Thursday, April 30, 2015

But our subsidies and bureaucrats are better

I'm still around, in case you are wondering.

I wrote here my thoughts on the Gnats election housing policy.  Now the alcohol has been added to the punch:
More than 2000 first-home buyers have snapped up new housing subsidies worth up to $20,000 in less than a month, forcing Housing New Zealand to take on more staff just to distribute the grants.

But new data shows surging house prices at the lower end of the market have eclipsed the subsidies over the same period.
Stoic defender of free markets and less government, Nick Smith, said this:
Housing and Building Minister Nick Smith said the fast uptake of the larger HomeStart subsidies was a "stunning result", tripling the number of applicants this time last year under the old scheme.

"The scheme has actually proved so popular that Housing New Zealand has had to expand the number of staff who are processing the applications," Dr Smith said.
Fantastic!  The National Party is reducing unemployment by providing state subsidies and employing bureaucrats to administer them, but the subsidy has proved worthless!  Brilliant!  Whoever thought of that should be promoted to the front bench.  And it only cost $435 million!  Moreover, Nick Smith calls it "stunning".      

That must be the most expensive no result ever.

And what of the future?
Housing officials predict uptake will climb to more than 80,000 over five years, and $435 million has been put aside to pay for the grants.
More awesomeness!

I mean if 2,000 means an expansion of bureaucrats imagine what 80,000 will do.  We'll have full employment!

If we're lucky we'll get another government department out of it, and maybe a special ministerial portfolio.

Can't wait.

Here is a case for McCready

`Council fined after boy dies under lawnmower.' Fine is $29,500 plus $65,000 reparation on top of the (at least)$12,000 the council has already paid to the family. `Last year the council employee operating the lawnmower was sentenced to six months' home detention and 100 hours of community work after pleading guilty to reckless driving causing death. The man, 73, was also ordered to pay $5000 reparation.' The above are two extracts from a Stuff report on todays court decision. It does not mentin that the tractor driver also had his Driving Licence cancelled for 3 years, reduced to I think 15 months on appeal. There is one step left in this sorry saga - the parents of the boy who died in this tragic accident need to be before the courts for leaving their children at the park for a large portion of the day in the supposed care of family members not capable of looking after them. My understanding is that the mother was located in a Hastings bar after the accident and supposedly had been there for most if not all afternoon. So come on McCready take on a worthwhile case.

So Audrey how embarrassed were you then?

Audrey Young is claiming she has never been so embarrassed, ROTFLMAO.

Four years ago a young man being lauded as a future Prime Minister attended a function in central Wellington that began at a labour luvvies soiree then progressed through a couple of bars where NZLP Whip,   Darren Hughes plied a young male student with alcohol before taking him back to his Haitaitai lodgings situated in the home of fellow MP and ex Cabinet minister Annette King.

What followed in those lodgings has never been disclosed but the young man was later seen running stark naked covering his privates with his hands on the street away from King's Wellington house.
The distraught student then found shelter in a police car and made a sexual complaint against Hughes that later was not continued due to a police decision based on lack of evidence.

NZLP leader and Opposition leader Phil Goff originally declined to accept an offered resignation from Hughes largely on the basis of denial of due process then after two weeks of stonewalling Hughes resigned and headed for New York where the person who it was said, saw him as "the son she never had" made space suitably distant from Wellington for him.

I guess Audrey, on a scale of one to ten where Key's clumsy pigtail pulling  is the most embarrassing incident by a PM  for you, how embarrassing were the sordid events of that Wellington night, the silence of the Landlady , and the stonewalling of wannabe PM  Goff remembering we were considering the very senior positions all players except the hapless student,  held,  with Hughes the Labour party opposition Whip.

Then again maybe your Faux outrage was just pandering to the pack mentality in the MSM desire to get John Key.

Pants Down's Claytons Rate Rises.

Having campaigned on holding rate rises to 2.5%  a year, the scurrilous, adulterous, lying Mayor of Auckland Super City has come up with a very cunning plan.

Not content to only hold rate rises in his heartland power base of South Auckland while gouging the North Shore the little obnoxious  prick has hit on a levy in addition to rates for the ensnared financial contributors to his megalomania, of an additional 2.5%.

