Saturday, December 31, 2016


So while it is fine for the Useless Nations cabal to spend billions promoting Palestine, Hamas, Fatah, and terrorism in general, while at the same time facilitating the mass movement of members of a religious movement that I and many others regard as a spawning ground for mindless violence formulated in the Arabian desert one and a half millennia ago, little changed since apart from schisms  that perpetrate an obsession with killing maiming and genocidal tendencies, it seems emigration and attempted assimilation policies of the State of Israel is to be stamped out as sooo bad.

The Jewish people have been involved in Diaspora, prejudice, ghetoisation, condemnation and finally during the middle of last century attempted mass genocide since the time of the Crusades.
By 1948 remnants of European Jewry made moves to re-establish in their ancient tribal homelands and Arab opposition immediately set out on a task to end what Herr Schikelgruber had spectacularly taken to industrial level annihilation.

Now if translocating thousands of Somali Muslims and other racial, religious, and sectarian groups amongst liberal western democracies, when the relocated people reveal  very little desire to assimilate or  integrate is something to be applauded and supported why is it so terrible for Israel to settle Joos in 'conquered' lands.

Of course for some unfathomable reason Israel is targeted as really bad even though they have the only functioning democracy in the whole goddam mess that is the Middle East and even have Arabs sitting in their Knesset or Parliament with full democratically protected rights to speak and vote while the UNRWA sponsor terrorism in Gaza that has enormous amounts of aid money laughably described as "humanitarian", on weapons that deliver lethal destruction on the state of Israel on a daily basis.

Friday, December 30, 2016

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


He has been called the prince of darkness, maybe the duke of dopy would be more accurate.

As if getting excrement all over himself and his party in what appeared to be stupid in spades with his Saudi Sheep deal, Murray McCully has now played the Christmas grinch by sponsoring a Security Council resolution that condemns Israeli settlements in conquered land.

In a turbulent short history that has a modern entity born out of millennia of Jewish connection to what Christendom regards as The Holy Lands of Judah, Somaria and others from the legends of the Old Testament and the centuries prior to the birth of Jesus, the nation of Israel was created in the chaos of the ending of the British Mandate for Palestine in 1948. A mandate that came out of the defeat of Germany and the Ottoman Empire thirty years earlier.
Ever since that time, created in the traumatic aftermath of one of the most concerted efforts to destroy a people by genocide, The Nation of Israel has endured in the face of constant attack from the Arab neighbours.that in 2016 still sees daily rocket attacks from Gaza, continuing without any such rubbish response from The Useless Nations.
In what has all the hallmarks of a stitch up from a lame duck POTUS who decided his legacy might be notable if an act of gross treachery, spitefully delivered with connivance from My country could deliver a kick in the cods for 'Bibi' Netanyahu, was part of a destructive behaviour from a graceless defeated political machine.
I say graceless as it comes amidst a shrill outpouring from O'Bama and his now seriously saddening Missus, claiming he "the messaia" would have defeated Trump.
So bloody what, possibly the only legacy he will leave is the Trump Presidency, and what exactly that will be is yet to be revealed.

Oi Mr McCully do a bit of Google, last I checked Israel is the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, and your crawling around the O'Bama mob, the murdering Saudis, and all the other shitty tinpot regimes of the region is nauseous and cringeworthy.
At the very least for Netanyahu who has around twenty percent of his voters listed as Muslim, he must get elected to remain in power so in a few words please explain just what motivates you to be such a mendacious prick as to your biased approach to the ongoing war of anhilation for the only democracy in The Midle East.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Fascinating that both President Obama and Vice President Biden have now both conceded that Shillary was disaster candidate for their Party who, despite outspending the Republicans big time and enjoying massive media support, not only lost the race for the White House but also led the Democrats to defeat in both the Senate and the House and saw them perform badly in the gubernatorial elections where they now only hold 19 Governorships, a net loss of three to the Republicans.

Obama's tweet that he could have beaten Trump was a calculated slap down of Clinton and reinforced Biden's claim that she was seen as arrogant, that her campaign lacked vision and failed to connect with the Democrat demographic.    Biden's comment that the Democrat Party was seen as 'elitist' was insightful indeed.  Obama/Biden/Clinton ....  physician heal thyself.

Obama and Biden at least recognise the truth.   'She' lost, Trump won ... and all the crowing over the popular vote won't change things one iota.

Saturday, December 24, 2016


The Royal New Zealand Herald is but a shadow of its former self.  Once the doyen of newspapers (although the ODT would disagree) it is now a second rate rag with a declining circulation populated by second rate journos hell bent on interviewing their typewriters without the benefit of a modicum of research.

And so it was that this week the 'paper' featured two shock horror stories about families reduced to living in motels payed for by the taxpayer because they could find alternative accommodation.

What the Herald didn't tell you was that both families had been evicted from their Housing New Zealand rental properties by order of the Tenancy Tribunal for the non payment of rent.

Housing New Zealand is the biggest provider of social housing in the country with capped rentals far below those seen in the private sector.    I hold very strongly to the view that access to 'State' housing is a privilege not to be abused.   My first home was a State house.   My parents were conscious of that privilege and looked after the home meticulously until they eventually purchased the property made possible by a National government initiative.  

