Sunday, August 31, 2014

Great, successful people choose to holiday here

Not according to the Herald

"They're filthy rich and on their way here"

Apparently making $200K per household by the age of 56 is somehow "filthy".

I would have thought it was something to aspire to.

These are successful people we should be welcoming with open arms as tourists.

I have been giving the Herald the benefit of the doubt lately, but have just read the Herald for the last time. 

If they are so hell bent on becoming a rag then don't expect my patronage.

They seem determined to drag our country down to the lowest common denominator.

If this type of tripe is their answer to dropping circulation then maybe they should revisit their question.

Yep been used before and it still has relevance.


Hosea 8:7  For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal: if it shall yield, the strangers shall swallow it up. 

Bomber Harris in response to critics of his Bombing of German Cities,   

The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everybody else, and nobody was going to bomb them. At RotterdamLondonWarsaw, and half a hundred other places, they put that rather naive theory into operation. They sowed the wind, and now, they are going to reap the whirlwind.

Norman Tebbit a long standing Conservative MP who survived the "Brighton Bombing" aimed at Margaret Thatcher and the party leadership and had his career cut short when he left Politics to be with his wife badly injured in that terrorist attack, used it in a lecture on the advance of the permissive society.

Bad art was as good as good art. Grammar and spelling were no longer important. To be clean was no better than to be filthy. Good manners were no better than bad. Family life was derided as an outdated bourgeois concept. Criminals deserved as much sympathy as their victims. Many homes and classrooms became disorderly - if there was neither right nor wrong there could be no basis for punishment or reward. Violence and soft pornography became accepted in the media. Thus was sown the wind; and we are now reaping the whirlwind.

It will be Karma indeed when the current sewers are drained and those gleefully dancing around the smoldering fires that have been lit with stolen data and breaches of privacy for citizens personal correspondence are added to the victim list.
Mr c with his call for a full inquiry may regret such a tactic when similar messaging from his allies and friends are released, as all the data released so far is rather selectively one sided and it may be assumed Slater's computer has communications with many from across the media and the political spectrum.

Either Hagar is naive and being used as a glove puppet or he is up to his bulging eyeballs in sleaze.
Are his various claims around his relationship with the party that removed data from the Whaleoil blog files an admission of guilt or a further move to muddy the waters, maybe both.
He originally claimed he had returned the raw data to the hacker and did not know who it was. since then his position is very dodgy, constantly changing and with the advent of whaledump the sewer is clearly holding a heap of rotting garbage.
Meanwhile Hagar is at present holding a position that the Hacker was a reluctant contributor to his book as he wished to leak selected data via Twitter and had to be persuaded to give Hagar first dibs. Hagar now says the hacker has become a friend.

Those dancing around the increasingly smelly campfire still embrace all that is happening and any damage is yet to be reflected in the polls as anything other than rearranging the deckchairs.

Whirlwinds can often be very destructive and non selective.


I am proud to count Judith Collins as a friend.   That friendship goes back 12 years when she took up the fight to achieve justice for Vietnam veterans and forced the Health Select Committee to conduct an inquiry into our exposure to Agent Orange and the like against the wishes of the then Minister (George Hawkins ... remember him).  

That inquiry culminated in the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Crown and RNZRSA and the Ex-Vietnam Services Association and a raft of measures designed to improve the lot of Vietnam veterans including a commitment to review the War Pensions Act 1954.     That commitment was realised in the passing of the Veteran's Support Act just a few week ago.     The entire veteran community is hugely indebted to Judith Collins.

Judith Collin's has been a particularly effective minister.    Polarizing perhaps, but she got things done in a range of important portfolios.    Judith Collins was never a candidate for 'Yes Minister'.   She called a spade a shovel and if people didn't like that then tough.   She was/is her own person.

I guess like all of us there are things she did which, on reflection, she might have handled differently and Judith would acknowledge that.    But the reality is that the left fueled, media driven campaign against her had the potential, if allowed to run on and on, to seriously undermine National's election campaign.    There comes a point where enough is enough and Judith recognised than and so tendered here resignation.

As for Cameron Slater's e-mail which he has already admitted to having 'embellished' and Judith will have taken considerable heart from the Press Release by the State Services Commissioner released this morning and reproduced below.     I have highlighted the important bits  .....

