Sunday, January 31, 2016


The (Clive) Palmer United Party burst upon the political scene in Australia last election winning one seat in the House (Palmer) and three seats in the Senate (Lazarus, Lambie and Dio Wang) where they exerted a certain political force.   Palmer marketed himself a bit like Donald Trump ... a maverick with money to burn.

Since then the PUP has imploded, much like its predecessor, Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party.    Lazarus ( rugby league great) and Lambie (all I want for Xmas is a man with heaps of cash, a [big] package between his legs and I don't need him to speak) have quit the Party to sit as independents.   That leaves the PUP as a gang of two; Palmer in the House and Wang in the Senate.

Palmer himself is in a heap of trouble with his Queensland Nickel refinery in Townsville going tits up and laying off 237 workers.    Despite all this the company managed to donate $5.9m to the PUP last financial year.

Clearly though Palmer retains a certain sense of humor with the news that he has designated Wang as the PUP Whip in the Senate.   Just why he feels the need for Wang to indulge in self-flagellation quite beats me and perhaps Wang too.


Any person with a passing awareness of the real world instinctively knows that free is not free it is only that someone else funded it.
Any give away will be taken up with alacrity by many more who do not need it than those who do have a need and would otherwise miss out.
Many recipients of a free product have absolutely no idea of its real value, they don't need to know do they.

Little Angry Andy Little, the current, albeit getting more temporary with each day that passes leader of the largest opposition party, has today announced three free years of study for anyone who wants it.
No addressing a perceived need or skill shortage, every New Zealand citizen will at any time after leaving high school until they die will have an entitlement to study any subject for three years without fees.

I am into my eighth decade so I wonder what I could squander scarce resources on by way of a meaningless three years at a place of higher learning.

Recently invested in hearing aids at considerable cost totally unsubsidised by the local health board or ACC and during consultations with a delightful young lady we discussed how many of my peers have been given such technological assistance at zero cost, and the expensive equipment languishes in a drawer along with the endless supply of free batteries.
Aforementioned consultant said there had been a major revamp under the current government with part charges that had significantly reduced the mindless waste and that was a good thing.

Such restraint removed by  ending any part charge announced today will see young people in their thousands hunting for jobs with a social, political, bone carving, nannying,  arts or other useless qualification on their bedroom wall wondering why they are not being swamped with job offers bringing untold riches.

Hello youth of 2017 as you consider rewarding such idiocy as a vote for the muppets who cannot even agree whether the TPP is going to reward those who will be forced to pay for your freeby, just ask your Dad, Mum or Uncle who are being squeezed to finance such lunacy if they think your free bit of parchment is an answer.
Chances are they will feel they are being smashed by such  lunacy, your meaningless and free qualification has many already with such useless bits of paper flipping burgers and filling shopping bags at New World.

This latest bribery will do absolutely nothing to relieve the considerable skill shortages in the vital areas of the economy and any way a prospective student can already access such freebies at Tim's Southland Polytech.

Never mind it is only another billion as the Irish dropkick said to state TV autocue readers.


Easy, try watching the Wellington 7s and the Black Caps vs Pakis ODI at the same time.

Enjoyed Japan rolling France this morning.  Not enjoying our bowlers being dealt to by 'them'.  


Operating as I am  certain they do, under the Tenets and proven theories  published by Charles Darwin, how long before the accumulated educational achievements of the current Labour MPs bristling with PhDs and other documented efforts of higher learning bring the blindingly obvious to bear, that McCartin, Andrew Little and the Trade Union puppet masters have it so wrong.

A decade of KDS, perpetrated by a succession of under estimating Labour leaders, a procession of 'manufactured' crisis that only proved them monumentally in error with the passage of time, and now following the Marxist inspired rent-a mob philosophies over trade, have presented the 2016 image of a once Great Political force in NZ politics as a figure of fun, pathos and derision.

The street interviews on state TV infotainment hour last night with marchers, gave an insight  to the almost bereft of understanding as to what many of the vastly overstated numbers were marching for.
One particular moron who clearly had syphoned too many petrol tanks claimed it was because "he" had raised Gas prices. For gawds sake gas prices are at historic lows in how many years.
Oh and BTW 'John Keys' had absolutely nothing to do with the Barrel price of crude oil currently ruling.

I do not think Lemmings can be expected to overcome the mob flight to the cliff any time soon but surely as those who for whatever reason don't actually succeed in leaping to their death, survive and breed subsequent generations of "Lemmings", surely the moronic practice will eventually be consigned to the mists of time.

Sometimes in moments of distraction I have onset emotions of pity for Nigel Haworth but then I recall he is of academic stock and that affliction has an inordinate ability to cloud common sense, then the moment passes very quickly.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


New Zealand lives and dies by trade and, up until last Monday, there was bi-partisan agreement between National and Labour in support of free trade summed up best by Helen Clark when she said last year that New Zealand could not afford to be left out of the TPPA.

So, if we look at those who oppose the signing of the TPPA and, apart from the loony tunes on the far right and far left of the political spectrum (those on the Right who believe the agreement is manifestation of the mythical 'One World Government' and, on the Left, assorted anarchists aided and abetted by the likes of the Bomber Bradburys, Sue Bradfords, John Mintos and Hone Harawiras of this world who believe in 'direct action' read violence against people and property), they are an eclectic mixture comprising those who see it as expedient to put politics ahead of country (the Labour Party B team);  those 'little islanders' who would have it that New Zealand can pull up the drawbridge and isolate itself from the rest of the world while indulging in a modicum of xenophobia (Winston First/Greens); sundry assorted academics for whom trade is an academic exercise rather than a reality (Kelsey et al) and the unthinking, unwashed, led by the nose and by the mantra that anything John Key/National does is, by definition, bad and must be opposed.

A dispirit lot who collectively make Luddites look like intelligent people.

Tell you something for nothing.   You don't hear a peep out of manufacturers (you know, the ones that Labour/Greens/NZ First said were in crisis), exporters and farmers against the TPPA.  They are the wealth creators, they know the value of free trade.   They are the people worth listening to.

p.s.   To Andrew Little.   Noting your pledge to renegotiate the TPPA to include the right for NZL to legislate out the sale of land to foreigners and does that extend to the China FTA (negotiated by Labour/NZ First) ... surely you have to be consistent or, if not, your pledge is just meaningless clap trap ... just askin.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Could You Possibly Make Ths Up?

hattip Tim Blair

The Australian Labour Party's flagship new 'children's policy.'

Nothing further needs be said!


Memo to John Key ... tell me it's true the word that you have invited Helen Clark, Mike Moore, Phil Goff and David Shearer to the TPPA signing ceremony. If you have, brilliant. If you haven't, do it.

Nuff said.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016


Photo / Scott Fletcher
McLean Park Napier Friday January 28th.

No Smoking! oh yes high fire risk eh

Methinks there could be some water under those covers.
Also could be a bit slippy on the grassy knoll

Best get the Budgie Smugglers out pdm.

ps has the drought broken my spies say yes for now.


The story so far ... Selwyn Clarke, 88 yo ratbag Maori activist and 'war' veteran had his War Disability Pension cut off after a warrant was issued for his arrest following his failure to attend Court on charges relating to the illegal occupation by Ngati Kahu of the Kaitaia Airport in September last year.   The occupation saw the abandonment of scheduled passenger service flights as well as medical flights into and out of the Far North.

Clarke claimed his 'kaupapa' did not allow him to recognise the authority of the Courts.     He received backing from Winston Peters who called for the reinstatement of his pension saying that the law under which he was arrested was highly questionable.

Let's deal with that claim first of all.   Peters is supposed to be a lawyer.   He should know the place to test the law is in the Courts and just why he would choose to go into bat for a serial protester who by his own admission has no respect for the law quite beggars belief.

But, as they say, there's more.   Clarke claims to have served with 28 Maori Battalion.   There are five Clarke's listed on the Battalion nominal roll ... none of them Selwyn Clarke and all dead.    Further, there are seven Karaka's (Maori for Clarke) listed ... none of them with the forenames Haki Herewini (Clarke's Maori forenames) and again, all dead.  

