Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I see Andrew Little has acted in haste to reinstate Carmel Sepuloni as Labour's Social Welfare Spokesthingy following the conviction of her mother for benefit fraud.     Little had previously stood her down pending the outcome of the trial.

Sepuloni's mother pleaded guilty in the New Plymouth District Court to 19 dishonesty charges where she defrauded the taxpayer of $33,856.   She was sentenced to home detention and must pay back $15,000 (at $20 per week = 750 weeks or 14+ years).    Why not the whole lot for Chris...kes?     Her partner, Michael Rangi, made away with a further $62,351.

Prior to her mother's arrest Sepuloni lodged a series of 'Questions for Written Answer' relating to how MSD (and the Police) investigated matters relating to benefit fraud.   The thrust of the questions was to suggest both agencies were highhanded in their handling of investigations of this nature.   Never mind the taxpayer; Sepuloni's concern was for the fraudster.

Sepuloni's protestations that she knew nothing of her mother's criminal behavior fails to pass the sniff test and Little is putting his credibility on the line by failing to recognise that simple fact.   One thing we can be certain of ... Carmel Sepuloni is well placed to comment on benefit fraud.     Guess it takes one to know one.     But is she a suitable person to hold the shadow portfolio? ... your call.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Where To Northland?

By 2017 the good people of Northland will realise they have been taken for the drongos they are.

I wonder if we will see Peters quietly slope off somewhere else and install Shane Jones as the NZ1st candidate for Northland at the next election?

I reckon he would turn it into a safe NZ1st seat.


The mantra that surrounds MMP is that the makeup of Parliament is determined by the proportionality of votes that each Party receives at the time of a general election subject to the 5% threshold rule for Parties that fail to win an electorate seat.

And so it is that List MPs are free to die or go as they please and all that happens is that they are replaced by the next person on their Party List and so proportionality is maintained.

Not so in the case of Electorate MPs as we have just seen in Northland.   Peters won and gets to bring another MP from the Winston First List.   National drops to 59 seats and the proportionality of Parliament changes. MMP is revealed as the Emperor without any clothes.

No-one can dispute the right of an electorate to elect its own MP,   But where an electorate seat is declared vacant anytime during a parliamentary term there has to be a mechanism to ensure that the proportionality of Parliament determined by the general election result is maintained.  The simple solution would be (based on the Northland result) for Winston Peters to take his seat as the MP for Northland and for National to bring in another MP from its List.    

There may arise the situation where a Party not currently represented in Parliament wins the seat (unlikely but possible).    It this case the same mechanism would apply but acknowledging this would produce an over-hang situation.    Not ideal but better than the alternative.

Changing the rules would benefit no particular Party but it would preserve the so called integrity' of the MMP system (assuming of course there was any integrity about it in the first place).

Only In Australian Labor

The deficiencies in the Gnats candidate vetting for Northland pall into insignificance when compared with Labor's performance in Queensland, where the newly elected Labor gummint has lost it's majority of one with the sacking of an Aborigine MP who has the following rap sheet, either not seen or ignored by the selection committee.  (hattip Andrew Bolt)

How did Queensland Labor preselect Billy Gordon as the member for Cook with this record?
Breaking and entering and stealing in 1987 in Innisfail
Breaking and entering with intent, attempted breaking and entering and stealing in 1990 in Atherton
Breach of probation in 1992 in Atherton
Public nuisance in 1996 in Normanton and breach of bail conditions in 1999
Driver’s licence suspended for unlicensed driving in 2004 and 2008
Served with an Apprehended Violence Order in 2008 after a complaint by his mother

Here Come The Armchair Warriors

McCallum should have started differently.
Taylor should not have been there,
McCallum should have bowled when he won the toss
Vettori was too old,
The ground was too big,
NZ should have sledged.
What went wrong,

Suddenly everyone's an expert.

It was so simple, one team loses. Sadly this time it was NZ and anyone with brain cells numbering a figure  greater than their height in millimetres knew it had to end and yesterday that moment came when a tall left arm fast bowler by the name of Mitchell Starc turned up to play. In the test arena he is just ordinary but in this tournament he has been developed as a weapon deserving of his Man Of The Tournament award.
He was faster, bouncier, more accurate and more difficult to score off and he was the whole difference.

McCallum has taken some of the worlds best bowlers apart over the last few weeks and it has given us an edge.
Ross Taylor was struggling for runs but I know of no-one better qualified to do what he did yesterday and at 150/ 3 after 39/3 had done his job.
Had NZ got past 250 Australia would have struggled.
Vettori has been magnificent,
Strange as it may appear to many of the numpties, both teams played at the MCG and the boundary rope was in the same place for both.
While sledging is not unknown to our cricketers it is not a part of the game at all times for them. Whether it is from their criminal/convict past, who knows, sledging is embedded in Australian cricketers.
Sportsmanship is a luxury only created after the opponent is smashed, as a PR exercise. Had 'Davy' Warner been left dying on the SCG from a freak accident he too would have been lauded as Phillip Hughes was, there would not have been a single reference to any of the all too many sad demeaning incidents he has accumulated in his short career.

Well done Brendon 'Bazza" McCallum and your team of men to be proud of,  you achieved more in so many ways than any team preceding you. You used outright attack as a weapon. Who before, as a tactic in 50 over cricket  used four slips and a gully as a defence that took vital wickets. Now it is adopted by most teams.
Well done Mike Hesson and the other management members, that team  went to places almost all, those who understand and those who never could, would only have dreamed about.
Well done NZ Cricket for creating that opportunity.
Well done Therese Walsh, how you organised, presented and managed the NZ part of the spectacle in a most successful tournament was seamless and effective, how many million people will see us as a  place and a people,  worthy of more investigation in another time.
I understand the post match press conferences saw McCallum for NZ in a room packed out, but for the victors only half as many attending, significance and a message  there surely.

Thankyou guys put that team photo on your wall and tell your grand children you were there.

A Quote for the Day


In an email to Hosking breakfast;

"When will the Media seek a timeline for the upgrade to Port Whangarei  and the rail link to Auckland"

Hosking "that's for another day, talk is cheap its the whiskey that costs"

Sunday, March 29, 2015

O Death Where Is Thy Sting.

Today in around an hour The Australian One Day Teams will go at it until a winner is found.

The Australians are carrying a flag for one of their warriors who died in another match, struck down when a bouncer from another cricketer hit him below his helmet and in a rather bizarre outcome killed him when his brain became starved of Oxygen.
Michael Clarke the Aussie skipper was very close to Phillip Hughes, David Warner another deeply affected by the death.
Every cricket aficionado on the planet was  subjected to sadness and regret but many were comforted by two things one Phil died doing what he loved, and two died probably without awareness of the way his death at 25 was so devastating for so many and touched almost all who follow the sport.
Hughes death caused a rearrangement of a test series in Australia against India, it had our own team facing a Pakistan team on 281/3 after day one of five at what is the slightly bizarre "home" game for Pakistan in the Gulf and seriously considering calling the test off. History records they dismissed the home team for only 70 more runs then raced to 249/1 with skipper McCallum hitting 153 not out.
It was surreal, wickets fell with no emotion, players were all battling their feelings in their own personal and unique way, performances were at the same time almost automatic and yet pure in application hence McCallums runs and off spinner Mark Craig's best bowling of 7/91.
Not a single bouncer, at no stage a fielder close in under a helmet.

