Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Almost there

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No prizes for guessing what the final link in the chain looks like, now that he has fired the Attorney-General.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Political Fatman?

From the Wall Street Journal comes a fascinating account of the means by which Obama's scofflaw rules and regulations might be unwound.

In some respects, the device to be used could be compared with the bomb Truman dropped on Nagasaki.  It was named Fatman.

Our modern day political Fatman is none other than the innocuous sounding Congresional Review Act, passed in 1996, which allows a simple majority in Congress to overrule regulations or 'guidance' made by way of executive order and not yet ratified by Congress.

The writer, Kimberley Strassell, points out that this Act can be used retrospectively to cover rules and regulations going right back to 1996 and that the Republicans already have their short list of first
cabs off the rank.

Here’s how it works: It turns out that the first line of the CRA requires any federal agency promulgating a rule to submit a “report” on it to the House and Senate. The 60-day clock starts either when the rule is published or when Congress receives the report—whichever comes later....

..... There are rules for which there are no reports. And if the Trump administration were now to submit those reports—for rules implemented long ago—Congress would be free to vote the regulations down.......
.......challenges could be leveled against any rule or guidance back to 1996, when the CRA was passed.......

.....There’s more. It turns out the CRA has a expansive definition of what counts as a “rule”—and it isn’t limited to those published in the Federal Register. The CRA also applies to “guidance” that agencies issue. Think the Obama administration’s controversial guidance on transgender bathrooms in schools or on Title IX and campus sexual assault. It is highly unlikely agencies submitted reports to lawmakers on these actions......

.....The best part? Once Congress overrides a rule, agencies cannot reissue it in “substantially the same form” unless specifically authorized by future legislation. The CRA can keep bad regs and guidance off the books even in future Democratic administrations—a far safer approach than if the Mr. Trump simply rescinded them.

Obama's legacy will sink faster than the Titanic.

If the Republicans have any brains, they will include a few of Dubbya's more dubious efforts in the mass overruling, just for political cover.

Then stand back and watch the Democrats and their lunatic media friends scream.

One wonders what they will do to surpass their last effort when thousands of women dressed up as c***s for some march or other.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


UK Labour is in a mess and the main reason for this is the abject failure of Jeremy Corbyn as their leader.    His Party has now plunged to just 24% in the polls with UKIP only 10 points adrift of them.     When asked who would make a better Prime Minister, May or Corbyn, just 15% chose to opt for Corbyn.

24% in a FPP environment would be catastrophic for Labour and  see them reduced to just a rump of seats.

How has it come to this?     One word ... Corbyn.    Foisted upon the Party by the left and hard left he is a leader who engenders little respect outside his ever adoring fan club of yesterdays men hankering back to the days of the class struggle and the reinstatement of Clause IV (if you don't know what that means ... look it up) and with no, repeat no, moral authority.    Just what are you to make of a man who imposes a three-line whip in requiring his MPs to vote for the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill when he himself has defied the Labour Whip 537 times over his three decades in Parliament.  

The result ... two members of his shadow cabinet have resigned (with more to follow) but even more bizarre is the fact that two of the Labour Whips (Jeff Smith and Thangam Debbonaire)  have said they will defy themselves and vote against the Bill

How has it come to this ... the answer is raw politics over principle.   It lies in the Stoke-On-Trent Central by-election due in just over four weeks.    Labour's majority at the last election was a relatively healthy 5,000 due in part to a popular local member now gone ... and then came Brexit.   The constituency recorded one of the largest majorities in the country for Brexit (69%).    Labour is predominantly pro-Europe (although Corbyn himself is luke-warm) but the Party can't be seen as anti-Brexit in the by-election so hence the three-line Whip.   But it you think that's bad, it gets worse. In the constituency the Labour Party has selected as their candidate a Party hack who has made no bones about calling Brexit and Brexitiers 's**t'.  Far be it for me to tender advice to Labour but I would have thought that describing 69% of your voters as crap is hardly guaranteed to endear them to you.

I repeat.   UK Labour is in a mess and Corbyn is responsible.    I am encouraged that Lord Egbut, one of his early backers, now appears to accept that his man has feet of clay.    Corbyn, in imposing the three-line Whip, has ensured the seeds for open rebellion have been well and truly sown.

My prediction is that Labour under Corbyn is finished.   There will be a fracturing of the Party and sooner rather than later.     Keep the name Dan Jarvis in mind.   You heard it first here.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


I see that President Trump has announced here that Christian refugees will be afforded priority entry into the United States.

That may or may not be a good thing but can I suggest it will certainly lead to an upsurge of 'rice' Christians as defined here 

Interesting times for refugees in the land of the free.. 

Friday, January 27, 2017


The Law Lords decision that the British Government must seek the approval of Parliament before acting to trigger Article 50 (proving for exit from the EU) is interesting and provides a precedent that could well impact on all Parliaments wedded to the Westminster system of Government.

On balance I think the decision is to be applauded as it confirms the primacy of Parliament.   That is fundamental to our system of democracy.

As far as the UK is concerned and I'm not sure too much will change.   The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill was presented to Parliament yesterday when it had its First Reading.   In the 650 member House there is a small bloc of 64 members (54 Scottish National Party, 9 Liberal Democrats and 1 Green) committed to opposing withdrawal tooth and nail.   I suspect they will be joined by a rump of Europhile MPs from both the Conservative and Labour Parties who will cross the floor to vote against the Bill.   It is perhaps instructive that Jeremy Corbyn has said that Labour respects the Referendum result and will not vote against the Bill.   Whether that means he will go so far as to impose a three-line Whip is moot.     Whatever, the Bill will pass into Law.

The decision has potential ramifications for New Zealand.   Here the Conservatives and, to a lessor extent, Winston First have campaigned for the introduction of binding Citizen's Referenda.    The Law Lords decision effectively challenges the legality of that and while their decision does not bind New Zealand it provides a basis for challenge were this country to proceed down that pathway.

I am against binding referenda.    Not against CIR per se  and Parliament should not disregard lightly the result from a CIR where there is a high turnout and where the decision is clear-cut.  But in the final analysis I support the primacy of Parliament to make (hopefully) informed decisions.   I think the Law Lords have done democracy a favour.

Updated 11.25 ... It is confirmed that Corbyn has imposed a three-line Whip on his own MPs which has led to the resignation of Tulip Siddiq, one of his shadow ministers.

Updated #2 ... Another shadow minister has quit.   This time Jo Stevens, Shadow Welsh Secretary.   UK Labour is in a mess.