There is however evidence that he enlisted late in the war sailing to the Middle-East with the 15th Reinforcements.    That would have seen him on-board a ship when VE Day was announced.  The 15th Reinforcements landed in Egypt, were processed through to Italy to join the Division in time for them to be sent home. The only 'action' they saw would have been in Cairo or in some Italian Taverna.

The water gets muddier.   Clarke also claims he served as a Military Policeman and that would have seen him a member of the Divisional Provost Company and not 28 Battalion. I am inclined to believe this as my sources from within Maoridom tell me that Clarke was shunned by members of 28 Battalion when he tried to gatecrash on their gatherings.

But it gets better.   Clarke would have it that he first enlisted (at age 13 or 15 ... changing story) under an assumed name (not revealed) where he served with 28 Battalion in the western desert in the 1941-43 campaign.  He claims one of his tasks was to escort prisoners through minefields and further, that his platoon commander (unnamed) shot prisoners and that this continually haunts him.   Now clearly Clarke is not the sharpest knife in the drawer or else he would have realized that he was admitting to being an accessory to a war crime as defined in the London Charter (the Nuremburg Laws) of 1945.

If the story is correct then Clarke may get to know more about arrest warrants.   There is no statute of limitations for war crimes.

If the story is incorrect then Clarke has bought dishonor to 28 Battalion and to an unnamed officer, now dead, with false allegations of war crimes.

So, there it is, Selwyn Clarke, either and by his own admission an accessory to a war crime (the murder of POWs) or a liar about his service with 28 Battalion.
Whatever, he has no credibility at all and Winston Peters has made a huge mistake in aligning himself with him.

Perhaps the last word to my very good and well connected informant in the Far North who told me that Peters regularly sought his comment on local stories before going public.   On this occasion he didn't and if he had would have been told not to go near Clarke with a barge pole.    Clearly the lure of a headline was too much for Peters.   He will regret at leisure his cuddling up to a Maori activist who has no respect for the law and is either a war criminal or a liar to boot.


When the Key decision makes decided to stage the, lets face it, symbolic TPP signing at Sky City,  has it been revealed as a strategic blunder.

Had they conveyed the delegates to Qtown or The Hermitage and exposed them to some visions of modern productive wealth creating scenes of  New Zealand c2016 as opposed to a bunch of smelly hippies, assorted rentamob layabouts, the odd rates defaulter and some overweight Maori that will be grossly exaggerated as to actual numbers and relevance by an increasingly inaccurate and inept MSM outside a gambling venue.
Would that have been a better backdrop for such a monumental step forward to the aspirational prosperity that the aforementioned Key decision makers promote endlessly.

Just asking.


The NZ Herald reports that the guests coming to  Sky City to sign the TPP documents will be denied the now apparently normal degrading sensual assault by a bunch of overweight part Maoris either stamping, eye rolling and tongue poking or swinging bits on string all  performed by sweaty fattys.

Ngati Whatua Iwi have announced they will not offer the totally inappropriate if somewhat now customary funded performance that is merely cringe worthy to so many of us.

Hallelujah,  but I am assuming it is only  because the gate crashers  have a better offer on the table or are not back from holidays after all it is happening on February 4th.
The 21st century guests  not being subjected to a stoneage throwback charade as they make a truly modern step to a better world through an enhanced trade and commercial treaty that consigns otherwise outdated rules and mores to the dustbin of history is a best bit of news for some time.

As if the sight of another part Maori yelling at the Prime Minister at another anachronistic waste of time at a little village in South Wanganui or is that North Manawatu, was not sufficiently misinformed and downright inappropriate, further evidence of the ignorance and misunderstanding  being fostered by Neanderthals is hardly required.

Great decision Ngati Whatua even if made in error  from a heightened sense of relevance.

Enlightened NZ dodged that one.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Old enough to have observed seasons that had many hallmarks of El Nino for many seasons before El Nino became the named one, this season is just so very different.

Predictions of a drought, wind and cooler temperatures that mark an El Nino visit to Canterbury have foundered on the rocks of reality.

Up until New Years, yes it had many of the traits of another visit from "the little one", no,  not Angry Andy,  but in the summer of January 2016 that little one needs to be the subject of a missing person report.

The first absolute, things were different was revealed by my three pear trees.
My late Mum's birthday was September 23rd coinciding with the spring equinox and the old pear tree beside the track to the 'chookhouse' back in the day, would always be in magnificent full bloom.
September 2015 here in paradise the normally compliant pear trees were in a defiant mood and there was nary a bloom until October was well established some two weeks later.

The Vege garden is almost disaster proportions with the Pumpkins very reluctant to bloom, the first cucumber flower appeared today, tomatoes have green foliage and masses of flowers but fruit, well shall we concede that a very small production run of green tomato relish is just about a go.
How hurtful to have Homepaddock skiting about going to her vegetable garden hundreds of Kilometers to the South of here and selecting a ripe fresh sweet tomato for lunch last week.

A concluding bit of evidence comes with a Pohutukawa that only flowered for a first time  two years ago and behaved impeccably last year,  this year waited a full month to agree that Christmas could be upon us.

We wont mention the Christmas Lilies who waited until the eve of that day to celebrate rather than the first efforts at least two weeks earlier in preceding years.

Taken two days ago January 24th. Still many buds to break and show off.

Jolly Good Show

Some old goat has had his water cut off because he thumbed his nose at the cops and the judiciary.

Is that a member of the Harawira crime family hovering close by?

Mr Clarke, 89, was reduced to begging at the Kaitaia market at the weekend after his veteran's pension and disability allowance were stopped on November 23 because he did not respond to a warrant for his arrest over a trespass charge arising from a protest occupation of Kaitaia Airport last September.

There should be much more of this treatment meted out to ne'er do wells who allow themselves to be encouraged by ratbags like Margaret Mutu.


Lake Station

Not sure who is the current Manager as the part owner and previous manager sadly died late last year,  he was  well respected and accepted as a good man by his peers in the high country.

Perhaps part owner and current Chief Justice of NZ could have some relevant additional information.

As to the degree of problems that swimming in the water with the cattle might bring, I would be less concerned with those dangers than should I have been employed to clean up the disgusting mess left when the Occupy Aotea Square was ended with needless, syringes, and god knows what other threats to health and well being present.

I have suffered seriously from a bovine carried disease, leptospirosis, contracted from urine from a dead beast being processed.

The greatest danger from the water of Lake Taylor as my colleague  Vet alluded to in a comment on my post yesterday, would be hypothermia.

I am hoping that those who have been occupying the DOC camp nearby allegedly including the muppet who took the pic, have not cast any offensive matter when enjoying the many walks in the Lake Sumner Forest Park, then again a shovel never features in photos of moronic trampers enjoying the high country, A benefit  that will all disappear under a  dense cover of gorse, blackberry and wilding pines anyway now that the guardians ie lease holders have been removed from the equation.

RIP Ted Phipps.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Perhaps Messrs Key, Peters, Dunne, Shaw, Seymour and the Gucci sheila will care to enlighten me as to what draws them to Ratana Pa each year to attend the celebrations honoring the birthday of a Maori Sect leader whose influence on mainstream NZL life has been next to negligible.

I mean it's not as if they turn up enmass at the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul or St Patrick's Cathedral in Auckland or First Church in Dunedin or whatever on Christmas Day to acknowledge the birthday of JC so, what gives ....?

No political gain either.   In 1936 the Church pledged its allegiance to the Labour Party in return for Labour agreeing to stand members of the church in the then four Maori seats.   That alliance has remained in force through to the present day. 10% of Labour's caucus are members of the Sect.

This is not the time to comment in any substantial way on he abuse of trust that has characterized Labour's treatment of their Maori MPs although Dame Tariana Turia (herself a Ratana Member) probably had it about right in describing it as patronising and treating them as voting cannon fodder.    Still, if that's how Ratana wants it then more fool them.