In October 2012 a legend of NZ Cricket Martin Crowe revealed he was battling a rare Lymphona that would shorten his life with one opinion suggesting he may have had only a year at most.
30 months on and Martin Crowe is still enjoying as are we all possibly the single most significant run of international cricket in our history for NZ
The NZ one day team has played 6 round robin games without a loss including a victory over Australia at Eden Park, England at The "Tin and Sri Lanka at the strange mix of history and the new on Hagley oval.
Then the West Indies were accounted for as quarter finals came and went, followed by the roller coaster again back at Eden Park when South Africa and NZ went to battle to see who would remain in contention and who would remain seeking a semifinal win and a world cup final place for a first time.
The last over and a six with one ball to spare, NZ triumphed in an exhibition of how a great game can be decided with almost unbelievable tension yet with so many acts of sportsmanship that threatens all too often to depart Cricket for all time.
Martin Crowe has been able with hin the battle his health throws at him to enjoy it all and so much of it is testament to his tremendous career as a performer, innovator and cricketer.
Having been installed into the Cricket hall of fame at the mid innings break at Eden Park during the Australia game his impending death is an inspiration to his successors.
One Life ended suddenly and the other being slowly drained by illness.

O grave where is thy victory.


Make no mistake.  National suffered a humiliating loss in the Northland by-election. The reasons are myriad and David Farrar at Kiwiblog has canvassed them in some detail here

I knew National was in real trouble when I became aware that a lady in the electorate who had acted as a scrutineer for the Party since Adam was a Cowboy advised she was not available and further, that she was considering voting for another Party because 'John Key was becoming a tad too arrogant and needed taking down a peg or two'.

I suspect it's a little more complex than that ... an unease that the Government might have lost its way with third-term-itis setting in and a perception, right or wrong, that National had stopped listening to its grass roots.

It matters not that National has rescued the countries economy from the train wreck it inherited from Helen and Winston.    It matters not the step change that has occurred in the administration of social welfare.   All this (and more) counts for nowt when the electoral pendulum swings against you as it surely will.  

The Government fails to recognise that at its peril.   Can I take it a step further. National needs strong voices in Cabinet who are prepared to tell it how it is and can deliver in their portfolios.  The pending retirement from Cabinet of Tim Grosser, off to the United States as our Ambassador, presents John Key with the perfect opportunity to right the ship.

There's any number in Cabinet comfortable with being identified as 'middle-of-the-roaders' and good on them ... elections are won in the middle.    But my Party is a broad church Party and we need someone prepared to stand up and champion the concerns of our right wing support base.

It's time to bring Judith Collins in from the cold.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Unbucking Felievable??

Luke Foley the ALP candidate for Premier of the most populous state, New South Wales, resplendent in a red tie and electric blue jacket, making a plea for support in his losing campaign where he and his supporters have left no lie unturned,  on his photo-op voting with Irish born wife who having recently gained citizenship was casting her first Australian vote

So dishonest was the Labor  campaign  in fact that fellow ALP luminaries have expressed public opprobrium for his blatant manipulations of  truth.

While we who reside thousands of Kms from Northland are proscribed from any statement that might influence a voter today on polling day, there are no such constraints contained in electoral law in the recent change in making early voting  in NZ more accessible, with signage and vote influencing suddenly only a problem from  midnight that begins polling day.
Meanwhile party functionaries can scrutineer wearing tribal regalia, other party workers wearing rosettes and driving logo bearing vehicles can transport voters to booths.
Media reports that there are in excess of 10k votes already cast under the full on party political activity glare when booths opened at 0900 today.

The quote of the day from Foley was the old socialist mantra "vote early and often" shouted with pride and emphasis.

Maybe He Is Just Bloody Good ?

 And his detractors are talking a "Crocket of excrement".

Wyatt Crockett Argentina v New Zealand - The Rugby Championship

The guy is six foot four, one inch taller than Ken Gray.
Maybe he gains an advantage that he can use.

Dominic Bird and Mark Cooksley are 6' 9" should they stand in a hole at lineout time.

One of the most destructive props was a little fat bastard from Scotland who at 5'8" was said to have used his short wide stature to get under any tight head at any time he wanted and give them grief. Ian "Mighty Mouse"  McLauchlan was his name, Ben Robinson from NSW is similar.

Now Wyatt Crocket is causing grief amongst Saffa props, South African Rugby who regard their props as demi gods and most if not all are not complete strangers to a 'bit of slipper' and 'hows your father' in their delivery of service.

A searing legend from the 1956 Bok tour to NZ, when a bunch of Springboks came here to continue the total dominance of South Africa in scrummaging that had prevailed since the ending of the two three two formation in the 1930s. The IRB, yep the same if somewhat earlier bunch of gin swilling old farts ruled the Ball had to pass three of each of the opposing feet before being 'hooked'.
Three years earlier in 1928, NZ touring the republic were forced to abandon 2 3 2 as the 3 4 1 Saffa teams were just too dominant over the seven packing all blacks with a "wing forward as an additional halfback.  In 1956 rugby graduated to something akin to war and with Bekker, Koch, Newton and du Toit they had four extremely powerful props who with what  some say were questionable tactics, dominated the first two tests but only got their beans when K L 'Kevin' Skinner was brought in to even things up a bit. The very sad outcome of that was in the 4th and final test at Eden Park when the Saffas in defiance of Dr Dannie Craven ruling over a planned assault, aimed a kick designed to cripple Skinner only to discover they had ended the career of AB lock 'Tiny White from Poverty Bay, wrong man oops.

Rugby is quite unique in that the fast / lumbering, tall / short, fat / skinny, intelligent / thick, black white ginga whatever can fit in to a team of 15 and bring whatever skill they might possess to contribute.
Administrators do not ask sprinters to drag a dead weight, last night a talented young man by the name of  Nehe Milner-Skudder danced through the Rebels to score two tries. That's not fair, he should have his ankles tied with a two foot length of string?

Many claim there are more than enough rules in rugby that make any referee's task impossible when it is so simple. Pick up a pigs bladder and kick, pass or run or in any combination to press it to the grass beyond the goal line at the other end of a paddock.

Wyatt Crockett has over 100 super rugby caps, has played hundreds of games under how many referees, works bloody hard on his game, is just the man to go to war with and now after he has embarrassed two of the Saffa cults in a week he must be cheating, that suggests he is just very successful.

That's A Wrap.

Found amongst the dross that is facebook today.

Derek Hill's photo.

Best Horoscope for moi ever.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Well Said Keeping Stock.

One of the sad things in the fallout of Hagar's publishing of stolen electronic message data from Cameron Slater, was the self imposed action by Keeping Stock to cease his Blog activity as a brand.
Informative and a significant personal view of a wide ranging range of subjects it was a daily read for me.

He still adds to the sum of the medium and below is his perspective, today on kiwiblog, on the aspect of cricket that will remain a complete mystery to the Australian team and to a lessor extent the Indians who go into action today in Sydney to find New Zealands opposition in Sundays final at Melbourne.