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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Voters Woke Up.....

.... and elected President Trump.

They didn't go back to sleep.  Instead, they ignored the crass US media, they ignored the nationwide idiotic protests funded by the malevolent George Soros and they ignored the idiots from the entertainment world who set themselves up as arbiters of electoral rectitude.

Have a look at the Rasmussen presidential approval poll.


Approval Index Strongly Approve Strongly Disapprove Total Approve Total Disapprove
25-Jan-17 +9 42% 33% 57% 43%
24-Jan-17 +9 42% 33% 57% 43%
23-Jan-17 +4 39% 35% 55% 44%

How sweet it is to see Soros pouring his millions into Donald trump's re-election campaign.


A minion in the skeletal remains of the Labour Party, that during the heady days, expedited the citizenship of an Asian gentleman who along with being extraordinarily adept and generous to Ms Clark's outfit just happened to be on the China Government's 'most wanted list' for financial irregularity, even to the extent of a privvate citizenship ceremony in the Parliament,  is outraged that the Key mob gave alleged 'secret' citizenship to a very rich American who sadly has given financial support to President Trump.
Being mega rich Mr Peter Thiel must never be allowed any privacy eh.

This appalling misuse of government power by Minister The Honorable Nathan Guy only came to prominence because the new citizen  had the temerity to purchase a bit of lakeside land at Glendhu Bay near Wanaka, something as a NZ citizen he was perfectly lawfully enabled to do. Now there is so far zero evidence that Mr Thiel's process  was anything resembling the act in haste repent at leisure circus drama that accompanied the process for Mr Bill Lui, if that was his real name,  by  Shane Jones and  Good Ole Boy Dover with the assistance and connivance of Mr Rick Barker and others who were too embarrassed to be openly associated in the face of serious advice from immigration officials that Yang, Bill or whoever he actually was should NOT be granted N Z Citizenship.

Of course the fact that Mr Thiel has invested serious dosh in Lil ole NZ's commercial success in the world of IT, the Rod Drury created  XERO outfit is of little consequence as, if true  would be only the rich getting richer and in the absence of any proven  political patronage, there must be something dodgy going on.

Mr two dads should return to his office sports and perhaps get a few more Peter Theils to head down under disregarding the sad spin off that such wealthy persons do widen the gap between rich and poor in the sad little welfare sustained country that pays Mr Lees Galloway so much more than he could ever wish for outside the Parliamentary Trough.

Perhaps he should leave envy to the MOU partners it sits much more comfortably in their persona being green and all.


Fascinating to see the little man on TV lording over the demise of the TPPA with the quite inane comment that while Labour was all in favour of free trade it would never ever commit to a deal that disadvantaged New Zealand workers.

Little taking crap in sound bites.   In negotiating a free trade agreement it is axiomatic that you have to give away something in order to achieve something ... hopefully a lot.   That for us was the essence of the TPPA.

So Labour, in negotiating the FTA with China back in April 2008, didn't stuff our lower end garment industry and the Pope is a Protestant.    In talking crap Little craps on his own.    One can understand why he wimped out from contesting the Miramar seat.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Get Ye Gone!

Sub title:  Be careful What You Wish For.

I see a recent opinion poll in California has 53% in favour of the state seceding.

President Trump might do well to assist these people by 'reaching across the divide' to help them on their way.  He should ask his mates in Congress to introduce fast track legislation removing California from the Union, citing the wishes of a majority of Californians..  Of course, this would mean residents of Califor-whatever would need visas to enter the US; no more federal funding for the state; hefty tariffs on manufactured goods sold into the US etc etc.

Such a move would be enormously helpful to the United States and give a boost to the Republican Party.  Just think about it.

1   All those puffed up self styled 'celebrities' shilling for Clinton would no longer be US citizens.  They said they'd bugger off if Trump won and then they reneged.  This will give them back a little credibility.

2  The Republican majority in the hoouse will increase by 24 and in the Senate by 2.

3   Best of all, Crooked Hillary's popular majority in the election came almost entirely from California so the Democrats remaining in the US could be guaranteed twenty years in the political wilderness.

Adolf remembers well the strong secessionist movement in Western Australia during the 1970s.  It had it's genesis in widespread resentment among Western Australians over the fact that their 10% of the country's population generated 50% of the country's tax income, only to see it doled out in Sydney and Melbourne where there were more votes to be bought.

On the downside?

Why, President Trump would have to build a wall along the Arizona border to keep Meryl Streep and Woopi Goldberg out.


The breaking news that Bill English is standing firm on his decision to give the lower Marae at Waitangi the flick and will instead be the guest of Ngati Whatua at their Orakei Marae where he will host the traditional Prime Minister's Waitangi Day breakfast is to be applauded.

The lunatics who control the Te Tii Marae and whose actions over the years have made decent New Zealander's cringe have had their bluff called.   No more grandstanding, no more faux apologies.   They have successfully edited themselves out of the game.

A very reduced number of National MPs will join with MPs from all parties to be 'welcomed' onto the lower Marae.      Not sure why they see a need to go there at all.   The real action will be on the Treaty House Grounds.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Just What Australia Needs

Another left leaning newspaper specializing in fake news.

Yes, the New York Times is to establish itself in Australia, just as Fairfax announces the demise of print edition weekday newspapers.  I wonder what classified information the NYT will find here to publish for Australia's enemies.

The report in The Australian implies birth of an Australian version but further searching reveals the paper simply is setting up a bureau in Australia.

So, no, you won't see the NYT competing with Fairfax and the ABC to deliver the same biased drivel to the same brain dead leftist drones. 

Happy days.


Naah, nothing to do with climate change but rather a break from all thing Trump.    The Mt Albert by-election is going to be a real tester for the Labour-Greens marriage of convenience.    Ardern and Genter going head to head.   Both personable in their own way and both astute debaters although Ardern has 'distinguished' herself in parliament through her inability to land any serious hits on the Ministers she is shadowing.  

Mt Albert is working class (however you want to define that). Neither National and NZ First are contesting the by-election.   Both Labour and the Greens will be able to throw their entire Auckland resources into the fight.   From where I sit it seems to me that the Green activist base is more passionate and committed than Labour.  They will campaign on being the 'real deal' rather then a Party that has moved away from its working class roots.  I think too the ability of ex-mayoral candidate Chloe Swarbrick and now aspiring Green MP to motivate the youth vote could well have an impact on the election result. 