A simple change of policy would ensure that no tenant would ever be evicted for non payment of rent. All that HNZ needs to do is to change the tenancy agreement to provide for the automatic assignment of rent from the tenant's salary/wages/benefit as a condition of the agreement.   Simple, easy, straightforward, fair and reasonable although I have no doubt the Sue Bradford's of this world would be quick to condemn it as 'tenant bashing'.

A much harder and philosophical question is whether the State has an obligation to house people who have, for whatever reason, forfeited their right to State housing.    I don't think there's an easy answer to the question.   Certainly each case has to be dealt with on its merits but I think it comes a time when enough is enough.   Interested in your feedback.


in apparently goading Trump into a new nuclear arms race.   Clearly he hasn't learned the lessons of history.   Last time round when Reagan faced off Brezhnev-Andropov-Chernenko it nearly bankrupted the then Soviet Union and was a factor in its collapse.

FFS, as at the beginning of last month Russia had 1796 operational nukes (out of an inventory of 7300) which more than matched the  USA's 1367 (from an inventory of 7100).    More than enough to end world civilization many times over.   Both countries need more nukes like they need holes in the head.

And that perhaps is what Putin has in his and Trump does himself no favors by responding to the challenge.   No Xmas present for either country. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Self Radicalised?

In their latest effort to spin Islamic terrorism as 'nothing to do with Islam, Victorian police describe the perpetrators of Christmas murder and mayhem in Melbourne as 'self radicalised.'

I'm trying to figure out how this 'self radicalisation' business works.

Did they all experience the same message from Allah in a dream one night?   Did they not find support and encouragement for their blood-thirsty plans in the words of the Quran and the preaching from their respective mosques?

Were all those 600,000 nice chaps who voluntarily joined the Waffen SS during the 1940s also self radicalised?

Full marks to the AFP, ASIO and Victorian police for grabbing these fellows but when, oh when, will they call a spade a spade?


Hello Fellow Classmates!

I wanted to send some sort of holiday greeting to my old comrades,  but it is difficult in today's world to know exactly what to say without offending someone and giving some extortionist the opportunity to sue under section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act.

So I met with my lawyers yesterday, and on their advice, I wish to say the following :

Please accept, with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral celebration of the summer solstice holiday, practiced with the most enjoyable traditions of religious persuasion or secular practices of your choice with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all.  I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated, recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2017; but not without due respect for the calendar of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make our country great (not to imply that our country is necessarily greater than any other country) and without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wisher.

By accepting this greeting, you are accepting these terms :

This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for her/him or others and is void where prohibited by law, and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher. The wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good tidings for a period of one year or until the issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wisher.

Best Regards (without prejudice)

Name withheld (Privacy Act).


There must be something up as the news has degenerated, as if that were feasible, to the inane and the inconsequential.

All the so-called 'stars' of the media have drifted off, leaving the less memorable to carry things for the next month.

The invasion is scheduled to commence later today as the scheduled festive season  trip to Rotoiti east of Rotorua was deemed to be seriously more difficult due to the interruptions to SH1.  One very caring SiL offered to come south, an offer quickly and gratefully accepted. It was followed by other daughter and partner, so just when we had given the tree decorations away in the expectation we would conceivably not be home for Christmas again, The Warehouse came into play. Alas the artificial tree could have been purchased for 50% off a week after the investment was made.
 Adding little Bro, wife and  daughter seemed appropriate as their life is in some turmoil as they live three Kms north of the original epicentre of the November 7.9 tremor.

The travel budget was rapidly redirected to another Xmas at home and even without a 'fatted calf' things seem to be in hand.

To my fellow contributors here at No Minister, to my supporters, and to my detractors I wish all a very Happy Holiday Christmas, may it be all you wish for plus a prosperous healthy and rewarding twenty seventeen.
A year that portends some very different emotions and experiences as so much of the mirage of stability has been somewhat redirected as some changes to the status quo seem apparent.

Seasons greetings, kindest regards, Murray.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


On the wisdom of Lion bringing disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong to New Zealand where he is being afforded minor celebrity status.

For the record my position is that he is a cheat; a disgrace to his chosen sport and to sport in general.   Role model he ain't.

In short, he doesn't deserve the time of day and I think Lion is doing themselves a disservice bringing him here where he will add nothing to their brand and may even detract from it.   As the sponsor of the Steinlager AB's they should be worried.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

From Bellicose To Begging

You've got to give the dopey Dems full marks for chutzpah.

It's taken them less than twenty four hours to go from pouring abuse all over the president-elect to begging him to adopt their failed policies.

The headline says it all.

"Senator to Trump: Do the ‘Unpredictable’ and Support Gun Control"


But the actions of FIFA in fining the England Football Association 45,000 Swiss franks (GBP 35,311); Scotland and Wales 20,000 Sfr (GBP 15,694) and Northern Ireland 15,000 Sfr (GPB 11,770) for the truly heinous crime of displaying a poppy on team shirts at Remembrance Day fixtures shows a sport governing body that has lost the plot.

That this particular sport has difficulty in allowing national teams to honor the men and women of their country who have made the  supreme sacrifice demonstrates an arrogance beyond belief.