Keeping Stock (9,644 comments) says:

I’ve got a suggestion for whoever is the Match Referee for today’s second World Cup semi-final between Australia and India.
When the players arrive at the ground, lock them in their respective dressing rooms, and give every player in each team a copy of Andrew Hughes’ excellent Cricinfo piece on sledging (see the link below).
Then, when they have read and understood it, show them video of the last few overs of the first semi-final, including the aftermath where two teams of cricketing gladiators embraced one another. Although one team was ecstatic and the other was despondent, there was a spirit of respect between the teams. Both teams had given everything for their respective country, but had done so in the best traditions of cricket, a sport which will still be around long after the current crop of players have gone out to pasture.
I have loved the sport of cricket for near enough to 55 years. But I don’t love what cricket has sometimes become, especially when players such as James Faulkner regard abusing and belittling their opposition as a key part of the game.
New Zealand and South Africa set a very high standard on Tuesday night, both in terms of their on-field conduct and play. Can Australia and India maintain that standard?

Well said KS but in answer to your question "I dont think so" childish sledging is so deeply embedded in the psyche of every Australian Cricketer they just don't know any different.
Very occasionally someone comes up with something memorable but antics such as Warner, Watson and co can manage, are at best eminently forgettable.
Maxwell was evidence of that when  Mitchell Starc was the only one of his team to stand up to the New Zealand bowlers merciless exposure of the Australian batting with his childish and inane sledge with a mock choking attack just before Kane Williamson playing real cricket sent Pat Cummins over long on to put the rabid dog down.

Elliot going to a clearly wounded Springbok on the pitch having given it all is so much more memorable.
Aussies would all be engrossed with each other to bother

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Confusing Messages?

On a large electronic scoreboard at Eden Pork was a ticker with advisories running across the bottom of the screen. with the state of play the main message.
One read the number to call to dob in bad behaviour in the crowd.

As Steyn prepared to bowl what turned out to be the last ball, the ticker asked patrons to be considerate of the venue's neighbours as patrons departed for home.

Then when Grant Elliot delivered the Saffas  the Coup de Grace  what did the stadium managers do in the late night hours, they delivered a very impressive fireworks display.

Was that in keeping with their plea to their guests or what.
Possibly answers from those who were just getting off to sleep, pet owners or those who give the management the most grief when hours, events and conditions are up for discussion.

When planning a "bit of a do" that might give those nearby cause to complain are best dealt to with  a few invitations, works for me.

Worthy and sad one team had to lose.

I had a wee dram when the target was eight an over with 9 overs  to go.
That is one day cricket. I have absolutely no idea how Duckworth Lewis works but to take that game to 5 from two balls after a rain delay it must be close to reasonable. Of course we really only needed four but I don't think Grant Elliot knew that.

Kane Williamson ended the pool game with Australia game with a six and today grant Elliot did the Saffas in with another.

Where are all those who said Elliot should not be there, last weekend it was another weak link Guptill who came good.

The rain gods saved us.
If du Plessis and de Villiers had not been thwarted by rain we could have been chasing somewhere close to 400.
If Bazza had not knocked the impossible out of the 298 equation it could well have been a bridge too far.
Was de Villiers full of influenza or does he sniff a lot.
Does Ross Taylor need intensive debriefing on basic running calls, if it is go then bloody go, once a calloff  happens abandon it, yes no no yes only works when the other team cant field. That wont be an option when it is India or more likely the men in yellow.
Did AB de V work out he needed to pull a stump when the bails are off, that effort indicated he was operating below par.

Morne Morkel has a softer side.

That game was played as I understand the spirit of the game deserves.

My most rewarding emotion now as the euphoria envelopes me, will Seven Sharp now head back to Westlake and give those SAFFA children a chance to now embrace the country their Parents have chosen as an escape from the shithole Mbeke and co are creating in the republic.

Yes David Millar can hit a cricket ball, sheesh.
 Was I in a massive minority when "hawkeye" had that ball so high when it passed the stumps to exstiguish the review options for SA.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Lee Kwan Yew, the founding father of Singapore, died yesterday aged 91. He was an incredible person whose legacy can and will never be forgotten. I never met him but he knew me.   Here's the story .....

Back in the 1960s and 70s The British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) ran a string of radio and TV stations around the world catering for service personnel and their dependents.   BFBS Singapore operating on 88.9 FM was one of those stations.  It had its studios in Tanglin.      In the mid 1970s I was seconded to the organisation as a continuity announcer working Thursday nights under the watchful eye of Roger Hudson, the station's senior announcer, who cut his teeth working for the old NZ Broadcasting Corporation in Wanganui.

In addition to continuity work I read the New Zealand news and had a regular timeslot programme 'Sounds in the Night' which I promoted as music to go to bed to ..... I digress.    In 1975 the British withdrew from Singapore and the station closed down (although the frequency is still utilized to relay BBC World Service programmes).     We operated on very strict protocols so as to not upset the Singaporeans; no jokes, no live talk back, it was as if Lord Reith was sitting in the studio with us.

However on the last night of broadcasting up until we went officially off-air on the stroke of 12 midnight we decided to defy convention and let it rip.   Actually the last 12 hours 'live' was one big party awash with alcohol from the ex-pat community much of which made its way into the broadcast studio with sometimes interesting results ... no matter.    I was scheduled for the 6 pm to 8 pm slot but when I arrived at the station from our home in Nee Soon I found I had left my pipe and tobacco behind.     We didn't have a telephone at home so the only thing left to me was to appraise Pam of my plight 'on air' and ask her to bring the pipe and tobacco with her when she left to join the party after I had vacated the mic for the last time.  

About 45 minutes later Hudson comes into the studio and said "WTF have you been doing .... there's a Singapore Government car parked at the entrance to the building and a very fierce looking Sikh asking for you, go and sort it out".     So, downstairs I went and introduced myself to a very impressive looking Sikh officer with bits of braid all over him.    He said he was Prime Minister's Aide-de-Camp and that Lee Kwan Yew had been listening to BFBS and that he was instructed to give me this ... handed me a gift wrapped box, saluted and departed.   Took it back upstairs into the studio where we unwrapped it ... it was a English Estate Dunhill Root Briar pipe and a packet of Dunhill tobacco.

What a gift, what a man.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Something Also A Bit Special.

With  heightened excitement as a tragic from The era of Murray Chapple yes we had one and it was spelt differently, Jack Alabaster, John Reid, Bert Sutcliffe the exploits of Bazza's boys is compelling viewing and something of a vindication for sixty years of riding the roller coaster.

So,  the start of the Super Rugby is more of an intrusion than normal as the seasons overlap.
So much in fact that the Mid Afternoon Crusaders game against the Johannesburg Lions was over before swmbo reminded me, she is normally better in matters of such import.

Last Saturday the West Indies Vs NZ was the only game in town but I took the precaution of setting the Rugby to record.
As the marvellous striking of the Kookaburra White was slowly ending as wickets fell, I crossed during a wicket fall advert break to see how things were at the rugby and was not really alarmed when it showed the Crusaders down 14 to 10 at around 48 minutes, whatever.
A couple of Caribbean wickets later another cross at 57 minutes it was 38 to 14 at the rugby but in the history unfolding at the "tin" such a possibly inexplicable improbability was left until later to find an explanation.

