Friday, September 30, 2016


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Thursday, September 29, 2016

One In Fifty Years

We are in the midst of a one in fifty years storm.

Image result for power lines down South Australia

Power went out over the whole state of South Australia, where the Labour gummint in recent times has made a song and dance about its progress with so called renewable energy production, namely wind generation.  Unfortunately the wind turbines have to be shut down during periods of high winds so they have contributed nothing for the last few days.

There have been some interesting and unexpected consequences.

The Whyalla steel works has been without power now for two days and it's blast furnaces are fast cooling - if power is not restored in the next half hour the furnaces and crucibles will become nothing but large lumps of unrecoverable solid metal.  Goodbye to God knows how many jobs.

Adelaide was completely closed down.  No trains, no buses, level crossing boom gates locked in the down position, so no traffic.

In our case, our window shutters were locked in the up position so I thought we would be kept awake all night with headlights shining into our bedroom.  Not so.  There was no traffic due in large part to the fact that pubs, fast food outlets and supermarkets were closed down.

Which all goes to show the folly of a headlong pursuit of renewables coupled with a failure to adequately maintain infrastructure and guaranteed supply.  I recall Auckland experienced something similar some years ago when the main feed collapsed.

Political heads will roll.   The Labour Premier, Jay Weatherill has been mocked with comments like 'just more bad Weatherill.

Oh yes, nearly forgot to mention the ABC this morning was busy blaming climate change.  Never mind that there were worse storms in 1956.

And of course, who the hell would want to set up business employing people in a place where electricty supply is so unreliable?

What A Dick!

The BBC reports on another lone wolf attack in Sydney.   

This time the target has been attacked before, just five months ago.

Prime Minister Turnbull says there is no evidence of religious motivation in  this latest attack although racism has not been ruled out.  The attacker is black and bears a striking resemblance to a Somali illegal immigrant.

Australia's redback spider


I see that the Taliban have opened up on Trump here and declared that he is not a serious candidate for the Presidency.

You have to wonder why they would do that.   Having the Taliban dump on you is hardly a negative for camp Trump.   

Turn that around and he can argue that they prefer Shillary .... why?

I still believe that HST would be a better choice.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Great Union That Rugby Outfit

Many cases where the Teachers Union have done marvellously in protecting scumbags who have damaged many young people by sexual grooming and kiddy fiddling over years of offending.

The union morons at Wellington and NZ rugby were equally adept when they swung into action yesterday after Judge Bruce Davidson gave the green light to another young thug who admittedly was in court for damaging four young humans none who actually died.
So don't spend dosh getting a QC just get an immunity card from the local Rugby Union.

Yes the Judge had all the facts and yet made the astounding sentencing decision to discharge a thug without conviction when one victim had his contact sport future ended when the "rising star" not happy to knock his victim unconscious but proceeded to stomp on the head of the prone man causing head trauma that left him unable to consider any future in sport where a head knock could occur.
Not satisfied with his handiwork this " talent " went on with his rampage, dishing out a beating to two young women who happened to be accompanying his now brain damaged unconcious victim.

It could be mildly relevant should the baying MSM attack pack bother to reveal the outcome for the "rugby starlet's" brother who I understand was also involved in the assault.

Oh and Rugby NZ, maybe cease with the massive spin that the " thug" all of his own volition walked into the Wellington office and asked to have his contract cancelled.

Just another one to add to the list that includes Julienne Savea, smashed his missus, George
Moala,  assault, and who else who can escape what for most other young brown thugs who resort to vicious violence and without the protection racket run by Rugby end up in the big house and have many options ended judicially right there and deservedly so.

What chance this latest young brown thug could  end up playing for Australia, at least that jersey colour will be entirely appropriate, big man eh, can smash young women.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I can'r recall any political event in my lifetime attracting as much over-hyped ballyhoo as today's US presidential debate, due to start in about two hours.   I won't be watching as I need not endure ninety minutes of torture.

For me, there are two big questions.

Will Hillary drop dead, in front of 100 million viewers, live?  That surely would trump Trump's best ever TV reality show!

Will Trump spontaneously combust?  Not if his last few weeks are any guide.

I think this debate is very dangerous for Clinton and Trump really has to do little more than to appear likeable and let her ramble.

Oh well.  We'll just have to wait and see the reports as they come in after 1200 Adelaide time.

Monday, September 26, 2016

No Wonder Obama Can't Stand Netanyahu

Apart from the fact that Netanyahu is a bight and smart operator while Obama is a dope, it appears from this analysis that Obama has been played on a break by the Israeli PM.   There are some striking similarities between the politics of Israel and the US and the recent politics of Fiji and Australia/New Zealand.

When Obama walked away from Israel, Israel went looking for new friends and found them in some unexpected places.  Just as Bainimarama did when we turned our noses up at Fiji.