One might have thought their time and effort might be better directed at rooting out the stink of corruption that characterised the sport under the Presidency of Sepp Blatter including claims that he enriched himself at the sport's expense and the indictment of senior FIFA officials on numerous accounts of bribery and fraud.

In Rugby and League, they at least have got their priorities right.


All the ballyhoo has been shown as just that.   The recounts changed nothing and today, those effete liberals who sought to subvert the Electoral College by hounding electors (including making death threats) to change their minds, were handed their marching orders in spades.    The electors, with a few notable exceptions, did their duty.

On the Republican side two electors refused to vote for Trump.   One, a Chris Suprun, has been outed as a bankrupt who claimed he was a first responder at 9/11 ... since shown to have been a lie.

The Democrats were more fractured.   An elector in Maine tried to vote for Bernie Sanders but was ruled improper; a Minnesota elector who tried to do the same was replaced as was a Colorado elector who tried to vote for Republican Governor Kasich.   But the big upset was in Washington State where three pledged Clinton electors ended up voting for Colin Powell, one time Republican Secretary of State, and the another for 'Faith Spotted Eagle'.   In accordance with Washington State law they all face fines up to $1,000.   It will be interesting to see whether the other Michael Moore, doyen of effete liberals, makes good on his promise to pay the fines of any elector who switched (but perhaps the offer only extended to Republicans). 

Interesting to see a spark of reason from Democrat John Kerry, outgoing Secretary of State, in describing Trump's nominees of Rex Tillerson and General Mattis as Secretary of State and Secretary of Defence respectively as "thoughtful" appointments.

So what if Tillerson knows Putin and has a track record of doing deals.   One might be forgiven for thinking these as useful attributes for an incoming SoS.   At the very least he should be given the chance to prove himself.   Put it this way ... he would have to be pretty bad in order to replicate the series of disasters that have characterised US foreign policy over the past eight years.

Monday, December 19, 2016


Also there has been an exponential rise in popularity for the sport of clutching.

Tomorrow it is Monday in the US and in state houses across the nation "electors" Will gather to cast their 538 votes in the real election for the next POTUS.

No speeches, no TV, just a number of citizens equal in number to the sum of senators and congressmen, with those actually excluded, will cast their vote for either Trump or Clinton.
However there has been unprecedented attacks on the system that saw the undefeatable immolated by the unfit.

Now it will be a constitutional upheaval never seen in the history of the U.S. if Donald Trump does not get close to the over 300 electoral college votes that were competed for back in November.
In a rather unique system to prevent a tyranny of the big population States of New York and California from deciding the Presidency.
Now those states overwhelmingly voted for Clinton but the so called "rust States" didn't join them so Trump achieved a serious majority among the "electors", otherwise know collectively as " The Electoral College".

Trump understood that wasting time and funds campaigning in California and New York, but as he filled rallies in other States some of the "deluded" (as opposed to " the deplorables) asked why Trump went to Harry Trueman's home state of Missouri and  nearby Wisconsin to campaign for small numbers odd Electors but the Businessman  knew stuff the elites in the Democratic party and the media would not and still don't understand.
Getting past the 270 odd in the electoral college was what mattered and if Clinton won a plurality across the nation in the so called "popular vote", so bloody what.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Everyone knows that, following John Key's departure from the throne National will, sooner rather than later, move to implement a raft of measures designed to ensure the long term sustainability of NZ Superannuation; one of the most generous non-contributory, universal and non-means tested pension schemes in the world.

This was confirmed by Prime Minister English who said his government was not bound by the Key pledge.

While Key stood by his promise not to tinker with the age of eligibility (in stark contrast to the Bolger/Richardson 1990 commitment to 'do away with the surcharge ... no if, buts or maybes) his intransigence was criticised from both the Right (ACT) and Left (Labour) side of the political divide as failing to accept the economic reality that the scheme, as presently structured, was unaffordable in the medium term against the backdrop of an aging population.

Indeed, if you access the Labour Party website and click on their policy platform you find the following statement in para 3.27 .... 'Labour is committed to a system of fair universal superannuation.   Labour will ensure the future sustainability of the system and will consider options to achieve this'.

And so it was with some real surprise that the Little man came out with this 'little' pearlier on Tuesday "I have a very, very firm conviction coming from my 20 years experience of working with working people that lifting the age of  eligibility from 65 to 67 is something I don't accept".  

Clearly the 'flop' has flipped or perhaps he hasn't read his own policy document or is it a pragmatic dumping of policy in order to curry favor with Winston First who doesn't know economic reality if it bit him in the bum.

For the record I favor the lifting of the age of eligibility from 65 to 68 over twelve years in three month tranches.  Additionally I support the lifting of the residential qualifying requirement prior to reaching 65 to ten years (an increase of five years from the current five years) to be implemented over ten years in six month tranches.


My increasingly spasmodic and unpredictable attendance here is due to a more chaotic personal lifestyle that is beyond manageable control, yesterday was no exception.
A planned day changed with an unscheduled trip to the city, on return, asked swmbo to rest so she started to watch the TVOne infotainment hour.