The isolated and now almost abandoned politically, charade,  intent on bequeathing his already seriously threatened ratepayers  an unwanted and totally inappropriate commuter rail network, thinks he can now have a claytons rate rise in the form of a levy and nobody will notice.
Now had he made it a levy on all resident citizens it might just have been saleable but unlikely as Margaret Thatcher's poll-tax was to the great unwashed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Bali Two

For weeks now, the Australian media have given wall to wall coverage to the impending execution of two mass murderers – carried out this morning..   

Yes. that’s what people who import heroin into Australia are but that doesn’t stop the media and its associated Wankerati from deifying these two drug runners who got caught.

The most ridiculous was Monday’s Pickerng Post in which some fool claimed they would be painfully shot.  (From my limited knowledge of ballistics and anatomy, I suspect that when one is hit in the heart simultaneously with three 7.62 bullets there is not much pain.  Just a huge shock which instantly turns off the senses and by the time the shock wears off and you might feel pain, you’re dead.)  The normally reliable Australian referred to them as ‘drug mules’ when in fact they were the king-pins of the gang.  They ran the operation.  Drug mules are mere foot soldiers and Indonesia did not execute them.  They were jailed..

During recent weeks I have spoken to many ordinary Australians and ALL OF THEM wonder why these two were not shot years ago.  I share their view.

However, about now these two will be facing their final judgement, that of God.  The Bible is full of examples of real bad bastards who were forgiven by God and were rehabilitated.  People like the murderers Moses and King David and the apostle Paul, who earlier in his life would have fitted in quite well in the upper echelons of ISIL. Of course, therein lies the fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam.  Christians have an endless ability to forgive while Islam has an endless ability to kill and maim.

It is worth noting in this case the media and the chattering class are completely out of touch with ordinary Australians.  Just as they are out of touch on the matter of Tony Abbot’s prime ministership and the illiterate Bill Shorten’s leadership ability.  While the media beats up on Abbott and goes easy on Shorten, the polls have Abbott improving and Shorten sinking.

Of course, the same goes in NZ where, according to the experts, John Key is a goner and Andrew Little is Labour’s messiah.   Funny how the polls steadfastly refuse to do what the Wankerati want. (See this morning's poll at Kiwiblog)

Now can we get back to Important Matters

Two convicted drug traffickers are now dead and the media orgy will subside into some other inanity.

Here is an extract from a comment on The Pickering Post.

"In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: "A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship."

"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage."
The Obituary follows:

"United States of America",  Born 1776, Died 2016
It doesn't hurt to read this several times".

Baroness Thatcher succinctly summed it up when she proclaimed "socialism will only last so long as there exists other peoples money to fund it".

If I have a contract with a local authority that could be influenced by a decision I might be involved with as a councillor I am required to remove myself from any discussion and decision making on the matter on the basis I have a "pecuniary interest"
Our flawed democracy however,  allows all who benefit from the largesse allocated by central and local government to involve the selection of those who will be empowered to distribute funds forcibly confiscated from wealth creators,  to be in the hands of those who directly benefit from the aforesaid largesse, ie the voters.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Times have changed since Edmund Burke said "There are Three Estates in Parliament but, in the Reporters Galley yonder, there sits a Fourth Estate more important far than they all".    

The days of great crusading editors like John Seigenthaler or, closer to home, Lesley Watts in Cambridge have long gone.    They have been replaced by semi-illiterate journos whose abiding characteristic is their inability to do the hard yards in researching their stories.    The result ... shock horror headlines followed by a non-story.  

Case in point.    A few days ago the Dominion ran a front page article decrying the fact that the 15 sandstone columns that comprise the Australian Memorial at Wellington's National War Memorial Park had been constructed from stone sourced from India.   What the f**k does it matter where the stone came from.   It's the memorial that counts.    But if you want to get really picky about it you might want to reflect on the fact that 5,000 plus Indian soldiers served at Gallipoli with 1,700 making the ultimate sacrifice ... so right there is an ANZAC connection.  

So its a wonder to me that the Dominion, having determined it's an affront that the memorial was comprised of stone from India, didn't pick up on the fact that the rousing bagpipes-and-brass piece 'Highland Cathedral' is not Scottish but was composed in the 1980s by .... wait for it, two German musicians called Roever and Koch; or even that the bronze plaques on our soldiers graves in RSA cemeteries throughout the land are made from copper and tin sourced from ..... !!!!!

It's no wonder that the 'profession' is rated by many as on a par with used car salesmen and only a tad above the oldest profession of all.  