What in fact revealed later was an extraordinary nine minutes of rugby triggered by a penalty try at 50 22 minute mark that saw 28 points in a display I have not witnessed since that extraordinary night at Lancaster Park when after a blistering first half many in the stands wondered if the NSW Warratahs would front for more, after conceding over fifty points in the first half. The two teams were first and second on the 2002 table and the Crusaders went on to win 96 to 19 and then the title in the knockouts.

OK Saturday was afternoon rugby, it was fine but it was an assault of running and passing, what a contrast to the ugly ill tempered, ill disciplined weather effected spectacle at Durban. Are The Sharks and The Chiefs the most likely Super rugby teams to deliver such trash and it still has legs as the judiciary unravels it all. three red cards, two suspensions , a one week for Elliot and Four for du Plessis and more to come. That tackle on Cruden looked very ugly.

Oh and the Vodaphone warriors made good,  the ref had no option to ending things in the Brisbane swamp at 73 minutes with the Pheonix ahead 2/1, that water was ankle deep, although it is easy to understand The Roar's dismay.
The Tactix, well at least they made it better as it went on, giving a 10 point start was a bit of a self imposed hurdle, to only go down by 3 showed spirit.

Tomorrow,   no predictions,  sadly one team will lose and all I have is hope it is them to go home, hang on "we" are already home, no pressure guys just play well and enjoy the moment. Oh and another win would be cool but in this mode it can turn on a dropped catch in the first over with a four to your name, eh Mon.

It Would Be Quite Difficult In Fact.

Last week media reports had a legless youth in Manakau supposedly having consumed nine litres of wine.
In their collective defence it I saw no notice of any time frame but it was an incredibly inane claim by the constabulary quoted as fact.

How many could drink a dozen stubbies in a sitting and that is merely 390ml?  plenty you say, well how about a cool dozen bottles of wine.

The Yardie is only around 1.5 litres.

The human stomach is pretty well full at Four to five litres.

Some wonder why there is little credibility for what they publish and they are trained and skilled.

Who Does Not Understand ?

After a reasonably financially successful sojourn in Real Estate one of the major factors in calling time was the significant reduction in personal trust during the Five years.

Lawyers, clients, vendors and even people on the same team were a part of my diminished respect for doing the right thingt.

One of the main themes in the "professional" development training and education was the law of contract, its simple origins and basic meme including such quaint behaviours as spitting on the palm of a hand before a sealing handshake, the passing of a 'sixpence' as "consideration, the inherent power of a verbal contract.
All those binding parts of establishing a contract to supply, to pay, to act in the promised way but above all as matter between parties was the basic honesty of the personal commitment to perform.

In the matter of the two pawns in the St Bedes rowing team enroute to the massive event called The Maadi Cup, tell me again how many eggs in a dozen?

With all the history, legend and aura around the ultimate trophy in secondary schools rowing what a sad reflection on all that with the stupid ill considered and embarrassing act of the two St Bedes pupils.

Surely they must have been aware of the equally stupid action of the old boy of the college when he accessed a door in breach of airport security and was correctly fined admonished and found even as a Cabinet Minister he was not exempt and had to face the repercussions that followed.

Were they so inept at English and comprehension to miss what anybody with an IQ bigger than their shoe size is constantly reminded of, with signage to the point of graffiti.

The two youths, their parents and all the other members of the contingent signed a good conduct and behaviour bond before they departed CHC.
Now after the two soft boiled eggs mounted the luggage carousel at AKL and rode it into the secure baggage area beyond the curtain as a prank their part in the Maadi has been terminated.
That is right up there with equally stupid idiots such as mentioning the word "Bomb" anywhere around an airport.
Security staff are what stands between the public and any potential terror threat that is always in their face and any breach however stupid or even in error will have a potential to elevate hormone levels that can have serious outcomes for those frontline people.

Now those parents are going to the High Court to injunct the college from ending what is possibly the biggest moment in their student careers to date. Well people, stupid has outcomes and in this case it is reasonable not harsh.

Rector Justin Boyle has made enormous strides in taking that great school from the image of Priests and religious stigma that is associated with such places of learning to a pre-eminent place for learning, sport and general excellence and he would have given his response considerable thought before acting to dismiss the two students from the rowing squad.

I earnestly hope that the judge who sits to hear what I suggest is an act of frivolous waste of the courts time gives the litigious parents their beans and backs the college who took all reasonable steps to ensure a successful trip of a lifetime for the many who managed to avoid such dopey stupidity.
If the college gains the victory they deserve then It would be great if the parents who rushed to the courts are made to pay all the costs, however in the light of the idiocy of the recent backing of the Hawkes bay student who was encouraged to defy what thousands of normal people regard as a schools right in making and enforcing rules I am not hopeful.

Another judicial assault on  schools ability to run their business smashed as the HC grants an injunction to the parents and The boys win.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Gerry Brownlee's announcement that the Government was taking steps to protect the identity of service-people being deployed to Iraq is well justified and welcome.    

I am encouraged too that TV1, in a rare move designed to provided some balance to the criticism from some no-name academic who had it the move was unnecessary and designed to intimidate and silence opposition to the deployment, followed up his comments with a media clip highlighting that ISIS had published, on-line, details concerning the families of US troops serving in Iraq and calling on their sympathizers in the United States to take action against them.  

Nothing much changes.     44 years ago the wife of a colleague of mine serving in Vietnam with 4 Detachment NZSAS was rung by some low-life at 3.00 am in the morning with the person pretending to be an Army spokesman and telling her that her husband had been wounded in action and was not expected to live.      

I suspect that those in NZL who support ISIS are capable of much worse.

You Had To Be There!

However from one who couldnt be present there were two incidents that were massive.

Certainly Guptil's double ton was the enduring moment and Boult's four wickets.

Two catches turned that game, Marlon Samuels grassing Guptil on four and that simply amazing exposing of 'class is permanent' when Dan grasped that catch one handed just inches from the rope.

Whatever happens next Tuesday one of two exceptional teams will perish, for me I hope it is not Bazza's  men but as all who just love cricket unconditionally it can turn on one bit of luck completely beyond any one persons control.

Go you great inspiring young men. "Dare to believe "BELIEVE"

Saturday, March 21, 2015

RIP Malcolm Fraser

Australian ex PM Malcolm Fraser died a few days ago, aged eighty-four.

Adolf was a small time Liberal Party branch official at the time Fraser became PM and Whitlam was sacked.

People may not know one of Fraser's greatest political assets was his wife, Tammy.  She was a gentle  little thing and one day some jerk at the ABC was interviewing her.  The left had been criticizing Fraser's wealth, insinuating it made him unfit for office.  At the time there had been many revelations of corruption on a grand scale among those of the left.

Tammy smiled sweetly at the ABC jerk and said:

"Well, you're jolly lucky Malcolm is wealthy.  He doesn't have to steal from the taxpayers like those other people."

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

On A Lighter Note

The Cook's laughing her head off.