Then heard an astonishing fact when the entertainer announced the never before claimed news that the "City Mission" had discovered an " increasing demand" for their " free food parcels".
Astonishing just seemed so inadequate somehow and preparing tea had to be suspended while a small tincture of granny Clampet's " medcin" was imbibed as I digested this totally from left field revellation.  I mean it is almost beyond belief that demand  for some offering, provided at the expense of a person not identified, and promoted as "free" could increase exponentially. Hells bells even a beneficiary of long standing might just workout the economic advantages of creating increased discretionary spending by avoiding buying food.

Evidently that discovery was news!!!

Another bit of astonishing, not announced with that bit of mind boggling discovery, is the clear linkage of guilt to be harnessed at this time of good cheer, with the clamour for funds by the Sallies, the City Mission and other do gooders who seem hell bent on excusing crap parents from providing for their spawn at every opportunity.
Meanwhile in the real world worn out people who provided for their offspring in earlier times at considerable reduction in personal comforts, suffer as they wait for medical/ surgical relief  because they have been forced to abandon medical insurance due to savage premium cost increases. A wait that can be extended considerably by self indulgent morons inflicting harm safe in the knowledge that  the public health system has clear capacity to relieve their suffering that was clearly avoidable.

Friday, December 16, 2016

I'm Tempted...

to give this joint a go.

This leaflet arrived in our letterbox today.   An enterprising Nawab has set up an Indian restaurant just down the road and with such brilliant spelling and linguistic invention, the tucker has just got to be good.  And the prices look pretty good too.

In case the picture is not clear, here are some mouth watering samples:-

chicken tica cooked in a tandoori ovan

stew of lentis

saffron and crused cardamon

made with Indian spieces

made with Indian spies

cooked with cashewuts

with mustarde seeds

Winning The Popular Vote....

...the Democrat way.

Long and loud they proclaim there is no voter fraud in the USA   And of course if there is, it's all the fault of the Russians.

But hang on a minute mate.

Detailed reports from the office of Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett show optical scanners at 248 of the city’s 662 precincts, or 37 percent, tabulated more ballots than the number of voters tallied by workers in the poll books. Voting irregularities in Detroit have spurred plans for an audit by Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson’s office, Elections Director Chris Thomas said Monday.

Funny thing is, all those 248 precincts were won by Crooked Hillary in a landslide.

Reminds me of South Auckland a few years ago in the days of fat Mike and KFC.

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, December 15, 2016


Lotu-liga followed Parata, then Foss and tonight McCully have  made it easy for Blenglish next Sunday, now for the hard one Simon.
Nick Smith has had several near death experiences and although he is a fellow class mate from the election in nineteen ninety of you, the anointed one, there comes a time to rise from the expected to bold.
The Hon Nick Smith, undoubtedly a smart man has issues around accident prone actions, that when allied to an alleged fragility in dealing with trouble have left the Green blue faction leader a serious potential hole in the foil suit  Blenglish inherited from John Key.

By all means leave Hekia in education, she has the measure of the union cabal that runs education and an understanding of what is achievable.
Smith, though is a weakness and it will be hard for Simon to make his way forward if he is to cement the strong poll position  he currently will be attempting to hold.  

Nathan Guy as earnest as he clearly is needs some re-education as he presents as as decidedly pedestrian or should that be rustic.
Big Gerry is another who has serious challenges with the weight he will carry in the next race.

Todd Muller, Barbara Kuriger, Shane Reti, Alf Ngaro, Chris Bishop, Maureen Pugh, Nuk Korako, give some credence to the theory that the Nats understand rejuvenation, holding a candle for Nick however loyal and comradely it may be at a personal level,  needs addressing, this is business Simon not personal.
 You have chosen to be the Don, Godfather.


Viv Forbes at Larry Pickering has a wonderful post on the hypocrisy that accompanies those "nice eco friendly oh so green electric cars.

Of course thinking people have an understanding that merely removing the carbon from the propulsion of a vehicle and replacing it with Batteries is rank rubbish. It has been a concept for decades but unless it is heavily subsidised it fails to meet market considerations.
eg Orion account payers are subsidising charging stations at Little River on Highway 75 so  the little snowflakes can make the almost two hundred round trip to Akaroa and back in their poser look at me I'm saving the Planet morons who would fail any questionare on how such ignorance can replace all the real costs of the idiocy.

Anyway Viv says it better so can I suggest a short visit via the link above.

Just In Time For Jacinda

A new fast food joint is opening next week in Mt Albert. 

It hails from Holland and is called Food Guerilla.

The signature dish is the 'My Little Pony Burger' made from horse meat.

These exquisite delicacies will be served at her funeral on the day after the by-election.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Simple ole Mits for hands has allowed himself to be played like a fish on a line as after crawling up to the Penthouse of Trump Tower he discovers he was on a fools errand as The Don wants Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as sec/state.

The morons are still floundering around in ignorance as to what's happening!

So much is a rerun of The Actor defeating the Peanut Farmer in 1980, Ronnie was never going to make it  as POTUS either.

Dumbarse Dems

You can't help but love this guy who is so good at taking the piss out of the sanctimonious and hypocritical left.

Having lost the election and the recounts and everything else the raucous Democrats are pushing the line the election was rigged by Russian hackers who somehow came along undetected and changed millions of Democrats' vote into Republican votes.