Monday, April 27, 2015


In the next few hours Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran will be executed by firing squad on the Indonesian Island of Nusakambangan.    I have previously made it clear that while I am personally opposed to the death penalty I respect the right of sovereign countries to enforce their own laws.

This outcome was predictable.   The Indonesian Government, faced by a burgeoning hard drugs problem with an estimated 110,000 heroin addicts and 1.2m users of crystal methamphetamine, was never going to back-down in the face of considerable diplomatic and political pressure.  One might even argue that 'outside' pressure was likely to reinforce their resolve ... shades of the 'Ugly American' perhaps.

Reports have it that Chan and Sukumaran are preparing to meet their maker with dignity ... if such a thing is possible.    I hope they are at peace with themselves.

I repeat ... I am opposed to capital punishment but equally, I hope this serves as a further warning that, if you 'do drugs' in Indonesia, then be prepared to face the consequences of your actions.


Sunday, April 26, 2015


I see Catherine Delahunty from the Greens has condemned a potential free trade deal with the Gulf Cooperation Council and particularly Saudi Arabia because of its supposed poor human rights record including the fact they allow executions by beheading and that women are not allowed out without male supervision and cannot drive cars.

If that were to be the standard against which all trade deals were assessed then we in New Zealand would would find ouirselves in real trouble with most of our markets blocked off including China (currently our second largest trading partner with our exports worth $6.7b; the GCC 5th at $2b; India (where you see females being stoned to death) 12th at $926m ... the list goes on and on.    Just where do you draw the line on this?   Is death by beheading (Saudi) any different to death by Firing Squad (Indonesia) ... not sure that it is.

When you start playing 'God' with trade then you are on a slippery slope to nowhere.    But then again I guess the Greens prefer to stand clean and pure and bugger the consequences.    The good news is for most most people, the opinions of Delanunty are irrelevant.   But if she were to get her mits on the levers of power ....................

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, April 23, 2015


as you attend the 100th anniversary commemoration of the landings at ANZAC Cove and reflect on the sacrifice of the 36,000 Australians and New Zealanders killed or wounded in that campaign doing their duty.    I wonder if it bothers you to think back on the speeches made in Parliament in response to the announcement that we were deploying 146 service personnel to help train Iraqi forces in their fight against Islamic terrorism.

Perhaps I can refresh your memory Andrew, you can read your speech here    Metiria, you can look here to see what your co-leader had to say.

I have no difficulty in accepting your opposition to the deployment.   That is your right and indeed, with the Greens, it is to be expected given their opposition to the use of military force anywhere, anytime and especially if the US is involved.

But unlike NZ First, the Maori Party and United Future, all of whom opposed the deployment, you failed to acknowledge in any way shape or form the troops being deployed; to wish them well and hope for their safe return.

Crass, insensitive, insulting, unworthy.  Call it what you will.   Not the action of a Parliamentary leader. So excuse me if I puke when I see you poncing round at Gallipoli.    I will know you are there to be seen and that's all.    Your hypocrisy in pretending to honor those who serve and have served cuts no ice with me, no ice at all.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Je suis John Key.

David Cunliffe's Marriage to Karen Price dissolves amid suggestions that the great helmsman might be doing some  homework with a particularly bubbly  political reporter with an impeccable pedigree.

Helen Clark marries a professor and it is later revealed it was an arranged marriage to satisfy the troughmaster general' considered opinion that to reach the exhaulted office of PM she should be "Married", it was suggested later that the blushing bride was in fact in tears.
That it later degenerated somewhat with a hurried exit from LA of "hubby" with rumours of high level diplomatic intervention was never 'news'.

David Lange's marriage is a shambolic charade when David gets more than a little too friendly with his senior speech writer Margaret Pope who was later described as the Fourth Labour Government's very own Yoko Ono a reference to the woman credited with the breakup of the Beetles.

David Parker becomes a jiggilo when he usurps stroke victim and Labour stalwart  Chris Knox's woman.

Lecherous Len "pantsdown" Brown has an adulterous affair with a person holding a position with the Mayor's  council and the sordid affair is revealed after a second term victory with major emphasis on his loving family life among his powerbase voters of Manakau.

John Key tugs a coffee waitresses pigtail in a cafe he frequents and later apologises adding a couple of bottles of wine when he is made aware he has been causing some apparent degree of upset to the young lady.

Three Prime Ministers and two wannabe also rans and the Mayor of our largest city all involved in what many might think are lapses in judgement.
Five from team red and one from team blue but one of these Six is a standout, for a very simple reason.