Some old girl (102) was interviewed on network news.

"You have remarkably few wrinkles for some one of your age.  What's the secret.?"

"All my life I've sat around on my arse so all the wrinkles are on my bum."

End of interview.

Only in Australia.


The wailing and knashing of teeth from the MSM and the left side of the political divide that accompanied Benjamin Netanyahu's right wing Likud Party's stunning victory in the Israeli General Election is a sight to behold.

I mean how dare the electorate defy the pollsters who confidently predicated a win for Isaac Hertzog's centre-left Zionist Union.

One thing for certain.   President Obama's snubbing of Netanyahu on his recent visit to the US where he addressed a joint sitting of Congress backfired big time and probably contributed to Netanyahu's victory.    I suspect that many Israeli voters took the view that if Obama opposed it, that was sufficient reason to vote for it ... such is the lack of respect that attaches to Obama's lame duck Administration's foreign policy.

At Least They Are Consistent

Adolf has watched with some amusement as the largely leftist media in Australia gets most political predictions absolutely stark bollicking wrong.

First it was the great Liberal Party spill motion which was going to tip out their bete-noire, Tony Abbott.

Didn't happen.

Two weeks later the media told us Turnbull had the numbers to have another go.

Didn't happen.  Turnbull was bullshitting and Abbott's poll ratings are on the rise.

Now the poor bastards are recovering from their greatest disaster so far, the predicted defeat of Bibi Netanyahu.

Didn't happen.  He won - some say thanks to Obama's interference in the election campaign..

Oh what a bastard of a life must it be for a journo employed by Fairfax, ABC or SBS.

John Key can take heart when the egregious Harold prints it's daily line up of anti National headlines.
The media simply is out of touch with the general public.

A gorgeous example the other day.  Chatting to a lady at the local dairy and she opined loudly:-

"If Australia can lose a generation of young Aborigines it's about time we lost a generation of young Arabs."

You'll never see that on the ABC.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I am not sure how many of you are conversant with the unique situation that exists in the Hokianga in respect of the provision of health services.

The story of Dr GM Smith is a fascinating one.    He came to the Hokianga from Scotland in 1914 and set up in private practice working from the Rawene Hospital.     Short story ... he quickly became convinced that the area required an integrated health service that recognized the special needs of a population living in such an isolated area and successfully lobbied Government to establish the Hokianga as a 'Special Medical Area' where all services including the provision of pharmaceuticals are provided free of charge.    This continues to the present day under the aegis of the Holianga Health Enterprise Trust.

Smith has been variously described as hard-working, dedicated, autocratic, unorthodox  and eccentric.   He was noted for a range of medical interventions including the 'painless birth'.    He was a community leader and, for a time, President of the Social Credit movement until they fell out with him or vice versa.   Smith was loved and respected by the people of the Hokianga.     The medical establishment had a less charitable view of him.

I caught up with my old mate Hiku Cherrington the other day and asked him how things were going.   Hiku chairs the Hokianga Health Enterprise Trust.   I had read with a certain amount of skepticism that everyone in the Hokianga SMA were provided with basic dental services (extractions/fillings/cleaning) free of charge and wanted to know how this was working out.     That's a service that the rest of NZL can only look at with wonder.   Hiku told me that they had established and equipped a dental suite at the Hospital and staffed it appropriately but that it was underutilized simply because the locals were failing to present for their 'free' appointments.   I was gobsmacked.

It reminded me of the prediction of Sir Apirina Ngata when he said in relation to the establishment of 'Social Security' by the first Labour Government that "this will destroy my people".    How true ... the handout mentality has lead to the devaluing of a free service which can only be the envy of the rest of NZL.

Sometimes I despair.

It's Just Not Fair!!

 Bernie Madoff sits in a penitentiary for committing a spectacular fraud.

Al Gore, failed Presidential Candidate, and now pin up boy of the "end is nigh" scam variously called AGW, Climate Change, Global warming, Climatic variability, while owning several mansions that would chew up the electricity of a small nuclear reactor, flies around the globe in a private jet that has a carbon footprint of a small town, amasses a fortune directly from the United Nations backed scam and he is free to just keep on doing it.

17 year hiatus in the rise of the world surface temperature that no single theory has accounted for  and now we are asked to believe that Tuvualu's tragedy is because we mere mortals are burning too much fossil fuel.

How about our benighted government just hands all the freakin money extorted from productive effort as a sop to the numpties who believe CO2 is toxic and not the greatest boost to vegetation growth, straight to the poor buggers in the Pacific who now have bugger all of the near nothing they had before Pam came to visit uninvited.

Ms Greensmith and Mr Lenihen are owed an Apology,

At the very minimum!!!

Yesterday at 1130 hrs Whaleoil published a post based on a leaked email sent by one Julie Beven, Resource Manager for consents Auckland City to GRP AC Resource Consenting - All Resource Consenting
SUBJECT: Information about Kauri tree issue last week

It gives the total lies used by the Neighbour, the protestors, the media and by their silence the AC staff, employed to manufacture a scenario that was never revealed, or corrected as mob rule including one Minister of the crown Maggie Barry combining to deny due process to the two applicants for the development.

Yes it is old news but in simple language it documents how law breakers were enabled by a pathetic media and council staff to act with impunity for varied and selfish motives.

Go and read it and if you have time the comments accompanying as they add meat to the bones as to what those who despicably used falsehoods and manipulation to deny the developers their legal rights.

That is real dirty politics in action but as there is no Nikki Hagar involved it will never be published in our idiot MSM


#1      He's made it very clear that he WON"T be shifting to Northland. Commented that if it was good enough for the PM to live in Parnell and represent Helensville then it was good enough for him to live with his partner in St Mary's Bay and commute north.   It's all bullshit.   You can drive from Parnell to Helensville in minutes while it's four hours up to Kaitaia (one way).    They won't be seeing much of him and neither will the rest of Northland.   The reality is that we get an an absentee MP

#2     He won't commit to standing in 2017.   Understandable I guess.    Seven decades of hard living must take its toll.   So, why would you pick a person at the end of his Parliamentary career over Mark Osborne who has the energy, drive  and commitment to make a difference long term.

#3     Vote him in and you get a second MP free (from Invercargill).   May well go down in Southland. Not sure how that helps Northland.

#4.    Puts RMA reform on the back burner.    Elect him and National loses its ability to progress the second stage of the much needed reforms.    Labour, the Greens, NZ First, the Maori Party and United Future are all opposed to the changes.   Northland (and NZ) needs RMA reform to help further unlock its economic potential.   The RMA is an excuse for bureaucracy to run riot with all the attendant cost.   Happy for that to continue? .... I'm not.

#5.    Puts the Free Trade deal with Korea at risk.    NZL is a trading nation and the OAP hates free trade with a passion.     No matter that in the medium term the deal is projected to be worth up to half a billion dollars to the NZL economy.    Anti-free trade and you're anti-farming and farming is big in Northland.

#6     Northland loses its voice in Government.    If anyone thinks that a thrice rejected politician going to enjoy open-door access to Government Ministers then they are dreaming.    He is part of the Opposition.    The Opposition doesn't rate overly high in the pecking order and his record as a destructive and divisive force will see him at the end of the queue.    