But why the rest of the political establishment continues to go along with the charade sure beats the hell outa me.


Today, as Adolf was driving home from Adelaide, a couple of pretentious wankeresses were conversing on ABC Radio.   One of them remarked upon how lucky she was to have parents who both were artistical.

Adolf wonders if this is a new twist on Gay marriage or perhaps the poor girl was trying to say they were 'artistic.'


Adolf has made no secret of his support for ousted Liberal PM Tony Abbott and his disdain for the oleaginous pretender Malcolm Turnbull.  Abbott was and is pretty much a straight shooter while Turnbull is a mealy mouth word twister who would be more at home in the Labor Party.  By way of example, nobody seriously imagines Turnbull would have had the courage to stop the boats.

So it is with relief I read today Tony Abbott is not to quit politics but will stand for his seat of Warringah at the forthcoming Federal election.  If Turnbull has any brains (I don't think he has) he will bring Abbott back into cabinet and make him Foreign Minister which is the area in which he had his greatest successes when PM.  However, if Turnbull fails to rehabilitate Abbott then he too will face serious divisions and eventual revolt from within the party.


Lake Sumner.

Not many of us have been there, possibly most would not even know where it is.

Plenty of us have an image that fresh water in this bountiful country is under serious threat due to the massive growth in irrigation.

The East coast of the South Island has gazillions of acres of flat to rolling arable land that has for ever suffered summer dry that inhibits productive activity.

Three areas, Marlborough, Canterbury between the Waiau and the Waimakariri or maybe that should read the Rakaia  and North Otago have serious times of water insufficiency from the rivers that cross the opportunity land and therefore irrigation has constraints.

Travelling on SH 1 there are a regular crossings of rivers that in a dry summer can appear clearly challenged for flows even to some that actually have no visible flow, eg the Selwyn at Dunsandal.
The Conway, the Ure (Waima), The Kowhai and the Kahautra at Kaikoura, The Ashley, The Waipara are just a few that have a SH1 bridge that seems to be a massive over capacity for the mid summer flows that are in some years disappear completely below the shingle bed.

As a child the Pahau a tributary of the Hurunui  became a  series of ponds growing algae and slime,  an even smaller creek a couple of kilometres south was very appropriately named "Dry Creek".
With the advent of the Amuri Plains irrigation scheme in the 1970s, the last major border dyke effort with serious subsidies, transformed those two water ways  into robust flowing streams.
As more efficient distribution systems replace the "wild flooding of border dykes where the areas near the head race were over watered to achieve a bare minimum at the nether ends, supplementation of ground water from irrigation is manifesting in significantly reducing  visible flows in both the Pahau and the now quaintly misnamed Dry Creek.

Amongst those of us who see green grass as infinitely more pleasing to the eye, never more starkly obvious when travelling through the McKenzie Basin where vast areas that in my youth carried a handsome sward of thriving tussock but following depredations from rabbits was turned into a depressing scene of hyracium and  stunted briar, have been transformed into highly productive pasture land using a small proportion of the vast water storage of the upper Waitaki hydro scheme, see storage as a huge resource to benefit our nation.

Damming is not a viable option for the braided river systems that prevail in the East coast due to massive shingle movements that are part and parcel but there exist options to augment low summer flows with control dams in head waters as demonstrated by the Opua dam near Fairlie

The Hurunui is a true alpine river as are the Waiau, Waimakariri, Rakaia, Rangatata and the significantly modified Waitaki but with a major difference where the head waters of the North branch has a series of natural lakes, formed  I assume from seismic events. The biggest of these is Sumner with a surface area of 3000 acres and a flood range of levels that varies by over two meters.
A proposal to weir the outlet to hold the spring level at high flood level had a storage capacity of 26 million cumecs which would provide 26 days of minimum flow at 15 cumecs but of course it would only need a fraction of that as there is already a minimum base flow that needs augmentation
 A further supplementary storage could be formed on the South Branch to capture the winter rains of vast areas of foothill country with limited gravel flows.

Sounds simple and with the undoubted demonstrated benefits to farms, fish, communities and flows from the Opua scheme albeit somewhat challenged last year as a first in was it twenty years, the question is why not.

Well you see there was an immediate protest from a very small coterie of melons who selfishly see the bits of NZ that only very few can or wish to access as theirs as of right, immediately made an inappropriate fuss and the  major beneficiary by squillions, Ngai tahu withdrew their support.
Ngai tahu is the mob of bludgers and tax avoiders who inherited the 25 thousand acres that the depression era Balmoral Forest grew on and have proposals to turn that considerable area into pasture for more Dairy Cows.
Living as they do in their entitled world, the tribal leadership believe they will get priority for whatever water they desire so on that basis decided to support an economically stupid scheme to create a lake on the little Hurunui tributary, The Waitohi.
No one has been able to provide any logical argument as to why drowning many acres of downland when a high country lake would do the storage thing, makes any sense.

At present the Special people and the Melons are in the ascendant and until next time sense breaks out, Lake Sumner will remain the wasted resource it clearly is.
That could well be next time the planets align and that is a very long time away.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


West Auckland Lawyer and long time embedded  member of the NZLP who has had his fingers in many of the stale pies that the once great voice of the workers  have tried to sell to an increasingly educated and smart NZ voting public, leaving only a trail of failures, has finally worked out that John Key is a massive problem for his tribe back on the Reservation.

The man who came home from a seriously successful career overseas, was head hunted to become the MP for newly created seat of Helensville,  tossing the MP with a chunk from the  demolished Waitakere seat,  bitter to the point he stood as an independent,  to political oblivion  in the 2002 General election.
That was when the NZ public discovered John Key.

That was but a first underestimation of John Key by someone who should have worked it out.
Elevated to a senior finance role in opposition Key then replaced Brash as National leader in 2006 and two years later overcame the formidable Helen Clark who had employed some very dodgy tactics to foil Don Brash in 2005, to become NZ's 38th Prime Minister.

All through the entire 15 years that John Key has stood as the nemesis of the NZLP easily trumping the various machinations of the socialists in concert, and on current polling has another General Election target firmly in his sights for 2017 only a bit over one year away.

Almost without exception every socialist pretender and sycophant supporter of the increasingly bereft of ideas NZLP have predicated all their efforts on a loose collection of ploys with the aptly named Key Derangement Syndrome at the centre of planning.

Is it the Game Changer that team red have been seeking that Mr Presland who posts as Micky Savage  at Lyn's echo chamber has finally got the fact that the NZ voters have a differing opinion of the worth of John Key to that of the scores of believers in the divine right of NZ labour to be the natural party of government.
As if the pretentiousness of Presland to adopt a mantle he is IMHO total undeserving of  is not revealing of a suspected case of narcissism or at least a gross over self assessment of ability, taking  a decade and a half to work out something that has been fact reveals a deleterious disconnect from reality.

As if Presland's comment at The Standard was not sufficiently sad, sprinkled with gems including This is really upsetting to the university educated analytical left, Us on the left despair about Key, I agree that Key is a formidable opponent,  the subsequent further comments  were a veritable passage through the black humour that exists in team red.  However it might appear that the realisation has permeated and now things might move towards a rebuild  if Presland's thinking should be replicated. He is after all a person near the centre of NZLP tactics and was a very involved, financially and tactically with the Silent T disaster that leant very heavily on KDS principles
But the lingering KDS, a still bound to fail search for the mythical "missing million", demonising of persons such as Pagani and lauding of Sanders in the US and Corbyn in The UK are indicative of the next moves then it could be a very long haul.

If they are answers then the questions asked are incredibly dumb.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Dear Sir ... I had an interesting TV watching experience the other night.   It was a two-and-a-half-hour long programme made up of a series of off-repeated seven-minute-long commercials, rudely interrupted by scenes from something called Downton Abbey.

