Saturday, May 31, 2014

Of Course the Vicious Beast Has Been Killed, Make that Put Down or even better Humanely Destroyed

'Blood everywhere' in seal attack

An elderly man is in a serious condition after a seal attack on New Plymouth's Coastal Walkway.

A DOC spokes person has defended the seal as the Old bloke had entered the seal's territory.

No point asking why a Chihuahua would be given no such reprieve and could be dead by sundown.

He Clearly Didn't Read How it Ended?

Did Christopher Cairns take the tales of Lance Armstrong along as reading on his recent trip to London?

He made a passable imitation of the seven or however many years of denial from the now disgraced Bike rider, on his return to Auckland.

Better finish the story Chris it all ends rather badly but of course so far nothing is proved and certainly it could be assumed Mr Vincent has been in some very dark places.

That said, I am very disappointed at what those guilty greedy manipulative bastards have done to a game I have loved for ever.

Are The Inmates in Charge at the Assylum?

No nothing to do with the current conniptions in the NZ political left, this is about the intellectually challenged Mafia who run Australasian Rugby League.

Brent Tate,  ex Warrior, and current midfield back for the Maroons was left shaken for some minutes after being lifted and dumped by NSW's Josh Reynolds in Wednesdays State of Origin encounter in Brisbane.

Several weeks ago the controlling body of Australasian Rugby League went through a whole lot of faux outrage after Alex McKinnon of the Newcastle ARL team was left a quadriplegic in a Club game against Canberra when in a gangtackle his head was driven under his body and he tragically broke his neck.
In that tackle there was no lifting, certainly to any degree as evidenced in Reynolds on Tate.

For ever in the leadup to internationals between Kiwis and Kangaroos there have been an incredible list of incidents in ARL Club games that have seen key Kiwi players coincidentally banned for variable periods including the date of an upcoming  Test. Absolutely no connection between that date and a possibility that the player could threaten the desired result wanted for the Kangaroos, sheesh that could call into question the morals and standards of that fine body of men charged with running the game.

Now that glaring aura of inconsistency has again been exposed with the astonishing leniency afforded Reynolds and his availability for remaining SoO games, where The NSW 'Blues" are seeking to break a  seven year series losing streak.
All the great sounding heartfelt concerns to eliminate potential life threatening and in McKinnon's case career ending dangerous tackles, has without ceremony been dumped into file thirteen.

For ever it has also been clearly evident that the judiciary response to incidents in State of Origin spectaculars has been demonstrably less onerous for dangerous play, fighting and all round old fashioned Biff than in the weekly club games, unless of course it involves a key member of a Kiwi selection for an upcoming Test..
This latest clanger where Reynolds was allowed to plead guilty to a vastly downgraded charge and thereby remain a starter for Game 2 is right up there in the list of manipulations to allow advantage seen as desirable by the totally discredited officials running the ARL and equally suspect as to motives appointed judiciary.

I guess that should not be so surprising as those sitting in judgement are clearly descended from convicted criminal stock where such inconvenient facts are to be ignored as barriers to the successful running of the 'Game'.

That outcome is also extremely insulting to now severely disabled Alex McKinnon who has subsequently been placed in a manufactured position to assuage any lingering guilt for the games Mafia, all that wailing and faux expressions of making the game safer just went out the window of ARL HQ.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Couldn't Make this stuff Up. Could you?

Police are investigating a reported disturbance outside the "Dancing With Yesterdays Stars Ballroom".

The affray was spontaneous and appeared to begin when alleged red haired ex brothel owner started clawing at the eyes of a slim mature grey haired lady who the ginga claimed had called her an old pimp.
The as yet unidentified member of greypower was said to have screamed, "I Said Gimp, not pimp, you old tart".

Meanwhile a bunch of aging male "E" list  patrons were seen arguing with a large man with a foreign accent over who would pay for a taxi.
One bystander was heard singing something like;
"Kimi only had one ball,
Kumi had two but very small,
The Hone had no Cajone,
And poor  deLaila had no balls at all."

Things deteriorated when an unidentified bystander yelled put a Corkry in it and the police withdrew whistling music eerily similar to the theme tune from Bridge over the river CRY

Green Party Prime Minister elect has called for an inquiry but all inquirys were said to be overcome with embarrassment and declined to step up unless their share of the loot was increased and correctly pointed out as true supporters of workers rights it was actually after five pm.