And what about the centre-right vote?    I suspect NZ First voters, being somewhat unsophisticated souls, will look for an indication from on high as to what they should do.   I suspect they will be left wanting.   On the other hand National voters might seize the opportunity to create a little electoral mischief.  

If the vote is anywhere near close or if the Greens were to take the seat then the Labour Greens pact, already under strain because of the inability of Labour to make in real headway in the polls, could rupture.    This would not necessarily be a good thing for the centre-right as it could open up the door for Winston to do a deal with Labour leaving the Greens on the sidelines with nowhere to go.  

Whatever,  I do enjoy blood-sports.

One final point.   I do regard David Shearer as an inherently decent man who deserved better than what he got from a disloyal caucus.     

Monday, January 23, 2017

For All Those Who Take Umbrage......

.......at the use of plain clear English.

Here you go, petals, straight from the horse's mouth.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


A sign at one of the anti-Trump (aka anti-American) protests in NZL yesterday ... 'Dump the Trump, Dump the TPPA'.

Strange bedfellows.  Guess they hadn't heard.

Would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

For the Demented and Delusional Leftie

This is just sooooooooo good.

At the Sydney Brainless Bitches march yesterday:-

Saturday, January 21, 2017


I say that out of respect for the Office.   President Trump has still to earn my respect as a person ... but at least I'm prepared to give him the chance to prove himself.

We have been bombarded by a never ending procession of opinion-editorial pieces about how terrible his presidency is going to be.   It is refreshing to read this piece in the Independent from Sean O'Grady which argues that perhaps, just perhaps, the end of the world is not nigh with his inauguration as the 45th President of the United States.    I commend it to you.

A question.   Do protestors really need to riot to make their point? 

Friday, January 20, 2017


Yes, it's election year, and yes we can expect politicians of all stripes to say silly things, but the hubris and cant being uttered by the Little man and the OAP from St Mary's Bay over entering the Pike River Mine sure takes the biscuit.

Lets start from the beginning.  The Pike River Mine was located on crown land administered by DoC,   In 2004 the then Labour Government gave approval for the mine which started coal production in October 2008.    On 19 November 2010 an explosion in the mine left 29 dead.   There was was a second explosion on 24 November and a third one three days after that.  The formal advice tendered to Solid Energy (which purchased the mine from Pike River Coal after it went into receivership) is that the mine is too dangerous to enter and should be sealed.   The families of the miners killed in the tragedy commissioned their own advice which suggested an operation to recover the remains of those trapped in the mine (assuming there are any to recover ... temperatures in the mine were assessed to have reached something in the order of 1200 degrees centigrade) was both feasible and practical.   One might argue that the families are hardly a disinterested party.   Enter Little and Peters to the fray ... they are siding with the families.  

So what are they proposing ... introducing amending legislation into Parliament to absolve the Directors of Solid Energy from any liability under the Health & Safety Act should things go wrong in any recovery operation.     Quite simply that beggars belief.     What if something did go wrong?.   Where does that leave the people involved?   What recourse would those families have?

Little and Peters are playing politics pure and simple.   It's not their lives they're putting at risk.    Leading from the back ain't leading.   For them, hubris and cant rules OK.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017


POTUS has the right to issue pardons and commute sentences.   It is expected that the right is used sparingly and for good cause.     Three days out from leaving office President has commuted back to seven years the 35 year sentence imposed on Chelsea Manning.    'She' will now be freed in less than four months.

On 30 July 2013 Manning was convicted by Courts Martial on 17 out of 22 charges including five charges of espionage and theft.     Evidence was adduced that the information passed by Manning to Wikileaks caused considerable damage to the US intelligence community and contributed to the unmasking of vital intelligence assets.

Sorry President Obama ... you don't commute the sentences of traitors ... especially traitors in uniform no matter how mixed up they are.


Israel has accepted the creation of a Palestinian State seperate from The Kingdom of Jordan where many stateless Palestinians have chosen to live albeit as second class citizens.

Many of the luvvies who struggle with the concept of the only Democratic state involved in the frontline of Islams drive to expand it's area of domination concur but with the added requirement that Israel give up its infinitely more secure borders following the expulsion of Jordan from the West Bank including the serious Jewish historical linked structures that include the "wailing wall".

I think I have worked out what is preventing the "two state" solution from getting airborne.
While Israel's concept comes close to having some acceptance by all, except the Hamas controlled Gaza City Area and the slightly less murderous Fatah West Bank, who have a totally different conceptual aim.
The still stateless Palestinians understand that their "two states" will be Gaza  and Palestine who will move into the defeated territory when they have destroyed modern  Israel, slaughtering every last Jew.
There is the Arab understood two state "solution" McSully supports.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Tesla have an app that allows access and starting for their latest cars to be operated  with a smart phone, sounds a great advance right. Well for one proud owner not so much.

The poor little dumbarse went out bush and became locked out of a securely locked car.
Only six miles from home and Mrs Dumbarse had to run two miles to solve the problem.
She eventually found a cell signal to get help.

You see the app needs a bloody signal to allow the phone to contact Tesla to bypass the locks and the dopey sharp point had left his keys at home as part of the trial run.

I wonder if he voted for Billary??


CIA Director  John Brennan seems to believe he is another J Edgar Hoover, untouchable.

Larry Pickering has a post on some very serious background allegations on the man in charge of US foreign Intell,

Explains some of the as yet unanswered questions surrounding the desperation  accompanying the electoral failure of Clinton with her links via the Clinton Foundation to Saudi cash.

It could be a lot more than "sore loser syndrome".


It is not conclusively decided if Einstein actually proposed the definition but it is a great fit.

Insanity; " doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result".

Our inept media joined with the red left to attempt to knock John Key off his perch for a decade with zero result from what many labeled "KDS" for Key Derangement Syndrome.
Now the U.S. Media along with the snowflakes are going after POTUS elect Donald Trump.
Now if "KDS" was pathetically failing for a decade, it will be interesting how "TDS" goes.

One of the saddest manifestations so far has to be the attempts to deny the college band from an Afro American college (university) from Alabama State participating in the Inauguration Parade for the swearing in of Mr Trump.
The inauguration of a president has a great history of non partisan behaviour and to deny those youth f something they will proudly carry as a special memory for the rest of their days, it is not just sad but tragic in the true sense.

Jeez Wayne , George W Bush invited all the living Presidents to a White House luncheon to make Barry feel welcome eight years ago, to the exclusive club. Compare that action in the wake of a campaign against War Hero John McCain, Senator from Arizona that was very bitter at times to the petulant spiteful behaviour of the current decisive sharp point as he frantically comes to the realisation his record will be dust in the sands of history as it is dismantled by the terrible Mr Trump.