"...There is perhaps only one thing harder for the American mind to process than the fact that President Obama has been a terrible foreign policy president, and that is that Bibi Netanyahu is an extraordinarily successful Israeli Prime Minister. In Asia, in Africa, in Latin America, Israel’s diplomacy is moving from strength to strength. Virtually every Arab and Middle Eastern leader thinks that Bibi is smarter and stronger than President Obama, and as American prestige across the Middle East has waned under Obama, Israel’s prestige — even among people who hate it — has grown. Bibi’s reset with Russia, unlike Obama’s, actually worked. His pivot to Asia has been more successful than Obama’s. He has had far more success building bridges to Sunni Muslims than President Obama, and both Russia and Iran take Bibi and his red lines much more seriously than they take Obama’s expostulations and pious hopes...."

and here's the kicker

"...Bibi read the Sunnis more clearly than Obama did; the value of Israeli power to a Sunni world worried about Iran has led to something close to a revolution in Israel’s regional position. Again, Obama thought that reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood (including its Palestinian affiliate, Hamas) would help American diplomacy and Middle Eastern democracy. Bibi understood that Sunni states like Egypt and its Saudi allies wanted Hamas crushed. Thus, as Obama tried to end the Gaza war on terms acceptable to Hamas and its allies, Bibi enjoyed the backing of both Egypt and Saudi Arabia in a successful effort to block Obama’s efforts. Israel’s neighbors may not like Bibi, but they believe they can count on him. They may think Obama has some beautiful ideas that he cares deeply about, but they think he’s erratic, unreliable, and doesn’t understand either them or their concerns...."


 "...Ironically, much of the decline in Arab power is due to developments in the United States. Fracking has changed OPEC’s dynamics, and Obama’s tilt toward Iran has accelerated the crisis of Sunni Arab power. Netanyahu understands the impact of Obama’s country and Obama’s policy on the Middle East better than Obama does. Bibi, like a number of other leaders around the world, has been able to make significant international gains by exploiting the gaps in President Obama’s understanding of the world and in analyzing ways to profit from the unintended consequences and side effects of Obama policies that didn’t work out as Obama hoped...."

Not Many People Beat The Bank

Sub-title:-    Stupid, Stupid ANZ

Sub sub-title:-  Curry Munchers screw Fosters Guzzlers

Here's an extraordinary story of a successful child bride.

She made the most of her arranged marriage to what appears to be a reasonably thick chap and after a six year battle with ANZ Banking Group, walked away with a cheque for $200 million.


"They beat the bank and now they’re gone — perhaps never to return.
Indian business couple Pankaj and Radhika Oswal left Australia last Thursday, immediately after settling a multi-billion-dollar legal stoush with the ANZ bank for $200 million, and are thinking of starting a new life in New York.

Ms Oswal said yesterday the couple would sell the land on which sits their unfinished Perth mansion, known as “Taj On Swan”.  The ruin in up-market Pepper­mint Grove will be demolished next Monday by order of the local council.

Among options for “brighter futures”, Ms Oswal was “thinking about starting a not-for-profit ­organisation devoted to women’s empowerment, particularly for those living in countries like India where there are historic and ­cultural limitations on women achieving their potential”.
Ms Oswal said the couple had “great memories of our lives in Australia before the problems arose with ANZ and the ­receivers PPB Advisory, but the last six years have been very painful and emotionally draining, so it is time to start a new chapter in our lives”.

The Victorian Supreme Court battle between the Oswals and ANZ, which played out over 11 weeks of hearings, revolved around the bank’s sale of the ­couple’s Burrup Fertiliser business in 2010.
The Oswals alleged that ANZ and PPB, which the bank ­appointed as receivers over Burrup, sold their stake in the business for less than it was worth after seizing it in a row over about $1 billion in debts they owed ANZ.  In turn, ANZ accused the ­couple of misappropriating about $150m, spent on luxury cars, a boat, property including the Taj on Swan and Ms Oswal’s veget­arian restaurant chain Otarian.

After a month of ­mediation ­before associate judge John ­Efthim, the two sides agreed to a confidential deal in which ANZ agreed to pay the Oswals more than $200m.

The talks came after dramatic evidence from Ms Oswal in which she accused her husband of forging documents and claimed that at a December 2009 meeting ANZ general counsel Bob Santamaria said that if she did not give the bank security over the shares in Burrup she owned, the couple would go to jail and their two daughters would be “orphans”.  The Oswals also accused then chief risk officer Chis Page of putting Mr Oswal in a headlock at the meeting and sending a racist email to bank boss Mike Smith. 

ANZ denies the allegations.

Of course the ANZ denied the allegations.  Then they paid up.

We Don't Do Trigger Warnings (Updated)

There has been a procession of leftie commenters complaining that Adolf has deleted comments because they express a contrary view.  This assertion is false and reflects either the writers' mendacity of stupidity.

Comments have been deleted for gross infractions of blog rules or because their authors already had been booted out.  Never for the ideas - or lack thereof - expressed.

So for the benefit of any simple-minded leftie troll who may be considering popping in to drop off a malodorous morsel, here, again, are the simple rules.  Break them and you won't be back.  We don't do trigger warnings.  If you can't behave, don't bother coming.