Winny Depleters could not be reached for comment and it was claimed recently refurbished CBD eatery 'The Green Spiggot' was closed for a private function.

Update ;  A spokesperson for Capital and Coast Health has reassured the public rumors of an escape of persons detained under the Mental health Act are exaggerated but on further questioning, admitted there are ongoing inquiries into irregularities over the status of some day clinic clients.


There is a German Bagman running around trying to buy the 2014 New Zealand Election. What is more he has criminal convictions and is wanted by the Yanks who will no doubt put him in the slammer if they ever get there hands on him. When are you going to denounce him??

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Dance Of The Increasingly Desperate.


The "dance card" for those of more tender years was the program each female patron of a dance held to allow males to "book" a dance with a woman they might fancy, wish to spend time with or sometimes she could be 'chosen' for reasons of compatibility and/or a shared talent for a particular dance. Remember these were the days of the destiny, the maxina, the gay gordons, the gypsy tap, the quick step, two step and the lancers among them. Somewhat more varied and technical than the shambling solo efforts called dancing c21st century, entail.

By the time I started that wholesome contact sport opportunity, the dance card had reached its useby date except for some of the debutante coming out balls, but my father was want to regale us with tales of the highly competitive activities around getting on a lady's card sometimes produced.No texting , sexting, facebook or twitter then.

Since the advent of MMP there has been considerable debate on the tactical aspects of making the system perform to advantage with particular focus on getting the message out about the two votes and maneuvering around the coat tail advantage of winning an electorate seat,

Much angst came with Fitzsimons  and her efforts in Coromandel where she was seen as a safetynet along side the vagaries of the GP reaching 5%, then there was another member of the disintegrating Alliance one James Patrick Anderton, the perennial party creator and destroyer when everyone else was out of step but him. He possessed a very secure option based on the remnants of Mabel Howard's rock solid red seat of Sydenham, in the south of the village of the damned.

Then the penny dropped for National when conniptions and internal bickering threatened to leave the 2/3/4 % of their protest vote lodging with ACT on a very forlorn beach as wasted votes so they adopted a strategy where they would allow ACT to gain the seat of Epsom virtually unchallenged and only campaign for the party vote. This strategy worked very well though some say Rodney Hide might have succeeded without the nodding and winking but when he fell out of the lifeboat from the SS Perkbuster and bell in fove, his successor Banksie, ex National, and although very acceptable to the Nats, produced doubt whether the good burghers of Epsom would see it that way.
So a cup of tea was arranged and it was as equally  disastrous as the one twenty years earlier turned out for David Lange's legend.

That tactical blunder was seized upon by the left aided by some very supportive Media and scumbag Bradley's misplaced recording device with the result that although securing almost valueless electoral success,  the whole shambles allowed a cacophony of protest from the socialists and their even more extreme friends related to "rorting the system" to gain electoral traction.

Apparently it is now acceptable use of a tactical use of the rules around MMP.
In these last days, New Zealand has witnessed the roll out of an even greater rort with two very disparate groups having  only a shared hatred of John Key as motivation coming together as a single vehicle to participate in September's appointment with destiny, but with a clear desire to thwart any extradition of the obese German funder as a secret agenda.
One branch of the Alliance c2014 has money the other has Te Tai Tokerau
Part of the base document underpinning this "marriage of convenience",  allows the two parties to demerge following the ballot and yet it seems any electoral advantage will remain for that Parliament.

Including  Allamein Kopu, the tight five, the convulsions around John Kirk and Brian Connell and most recent, the summary justice afforded to Brendon Horan by the Man elected "to keep the bastards honest" LOL, it has always seemed unseemly that it is so difficult to remove rotting fish heads from the Big House. That said I am cheering every move as Horan attempts to kick his ex boss in the goolies, more so since Horan's actions around his mother's estate seem to have gone away.