Orator he has clearly been so long as the Telepromptor continued to function, but statesman and man of the people he ain't..
Black Lives Matter will be his enduring legacy and many more people of colour have died or are at risk of early death from his not very subtle efforts.

The kick in the conjoines for the students of the College established by freed slaves has so far failed due to the efforts of the college President who understands the insane stupid that is being attempted on his youth.
Well done that man, Billy Hawkens Phd, president of Talladega College that celebrates its 150th birthday this year, they get what democracy should be while the snowflakes melt in the mid winter temperatures.
Dr Hawkins is standing tall.


While running an item on the decision to end the fruitless search for Malasian Airlines Flight 370 Fox News ran a clip from film of the RNZAF contribution on the flight deck of an Orion as backing video for how the RAAF had led the international search effort.

Mind that Orion wing has a great history of success in exercises with the Aussie and Yank forces in searching for bad people under water so it was entirely appropriate I guess.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

FIRST THEY CAME FOR -------------?

Humans have evolved from hunter gatherers who with the laws of Darwin led to the creation of  a reasonably cunning animal, with a disposition to empathy and nurture who became  very successful at creating society that could soar to great heights.

In that progression, many ways and survival needs from the past, evolved into games that honed skills and taught the very best of sportsmanship.  How impressive, when the Bangladeshi Skipper ducked into a Tim Southee short ball, the caring and concern was palpable from all involved.

Many of those activities that have evolved are still evolving and when things continue to cause damage, administrators resort to rule changes and one of the clear examples comes with the crack down by Rugby powers on head high tackles as players and coaches develop new strategies to comply.

One of the saddest manifestations of what many call progress emanates from the ignorant sad little people,  so aptly named snowflakes who from a position totally removed from any active connection with an activity that has emerged from history in sport that entertains many but the snowflakes find offends their twentyfirst century mores want to ban.

Such inane rubbish accompanies the various events that constitute modern Rodeo.
Bucking horse riding with and without a saddle,
Bull / Steer riding.
Roping young cattle and restraining them,
Barrell Racing.
These events all evolved from livestock systems in  days gone by when Horse was the preferred transport, and fences and yards were unavailable.
The exception is Bull and Steer riding which is pure agony inducing competitive "I am better" macho  action.

Now to catch a horse and create a useful piece of equipment is a rare skill and Horse 'Breaking', has  given way to "Horse Whispering", my nephew is a talented deliverer of the modern system.
Occasionally in days of yore some horses presented enormous challenges and the most intractable  renegade steeds became a focus for competitive days of competition available for  activity in free time, the alternative was alas, death for use as dog food.  

Now following the undoubted success of the envy consumed opponents of fox and hare hunting, who have basically closed down an activity with the legislative powers of the UK parliament, a bunch of nutters here in NZ have left the very small minority who "Follow the Hounds" alone and seem to have selected Rodeo as a focus of their penchant to ban something.
Yes occasionally an animal breaks a leg and is euthanised, hell it happens in a paddock of green grass with zero human cause, blame or involvement apart from an inevitable monetary loss. The Cowboys and Girls are at a much higher risk of serious damage than the animals that enjoy weeks and weeks of eating and sleeping with an occasional day out and ten seconds of frenetic action. Do the nutters seriously believe that is worse than a few months of boring high value food and an encounter with a stungun at a meatworks.
The Rodeo organisers must have a vet to end the suffering of an animal with irreparable injury, Firstaiders and the local ED will be called on to repair the damaged riders and no humane bolt in sight.

People climb icy peaks and ridges, ride cycles, motorbikes and fast cars , even trucks and tractors, jump off bridges and platforms with only a rubber band between them and death.  Others climb into an overloaded vehicle at holiday time to risk a duel with the grim reaper, sadly nineteen this latest holiday met their end.
Where there are live ones there will be dead ones, will always be with us.

Rodeo organisers go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the safest environment for the animals and the competitors, even spectators.

If the bullies succeed with Rodeo then it will be Cross Country and Show Jumping equestrian, Hurdles and Steeplechase for Jockey Clubs, then Flat Gallops, Harness Sports, where will it end.
Just have a gander at how the sport of Greyhound racing in New South Wales only survived a maniacal response from State Premier Mike Baird in an OTT kneejerk reaction to a widely flawed and panned report on off track training and the destruction of failed racing dogs, when electoral reality brought a change of mind.
Before the oh so smug snowflakes start celebrating it will eventually reach golf. Surely someone ruining a walk by smashing a very hard small sphere often with little idea where it will end up must be somewhere in a queue for extinction.

Brexit - Pommy Rogernomics? (Corrected)

It appears British PM Theresa May is going for a hard landing.  Cut the ties to the EU and go it alone, right from the word go.

What will this mean for UK fat lamb producers?  What opportunities will this provide for NZ and Australian frozen lamb exporters?

Image result for leg of lamb roast

It seems to me UK farmers will undergo the same shocks that beset NZ farmers when Roger Douglas delivered the much needed coup de grace to the now notorious Supplementary Minimum Prices.

UK cockies have been protected from real world reality by decades of EU subsidies which, overnight, will disappear.    My greatest criticism of Douglas's moves were to do with the inhumane way in which they were implemented, leading to incredible hardship for and many suicides within NZ farming  families.  That was the short term downside.  The long term benefits were a stronger and more resilient farming sector.

UK cockies and politicians should learn from NZ's experience under Douglas and should avoid the short term trauma..

If I were a UK lamb producer, here's what I would do.

1   I would form groups of twenty or so producers and have each group hire a consultant from NZ to introduce new farming practices resulting in a dramatic increase in efficiency of production.  This may well involve changes to the breeding flock to bring about an increase in survival to sale lambing percentage, along with a significant reduction in the farm labour force.  Such changes will require changing the breed of sheep, such as occurred in NZ, where a move away from traditional Romney ewes to breeds such as Perendale and Coopworth achieved huge increases in lambing percentage from large flocks which required little or no care at lambing time.

2   I would ask the UK government to continue an interim subsidy, to allow time for the changes to take place without undue hardship.   It will take three to four years to breed up a new flock and accordingly I suggest the subsidy should start at the current UK level and phase out over five years.

( The current subsidised farm gate price for a 19 kg lamb in the UK is NZ$124 while the NZ equivalent is NZ$100.  Retail UK price is NZ9/kg compared with NZ price of around $13/kg)

Is a $25 per carcase differential enough to get excited about?  If it is, then what a marvelous opportunity there will be for NZ exporters if NZ pulls off a fast track free trade agreement.   Meat companies would be able to sell into the UK initially at EU type prices while the local producers adjust.