I've known WRP for over thirty years.   He's an ego driven bully who works on the principle of 'his way or the highway'.    He doesn't have close friends.   They've figured him out.   Perhaps that explains why Mary-Ann Baker, sometime NZ First candidate in Northland, is out there working as part of Team National to elect Mark Osborne as our next MP.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Can A TV Be Insured Against News Rage.

TVOne infotainment  from 1800 through to 1900 is on because SWMBO says so and as I create a culinary masterpiece, tonight Welsh Rarebit,  the TV is very adjacent , too close for long term security in fact

Tonight they created an Image from the By-election starting with a montage of the pensioner from Auckland again presented top dead centre with Mark Osborne lower left and no other candidates. No Jean Willow Prime from Labour (2nd 2014), no Joe Carr from Focus (candidate 4th 2014), no Robin Grieve from ACT, No Maki Herbert from Aotearoa legalise cannabis party but she has a novel way to raise her profile by admitting she is facing cultivation of herbs charges, and none of the other five who have nominated.

Just the ascendant old pensioner who has a tenuous connection by birth and has not committed to any other activity beyond his attempt to cause a rearrangement of the deck chairs, performs hopefully his last throw of the dice in what he regards as his taxpayer funded  monopoly game, the NZLP candidate training school continues its shameless screeching for team 'Red' and its present proxy or is that poxy.

With the two talking heads reading from their teleprompter and a couple of breathless shills for the socialists, with many stills and movies of crown cars decrying National for actually campaigning.
Oh there was a claim by Benglish it was legal and a swift kick from the Aussie communist.
As if the freakin melon hypocrites wont use Taxpayer funds to sort out which of the four pathetic hopefuls who were exposed on Sunday TV as being almost without any knowledge of the state of the current NZ economy, to accompany the Material girl as an emasculated 'co-leader'.
No mention of just how many Taxpayer funded dollars were spent on Angry Andy jetting around the village to get his union mates to promote him to the NZLP leadership.
The whole item ignored the Candidate who came second to the resigned Mike Sabin only a few months ago. Also missing the salient facts that the OAP from St Marys Bay has not even bothered to give the voters of the electorate the option of voting for a NZ First candidate for at least the last two general Elections and as the Veteran has already pointed out cant even vote for himself  as he doesn't bloody live there.
Whatever the outcome on March 28th his flirtation will end and his oh so current deep concern for the massive potential of the Far North can go back to total ignore once more, a bit like Brigadoon in a way.

Of course The Government will throw every thing into their campaign to assist the OAP back to his resthome, the alternative will be a bloody mess as the ungrateful Possumhead plays silly buggers and the Apartheid party forget who has provided them with real options to make genuine progress for their people, both getting to wield power never intended by many who still think MMP is a great system.
Anything less from Team Key would be a gross dereliction of duty.
Go you good things, Corrin Dann, Katie Bradford, Simon Dellow and Wendy Petrie are flat out in their campaign for the best hope the hopeless temporary bloody leader of labour has as he is struggling to throw Ms Prime under the NZF bus but the useless prick cant even make a decent bloody job of that.

Ah well crisis averted Top Gear on Ch 74 and SWMBO having departed to her bed, I feel better already.

A Suggestion With Merit.

A motorcyclist remains in hospital after colliding with a campervan on State Highway 6 on March 13.

A dashcam with white line sensitive response to warn when a vehicle fails to maintain the white line on the righthand side of its image.

I have an old Gps that sits on my Disco dash for elevation info and it has an annoying voice set to inform me when the speed exceeds 105kph. The voice alone is sufficiently annoying nagging to cause immediate speed reduction.

The source of this simple technology as a solution to a perceived problem with drivers on incorrect lanes causing accidents and including possibly unreasonable  assertions of it being a problem with visitor/tourist drivers,  being promoted as a requirement for rentals.

Why stop there, if the suggestion is supported with reliable cost effective technology have such a basic safety system in all vehicles along with seat restraints, lights, indicators, brakes and the other listed functioning equipment subject to WOF/COF inspections.

Stuff reports a serious crash near Punakaiki on the West Coast that is suggested on initial information had a rental camper in the righthand lane hitting a motor cyclist.

Yes another maybe unwanted extra compliance imposition but one worth consideration IMEHO.

Monday, March 16, 2015


I see the Greens have been successful in having that portion of the Statutes Amendment Bill canned which would see former MPs elected prior to 1999 having their entitlement to annual subsidised overseas travel based on the equivalent of  single return business class airfare to London for self and partner to the same travelling Air New Zealand.

A Statutes Amendment Bill is the fast track legislative route.   It requires the consent of all Parties in order to proceed.   The Greens are perfectly entitled to oppose it notwithstanding that the amendment returns calculation of the 'perk' to as it was when originally approved.    I guess the reason for that was to favor Air NZL over overseas carriers.    Whether the dollar differential amounts to much measured against the ever declining cohort is a moot point.   I suspect the Greens are doing this more for publicity reasons.

But it does again remind us of what happened all those years ago when it was the function of Parliament to fix MPs entitlements.    MPs quickly realised they were on a hiding to nothing in approving increases to base salaries in line with what might or might not be happening in the private or government sectors and instead concentrated on ratcheting up their so called perks in order to to compensate for that. It is only in the last two decades years that MPs have been remunerated based on the concept of the 'total remuneration package'.

And that is how it should and must remain.    I have to confess I am not particularly enamored with the proposal by Government to legislate against the recent decision of the Remuneration Authority which awarded MPs salary increases by up to 5.4% and instead to tie salaries to movements in the State sector.    I would much prefer that the Remuneration Authority issue a determination three months prior to an election fixing entitlements for the next three years.   That would, I think, take the heat out of the issue.

And please, let no-one that MPs are well paid.   A back bench MP is paid about as much as a mid ranking Lieutenant Colonel equivalent in the military or a Deputy Principal in medium size secondary school.    Many MP's would take a salary cut on being elected.      They are not well remunerated by any stretch of the imagination and those who would argue otherwise are saying much about their own level of competence.  



  Good minds can read this.   

7H15 M3554G3 53RV35 7O PR0V3 H0W 0UR M1ND5 C4N D0 4M4Z1NG 7H1NG5!      1MPR3551V3 7H1NG5!    
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If you can read the following, you have a creative mind. 

I cdnuolt blveiee that I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd what I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde    Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in what oerdr the ltteres in a word are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is that the frsit and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still raed it whotuit a pboerlm. This is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the word as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! 

How old are your eyes? 
Can you find the       B   's   

(there are 2 B's) 


Once you've found the B's

Find the 1


Once you found the 1............   …;   .

Find the 6    


Once you've found the 6   …;

Find the N 


Once you've found the N   …;
Find the Q..    


Well done - you can vote - Winston can't

Just Another Example.

How the modern MSM make the news from what was the actual news.

A very hostile media who will never forget or forgive Tony Abbott for ending the luvvies dreamtime with KRudd  and Juliar.
Installing Turncoat is a first step to reinstating the socialist wastrels.

