Thursday, March 31, 2016


Assuming of course she's not indicted and assuming that Sanders doesn't pull off a stunning upset victory over her (joking re the indictment bit ... It won't happen).

With Trump now reneging on his promise not to run as a third party candidate if he is denied the nomination and with Cruz and Kasich (and many other Republican heavy hitters) playing coy on whether they would support Trump as the Republican nominee it's really all over bar the shouting.

One can see an electoral wipe out of AuH2O proportions.    

Memo to all those aspiring White House interns ... Bill's back in 'town'.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


not a good weak for that 'nice' Mr Little having to dump on Sue Maroney for her tweet lambasting Kiwis who own 'flash beach houses'.  

Mind you and to be fair Maroney ain't the sharpest knife in his box having now lost in six attempts to win an electorate seat and who was so incompetent she was fired from her job as the Junior Opposition Whip.

Many might look at her beach house on the Coromandel and wonder what she's 'on' about.

Political Suicide - Aussie Style

Turnbull has caught Little's disease.  Gob open, voice at full throttle, brain disengaged.

He is proposing a new INCOME TAX to be levied by the states.

This idiocy is to replace the spending cuts announced by the previous PM Tony Abbott.

Shorten and Co will be rubbing their hands with glee.

(For those who don't know, in Australia income tax is levied by the Commonwealth which then allocates part of it to the states.)


Sometimes a comment on a blog distinguishes itself from all others so much so that it deserves a special post all by itself.

Angry Tory has managed that with this pearler commenting on my post 'The Race to the White House' .... "The good ole US of A is supposed to be a Republic not a Democracy".

Some muvvers do have em.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Shop Trading Hours Continued,

As the total idiocy of the current legislated days where only some traders can open for business is exposed for the nonsense it truly is, continues, it could be useful to highlight some recent observations.

Hosking this morning gave some impressions from his weekend in Queenstown where while playing tourist, he enjoyed a weekend of freedom to do his wont while businesses enjoyed equal freedom to supply them.
He raised a very pertinent point in suggesting, with the exponential rise in the GDP contribution from Tourism, why does the current buggers muddle treat Qtown and Toupo different to say Wanaka and Rotorua.
Then after listing Central Otago, The SI West Coast and Hawkes Bay he could well have gone on to  contemplate how is it that in the aftermath of the earthquakes, maybe Christchurch might be a considerable tourist destination in addition to its widely accepted status as an arrival point.
Similar with Auckland with its many significant attractions around its City of Sails designation, Motat,  largest multicultural city in the South pacific reputation and Wellington aka Wellywood with Te Papa and other multiple attractions.
He posed an imminently sensible query, why is  the entire Country not a designated "tourist destination" under the criteria that set Taupo and Qtown apart in the early 1990s when the buggers muddle passed into law courtesy of Lange/Palmer/Moore,  prior to their administration being consigned to history by Bolger.

Then I nearly choked on my weetbix when I read that the opposition spokesperson for flipflops might have made a sensible quote on the matter. I guess when the Union bosses get back to their offices from their uninterrupted Easter break he will have those ramblings flopped or flipped, with normal service to resume.

Blinglish standing in as Acting Prime Minister for the absent Mr Key,  was challenged by Hosking  how Simon viewed the debate on Easter Trading only to be told that the several attempts to make sensible change had floundered on the vote in parliament where God botherers conspiring with Union puppets have resisted any meaningful change.

It is a vain hope that anything sensible will emerge, so just as with the Flag, the status quo will be the outcome. Sort of Déjà vu all over again if you like.


Hands that are increasingly being stained with the blood of the innocent.

As the largely nominal Christian states of Europe struggle to contain the descending mantle of mayhem, violence and murder, often leading to the slaughter of innocent non combatants, political leaders of almost all of the target states with the assistance of a demonstrably incompetent MSM persist with their incomprehensible notion that it is not Islam to blame.

Over Easter in predominantly Muslim Pakistan, a few Christians gathered in a public park to join together for a picnic and to mark what is arguably the most important date of the Christian Calendar.
An alleged member of the religion of peace strapped on what is becoming the ultimate symbol of the ultra faithful, wandered into the gathering and detonated his 2016 garment, killing an estimated seventy, largely women and children. I say estimated as these murderous bastards are not content to just kill their targeted infidels they are seeking increasingly destructive devices that leave investigators an almost impossible task of any accurate body count.
Another "lone Wolf" I am guessing.

In Scotland a well regarded Muslim store operator was killed after posting Easter greetings to his customers on Facebook and on his shop windows.

The recent bombings and thwarted efforts in the European Capital Brussels that are  linked to the Paris killings earlier, have authorities using Water cannons to dissuade demonstrators protesting the outcomes of Islamic terror in what was a once peaceful and beautiful city, thousands of our forefathers died to deliver from German conquest twice in the twentieth century.

Yet it is only a handful of leaders, elected and pretenders of the so called Free World who raise their voice in anything resembling condemnation of Islam. Ask yourself how many mass killings would those once proud independent nations be confronting if the clerics and all too often Islamic states were not intent on spreading their disgusting and locked in the dark ages religious fervour to the old Christian world.

Does anybody know of an instance where a head honcho of an outpost fort of Islam dedicated Friday prayers to a call for an ending of the slaughter of innocent non Muslims as a first step in the modernisation of the beliefs that have been unchanged since the murderous prophet declared them to be the truth nearly one and a half millennia ago.
I use the descriptive "fort" as that is what a Mosque is in reality.

When will a  Churchill,  a De Gaulle, a Eduard Benes or a Kurt Schuschnigg awaken to the true threat that is facing European democracy, conquest.

Monday, March 28, 2016


One suspects Republicans experience the same feelings of shock horror that Labour does when it looks at the polls.

Real Clear Politics averages five national polls (Fox News/ Bloomberg/Quinnipaic/CNN-ORC/USA Today-Suffock) to assess the relative strengths of the Presidential contenders.  It measures each of the three Republican candidates (Trump, Cruz and Kasich) against the two Democrat contenders (Clinton and Sanders).

This is how it panned out as at 22 March ....

Trump vs Clinton - Clinton by 11.5 points.   None of the polls picked Trump.

Trump vs Sanders - Sanders by 17.5 points.  None of the polls picked Trump.

Cruz vs Clinton - Clinton by 2.9 points.   Three polls picked Clinton, one went for Cruz and there was one tied.

Cruz vs Sanders - Sanders by 8.4 points.   None of the polls picked Cruz.

Kasich vs Clinton - Kasich by 6.5 points.   None of the polls picked Clinton.

Kasich vs Sanders - Sanders by 1 point.   Three polls picked Sanders while two went for Kasich.

Of particular interest to me is that back on 4 December both Trump and Clinton were in a virtual tie.   By 1 March Clinton had opened up a 3 point lead but since then it's been all downhill for Trump who now sits at 38.8% to Clinton's 50.3%.

My conclusions.

The Republican Party at war with itself is starting to hurt both Trump and Cruz.

If it's Trump vs Clinton then it's 'no contest' (forget about Hillary being indicted ... not going to happen anytime soon).

Clinton is vulnerable to both Cruz and Kasich and particularly Kasich.

Sanders won't be his Party nominee but, if he were, he would be President.

Not rocket science and, as I said in an earlier post, fascinating the changing dynamic.   Of course a week in politics is a long time and both Trump and Clinton are weak.


If someone should collapse in your presence there is a reasonable chance they have had a cardiac arrest.

If they have any chance of recovery a fast intervention is needed.

To bring that intervention to bear is easy and within the abilities of every able bodied person.

Many public places where people gather will have visible or nearby a defibrillator that is idiot proof and if employed with reasonable alacrity will have a chance to recover the victim.

Unfortunately at a Bunnings store in Dunedin such a facility has fallen foul of ultra idiots and there is no longer the defibrillator that the staff purchased as management have ordered its removal, suggesting it be given to a community group.
Oh they offered to compensate the staff fund that funded the purchase, haha.
A spokeswoman  for Bunnings, a Ms Valerie Stanley said the Company had nothing to say.
Aint that stating the bleeding obvious.