By the end of it I wasn't sure if Mr Carson had finally bought some funeral cover or if Lady Edith had succumbed to the irresistible appeal of the buy-one-get-one-free coffeemaker or the 'but wait, there's more' dream pillow so she could get four for the price of one and give them to the servants as a New Year present.

It was billed 'the finale'.   I call it the last straw.

RS (Hamilton)

Nuff said.

Friday, January 22, 2016


Four ferals  having stolen fuel by driving off, commenced a speed runaway from East of Alex, through Cromwell, through the Kaiwara Gorge did a loop towards Arrowtown then headed to Qtown only to be stopped by a mob of sheep blocking the road.

With one deflated tire from a partial failure of road spikes how embarrassing to be caught out by a mob of sheep, the added irony being the sheep being moved on the road belonged to a local policeman.


Judges are a protected species.   A District Court Judge receives a salary of $322,500 almost $20,000 more than that of the Deputy Prime Minister; enjoys a gold plated superannuation scheme and holds his/her warrant through until age 70 (and beyond in certain circumstances).     All that is right and proper.

But their protected status does not mean they are beyond criticism especially when they make a bad call.    And so it was that this week Judith Collins drew attention to the fact that Judge who granted bail to 35 year old Mathew Kidman, someone with a long criminal record, a history of absconding from custody and facing serious sexual charges, had done so against the advice of both the Department of Corrections and the Police.

Within hours of his release from custody Kidman cut off his monitoring bracelet and went 'bush' only to be recaptured several days later.  

Surely the fact that Kidman was a serial absconder should have sent warning signals to the Judge.     Bail is not an automatic right and, given his record and the nature of the charges against him, should have been refused.   That's what 99% of New Zealanders would expect to be the case.

Tony Bouchier, President of the Criminal Bar Association, went feral on Collins and accused her breaking the convention that parliamentarians do not criticize members of the judiciary.    Collins did not criticize the Judge.   She simply drew attention to the fact that as her two Departments had advised against bail they could not and should be faulted.    Nothing more and nothing less.   Bouchier is being precious.    One can only surmise the reasons for that.

Chris Moore, President of the Law Society offered a more balanced assessment when he noted that Collins was acting within Cabinet Manual guidelines as she was making an 'observation' rather than a 'criticism'.    Collins was further backed by several newspaper editorials.     By speaking out Collins has done us a service ...  bruised egos notwithstanding.


A published image of the "Bracelet" reveals a dog could chew it off.

FFS comfort is clearly the main criteria, get a smithy to build manacles and at least it would take a while to get them cut off with a real chance of a degree of accompanying pain.

The Image I viewed was a plastic strap so why would anyone think for one moment a convicted law breaker with zero respect for authority wont see a pair of nail scissors as an option.

Home detention might be a reasonable option for someone who has made a one off stupid transgression and is genuinely remorseful but many of the scrotes who get the get out of jail card and abscond. why is anyone surprised.

But He's An Important Person

Important persons think they don't have to pay their bills.

Bad luck, mate.


That was Tuesday in Halswell Junction road where Nelson Petroleum Distributors have a card only  retail outlet where they sell Mobil fuels.

First contact with these price choppers came when the new owners of the Shell brand, "Z" declined to continue the long standing partnership with Akaroa's sole gas station Akaroa Auto Center, Brian Little proprietor and NPD came to the rescue.
 Not only does the new arrangement deliver fuel at city prices of the four rapacious bastards outlets 80 kms away at the other end of Highway 75 but they also give a 10cents a litre off on production of the Gold Card.

And there is not a "Gull" site this side of Cooks Straight.

Oh and for those with limited knowledge of the situation the big four are nearly always 12 to 15 cents off the pace for diesel and lower grade petrol provided by the Good bastards at NPD, on Tuesday "Z" Carmen just up the road was over 90 cents for diesel.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016


I asked my friend's little daughter what she wanted to be when she grows up.
She said she wanted to be Prime Minister some day.
Both her parents, Labour supporters, were standing there,
so I asked her, "If  you were Prime Minister what would be the first thing you would do?"
She replied, "I'd give food and houses to all those poor people on benefits."
Her parents beamed, and said, "Welcome to the Labour Party!"
"What a wonderful idea!" I told her, and continued,
"But you don't have to wait until you're Prime Minister to do that.
You can come over to my place, mow the lawn, pull some weeds, sweep my deck and I'll pay you $20 an hour. Then I'll take you over to that homeless chap who hangs out in front of the local shop begging. You can give him the money to buy food."
She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked,
"Why doesn't the homeless man come over and do the work himself and you can just pay him the $20 an hour?"
I smiled and said, "Welcome to the National Party."
That was over two  years ago and the silence is deafening.

Why now, why today, well because tonight on state television infotainment hour, a supposed Pacifica in Ashvegas stated were no jobs in Mid Canterbury.
Of course the very shallow and dumb person masquerading as a journalist did not think to ask him why farmers across the burgeoning dairy region were struggling to find labour and were resorting to making the necessary arrangements to employ Philipinos, East Europeans and South Americans at considerable cost.
It is very probable that Mr PI and his extended family could find an employer to provide transport and offer work. Then again should the attitude  accompanying Mr PI be indicative of how things might progress, maybe the foreigners are the better bet.


The most pertinent and accurate comment on Browning's off the wall assessment of Glyphosate comes from the astute person who suggested that there was greater danger from driving to a park than exposure to areas around a park sprayed with "Roundup" employing "on label" conditions and recommendations.

As with any chemical most applicators are now very safety conscious and take sensible precautions in handling but to ban such a widely tested and assessed as safe product is as mind numbingly bizarre as is so much of the  opposition to 1080 use.

Of course prudent and reasonable practice should accompany use of chemicals for environmental protection.

Boiling Water, FFS how much carbon would that consume Stupid Browning, you sully the brand name of my semi auto five shot. Its efficacy is well proven and could endanger people, That is a fact.


Fact ... latest figures have it that there are an estimated 3.3m Muslims in the US including 15,000 serving in the armed forces.

The first documented Muslim in America was Antony Janszoon van Salee, a landowner of mixed Dutch-Moor descent, who settled in New Netherlands (modern New York) early in the 17th century.  Records from the American Revolutionary War show that Muslims Yusuf bin Ali and Bampett Muhamed fought on the 'rebels' side and indeed, the first country to recognise the United States as an independent nation was the Sultanate of Morocco under its ruler Mohommed  bin Abdullah in 1777.

The first Anglo-American to convert to Islam was the Mohammed Alexander Russell Webb (1846-1916).   Webb was a writer, publisher and, for a time, the American Consul in the Phillipines, appointed to the post by President Cleveland.

So much for the history lesson.   My point ... Muslims have a long and honorable tradition in America.

Chump is on really dangerous ground playing dog-whistle politics to the red-neck vote in demonizing Islam.    IS is to Islam what the Spanish Inquisition was to Christianity.   The 'Mad Mullahs' of Islam and Ferdinand 11 of Aragon and Isabella 1 of Castile have much in common.   Anyone who chooses/chose to question their interpretation of the faith is/was fair game.   Both stand condemned as perverting the essential tenets of their religion to suit their own narrow interests.

The reality is that in Chump being Chump with his pledge to ban all Muslims from entering America and he is sending a message to the US Muslim community that their religion is a second rate religion and that they, as Muslims, are not to be trusted.   That there is no such thing as a 'good' Muslim and there is no place for Muslims in US society. In doing so he is encouraging the radicalization of the disaffected and playing into the hands of IS.   Put simply, Chump is their most active recruiter and sadly, he's too far up himself to figure that out.