1   Never publish the real name of a nom de plumed blogger or commenter.

2   Do not cast aspersions upon the character of your blog host.

3   Do not use strings of obscenities in comments.

I must emphasize these are the rules for Adolf's blog at No Minister.  Other authors will have other rules.


And after that effort, 'anonymous' comments won't make it, either.

Confusion Abounds, Some Get The Bash, Others Win.

Following the news that Val Adams was beaten in Rio by one,  rather out of context impressive throw that came after the U.S.  competitor was in possession of a permit to use a performance enhancing substance which without such apparently lawfull manoeuvre, would earn a disqualification and stand down, comes further doubts.
Bradley Wiggins who in his book claimed "he never used needles" was another chosen one allowed to use an otherwise dodgy enhancing substance for his "asthma".

Now harsh maybe but either a drug enhances performance or it dosn't, having a smart team of enablers to gain advantage is wrong.
If an athlete's state of health requires the use of a drug that others are denied due to performance enhancement possibilities then it is a simple choice.
Either all can access that substance without recourse to manipulation or it is banned, anything otherwise is plain nonsense.

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Stuart Nash, MP for Napier, is seen by some as one of the few 'good guys' in the Labour Party.   There is ongoing speculation that he is disillusioned with the little man's leadership and is being wooed by Winston First to jump ship.

Be that as it may Nash does his own credibility no good at all when, having given up on trying to land a blow on Judith Collins, he opens up on the Police's Eastern District Commander in the full and certain knowledge that she can't answer back.   The result ... a letter of complaint from National Police Headquarters to the Leader of the Labour Party who at least recognized that Nash was way out of line and told him to pull his head in and confine his battles to the debating chamber

Attacking someone who cannot fight back is cowardly.   To do that to a woman is cowardly2.   Never thought Nash was a coward but perhaps I'm going to have to rethink that opinion.

When Lefties Take Over.....

........ the share price inevitably plunges and the business fails.

Take a look at The Herald, Fairfax, numerous leftist start ups in Australia and now the new media.

Of late both Facebook and Twitter have copped a pasting for censoring right of center political views and promoting those of the left.   Of course, all they have succeeded in so doing is driving away the large section of their clientele who are of the centre right.

Twitter is the latest to fall.


From the Wall Street Journal:

"Twitter Inc. may be contemplating a future in the hands of an acquirer after a yearslong effort to sharpen its focus and ignite user growth has fallen short. Inc. is considering a takeover of the social media company, according to people familiar with the matter. The exploration is in early stages, one of the people said, and might not lead to a deal.
Shares of Twitter rose 21% to $22.62 on Friday after CNBC reported talks of a possible sale. Before Friday, the stock had fallen 30% over the past year and its market value was about $13 billion. Its all-time high of $40.7 billion came in December 2013."

Saturday, September 24, 2016


New Zealand abolished the death penalty for murder in 1961 when MPs voted 41-30 in a conscience vote on a Bill sponsored by the Labour Party.

The death penalty for treason remained on the statute books until it too was abolished in 1989.    I suspect that if a proposal to reinstate the death penalty was put to a referendum today it would be soundly defeated.

IMHO a large number of people calling for state sanctioned killing (and please don't sidetrack the discussion by introducing the question of abortion) would be those who are quite happy to view death at a distance but who would run a mile when confronted with it in real life.    In that context I was interested to read this article by Sermon Thompson ... someone who has been there and done that.

His own words .... As superintendent of the Oregon State Penitentiary I planned and carried out that state’s only two executions in the last 54 years. I used to support the death penalty. I don’t anymore.

I was born and raised in the segregated South. I was 13 when Emmett Till was lynched for “flirting” with a white woman. I can remember upstanding black Christians expressing hope that his murderers would be caught and hanged. It seemed quite reasonable to me then that death was the only proportionate response for people who would so egregiously violate the norms of a society.

Years later, as a young law enforcement officer, I lost a close friend and a cousin — both law enforcement officers themselves — to execution-style murders at the hands of felons who were attempting to avoid arrest. I remember feeling that justice had been served when one of their killers was executed.

In 1994, during my interview for the superintendent job, I was asked if I would be willing to conduct an execution. I said yes. Oregon had not executed anyone in decades, but the death penalty was part of the criminal justice system, and I had to be prepared for all of the duties that a superintendent could be called upon to perform.

Shortly afterward, I was charged with executing two inmates on the penitentiary’s death row, Douglas Wright and Harry Moore.  Moore had been convicted of killing his half sister and her former husband, and he said he’d take legal action against anyone who tried to stop his execution. Wright was sentenced to death for killing three homeless men. He later admitted to killing a 10-year-old boy. He too had given up his appeals.

Regardless of their crimes, the fact that I was now to be personally involved in their executions forced me into a deeper reckoning with my feelings about capital punishment. After much contemplation, I became convinced that, on a moral level, life was either hallowed or it wasn’t. And I wanted it to be.

I could not see that execution did anything to enhance public safety. While death penalty supporters suggest that capital punishment has the power of deterrence, a 2012 report by the National Research Council found that research “is not informative about whether capital punishment decreases, increases or has no effect on homicide rates.”