As is being pointed out elsewhere,  when  will these manipulations around MMP being foisted on the electorate going to be scrutinised as deeply as Nationals use of the system around the seat of Epsom.
Bradbury, Harre, Harawira, Minto, Edgeler, Sykes and Co massive manipulations funded apparently by the overweight Kraut, are seemingly undeserving of scrutiny and todays suggestions around getting Chemtrail Ali into the parliament on the already stained underpants of David Seymour or Peter Dunn in Ohariu  as well as being an illustration of so much of the anti democratic aspects of the increasingly grubby MMP system, such tactics are becoming embarrassing to a point of discrediting any remnant measure of stable government.

Was there space on Democracy's dance card for the Limbo at the Ball(sup) on September 20th,( how low can they go.)

Disclaimer, Chubby Checker's Twist, The limbo and even rock n roll didn't rate for me, now the right sheilah and a  Last Waltz that was, well a gentleman wouldn't tell.

Stupid Illiterate Headline

Spot the two glaring errors?

NZ fattest nation in Australiasia - study

Apparently the dicks at The herald want you to think somehow we are at the bottom of some global fat ladder.  But hang on a minute mate!  There's only one other country in Australasia and that's Australia, where I happen to live.  And isn't this the same Lancet which published appallingly bogus figures about civilian deaths in Iraq?  And will we find that no matter what people do to reduce their weight these experts will deem the 66% fattest to  be obese?  They'd have you believe 66% of the inmates at Buchenwald and Auschwitz were obese.

Go down to a supermarket or mall in any suburb of Adelaide and you'll see scores of grossly obese young mums and dads munching on great greasy sausage rolls, with their equally obese kids trailing along behind and their shopping trolleys chockablock full of the most sugar laden and fat saturated crap they can find on the shelves.  There's also a lot of toilet paper (I guess obese people must shit a lot) but little evidence of fresh fruit and green vegetables.

And all these people are white.  They are all young and they all are covered in grotesque tattoos. Not a Hori, Coconut or Abo to be seen.  You see there are plenty of Abos but most of them appear to be pretty slim and trim.  They've got more brains than their white brethren

And finally, would someone please ring the idiots at the Herald and ask them where Australaisia is?

Well That Is Perfectly Acceptable, Is It Truly?

But if it had been that charlatan Ken Ring, gallows would be under construction in Hagley Park right now????

Stuff reports a civil defence claim in a report to Canterbury Local Authorities that the "Alpine Fault" has a probability to rupture in the next fifty years with a resulting magnitude eight quake threatening life limb and infrastructure.  Gee who wudda thunk that?

Unlike Ken Ring with his entirely comprehensable predictions of quakes during our trials from the faults around the Central Plains and  Port Hills over the last four years, the trained minds and science based predictions supposedly underpinning this latest promulgation from the nameless and faceless, are thankfully not "scare mongering".

Give me strength, Ring bases his theory on Planet alignment and subsequent increased gravitational pull possibly affecting the tectonic plates in a way similar to the effects on the ocean creating various tides. As further tremors came along, they gave sufficient credence to many he was not the crackpot many at the trough claimed.
The skilled trained minds that underpin this latest "non scare mongering" headline are based largely on the passage of time and we know that is correct eventually.
A stopped clock is correct twice a day and eventually the NSW Blues would defeat the Queensland Maroons, golly gosh it finally happened  last night.

Will there be a flood of calls to talkback, will Campbell Struggling for Life and Seven a Little Sharper all find a plethora of post quake trauma victims to blub about how these muppets have reawakened the mind numbing, body freezing, cold sweats they were hopefully finally  overcoming, I very much doubt it.

Of course the bloody fault will eventually move and the longer the waiting time, potentially the greater resulting seismic upheaval.
But but it is all about location, depth, and energy so until you can get a handle on all that, IMHO better you just STFU because, what you claim may never happen.
This latest justification for your place at the trough is guesswork predicated on the passage of time and the outcomes are total speculation.

Meanwhile on behalf of those still suffering renewed trauma from what are actually very minor tremors, including the 3.9 centered near Hororata around midnight two days ago, thanks a bunch.

Forget the gallows it wasn't Mr Ring scaring the bejesus out of you today it was trained skilled minds just making another guess what will inevitably happen. It is as plain as the nose on your face but forget the how big, where and when, their total fishing for answers, completely exposed since September 4th 2010, will continue to be no more than a way for them to keep their trotters in the trough for all time.
At least Ken Ring funds himself, that is about the only positive in yet another wave of fear and dread you have triggered in some.