I guess if I were an American I would self-identify myself as a Republican leaning Independent.    The Democrats (except those of the Blue Dog variety) leave me cold. Hillary Clinton will be a disaster for America if she is elected. Donald Trump, even more so, cheered on by IS.    I could not vote for him.

p.s.   in the 2000 Presidential election nearly 80% of Muslim Americans supported George Bush over Al Gore.   By 2008 Barack Obama got between 67% and 90% of the Muslim vote depending on region.    One suspects that if Trump is the candidate that figure will reduce further.

p.p.s  opinion will be divided as to whether Sara Palin's endorsement of Trump represents a plus or minus to his campaign.    Fascinated to know John McCain's reaction is to the news.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Spark - Hastings Office Lack Of Customer Awareness

At Christmas my family brought me a new cellphone to replace my slowly dying 5 year old ($31) model which is used mainly to receive calls and with any calls I make charged to our household Spark account so I don't need to worry about having funds on the phone. In order to avoid the laborious process of transferring my contacts individually about an hour ago I bowled in to the Hastings Spark outlet to get them to do it for me - a service they have provided on more than one occasion for me over the last 15/20 years. This time no service whatsoever because I could not tell them where the phone was purchased - it was after all a gift - and they would therefore charge me for this previously free service. I left and will do it the laborious but tried and true way myself. What was the icing on my whole sorry experience was that the (about 20 year old) female assistant did not stop chewing gum the whole time she was talking to me. SPARK - you need to sort out your Hastings Store - the service is awful!! For your information I currently pay you a minimum of $120 a month for all of the services you provide my household - this is now under review.

Sibling Rivalry

Today an entertaining and clever comment was posted by Legbut's Brother:-

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vigorously object to this stain on our family name. Ever since Adolf the Demented, founder of Pillagers “R” Us, stormed ashore at Milford Haven in 700AD our family has had a long and honourable history of fighting Adolfs wherever we found them.

Our family crest flew at Hastings 1066 where we engaged Willie Conks right wing commanded by Adolf L’bizzarre a direct descendant of Adolf the Demented who in turn was the ancestor of Adolf Pickelhaube, known as “Flachkopf” to his men, in 1917 to whom we played many a jolly jape.
It was a mere 20 years later when we were forced to confront Adolf Schickelgruber, our sternest test yet and we were not found wanting.

For a member of my family to be deblogged for tweaking the nose of an Adolf is an insult beyond words and will not be taken lightly. You will be hearing from our Solicitor.

Lord Egbuts Brother

January 20, 2016 at 1:29 AM"

Clearly this chap got the lion's share of the  brains when they were dished out in the But family.

He is most welcome to comment further but if he is wise, he will heed his brother's errors and make sure to read the blog rules set out in Adolf's profile.


Get pinged for travelling on a straight road at 105 kph with a dry road , sober driver, no other vehicle in view, in good visibility and the law says you will pay the state money.

Set up outside a grand old business, the only one remaining in the CBD of Christchurch, claim a burglary of a camper van has left a tourist couple in dire straights, begging for money and apparently no-one in the constabulary bothers to ascertain if there might be a case of gaining pecuniary advantage by fraud.

The couple who have never made any contact with police to report the theft of everything they possessed, have been operating for nearly a month and been buying some rather unexpected items from a nearby convenience store, for people supposedly destitute.

IMHO spending a month on the street outside Ballantynes begging, indicates either mental illness or a serious attempt to get around earning income on a visitors visa.
If they were indeed victims of a criminal act am I unreasonable to be cynical plod has no record of a complaint .

American tourists who claim everything was stolen from their camper van have taken to begging on the street.

Is The Tide Turning? (Update)

Against Leftism, that is.

Certainly it appears to be turning in the United States where the electorate has had a gutsful of Leftism, Obama style, with its endemic mendacious lawlessness and divisiveness.  Donald Trump essentially is the 'antiObama' to whom people are flocking in their hundreds of thousands.  He has captured the mood of a nation totally fed up with political correctness in all its guises - affirmative action, 'hate' language, climate change, feminism, gender neutrality, antisemitism and on and on and on.

The UK and Europe are going through a similar metamorphosis, wherein Europe's awakening has been more abrupt that that of the US.    The sudden arrival of thousand of young male Muslims has shaken Europe to the core and, I suggest, may well end the political career of Frau Merkell.

Ordinary people ar not fools and across the western world have been asking for some time now "Why do these Leftists who champion gay rights, women's rights, free speech, freedom of religion etc also champion Islam which clearly regards the aforesaid causes as evil?"

So what of Australia and NZ?

I don't detect any change is attitudes yet.  To quote James Delingpole, "Australians handed in their testicles some time ago."   The fact that an avowed Leftist like Malcolm Turnbull could gain such a huge surge in popular support compared with Tony Abbot is testament to Mr Delingpole's accuracy.


No I don't think Donald Trump would be a good or useful president.

More Bad News For Labour

As Grant Robertson talks gibberish about jobs and his grandiose gathering of nonentities unde the banner of a 'Work Commission,' news comes in that employers arre gearing up for the biggest increase in new job offerings for seven years.

Hot on the heels of this news we read inflation is at it's lowest level since Phil Goff entered parliament.

I'm convinced Labour uses Hanna Barbera for its strategic and tactical advice.


Of course he's innocent until proven guilty, but I have to say that James Sanders, pillar of the Morman Church up here in Northland, standing trial and charged with 38 offences of sexual abuse against thirteen young girls, some as young as six, certainly came up with an interesting/novel defense in claiming that, in the school care center run by his wife, protocol had it that 'tickling' was allowed as long as it was not for sexual gratification.    Details here.

We will have to wait and see just how the logic of that argument plays out in Court but one might have thought that, in this day and age, such 'interaction' was fraught with danger.


So last at times during last April there was no police person on duty in Wanaka, Motueka and Kaitaia.

I have a little wager that there might just have been a road 'Tax' collector not too far away with police radio, probable cell phone coverage, operational and or an off duty officer also potentially available.

Meanwhile in the real world Mr Pin Striped Dwarf of St Marys Bay, how many days has the Far North had a resident, available Member Of Parliament on duty and available since the replacement of Mr Sabin created a massive re-allocation of national representation that threw the intended proportional representation into disarray preventing the promised and widely supported review of the Resource management Act.

Now back to the real world that the Plebs occupy, forget for a moment where the road patrols might have been, was there a police presence available in Cromwell just down the road from Wanaka, police resources in Nelson a short drive away, and we will not even think where a plod might be around Kaitaia.

There are many localities in this country that at almost all times do not have a representative of the constabulary just waiting for a crime spree to erupt and maybe, just maybe in April, things might be a bit quiet  on many days in many places.
Just because a union numpty has discovered a grand conspiracy  needing to be exposed for political purposes, it could be a good use of resources to not cover police resources taking time off from the sometimes massive imbalances that can occur with accumulated leave.

One thing is of greater concern to me Mr sometime regular Green Parrot attendee, some might view the anecdotally suggested  neglect perpetrated by an elected MP to be perhaps of equal if not greater moment.
Also the enforced abandonment of a long needed review of the very worst rorts available under the now seriously flawed RMA that you were able to prevent any changes to,  is a clear and present danger.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

On Banning

Commenter Legbut is complaining he has been banned from Adolf's blog without being told about it.

Like other trolls, he never bothered to read the house rules and launched into numerous insults and slights upon the chracter of his blog host.

"House Rules 1 Blog commenters who cast aspersions upon the character or intelligence of Adolf will find themselves ejected from No Minister"

Upon banning a pestilent commenter it is my habit to bid him/her goodbye in comments.  If I failed so to do on this occasion, I couldn't care less.  Trolls deserve no civility.


Boy, is he going to pay for this in spades.    I can't even imagine what Mrs Veteran would do to me in similar circumstances.


With Iran about to unleash x,xxx,xxx barrels of oil/day on the market in a play for its share of the action following the lifting of sanctions by the US and the EU it appears that 'peak oil' is now an endangered species ... always assuming there was substance to the argument in the first place.

Oil at USD20 a barrel anyone; what will that mean to the world economy and what new shibboleth will the Greens come up with to replace it?

Monday, January 18, 2016


Last night two short form cricket games went where few could imagine.