Here is one clue.

Five of them only became common knowledge after they happened the sixth also became revealed some time later but for what may turn out to be different circumstances.
You may be  still guessing what was the profound difference to the treatment the standout one received.

Here it is, does any one recall any of the team red incidents being the lead item on TVOne six pm infotainment hour.

At present John Key is enroute for Gallipoli centenary events on the peninsula that many accept is where our nationhood and that of our Aussie cousins was forged and the ANZAC legend was born.
Today on his tatty  raving socialist blog, Two votes Martyn Martin Bradbury launches the big reveal about the Key incident based on the evidence of the still anonymous young woman.
The incident  happened some weeks ago and the luvvies who spend their days looking in vain for the big shootout that will leave Mr Key bleeding out from wounds, were on fire.
All laid out as the lead off for the state TVs flagship news effort.

Yes Key was imprudent and it is yet to be revealed as to what motivated the "Victim" who apparently accepted an  apology, and presumably has disposed of the wine, but the timing and the whole methodology of the expose leave me thinking there could well be some remarkable similarities to the Honey trap that sank the SS Richard Worth when his indiscretion partner was found to be very close politically and socially to one Philip Goff.

One Of Keys endearing traits that have seen him hold remarkable polling strength is his affable, approachable normal bloke persona that has him continually being confronted with the "selfie" epidemic, so news that someone has taken offense after some nine years at the helm of National "is the end of the dream", gimme a break please.

FFS it was in broad daylight, in public, in the company of wife Bronagh, at a café regularly attended when some normality is being sought, but that wont save him, he is a rapist, a liar, a sloth and he is proven to be totally unfit to be our Prime minister, hanging will be too kind.

This ending of the Key administration is right up there with Tony Abbott downing a 'schooner' of Victorian Bitter.

Psst luvvies your slip is showing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I'll be delivering the address at Russell in the Bay of Islands. For me the years will roll back to 1965 when, at the Australian National War Memorial in Canberra, all the New Zealand officer cadets training in Australia formed the fourth Guard of Honour beside those representing the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Airforce to mark 50 years since the beginning of the ANZAC legend

The salute. if I remember rightly, was taken by Price Henry, Duke of Gloucester, but what was particularly memorable was the parade of 1,000 plus original ANZACs.   That was a piece of living history and as a person embarking on a military career it was a privilege to be able to meet with them after the event and hear their stories first hand.

At Russell I'll be commenting that we meet not to glorify war, or to argue the toss as to who won or lost, but simply to remember those who served during times of conflict and to reflect upon their selfless sacrifice.    I'll tell the story of Jack Harris, aged 15, who forged his birth certificate in order to join up and who was killed-in-action on 15 August 1915 at Lone Pine.   I'll remind those present of the need to acknowledge and support all those who currently serve in our armed forces and especially the 142 about to deploy to Iraq ... that it's vitally important that we never subject them to what we did to our Vietnam veterans when we hung both them and their families out to dry.

There will be many speeches made on ANZAC Day but for me the most moving thing will be to see and witness ordinary New Zealanders from all walks of life taking the time to pay their tribute to those who serve and have served.

That's ANZAC Day for me.   What about you?


Cop this headline and wonder from whence come their genius headline writers.

Crane driver electrified by power lines in Auckland

The word they were looking for is 'electrocute.'

From The Oxford dictionary:-

Definition of electrocute in English:


[with object] Injure or kill (someone) by electric shock: a man was electrocuted on the rail track

It's Just Not Working.

Image result for susan devoy/images

When Dame Susan Elizabeth Anne Devoy was appointed the race relations commissioner I was seriously in favour of what I saw as the appointment of one who had been a dedicated and world leading sportswoman in her chosen sport for a decade and with her CV including travel, meeting many and varied people in some very cosmopolitan places, as a bold and innovative move.
Someone who could identify with ordinary New Zealand citizens and  bring a common sense approach  to an office that has indulged in the whimsy while ignoring some of the most outrageous racist contretemps seen in years.
She has been an abject failure, lurching from debacle to chaotic debacle and it would appear the fearless take no prisoners ex-world champion  has abdicated to the faceless minions who infest her office.