If the dark side of politics is prepared to rort the electoral system with the 'marriage-of-convenience' between the Crim.Con and the Mana Party to be dissolved six weeks post the election then National should take a leaf out of their books and do the same.

Can I suggest in all seriousness that National, ACT, the Conservatives and United Future should campaign as a single entity (let's call it the National Alliance) with a single list.      The three 'minor' parties to be allocated positions on the list in the band 55-65 (as an incentive for them to get out and do the hard yards rather than coast on in as they would if they were positioned somewhere near the top).    Post the election the four parties to sit in the House under their respective names with ACT, the Conservatives and United future free to negotiate with coalition deals with National, each in their own right.

Consider the advantages.   No messy 'gifting' of electorate seats necessary and no wasted votes with the Centre/Right maximizing  its electoral support.     The disadvantage ... sure it has the makings of  a rort but MMP is full of rorts happening and waiting to happen.

And the beauty of it all is the the Left can't respond in kind.   Winston First will never work with the Greens ... he said it so it must be true.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The headline says it all

The headline from this Stuff article, that is:

                        Public sector grows under National

Both this, and Bill English's Labour budget, explain why National is in the high 40's.  Middle class welfare and heaps of state servants might be good for winning elections, but it's terrible for the country.

But it's not all bad.  It could be Labour doing it!


As the dust settles, it appears the Greens are in danger of being neutered by The Fat Kraut Krim. the venal racist and the opportunist marathon runner.

I wonder if the Greens will ask the Electoral  Commission to withdraw the party registration for theMegaManiacs on the grounds that information this far available indicates it is not a genuine political party?

Just wondering.

This sorry saga has a long way to go.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kupapa or Kaikaiwaiu

That will be Harawira's legacy.

When the dust settles and the poor dumb bastards who followed this halfbred mongrel charlatan realise how they were duped, he'll be lucky if he is not strung up from the nearest Totara.

Make no mistake, this whole exercise is about enriching one Hone Harawira.

He would be wise to  have a good hard look at the manner of Benito Mussolini's demise.  Mussolini once was revered by the masses.


Quick to follow-up on his positioning of Labour to the left of Winston First in attacking Asian immigration, the temporary leader of the Labour Party continues to dig a hole for himself by refusing to rule out a coalition deal with the Party.

C'mon David, grow some cojones.  Man up and do what John Key did twice to Winston First.    But no, you stand condemned by associating your once great Party with a convicted criminal awaiting extradition and a hard racist from the left side of the political divide forever in the grievance mode and wedded to promoting a cargo-cult mentality for those stupid enough to believe him..

I suspect the National PR machine is laughing all the way to the cartoonists as they commission billboards pointing out the obvious contradictions in your refusal to condemn these two charlatans in their attempt to pollute the political process.     

Begs the question ... does anyone believe your denial that Labour would, in power, act to overturn any judicial decision to extradite the Kraut.     Simple question, easy answer.

Hypo Hypocrite!!!

The Great Brown Hope for Northland who has predicated his electoral image on dope smoking idlers and handout driven no hopers on welfare has officially nailed his colors to the mast of the super yacht flagship of possibly the most notorious member of the odious hated one percenters in the nation.

It is widely reported that the worst kept political secret has reached public announcement stage.

It has also within minutes triggered the first resignation among prominent adherents of Mana with Sue Bradford reportedly handing it all back to Mr Hadfield due to the total hypocrisy.

First question who will be the leader of the political wing of the tech brigade?
Martyn Bradbury would be my first choice.

That Hadfield has prostituted himself is no surprise what so ever, his character would struggle to eclipse a  knob of feral goat shit.
That so many Maori see him as a leader besides being a total injustice is an indictment on the educational achievement and moral lassitude of so many of those welfare has condemned.

Some well inside the tent are confused now.

And if Kiwiblog has it correct a very well connected and recent aspiring candidate has just joined the group willing to go public

Son of a previous high ranking NZLP Cabinet minister now a commissioner running the sacked dysfunctional Ecan and overlooked candidate for Dalziels CHCH East seat in the recent bi-election, James Caygill has attacked the shark jumping effort of Mr Cunliffe over the change to Immigration policy.