There are many people who have an understanding of how to apply the equipment but even those untrained, with an ability to understand English will be prompted through the procedure without any knowledge of CPR as that procedure is only of value to maintain oxygenated blood flow to the brain and other organs until the Automated External Defibrillator, AED,  can be applied.
From the attachment of the two leads and letting the machine do its best that is it.
Of course a call to 111 is essential to facilitate the ongoing treatment and transport that will follow should the outcome be successful.

I understand that as an Australian Company, Bunnings may well be somewhat intellectually challenged but the mind boggling ignorance involved in the removal of a "defib" that cost the company nothing, from their premises is even in an Australian business environment, difficult to comprehend.

It would be an ideal opportunity for Karma to pay a visit and one of the morons at the top table be the victim dying on the floor of their shop being denied the one possible bit of help that might just save their idiot life.


The invincible Aussie arrogant T20 cricket team lost what was in effect a quarter final to hosts India this morning.

After what was to them a shock loss to little ole NZ in a second round match described as but a mishap.
Interviewed after beating Bangladesh,  James "The Finisher" Faulknor asserted,  they "Only had to win three games to win the World Cup".
Alas the first of those three was India and they came up short.

The arrogance is so embedded, the attitude to their minor and lesser cousins is exemplified regularly.
As when they came to Eden Park for a predictable victory during the limited overs WC (50 overs) 2015 and got their beans, only to see NZ off in the final in Melbourne a couple of weeks later.
 A lasting image of that game was  the shameless sledge delivered by the mongrel Brad Haddon to the NZ hero of the semis a few days earlier, Grant 'The Hairy Javelin' Elliot after he was dismissed, truly the Ugly Australian. Add in the fine attracting sledge from Saint Michael Clarke to Pom Jimmy Anderson in Brisbane  that the Aus quicks would break his f*^king arm.
Even outside the Players it is a natural with Sky Sports auto cue reader this morning reporting the Semis would be between India and The West Indies and ENGLAND and new zealand in dwindling audible tones. Omitting that NEW ZEALAND was the best performed team in either group with the best net run rate and maximum points.

Oh well expecting better from the children of convict stock is a reach I guess. Should the unthinkable occur I suppose any news about the Finals will be swamped by the latest drug scandal from the AFL, maybe arrest of an AFL great for booze sex or both, or some other world news in Geelong on a sport only they understand.

Meanwhile Kane's team under coach Mike Hesson will continue their quiet preparations, taking one game at a time while having the best fun they can. A revealing cameo of how serious The team take themselves was on the Box last night when in a slip of the tongue, so embarrassing for ex captain Ross Taylor, who went a step too far in referring to the Finals when he meant the Semis.
 Like a little boy caught with his mit in the jelly bean jar, cute he was.

Go you good things I for one will enjoy it, despite the sleepless nights and tiredness, what ever happens.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Last Friday I went to an Odering's Nursery Café for morning coffee, as is customary for a bunch of Dental Nurses  who commenced study at the new Christchurch School for DNs back in the day.
Where those who brought irrational fear to thousands with no regard to the trauma inflicted, now  gather weekly just to keep in touch. A wonderful little event where any one of them world wide who might be in the Garden City and want to touch base can do so, spouses and current squeezes are also welcome.

Nursery sales were palpable  and apparently there were queues waiting for the opening of the doors a couple of hours earlier.

There was no surcharge at the Café and plants were at sale prices.

As we crossed the city from base camp, we did some rubber necking,  mall carparks were a bit reminiscent of scenes that appeared in the closing scenes of "On The Beach" back in the day or Sunday in the same times when the only place a naughty school boy could buy fags was a vending machine in Cathedral Square.

Lunch was a bit fraught on Friday with many of our fav ethnics choosing to close, most likely out of fear of some repercussions from breaking mammon's law even if in ignorance and knowing an alert by way of inquiry could trigger a response.

Saturday we had run out of easter eggs, hot cross buns, milk and cream for the fresh picked we went to The South City Mall and it was very similar to Dec 24th.
At the food hall, picked up a chineese for swmbo and an indian for moi, after being forced to queue, very unusual, then finding a couple of adjacent spare chairs at a table was a massive challenge.

Hello to all those who headed off to their bit of peace and tranquillity flying on my dosh,  the plebs were out and about doing what they all  probably wanted to  do the day before with nary a bible or a hymnal handy.
Easter might have a mystical attraction for a very small bunch of the around fifty percent nominal Christians who so stated at last census but for moi and a much larger bunch of likeminded,  having the purveyors of pleasure all gone quiet by government decree on Good Friday is no longer supported.
Oh sure I could get a bit of my daily meds from a liquor outlet by ordering  some tucker there but a quiet beer sans grub was a very serious hindrance to my activity wish list.

So the idiocy of Taupo being "normal" while Taihape is closed, Wanaka enjoying the now biennial Warbirds extravaganza with groceries  only available from a gas station while just over the Crown range,  Queenstown is "normal", continues, and little hiviz clad gestapo reminders scurrying around gathering evidence of infractions of a law well past its useby date is so last century.

The total gutless cop out of handing such matters to the "wisdom" of twobit  numpties who inhabit the rarified air of local government will only add to the confusion with decisions  depending on the religious or union whims of such retards and having zero regard for the many thousands who wish to contribute to the GST coffers of the IRD and just NIKE.

New Zealand in the twenty first century  no longer has a cognisance of the religious fervour that usurped a traditional northern hemisphere spring rite  celebration as a movable anniversary where a desert dwelling religious figure was put to death by Roman occupiers and the murder blamed on the Jewish religion is noted on an annual basis.
BTW that reminds me of a startling advertisement for a Nail Gun where a Jesus like figure is running from a Cross because the nails failed.

I do note though, the big cheese at Canterbury big house in Kent is suggesting  a fixed date be settled on so all the non Christians can plan a weekend of fishing, gardening, picnicking or sheer bloody minded idleness, and  can do so without looking up when Easter eggs will be in short supply on the interwebby.
The current model that has Easter anywhere over a month of Sundays depending when the first full moon after the equinox occurs does have problems and there is already enough confusion at that time of the year with Auntie Helen's Captains Pick as to when we can cease getting up in the bloody dark to milk the cow.

So lets have a framework where an owner can choose to trade, workers can choose to work for additional pay and days in lieu, and a much changed demographic of consumers can access such activity without a control freak government getting involved. Suggestions of a few days for "Family" have no merit as successive administrations have concertedly moved to destroy such historical nonsense anyway and Good Friday is isolated by a massively commercially active Saturday form Easter Sunday  and the rest of the Legend on Monday where sports dominate.
I am not advocating for compulsion for anyone but you just head off to a golf date John, with the greatest gun salesman who ever lived and get out of the way of entrepreneurial New Zealand Commerce who might want to serve those who do not choose to clog our highways and airports, or want to rush down to the latest dwindling congregation in their earthquake prone building to  pay and pray but just want to buy a few brassicas on a certain Friday and have a lie down the following day.


Quite easy really.   Clinton is damaged goods and a lot of Democrats realize that.    Take away her overwhelming support from black voters and she is like the Emperor without any clothes ... and it's not a pretty sight.

As I write this it looks as though Sanders is winning both the Washington State and Alaska caucuses.   This on top of his wins in New Hampshire, Colorado, Minesota, Oklahoma, Vermont, Kansas, Maine, Nebraska, Idaho, Utah and 'Democrats Abroad'.

Strip away from the Clinton total the so called 'Super Delegates' (Democrat Party apparatchiks) where she has a huge edge over Sanders (currently 469 to 29) and her lead over Sanders reduces to less than 300.  

Amazing really that Sanders, who, five months ago, wasn't even a Democrat and it's clear that white Democrat voters are turning away from Clinton in droves ... not because they necessarily approve of him as a self avowed democratic socialist (gueez, back in 1988 he honeymooned in the old USSR) but more that he is seen as 'clean' and running on an anti-establishment platform (as are Trump and Cruz) and also that Hillary is a real turn-off for them.