In recent days The AUS PM has attempted to get a debate running on welfare for Aboriginal peoples who want to live in their ancestral lands where there is no prospect for any form of self reliance.
It costs over twice the average investment in a welfare beneficiary in the developed environments to maintain an 'original people' person in the bush and all TA proposed was a debate.

OH no the raving lunatics who inhabit Fairfax and The ALPBC, immediately went feral and attacked the now clearly racist PM for his remarks.
It is a little different over there, draconian "hate speech law" precludes such reasoned discussion and they totally ignored what TA actually said and proceeded to use their slant on the address to give him another bashing.

Here a member of the Tangata Whenua however tenuous their connection is still largely free to return to a home Marae where in all probability due to better climate, soils, water and the sea, opportunities can provide some ability for self reliance and benefit abuse is under somewhat better oversight.
In the Aussie "Bush" there is no water, no roads, no communication infrastructure and even snakes take a weeks food when they go abroad. Hence the extraordinary costs of welfare delivery to the remote places.
The absolute reality is abuse including sexual, violence, alcohol and children who are condemned at birth if not before to a perpetual existence of hopeless squalor
Many sensible Aussies can see that and see TA's effort as a beginning of a necessary dialogue.
 His mortal enemies see  only another opportunity to perhaps slash his Achilles tendons and bring him down. The truth is Tony Abbott of all the political operatives has possibly the greatest credentials to assess Aboriginal life and times in The Lucky Country c2015
Possibly the most daunting fact in these unremitting attacks lie with the vast sums of dosh the federal government hands to his enemies at the ALPBC and the minister  there is his number one enemy one Malcolm Turncoat.

In another world on matters Media has their been a change in editorial at The Listener, they have an interesting oped on Mr Hagar, yes the one who is building a sordid existence based on stolen information.
Where there is life there is hope.

What exactly does the RMA achieve?

 In the large scheme of things economic, bugger all unless the costs imposed on entrepreneurs is counted. 

.For starters it is a lawyer protection scheme that rivals the infamous one dollar a sheep subsidy for  she(a)r stupidity.

It adds many thousands of dollars to the cost of a house, you know the ones every politician wants to reduce the cost of.

It enabled a new supermarket in Wairau Rd  Albany to stand idle for years while Progressive Enterprises lawyers used it to restrain competing grocer Foodstuffs from opening a grocers shop.

It adds gazillions of costs on each and every attempt to build a better NZ while nimbys and others opposed to progress use pro bono lawyers and amateurs and in extreme cases taxpayer funded legal aid,  to raise nefarious arguments in opposition.
Ironically those regressives are ennobled as Progressives.

It enabled disgruntled bludger and neighbour of the legally entitled property owner who had through due process gained consent to cut down an immature Kauri tree as part of a residential development, to thwart the project on personal vindictive grounds.
Had it been my property that bloody tree would have had dieback to write a thesis on as a first step avoiding the Legal process entirely.

Today Cameron Slater highlights a case where to avoid a costly prosecution a farmer paid $10k to an Ashburton District Council slush fund as a financial penalty for cutting and clearing land of Matagouri without "consent" in an abject case of bullying under the Act.

WTF, most farmers who have this very prickly native on their property want to give it the same treatment as imported gorse.
Matagouri of my childhood was a shrubby low growing nuisance plant that only came into play if one fell into it or rode along a track with it growing on the uphill bank, it was quite harsh on bare legs.
It also, as broken twigs ended up in the backwool of grazing sheep and became an annoying problem for shearers. Matagouri is also very effective as an enabling vector in the spread of "scabby mouth" a debilitating viral disease in sheep.
IMEHO there is only one redeeming feature around Matagouri, it does give some shelter from light snowfall for sheltering ovines and  wild pigs.

Of course had that landowner been really wealthy and fought the rubbish all the way to our Supreme Court, then our esteemed Chief Justice would have had to recuse herself as she and poor little rich man hubby were under investigation for unconsented clearance of this now "iconic" lowland shrub on their property on the Lake Sumner Road in days gone by.

Two things have changed for Matagouri  and it has benefitted from both.
The DOC estate has expanded exponentially with Tenure (ten year) Review and much of that land has gazillions of acres of matagouri plants.
The other change involves lowland country that having remained  free of invasive weeds such as gorse, blackberry and broome, has Matagouri flourishing and flourish it does as top dressing and animal manure are of great benefit to it.

Now a bunch of tree huggers masquerading as environmental experts are using this shrub as a weapon under, you guessed it,  Mr Palmers flawed RMA.

Thankfully 'Metsulfrin' works a treat and many acres of good grazing can be created from this pernicious pest that as far as I know has zero benefit to any species other than a deskbound crat vainly making a nest for life in its shelter.

In the closing weeks of the second term Key government, another pernicious pest used his lack of relevance to stifle any moves to bring sanity to the RMA and if the people of Northland send the pinstriped dwarf to Wellington and replace him on the NZF list with the nonentity from Invercargill it will be Deja Vue all over again and the inmates will regain the asylum, again.

Very few cases where the RMA is employed are the aims and outcomes anything to do with "protecting the environment", the single meme employed to gain acceptance in the early days of Palmer's misguided law.
For example as a part of preventing unlocking mineral exploitation on the Wet Coast, some snails were discovered and it was proclaimed these rare and endangered slugs were threatened by any mining development. Alas the poor innocent creatures were placed in a fridge for their protection as evidence and the temperature plunged adding only to the sum of knowledge on cryogenics.
Were those who froze the snails to a better place, prosecuted under the RMA, er no probably because unlike a successful farmer there were insufficient spondulucks available to pay any starving bloody lawyers from such action.

As written and interpreted by a judicial system forever seeking ways to increase turnover and thereby profits, the RMA  is a dogs breakfast and an incredibly successful weapon in the hands of regressives and their enablers.


Congrats to the Labour candidate in the Northland by-election for having the gonads to 'flip the bird' to Hapless Andy and continuing to campaign like her life depended on it.     Being thrown under Winston's bus by her Party Leader can't have been a pleasant experience and clearly the lady is made of sterner stuff and ain't having a bar of it.

Labour Party signage in the electorate outnumbers Winston First by something in the order of three to one. Up here in Paihia there are 63 National signs. 8 Labour signs and zip nothing from the JAFA.

Feedback from the 'Meet the Candidate' meetings in Wellsford and Kerikeri was that Winston came across as tired and running on empty.   The zip wasn't there and the tactic he has employed for the 30 years plus that I have known him of arriving late for maximum effect backfired spectacularly.   It pissed off the people waiting for the meeting to start big time.

Willow Jean, like Mark Osborne, comes across as a passionate Northlander prepared to do the hard yards.   If she had been standing for National and if she wasn't on the Te Tai Tokerau Roll then I might have considered voting for her.

It is a seriously inexact Science.

The devastation of Vanuatu by possibly the most destructive cyclone in recorded history and the apparent comparative lucky escape for NZ show that fact.

While scare mongers and troughers using computer models and scooping up obscene amounts of money to their personal wealth prevaricate over the world's dependence on fossil fuels and a mythical slag heap of garbage around CO2, water vapour, and climate change while planet earth travels over millions of years of a climate in a rough balance, weather forecasters collectively still get things spectacularly wrong.