Kiwis can expect to pay a  more for their Sunday roast leg of lamb.


You may be aware that some of the NOK of servicemen killed in the  Malaysian and Vietnam conflicts and buried in Malaysia/Singapore  have requested their remains be repatriated back to New Zealand.  

The long standing position of the Royal New Zealand Returned & Services Association was that there should be no repatriation however two years ago they changed their position and late last year Government referred the matter to the Veterans' Advisory Board (statutory body established to advise the Minister of Veterans' Affairs) for their investigation and recommendation.

Their graves are located in four locations: at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery at Kranji in Singapore; at the British Military Cemetery at Terendak Garrison, Melaka, Malaysia; at the Cheras War Cemetery (part of the Cheras Christian Cemetery) in Kuala Lumpur and in the Taiping (Kamunting Road) Christian Cemetery in Perak State.   The Kranji Cemetery is an official CWGC cemetery while the latter three are maintained by the CWGC.    Both the Kranji and Terendak sites are are immaculately maintained.   In KL and Taiping the military portions of the cemetery are well maintained, the adjacent civilian graves less so.

There is free access to the Kranji, KL and Taiping cemeteries.   The Terendak cemetery is located inside a Malaysian Army Garrison and you need permission to visit it.   There has been comment by some NOK that they found obtaining permission difficult.   That is not my experience.    When I, along with Mrs Veteran and a close friend ex 5RAR and his wife, applied to visit we found the process simple and straight forward.   On visit day we fronted up to the Main Gates along with our driver and handed over our passports.   We were given unrestricted access to the Camp (no escort).   We went everywhere, cemetery, beach club, old NAAFI area, our old battalion lines and the old Ladies Mess were our wives once lived.     Access should not be an issue.

I am ambivalent on the repatriation issue.    My gut feeling is that the bodies should remain where they have for the last half century.   Having said that I can  acknowledge the serenity and ambiance of the KL and Taiping cemeteries does not match that of Kranji and Terendak.    It would however not be fair to restrict repatriation to those two cemeteries alone.       One out ... all out.

Last year our Oz cousins completed a similar exercise with much pomp and ceremony.   They would acknowledge there were difficulties.     While there might have been neat markers above ground, below ground was a different story.   They are not exactly sure who they dug up ... indeed, there is an unconfirmed story doing the rounds that among those repatriated to Oz was the remains of a New Zealander.    If that is correct it is embarrassing.   Some families have requested full DNA testing to confirm identities but that could be opening a pandoras box.   Perfect reason to leave well alone.

I understand the TOR for the VAB includes reference to the possible repatriation of dependents.   I am completely opposed to that.   Serviceman only.   Any number of civilian New Zealanders die while overseas.   Many are buried overseas.    It is not the Government's responsibility to bring them 'home'.   I wish the VAB well in their deliberations.   They will need to exercise the judgement of Solomon.   Whatever they recommend; whatever the Government decides ... they're sure to upset someone.

For the avoidance of doubt I need to say that the repatriation of the remains of servicepeople buried in CWGC cemeteries prior to 1 January 1948 is prohibited according to the protocols of the Commission endorsed by the member countries which includes New Zealand.



Traveling home yesterday around noon came up behind a marked police ute to become number four in line doing sixty five on straights reducing to as slower on corners.
Oncoming made passing impossible so some six kms later with the convoy now in excess of ten the cop had had enough and lit up with siren.
The poor bugger at two must have needed a change of undies and I have no clue as to what the moron in the White sedan leading ended up with, if anything as a ticket but it was a very clear case of "driving without attention" even "inconsiderate road use".

Sunday, January 15, 2017


The Veteran, much to Mrs Veteran's chagrin, is a cricket nut.   Those of you who follow the Black Caps both in NZL and o'seas will be well aware there is an 'annoying' Kiwi fan who positions himself right in the eye of the camera immediately adjacent to the sight screen and normally to its left..

Doesn't matter if it's in Oz, RSA, India, Pakistan, Zimbabwe or Bangladesh or wherever, there he is in dark sunnies with a toy kiwi wrapped around his gut and waving his version of the NZL ensign with some writing on the bottom.

Clearly he has dosh because it must cost him heaps to follow the team everywhere.   Clearly too he likes to be seen on TV although I am reliably informed that Sky Sports Camera Crews have instructions to try and avoid showing him ... but without too much success because of where he positions himself.

Has to be a story behind this, the supposed Black Caps number one fan... anyone know it?


The Gadfly

Some years ago Radio Left Wing ran a late night programme of light classical music.  I think it started at eleven and went for one hour.  Adolf rarely missed it.

The theme for the programme was a piece called 'The Gadfly' by Russian composer Dimitriy Shostakovich.  I'm told correct pronunciation has the emphasis on the second, rather than third, syllable.

I happened to have a CD playing in the car the other day and on came The Gadfly.


In the twilight of Obama's disastrous presidency I can think of few themes which so aptly describe his dubious tenure.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Forget all those nice young men that successive judges have bent over backwards to be forgiving to.
All Blacks, Law students, some scion of a wine family, a list that seems to be well beyond the Blind Lady  of Justice, here was a case where such impressive  leniency could seem fair and good.

A woman married to a man for 25 years becomes aware that someone had been a very naughty boy.
Teenage son  finds some images on bad dad's cell phone of the fellow player in some examples of friction while wearing what some prurient justice deemed insufficient attire.
How bloody dumb was that not the activity but keeping the images on  a cell?

So Mrs Now Really Offended (not her real name), prints a few A4 posters of the  naked woman and some inimate action pics of Bad Dad and his new paramour and places them strategically around their little village where Bad Dad was the fire chief

Any way humourless sharp point Clayton (the judge you have when you don't have a judge) convicts wronged woman for distributing offensive matter and fines her $250.
Should have nominated her for housewife of the year, hell no one died in the commission.

Last time I checked creating red faces was normal societal fun and games, way less damaging physically than a young rising star smashing two young ladies and someone else trying to help them.

Justice aint Blind it is crippled and needs intensive care.
Chief District Court Judge needs to call Mr Clayton in for a little chat that sometimes revenge is a dish best served cold,  even for heat seeking Fire Chiefs. The perpetrator of the "offensive" was not Mrs N R Offended, it was the dumbarse who deserved all that embarrassment and more.