Press Release by State Services Commission at  9:38AM, 31 Aug 2014

"The State Services Commission was contacted by the Prime Minister's Office over the last 24 hours on this issue."

“Any activity that undermines, or has the potential to undermine, the trust and confidence in the public service to impartially serve the interests of the government and New Zealanders is a matter of concern to me.”

"It is important that Chief Executives and Ministers mutually support each other to carry out their respective roles, in order to work together to serve the best interests of New Zealand and New Zealanders. Ministers are entitled to hold public servants to high standards of trust and performance and, in turn, should respect the role the public service plays."

"I am therefore extremely concerned by an allegation that a Minister has associated with third parties to discuss influencing my assessment of a Public Service Chief Executive.  If true, this would be wholly unacceptable.”

"I told the Prime Minister’s Office that Judith Collins had a positive view of Mr Feeley’s  performance through her time as Minister responsible for the Serious Fraud Office."

"The Commission has reviewed its documentation and sought the recollections of staff responsible for the SFO portfolio at the time in coming to this view.  This includes the period following the date of the email in October 2011 released today by the Prime Minister.  Earlier in 2011, Judith Collins had raised with me the appropriateness of Mr Feeley’s consumption of a bottle of champagne following a media inquiry.

“It was appropriate that she spoke to me about this matter and my view on the matter was released publicly at the time."

"Any campaign to undermine my confidence in Adam Feeley’s performance was entirely ineffective and unsuccessful.  He was a strongly performing Chief Executive through his tenure for his work in transforming the SFO and vigorously pursuing criminal conduct in respect of finance company collapses.”

I would be very happy to consider Mr Feeley’s return to the Public Service in the future.”


It would be entirely premature for me to thank Judith for all her good works.   She will work to clear her name and the SSC PR is a great start.   She will be back and won't the dark side of politics hate it.


So, let me get this straight

Nicky Hager obtains messages between Cameron Slater and associates that implicate staff in the Prime Minister's office and the Minister of Justice in significant wrongdoing.  According to the Prime Minister, this constitutes nothing more than a baseless left-wing conspiracy theory.

Senior National Party officials obtain a message between Cameron Slater and associates that implicates the Minister of Justice in significant wrongdoing.  According to the Prime Minister, this constitutes a serious matter that requires the Minister to resign and a full investigation to be carried out.

I'm confused...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Minister is shot down with stolen weapons.

 But the war continues.

Judith Collins resigns from cabinet  to fight the latest in an avalanche of  unprecedented personal attacks largely based on stolen email traffic.

The Media claim a scalp and add it was not from the garbage in the Hagar saga.

Well no,  but it was from part of the proceeds of crime stolen from Slaters electronic hardware during or soon after the DDOS attack earlier this year.

Do those reveling in the demise of The Honorable Judith Collins truly want every private word of those who would rule us revealed out of context and in the total absence of any semblance of the law of privacy.

If so then we are being short changed, by the media, and the coalition of desperation funded and manipulated by the Puppet Master in Coatsville.

The dark arts of politics that so many would ask the public to believe were a creation of National and Cameron Slater, reveal only a very selective memory and little regard for truth,  honesty and history.

Judith Collins has been one of the most effective, productive and hard working ministers, I hope her standing down translates into positive poll figures as that is the best response NZ can give to the Hydra and those who seek to benefit from the proceeds of crime.

Friday, August 29, 2014


I'm breaking ranks in defense of Winston.    There was an approach made and  I am now in a position to confirm the identity of mystery 'snout' spilled the beans.    His name is a Mr Johnnie Walker and he and Winston have enjoyed a serious relationship over many years to the point where Mr Walker is Winston's alter ego and vice versa.

Clearly Winston believes there was an approach in the same way that he truly believes that a Cook Straight ferry bumped into a Russian submarine; that he never received a donation from Owen Glen; that the iconic Huka Hodge had been sold to the Chinese; that he has never been to Coatsville and the list goes on and on.

Winston talks in his cups and the media fawn over him as they like to indulge him as free entertainment.   The reality is that he is a slightly doddery old man, focusing on past imagined glories, and all the while desperate for a headline to prove he is still alive and kicking.