Now ever since Brash took National to the brink of successfully toppling the Clark Government many of the incompetents in the media have excoriated National on every occasion they changed policy approaches to become more electable. How many headlines on flip flops, u turns and other negative publicity for such changes to policy, in a word many.
How many such terms have been promulgated to describe the ever increasing frequency and equally significant policy changes by the still diving leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition can be recalled, in three words, not so many.

Having for decades  attacked National for the significant numbers of New Zealanders heading off shore in pursuit of advancing their careers, now for many discovering the solid expansion of opportunities being exposed by the fairly widely accepted successful current management of our economy by messers Key English and Co, temporary leader David Cunliffe has without preamble joined the long standing and largely rejected racial policies of the pensioner from St Mary's Bay.

Immigration, seen by many informed citizens as necessary to lift skill levels in this country and expand a motivated and driven workforce is now been raised to a leading plank in Labour policy in a very cynical, opportunistic and blatant reversal of decades of Labour central belief.
Some of us to the right have been of the opinion such wholesome support for PIs and refugee component of the resulting population growth had more to do with maintaining a captive voting base, but that is now submerged by this latest move by the NZLP Leader
It is not a U turn, it is not a flipflop this is a deeply embedded reversal of the direction on a race track.
For years with Auckland among others racing horses clockwise while many SI tracks have anti clockwise as the established direction and some horses perform better in one direction as opposed to the other. However at each track the direction of travel is agreed and accepted by all competitors.
To have Labour join the personality  cult of the National dropout and set out to race in the opposite direction is massive.
Yet I fear it will go largely unreported by the incompetents in the MSM as no one will release a presser on the matter.

James Caygill's tweet on this unheralded reversal by The War Room adds another example of how deeply Labour is damaged and how desperation is replacing tactical assessments.

Mr Doxit

Who remembers Paul Henry and the furore caused by his remarks over the name of an exceedingly thin skinned female Indian politician? 

Yesterday, at around 4.15.NZ time, Adolf dropped a note to Whaleoil,  suggesting there might be a story lurking at TV3, what with the recent shellacking of Campbell by the PM, Campbell's ludicrous non expose of spying and conspiracy the other day and yesterday's banishment of TV3 from the High Court.  I wondered what his show's ratings were doing.

The reply was brief and immediate.

"Read my 5.00 pm post.'

What took me by surprise was the huge 50% drop in the ratings for Campbell's appalling show.  In most private businesses when half your sales are lost you replace your salesman but in this case there don't appear to have been any whispers.  The show's sponsor, Mazda, must be getting cold feet unless it has cut a deal whereby it pays so much per viewer for its sponsorship.

Then there are the letters to Mazda from annoyed viewers, protesting at the company's sponsorship and vowing to cease buying its products.  If these turn out to be in large number and sales are adversely affected then all hell most certainly will break loose.

Therefore I was interested to see a comment asserting that TV3 were setting up Campbell for a fall so that he could be replaced by none other than Paul Henry of Dixit fame.

Hell, if they did that, I'd start watching the show again.

What would they call the show?   'Henry'?       'Henry on the Bone'  (The NZ Rottweiler of journalism?)

Whatever it was called I'd expect an immediate bounce in viewer numbers as centre right viewers flood back for some decent and balanced commentary.

Why, the new host could even refer to his predecessor as Mr Doxit.

Monday, May 26, 2014


because I can't.    This time every election cycle, the Rt (Dis) Hon Winston Peters can be guaranteed to urge his ragtag band of geriatric supporters to man the barricades and be prepared to do battle against the 'yellow peril' threatening our very survival.   And, to be fair, his rant has produced electoral dividends from the unthinking and xenophobic that go to bed every night believing he is the 'new' Messiah .... oooops, new as in old and slightly tarnished (and let's not mention the $155k).

And now Cunliffe, to his everlasting shame, has jumped (unwanted I suspect) on the Peters train.   

Let's be very clear.   His comments are unashamedly directed at the Asian community.   Easy targets, much like the Jews were under Hitler.    But let's be equally clear ... on virtually every societal measure the Asian community holds its own (and sometime betters) other NZL ethnic groupings.    In the main our Asian community is industrious, law abiding, well educated, motivated to succeed and skilled.    I can't but help contrast that with Hone's bunch, mired as they are in the grievance and hand-out mode.