I now believed that capital punishment was a dismal failure as a policy, but I was still expected to do my job. So I met with my staff and explained my position. I made it known that anyone who felt similarly opposed could back out of our assignment. According to state policy, assisting in the executions was voluntary for everyone but the superintendent. And yet each of those asked to serve chose to stay to ensure that the job was done professionally.

I’m a Vietnam-era veteran, and a law enforcement professional who has been trained to deal with life-or-death situations, as were many of my colleagues. We focused on carrying out our responsibilities and leaving everyone involved with as much dignity as possible.

I began to feel the weight of this undertaking while practicing for the executions. Teams rehearsed for more than a month. There was a full 'run through' of the execution every week.

The weight intensified during the executions, which took place eight months apart, and it didn’t subside until well after they were completed. I cannot put into words the anxiety I felt about the possibility of a botched procedure. I wasn’t certain how my staff would fare. These were the first executions in Oregon in over three decades. These were the first executions in Oregon to be administered by use of lethal injections. I was the first black superintendent of the Oregon State Penitentiary. All of these firsts had the potential to come together in a very negative way if my team made a single mistake.

Planning an execution is a surreal business. During a prisoner’s final days, staff members keep the condemned person under 24-hour surveillance to, among other things, ensure that he doesn’t harm or kill himself, thus depriving the people of Oregon of the right to do the same. I can understand the administrative logic for this reality, but it doesn’t make this experience any less strange.

During the execution itself, correctional officers are responsible for everything, from strapping the prisoner’s ankles and wrists to a gurney to administering the lethal chemicals. One of the condemned men asked to have his wrist straps adjusted because they were hurting him. After the adjustment was made, he looked me in the eye and said: “Yes. Thanks, boss.”

After each execution, I had staff members who decided they did not want to be asked to serve in that capacity again. Others quietly sought employment elsewhere. A few told me they were having trouble sleeping, and I worried they would develop post-traumatic stress disorder if they had to go through it another time.

Together, we had spent many hours planning and carrying out the deaths of two people. The state-ordered killing of a person is premeditated and calculated, and inevitably some of those involved incur collateral damage. I have seen it. It’s hard to avoid giving up some of your empathy and humanity to aid in the killing of another human being. The effects can lead to all the places you’d expect: drug use, alcohol abuse, depression and suicide.

But the job gets done — despite the qualms and the cost. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. Capital punishment keeps grinding on, out of sight of society.

The average citizen will never find himself looking a death row prisoner in the eye, administering a lethal injection and stating the time of death in front of observers and reporters. But we all share the burden of a policy that has not been shown to make the public any safer, and that endures despite the availability of reasonable alternatives.

I am encouraged that Oregon now has a moratorium on executions, and there have not been any in the state since the ones I oversaw. Nationwide, in the past few decades, executions have also been declining, from a high of 98 in 1999 to 15 so far this year. But people continue to be sentenced to death.

Since I retired from corrections in 2010, my mission has been to persuade people that capital punishment is a failed policy. America should no longer accept the myth that capital punishment plays any constructive role in our criminal justice system. It will be hard to bring an end to the death penalty, but we will be a healthier society as a result.

I suspect the good ole US of A has some way to go before Thompson's dream becomes reality but it will happen and it won't be too soon when it does.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Be Careful What You Say

Adolf and The Cook caught up with a friend not seen for some years yesterday.

Over a pleasant brunch we caught up with all the goings on.

Friend's partner of twenty years had been feeling poorly but refused to go to his doctor.  Friend kept at him and at him to which he replied 'Stop f****** nagging, I'll go when I'm ready.  This went on and on until, in a fit of anger, she retorted 'Well drop f***** dead then!'

So he did.

Massive heart attack.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Those terrible little Asians  have only bought half a processing outfit, the vital raw product is not contractually tied in so if they screw the scrum and try to rort the opportunity, the farmer suppliers will take their stock elsewhere.
Add in the very unlikely fact they will be able to increase their capacity by acquisition is unlikely to get regulatory approval and they have only purchased a half share in an entity that still stands amongst many that litter the historical rural landscape as monuments to obsolescence.

Patea, Kiapoi, Belfast, Whakatu, Tomoana,  Waingawa, Picton all gone also Oringi that I watched being built as a move to divorce the mother country's domination of the industry in the early 1980s, and that is only some of the piles of bricks.

Silver Fern Farms is about as good a purchase as buying a Real Estate business the goodwill can evaporate PDQ, but the new investors if they play it right can make it go anywhere they wish and it does give the Chinese a great foothold in quality meat for trade.
SFF has some terrific product for sale and my fear is I may lose my access to it, now that would be sad.

A Morticious Moment

As the election slips away from Crooked Hillary, some wag suggested she looks as though she has been embalmed.

Could it be that she has been too close to President Embarmer?


Except that was not what Tracy said in the article.

The click bait header in the Stuff home page screeched "John Key's New York slap down"  that had me thinking someone had given the PM a verbal bash.