Winston can of course prove me wrong by naming names but he can't and won't because that would put his allegations under a microscope and Winston can't afford that to happen .... some might go as far as to call him a coward for not fronting up but that would be going too far.    Blame his old mate Jonathon Walker, blame anyone, but never call Winston to account .... oooops, I think I just did.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

You Culdn't Make It Up

Adolf chuckled this morning when he read the Herald's headlines.

What is it about the labour Party that brings it to fuck up absolutely everything it touches?

Turns out their picture perfect young couple used to promote their never able to be implemented housing policy are not looking to buy a home.

".....she conceded they weren't actively in the market to buy.
"We haven't actively been looking for a home to buy in the near future - that's definitely not our goal - our goal is to have a home in a few years. We're trying to start a family.""
No wonder these guys are heading for third party status.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Public Service Announcement

Most right-wingers are contemptuous of the very concept of 'rape culture,' in fact there was no shortage of them peddling 'uncovered meat' fallacies in the wake of the Roastbusters scandal.  So, in a perverse way I'm almost grateful to the repulsive cretins of @Peace for providing us with a teachable 'rape culture' moment that right-wingers won't immediately dismiss out-of-hand.

Their song "Kill the PM" includes the following, addressed to that PM, one John Key, and his daughter, Stephanie Key:

One of these days I'm gonna fuck your daughter
This poor boy gonna make his seed
All the way up in your girl
Hello, Miss Key

For the Pete Georges of this world, what's offensive about the above lyric is that it's very rude to the PM and his daughter, talking about having sex with her - how dare they?  But that's just twats berating twats - what's actually, genuinely offensive about the above lyric is it's a powerful expression of rape culture.

If you're thinking he didn't say he was going to rape her, you're missing the point.  Here's the rape culture involved:

1. The most obviously rapey bit is that whatever interest or distinct lack of interest Stephanie Key might have in letting this ambulatory excrement within touching distance of her apparently isn't relevant from his point of view.

2.  The less obvious, but far worse, rapey bit is the matter of why this turd-on-legs wants to fuck Stephanie Key - not because of her appearance, her personality or any of the other, mundane, trivial reasons two people might fuck.  No, the reason he wants to fuck her is he thinks squirting semen in her would be a suitable gesture of contempt for her father.  That's rape culture right there, folks. Attitudes to sex and to women don't get much more poisonous than this - quite an achievement for a self-proclaimed Green voter...

UPDATE:  realised I've unfairly maligned Pete George in this post - from the look of recent Kiwiblog threads, he actually gets what rape culture is.  Apologies, Pete.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Churches and Politics

Kiwiblog has a post about some Christchurch  Anglican and Methodist parishes displaying overt political bill boards.

Some of the comments display breathtaking ignorance.

One in particular lamented that Christians should do more to get involved with politics.

I don’t know what more Christians can do.  To my knowledge Christians in New Zealand have a fine tradition of ‘getting involved' in politics.   A number of eminent politicians have been Christians.  A few I can recall from my own Presbyterian denomination include the late Sir Jack Marshall, Dame Jenny Shipley, Chris Auchinvole and Winnie Laban.  I’m sure there are more.

One of the reasons no overtly Christian political party has ever succeeded is that middle New Zealand abhors the high jacking of their religious convictions for political purposes.  We do not wear our religion on our sleeves and instead we prefer to just quietly get on with the job and let our Christian faith shine through in the way we do that job.

The Christchurch parishes in question have allowed their churches to be highjacked by political activists and as a result those who hold opposing political views will quietly leave.

In the Presbyterian parish of which I was a member for twenty eight years there was an unwritten rule – leave your politics at home.  Thus, I was able to serve on various committees with people of all political persuasions, including a lady who was a far left Marxist and member of the infamous ‘peace movement’ of the seventies and eighties.   In this way the peace, unity and harmony of the parish was preserved, something about which  the fools in Christchurch have no idea.

The realists speak

The price of land may limit the benefits of the National Party's new promise to first-home buyers, the Registered Master Builders Association says.

This is not surprising.

National’s housing policy doesn’t address the problem, it simply provides a band-aid solution.  And a shallow one, that is likely to seep and bleed for years.  It saddens me to say that but in reality it displays a willingness to accept failure in the housing market.  As the eminent professor says in the article:
However, Auckland University professor of property Laurence Murphy said although the National policy of providing a higher KiwiSaver grant to a couple buying a new build may support a group of people today, there was no guarantee the next generation would benefit.