I still think Clinton will win the nomination.   The maths are against Sanders. The real question is whether she can unite the Democrat Party behind her.    The same applies to Trump and Cruz on the Red side.

The race to the White House is an interesting spectator sport.

Updated 9.45.   AP has just announced that Sanders has won in Hawaii.   Three is a row today.   Perhaps this will cause a re-think among the so called 'Super Delegates'.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Current New Zealand Flag
Silver Fern Flag

Closer than many thought in fact had those supporting a change had another week it could have approached a dead heat.

Too many used the whole process for political advantage and in the forefront of that would have to be the three minor parties who have without exception opposed the process.

A process that should have accompanied the massive alteration to our Privy Council links that were unceremoniously dumped by a megalomaniac NZLP led by Clark and her Minion Wilson with the legislative backing of the Melons and Labour without even announcing their plans, let alone campaign on them.
National went to the last election with a policy of changing the flag with a referendum.
John Key was the leader who won with that pledge to fulfil.
Little leader of the NZLP totally reversed a decades long policy to prevent Mr Key getting such a change to our history as any sort of win or legacy.
The Greens who have variously made extraordinary efforts to thwart progress for our nation with a succession of inane moves and cothingy with her bit of Jade, very quickly attempted to create a belief that the rejection of the slightly flawed process would be a strike against the PM. I suggest flawed as the body charged to select the four finalists, then were in the van of the stupid move to include the Colorado company's commercial logo as a fifth, were consulted over the makeup of the selection committee.
I take little comfort or pleasure that my desires scored a rather hollow victory with the retention of the flag I have lived under for my seventy five years  of its 115 years as our national symbol.
The blatant politicking that has so tarnished what was a very fair and open offering of people power is in a word disgusting, the three minor parties who are so desperate to reach the treasury benches have again demonstrated why an around consistent 50% of the NZ voting public continue to ignore their ever strident efforts.

Friday, March 25, 2016

And They Ran Out of Someone Else's Food

Absolutely priceless (hattip Instapundit)

Subtitle:     How The Left Couldn't Organise a Crap at a Sewerage Farm.

The organiser reports on a feminist picnic:

‘I brought a communal picnic hamper for us to all throw in the food we’d brought. I was expecting the usual picnic fare: sandwiches, crisps, a nice fruit salad, and so on – but no-one else brought a single thing. Not so much as a sausage. I was even more furious about my lot in life than usual. I ended up storming off and shame eating three Big Macs from the nearest McDonalds. I’m a vegetarian so it was particularly galling for me to have to do that.’


While gas stations sell fuel, shops in sheltered places trade without sanction, Oderings Nursaries will have inspectors out at penal rates garnering days in Lieu gathering evidence to again impose a levy on the days profits for no other reason the retail nursary sees a market.
There is no sanction for the kiwi gardener taking the season end opportunity to do things that need doing but an increasingly out of touch moronic Canute like impotent act.
Just get with the reality and gracefully give it away.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016


It would be naive to think that the Brussels terrorist bombings won't have some effect on both of these races.

Let's first deal with the race to the White House.   Readers of my meanderings will be in no doubt that I view Trump as a dangerous megalomaniac and Clinton as damaged goods who would have a great deal of difficulty 'lying' straight in bed.   America deserves better.  

But a feature of US election politics (and you might well argue the same for foreign policy too) is their penchant for promoting simple solutions to complex problems playing to the lowest common denominator helped by the fact that Americans are essentially an insular people, not well traveled and not worldly wise.  Less than 40% of Americans have passports; twenty years ago the figure was just 10% (compared with our own country which has a passport possession rate of 75%).  

In that context Trump's rhetoric ... 'we'll build a wall and the Mexicans will pay for it' or 'we'll ban all Muslims from entering the country' can and does resonate with his voting demographic comprising Republicans, Reagan Democrats, Independents and anyone who thinks 'Washington' is broken.  No matter that the Mexicans won't or that the US Supreme Court would strike down in a nanosecond any Executive Order banning Muslims as unconstitutional ... Trump is playing to his people telling them want they want to hear.

And so it is with the fallout from Brussels where we see Trump ratcheting up the rhetoric and refusing to rule out the use of nuclear weapons against ISIS.   That may well be a turn-off to moderate voters but I agree with Charles Krauthammer, the American Pulitzer Prize winning syndicated columnist, that there will likely be a net gain to Trump from the disillusioned and disaffected and those seeking seeking reassurance in a world where the dynamic has changed forever.

Brexit too.   The latest poll I have seen has the 'Out' vote just 4 points behind the 'In' campaign.    Here too and accepting the UK voting demographic is somewhat more sophisticated than their American cousins, there will be those who will see an exit from the EU as providing an opportunity for the UK to pull up the drawbridge and insulate themselves from the rest of Europe making it more difficult for terrorists to strike.  Might have worked 50 years ago.   2016 and it's a lot different.

I suspect both the Trump and Brexit campaigns will each benefit to a degree from the bombings based on ignorance, prejudice and fear.   Perhaps that's the reality of the world we live in ... sad.


Another dud judge makes a criminals day with a slap in the face for the long suffering public who pay his wages.

This piece of Tutae Kuri was so bad in so many ways.
Threatened the nation's biggest earner and employer with devastating damage to its reputation, its massive contribution to the NZ economy along with the lively-hoods of thousands of industrious , hardworking farmers and their employees.
Cast suspicion on a fairly significant  bunch of well intentioned if somewhat in the view of most, misguided, and in this matter entirely innocent anti 1080 advocates.
Made his cowardly moves via the NZ Post organisation in what was a serious involvement of that vulnerable group of workers who, had his powder been truly toxic, had their health and safety at risk.
He was the producer of the  toxin 'Feratox' that is in some degree a competing chemical to the cheap, safe, easy to apply through several delivery systems, 1080, that is far and a way the best control toxin for one of NZ Dairy's most expensive and treatable pests the Australian Possum that is the most significant vector for Bovine TB.
Worst of all directed his extortion threat to a most vulnerable and virtually powerless section of society. Parents of the very young who for whatever reason use infant formulae to nourish their very fragile, helpless and totally dependent babies.
Despicable is not strong enough Venning.

Jeremy Kerr was avaricious, manipulative, threatening, cowardly and one who, had his scheme been successful stood to gain considerable advantage from commercial success for his competing product.
Yet again a very "understanding" member of the  out of touch judiciary has delivered a slap in the face for their employers by sentencing the scrote to what will be less than three years in the pokey.
Such examples of our judiciary handing down sentences that appear to many to be manifestly unjust and by the stupid avoidance of the cumulative option means that the eight and a half years on two convictions where a maximum of fourteen years was available, where Justice Venning declined to include any minimum term, means Kerr who has undisclosed previous convictions will be out in around one third of the sentence, 34 months, and what are the odds he will become ill and get a further compassionate reduction.
Yes his wife died five years ago from cancer, he had other personal issues but at sixty years of age he should have sought alternative help and not have cost various funding streams the thirty seven MILLION dollars estimated for his little bit of greed.
In evidence it was claimed he already received over one hundred thousand dollars a year in royalties from sales of Feratox.

Why does  "Manifestly Unjust" come to mind, 34 months for a crime that cost New Zealand taxpayers 37 million dollars.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


 and the bollocks emanating all too often from threatened motor camp operators is answered to a degree.

"Many of the 10 submissions, 61 signatories to a petition, and 14 campground operators were opposed to the designated camping ground site at Collins Memorial Reserve in Koromiko."
Note a quick google search has "Jasons" listing seven, half that number of Motor camps when Marlborough Sounds is the parameter, dropping the "Sounds" leaves all of Marlborough with 13 motorcamps listed in 'Jasons', one shy of the 14 protesting and that includes two in Kaikoura some 150 kms south of Koromiko

In short Campground operators who offer  certified self contained Movans nothing they need other than a place to park want local and central government to force all movans to park in their very variable property offerings for sometimes grossly inflated charges.