As I predicted, certain sections of the media have declared all out war on President Elect Trump and its ugly.   Not a day goes past without reports of new allegations; not a day goes past without reports of divisions in the Trump ranks; never mind that much of accompanying commentary is puerile and never mind that in everything Trump is portrayed in terms of  'guilty until proven innocent'.

Take for example he reported division between the President-elect and his nominees for Defense Secretary and CIA Director over 'Russia'..   Trump sez he wants good relations with Russia while General Mattis (Defense) and Congressman Pompeo (CIA) both assess Russia to be the number one threat facing the country.   Has it occurred to those alleging division that the two statements are not mutually exclusive?

I hold no great brief for Trump except to acknowledge that he about to become President of the worlds number one super power.   But I think the media are playing a dangerous game.   They have to respect the office even though clearly they don't respect the man .... and never will.    Truth be known and the media needs Trump more the Trump needs the media.   He holds the cards.  He can pull their accreditation to the White House; he doesn't have to have news conferences; he can talk over their collective heads to the American people direct secure in the knowledge that only 40% of Americans consider the media to be somewhat trustworthy (down from 55% in 1999).    Those are not numbers to be proud of.   Walter Cronkite will be turning in his grave.

The fourth estate has an important role to play in the democratic process.    It seems to me they are getting close to editing themselves out of the game. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017


So Kingi Taurua now sez the letter, sent over his signature, to the Prime Minister making it clear that he was to be denied speaking rights at the Powhiri welcoming him onto the Te Tii Marae at Waitangi didn't say what he thought it said and he's sorry about that ... ROFL.

Don't back down Prime Minister.   Don't go.   Never go.    The Marae has no mana.   The lunatics that run the place have seen to that.    John Armstrong (bless his cotton pickin sox) has summed up the situation perfectly here

Updated further ... KT now claims the letter sent over his signature was authored by certain 'Young Turks' on the Marae committee.   Ipso facto ... not his fault.   Clearly if we were believe that (and I don't) Taurua doesn't subscribe to the HST dictum ... the buck stops here.    I see that David Rankin, respected Ngapuhi elder, has disowned KT and his mob and endorsed the decision of the PM not to turn up.   Hurrah for common sense.   

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


My very good friend Whaleoil and some of my co-bloggers here have taken upon themselves to shill for Israel following the NZL led 14-0 zip vote in the Security Council condemning the creation of new Jewish settlements on the occupied West Bank.

That initiative, that vote, has my support in trying to broker a solution to the Palestinian question.   It's a problem that has to be solved because, until it is, both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples will never live in peace.

Too much of the debate is about slogans.  Too much of the debate is argued in terms of black and white.   You're either for Israel or against it.   You're either for the Palestinians or against them.   There is no middle ground.   To that I say crap because the alternative is perpetual war or near war.  Is that the way 'you' want it to be?   I'm not interested in slogans.  I'm only interested in solutions

Now, unless my right wing colleagues think I've gone soft in the head, can I state unequivocally my support for the Jewish State.   Indeed, I have just finished reading David Cesarani's book 'The Final Solution ... The fate of the Jews 1933-1949'.    No-one can read that book and not fail to understand the mantra that underpins Israel and Israeli politics ... 'Never Again'.    But in saying that you cannot ignore the simple fact that 4.50 million Palestinians live in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

First, let's get the history right.   In the 1993 Olso Accords Israel (yes Israel) acknowledged the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) as representing the Palestinian people.   In return, the PLO recognised the right of Israel to exist in 'peace'.   The region has been short on peace ever since.   In 1994 the Palestine National Authority was established.   It exercises  governance (of a sort) over Gaza and parts of the Occupied West Bank. 

Subsequent to that Palestine has been accorded the status of a de jure sovereign state recognised by 136 countries.

Having said that we need to acknowledge there are elements in Israeli society that view the Palestinians as 'unterminch' (and I use that term deliberately) while in Palestinian society too there are elements, led by HAMAS and supported by Iran, dedicated to the destruction of the Israeli state.    Both the Israeli and Palestinian governments include what might be termed 'extremist' elements who view concessions of any sort as selling out to the other side.   Indeed, the Israeli PM, Netanyahu, is under particular pressure to hang tough given that he is the subject of a criminal investigation launched by his own Attorney-General into allegations of corruption.

Put all that to one side and it is accepted there are two and two only possible solutions to the problem ... the one state and two state solutions.   I hold the view that the one state solution is a no-goer.  The enmity alone between the Israelis and the Palestinians would tend to rule that out.   It is predicated on (for the time being) a Jewish dominated state (8.5 million Israelis vs 4.5 million Palestinians ... 2.7m in the West Bank and 1.8m in the Gaza Strip).   Even assuming the Palestinians were to be accorded full citizenship rights (and I doubt whether Israel is prepared to go that far) the reality is that the birth rate among Palestinians (26.5 births per 1,000 in the West Bank and 39.4 in the Gaza Strip) far outstrips that of Israel (21.3).   In time Palestinians would outnumber Israelis.   Israel would be mad to agree to a one state solution.

That leaves us with the two state solution endorsed by most countries in the world.   The sticking point is boundaries particularly those in respect of the West Bank.    And that leads us back to the UN resolution because the continued encroachment of new Israeli settlements on disputed West Bank land pushes back attempts to resolve the boundary dispute.   Put simply, new settlements are adding to and perpetuating the problem and Trump and Julie Bishop (Oz Foreign Minister) in criticising the UN resolution are associating themselves and their respective administrations with the problem rather than the solution.

The one issue I have with the two state solution relates to the status of Jerusalem.   Israel holds that Jerusalem is their capital city.   That notwithstanding, many countries treat Tel Aviv as such and have their embassys there.    Jerusalem has holy sites of significance to the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions.   There is underlying tension between the faiths over the treatment of the holy places.   It seems to me a possible way round that might be to designate Jerusalem as a city state in its own right under a UN mandate and protection with free access to all peoples.   

Some will disagree with this post.   That is your right and privilege.  But if you're going to have a go at me don't resort to slogans.   Spell out precisely your alternative to the two state solution and how it is to be achieved in a way that is fair to both the Jewish and Palestinian peoples.