In the Tron a NZ T/20 team that had been out played a few days earlier by Pakistan, totally demolished them to set up a tantalising third encounter next Friday in Welly. Skipper Kane Williamson and Martin Guptil set a new record for any opening partnership in running down the somewhat ordinary target of 168 without losing a wicket.

Even less likely imeho The Ausies ran down a third three hundred 50 over target set by Dhoni's Men, well after 309 and 308, 296 was not quite 300 but with regular wickets falling the Big Show found himself in the gun and he responded with 96 much of what was somewhat conservative in reality.

Compelling entertainment.

ps I am very glad Mr Cairns seems to be free to recover what he can of a seriously damaged life with the Curry Muncher abandoning his futile pursuit of a man who remains a legend as a cricketer.
I have no doubt as to which of Chris Cairns and Lalit Modi I would want as a dinner guest.


I see the nice Mr Corbyn has, in an attempt to regain the initiative following a disastrous couple of weeks, proposed that a Labour government would intervene to stop companies paying dividends to their shareholders unless they themselves committed to paying their employees the so called 'living wage'.

No matter that the living wage calculation is a crock based on the notional needs of a family of four.

Looks to me to be an attempt by Corbyn to reinstate, by stealth, Clause 1V of the Labour Party constitution ... the bit about the 'common (read State) ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange ....' drafted by Sydney Webb in 1917 and repudiated at a special conference in 1995.

That, along with Corbyn's proposal to re-nationalize public utilities (rail & energy), positions Labour back to where it was at the time of their 1983 Manifesto dubbed by Gerald Kaufman, Labour MP for Manchester Gorton and currently 'Father of the House', as "the longest suicide note in history".  

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Any rationale argument against the signing of the TPP appears to have gone by the board.

Cut through the rhetoric and Labour's opposition to the deal is nothing more than KDS that National finished what Helen Clark and Phil Goff started.     It does Labour no credit, no credit at all, to fly the straw-man (and now discredited) argument that the agreement doers not prevent investors with 'chinky' sounding names purchasing property in NZL.   FFS, China is not even a party to the agreement.   Still, anything for a sound bite even though it involves playing dog-whistle politics in a style perfected by WRP.

An aside to that and in response to Labour/Phil Twyford's anti-chinese crusade it is interesting to note that Phil Quin, long time Labour Party activist, is promoting the idea of running a candidate in Twyford's Te Atatu seat in the knowledge that while he/she wouldn't win and that Twyford would probably make it make into parliament as a List MP, it would send a message that when you play the race card in an ethnically diverse electorate you do so at your peril.

As for Andrew Little saying that Labour, in Goverment, would simply defy those portions of the TPPA it didn't agree with and he has just demonstrated how unfit he is to be Prime Minister.    Do that and NZL would become a pariah state where it's word would count for nowt.   Huge own goal from the 'little' man.

The reality is that the 'chicken little' campaign waged against the TPPA promoted by the likes of Jane Kelsey and the Greens has largely been shown as something akin to the 'Emperor without any clothes'.   In any set of negotiations it's a matter of give and take and, in this case, we gave a bit and gained a lot.   This is borne out by the analysis conducted by the World Bank.   Of the partnership countries, NZL comes in forth behind Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei with a projected GDP growth resulting from the agreement assessed at 3.5% and well ahead of Canada (1.5%), Australia (1%) and the US (0.5%).

And then we have the absurd last ditch effort promoted by a Greens MP in waiting and endorsed by the perennially angry Brian Gould (ex UK Labour MP and sometime Vice Chancellor of Waikato University where he was widely seen as ineffective) to petition the Governor-General to decline the royal assent to any legislation giving effect to the agreement.   Never mind that the GG doesn't have the constitutional power to decline a request by a duly elected government enjoying the confidence of parliament.   Quite amazing really the suggestion thatt the GG should enjoy presidential powers that override the wishes of parliament.   News for them.   In this country parliament is wedded to the Westminster system of government and long should it remain so.

The signing of the agreement by the participating countries will take place in NZL shortly.   The fact that it will happen here is fair acknowledgement by the twelve nations involved of the crucial role played by John Key and Tim Groser in bringing negotiations to a successful conclusion.    

There will be protest on the streets orchestrated by the anti free-trade Greens and the Luddite elements of the Labour Party who refuse to acknowledge that NZL lives and dies by trade. There is a fair chance any protest will be high-jacked by loony-tunes from both the right and left side of the political spectrum ranging from conspiracy theorists who see the TPPA as evidence of the move towards a mythical 'One World Government' to the John Mintos and the Hone Harawiris of this world where anything that National does must, by definition, be wrong and doubly wrong.

For these people naked violence is seen as legitimate protest.   One expects the authorities to plan accordingly.  

Gueeez ... if Granny Herald is supportive of the signing then it must be right.

Walmart City Council and The Living Wage (Corrected)

Wellington City's loopy green  Council might be interested to follow the fortunes of Walmart and its dabbling in high minimum 'living' wages for entry level staff, levels set by a failed Anglican cleric. (In Wellington, that is.)

Walmart did the right thing and bumped up the wages.  However, budgets being budgets, they reduced the hours of work.  The bastards!  The dopey progressives didn't even see it coming.

Along similar lines when MacDonalds went down the same track they replaced young workers with robots. 

Walmart didn't muck around.  They closed 145 stores andput ten thousand people out of work.

So there you go.  A living wage for a few.  Unemployment for many.

That's what you get for using a failed Anglican cleric with no knowledge of business or economics to set economic policy.  I wonder if Walmart's adviser was an Episcopalian or a Catholic?

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

There is mild moderation.  Normal rules of blogger etiquette and courtesy to blog hosts will apply.with serious transgressors being thrown out.

Unfortunately our system does not allow your comments to show up in the blog post itself.  Just in the comments section.

Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language.



Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I am not too sure too many people are aware that every decision made by Ministry of Social Deveopment staff relating to grant of a benefit (including NZ Superannuation) can be appealed.   It is a three tiered process.   The first level is an internal review carried out by a staff member divorced from the case.   The second tier is the Benefit Review Committee while the third level is the Social Security Appeal Authority.   Appeals to the SSAA from the BRC are restricted to points of law.

The BRC is the second tier appellant authority.   It comprises two members of MSD (usually from an office separate from the one that made the original decision) and a third person (with no links to MSD) appointed by the Minister.  It functions in a quasi-judicial capacity and its decisions are binding on MSD i.e. only the appellant can appeal a decision of the BRC to the SSAA.

I have been a one of the independent members of the BRC for the last twelve years since I was first appointed by the Clark Labour government in a decision that I guess raised eyebrows at the time.    It is interesting and satisfying work especially when you are able to put right an injustice.   Often the people appearing before you are inarticulate but it is important that they are given as much space as they need to tell their side of the story in their own way.  

In the last twelve months close to 1200 appeals were heard by the BRC leading to 11% of decisions being overturned.   That ratio has remained fairly constant over the years.

If I have one disappointment and it's when appellants who have gone to the trouble to file an appeal don't turn up for the hearing (which takes place in an MSD office closest to their place of residence) .   In that situation the appeal is dealt with 'on the papers' .   An appellant appearing before the BRC has a much greater chance of success rather than having us left with nothing more than a sometimes barely readable written submission.


Albeit glacial in real time.

Is it just me or is there some awakening in what Slater accurately describes as The Media Party, a bunch of barely educated morons with a rather tawdry bit of paper from a "Place of learning" designating them rather extravagantly as "journalists", are starting to see the light.

European media are suggesting the flood of Economic Migrants currently still creating an expanding  mayhem might just possibly overwhelm the social order of the host countries.

This morning Chris Lynch who has been whining his way across the airwaves of The Village of The Damned for too long and at present filling the national seat of morning radio for Leighton Smith has joined in with ringing the alarm bells.

Alas Lynch is still perpetrating the Myth that the swarm of mainly young men are "Refugees" when that Great Lie, one good old Joe Goebbels would have been in awe of, is daily being dismantled by the  Cell Phones, the apparent access to money and the total arrogance of those troops when confronted with the reality offered by the moronic do gooders who continue to act with their blindfolds firmly in place.