Freedom campers stay longer and spend more.

MBIE manager for sector trends has released some  pertinent facts they have gleaned from spend figures gathered on freedom campers in this country.
Compare what Ellis reveals with the lets say Chinese or Korean tourist who buy return airfares in their homeland, often travel in NZ on a China or Korean owned tour bus, arrive in AKL immediately fly to Rotorua, one night stay, fly to Queenstown for a second night then back to CHC by coach and off  home.
That is two nights in  package deal hotel rooms and two Air NZ flights, while the much maligned often European backpacker inspired freedom camper who spends weeks, even months here,  largely in the regions the "package tourist" will never see let alone drop any dosh in.
Many of these 'freedom campers" don't even hire an el cheapo van, they buy a suitable sleeper capable hatchback through a web site and sell it on the same site at the end of their travels for similar money. Meanwhile every day buying food, fuel, admission, alcohol, repairs and maintenance on the often aging vehicle and other goods and services.
My Motorhome association gathers considerable spend data around our travels and it claims a daily average spend of over $200 per day per member vehicle, and many of our members are tight or is that extremely careful and value conscious. Lets extrapolate the estimated spend figures we claim as a base and say multiply by 90 days and it could be a spend, almost all in the  regions,  of  fifteen/ twenty  thousand  dollars while the Asian short stay might reach a few thousand spent here and that could be a generous estimate.
Many tourist towns rely heavily on these itinerants as casual workers along with seasonal harvest operators and it is all accomplished without reference to anything other than a website and/or word of mouth.

Thankyou to Amanda Crop and Cathie Bell from "Stuff" for asking some questions and not relying on biased hand out rubbish from vested interests trying to get Government, both local and central to compensate them for their inability to compete in an open market by highlighting the depraved behaviour of a very small minority, a bunch of 'Bears' that includes itinerant kiwis also too lazy to seek out  a toilet.


While Aus PM Malcolm Turnbull scrambles to counter Tony Abbott's claim on Sky News a few days ago that the upcoming possible Double Dissolution  Federal Election would be fought by the Liberal Country Coalition largely on the policy mix of the Abbott Administration that Turnbull inherited comes a significant vote of confidence for possibly the biggest success Abbott delivered.

"Europe adopts the Abbott Doctrine on boarder security"


Remember Paul Keatings words: THE RECESSION WE HAD TO HAVE.  Bloody hell. Our stocks have crashed, we get 2% on any fixed deposits, our Super is stuffed.. Turnbull and Morrison are running round looking up their arses for things to tax/save for the upcoming budget. Woe on woe.

This recession is hitting everybody really hard.  Things couldnt be much worse:

Wives are having sex with their husbands because they can't afford batteries.

CEOs are now playing miniature golf.

Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen.

A stripper was killed when her audience showered her with rolls of
 pennies while she danced.

I saw a Mormon with only one wife.

If the bank returns your cheque marked ;Insufficient Funds' you call them and ask if they meant you or them.

McDonald's is selling the 1/4 ouncer.

Angelina Jolie adopted a child from America.

Parents in Toorak fired their nannies and learned their children's names.

My cousin had an exorcism but couldn't afford to pay for it, and they re-possessed her!

A truckload of Germans was caught sneaking into Syria

A picture is now only worth 200 words.

When Bill and Hillary travel together, they now have to share a room.

The Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas is now managed by Somali pirates.

And, finally...

I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc., I called the Suicide Hotline. I got a call centre in Pakistan, and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited, and asked if I could drive a truck.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


The superb job done by Sir Jerry Matapaere as our 20th Governor-General.   He and Lady Janine have carried out their duties with style and grace.   They deserve our thanks.

I first met Jerry back in 1979 when he was posted to 1 RNZIR in Singapore as a newly commissioned Second Lieutenant and we have kept in occasional touch ever since.   He was then and remains today quiet and thoughtful but there is real steel in his backbone.    Jerry commenced his military career as a Private and ended it holding the highest rank in the NZ Defence Force and then went on to higher office ... proof of Napoleon's maxim that there is indeed a Field Marshal's baton in every soldier's knapsack.

He will be remembered by me and I suspect many others as one of our better Governors-General.

I don't know overly much about Dame Patsy Reddy, announced today as Sir Jerry's replacement, but I think the system has it about right with the Prime Minister required to consult with the Leader of the Opposition before the appointment is confirmed.    I do not agree with those who would have it that Parliament should choose the appointee in some sort of beauty contest which could end up stalemated.

One thing I hold to strongly.   While I acknowledge the gene pool of potential Governors-General is limited and that the position is largely ceremonial it should NEVER be offered to anyone who has a demonstrated partisan political background.   I opposed the appointment of Keith Holyoake, Paul Reeves and Cath Tizard on that basis and trust that lesson has been well learned.   No matter the many attributes of say Helen Clark or John Key they should never be considered for appointment to that position anytime in the future.  

Monday, March 21, 2016

Worth Stealing

Unashamedly stolen from Steven Hayward at Powerline.




TV was running, Sunday late pm, could have been sky news or a sports channel.

Player takes a high ball immediately tackled by opposition player with a shoulder on the thigh and did I hear correct that the tackler would be "On Report for attacking the Legs". By the announcers voice it appeared to be a league match in Aus.

Cripes I thought a tackle around the legs was the best option surely or did I "mishear"?

Sorry for the sketchy info but I was on other business.


The ever more moronic and inept little temporary leader of the "B" team is attempting to assist the big Pharmaceutical Companies to dismantle New Zealand's unique and much admired internationally, Government drug buying agency, Pharmac. Something he and his allies have railed about as they attempt to get some traction from their opposition to TPP.

The people charged with the protocols in Pharmac have an unenviable task and will sometimes be easily portrayed as heartless in their gyrations around funding new drugs that too often have an eyewatering price tag and with the limited resources available, leave others to suffer when alterations are made to the "schedules" of part and wholly funded drugs.

Back in the day pastoral farmers were almost bereft of viable remedies to cope with internal parasitic worms in the gut of increasingly vulnerable livestock as more intensive management systems were gaining momentum.
After many 'Dr Hook' remedies, many home made,  along came a drug, Phenothiazine, that was almost without compare.
It came as a liquid or a large bolus and was very effective but had a propensity to cause serious staining of wool from spillage and urine.
Then Merk Sharpe and Dohme produced Thiabendazole, equally effective if not more so, without any wool stain but accompanied by a serious step up in costs.
The old "costs of research and development" meme was trotted out and was accepted by many as reasonable until some years later when I had become involved inside the stock and station industry and blundered into a staff room meeting of merchandise reps being primed by a regional sales rep of a company releasing a latest wonder drug to be marketed to farmers. The merch agents were being schooled in what was a seemingly disproportionate cost that was going to probably create a backlash from their clients and they would need to be prepared to meet it. Put simply the drug company had spent considerable resources in establishing the highest cost that could be charged using cost benefit, safety, ease of use, longevity and effectiveness, the hoary old chestnut of escalating costs of R & D was only to be employed as a backstop to come when all else had failed and fear of no more new drugs could be used to combat the inevitable resistance  problems. That lesson dismantled any residual acceptance that high drug costs were actual costs, yes naivety expired that day for me.
Pricing had moved to "what the market could meet".

National made a grievous error when they politicised 'Herceptin' and the moronic Little Claytons leader has made the very same error in spades over Keytruda.

On the periphery of my social circle there is a young person with advanced melanoma, married with a couple of little ones facing life without a parent.
This pt has spent  savings, had fundraisers on  behalf, including a 'give a little' to access Keytruda and it has worked.
Last spring was told by oncologist to put affairs in order with a prognosis said pt would not make Christmas.
Chest cavity invaded with tumor growth that was impeding breathing.