And BTW.   I don't appreciate some dipstick Oz senator from the One Nation Party calling for sanctions against NZL over its co-sponsoring of the resolution.   Senator Roberts is hardly justified to in making such a call which is at odds with the ONP policy which calls for it to be easier for New Zealanders to gain Australian citizenship and access to social security benefits.  He would be better explaining why he attempted to rort the Oz taxpayer of $30,000 wrongly claimed as a tax deduction and why he thinks that international bankers (the Rothchilds, Goldman Sachs, the Rockefellers and the Warburg family) supported by the US Federal Reserve, are part of a Jewish conspiracy to introduce global socialism.   In short, he's a nutter in a Party that's had its fair share of nutters.



Or has Mike bush lost his marbles.

Does he seriously think that the criminals and others as yet not convicted who choose to hold weapons capable of killing without the necessary licence, for what ever reason while ignoring our already restrictive for honest citizens to a point of some inconvenience gun law categories.

Why talk such rubbish and remove any residual doubt as to his fitness to be the head honcho of the constabulary, his call for an amnesty to allow guns to be surrendered to police with no prosecution is just a charade and will have zero effect on criminals coming in  to the nice local plod and smiling while they hand over sawn off shottys, AK 47s, and hand guns they have gone to so much trouble and expense to acquire.
There are already a goodly number of responsible gun owners who have complied with the very expensive conditions that allow them to buy any gun including military style automatics that get ignorant sharp points exercised, lawfully permitted under the onerous E endorsement category. They can also acquire hand guns and antique weapons no questions asked but they must keep an up to date inventory of all weapons they possess including full serial numbers make and model. Hells bells even I with my basic Firearms licence can buy or just accept a rifle or shotgun no longer wanted by an acquaintance.


So this latest effort has all the hallmarks of a Brain Fart.

It is well known that the police will  trash to destruction almost every weapon surrendered under this cheap inane option that will inevitably include some rare and/or historic weapons that have ended up in the attic of Aunty Alice.  That is the sum all that this massive PR drive will accomplish when her snowflake distant relative takes an opportunity to end what could be an embarrassing but somewhat explainable breach of the law.
What the big cheese plod should do is make voluntary surrender an amnesty procedure everytime a citizens wishes to surrender weapons without prosecution unless ballistics reveal a connection to a crime.

Am I being cynical and somewhat suspicious that this will be the prequel to a harsh rewrite of the current firearms laws that will have the same beneficial outcomes for dealing with the gun outlaws as the anti smacking law has had in preventing poor little socks being dropped on their vulnerable heads, that is absolutely none.
However any tightening of the current laws will only make lawful responsible gun owners a whole lot more suspicious and might even cause some of the more deeply committed to become outlaws all the while leaving the criminals who hold a significant number of weapons far more dangerous in setup and fire power than hunters and owners at present hold securely, laughing, as they continue to give the system the finger.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

H for Hypocricy

If Hollywood reckons Donald Trump was mocking a disabled person, which he wasn't, then what on earth did they think the movie "Forrest Gump" was doing but taking the piss out of the intellectually handicapped??

Actors and actresses should stick to acting.  A few of them are good at it.

The way they are going, they will guarantee Trump is in the chair for eight years.


Today the out going President of the US is scheduled to make a farewell speech.

If as I expect he lists the achievements of his eight years it shouldn't  take long but with his track record of obfuscation, misrepresentation  and exaggeration so long as the teleprompter does not breakdown he will take a long time to say very little.

With the complete shambles he leaves in the Middle East, at least his predecessor had the motive of revenge for his disasters from the failed assassination attempt on his dad, but Barry has only ineptitude and stupidity to blame and there have been shiploads of both.
His legacy will be with us and in particular Europe for generation from the forced exodus of Muslim men from all corners into mainland Europe.
Hell even Ms Merkell's deputy has finally woken up to what has been wrought.

Black Lives Matter, well Barry here how it should be, "all freakin lives matter", even that challenged victim of the very drawn out beating and humiliation from a bunch of discoloured perps, two with male traits and two possibly female. 
Oh and what has happened in your beloved Illinois.
From Chicago Police last Summer;
murder victims by race

murderers by Race

Then there is Medicare or as it is now, Obama care, what a bloody crying shame those horrendous unaffordable premium surges came when they were so damaging to the only hope you had that Billary could win and somehow stop the coming implosion.

Homeland security is only accomplishing massive inconvenience for many while enough mentally unstables still sadly get to carry out their damaging lone wolf attacks.

so Barry O'Bama put simply GBABY (good bye and bugger you)

Monday, January 9, 2017


For as long as I can remember mayhem on the TiTi (Lower) Marae at Waitangi has featured as the lead item on the TV news on Waitangi Day.   The reality is that the disfunctional Marae leadership have abrogated their host responsibilities and Marae protocol to the point where the Prime Minister has said enough is enough ... you want me to respect the mana of the Marae but in turn you refuse to respect the dignity of my office by refusing me the right to speak at the powhiri welcoming me onto the Marae. That is a studied insult. Bill English has made the right decision.

Kingi Tauroa is the chief lunatic in charge of the asylum.    He plays to the cameras.    He enjoys his moment in the sun.   But the reality is that the TiTi Marae has no special place in our history.   The action was all on Treaty Grounds.   TiTi Marae came later and if individual Maori wish to protest at the Marae then fine, but the Prime Minister is right to call time out on his attendance there.   I would go one step further and pull any official recognition afforded the TiTi Marae.   You earn respect; the Marae, by its own actions, has forfeited any respect due.

Talking to a Maori mate of mine over a beer at Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack in Paihia this afternoon after the story broke.   He rolled his eyes ... "Kingi doing his thing ... doesn't speak for me, never has".   The voice of embarrassed Maoridom.    Take that over KT and his bunch of kaumatua misfits any day.   


Did praying mantis originate from some random male mantis hoping history would not repeat after a tempestuous intimate encounter?  
Too bad, so sad, forlorn hope buddy, RIP


Andrew Beecroft enjoys a reputation as one who gives a dam where youth offending is concerned, imeho, well deserved, but whether from  his doing or not, his shares took a hit on the gravedodger 'main board' during the Holiday Shutdown of NZ when he joined the hypocriticals.
Along with incumbents Garry Morgan et al who, having gained by whatever means more than comfortable security, he was reported in the lame stream media suggesting more money be removed by fiat from older people and donated to the young.

Sorry Andy but with zero appreciation from one of your target demographic as donor, that is in a word, moronic, retarded, idiotic and merely demonstrates again how totally removed from reality you have become.
Now I did not envy your previous job of sitting on the bench listening to endless diatribes from learned counsel as to why yet one more scrote was appearing before you for what society regards rightly as untenable activity.
Now you have reached a new zenith as Children's Commissioner that gives you a new 'Profile' from Chief Youth court Judge, you are clearly  no better informed with what you were reported to be saying in the news vacuum that always comes with the one month shut down for NZ Inc.