He said it did not necessarily address the wider issues of housing affordability.

Kiwisaver was set up to make sure we could save for when we needed the money in our later years. It also helps the country's current account balances. So-called "affordable housing" can mostly only be achieved where supply exceeds demand, and where the cost of housing comes down. We should help these two things by making more land available and cutting compliance costs. That’s exactly what RMB is saying, and unashamedly, is exactly what Act is saying also.  But because Act is not offering bribes, it gets little cut-through.

There is a good reason why land inside Auckland's urban boundary is 8 times more expensive than land outside it.  Politicians then get annoyed at this and criticise landbankers. But landbankers are incentivised to do so by governments that refuse to release land for development. Realizing all of this is too hard to solve, or burying their collective heads in the sand, politicians then decide that taxpayers should pay for someone who wants to buy their first home.

The cost of $218 million is likely to end up like the Green Party's budget costs - grossly underestimated and wrong. That's because once you make something "free", demand for it increases. That'll mean more people are likely to take up the offer, meaning we are all going to pay more. Eventually the chickens come home to roost on "free money" and that's when you run out of it like Margaret Thatcher famously said.

Then comes the problem of savings being directed into housing, which many commentators and politicians over the years have said is wrong to do. Capital should at the very least be directed towards more productive areas, so the politicians tell us. But when it comes near to an election, all is forgotten.

The final problem with this is one that is sad but inevitable. In my job I see many young couples starting a future together, yet the statistics tell us most won't end their lives still together. When they split up the relationship money is divided up. Their Kiwisaver money and taxpayers contributions are divided up and paid out. The money never ends up back in Kiwisaver where it came from. Instead it is used on life's wants, rather than its needs. 

That's their savings, and our tax money pretty much flushed down the drain.

Monday, August 25, 2014

More dirty money in Mega

Following on from my old mate Adolf's post below, comes this beauty:
Kim Dotcom says he had no idea there were questions over money invested in the filesharing website Mega by another shareholder facing scrutiny from police.

It has emerged today that William Yan, who is also known as Bill Liu, has had shares totaling 18.8% of Mega, the encrypted filesharing site Dotcom masterminded into existence.

The shares were among millions of dollars in asset seized by police in a raid on the exclusive Metropolis building in Auckland during an investigation into allegations of money laundering. Mr Yan is not facing any criminal charges and Dotcom is not connected to the investigation.
In case dear readers had forgotten, Bill Liu has his own murky history explained by Lord Farrar here.

Words escape me.

This is the most unbelievable election I can recall for a very long time. And it is far from over.

Meanderings (Updated)

Will the Electoral Commission launch an inquiry into the machinations of DotKrim and all his hangers on?

Will the DotKrim menagerie turn into the biggest legal and financial debacle in NZ's history when authorities seek to recover all his ill gotten gains??

Will DotKrim's extradition hearing be presided over by Judge Phillipa Cunningham?  Does he make her laugh?

Will Tame Iti make a good politician?   Recall how Tariana Turia was vilified by the right early in the piece.  She turned out to be a extremely competent politician, showing more common sense and moral rectitude than many of her detractors.

Is a modest electoral bribe by National in the form of its housing policy better for NZ than a change of government?

Are the fools over at Kiwiblog who refer to Tama Iti the same fools who talk about John Keys?

A Voting Conundrum - Part 2

On Saturday afternoon (late) the Labour Candidate for Tukituki, Anna Lorck, held a street corner meeting on the corner of our street. No one turned up so she resorted to door knocking and our neighbour sent her over to us saying that we were from Central Hawkes Bay - her home patch as well as ours. I quickly gave her the message that neither Labour or any other party on the left would be getting our votes. I also raised the following with her - 1. How could she support a leader as stupid and arrogant as David Cunliffe - the man who gifted two safe Labour seats to National by sacking the democratically elected HBDHB some years ago. No real response. 2. How could she and Labour support the Kim Dot Com party given his overseas criminal convictions and impending extradition hearings - she stuttered and stammered and repeated the party line that Labour was not supporting his party and was in no way convincing. She then scuttled back to her street corner. In all a lightweight candidate and a lightweight performance.