As if her recent inclusion of the religious sect Islam as a racial group when its adherents would be one of the widest encompassing bunch of disparate racial groups on the planet wasn't bad enough, todays foray into the hair brained suggestion from Young Labour to make Maori Language compulsory in NZ schools is not only a grossly insensitive move but it has all the hallmarks of being lunatic personified.

Dame Susan is totally unfit for purpose, Devoid of any skill and all at SEA!

They were married !!!!

and on the evidence published so far, very much in love.

 An Iowa State politician Henry Rayons visited his wife in a dementia unit and is charged with having sexual relations with a woman incapable of granting consent.

Two widowed sixty somethings met at their church choir, fell in love and married.
Some eight years later Donna Lou fell under the bastard mind destroying disease Alzheimer's, and eventually was admitted to a nursing home.
Henry was a regular visitor and no problems until the home moved Donna Lou into a shared room. Next time Henry called he closed the privacy curtains and the other resident called the nurse.

Well of course Donna's daughter didn't like Henry and immediately took her mother to hospital where a full medical indicated sexual contact had occurred, there was zero indication of force or injury but because the matter of consent from a  person of diminished mental ability was in question, Henry Donna Lou's lawful husband was arrested and charged.

My life skills have indicated to me that humans with diminishing mental capacity have a serious need for contact, verbal, physical  and emotional and a response from a hug with emphasis on cuddle can bring some to tears very quickly.
Now as to sexual contact my knowledge is somewhat limited but not to the point of knowing nothing, I can read observe and listen.
A dear old lady I knew well ended her days in a rest home and the staff informed me, as I had a legal guardian relationship that the dear old soul had formed a relationship with another resident, male younger but suffering onset dementia.
My response was that so long as no-one was in danger just let them be and although my friend never even admitted that there was a new man in her life, in the chaos of end of life with the morphine and variable cognitive conditions she blurted out that she had always been "faithful to her late husband".
I saw no point in responding, an acceptance and moving along sufficed as the dear old soul was in the terminal stage.
That was a sobering little additional glimpse to what can occur in someone drugged and drifting and whatever happens to dear old Henry in Iowa it is possible a grave miscarriage of justice will eventuate, as for Donna Lou thankfully she is no longer there but I would not be so sure that Henry will see much peace in his remaining years as the punishment for loving his wife may be as long as ten years in the poky.

How anyone other than Henry and Donna Lou could possibly form an accurate judgement as to what happened and what motivated them is something that will be of monumental interest to many but on what has been revealed so far it is indeed a conundrum with no prospect of resolution.
Many rest homes do not allow relationships to develop and there are too many cases where lifelong partnerships of well over 50 years, are ended in the chaos of the resthome solution.

Modern younger people who see their freedoms in relationships as normal have enormous difficulty in even considering that old people might have a similar view of those same freedoms.

Good luck Henry I fear you may well need it in spades.

While John Key has sent troops you and all NZ shoppers are funding ISIS

Spanish Bride at Whaloil has posted another revelation on how shoppers are funding the very terrorists the Government has decided to assist the state of Iraq to fight.

It started here in NZ with the introduction of Islamist approved slaughtering of meat destined for export to Iran.
Then as meat that is not slaughtered according to Moslem tradition can cause Halal meat to be made unworthy, all slaughter houses converted their facilities.
This was quite costly and guess who paid, yep the already debt  burdened NZ Cockies.
All the slaughter activity at the start of every "chain" had to be realigned so as to have things line up with Mecca wherever it was dictated that would be.
All animals to comply had to be dispatched by a registered Moslem Slaughterman who slashed the animals throat then the animal had to be allowed to pump its blood from the carotid arteries in a vain attempt to keep the brain alive. To be any where close to humane any real man will slash the condemned animals throat and at the same time break its neck thus causing sufficient trauma so as to render the dying animal brain dead in a second.
Hell no said the enlightened followers of the desert religion the poor bloody animal was to remain conscious so as to make the bleed out more efficient and complete. A compromise was reached in that sheep and goats were to be stunned with electrodes to the head before Allah's tool did his slash and pray bit.

That was nearly 40 years ago but now any food product that might want to be exported to a Moslem Country and or sold to a practising follower of Islam must be "certified Halal" necessitating an annual fee paid to a duly approved agent who then authorises the stamping of that product with an Arabic emblem.
Where does all that money extorted from food producers go, well much of it goes direct to funding the freakin murderous bastards who were reported yesterday to have slaughtered two more groups of Christians in Libya. You want to know something else They do not do anything to make those poor bastards departure from this life conform in any way with Christian beliefs they just shoot them or hack their heads of any way they can, kneeling, shackled and helpless.