Desperate politicians do desperate things.    At least Peters is consistent with his hate-mongering.
The only thing consistent about Cunliffe is his inconsistency.   NZL and Labour deserve better.

The Panic Station

What started off as 'the war room' has turned into the panic station.

Which is only to be expected when you examine its management team:-

The Embellisher

The Embezzler

The Embarrassment

Scurrilous is an Appropriate Word.

But nothing surprises when socialists are thwarted

The rabid left across the Tasman have gone to feral status red  on the Abbott Family based on a visceral hatred and that he interrupted the corrupt unions and the venal Labor Party on their march to a Marxist Utopia with some serious support from many in the MSM.
Buoyed by a successful attack, based mainly on totally misrepresenting much of what the ALPBC and Faufax have created with lies and half truths on Hockey's Federal Budget, The Abbott Family are now under a widened concerted and entirely unwarranted attack.
First beatup, a daughter who won a scholarship then on a second daughter who scored a job and now in an unprecedented attack by the former first joker, Tim Mathieson who did come under some OTT comments when Juliar ascended the throne with a Shorten led assassination move on KRudd, however those events in no way justify his foray into the denigrating assault on the PM's family.
Mrs Abbott who has a real job as a senior exec for a childcare operation was said erroneously to be deficient in her obligations to charity work that is expected of the wife of the Federal PM.
Of course coming as it did from Timmy with his "Hairdresser" career if anything enhanced by publicity, it was an unexpected further assault.

Families of Polys come under very expanded pressure by association with the exposure that is so necessary for the Poly hence the tragic suicides of children of Anderton and Rowling to name a couple, then there was the incident over King's self drive car and many more but the well established understanding that Poly's families are off limits is something to be accepted unless it impacts directly on the public figure and their ability to do the job.
Mr Clark I mean Davis's rather dark exploits in LA being where perhaps the protocol is challengeable as a massive diplomatic effort was alleged to have been mobilised to extricate him from a possible brush with US domestic law was broadly hinted at.

Bradbury, Minto, Dim, and the obese Finnish/German criminal fighting extradition with around thirty others at the Prime Ministers Home on a Sunday evening protesting US policy was definitely beyond the pale for moi. It was Max Key's Birthday FFS.
Apart from playing golf with Potus during a holiday and attending a school that some might be envious of, what in the name of creation has Max Key done to make such an invasion of his private life justified.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Reasons to be cheerful - part 3

The latest TV polls have DPF and Keeping Stock leaving embarrassing stains in their underpants, but there's actually a lot for the left to be chuffed about.

First and foremost, we can be happy that National are maintaining their popularity by implementing centre-left policies.  The current National government has been barely distinguishable from a Labour government, and it's paying off for them in the polls.  As well as continuing the last government's programme by retaining Kiwibank, Kiwirail, Kiwisaver (fucking unimaginative twats that the Fifth Labour government were when it came to naming things), the Cullen fund, interest-free student loans and Working for Families (wot? No 'Kiwifamilies?'), the current National government rejected austerity as a response to the GFC and adopted the left's approach to dealing with such crises: borrow to keep the economy functioning.   We've built up quite a bit of debt but it allowed us to weather the storm via the state's ability to borrow ridiculous sums at low interest rates, exactly as a good Keynesian would expect.  They've made a few nods towards traditional National efforts to direct the nation's wealth into the pockets of the already-wealthy, but mostly it's been centre-left all the way.

In its latest budget, the government has offered good traditional Labour fare, in the form of free doctor's visits for children and extending paid parental leave, and by the looks of it the electorate is rewarding them with increased popularity.  Labour must be spitting, and you have to feel sympathy for them (well, if you're a lefty), but in terms of the national interest a centre-left programme is being followed so the overall situation is positive.

To some extent, yes I am putting a good spin on it.  No good has ever come from an NZ government getting a third term, from first Labour through various National governments to fifth Labour.  There's no reason to assume the current one would be an exception, and hubris is already writ large among its participants.  A win for National in September would be statistically highly unlikely to be a good thing.

(Disclaimer:  as a property-owner in the top income tax bracket, I do better under right-wing governments than left.)

