

And so people like me look at National sideways and with raw contempt, and we buy rental properties to minimise our tax, because National won't do it for us.  I mean hell, they minimise the tax of 60% of the population, so if you're not going to do it for me, I'll do it myself.

And then Labour decide that's terrible and introduce appalling tax policy to stop the "loophole".

And National party apparatchiks wonder why I give them the middle finger.

Well, it's because to out-socialise the quasi-socialists, the real socialists have to become even worse socialists.

Pitching to the wrong market

The readership of this blog is pretty much completely the wrong one for this post, but this is the blog I've got so fuck it.

I'm a regular commenter at The Standard, it being the most useful blog for left-wingers to argue with each other (The Daily Blog fancies itself a contender for that title, but is instead a usability-disaster that Martyn Bradbury uses for self=promotion).  For the most part, the arguing at The Standard is pretty good (I don't expect right-wingers to agree with me on this point) and there are some seriously bad-motherfucker smart guys commenting there.

That said, it has its downsides, not least some trigger-happy moderators, one of whom is particularly fond of finding excuses to ban commenters who annoy him.  I've proven very annoying to this moderator and have duly copped a two-week ban.  On the plus side, I'm pretty confident this person will never be put in a position of genuine authority over other people, so this trivial abuse of power is the worst he's likely to be able to inflict on anyone.  Still, it means I'm effectively cut off from left-wing argument for two weeks, so I'm now as annoyed as he was.

It won't come as a surprise to regular readers here that I'm not fond of Islam (the subject that got me banned), in fact I dislike it intensely.  It's beyond me how anyone who considers him/herself a rationalist could not dislike Islam intensely, but for some on the left who have difficulty understanding rationalism, someone finding Islam fundamentally irrational and illiberal equates to being a racist who hates Muslims because they're mostly darkies of some description.  That in turn prompts them to call "Islamophobia" as though it were some kind of trump card that beats any argument anyone might present.  It annoys the fuck out of me for the excellent reason that it's sanctimonious bullshit and I don't like sanctimonious bullshit.

The quote below has me pondering whether to go back there at all, which I'd regard as a real loss because it's not like there's an abundance of left-wing blogs that accommodate people arguing with each other:

He was also deliberately misconstruing comments in order to peddle that hatred. (Not just the one I picked up on) 
He lucky it’s only two weeks. Next time will be far longer.
So, the upshot is that I'm hostage to this delusional character's misinterpretation of my arguments and am best advised to just not argue anything he might find annoying.  That definitely lacks appeal.

Various other commenters risked a ban themselves by pointing out the petty nature of this ban.  In the highly unlikely case that any of them happen to read this post, thanks for pointing it out as I'm obviously unable to.  Might talk to you again in two weeks, or might not, depending on whether interest in debating other left-wingers wins out over unwillingness to kowtow to sanctimonious bullshit and petty abuse of authority.

Worst Prime Minister Ever?

Well, in living memory, perhaps.

In Australia, the stand out winner has to be the Liberal Party's greatest ever dope, Billy 'Big Ears' McMahon.

Image result for billy mcmahon prime minister

It was widely reported but, of course, never confirmed that he was a poofter who was forced by his party's hierarchy to marry a glamorous long legged sheila so as to convince the sheeple he was a real dinky dy bloke.  It didn't work and he was thrashed in 1972 by Labor's Gough Whitlam.

Second place goes to Julia 'there'll never be a carbon tax' Gillard followed by nose picking, ear wax munching Kevin Rudd.

In New Zealand, the stand out winner has to be Labour's Helen Clark.

Image result for helen clark prime minister

It was widely reported but, of course, never confirmed that she was a lesbian who was forced by her party's hierarchy to marry a weedy academic bloke so as to convince the sheeple she was a real dinky dy sheila..  It didn't work and she was thrashed in 2008 by National's John Key.