As one who was born into actual 'poverty' during WW2 yet managed by some serious hard work, long hours, much involving extreme hard physical labour and denial of much of what generation Y Z or is it now AA see as their entitlement,  I find your reported remarks  flippant and offensive here and now some seven  decades later.

Long drop/removable bucket,contents to be buried, sanitation, using cut up squares of news papers for wipes,
Untreated drinkingwater supplies from water races and contaminated roof gutters,
Hand me down clothes,
A two mile walk to reach a converted "K" Bedford truck as a school bus with unrestrained lengthwise bench seats to a country school,
That school staffed in the main with fresh out of training school teachers bent on getting the two years rural service out of their hair,
Very rare trips to the city some 100 kms distant on metal roads until Woodend where they "sold beer by the pound" and the concrete slab road gave a percussion like road noise as tires crossed the bitumen joiners. A journey probably necessitated by a lack of anyone to guard us at home. That two hours there and back under a frayed taupaulin sitting on a straw filled double striper sack on the tray of the 1930s V8 utility
a very simple food diet with plenty of sugar, salt and animal fats, with considerable if it could not be sold we ate it philosophy
Father who was gone working  from dawn til dusk even at christmas,
Mother buried under the drudgery of no dish washer, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, a white spirit Iron.
House  water heated by the wet back in the wood range that only produced during daylight hours or on 'Mondays' by lighting an old pumice copper, handling scalding wet sheets with bleached broom handles to a mangle then hanging the resulting laundry on a clothes line of Number eight wire strung between two trees, not placed for efficient use of space or convenience,
Domestic lighting from one "aladdin lamp" with a fabric mantle that allowed evening reading for adults in the kitchen,
no candles, ever, for fire risk reasons and no torches or lighting till dawn broke.
A solitary Dr some 30kms distant, no  fire brigade or ambulance
party single line earth return telephone hours 0800 to 2000 hrs daily, shared with six other households, wire strung on dry  Manuka poles sans insulators.  A unreliable system that gave a working knowledge of Morse code with A D K M R S U and W as call signs,  T was for exchange and E was ring off.
One valve radio, battery powered and not to be touched by any other than  an adult
No ice creams, fizzy drinks, chewing gum, lollies,
A church  service once a month in a bachelor neighbour's living room,
Social contact beyond immediate family zero,
An unstated expectation of a work effort as soon as physically able,
Christmas stocking stuffed with books signed with seasons greetings from elderly childless aunt.

And "HOLIDAYS", well there were the weeks away from school but as for going on holiday that was stuff of fairy tales read about in The Famous Five from Enid Blyton involving the exiting and Idyllic adventures of George(girl) how confronting was that for one with two decidedly non female Uncle Georges and a King of the same name, Julian Dick and Anne and a dog with no clear purpose called Timmy.

Here citizen Beecroft is my well considered sentence with more allowance for your previous lifes work that my charitable disposition should consider for your clearly ignorance based offensive remarks so well recorded and not refuted in organs of media that should have stood with you in the dock.

So my still regarded with diminishing respect learned ex judge, relinquish  all your superannuation entitlements, donate all your accumulated wealth to charity beyond your reach and rent a disused farm house somewhere a need is apparent and work your remaining years to unpaid remedial work amongst the youth you see as so deserving of my meager hard won financial reserves, then approach the LSM with a wonderful tale how you find poverty, safe in the knowledge it was not forced on you by a government acting within the law enforcing your stupid ideas on a defenceless bunch who worked hard and went without to accumulate what would appear to you to be  peanuts.
Or alternatively get down from your ivory tower and actually try to get an understanding as to just how generously we resource the so called deprived youth of 2016.
To me with my memories backed by recorded history your pontification is more offensive than a totally well intentioned warning to a clearly inebriated member of your newly discovered altruism entitled youth who demonstrated just how the current system can leave a young lady so bereft of language skills. In a  tirade  on social media where  in excess of 25 words in a diatribe of some minutes it included such profanity and that lady in question has allegedly "won an English prize"at her state funded highschool.

Perhaps you should consider wisely using your remaining time in study and inquiry into the real world you so clearly left some time ago.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Mouse That Roared

Who remembers that wonderful Peter Sellers comedy?

From Wiki, the plot:-

The minuscule European duchy of Grand Fenwick is bankrupted when an American company comes up with a cheaper imitation of Fenwick's sole export, its fabled Pinot Grand Fenwick wine. Crafty prime minister Count Mountjoy (Peter Sellers) devises a plan.  Grand Fenwick will declare war on the United States,

Fast forward from 1959 to 2016 and NZ’s very own pint sized comedian, Murray McCully, declares war on the incoming US administration by sponsoring a UN resolution to help the Islamic  enemies of Israel crush the only democracy in the Middle East.

Image result for count mountjoy 
Image result for murray mccully mp

Perhaps I don’t read the right reports but I’m yet to see any careful and dispassionate analysis of the potential short, medium and long term effects of this extraordinary episode on the fortunes of New Zealand.  I doubt they will be positive.

I have some questions.

1  Did the cabinet approve the sponsorship of the resolution?  Was the PM kept informed the whole way through?

2  Was this resolution, and NZ’s pivotal part in it, a factor influencing PM John Key to resign?

3  How is it in NZ’s interests to sponsor a resolution organized by the lame duck Israel hating Obama administration in its dying days?

4  What effect will this episode have on NZ’s relationship with the incoming Trump administration? (Cast your mind back to the time when a surly and bitter NZ PM publicly opined that the loser would have been a better president than Dubbya.  Said loser went on to become the world’s most infamous shyster and bullshit artist.)

5  What effect will it have on NZ's relationship with Israel.?  Will Israel stop sharing intelligence with NZ?  

6  Will there be adverse electoral consequences for National or is this just another beltway issue?

(This morning, Whaleoil carries a piece by one MohamedHassan from Radio NZ in which one is informed trade with Israel is around $100m while trade with major Arab states is 4.8b.)  That’s not a bad starting point.

Surely there must be some retired diplomat/MFAT staffer who has the intellectual grunt to produce a decent column on the subject.   Clearly, there are no journalists who are capable.

By the way, for what they are worth, my answers to the above questions are:-

1  I don't know.
2  I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.
3  It isn't. 
4  Adverse.
5  Severely adverse.
6  I think National will suffer a significant loss of votes.  Let's see what the next polls have to say.