Just think for a moment how depraved the bastards might appear if they were not followers of a peaceful religious dogma born in the deserts of Arabia 1400 years ago and virtually unchanged ever since. Then if you have time give a few moments consideration as to how you might feel funding a terrorist bunch Our government has sent soldiers to combat.

Daylight Robery

Stop/go signs were set up on Colville Rd over the weekend and road users were asked to donate a gold coin before continuing their journey.

On a highway in the Coromandel a bunch of Maori are creating an ad hoc roadblock complete with road cones, hi viz jerkins and stop go signs.
They then solicit "donations" from the travelling public for the local Community Centre.

I understand there is no Koputauaki Community Center as most understand it.
There is no permit from the district council for such an event.
There is no traffic management plan.
The attitude of "the collectors" is described as intimidating and aggressive.

Two questions:

1 how long before an official intervention if SWMBO and I set up, at say The Hilltop with a similar fundraiser for the Aylmers Valley Charitable Trust.

2 Did not the English face a similar impediment to coaches on main roads c 1700.

The answer to 1 would be a few minutes , the answer to 2 was yes.

So what did officials do 300 odd years ago, well they arrested the perpetrators and with minimal due process left them swinging from gibbets on the roadside with no treatment for their sore throats.

If this was an impromptu one off fundraiser under say a Telethon weekend it just might fly but as the latest extortion of people going about their rightful activities it is highway robbery and has a potential to degenerate into civic chaos so Mr, sorry The Honourable Minister Michael Woodhouse, sort it

Monday, April 20, 2015

You're Kidding Me?

During the state TV infotainment hour, an Item on over the counter drugs to combat erectile dysfunction, a spokesman  for medical professionals was concerned that some might bypass their GP at around 40/50 smakeroos to get assistance in the tackle efficiency department from their friendly pharmacist.

Since last October the drug silvasta has been available after  a sitdown 20 minute consultation with the Pharmacist. Repeats only need five minutes.

His closing statement just blew me away,
"some men might use this drug to enhance their performance".

No shit Sherlock, after years of Viagara @ $30 a pill then Ciallis stirred the viagra drug dealers to put a new name on it and reduced the cost of "avigra"  now silvasta over the counter, who would have ever  have er thought some might want to perform better?

You mean all those adverts with panic stricken greying men with a blonde bombshell in their arms needing an insurance policy,  I thought it was the next news segment, waddya mean an advert.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gee that was News but it went Over Corins head.

 Tonight TVOne released their first poll since Winny became defacto Leader of Her Majesties Opposition and Corin Dann  resident spin meister for the red team kinda missed the real news.

You see abdicating his best campaign opportunity to make progress in cementing his slipping grasp as alternative Prime minister  the abrasive cleaner  was left stranded with his glorious coalition around his ankles.

The debacle for the Nats with their totally inept understanding of By election tactics that saw the old dwarf make his last hurrah, had Corin and co slavering at just how far the government had fallen only to find they didn't fall at all in fact they held stronger.

Mana made it back to a smudge in the margin of error along with Craig's disciples, Act  and the Natives.
To be fair NZF's rise apparently came from the hapless GP as the slipped below 10%

The MMP mirage has been further smeared as the proportionality that is supposed to be so defining and suffered a smack in the goulies is proven to be out of whack.

The abrasive toilet cleaner, trying desperately to make a positive, is left with his pathetic suggestion that being a list only leaves him time to get out and about while The Dwarf is tied to Northland.
Sorry hopeless,  Winny is tied to nothing, all you have done is raise his profile way above yours, read the poll stupid,  the truth is your continual exposure to sycophants and isolation from voters continues to keep your ankles toed firmly together.
If Colgates answer to toilet duck is happy to be where he is at, I am sorry loser that is nowhere that matters, you have empowered the dwarf to be far more seen in the eyes of NZ as the best qualified to hold the National government to account.

That Corrin is what that poll meant in the big wide world, it is not about you.

Friday, April 17, 2015


but the news that Kevin Rudd has thrown his hat in the ring for the top job at the UN which will see him competing against Helen Clark leads one to the conclusion that in a race between the two of them there would be a clear winner ... and it wouldn't be Rudd.