Keytruda was accessed in late spring and now after a series of  treatments at the cost of $9 000 to cleared in the suppliers bank before issue of drugs every three weeks has that Pt miraculously symptom free although I have very sketchy evidence of prognosis and equally little evidence of current actual Pt condition but we are well clear of the Xmas date with destiny and on what I understand as current status, any such date is not an issue for now.
 That Pt has funding for another year and a half and I am sorry but I have no knowledge as to what the situation will be then, either prognosis, cure or hope, as I said the Pt is three social steps from my immediate association .

Sunday program last night alluded to the manipulations of big Pharma over supply of the treatment for Hepatitis C and how the drug barons are permitting drug creation in third world countries where their assessed cost structures will be meaningless in the prevailing poverty of say Bangladesh.

Anecdotal evidence of drug barons seeking out "victims" and advising on ways to lobby, bring pressure to bear and innovative ways to raise the funds to pay the costs of lifesaving drugs were bad enough until the now not so secret dinner for The Little Man with several big pharma leaders was revealed as a background to his sudden rising to expert status as a consultant to Pharmac.
The mountain of unknown background knowledge on matters of alternative treatments and the true effectiveness of Keytruda are what Pharmac must consider in their job, A job  that I and most others would not want to go near, yet apparently the "B" team will not be impeded.

Find another vehicle Little Wonder to reach tonights infotainment hour, as getting into the emotionally charged and too often disgusting manipulations of Big Pharma as they pursue their macabre goals of misery money should be beneath even your crass and cringeworthey abilities.


  For gods sake Paula were you ever a little bit pregnant?

Either the scribblings on John Webb's little vans that 'bears' hire to travel from woods to woods are a matter for Tranzit on the grounds of distraction or they are a matter around free speech.

Any one who finds offence, from the designed to attract notice witterings on 'Wicked Bearcans", is really looking to find somethimg they could so easily avoid by just not seeking it out.

There is a massive leap required to relate the edgy scribblings with truly offensive obscene statements.
I for one am really offended by Mother in Law jokes as my M I L was a really great person and until the day she passed always greeted me as someone she was really pleased to see, therefore  I find the inanity that so many employ in denigrating the person who spawned the woman they married, offensive.

Even should Tranzit intervene, where will they stop, there is so much signage on vehicles today, then there is the entirely confusing policy where a roadside sign erected on land adjacent to a State Highway suddenly becomes of zero risk of distraction upon payment of a "fee".

Next it could well be "Tui Billboards as I am certain they cause serious "Offense" to those lampooned.

From my position you could be far more use  as my employer to seek ways of preventing the hire of all such backpacker vans that allow bears to travel sans any onboard toilet and grey water retention systems and that includes all vehicles including hatchbacks where the hirer could simply prohibit use for camping, in their hire agreement.

You were never a little bit pregnant Paula,  there is either free speech or there is government decree as to what is permissible and does not fall foul of existing legislation.
Get off the soapbox and leave nanny state to the other side of the house.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


I have previously blogged about the Waitangi Tribunal pushing the boundaries in agreeing to hear claims totally outside its mandate encouraged by rapacious lawyers who can see an end to their gravy train now that the end is in sight for the resolution of land grievance claims.

Wai 2500 (the Maori Veteran's Kaupapa Inquiry) is such a claim.   It takes a degree of courage to stand up and call out your own for the abuse of process where embellishment, distortion, misrepresentation and downright lies are being paraded as the truth in an attempt to have the Tribunal recommend that the taxpayer cough up millions to right supposed wrongs.

And so all power to two of my Maori Vietnam veteran colleagues, Sir Wira Gardiner (V4 Coy) and Ross Himona (V1 Coy) with their initiative in seeking a face-to-face meeting with Chief Judge Wilson Issac, Chair of the Waitangi Tribunal, to alert him to the fact that many of the submissions need to be treated with a great deal of caution.    Both had distinguished military careers with Wira, a past Director of the Tribunal, having particular standing and specialist knowledge, but Ross too has long been a respected advocate for Maoridom.  

The reality is that Tribunal does not have the institutional knowledge to separate fact from fiction and so it is encouraging that individual Maori are prepared to stand up and point to the abuse of process.    That is true leadership and they stand as kaumatua to be respected for doing the right thing.

Well done those men.


We already know the nice Mr Little was a Union lawyer before distinguishing himself by failing to win the previous rock solid Labour seat of New Plymouth, not once but twice.  Now we can add economic illiteracy to his long list of non-accomplishments.

His musings that Labour could legislate to force banks to lower their interest rates has created some angst among his Parliamentary colleagues as evidence, yet again, of his propensity to make policy on the hoof and is proof positive (if any futher proof were needed) that he is out of his depth in understanding how bank's work.   If he did he would know that banks have to factor in 'risk' (reflect if you will on the fall-out from the dairy price payout) as well as the Reserve Bank requirement to hold more capital.   In addition, the uncertainty on global financial markets have pushed up wholesale funding costs which they rely on.

I prefer the view of David Tripe, the Director of Massey University's Centre for Banking Studies who said 'the decision not to pass on the full cut was a reflection of the upward pressure the banks were feeling in their funding costs'.   Without the cut banks may have had to increase their rates putting more pressure on borrowers.   In other words, a cut in the OCR does not automatically reduce the banks' cost of funds.

Clearly Mr Little hankers back to the days of when we had a 'command' economy.  Didn't work then (remember the wage/price freeze and the aftermath), except in the mind of Winston Peters, and won't work now.    Simple solution is to shop around.   Banks do deals based on your risk profile.

It's been a bad week for Little.   Explaining is loosing and he's had to do a lot of explaining to do and the pressure is showing through.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Yesterday, India ... today, Oz ... tomorrow, the World?

Well done the Black Caps.   Nuff said

Friday, March 18, 2016


The Trump phenomenon continues and there is no doubt his candidature is creating (big) waves among the Republican Party establishment.    All the talk right now is directed towards a 'brokered' Convention assuming Trump falls short of the 50% plus 1 delegate needed to clinch the nomination.

That has still to play out but from where I sit I think it would be risky politics to deny Trump his due if he were only a handful of delegates short with his nearest challenger some 300-400 delegates behind that (although it's not helpful for Trump to be musing on the possibility of riot were this to happen).  Nevertheless, 'thems the rules' and there have been brokered Conventions before with perhaps the most notable one being in 1932 when FDR became the Democratic Party nominee.

Not sure all the loose talk about a Trump victory leading to disaffected Republicans coalescing around a third party candidate will come to anything.   The simple reality is that such a move would guarantee Clinton the Presidency and, with that in mind, I'm not sure when push comes to shove too many Republicans will be prepared to take that step.   What you might well see is establishment Republicans sitting out the election.

The flip side of that argument is that Trump has managed to pull together an eclectic grouping of previously independent voters, 'Blue Dog' Democrat voters and hitherto non-voters bound together by common cause that Washington is broke and that the answer doesn't lie in business as usual.   The turnout in the Republican contests is impressive and far ahead of that of the Democrats.

If Trump is the candidate I see two possible outcomes.   He wins or he loses (acknowledgement to trite).     He could win building on the Washington is broke and needs fixing argument allied with the widespread mistrust of Clinton (the latest ABC poll has her level of trust among Democrat voters at just 36%) but he could just as easily loose in Goldwater proportions where at the 1964 election the Republicans were trashed winning just six States and 52 electoral votes to the Democrats 486 votes.

Interesting times. 

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, March 17, 2016


There is currently an increasing level of concern in relation to battery powered quadcopters and aviation safety.

Recently had one used to create marketing pictures and video of a property, and it was extremely cost appropriate and user friendly.
Once in the air it was very difficult to see where it was and even harder to hear it but in results  it was outstanding.

I understand using such a device to film an ongoing news worthy event such as the recent fire on Highway 7a with a number of monsoon equipped choppers and possibly a fire ground controller in the air with somewhat reduced visibility is a potential hazard for pilots.
On suggestions of snooping or other surveillance we have a body of law that is available.
However to suggest adoption of a blanket controlling bylaw by any local body when a majority of  the devices are toys with no ability to produce images is just plain nonsense, flying a bloody kite  if you will.
Sure CAA will need to be aware of such developing technology and I am sure they are but for sub humans who have managed to get elected to a local authority becoming  involved is sheer bloody mindedness and more evidence of the disconnect they too often reveal.
Far too many equate the quad copter  toys and small unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, with Drones that have a military capability when weaponised.