Lucky Indeed the Herald on Line is Unbiased

Published online today
Pam Corkery nearly upstaged Kim Dotcom's Internet Party's campaign launch. Right, John Key. Photo / NZ Herald

Possible alternatives

Should have carried an authorisation statement????

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pam Corkery for Pope

Fuck did I enjoy this story on 3News.  The journos took their revenge, of course, with 3 News saying "The Internet Mana election launch has ended in disaster," but from the viewers perspective it ended in the totally awesome spectacle of Pam Corkery giving the assembled journos a right bollocking, and accurately characterising Brook Sabin (who, despite the name, is male) as a "puffed up little shit."

This is shaping up to be the best election campaign since 1984, regardless of who wins...

Disgusting bribe, oops smart politics

I could write a lengthy post on why National's housing policy is terrible, but it's boring philosophical diatribe, so the simplest way to describe it is this: When Labour bribed students in 2005 it was decried by the Nats as shameless and a disgraceful bribe.  But when National bribes the lower and middle class with my money (because I own a house so can't take advantage of the "subsidy"), it appears to be described as "smart politics".

I don't want to hear anything from my National Party mates when Labour increase the $20,000 subsidy to $40,000 in a few years.  Because I'll throw it back at ya.

And finally, I thought the Muldoon days showed subsidies made the country bankrupt.  Oh well, I guess it'll become someone else's problem in a few years and John Key will be playing golf in Hawaii  by then.  When doing so, he'll likely be shouting "fore", which, funnily enough, is exactly the same word I'm shouting out now.

The problem is, no one's listening or cares.

Thats Just The Media Person!

The SKASFETUS ( Save Kim Aka Schmitz From Extradition To United States) Party of conveniences  launched their diversionary tactic today, the main man arrived , avoided reporters , made his speech from the throne and avoiding serious questions then departed in another vehicle.
Now the speech included references to his conviction in Germany for "hacking".
So in the interests of clarification that gave some legitimacy to questions around his possible involvement in the DDOS attack on Slater's computers, the subsequent hacking of the emails and the surfacing in Hagar's Saga and Blogsite whaledump with the concerted attacks on The Nats, Key Collins and others that has the authorities sitting on their hands.

It was left to the Media Manager to make his avoidance interference, function.

Who you ask, well none other than the voice, Pam Squawkery, bullying, screeching Banshee and with use of expletives she put the press in their place.

TvOne news deleted the expletive from her rant and it was completely unnecessary, some words are very obvious to even those with no abilities around lip reading.

"...You want to interview Kim, who said no interviews, about a 19-year-old story. You work in news you puffed up little sh*t," said Ms Corkery.

Pam Corkery. (Source: ONE News)

"Charming" I must say

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Doing Its Job For Labour

The Herald, that is.

Here are ALL the headlines this morning from their politics page.  Spot the common theme.

Editorial: 'Crusher' must be put in her place

Minister's staffer took part in blog

Collins grants blogger's request in just 37 minutes

Jones lobbied Govt over Liu's partner

Here's some news for the Herald.

 Crusher is in her lace - around the cabinet table.

All parliamentary staffers read and comment on blogs.

It would be news if the OIA had deliberately been delayed - Phil Goff ring any bells?

Oh dear, anything to smear their traitor Jones who must simply be laughing his arse off as Labour continues to slide in the polls.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Why didn't they stop the Nonsense at Moa.

I have a very strong familial and emotional link to the establishment and subsequent expansion of the "Iron Roads"  that along with coastal shipping were so essential to the growth of our country from European Settlement until the mid twentieth century.

There was no alternative.

To move livestock to Slaughter, meat to ships, coal to Industry, wool from woolshed to sale center then on to ports and in more limited ways the transport of people around the growing nation a rail network was the only viable land based infrastructure.

During the later decades of the 19th and the initial three decades of the 20th centuries, Most roads were but mud tracks with shingle/metal only applied to parts that were vulnerable to seepage , flowing water and in times of heavier use to overcome mud.
For what was then heavy transport often the season dictated passage.

As the rail network was being completed with the terrain challenged coastal part of the SI main Trunk from the Conway to the Ure rivers opening in 1945 many branch lines, had been, were being closed or facing such termination.