In fact it was our increasingly internationally regarded skipper, who while addressing a small but influential bunch of significants who had a somewhat wrong headed perception of NZ 2016  based on events from thirty years ago and were rather ott assessed in political circles in the US government as anti American.  When the facts were they were merely a domestic ploy by the Lange administration that arose largely out of the Surrender Monkey's insistence they could radiate atolls in our back yard as much as any residual socialist dopey anti US rhetoric and politically here still resonate with far too many intellectually challenged voters.

I have grave doubts that Mr Key will gain much traction either from his Syrian effort or his increasingly forlorn hope to persuade a Lame Duck has been to get the TPP over the line in the Congress, however he is certainly giving things a bloody good shove.  The She Beast's job application also looks equally forlorn unless there are many vetoes and withdrawals that leave her last man standing.

In the meantime poor old Mr seven percent who has raised his profile to ten by just disappearing for much of the time punches the air in the parliament while most ignore him.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I suspect that I'm not alone in thinking that Colin Craig's 'dramatis personae' we're seeing in the Court reminds one of a possum caught in the headlights.

And we all know what happens to the possum.

Monday, September 19, 2016


over the next ten days as I'm in Tauranga, Hamilton and Wellington doing 'Gods work'.

But let's suppose that on Saturday (UK time) Jeremy Corbyn is reelected as leader of the UK Labour Party.    What then the odds that by the following Monday morning there will be a new 'New Labour Party' comprising many of the 172 MPs and MEPs who publicly threw their support behind Owen Smith?

I mean to say with 'operatives' in Corbyn's office drawing up lists of MPs seen as antagonistic to Corbyn and the likelihood they will be targeted by Momentum in an organized takeover of their constituency organizations what have they got to lose ... done one way and dusted the other.    

Interesting times ahead.     However I can confirm there is no truth to the rumor that Lord Egbut has
been practicing Seppuku.

p.s.   How about this taster on the BBC website.


While madmen toss homosexual men from second story buildings or strangle them at the end of a rope from a crane, while equally bereft of understanding women mutilate genitals of young girls, while other moronic learned elders of a religion fifteen hundred years old and almost unchanged since a power crazed sexual deviant  founder started killing, maiming, and enslaving his people, the good old UN is "concerned at the title chosen to replace CYFS in lil ole peaceable nu ziland".

Mind your own freakin business and perhaps search out some actual harm delivery state sponsored systems in places it appears are in a too hard basket.

The helpless little waifs and strays that come with the dross welfare delivers and are seriously at risk in the thinking of most citizens of our nation has led to the choice of the new drive to possibly reduce the killing and maiming of the poor wee buggers that make the news all too often and if they are not vulnerable, vunrable or whatever then the UN morons need to go to Specsavers.


I understand that it is often politics but Sepeloni's crusade one morning last week on the reduced benefits for solo mothers who refuse to disclose the sire of her spawn is just not good enough.

Yes it could be argued that a drop of around twenty five dollars a week for such actions will impact on the children but there are other compelling reasons for the disclosure and not just making the sire responsible for the costs of raising the results of his desire, to avoid his obligations is but one.

One of the big issues resulting from much more widespread adoption regimes that preceded the massive welfare cash injection currently seen as a solution for unplanned, unwanted  or worse, offspring created for supposed cash reward, was not having easy access to biological parent records seen as a disadvantage in modern medical practise.

Yesterday in conversation with a good bastarnd who is watching his life's partner descend into the abyss that is alzheimers, is the progression of considering there are suggestions that it is heritable with a possible genetic interruption to protect some as yet apparently unaffected.  A recent heralded possible treatment to put the development of this modern scourge that has manifested in part due to many enjoying longer life from the tremendous advances in coronary, vascular and cancer treatments that allow other afflictions to present.
With solo mothers declining to divulge the sire then half the potential genetic mapping is hidden and with much at stake in health and its expanding costs, that trumps whatever reason for non disclosure might offer.

When added to the financial burden on taxpayers from the conscious decision hide a sire's identity it becomes imminently more sensible to "reward" those who choose or find themselves relying on a benefit for whatever reason and comply with a reasonable request for the sire of a child to be identified.

To suggest there may be valid reasons for non disclosure is not credible and  typical of the welfare love affair that seems to be part and parcel of socialist thinking.


Over a month ago I proclaimed my refusal to be included in the circle jerk in Rio as I considered it to be too often merely a quadrennial chemists convention where guinea pigs in laboratory conditions are used in an ongoing experiment where chemists compete with rule creators.

This morning it is reported that the Afro American who produced a personal best with her final throw/ put of over a metre better than any previous effort to defeat Valerie Adams for gold in the women's shot put, was competing under a dispensation that permitted her to use three drugs on the banned list at the Rio Olympics that she had previously been denied permission to use.
Two asthma drugs and a steroid.

How does that sit with the traditional Olympic ideal that seeks pure endeavour to attain fastest, highest, bla de blah.

Contrast that apparent  " rort"  with the highly proven efforts of those suffering injuries and disabilities to achieve such inspirational outcomes at the Para-Olympics.