French taxpayers have built a container village to alleviate the worst that winter is visiting on the inhabitants of a tent city at Calais where the soldiers of Islam scheme as to how they can breach the Channel to get to UK. Have the migrants accepted that largesse, hell no, they stay in their deteriorating tents to maximise what they see as the propaganda high ground.
Ever so slowly the dribble of information comes over the weir of media suppression and now the total of criminal complaints, including assault, thieving, molesting and even actual rape, from New Years Eve is over 600 and climbing. Police investigating are equally slowly confirming the very significant links to Islam, North Africa, and the Middle East.
Even Aunty Angela, the German Chancellor is now openly admitting that Germany may not have the structures to deal with the invasion.

In case anyone is thinking my assessment is over egged New Years Eve was two bloody weeks ago!

With increasing border controls to belatedly regain some of the lost ground in the face of well over a million Islamists seeking welfare and comparative sanctuary in the Northern European states, it is apparent that the climate of truth that so many have sought to manipulate and control is increasingly moving to the reality that is hiding in clear view.
Now that is Climate Change I can understand and although, too little, too late, it might just give a chance of some small hope that a battle is winnable.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


So, just when that nice Mr Corbyn thought things were settling down after the sackings and resignations that accompanied the announcement of his new shadow cabinet, out of the blue (or red), his widely respected shadow attorney-general gives him the fingers and resigns claiming he was leading Labour down a negative pathway and that internal conflict was the order of the day under his (non) leadership.

Catherine McKinnell was a senior member of the shadow cabinet and had previously served as the shadow solicitor-general.

I'm quite sure Sir Egbut will have a positive view on all of this.   Some less charitable than he might see Corbyn as blessed with 'passion fingers'.   Which way the electorate will see it, only time will tell.

Monday, January 11, 2016


How dare he commit such heresy and him being a Dr and all. No not the usual Melon with a Phht in some obscure unrelated subject, a real Dr who might fix athletes foot or a cough with a possible passable real life understanding of what is at the core of GM, whether natural or man created.

Australian Federal Green Party Leader will undoubtedly be hauled before the highest authorities in the Aus Melon coven, tortured until he recants or resigns or preferably both.

Being a trained and skilled Medic and applying that knowledge and understanding,  Richard  has come out with the opinion that the previously totalitarian view that GMOs are very bad and allowing their adoption will hasten the already plunging hopes for the future of our planet, might just be against the best hopes for feeding the worlds exploding populations as disease and famine are conquered

Old prune faced Christine Milne, Dick's predecessor will be having conniptions at such heresy.

Of course such arrant nonsense that sustains the Melons of the South Pacific is nothing to do with the perceived threat to our biological future as GM has been in nature since the first cell climbed out of the primordial swamp, it is all about the anti business, anti successful entrepreneurs, anti carbon policy mix  that has all the melons steering a course for a life in caves with bugger all to eat and keep us warm.
That said should the demented Melons ever see any hope for their warped dreams to be fulfilled all the Hiltons and Grand Chancellors will be required as a functioning haven to keep them in comfort and warmth while they carry out the oh so arduous task of ruling over the peasants dying in their millions.

It is gunna be some shit fight as to who of the proletariat will be needed to build and fly the Planes, run the dwindling renewable energy systems, grow the rapidly reducing foods, and then they will confront a declining Tax base to pay themselves. Oh hang on all they will need is a talented printer and some basic copy machines. The paper will be already stockpiled

When Richard Di Natali was promoted my first thought on reading his biography was; how did this guy end up with a bunch of retards who struggle with the concept that their bloody possum needs protection while  the exported descendants  here in our luxuriant native fauna breed like bennies in Porirua.

Maybe they have a "keeper" there but will it work out.

No Sense Of Humour

Adolf just got home from a visit to the local butcher.

This outfit has the very best rump steak I can remember from as far back as I can remember.   The secret apparently is that the beast must be Aberdeen Angus (Black Polled Angus), no older than eighteen months at slaughter and the joint must be hung for at least six weeks.

Anyway I digress.

After selecting two pieces of two inch thick rump steak and four fore quarter lamb chops I asked about chicken schnitzel.  (The Cook wanted chicken schnitzel.)

'Oh, they are up the other end,' said the very attractive young lady butcher.  So off I went and, of course, she followed.

'Would you like breast or thigh?' enquired said attractive young lady butcher.  I wasn't sure I had heard correctly so I turned up my hearing aids.

'Errrr I beg your pardon?'

'Would you like breast or thigh?'

"Well, I've always had a preference for thighs, actually"

She didn't even crack a smile.


Yet another dropkick lawyer rebranded as a District Court Judge falls for a sob story from a smart Lawyer  and possible judge in waiting.

A mixed race thug gets all twisted over his ex Babe going out to a public bar with another potential inseminator so the big brave bastard follows the interloper into a toilet of the Bar where the change in social structure was discovered and gives him the bash.

Another brave Idiot now assessed as a DC Judge but totally disconnected from reality,   Peter Rollo, accepts that a conviction for such an attack "could prejudice the thugs future", so enters a discharge without conviction and orders the thug to purchase an alternative concept of unforeseen consequences at a cost of $500 to be paid to the unfortunate victim as compensation for "emotional harm".

Mr Idiot Rollo, would that constitute Justice if Mr Promising Rugby Player and cowardly thug should give you the bash in a mens toilet because he was offended by a perfectly lawful and accepted social behaviour you had embarked on, say not standing aside for his clearly better self to enter the said restroom first.
Maybe you could have made your inexplicable understanding of crime and consequences more 2016 by giving Mr 'Thug' Teariki Two Dads, permanent name suppression so the coward could carry on with his life while having all other aspiring rugby players in Wellington sharing the stigma guilt for his thuggery.

Mr Ben - Nicholas needed to be given a  clear message that because an Ex GF had seen sense to drop him for someone else, now revealed as  completely understandable, and his idea that he, having the temerity to supersede you as a preferred mate resulting in you asserting your masculine basic stoneage response is all so wrong that most have now consigned it to history.

So The cowardly thug locked in primeval behaviour might have to change direction for a career path, he and his all too numerous ilk need to get such basic thinking to the forefront of their conception of what constitutes acceptable behaviour but Mr Judge Rollo has failed us all,  his employers, by his abject failure.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


because I don't have to ... old story, but for many who served her treachery remains vivid in their memories. Fonda remains protected by the Hollywood effete liberal establishment no matter that in another time and another place she would be behind bars or worse as the Vietnam war equivalent of Tokyo Rose or William Joyce ... lucky her ... and to cap it all off she was caste to play Nancy Reagen in the Lee Daniels film 'The Butler' ... the 'Gipper' would have spewed.

For those gentle souls among you who don't have any idea about what I am on about (or choose to conveniently forget) let me remind you or perhaps, better still, I'll let others, much more qualified than I, to share with you their experiences of 'Hanoi Jane'.

This from Colonel Jerry Driscoll, an F-4E pilot, captured and incarcerated in the 'Hanoi Hilton' ... dragged from his cell, allowed to wash and dressed in clean PJs, he was ordered to describe to Fonda the lenient and humane treatment he was receiving at the hands of his North Vietnamese captors.  Instead he spat at Fonda and for this he was dragged away and clubbed and suffered severe head injuries.

And this from Colonel Larry Carrigan who spent six years in captivity.   He and others were paraded in front of Fonda who headed a peace delegation mission to North Vietnam.   His words ... we devised a plan to get word to the world that we were still alive.  Each man secreted in the palm of his hand a tiny piece of paper containing their details.   Fonda (with a NVA cameraman in tow) went down the line shaking hands and haranguing her us with such snippets as 'aren't you sorry you bombed babies' and 'you should be grateful for the humane treatment your are receiving from your benevolent captors'.   Believing this HAD to be an act they each palmed her their piece of paper ... she took them all without missing a beat and when finished she turned to the officer in charge and handed him all the pieces of paper ... three POWs died from the subsequent beatings they received.