Then, along came Newt to remind them of an inconvenient fact.

"Barack Obama is now saying that his administration was so incompetent that they stood around sucking their thumb while the Russians snuck in and hacked into an American election."


Today Labour MP Kelvin Davis will launch a hard hitting attack on Corrections and their Union sector over the latest death in custody at Christchurch  Men's Prison with no-one associated with those terrible SIRCO people involved.
Hang on that would not fit the union mantra SERCO Bad Unions good would it, perhaps Kel will be too busy methinks.

And everyone else lived happily ever after. Pity about the poor bugger found dead in the prison.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


On the refugee inbound to Germany

"Take half of Calcutta wont help Calcutta, you will become Calcutta"


It's interesting to see 'worthy' people dump on President-elect Trump's (warning ... rise in blood pressure of some readers detected) cabinet even before they are sworn it.   Some comment ...

If reports are right and Trump nominates Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil as Secretary of State then I'm not sure this is necessarily a bad thing.   Tillerson has huge international experience in (1) doing deals and (2) protecting his own patch.   You can argue those are exactly the attributes needed by the Secretary.   So what if he knows Putin well.   That could be an advantage.    

Contrast him with Secretary Clinton who bought nothing to the job and it showed.    Clinton will go down in history as a failed Secretary of State.

Some have not taken too kindly to Trump nominating Generals Kelly, Mattis and Flynn to top jobs.   The word 'Junta' (as in negative connotations) has been used.     It is fair comment that very few ex senior military personnel make their mark when they transition to the political world.    In the US post WW2 probably the only exception was five star General George Marshall (of Marshall Plan fame) who served as both Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State.    Eisenhower did not distinguish himself as President (except perhaps on the golf course) while Colin Powell's tenure can fairly be described as an unhappy one.    In simple terms the military mindset does not fit easily in the political context.   That is not a criticism but rather a statement of the obvious.    Perhaps these three will prove the exceptions to the rule.   Time will tell.

As for the others and Dr Ben Carson's appointment to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development is an challenging one.   He is going to have to make good on Trump's promise to revitalize America's countries inner-cities.   That will either make him or break him.

Finally I see that the deranged left have demanded that they be given the opportunity to stage anti-inauguration parades as part of the January 20 change of government celebrations ... no doubt headed by sexuality Professor Olga Cox and the other Michael Moore .... only in America.

Off to Dunedin ... back Friday.

Monday, December 12, 2016


Last few days has seen over two hundred vehicles abandoned in Kaikoura in the aftermath of the massive disruption that was delivered by the seismic event when those initially in charge of the vehicles took the timely way out with the Military, were retrieved and delivered to Christchurch.

Who managed that?  is a reasonable question.

Well for many motorists, both commercial and private, the favorite target for abuse are those selfish inconsiderate moterhome operators, yet that is who gave up three long days to convoy in buses and minivans to Kaikoura and bring three tranches of the abandoned vehicles out in convoy.

In a chance encounter the Canterbury NZMCA chairman John Morgan and his wife Shirley became involved as a possible source of a body of competent, available and qualified drivers with the time and ability to act in concert.

Rapidly the many outfits with such vehicles locked up behind cordons and landslips with the approaching summer holidays, quickly accepted an offer of assistance and on three days over seventy drivers were gathered, briefed and then it just happened. I say seventy drivers that was in addition to the bus and rental van drivers who made the round trip in one day for the three days.
Not a minor effort for many of advanced years,and or facing other challenges

All achieved at no personal advantage to the volunteers only a day out to the Kaikoura Raceway and back to show for it.

These people also give up a weekend every spring to gather at a selected site where a need is found to do a "clean up" of accumulated detritus, again for no reward other than perhaps a minor mention on page seventeen on a slow news day.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


This from the land of the 'free'.  A 'Professor' at Orange Coast College in California, a Ms Olga Marie 'Stable' Cox, went on a rant in front of her student class to describe the election of President-elect Donald Trump as 'an act of terrorism' and further, that Vice-President elect Mike Pence was 'one of the most anti-gay humans in the country.

For the record Cox teaches a human sexuality course.

A student who recorded her rant on video and had it posted on a website has now been threatened  with legal action by the 'Professors' Union ... the Coast Federation of Educators, AFT local 1911, wrote "This is an illegal recording without the permission of the instructor.   The student who is seating in an assigned position will be identified and may face legal action".

So, by the Union and 'her' twisted logic, it's ok to go on a mad rant but it's not ok to be called to account.

Think Lance Corporal Jones had it about right when he said "they don't like the hard steel up em'.

In Just 24 Hours

The media, Labour, Whaleoil, other excitable blog commenters and Uncle Tom Cobley have been beside themselves ever since PM Key announced his decision to step aside.

They all predict defeat for National in 2017 but none of them, not one, has seemed interested in explaining how it is that the resignation of John Key, magically, somehow has transformed the drones of the Labour Party into a finely honed political killing machine, led by a dynamic leader and a sharp witted, competent deputy.

And all in just twenty four hours.

A dynamic leader

Image result for andrew little nz

A sharp witted, competent deputy

Image result for grant robertson

Little and Robertson remain irrelevant, incompetent, insufferable and unelectable.   They are no more electable than they were three weeks ago.