When the Governement sold NZR and got the hell out of Dodge it was possibly the most necessary and foresight enhanced decision of all the early asset sales and selling Coalcorp when Key came to office would have been equally beneficial to the NZ economy.
Cullen purchasing all the unprofitable arms  back from Toll was a moment of complete commercial ignorance.
Now another stupid statist socialist wants to add to the pile of stupidity by "investing in Hillside Workshops"  as a save the reds in Dunedin move.
There might be a vote or two in his brainfart but I sense too many have tumbled such inane stupidity and it will have minimal influence.

Ele at homepaddock posts an excellent piece on this and points out most if not all who wish to work have found places elsewhere and often in enterprises that occupy the site that will have to be vacated if Cunliffe adds his wet dream to Cullen's.

Just another little topup to be added to the 28 Billion and counting!!!

A Clear Illustration of Lack of Balance.

plus the massive dangers such biased incompetence will generate.

The saturation coverage of things political, since the warped witterings of Hagar hit the booksellers, by what is euphemistically called media, one month out from an election, is seriously undermining a basic foundation block of our democracy.

Cameron Slater is a political animal, his Dad was and still is at or very close to the party machine that handles the management spheres of National.
He grew up with leading National political figures dominating his formative years.
Now as a very unique, informed person, possessing significant political links to a wide variety of influential people, he has developed the number one political blog in this country with daylight to second, the more apparently acceptable effort of David Farrer.

The media have for nearly two weeks indulged in a campaign to make copy from the very selective data stolen from Slaters computers during or soon after the DDOS attack early this year and published by Green Party Prince of Charlatania going by what I and others consider to be an effeminate diminutive, Nicky.

During this feeding frenzy around a body that seriously refuses to bleed in the water, every single political journo totally refuses to ever investigate any possibility that "They do it too".
Helen Clark once said "I cannot by definition ever leak".

“In response to Parliamentary questions over the Doongate affair, Helen Clark today claimed that it is up to her to decide when she leaks material to the media.
“She is trying to give herself immunity from the conventions of Cabinet collective responsibility, and has signalled that she is prepared to leak confidential information whenever she likes.
“That should be a chilling admission to anyone who disagrees with Helen Clark.  It’s a dangerous precedent and an affront to democracy,”

Working out of the campaign Headquarters of the socialists are a bunch of bloggers who have been and may still be active in The Standard a political blog claiming to be the mouthpiece of the NZLP.
Greg Presland aka 'Micky Savage, lprent the self proclaimed sysop who is in reality Lyn Prentice, Clinton Smith of Hey Clint fame aka Steve Piersen, and Martyn "Bomber " Bradbury now at the other socialist hatespeech center, The Daily Blog, have all at various times published very supportive stuff of the cheerleaders of the red  piranhas,  that has to be based on information that came from the very inner sanctums of the guts of the Labour party. Ex General Secretary prior to Timmy Barnett is a co trustee of The Standard and writes there under his name Mike Smith.

Some of the content that eventuates on The Standard is very unpleasant reading and not for the faint hearted yet the media output in the wake of Hagar's saga would suggest National and Cam Slater not only discovered the dark arts, they are still the only purveyors.

That is bollocks and they know it, they just choose to ignore what might bring balance to their efforts.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

IT was Murder Not an execution FFS.

OK  I have breathed through my nose for days,  tonight, I am sorry, but that is enough of just getting angry.

No I have not watched the cold blooded killing of American Journalist James Foley and will assert it was absolutely nothing to do with execution in any form of accepted judicial comprehension.

I understand that to hold a job today in journalism there are parameters around how matters are reported on Islamic activity.
Being the religion of peace they get special consideration so whereas a religious nutter in say Northern Ireland might go on a murderous rampage in the aftermath of an Orange March and kill a Catholic who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time it wont be described as Execution.
However if a warped minded pom should travel to Syria to fight with the Jihadists and under the watchful eye of a video camera hack the head off an American Journalist it could not possibly  be murder it suddenly transforms into an "Execution".

Execution in relation to ending the life of a fellow human refers to state sanctioned judicial killing with due process according to  law.
Slaughter, murder, manslaughter, even death by accident or negligence will be covered in laws and not be executions

This latest killing of a Journalist captured doing his job is never in any way an execution.
I have never heard the term execution used to refer to death in Gaza except in relation to "carrying out", otherwise we get murdered , slaughtered, killed in attacks, collateral deaths, massacre!!!