Also widely reported but, of course, never confirmed was the story that her husband was arrested for kiddy fiddling in a Los Angeles Airport toilet and Winston Peters was rushed there in an air force jet to bring the weed back.

Second place goes to the hopeless Geoffrey Palmer, closely followed by the megalomaniac Muldoon.


The latent xenophobia, alive and kicking both in Labour and Winston First, was in play yesterday with the call by Labour's David Parker for Cloud Ocean Water Ltd, majority owned by the Ling Hai Group, to pay a royalty on the water they intend bottling in a new factory complex to be developed in the outer Christchurch suburb of Belfast.

No matter that the amount of bottled water is so small as to be irrelevant in the debate over managing our water resource.    Our fresh water resource is 500 trillion litres of which only 2% is extracted.   Bottled export water accounts for only 8.7 million litres of that which equates to 0.0000002% of the resource.    No matter either the jobs created and taxes paid.    Let's come up with a new tax.

But hold on ... can you really ring-fence bottled water?   What about town water supply; what about water used for irrigation, what about water used for industry?   And then there's the elephant in the room.   Go down this track and you can guarantee Maori will lodge a claim either with the Waitangi Tribunal or in the High Court seeking their piece of the action. 

A stupid idea borne of latent xenophobia and nothing to do with preserving the quality of our water resource which belongs to no-one and everyone.


Paula Bennett will find herself looking from the other side of the Big House having been "Tipped Out"

There are many issues around the world of "gratuities" that have never become embedded for New Zealand service sectors.

We have a minimum wage system that prevents large scale under paying wait staff and porters.

We have a fairly robust tax system that even Bennett acknowledged would be evaded by Tipping.

So I leave a Kate Shepherd, one person gets to pocket it while my satisfaction came from the buyer, the prep, the chef, and the whole mess was cleaned up by the dishwasher none of whom  share that little blue note.

Then there is the clear superiority and snobbery that the Tipper possibly feeds.

Listening to the media generated rubbish around Ms Bennett's brain fart and her credibility takes a hit, tipping is not how NZ thanks people for service.
To have it included as often happens with overseas travel leaves it as another levy no more no less with zero understanding who might benefit from the largesse.

The Bimbo who inflicts so much garbage on Newstalk ZB, five till six am weekdays, explained how her man had converted her to indulging herself by such behaviour. Pity was, she didn't explain to her Saffa mate that he was being a knob here in this country instead of putting on her headscarf and compromising her culture.

Tipping a lucky beneficiary who happens to be right place right time is not just NZ.


Teresa May has raised the security status for the UK from severe to critical, gee that is a comfort!

Then what Terresa?

Can anyone link me to a single Immam, Sheik, Mullah, or Islamic political leader who has condemned the atrocity in Manchester and called for Islam to change its collective slavish following of a text nearly 1500 years unchanged.

Western civilisation is a bunch of lemmings heading for the cliff

Fatal Irony

One thing western liberal democracies are agreed on is that terrorism by Sunni Muslim extremist groups is a major threat.  How ironic then, that in a week in which a moderate reformer wins a second term as president of Iran and a Sunni Muslim extremist kills 19 people in a suicide bombing in Manchester, US President Orange Blowhard makes the first stop on his first overseas trip a visit to Saudi Arabia, the chief promoter and funder of Sunni extremism, and endorses said promoters/funders' statement that the Iranian government is "the tip of the spear of global terrorism." You have to laugh or you'd cry.

Smart politics, terrible economics

John Key once described interest free student loans as smart politics but terrible economics.  It seems this week's budget will be the same:
POLITIK understands that the movements will be for the two lowest thresholds.

Currently tax on income up to $14,000 is 10.5% and for income from $14000 - $48000 tax is 17.5%.

Those thresholds will both rise.

There will also be changes to Working for Families and an increase in the Accommodation Supplement.