And now they have to find a new strategy because kicking John Key is off the menu.  That's a pity really because it worked so well for them over the last eight years.


I have just finished reading Robert Weintraub's book 'No Better Friend' (E-book ISBN 978-1-444-79685-7) .... the life and times of  'Judy' and Frank Williams.    It's a story of incredible canine courage and devotion.   Start reading the book and you'll find some difficulty in putting it down.

I won't try to tell the story.  Suffice to say Judy was the only dog ever to have been officially made a POW ... and that by subterfuge.  She is credited with saving numerous lives after the Japanese prison ship she was traveling on was torpedoed and many more again during the period she was a 'guest' of the Japanese Emperor where both survived (by not too much) the hell hole of the Pakan Baroe prison camp in Sumatra ... the account of which makes the Burma (Death) railway appear a doddle.  Above all it records the incredible bond forged between her and her devoted 'master'.

Judy was awarded the Dickin Medal (the canine VC).   Her citation read 'For magnificent courage and endurance in Japanese prison camps thus helping to maintain morale among her fellow prisoners and for saving many lives by her intelligence and watchfulness'.

The citation does not do her justice.   Read and enjoy.

A Modern Biscuit

I didn't know the same heads could explode twice but it's happening.  The word 'biscuit' literally translated from the french means twice cooked.  What do you call heads which explode for the second and third times?  I'll think of something.

It is reported that president-elect Trump has selected one Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State.

Mr Tillerson has extensive senior executive business experience and has had many dealings with foreign countries.  Just one problem for the screaming banshees of the left.

He's the Chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobil.

But but but but that's EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL

Saturday, December 10, 2016


with his comment that Bill English has no option but to call for an early election.   English holds all the cards.   Peters is a busted flush.    This government will go full term ... it has no reason not to.   Add to that the truism that the electorate tends to punish governments if they sense they're going early in order to gain a perceived political advantage.    Were that not the case then the opening of the books on Thursday with good news aplenty and the government could be forgiven to calling an early election.

Peters, in his increasingly strident attempts to appear relevant, is making himself irrelevant.   None the more so in Northland where he is now referred to as the 'late' Mr Peters.   Late to show up ... if at all.  Prone to helicoptering in and out on flying visits from his home in Auckland.   Treating his constituents with contempt with his five electorate offices mostly closed.   It's almost as if he has consigned himself to losing the seat.

Contrast that with his National Party rival Matt King now full time on the job.   Yesterday along with Mrs Veteran we attended a highly successful luncheon put on by his campaign team with with close to 70 in attendance including a large sprinkling of 'Matt's Mob' ... the 40 YO demographic.    In the two weeks since his selection Matt has had one day off.   His mobile office/campaign bus will soon be traversing the electorate.    Peters left behind in his wake.


No, not what happened but how it was handled by those supposedly in authority.

Even allowing for the ineptness of the scribblers, what Stuff has published following a sexual assault on a ten year old boy by another boy of the same age at a Hamilton school camp, left one struggling to eat his cornflakes.
The last participant in the drama deemed worthy of any common decency and compassion seems to be the sleeping victim when the assault began.
The perpetrator, the supervisors, school staff, the principal, the school, the board of trustees, the national body of trustees, the education department, the police, and the parents of the perp all seemed to have been protected by the system while the victim, on the published evidence seems to have been on the bottom of that extended list for any humanity.

In an age when politically correctness and process are given prime place on the check list with police vetting of parents offering to act as additional support persons for an extra curricular school activity on field trips, camps, billets, transport providers, it seems there might have been a massive failure in providing safety for one unfortunate victim of an extension of the natural curiosity of children growing up.

Even the third party involved in the original incident allowed things to not just occur but be repeated without raising 'Cain' when awakened by the light being switched on before anything bad happened.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, December 8, 2016


Assuming the reports are correct then I suspect most New Zealanders will wish David Shearer well in his new (UN) job.

I see Shearer as an inherently decent man who was not cut out for the rough and tumble of parliamentary politics and who struggled with a hopelessly divided Labour Party ... much of his time was spent looking over his shoulder at his disloyal colleagues who worked assiduously to undermine him.

Fascinated too at the report that earlier this year Helen Clark worked to veto Shearer for a similar job in order to prevent his appointment being used as an obstacle in her bid to become UN Secretary General.     H1 (and maybe H2) at their ruthless best (or worst).


I see the Federal Judge who ordered the recount in Michigan has reversed his decision and ordered the process stopped after a State Court found that Jill Stein, the Green Candidate, had no legal standing to request a recount.  

The Court found that Stein who finished fourth in the race could not possibly win even after the recount and therefore could not be seen as an 'aggrieved party'.

Hurrah for common sense.   Stein was a loser who sought to profit from gullible losers who contributed $7.2m to a lost cause.

Meanwhile the recount continues in Wisconsin where, horror, shock, horror (to the Democrats) Trump has increased his margin of victory over Clinton.

The final scene in the election process will stage on Saturday when an election will be held in Louisiana to pick a replacement for retiring GOP Senator David Vitter. Louisiana is a 'Red' State'.