Is it too much to ask journalists even those who for whatever reason support Islam, Palestine, or any other bunch with a relevance to the followers of the strange dude with an odd attitude to little girls, could describe the killing of Mr Foley as Murder, for that was exactly what it was.
He was in the warzone armed with a camera, a pen and a laptop and was more valuable in the long view if the cause of the Islamists has any merit.

He was captured in November 2012, so he was  waiting for many months with all the accompanying stress and terrible mind torture of knowing nothing of his fate, then butchered like a dog just because he had the wrong passport.

So to the Media Numpties who  understand very little and know even less, James Foley was killed, slaughtered, butchered or murdered take your pick but Executed he was most certainly not.
The poor bastard is still dead and the blood thirsty fucking thugs can rest assured his suffering is mercifully at an end.
His family, friends and colleagues, not so lucky, they will suffer this abomination  for as long as they live.

RIP James Foley.

It has Plausible Writ Large.

As the drip drip of the very selective revelations from the smelly but uncomposted bin of illegally obtained emails that Hagar presented with such well orchestrated effect and now has the coalition from hell sensing a successful battle against #Team Key, more of us want to know who is the Puppet Master as unpublished raw data is released.

Number one suspect who fits motive, opportunity and ability functions, is the fat fuck from Coatsville with substantial assistance of sycophants and the stupid inept both owned and bought and the desperate useful idiots.
Not necessarily the mastermind but it could be within TFF's  sphere to "get the fix in", to totally subvert our fragile democracy.

Towards the end of his AM show Shaun Plunket explored some lines as to who could be behind what has been a quite well executed battle plan, with Chris O'Connell of  TUANZ and although they did not name a prime suspect, O'Connell put a bunch of very scary nerds in the frame.

About a decade ago many in and around the internet began to suspect a bunch of super hackers going under the name of "Anonymous" who have variously been called; 'internet terrorists', 'internet anarchists', 'internet freedom fighters' who with increasing notorious activities led "Time Magazine" to include the nefarious bunch in their list of "100 most influential in the world".
Some of the actions attributed to the "Anons" make for very scary reading as to their reach and the apparent failure of the Law and Authority to combat them

To be successful as a "hacker" one of the basics is to stay hidden as exposure leads to serious legals and total loss of face and prestige.
Such outcomes, in O'Connell's opinion removed TFF of Coatsville as a member of Anonymous but did concede he would be well placed to purchase the material Hagar and Whaledump have used.

The more one discovers about the exploits, proved and suspected to have been perpetrated by the very loose but very effective group going by the umbrella name of Anonymous, the firmer the belief that the term "Internet Al Queda" is not a big stretch as a descriptive.

Whoever is the source of the stream of criminal activity that is being used in the attempt to corrupt our democracy, so shamelessly being enjoyed and celebrated by the opponents of #Team Key, it will matter little if they are successful as it will have a devastating effect on any remnant  shreds of  the increasingly eroded myth of freedom of speech and expression.
The concerted efforts of H1 and her sycophants with the Electoral Finance Act and related attempts to diminish rights to promote political views at variance to those of the government, were but  a warning,  this latest manifestation is even scarier and much more  insidious.
Collins dropping a name to a blogger will be but very minor if all contact between those who hold the secrets and those who wish to disseminate such info by way of leak and hint will be a distant memory and those who would rule us will be emboldened and empowered while we  the peasants will be the losers.

First they came for the leakers and I did nothing as I dont leak.
Then they came for the bloggers and I did nothing as I did not blog.
Then they came for the Journalists and I did nothing as I was not a Journo.
Then they came for those polies who opposed them--------------??????????

Whether TFF is involved we may never know but he is with little doubt a potential beneficiary of the current potential cluster fornication.
The best defense is two ticks National and then we can return to where it began and debate the way we used to with salacious gossip between the Polies, the media and the political junkies while the masses or the few at the center of the pendulum decided who would sit on the Speakers Righthand.


Now that rumours are beginning to swirl about David Cunliffe's long standing trysts with an eminent person it is interesting to reflect upon the virtue of having political leaders who actually sleep with their own wives and nobody else. 