In closing I am another who fiercely supports the New Zealand double amputee, Liam Malone, who handed belated justice that seemed beyond the South African judicial system to deliver for Reeva Steenkamp by obliterating  reference to her killer in the record books in a magnificent effort with sprinting on springs that replace his lower legs.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Sue Maroney is a drone MP.   Failed six times to win an electorate seat; found wanting as Chief Whip and dumped and well remembered for an unfortunate incident when, during the flag referendum debate, she opened up on the owner of a holiday home flying the Kyle Lockwood flag as a rich prick flaunting his/her wealth and prejudices and conveniently ignoring the fact that her holiday home was just down the road.    At least her erstwhile leader called her out on that.

And now per courtesy of TV1 News last night there she was out pimping for a refugee couple wanting to purchase their HCNZ home but finding the value of the property had increased to the point is was supposedly unaffordable for them.  

So Maroney, ever eager to get her face on TV, is prepared to parade her hypocrisy for all to see.   Point #1 Sue ... thought your once great Party was opposed to the sell-off of HCNZ stock per se so why are you going into bat for them and #2 given that I've listened to the angry one and his side-kick Twyford bang on about the government selling HCNZ properties at below the market valuation how can you possibly promote this as a shock, horror story?

Guess the side-bar to this is why TV1 News thought the story was worth giving oxygen to.    Here we have a family properly housed and paying a below market rental for that privilege ... a property I guess any number of people would give their back teeth for.   So they can't afford to buy it ... I can't afford to buy the property just down the road from me with elevated 270 degrees looking out over the BoI.

Sue Maroney hypocrite and TV1 an accessory to hypocrisy ... fits.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dopey Media Gazzumped by Trump

In most election campaigns there is at least one moment of supreme humour.

Such was the case yesterday as Donald Trump showed why he is a billionaire and the 'media hacks' are mediocre morons.

From Powerline (You won't see this story in the NYT or WAPO or on cable news)

Last night Trump's campaign issued a statement to the effect that he now believes Obama was born in the USA.

This morning,Trump tweeted "I am now going to the brand new Trump International, Hotel D.C. for a major statement."

The TV networks cleared their regular programmes and went live to the hotel to broadcast Trump's humiliation.   Instead they broadcast live, to millions of viewers, one after another senior military officers, praising the soon to be President Trump.

Millions of dollars worth of TV time and Trump didn't have to pay a penny.  Just called in the gullible suckers who were hoist on their own partisan zeal..


This article from the New York Times five days ago.  Interesting analysis. Long but well worth reading.  

Is North Korea irrational? Or does it just pretend to be?

North Korea has given the world ample reason to ask: threats of war, occasional attacks against South Korea, eccentric leaders and wild-eyed propaganda. As its nuclear and missile programs have grown, this past week with a fifth nuclear test, that concern has grown more urgent.

But political scientists have repeatedly investigated this question and, time and again, emerged with the same answer: North Korea’s behavior, far from crazy, is all too rational.

Its belligerence, they conclude, appears calculated to maintain a weak, isolated government that would otherwise succumb to the forces of history. Its provocations introduce tremendous danger, but stave off what Pyongyang sees as the even greater threats of invasion or collapse.

Denny Roy, a political scientist, wrote in a still-cited 1994 journal article that the country’s reputation as a crazy state and for reckless violence had worked to North Korea’s advantage, keeping more powerful enemies at bay. But this image, he concluded, was largely a product of misunderstanding and propaganda.

In some ways, this is more dangerous than irrationality. While the country does not want war, its calculus leads it to cultivate a permanent risk of one — and prepare to stave off defeat, should war happen, potentially with nuclear weapons. That is a subtler danger, but a grave one.

When political scientists call a state rational, they are not saying its leaders always make the best or most moral choices, or that those leaders are paragons of mental fitness. Rather, they are saying the state behaves according to its perceived self-interests, first of which is self-preservation.
When a state is rational, it will not always succeed in acting in its best interests, or in balancing short-term against long-term gains, but it will try. This lets the world shape a state’s incentives, steering it in the desired direction.

States are irrational when they do not follow self-interest. In the “strong” form of irrationality, leaders are so deranged that they are incapable of judging their own interests. In the “soft” version, domestic factors — like ideological zeal or internal power struggles — distort incentives, making states behave in ways that are counterproductive but at least predictable.

North Korea’s actions abroad and at home, while abhorrent, appear well within its rational self-interest, according to a 2003 study by David C. Kang, a political scientist now at the University of Southern California. At home and abroad, he found, North Korean leaders shrewdly determined their interests and acted on them. (In an email, he said his conclusions still applied.)

“All the evidence points to their ability to make sophisticated decisions and to manage palace, domestic and international politics with extreme precision,” Mr. Kang wrote. “It is not possible to argue these were irrational leaders, unable to make means-ends calculations.”

Victor Cha, a Georgetown University professor who served as the Asian affairs director on George W. Bush’s National Security Council, has repeatedly argued that North Korea’s leadership is rational.
Savage cruelty and cold calculation are not mutually exclusive, after all .... and often go hand in hand.
States are rarely irrational for the simple reason that irrational states can’t survive for long. The international system is too competitive and the drive for self-preservation too powerful. While the North Korean state really is unlike any other on earth, the behaviors that make it appear irrational are perhaps its most rational.