Can it be that Rudd's ego is such that he is entering the contest in order to siphon votes off Clark and take her down a peg or two.   That would appear to have some credence given his statement here that he doesn't stand a chance and that it's Europe's turn to take over from Ban Ki-moon when he retires as Secretary-General in 2016.

Kevin Rudd ... a mystery, wrapped up in an enigma and consumed by his own self-generated importance.

The Jewel in the Crown

If you go to a Greenpeace function anytime soon, don't expect curry to be on the menu.

India, that jewel in the crown of Queen Victoria's empire, has told the PC alarmist wankers of the world to fuck off and mind their own business.

The Indians know that all the expensive green energy boondoggles in the world won't lift their people out of poverty.  They need cheap bulk energy and that means coal and nuclear power.

The Indian government has said it needs to emit more to industrialize and lift millions out of poverty.

~ ~ ~ ~

NEW DELHI — Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government aims to double Indian coal production to 1.5 billion tons by 2020. India needs more fuel to meet rapidly growing demand for electricity.

And in another blow to the green eco=terrorists I see the Indian authorities have closed down all Greenpeace bank acounts.

A dossier prepared by the Union Home Ministry on March 4 claimed that Greenpeace’s foreign contribution was used “to influence and lobby” for the formation of government policies.

It claimed that the “foreign funded campaign and protest creation by Greenpeace India led to wastage of financial resources, prevented creation of productive capital and caused loss of jobs and incomes for locals, apart from depriving the country of energy”.
The dossier, prepared after investigations for six months beginning last September, said the non-operationalisation of Mahan coal block was due to the “protest-creation” of Greenpeace in Singrauli and eight other locations.
Another result of Greenpeace protest was “slowing down Government of India’s energy policy implementation by physically preventing the commission of new nuclear and coal based energy projects” and “creating hurdles in the path of existing coal based plants”.

It must be true.  It's in The Guardian.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015


It's sad that here in New Zealand Labour and Winston First (the Greens don't count) have preferred to bury their heads, ostrich like, in the sand and pretend that ISIL and El-Qaeda isn't a threat to western civilisation. Obviously the latent anti-US sentiment always present in sections of the Labour Party has jumped the political fence with those two Parties opposing the decision to deploy troops to Iraq in a training capacity.  

This stands in sharp contrast to the more mature political consensus displayed across the ditch where there is bi-partisan support for the ANZAC deployment.

But clearly the hypocrisy of Andrew Little and Ron Mark knows no bounds when they criticise the Government for failing to secure a full Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) ahead of the deployment. The advice that the Government has secured an agreement with Baghdad sufficient to allow the deployment to proceed with confidence cuts no ice with them.

I agree with the commentator who opined that Little's insistence about the importance of a SOFA is just petty politicking.    A SOFA is the Rolls Royce solution to how to protect our forces from the legal system of the host nation.   There are many reasons why a country might not wish to sign up to it including a perceived loss of sovereignty.

But here's the kicker.   For more than a decade in Afghanistan the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), which included British, Australian and New Zealand troops, were protected, not by a full SOFA, but rather a Military Technical Agreement (MTA). The MTA included provisions about who had primary jurisdiction over ISAF forces if they committed criminal or disciplinary offences or damaged civilian property.

And just who was happy to authorise the deployment of  New Zealand troops to Afghanistan covered by the MTA rather than a full SOFA ... quelle surprise.   Labour and Winston First with Peters as Foreign Minister and Mark as their Defence Spokesthingy.

Hypocritical and dumber than a sackful of hammers.

p.s   I wish Ron Mark would stop pretending he was a member of the SAS.   Motor Mechanic and Workshop Manager yes, SAS no.

No Winners but there is still The Law.

I note the Medical Practitioner Mother who 'forgot her infant son' and he died in a closed parked car outside her place of work is to be charged in the Wanganui Court on a charge of Manslaughter.

The consensus explanation for her action may well exonerate her of criminal action but it is pretty certain if the mother had been in a pub playing pokies she might well have had the excuses that have already been advanced as a possible explanation but it is unlikely the gambler would  not have been charged.

Unless evidence emerges that could point to a pattern of lack of care there will be absolutely no punishment required, it is unimaginable how any parent could cope with what happened but there is a  dead child and any possible explanation does need to be tested in law as there is a case to be resolved.

It is the Law dammit

Who Gives An Airborne Copulation.