To talk about a three working day turnaround for a consent to use an UAV within a Local authority boundary, as a response to concerns of invasion of privacy, noise nuisance or any other of the mindless nonsense is only further proof of incompetence.

First it was tramps and vagrants,  door to door sales,  various inspectors, not forgetting low flying air craft, helicopters, CCTV cameras, street beggars, demonstrators, buskers, there are many and varied  activities that can impinge on ones island of personal space.

First world problems!


andrew little labour leader
Photo stolen from whaleoil.

This morning the numpty pictured above revealed again how his body is wired similar to an Argentine or  Italian Tank, ie more reverse gears than forwards.

" Labour leader Andrew Little says ethnic restaurants should be employing New Zealand Indians and Chinese chefs instead of bringing in staff from overseas."

That was yesterday, this morning on Hosking Breakfast he vainly attempted to deny that is what he said.

Now for free, Mr Little in every way, when you choose to lie and obfuscate it is essential that you keep to the script as once you alter the original it quickly becomes apparent how dodgy it was and still is.
Explaining is losing.

The only ethnic food that might be passably created by those who dwell on the job seeker benefit in New Zealand, might be a Hangi but it is almost certain that those amongst them who could create edible food of any quality would be a very small minority.

We discovered a little treasure a couple of weeks ago in Sydenham when we stumbled on a Thai Restaurant with wonderful food, priced to value with service to be envied.
To think for one minute that such quality could be produced plated and served by  a representative of those who are the majority of the five percent that measure the base line of the  employable  is not just dreaming it is a flaming night mare.


OK, I'll admit to not being a great League fan ... too much run and bash for my liking.   Nevertheless I can watch and appreciate the NRL and acknowledge the game has a special place in the hearts of thousands of fans in what aficionados trumpet as 'the greatest game of all'.

But when Graham Lowe, who has been there and done that in the game, calls out the Warriors for having a 'Bro' culture he deserves to be listened to.   Far more so than the League establishment and the Warrior's coach Andrew McFadden whose team has lost twelve out of their last twelve games.    The reality is that in any other franchise in the NRL a coach with his record would be long gone.

The 'hype' that surrounds the Warriors is counter productive. The media commentators, led by Stephen McIvor and including some past icons in the sport, refuse to tell it how it is.   Their enthusiasm for the game prevents them from critically analyzing the myriad of faults in the Warriors both in personnel and performance.   Clearly some players believe the hype over the necessity to do the hard yards.    'She'll be right on the day rules OK'   It shows.

Forget the trumpeting around the signing of Tuivase-Shek and Isaac Luke.   Right now the Warriors are a team of individuals and are playing like that.   Something is wrong and, if they lose on Saturday to the Storm, heads must role.

p.s.   There has to be a sub-plot to the dumping of Simon Mannering as skipper of the Warriors.   He gave it all for the team ... they did not reciprocate and it appears he has been made the scapegoat.  Another example perhaps of a Club failing to acknowledge inconvenient truths ... sad.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Wonder, I Wonder........

How's this for a conspiracy theory?

Donald Trump has been inserted into the GOP primaries by none other than his old mate Bill Clinton.

Think that's far fetched?

Think again.

Trump goes back a long way with the Clintons.  Until recently he was a registered Democrat and contributed substantially to the Democrats and to Clinton.  I haven't seen any evidence of his financial support for the Republicans before his entry into the race.

Bill will have calculated that Trump's ascension will result in a low Republican turnout which  in turn will ensure Hillary wins no matter what her many faults and flaws may be.

God Help America.

Now For Something Different

Now and again Adolf looks up the online TV guide to see if there are any decent movies during the day.   Considerable amusement is to be found.  I refer to the story lines for some of the recently made junk movies.  Here's a real snorter, made for the brain addled daughters of methamphetamine addicts who themselves now are single mothers on Disability Pension.

"Norah wants to prove to her friend Tris that she's capable of having a boyfriend. So at a concert, she grabs the first guy she sees, Nick, and asks him to pretend they're dating -- but it turns out that Nick is Tris's ex. Despite the fact that they started off as a fauxmance, Nick and Norah's relationship turns real as they traipse through Manhattan, sharing their love of music and all things weird. (Michael Cera, Alexis Dziena, Kat Dennings)"

If you want to watch this literary gem, just go to Channel 9.


Some say good old Kel,  most just tell the truth.

Crim cuddler extraordinaire who burst into  national prominence when he delivered Te Tai Tokerou  from the grasp of the treacherous Fat Finn/Kraut overstayer  and his far left rabble in the last general election  but has since descended into a mishmash of what he erroneously sees as populism attractive to Labour voters.
Kelvin Davis promised so much when he handed Hadfield  his beans, even touted as a possible future leader of the still floundering remnants of the once proud NZLP.

Just when his increasing naivety seemed to have nowhere else to advance with his totally  inept and mistaken support for a bunch of New Zealand citizens who, having reached a level of criminality in Australia, were deemed to be only worthy of repatriation back here by those currently ruling the Lucky Country, Good ole Boy Kel has now pretended all other New Zealanders are ignorant of the real world.

TVONE news has commissioned an online survey that sets out to measure  Kiwiness for respondents.

One of the questions read, "Maori should not receive any special treatment ?"
The total idiot has demanded the survey remove that question on the grounds such a premise does not exist!
Excuse me, this from a man who sits in our parliament representing one of six racially based seats reserved for a special people, who participates in the legislative allocation of millions of dollars to special people, holds to his Maori bloodline as a ticket to status as a special person yet who dares to claim that the survey has a racist question within the whole raft of such information seeking on  matters central  to how we see ourselves.

Geeze Kel,  get yourself to Spec Savers,  what you see is so far removed from reality, oh and while you are about it get a hearing test as well as it is clear you don't listen that great either.

Btw my result has me as a "Patriot" with other options including "Globalist" as a least likely,  something I am happy about.

As an example of the crass stupidity and meaningless garbage around who or what is a Maori, I have a small admission to reveal.
In the 19911 census in a moment of annoyance I placed a line through the section on ethnicity and wrote under the struck out lines, the following, "I am a native born New Zealander".
Well having been born of forebears from Scottish homelands some clearly "victims of the clearances",  who variously arrived here in the latter half of the nineteenth century, one, my paternal grandfather  born in Clyde Side thereby giving my Dad a British Passport, there is a very slim chance I carry any of Kel's 'special people'  bloodlines but I was rather surprised when the Late Sir Paul Reeves and a bunch of his troughing mates made repeated attempts to assist me to find my whakapapa, Hapu, Iwi etc.
A list of some 88 options included some with fishing rights, some with residual claims for such advantage and a few with no bloody fish at all.
My dearest friend and partner was somewhat disturbed at my being self reclassified and asked that I correct my position  but I only did so some sixteen years later in the census of 2006.
So as a once fair haired  blue eyed lad it was fascinating to think of how simple it was to become one of the special people but that has not diminished my abhorrence of such racial classification rubbish.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


The farce that is the Waitangi Tribunal continues.   I accept the Tribunal has a role in recommending settlement of land grievances.   That process has largely concluded except for Ngapuhi who would have difficulty trying to organize a piss up in a brewery.

But as that process winds down 'vested interests' have found new ways to prolong the life of the Tribunal and (by extension) their 'gravy train'.   Three separate claims being the Military Veterans Kaupapa Inquiry; the TPPA  Inquiry and now the Inquiry into the Corrections Department are simply an abuse of process.