North Korea’s seemingly unhinged behavior begins with the country’s attempt to solve two problems that it took on with the end of the Cold War and that it should have been unable to solve.
One was military. The Korean Peninsula, still in a formal state of war, had gone from a Soviet-American deadlock to an overwhelming tilt in the South’s favor. The North was exposed, protected only by a China that was more focused on improving ties with the West.

The other problem was political. Both Koreas claimed to represent all Koreans, and for decades had enjoyed similar development levels. By the 1990s, the South was exponentially freer and more prosperous. The Pyongyang government had little reason to exist.

The leadership solved both problems with something called the Songun or 'military-first' policy. It put the country on a permanent war footing, justifying the state’s poverty as necessary to maintain its massive military, justifying its oppression as rooting out internal traitors and propping up its legitimacy with the rally-around-the-flag nationalism that often comes during wartime.
Of course, there was no war. Foreign powers believed the government would, like other Soviet puppets, fall on its own, and barring that wanted peace.

So North Korea created the appearance of permanently imminent war, issuing flamboyant threats to attack, staging provocations and sometimes deadly attacks. Its nuclear and missile tests, though erratic and often failed, stirred up one crisis after another.  This militarization kept the North Korean leadership internally stable. It also kept the country’s enemies at bay.

North Korea may be weaker, but it is willing to tolerate far more risk. By keeping the peninsula on the edge of conflict, Pyongyang put the onus on South Korea and the United States to pull things back.  From afar, North Korea’s actions look crazy. Its domestic propaganda describes a reality that does not exist, and it appears bent on almost provoking a war it would certainly lose.  But from within North Korea, these actions make perfect sense. And over time, the government’s reputation for irrationality has become an asset as well.

Scholars ascribe this behavior to the 'madman theory' .... a strategy, coined by no less a proponent than Richard M. Nixon, in which leaders cultivate an image of belligerence and unpredictability to force adversaries to tread more carefully.

Dr. Roy, in an interview, said North Korea “intentionally employs a posture of seemingly hyper-risk acceptance and willingness to go to war as a means of trying to intimidate its adversaries.”  But this strategy works only because, even if the belligerence is for show, the danger it creates is very real.

Is a rational North Korea more dangerous?
In this way, it is North Korea’s rationality that makes it so dangerous. Because it believes it can survive only by keeping the Korean Peninsula near war, it creates a risk of sparking just that, perhaps through some accident or miscalculation.

North Korea is aware of this risk but seems to believe it has no choice. For this reason, and perhaps because of the United States-led invasion of Iraq and the NATO intervention in Libya against Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, it appears to earnestly fear the possibility of an American invasion. And this is rational: Weak states that face more powerful enemies must either make peace .... which North Korea cannot do without sacrificing its political legitimacy .... or find a way to make any conflict survivable.

North Korea’s nuclear program is designed to halt an American invasion by first striking nearby United States military bases and South Korean ports, then by threatening a missile launch against the United States mainland. While North Korea does not yet have this ability, analysts believe it will within the next decade.

This is the culmination of North Korea’s rationality, in something known as desperation theory.
Under this theory, when states face two terrible choices, they will pick the least bad option.
In North Korea’s case, that means creating the conditions for a war it would most likely lose. And it could mean preparing a last-ditch effort to survive that war by launching multiple nuclear strikes, chancing a nuclear retaliation for the slim chance to survive.

North Korea’s leaders tolerate this danger because, in their calculus, they have no other choice. The rest of us share in that risk — vanishingly small, but nonzero — whether we want to or not.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Speaking of Doctor's Notes........

.........which seem to  be in the news lately, courtesy of Powerline, here's a REAL doctor's note issued to a REAL leader by a REAL doctor who knew his pneumonia from his Parkinsons, long before wankerdemic wowsers took over the medical profession.


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Thursday, September 15, 2016


St Philip's College in Alice Springs needs to get its act together.   A 'respected' teacher gave permission for a boy to go to a school  event dressed as Adolf Hitler with the school compounding the gaffe by awarding him a prize as the best dressed student.

At least the school had the decency to apologize to its Jewish exchange students for any offense caused.

And from Roger Herbert, Headmaster ... "She (the teacher) is absolutely shattered she said that ... I'm really concerned about her well-being". 

Not sure that 'respected' teacher is exactly the right descriptive.


I hold the view that Parliament is there to govern.   If you can muster the votes you do the deal.   That the use of referenda/plebiscite (call it what you will) to determine matters of the moment should be limited to a quite narrow range of what may be broadly characterised as constitutional issues.

In Oz the Turnbull government is pressing ahead with its determination to hold a plebiscite on same-sex marriage.    Just why they wouldn't allow parliamentarians to determine the matter on a conscience vote quite beats me ... actually it doesn't.   Certainly the coalition is split on the matter and having it determined by plebiscite is a convenient way to wash their hands of the issue.  

I guess they will argue it was in their election manifesto but the counter would be that few electors would have determined their vote solely on that question.