As Pam was forming in the northern Pacific, it's position was rather basic in having Vanuatu in it's sights, but to suggest then that it would come south to smash NZ was a massive stretch.
Notoriously unpredictable, such creations of nature can resemble  almost mythical monsters as their tracks come under the influence of high altitude winds, surface pressure systems,  land masses large and small, sea currents and a truckload of unmeasurable factors that include mere chance.
With over 3000 kms to travel it is not a very large direction bearing between hitting North cape and missing NZ completely yet we have endured a week of breathless news makers predicting another Cyclone Bola.
By all means make early warnings based on possibilities but could we possibly have some perspective.
While farming just north of the junction of SH1 and SH 7 for ten years around the 3/4 time of the 20th century we endured some serious spring rain events always never seen approaching by the weather gurus but always predicted to locals by a narrow stream of cloud across Mt Grey to the west a couple of days out.
Sometimes the more people know the less they understand and when that simple marker appeared to the residents of Waipara as a signal from nature it was a simple leap to believe that sometimes forecasters should just look out the bloody window to see if what they were saying was actually in clear view.

For the poor buggers in Vanuatu it is an unimaginable disaster both personal and communal and while we talk about lesser matters our focus as a neighbour must be how can we help.
We should collectively thank our lucky stars and put our hands into our pockets.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


It may come as small surprise to some but neither the Vet or Mrs Vet were voting delegates when the Northland Electorate of the National Party selected Mark Osborne as their candidate to contest the by-election.   While I had met Mark on a number of occasions he was very much an unknown quantity to me although I was aware that John Carter rated him very highly.

As it happened and with the Branch Chair otherwise engaged I was invited to chair a meeting for Mark in Paihia a couple of days ago.    I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.   Mark is a big man of the late great Don Oliver variety as befitting his record as a champion bench press weight lifter.    He comes across as forceful, articulate, knowledgeable and sincere and above all, as a passionate Northlander, committed to helping us unlock the economic potential of the region.     He knows the electorate like the back of his hand and commented that in his job as the Assets Manager for the FNDC he drives around 1,000 plus kilometers each week and is familiar with each and every pothole in the Far North. In a previous life he worked in the freezing works at Moerewa, is a chartered accountant and he and his wife own and manage a successful business in Doubtless Bay.  

At 42 he has age on his side (unlike someone else).   He doesn't talk in  cliches (unlike someone else).
He will do the hard yards as a local MP (unlike someone else).  

At the end of the meeting I received unsolicited comment that Mark was everything and more that they wanted as their next MP.

I see that the Mathew Hooten, poor little rich boy from the uber right, reckons that it's a travesty that Northland is going to see 10 bridges on State Highways upgraded to double lane.    Well this Northlander for one is sick and tired of JAFAs bemoaning any investment outside of their version of Sodom and Gomorrah.    We deserve it and if it takes a by-election to bring home the bacon then it's a win for us.  

Peters meanwhile blathers on about turning Northport into a container terminal at zero cost to the taxpayer ... clearly Ann Martin, sometime strong Social Creditor and now his Party President has managed to convince Winston that the A + B theorem was right after all.    And I see too that the OAP from St Mary's Bay is on record as advocating the transfer of $300 million from the 'Roads of National Significance' to help pay for Mayor Brown's train-set.    Peters is refusing to say what roading projects would be canned.    He needs to front up and spell out where the cuts will be made.   Northlanders have a right to know if the Puhoi to Wellsford SH1 upgrade (our economic highway) is one of those projects at risk..  Peters is a true JAFA indeed.  

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It really resonated.

A comment from "George"  on Whaleoil's daily General Debate.

"If ever one needed evidence that the socialists of this country have gone feral then it has all happened this week. We start with Hager's and NZH's desperate attempt to gain traction with "spygate". Then tree huggers invade private property sending death threats to the owners going about their lawful business. The NZTC has cleared a drug user/trafficker to return to the classroom fourteen months after her conviction and to top it all off, some nutter believes babies lives are dispensable but opossums are not.
Socialists struggle with the concept that they are part of a greater society which has rejected their agendas, their philosophies and their lawlessness.
The Socialist's purpose within society has been reduced to seeking acknowledgement by extreme non-talented behaviour. It is beyond socialists to contribute rational debate, entrepreneurial endevour, and common logic.
What is curious though is they choose to live in this society to which they are so opposed. The comforts they enjoy, like the land that was cleared so they could be housed, the recovery of native wildlife and flora being witnessed nationwide, their right to protest about anything and everything and the laws that protect them. And yet the many socialists relying on the sweat of others to provide financial support can still find this country and its society abhorrent but continue to call it home!
I say, "Go to hell". It must be a far better place."

Go you good thing, George.
Many socialists have endless energy to contribute, often funded by the wealth creators they denigrate so avidly, in  attempting to build "Jerusalem" in this green and pleasant land. In the meantime they create only obstruction, interference and greatly reduce the pie that might be shared for the betterment of all.

Mark Twain Said It All.

"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated"
The guts of a cable sent by Twain to the New York Journal after they prematurely published his Obituary.

Obituaries are not always accurate and a British muso  Dave Swarbrick on hearing a false report of his death in a Coventry hospital is quoted to have said 'its not the first time I have died in Coventry".

Moving right along,  a few weeks ago every wank journo in the Aus MSM was musing on the political death of Aus PM Tony Abbott and when he survived a "spill" motion in the party(caucus) room, they moved from the 'obituary' to the 'prognosis'.

He is gone, they chorused in unison as Malcolm Turncoat make that Turnbull if you like, did a Shorten on Abbott.
Shorten was the puppet master who knifed first KRudd, then Juliar Gillard and then was present when the lazarus of The ALP rose to his aspiration to lead the socialist behemoth again only for Tony Abbott to rain on the parade

Turnbull, was the leader of the Liberals who Abbott convinced a narrow majority of the MPs, only a one vote majority actually, that "Turncoat" was somewhere in the middle of the socialists politically and would never topple the dysfunctional rabble that was plunging the Federal Budget into a permanent state of deficit.
In 2013 Abbott scored a crushing defeat on the Milkybar Kid and some of those who found new fame and fortune on the coat tails of that victory started to think their best chance of survival in the face of Abbotts low polling as he and Joe Hockey made a pigs ear of the first budget, was to repeat the disastrous scenario that contributed to the demise of The ALP.
Turncoat milked their fears until they found a scapegoat to fetch the knife.

Now as the realisation of reality settles back in, Abbotts sometimes blundering,  more often telling it like it is, rises again in the polls.
I think he still has to sever his dependence on Peta Credlin,  his polarising Chief of Staff, or she will  sink him again.
For now though Tony Abbott is looking anything but dead and it is Bill Shorten who has the poll virus and all those nervous nellies should get to work as it is still 18 months until the voters have a say then together they can ensure Tony is not a one term PM
Meanwhile Abbott should put Turncoat away from his administration, even find a posting that fits his ego and place a tourniquet on his fatigues because Malcolm in the Middle will try again, that much is certain.
The other certainty is, just as Mark Twain found, eventually the Obituary is actually correct in its  first assumption.