For c*********s, submissions into the Military Veterans Kaupapa Inquiry here in the North are being co-ordinated by a supposed Maori veteran who claims he flew fighter jets out of Terendak Garrison in Malaya (somewhat difficult as the dirt runway was only rated for Twin Pioneer ac) before going on to fly jets in Vietnam for the USAF.   The TPPA is an agreement between sovereign countries and, last time I looked, Maoridom ain't a sovereign country (except for Ngati Kahu which claims it is) and will be endorsed (or otherwise) on its merits by Parliament representing all New Zealanders.   As for the inquiry into Corrections and the fact that Maori are over-represented in prison statistics and I would have thought it was pretty obvious that the best way for Maori to get their numbers down was to stop bloody well offending.   When the Hone Harawiras of this world point the finger they forget that in doing so three other fingers are pointed back straight at them.    Case at point ... you would have been appalled at the TV coverage last night of four/five clearly Maori teenagers, one carrying a baby, trying to rob the Redhill Superette in Papakura.    Their actions are NOT the fault of society.   Their actions are theirs alone and there are consequences and should they be found guilty and sent to prison then sobeit.    Likewise the 'gentleman' at the center of the police shooting drama. Not about race .. all about criminals who need to be put away.

The only good news is that Government is not bound by the Tribunal's decisions and neither it should be.   The better news would be that if Parliament decided that the Tribunal's mandate was over.   I say Parliament because Government could not do that by fiat.  Problem is that there are too many vested interests in Parliament too for that to happen.   The reality of MMP.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Your Next Labour Prime Minister.

In about twenty years the illiterate fishmonger who wrote this junk may well be your next Labour PM.

"Dear Mark Weldon, Mediaworks chief executive
I usually start with some kind of pithy greeting, but I barely know where to begin. What subject line should I even use,  RE: your destruction of TV3?
And yet that’s exactly what I want to say – I feel like I have watched you singlehandedly destroy a brand that I, and many other Kiwis had a great affinity for, and I am not sure why."

Adolf isn't sure either, why she had any affinity for it.


Last weekend Paihia/Russell/Opua was overrun by 'bikies' from all over NZL and beyond when the Harley-Davidson Club came together for their 2016 'Iron Run'.

With 2,000 registrants you couldn't move in town for bikes and bikies.    From an outsider perspective the participants appeared to be enjoying themselves helped by some really superb weather.    Certainly the bars and restaurants were packed to capacity and beyond and there would have to be some very happy 'mine hosts' come the time to count the takings.

No behavioral problems so, credit where credit is due.   Well done the 'Club'.
Understand next year and it's Queenstown.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


This is the photograph of some sick 'puppy' ensconced outside national Police Headquarters in Wellington with his take on the shooting of four policemen in the BoP on Wednesday.

One hopes consideration is being given to charging him under s174 of the Crimes Act - incites, counsels or attempts to procure a person to commit murder.

Ten years in the slammer as provided for under the Act should see him and us about right.

I'm sure the Media Party will come to his aid defending his action.


This from the North Korean KNCA News Agency in response to the annual US/South Korean military exercises now underway on the east coast of South Korea .....

'The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK holding tightly the arms to annihilate the enemies with towering hatred for them are waiting for a dignified Supreme Command to issue an order for a preemptive (nuclear?) strike for justice'.

At the same time it is reported that the North Koreans have been searching for one of its submarines gone missing off its east coast.

North Korea is so unpredictable and so volatile that anything could happen.   I suspect it's only China that's holding them back.    Without China the DPRK is nothing.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


For C*********s will someone at Auckland Airport sort out their ATC delays.   Monday night circled for 30 minutes before landing in what was supposed to be a 35 minute flight from BoI.   Coming back from Blenheim yesterday PM and another 15 minutes spent looking at Raglan from 9,000' ... yeah, I know they are resurfacing the runway but how about 10.00 pm to 6.00 am for that?     

Congrats to Air NZ Koru ... now serving Johnnie Walker Black as the choice of Whisky in the Auckland  lounge.   

All It Needs Is a Press Release

I see some highly intelligent person in the U S has refused to pass her groceries through the check out on account of "I don't want any damned lasers near my food!"  She read out the bar codes and the check out chick had to punch in the codes

What a marvelous opportunity this presents for the leafy suburb, inner city dwelling, shit stirring nutters of NZ.

Just pop dawn to your local Greens Party HQ and get them to send out a press release.  The Herald will print it with front age shock horror headlines.  Don't forget to include the bit about 'overseas studies have shown,,,,,,'

Of course, were I an inner city supermarket owner. I would immediately open a 'laser free' check out lane.  With a twenty percent surcharge.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Fridays Fulminations

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I'll kick off by observing the milk solids payout is now to be $3.90.  This is what it was in 1985.

The difference then was that farm finance rates were running at between 15% and 22%.

Unreported farm suicides were prolific.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dumb Commenter

Last night I saw a comment from some lunatic called Burgers.  It and he were removed.

Burgers let fly with a load of personal abuse against another commenter.  He made three cardinal errors.

1.   He named the commenter who was the subject of his abuse.

2.   He picked on a person who happens to be personally known by Adolf.

3    He told the target of his affection to 'fuck off.'

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Only one person around here gets to tell other people to 'fuck off' and it ain't no hairy arsed commenter.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


"Maria Sharapova didn't read the email" but  took a vaso dilator medication  prescribed by a Doctor from East Germany ten years ago and  taken it ever since.
A drug that is only made in Latvia and is not approved for use in the USA and many other nations!

"was it a performance enhancer" gee who wuddda thunk that.

Not an elite athlete but I ask a Dr whenever a med is prescribed what it will do and what are the side effects?
Poor wee lamb might have to stop squealing and grunting at tennis tournaments, I am gutted not.

Suck it up bitch, you took performance enhancing drugs and you have been busted, end of story.
I hope they make an example of her, a life ban would be a good starting point.

Good riddance and don't let the door hit your arse on the way out,  then again that could elicit a  justified squeal.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Trump Stalls

Sanity appears to be prevailing amongst Republican voters.

Cruz had some excellent wins in todays primaries.  The gap is closing.  Only 33% of Republicans are voting for Trump.

My pick now is that the Republican rules committee will announce that candidates who have dropped out may direct their delegates to the remaining candidate of their choice and Rubio and Kasich will back Cruz.

Cruz. can beat Clinton but Trump is unelectable.

If Clinton defeats Cruz, so be it.  More fool America. Much better for the party than putting up a shyster and fraudster.


I'm in Wellington and Blenheim through until the end of next week and won't be blogging.

Leaving it in the capable hands of Adolf, GD, PM, Nick K and PDM to inform and entertain.

Friday, March 4, 2016


French Farm foreshore from The Press/Stuff
Freedom campers at French Farm on Banks Peninsula pack into a section of foreshore beside a 70kmh road.
The old overwhelmed Public toilet Block is situated out of shot to the right of the road and behind the photographer

I am what is referred to as a freedom camper, perhaps we need to find a new title for our genre or at least for the considerable  numbers who are members of the NZ Motor Caravan Association.

As freedom  campers, under a standard developed by the NZMCA, members spent in most cases serious dosh to achieve what became described as leave only wheel marks and take only memories as a minimal impact activity.
Certified Self Containment involves a vehicle with its installed toilet, all waste water generated to be contained for discharge at facilities the association developed often  in co-operation with local authorities, both "black water"- body waste, and "Grey water"- ablution and dish/clothes washing and rinsing, enabled to be discharged without spillage and in a sanitary method. Dump stations as they are called are sometimes situated in supermarket car parks as a co-operative scenario to allow associated purchase of daily grocery needs when dumping waste. One stop if you will.
The standard includes basic minimums of litter containment for later disposal, safety equipment availability, plumbing to a similar to domestic house system standards and quality, freshwater storage to have a lesser capacity to grey water storage to exclude spillage, a discharge hose and controlled release point to prevent spillage, all really just sensible, hygienic and practical.

The scene above is nothing even remotely similar.
That scene indicates a practice that our association finds appalling as litter, toilet waste and ablution all rely on some form of public facility and in the mind of a S C vehicle owner it has a distinct  back packer mode as compared to a motor camp operation  or the S C  we strive to promote. Some of the larger and more responsible camper van hire providers have embraced self containment with their vans meeting the NZMCA criteria and proudly displaying our sticker as evidence.