POLITIK has been told that added together the tax threshold and Working for Families moves could mean families where one parent is in work with two children see their income rise by what is being described as a “significant” weekly figure.
Key also described Working for Families as communism by stealth.
The money in the Government’s accounts has been earned by hard working taxpayers, and we want to ensure that in an election year when there is a temptation for bidding wars, that we make the biggest difference we can with those surpluses," he told his weekly press conference yesterday.   
Will Steven Muldoon Joyce reward all taxpayers, including people like me who employ 15 workers and work 6 days a week to earn their wages, and allow their PAYE to be given to Muldoon Joyce?
But there is also a political recognition that they would be unwise to be seen to be delivering more money to already wealthy higher income earners.
Absolute traitors to their purported cause.  They're simply poll driven sheep.  It's why I will never vote for them and why I have continually dismissed many offerings to join the party.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A soothing photo

Here's one for my old mate Adolf which is hot off the press.

Palestinian leader Mahmood Abbas and Donald Trump holding hands

Is This The Beginning of The End.......

....of the Iranian theocracy?

President Trump has just armed the Saudis to the tune of $350 billion.

Could this be the preface to the crushing of Iran?  My guess is it is.

Look for a massive attack on Iran with American air power delivering an hour long dose of shock and awe, in which the Iranian military is severely degraded; Israeli nuclear strikes on Iranian nuclear and rocket facilities and an Arab Sunni coalition invasion putting ground troops in to clean up the remnants.

There will be no premature withdrawal of troops before the job is done because of some damned presidential election.

If I'm right, president Trump will go down in history as the man who fixed up Jimmy Carter's and Barack Obama's foreign policy fuck ups.


Self and Mrs Veteran do virtually all our banking through the internet.   A few minutes ago I went on-line to check the balance in our current account.    At 11.43 this morning an 'OT Doe' (unknown to me) made a substantial deposit into our account. 

Being an honest chap I rang the ANZ to query it.  All they could tell me was the OT Doe was a Westpac customer.   I asked them 'what happens now'.   Their response ... 'if you are not owed the money and if OT Doe has made an error in transferring the money to you he/she/it has fifteen working days in which to contact their bank (Westpac) to request us (ANZ) to reverse the credit.   Don't touch it until after fifteen days ... at that time the money (if it's still there) is yours to do with it what you want.

So OT Doe ... fifteen days.   The time clock is ticking.   Hope you're NOT reading this.


It is less than four hours since an explosion in the foyer area of the Manchester Arena killed at least nineteen people and injured a further fifty plus, many with life threatening injuries.

It is a developing story.   What we do know is that the Police suspect it to be a terrorist bombing possibly carried out by a suicide bomber.   There are reports of nuts and bolts littering the area which would suggest they constituted the shrapnel component of the bomb.   As we speak there are Police raids being conducted in the Greater Manchester area while the terrorist threat level in the UK has been raised to 'Severe' meaning further attacks are highly likely.   

On the plus side (if there is a plus side) the British Police and intelligence agencies are second to none in dealing with terrorist incidents.    There is extensive CCTV coverage of the scene and you can bet your bottom dollar that the authorities are trolling through the extensive footage in order to piece together what happened.

All that aside and it's just three weeks out from the UK election.    You would have to be naive in the extreme to think this won't impact on the result.   The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, needs this like a hole in the head given the widely held perception that he is soft on terrorism given his record of support for HUMAS and the PLO and his failure to condemn the IRA for their terrorist campaign.    To be fair to Corbyn and he would argue that he deplores all acts of violence.   Unfortunately for him that won't wash in a charged political environment.  

Tears For Manchester

Why are the people at the BBC so stupid?

Juxtaposed headlines:-

You'd Never Guess Who

A student who learned nothing......

A law magazine editor who wrote nothing........

A senator who voted nothing.............

A president who achieved nothing.................

Born in Kenya                                         Born in Hawaii
(When he wanted to steal a                     (When he wanted to steal a presidency)
foreign student scholarship)

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