The latest opinion polls have the Republican candidate 'John Kennedy' (I kid you not) 14 points ahead of his Democrat rival.   If the Republicans win it will grow their Senate lead over the other mob to 52-46-2 (although the two 'Independents' so called caucus with the Democrats).  

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


The bar for having a Judge throwing out a case and declaring it as vexatious is a high one indeed.

Colin Craig has cleared that bar with ease with his latest lawsuit alleging copyright infringement by Jordan Williams (Taxpayer Union) and Cam Slater (Whaleoil) against him as a poet thrown out by Judge Mary Sharp in the Auckland District Court yesterday.    The Judge described the proceedings 'vexatious' and 'improper' and a 'deception perpetrated on the Court'.   In making those comments she granted Williams and Slater leave to apply for indemnity costs.

Craig, in describing himself as poet, insults all poets ... even bad ones.   His poem, repeated below, struggles to make bad ....

There is only one of me, it's true
But I wish this was not the case, because I wish I could have you
If instead of one man I was two 
That would be one for all the other and one of me for you

Times up for Craig as it is with Crimdotcon.     Both have no standing.   Both have no credibility.   Craig should remove himself from public life; Crimdotcon should remove himself from New Zealand before he is removed in an orange jump suit.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


It took this to drag me out of self imposed exile.

National needs its very own ABC group.
My pick from my quiet corner of Northland is Dr Jonathon Coleman.
No murky, dodgy shit or Kauri stumps to be tripped up by.
New blood, personable, smart and a safe pair of hands.
Leave English as number 2. He has done a fantastic job in finance.
Next year should still be a resounding victory and a fourth term National government if they adopt the Labour parties ABC approach to selecting a new leader.
Key has been a fantastic PM for NZ, I cannot imagine we would have coped as well through multiple crisis if anybody else had been at the helm. Coleman has a similar air about him and the Lab/ Greens spin machine probably have no dirt on him.


My first Commanding Officer in Malaysia was Brian Poananga.   He was a charismatic leader, personality plus.   His Battalion 2ic was Lindsay (Lin) Smith.   He was the opposite of Po ... loyal, quiet, unassuming, extremely hard working, a very safe pair of hands.   Much of Po's success can be laid at Lin Smith's door.    Lin preferred to work in the shadows  ... ended up as Deputy Chief of Army and later as Director of the SIS.   Good as he undoubtedly was, he remained a 'grey' man.

Post WW2 and there have been three standout periods of relatively stable government; the Holyoake years, the Clark years and the Key years.     Each of those administrations  had one thing in common .... an extremely capable Deputy Prime Minister (Marshal, Cullen & English) who were the driving force in the engine room of their respective parties.   Each of them can best be described a a technocrat rather than a leader.   Each of them were undoubtedly a safe pair of hands.

I want more than a safe pair of hands as my Prime Minister.   I want a Prime Minister backed by a safe pair of hands.    A personality that leads from the front; a person not afraid to make the hard calls; someone who has been there and done that; someone who has achieved through shear intellect and hard work; someone who knows business; someone who has seen life from the other side of the tracks; some who has learned from her mistakes.

I want Judith Collins.

There Was No Tsunami Warning - Updated

From a wide range of commentary it seems apparent Obamacare was the defining issue which cost Crooked Hillary her political career.

Looking back, it is amazing the Democrats did not see it coming.  Here was a piece of legislation, all 2,000 pages of it, rammed through congress under urgency even though nobody had read it because it was too long and complicated.   Americans were told again and again that they could keep their own doctors and that premiums would not go up.

Well, a week before the election the markets opened for hapless Americans to roll up and buy their new health care packages.  To their horror, they found that not only had premiums increased out of sight but they could no longer go to their own doctors.  It turns out, for a family with three dependent children, the yearly premium cost plus 'excess' for one claim exceeds the average annual wage in America for a blue collar worker. (read rust belt Democrat)  However, the true master stroke on the part of the Democrats was to allow the fellow who devised Obamacare onto national television to explain that they had to lie about it as otherwise they could not get the bill enacted. 

Such is the stuff of political disaster.

Obamacare was the major reason for the large scale defection of working class former Democrat voters who rushed to support the candidate who promised to repeal Obamacare.  They became Trump's Democrats.

Thus did the Obamacare volcano trigger a tsunami of voter defection which lifted Trump on high and carried him into the White House, drowning Crooked Hillary in the process and destroying the structures of the Democratic Party at all levels across the US.

Image result for tsunami

This destruction will be the only thing for which America's worst ever president will be remembered twenty years from now.


I forgot to add, Malcolm Turnbull will face a similar tsunami here in Australia if he continues to meddle with people's private super accounts.  He needs to sit down for an hour's counseling on the subject from Jim Bolger.

Monday, December 5, 2016


While leaders from across the political spectrum were generous in their praise of the Prime Minister following his surprise announcement of his decision to resign Winston Peters could not help himself with his churlish and stupid remark that the PM's going meant that he had stopped believing the polls that had that National Party at close to 50% support.

No class, no style, just the musings of an embittered old man that Key has run rings around.   The mouthing of someone who cannot understand why someone would walk away from Parliament on his owns terms rather than be carried out in a box.  