I see that Shorten is opposing the move on the basis that public debate on the matter may cause 'closet' gays to commit suicide.   Shorten is as doppy as Turnbull in running that line.

I declare my hand.   I am neutral on the question of same-sex marriage tending opposed.   I guess that's me reflective of my generation.   I'm unsure how I would react if one of my children/grandchildren were to involve themselves that in that sort of relationship but, in the end, it's their decision and I'm not going to play God.   They would have my support.

I also believe in parliamentary democracy.   I elect my MP to make decisions and in a conscience vote decision to do would he/she thinks right having consulted widely in the electorate.

Not sure that across the ditch they have reached that level of maturity.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


For about five decades now Adolf has watched a passing parade of NZ Presbyterian and Australian Uniting Church political activists disguised as clergymen usurping their respective parish pulpits to push their particular political agenda du jour, usually in the name of social justice.

Today's cause is the treatment of illegal immigrants by the Australian authorities; the 1970s issue was the Noonkenbah shenanigans north of Perth and in NZ I well recall the thunderous warnings on the evil of man made global warming.

In all cases pulpit usurpers falsely invoke the example of Jesus Christ who, they say, was a political activist who sided with the down trodden - or words to that effect.  Of course, all the usurpers were and are lefties.

Well folks, Jesus Christ certainly was an activist but the downtrodden people he sided with were those who were down trodden upon by the established church of the day as exemplified by the Pharisees and Sadducees of the Jewish synagogues scattered about the place

The political force of the day was in fact  Rome which occupied the homelands of the Jews and Jesus was careful to avoid criticism of Rome..

There are two vivid extracts from the New Testament which make it clear that Jesus avoided getting involved in secular politics. 

The first was where he was challenged about paying gummint taxes.  His reply is famous:-  " Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's."

The second was the occasion on which he was dragged before Pontius Pilate by his enemies within the church.  Pilate was no fool and he concluded:-  "I can find no wrong this man has done."

The long and thee short of it is, there is not one shred of biblical evidence to support the notion Jesus was a political activist because, plain and simple, he was not.

These same political activists spend their lives bemoaning the declining membership of their churches, which decline is accelerated by their own dishonest tub thumping.

For All The Trolls........

.......who are banned here.

Yes, at last I must admit Adolf has a particularly one eyed view on many issues.

Just got home from cataract surgery and it's bloody hard to see straight with just one eye in use.

With luck tomorrow will be better.  Apparently these operation are 97% successful.  I hope the statistics are more reliable than those trotted out by the climate fraudsters.


But Andrew Little's attempt to counter bad polling numbers by releasing results of their supposed own internal polling sure takes the biscuit.   No matter that 'his' results are so outa wack with all other polling data that you might be forgiven for believing the cohort group was the Labour Party caucus ... no, that's not the issue.   It's just that by doing so he has created a millstone around his own neck.   From hereon in and Little will be under considerable pressure to match every new poll with their own poll and, should he fail to do so, he'll be accused of trying to hide something.   He's now on a hiding to nothing and it's all of his own making.

For what it is worth my assessment of the polls is that they've got it about right.   Drill down into the numbers and the movement can be laid at the door of the Labour-Greens pact chickens coming home to roost.    For left leaning environmental friendly Labour voters the pact has allowed them to jump ship over to the Greens knowing that this has little impact on the 'left' bloc vote.   At the same time it provides an excuse for the more conservative Labour voters who distrust the Greens with a vengeance to jump ship to NZ First remembering always that Winston is on record in saying he would never serve alongside the Greens in cabinet .... and of course we all know Winston is a man of his word.

The almost 100,000 votes cast last time round for the Conservative Party are up for grabs as well ... that Party is finished.   The drama unfolding right now in the Auckland High Court is the final nail in that coffin.  They will split between National, ACT and NZ First.    The NZ First commitment to CIR will certainly have them interested.

Here endith the lesson.   Let he who has ears let him hear ... not sure the nice Mr Little has any of those appendages.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Can Trumpty Put America Together Again?

After eight years of gangster government, in which Obama and his cronies have set about wrecking America, President Trump will have a huge job on his hands.  Here’s what he has to do.

  • ·         Clean out the Justice Department – the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party
  • ·         Clean out the IRS - the harassment arm of the Democratic Party
  • ·         Get rid of Obamacare – the encroachment arm of the Democratic Party
  • ·         Clean out the State Department – the appeasement arm of the Democratic Party
  • ·         Clamp down hard on the ‘racial hatred’ industry – fomented by the Democratic Party.

And that’s just for starters.

Then he has to take a hard look at immigration.  Of the 1037 refugees from Syria admitted to the US in the month of May, just two, that’s rua, dos, due, deux, zwei, one plus one.  Can it be there are no more Christians being persecuted by ISIS in Syria?  Have they all been shot?  

He needs to open up government owned land for oil exploration, thus rendering America able to control international oil prices and cut of the money supply to Arab terrorist states by ensuring a continuous oversupply..

He must immediately dissolve Obama’s disgraceful nuclear deal with Iran.

And so it goes on and on and on.