On the plus side, I'd expect previous leaders like Jim Bolger, Jenny Shipley, Jack Marshall and Rob Muldoon to have been on the straight and narrow.  What about the other side's heroes?  David Longe?  

It's no wonder Cunliffe has been making so many dreadful mistakes.  It must be a full time job remembering what lies he has told his wife.  If their wives can't trust them, I don't want serial philanderers running the country or a major city.  How ironic it will be if the email thief releases Cameron Slater's up to date information on Len Brown's alleged continuing use of prostitutes.

BTW, on another topic, has anyone seen any polling from Te Tai Tokerau?  Does Mana stand a chance in any of the other Maori seats?


In a display of major hypocrisy Phil Goff seems to be pre-empting the SIS inquiry and is loudly calling for John Key to resign. This of course is the same Phil Goff who, as I understand it, leaked the Don Brash `Gone By Lunchtime' comment to the media some years ago. Goff has been almost completely anonymous since resigning the Labour leadership but now he appears to be making a resurgence. Is he planning to throw his hat in the ring to replace the unlikeable and unelectable David Cunliffe after the election? If he is he should pick his fights better because he is flogging a dead horse here and will also be if he takes on the Union dominated Labour leadership election process.

Way to lose the moral high ground, dumbasses

How things change in a week.  Last week, the left had the moral high ground.  Hager has an excellent "public interest" defence for the use of stolen documents in his book, because he ignored all the personal stuff and published only the details of black ops by the governing political party and its operatives.  The government was accordingly on the back foot.

This week, the creeps who stole the documents are drip-feeding the lot into the public domain, including all the personal conversations full of gossip and intimate detail that there is no public interest defence whatsoever for publishing.  This is, in fact, "the left" engaging in dirtier politics than the people they're criticising - if you thought it was bad for Cameron Slater to publish the gory details of Len Brown's sexual activities, at least he hadn't stolen the info he published.  And this is far worse than the Len Brown story because the content published by Whaledump has a lot of personal info in it about non-involved third parties.

Naturally, this being salacious gossip and all, the nation's alleged "journalists" are lapping it up.  Well, everyone's got to make a living, I guess, even bottom-dwellers.  And "the left" in general?  Well, take a look at this thread over at The Daily Blog: the obnoxious blowhard who wrote the post most likely knows who the thief is, and the braying imbeciles commenting are enough to make you vote ACT. Sick fucks.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Journo scum

In an episode of the sadly underrated "Filthy, Rich and Catflap," Richie is revealed as being suited to a career in tabloid journalism:

Ralph Filthy:   This is no time to mince with words, Eddie. We must be honest. Richie is a lying, cheating, vicious right-wing bastard with the sexual sophistication of a mentally retarded donkey. Which means, you are ideally suited to be...
Richard Rich: [disgusted]   A journalist?
Ralph Filthy:   Yeah.
Richard Rich:   You mean...
[puts on his hat]
Richard Rich:   join the scum?
Edward Catflap:   Become a journo?
Ralph Filthy:   Yes.
Edward Catflap:   What shall we do for an encore, Filthy, set fire to a hospital?

I was reminded of it by this story in this morning's New Zealand Herald, which, appropriately enough, is a tabloid:  Revealed: Slater's messages with a former prostitute.  The story names the woman and spills enough dirt on her to put her in significant danger.  Natch, it does nothing but tease a bit about the customers involved:  a "senior lawyer," a "top businessman" etc.  Which means damn near every senior lawyer or top businessman in the country just developed a strong interest in seeing to it that this woman gets a clear message.  Newsworthiness thereof 0, sleaze value 100.

You can tell the quality of a newspaper (more accurately, the distinct lack of it) in how quickly it can shift from "These leaks are a moral outrage!" to "Yo, watch me use the leaks to fuck up this hooker."  The Herald appears to be lightning fast in this respect.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Semi final

Dotcom to serve.

15/0 – a nice serve by Dotcom, he aced Slater all ends up and Slater never saw it coming.

15/15 – Slater returns the serve of Dotcom with vengeance, using Tempero as his playing partner.

15/30 – Slater on fire here.  He is obviously hacked off as he discovers more of it going on.

30/30 – Dotcom fends off the attack from Slater by using Hager in his defence who says Dotcom wasn’t the source. 

I think deuce is looking very likely in the first set.