Today was a time for a certain generosity of spirit.   Peters exhibits none of qualities that define true leadership,   He prefers and thrives on confrontation to the point where he cannot recognise there are occasions where the put down leaves you looking isolated and sad.    This was such an occasion.

Peters defines himself by his actions.

In For A Penny..... for a pound.

Who will be chosen by the National Party caucus as leader and Prime Minister?

There are many (not 'multiple,' thank you) commentators much closer to the action and more knowledgeable than I on the subject of the various contenders but here, for what it's worth, are my suggestions.

First, however, what are the necessary attributes?

Above all else, the ability to lead the party to electoral victory in 2017.  Everything else palls into insignificance.  What does that ability entail?  The capacity to continue the party's thrust as a centre right party with the emphasis on 'centre,' leaving the Greens and Labour to fight over the dregs on the far left.  It also requires some ability to take the wind out of NZ First's sails by stealing a few of their choice policies, just in case Winston doesn't die before September.

So far, there has been some comment on the unsuitability of Bill English as leader, mainly on the grounds that he was pretty hopeless, last time round.  The same criticism could have been leveled at John Howard and Winston Churchill.  Does Blenglish have it in him to be an election winner?  I'm not sure.  The choice of his deputy might make some difference. 

I don't think Steven Joyce or Paula Bennett are viable contenders.  Joyce is still smarting from handing Northland to Peters and Bennett appears to enjoy as much caucus support as did Cunliffe.

So, here's my pick. English as leader to keep the centre left voters happy and maybe Judith Collins as deputy to take the whip to Winston.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


President-Elect Trump has thumbed his nose at the conservative wing of the Republican Party with his announced the $8m subsidy bribe to Carrier to stop them moving 1,000 jobs from Indiana to Mexico ... plus a gentle leaning on reminding the company just how many defence industry contracts they currently hold ... wot God givith, God can taketh away.

A certain irony in that for years the Republicans have blasted the Democrats over subsidies given to promote wind-farming and solar energy production ... presumably those industries didn't create jobs. 

I am against subsidies simply because they promote inefficiency and stifle innovation ... short term gain for long term pain.  New Zealand is a far better place from having moved on from the 'glory' days where the State picked winners (and losers) using taxpayer money to keep players that should have long gone to wall afloat.     Having said that I accept there will always be exceptions to the rule in order to retain a strategic industry like Tiwai Point or the Marsden Fund established to facilitate fundamental research on a contestable basis.   

But there is a limit as to how far government (any government) can go in subsidising failure.    At some point the 'House of Cards' will come tumbling down as it did in New Zealand in 1984.    I see America under Trump as much more insular and inward looking ... sure, the US economy has huge resilience but, for it be able to compete with the world, it has to be efficient and if it isn't the world will go looking elsewhere ... that is the danger of institutionalised subsidies ... there is less an  imperative for innovation and efficiency and, at some point, the government funding will run out.

You couple that with the US National debt and their inability to balance the budget and Trump's short term gain may be very short indeed.


Mr Little won and I for one am happy about that but a word of caution Mr Eight Percent, Mr Woods scored less than 25% of the votes so that really only ties into your party's current polling and looks pretty dam successful until you recall the fact that your MOU mates stood aside so perhaps it was not the "landslide" your other mates in the media party are hailing.  

I understand that your on the ground effort was up there and the other mob made another effort commensurate with the oh so successful Northland disaster.

That said you have finally experienced an election victory, but if you think getting a towering political figure as represented by Mr Woods  finally making it in a "safe" seat on your diminishing by the day team red,  a rethink might be a go. Then again perhaps it is going so well for the country maybe don't change anything.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Daily Entertainment

It is great fun watching the futile rearguard action being fought by the left against President-elect Trump.  Actually, the term 'rearguard action' is a charitable misnomer.  More accurate to describe it as the desperate skirmishing of the defeated after the war has been lost.  I wonder if in forty years time some aging Clintonista will be found, still alive on a jungle clad island, brandishing his 'Strong Together' and 'I'm with Her' banners.

The latest episode in this ongoing comedy surrounds the proposed appointment of retired General Mattis as Secretary of Defense. 

Image result for mad dog mattis

AP comes out firing blanks.

His selection raises questions about increased military influence in a job designed to insure(sic) civilian control of the armed forces. The concerns revolve around whether a recently retired service member would rely more on military solutions to international problems, rather than take a broader, more diplomatic approach.

Notice the smarmy and unsubstantiated reference to 'questions about increased military influence.'

AP needs reminding that the Defense Secretary is expected to 'rely on military solutions.'

'As John Hinderaker of Powerline points out, AP seem to confuse the role of Defense Secretary with that of Secretary of State.  The Sec of State is a predominantly diplomatic role while the Sec of Defense job is to make sure the military can actually win a war when it is called upon to fight.

Of course, the left try to tell you that Mattiss has no diplomatic experience but they conveniently ignore the fact that this fellow commanded American and Coalition forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan.  A significant part of his role involved negotiating daily with host country governments and the commanders of coalition partners' forces.  If that ain't diplomacy, I don't know what is.

 The dopey media don't realise Trump is playing them for the fools they are, every day.   In a tweet, he described his appointee as 'Mad Dog Matiss' and like mad dogs, the media took the bait, and the line and the sinker.   Great stuff.

So far so good.