And finally from Ronald Sampson, an economic adviser to the SVN government, captured in 19068 and held prisoner for over five years.   When Fonda was in Hanoi I was asked by the camps political officer if I would like to meet her.   My intention was to tell her about the real treatment that POWs received and how different it was from that purported by our captors and parroted by her as humane and lenient.   For my trouble I spent three days on a rock strewn floor on my knees with my arms outstretched with a large steel weight placed on my hands.   In addition I was beaten with a bamboo cane.    When I returned stateside I asked Fonda to debate my treatment on TV.   She never responded to my invitation.

As Vietnam veterans Fonda has our collective contempt ... I'm sure it is reciprocated being the poor little rich girl she is.   At least Tim Shadbolt had the gonads to apologise to the NZ Vvet community for any offense his actions may have caused.   Fonda never has and never will and we will never forgive her.

MORE APPEASEMENT CRAP ? (It's mid summer for Christs sake)

It is variously reported that the stable of beauties who deliver the infotainment for tvone evening "news" hour  as token females  will cover up, I assume as another sop to the religion of peace whose male adherents apparently become sexually inflamed at the sight of bare arms and cleavage. The edict apparently also ordered the chaps to be more "blokey" but how that will be achieved by "Boy Wonder" Jack Tame, I am indeed left wondering.

Tonights weather chick was wearing a somewhat matronly high necked, sleeves to mid forearm garment in a very appropriate Australian underarm yellow.
Cant wait for the bouncy bubbly ever shallow Ms Katie Bradford in a burka.

The other puzzling facet of the money tree consuming productions at TVONE 1800 hrs is that a single often male autocue reader can do the entire "News Hour" (term used advisedly)  all by themselves since Christmas eve without the need for a balancing gender opposite for support.

Maybe the Minister of Broadcasting (do we still have one) should investigate the no frills effort that made the grand announcement of the recent DPRK bomb test, very modestly dressed and managed the whole show on her lonesome. Contracting out seems a go eh.

That politically correct garbage sort of opens a gulf with TV3 who used a reporters very nubile "Buns" being carved by a thong bikini almost buried in her tanned buttocks, in a summer promo.

Look Out

The next global financial crisis has started.

Guess what?  The same dumbarses who started the last one are at the helm.  That's right.  The Democrats are at it again, using precisely the same misguided strategies which blew up in their faces before. Do you remember the NINJA loans which defaulted en masse and broke the mortgage insurer AIA, triggering the Global Financial Crisis?

In case you have forgotten, NINJA means No Income No Job No Assets.   Well, here they are again, thanks to the black arsed jackass in the White House.

......The HomeReady program is offered through Fannie Mae, which is now controlled by Obama's old Congressional Black Caucus pal Mel Watt.......

........But now, as a renter, you can get a conventional home loan backed by Fannie by claiming other people's income. That's right: You can use your apartment roommate's paycheck to augment your qualifying income..........

........You don't need good credit either. You can qualify with a FICO credit score as low as 620, which is subprime. And you can put as little as 3% down.......

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose


It is often claimed "the first casualty in war is the truth".

Amidst many reports of sexual harassment, theft, common assault across European cities, with a concentration around New Years Eve, the attempt by media and their political masters to suppress the unravelling truth is nothing short of abrogation of duty and outright treachery.

Even  Switzerland, the country that successfully remained "neutral" during WW2 and the accompanying Holocaust, is being swept up in the growing tsunami of mob rule by thousands of young males hunting in packs and euphemistically described as having darker skin and a "North African resemblance".

Does anyone with more than four functioning brain cells and a modicum of educational standard from our free society systems, seriously not understand that having over a million males aged between around 15 and 50, possessing a very warped and anachronistic attitude to the other half of the population,  flooding across the borders of Europe will not eventually have the basic biological urges rise up and cause mayhem.

While accepting that Frau Merkell has no children and also accepting such an outcome can be easily preventable, it defies logic that the woman twice married does not have a basic understanding of the powerful emotions coursing through the bodies of males in situations of enforced abstinence.
Add in alcohol, and an attitude to women as chattels and second class beings, who amongst the populace does not see an unravelling tidal wave of problems as emerging from reports across Europe,  of young women being subjected to appalling personal assaults ranging from hassling and theft to actual rape, all  slowly being admitted after the clumsiest efforts at suppression in many a year.

We are in a War of religious dimensions and while our elected leaders and the sycophantic media enablers, continue to deny the truth that is as plain as dogs testicles to the peasants who are going to be the next victims in that war, is it too much to demand some probity, honesty and clear assessments of the reality that exists from our servants who we reward handsomely.

Yes the truth will have much egg on face for many but at a time when leadership is paramount could some with the cojones, not embrace a little statesmanship and do the right thing, bugger the sensitivities of adherents of a religion still embedded in times of one and a half millennia past and the utterings of a  megalomaniac paedophile warmongering prophet who relies on such silence and prohibitions to perpetrate the dogmatic garbage masquerading as a religion.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Spencer Tunick is an american photographer specialising in mass nude photography.    Just how he persuaded those involved in this shot here to bare their all on the Aletschen Glacier in the Swiss Alps sure beats the hell outa me.


They Got'im, now can they keep'im ?

The Wall Street Journal reports Mexican Marines have recaptured the Drug lord who made a successful escape, last July from a high security facility, his second such move in 14 years.

Joachin "El Chappo" Guzman is again in custody but how long for is a subject for widespread speculation.

I believe handing him to the US who have an extradition request in train might be a best practice as that will create some space between Guzman and likely enablers.

Friday, January 8, 2016


This in response to a request from one of our readers.

I'll try and make it simple.   Mangawhai (pop 1329) and septic tanks don't mix so the Kaipara District Council, entered into a contract to build a sewage treatment facility at a cost of $36.5m to be funded by the local ratepayers.    Poor management of the contract saw the cost blow out to $53m with the Council eventually borrowing $62m (i.e. $9m over and above the cost of the project) and all this without reference to the ratepayers involved.

Matters came to a head in April 2012 when the Council increased rates by an average of 31% across the district and by up to 700% for some Mangawhai properties .

Two associated matters.    With the project unraveling the Council allowed their Chief Executive to resign/retire with a reported golden handshake of $240,000.   Secondly, Audit New Zealand failed to pick up on the overspend in their auditing of the Council accounts. Whether the auditors failed to ask the right questions or if the information was concealed/withheld from them remains a moot point.  

In September 2012 the Government dismissed the Council and appointed Commissioners to run it.   They remain in place.

A 400 page report by the Auditor General (Lyn Provost) had it that the Council was 'out of its depth in its handling of the project and did not understand the complexity of what it was doing'.   Further, that the 'Council lost control of the project and failed in its fundamental legal and accountability obligations'.   Ms Provost also commented adversely on the part played by Audit Department staff.

Subsequently the Mangawhai Residents and Ratepayers Assn (MRRA) sought a judicial review of various matters in the High Court.     In 2014 the Court held that the Council's decision in entering into the contract to construct the scheme, including the associated borrowing, and a later modification that increased the cost, was unlawful.  The Court awarded costs to the MRRA.

The Auditor General has now twice declined to exercise the powers conferred upon her office under Section 44 of the Local Government Act which provides for individual Councillors to become personally responsible for losses incurred by Council in certain circumstances.   Her reasoning behind the decision is here.

As it stands right now the Commissioners have instituted legal proceedings against Audit New Zealand alleging a failure of duty of care to properly carry out their auditing responsibilities and a second action against the now retired Chief Executive (of golden handshake fame).   These proceedings remain live with the issue of legal responsibility and compensation to be determined.

One can understand the angst of Mangawhai ratepayers with a multi-million dollar debt hanging over their heads clearly caused by incompetence (or worse) and outside their control.   Not sure that the taxpayer should be expected to carry the can though .... isn't that what professional indemnity insurance is all about?