Yesterday the Australian Labor Party propaganda unit sent a skilled and trained staff member to a Presser by the Australian Defence Minister The Hon Kevin Andrews on  the formal announcement of their joint NZ troop deployment to Iraq, and this stalwart dumbarse thought he had scored the scoop of the century when Minister Andrews was forced to admit he could not name the head honcho of ISIS.

The mystery man is the supposed leader of a ragtag bunch of Islamist terrorists who have no head office let alone a capital, and who, other than a lefty pseudo journalist intent on creating a sound bite really gives a toss. Whoever that leader is, I would venture he will have serious difficulty in obtaining life insurance so his long term future as the head terrorist is probably reasonably threatened.

Then later in a move inspired by the ALPBC's activist subversive, an as yet un-named intrepid scribbler used the ploy on PM Key, who in his all too open ways  IMHO, made an attempt and fired a blank.
Earth shattering for sure in the eyes of every one of John Campbell's 127 viewers but who else cares.

ISIS, ISOL, Al-Dawla Al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham,  the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, Daesh or whatever, the murderous bunch is identified most readily by its ghastly videos of its totally degraded murderous behaviours and I would suggest far more NZ and Aussie  people might well accord the leader the name of the murderous bastard pom, Jihardi John rather than the shadowy Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Our troops have been deployed to "TRAIN" elements of the Iraqi military so the relevance of a shadowy leader of some of those the Iraqi army might confront after training, to not be at the fingertips of the PM or Minister Andrews for that matter, means saccharine, shag all to the man in the street but to a totally biased media hack trying to look even more inept I guess they might see it as a bombshell scoop.

Oh and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is not the only name the low life scumbag uses, just like Good old Groucho on his principles, Baghdadi with names, has others.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hoi Simon, Alternative Pathway To A Surplus

Parliamentary Services needs new drones.
Obviously 121 is not enough

The is currently advertising for: 
  • An Organisational Development Manager to join the People and Culture Leadership team
  • A Senior Organisational Development Advisor
  • A Senior Learning and Development Advisor to build people and organisational capability
  • A Talent Manager for the People and Culture Leadership team
  • A People and Culture Services Manager.
So that would be one boss, one manager, one teacher, a con artist on parole and a janitor adorned with a hunk of jade on a bootlace.
That will take five off the dole and the Minimum Wage will see them overpaid.

Let MPs who need a janitor, hire one on a zero contract  as there are so many days they wont be needed.

Then tell the entire office for wimmins affairs to let the cougars go find their own marks.

Tell Susy Squashplayer to go back to school and see if she can work out unassisted there actually is a massive difference between Race and Religion. Then since the boss will be absent for some time, pay the rest of those who slurp at that trough, off to go and get a real job.

Force all crims to either front up with a brief at their cost, get a sympathetic graduate to help pro bono or plead guilty and seek mercy.

Make bail a real financial guarantee to comply with court appearance requirements.

No named father = no welfare with the option of placing the child up for adoption.

Dump the RMA in a skip.

Form a "razor gang" and give them machetes.

Relocate remaining government offices to the provinces. Blenheim, Masterton, Hastings/Napier, Palmerston Nth, Wanganui and Gisborne all need  investment to grow and the drones could walk to work

End all corporate welfare, all means all.

By all means build new schools near where people choose to live but offset the costs, by  consolidating and closing schools that are becoming monuments to history, nostalgia and  perceived community hubs.

Sell Cullen's train set for one dollar for any bits some brave bugger is willing to have a go at and if no buyers emerge then sell the tracks to China for scrap and the land with no value as an infrastructure corridor, to the neighbours.
What other business that cost  1.5 billion to buy less than 7 years ago, now needing another billion to keep running makes any sense. Only the government running a business could achieve a result as spectacular as that.

Lastly the hard one but politically the simplest, end ToW NoW.

Oh and sell the rest of the generators before Rio Tinto pull their plug out of the wall and collapse the power price.

There ya Bill, a real budget surplus and taxcuts next year. Must have saved a few Billion already and  apart from a reduction in drones that will expand the pool for PS to recruit theirs, a surplus before the budget is decided.

Next week MMP,  reduction in size of Cabinet, MPs travel and transport, Ministry for sport, Human Wongs commission, Red Radio, NZ on Air, Tourism, Climate change, Racing and all the other affairs. Most people wanting an affair sort their own out, Ms 'Mae West' Bradford, Katie to her closest, could assist  with that but I would need contact details.
Where is David "I'm  in charge"  these days.