In the case above at French Farm foreshore toileting relies on an older concrete block public facility served by a basic 'septic tank system'. When the site was included in the NZMCA "travel directory" members only deposited contents of portaloo cartridges on an emergency basis, it was a 10/15 km drive to a  local body public "dump station" at the Duvauchelle Motor Camp. French Farm locals welcomed the overnighters who were of little impact and brought a measure of interesting mutual enjoyment of what is a quite beautiful bit of "The Peninsula".

Then the "Bears" (we all know where they Sh*t don't we) who rent station wagons and people movers from Wicked Campers, Budget Vans, Easy, and other operators with no thought of anything resembling self containment included, to cater for basically self drive "hitch-hikers" discovered NZ  and now a serious problem exists with the public toilet septic tank  overwhelmed leading to sewerage being spilt direct to the Harbour.
Oh sure there might or might not be a porta potty included in budget hire offerings but it would be rapidly buried under clothing bedding and cooking equipment and therefore effectively unavailable. Some extreme  cases the cassette bearing  a bond, refundable if said facility was returned unused.
A standing joke among NZMCA members had those self contained toilets consisting of a folding shovel!

Clearly the concept of Freedom Camping has morphed into a much less attractive and disgusting use of public land by a segment of the tribe.
The first hints that things were degenerating came with problems in areas around Lakes District, Central Otago  and the Coromandel Peninsula.
Solutions have proved very difficult to discover and police. 
My first personal confrontation of the worst aspects of the problem came with a comfort stop for our dogs at a layby near the Hope River Bridge on SH 7 after earlier departing from the Hanmer Springs NZMCA PoP on the old road approach to the 7a bridge over the Hanmer River, only to be forced to abandon any thought of the Furkids being given a riverside walk with poop bag to hand when it was apparent that just placing a foot on the ground while avoiding human excrement and loo paper was very unlikely.

 A first step solution could be a legislative move to institute a minimum standard of mobile home for hire including making camping in vehicles set up for travel an offense if insufficiency is apparent, as opposed of course to  "pulling over to rest when tired", too  easily offered as a defence.

Those who make leaving only wheel marks a minimum impact are as appalled as the increasing and justified chorus expressing disgust at what is happening and that brings greater pressure on the NZMCA to expand its private property facilities across the nation that are steadily growing but too often coming up against rather churlish and unnecessary protests from  nymbyism, sometimes arbitrary and often officious intransigence from Tranzit and widespread  ignorance of what the association actually spends considerable time and resources to accomplish.

Calls for our members to be confined to "motor camps" comes up against two major 'not going to happens'.
We generally don't wish to be packed cheek to cheek with other campers and second we have no need for the facilities that come with a per night tariff that can exceed $50 a night yet we are more than content to contribute $6 pn to use our Park over Properties both association owned and controlled and private providers that deliver a reasonably level area behind a gate. The forty odd dollar difference only seems a waste of money and an expensive impost for no  benefit.
To all those who call us "bludgers", that is arrant nonsense as  almost all members of the NZMCA are still paying rates on our homes and obtaining zero benefit from our base local authority while on the road.
It is the same with web access, the Telcos still being paid their dosh while we hire internet via a mobile device or piggy back on public free wifi offerings.

The average spend by Movanners is calculated at  over $200 per day and while that may not equal flying up the pointy end of a plane or staying in a hotel and eating at the Hiltons restaurant, with in excess of 30 000 members, admittedly not all  on road at the same time and many who only travel spasmodically.
Lets say 20%  are out there that could be some serious money being spent across the country in food fuel,   entertainment and access on a daily basis.

Just as blunt instrument enforcement is seeing a road toll stubbornly rising, knee jerk reactions to  disgusting behaviour by some who choose to travel our roads in mobile homes will not be altered by superficial banning and other attempts to prevent lawful and compliant enjoyment of our open spaces by responsible true "freedom campers".
Acres of farmland are converted to campsites on the Coromandel every year at summer holiday times and I am unaware of the problems that the "bears"  bring daily to some tourist hot spots with that rather special unique NZ traditional activity that happens on an annual here today gone in a month spectacular along Coromandel roadside paddocks.

These are the musings of an ordinary member of the NZMCA and in no way attempt to portray the policies and rulings of that body or with any official approval.


I have made it very clear in previous posts that I do not support Donald Trump.   Nevertheless I acknowledge that both he and Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders have tapped into the deep resentment among ordinary voters as to the way 'Washington' does its business.

Were Trump to win the Republican nomination and then the Presidency then he will have done it fair and square (as much as things are done fair and square in US politics.   He will be the Commander in Chief.

It ill behooves someone like former CIA Director Michael Hayden to suggest here that it is a 'legitimate possibility' that the US military could refuse to obey orders by Trump were he to decide to make good on certain of his campaign promises.

Nothing legitimate about that.   It's a recipe for anarchy.   Members of the military can disagree with orders but, should they choose to do so, their only course of action is to resign.   Refusal by itself is mutiny and mutiny is anarchy.

Stupid for Hayden to speculate on that.   It raises the stakes to a whole new level
in a campaign where rhetoric over substance rules OK.    Stupid and sad.

Till Death Do Them Part?

I see the Auckland tabloid is still featuring articles by John Armstrong on its website.

I enjoyed very much reading what this man had to say but he RETIRED FIVE MONTHS AGO.

Is the Herald paying him a daily fee for the use of his work?

Will the ridiculous rag continue to use his work after he dies?

No wonder locals call the damned thing 'Pravda.'

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Thursday, March 3, 2016


Martin D Crowe, 'Hogan', New Zealand cricket's finest Batsman yields to Lymphona after a fight that mirrored his batting. Death had to wait.

A player who was always thinking, often outside the square.
His ploy to open the bowling in a world cup series with spinner Dipak Patel was inspired and successful

An awesome record with the bat, a more than useful change bowler delivering medium paced deliveries until his knees let him down, and a popular inspiring  successful skipper.

Many great memories Hogan, rest easy, and if there is a Cricket Club to welcome you I warrant Bradman, Benaud, Greig, and many others will welcome you to their company,  you were right up there with all of them.


Phil Goff must have thought all his Christmases had come at once with the news that John Palino was entering the race for the Auckland mayoralty ensuring the centre/right vote would now be split three ways and virtually guaranteeing Goff's election as Len Brown's successor.  

Don't know what's in the water in Jaffaland but the inability of the centre/right to decide on a single candidate is a tragedy.    Egos and personalities clearly trumps the greater good and that has to be sad for Auckland.

The one hope remaining is that the centre/right will win a majority on the Council and caucus together to prevent Phil from doing what's in his DNA ... spending ratepayer's money on soft, feel good, projects.    Not certain this will happen however ... some of the present bunch of centre/right Councillors (so called) have shown themselves as 'soft cocks' prepared to buckle when push comes to shove.

Let's hope the electorate remembers who they are.


A service club owns a mid size marquee as a community amenity and project fund raiser.

City council requires a building consent for each erection,  some money, around $400, raised for charity is syphoned off as a tax each time . ( No inspections for years)
Where Marquee was in past times, erected as a service club contributory donation to another fund raising effort at no charge now has the permit fee imposed.

Service club has a facilitator who deals with the drones at city hall.

Club runs an annual event on public park  (another  mugging for  charity monies, groundrent  fee imposed ) as a fund raiser where Marquee is erected adjacent to public toilets.

Facilitator applies for permit for 2016 event,
Drone emails Facilitator asking what provision club has for toilets,
F replies pointing out council owned and maintained, public, open 24/7 ablution block right there only meters away, 
D emails asking how many bogs,
F replies he doesn't know and is not about to visit the female unit to investigate and any way D has access to that info somewhere a lot more accessible than F can access by driving to venue to count them, 
exchange ends with eventual silence from Drone.
Permit issued.
Money raised to assist needy and worthwhile causes eroded to assist City hall to pay drone.