John Hamstrung opines Cunliffe and Labour are now ready to govern.

Sadly the New Zealand voters haven't caught up with that yet.

Around 50% of them are of the opinion the rabble are still just that.

Oh it was not all Dunkirk, Cap"n Mumblefuck's replacement at GHQ in the War Room has regained a margin of error improvement for PM but I guess that was entirely predictable when he languished in single figures.

Whistling in the dark doesn't cut it you NZLP propaganda merchant, they are exposed as the jumble of sect, pressure groups and marginalised nincompoops Helen Clark preordained would be the remnant of her now clapped out carriage to the Airport and on to New York.

Weeks of drama in the beltway have produced only further negativity and His about to be Excellency Shane Jones must be one of very few drinking Bollinger tonight, hopefully the Nats are all at work making things stay that way.

Meanwhile back at the Herald,  Hamstrung's message bank will be smoking as Mat orders up the next assault across no man's land, just maybe therein lies the problem, "no mans"!!!,  Eh Damien?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wendyl, your image is tarnished.

But she does well in gaining exposure and subsequent profile.

Whaleoil lays a charge of blatant hypocrisy born of trying to be all to many.

The Herald give space to her opinions in a column, Friday mornings Hosking has a round up with Jeremy Wells at present replaced by Tim Wilson and Ms Nisson plus various glossys see her as a trash filler, however the sum of those efforts is just more mediocrity.

She has now joined the current crusade to attack "big sugar" but her efforts are loaded with hypocrisy and hyperbole.

Perhaps buoyed by the plain packaging shilling on cigarettes, focus for many has moved to sugar as many of the statists feel Big Tobacco is only now going to be extinguished by a total ban.
Nisson in her Herald effort attacks a sweet and sour meal base currently on sale as being overloaded with sugar while her recent recipe column in The Woman's Weekly has a toxic mixture from early last century  containing an horrific amount of the killer poison.

Growing up in the mid 20th century my earliest memories are of sugar being "rationed" as a relic of diverting such basic foods to 'The Old Country'  in WWll but we still bought the now declared toxic stuff in fifty pound hessian bags and after rationing  removed restraint we ate, drank and reveled in amounts that would have a 21st century dietician in coniptions.
In spite of our obsessive consumption levels even fatter kids were very active and fit.
 Meat was another staple we had two and sometimes three meals with meat every day, breakfast chops and or bacon with eggs,, lunch cold meat and salad in summer beetroot and pickles (more sugar) in winter and roasts at night. The bread at all meals was white Stacy and Hawker 'Procera,  a special treat was white Vienna or as we called it "ropeloaf,  cream and butter were at most meals also.
Puddings were bottled fruit in syrup or milk based with cups of sugar and there were tins of baked cakes and biscuits again with butter and sugar in abundance.

As to how we were not all obese I have no answer, one thing for certain we did not spend much non sleep time sedentary.

Yes obesity is a massive problem and sugar is a bit part of it but not walking/biking to school, not  running around and fighting at breaks and not having chores when reaching home that all burnt calories faster than we could absorb them probably says it all.
Carbs sugar fats and salt were in everything we ate and most of us were in fact a bit skinny!!!!

I understand Nisson has a vested interest as she markets food  but maybe a bit less preaching on sugar is warranted, maybe some focus on activity and lifestyle.

Friday, May 23, 2014

That Needs Widespread Circulation.

At the conclusion of the "Budget Debate"  when English was cut down in full flight by assistant Speaker Lindsay Tisch, Tisch then put the question to the vote.

First up was Cunliffe, temporary leader of the Opposition amendment on the house having "No confidence in The Government.

The totally idiotic Green party in the irrelevancy that is "The Party Vote" where the Clerk calls on each party spokesman to cast the votes, voted their votes"AGAINST"!! the amendment
A pause as that sank in, by the Clerk

Then likewise the man whose friend lives in the same house but uses the door around the corner cast The Peters Party votes against Cunliffe's great hope for power also.

To their credit the numpty GP charged with the responsibility realised a serious gaffe had happened and sought leave of the house to correct their vote .
Poor simple old Mr O'Rourke with the confused home address gave his best imitation of those clown heads that traversed an arc at the sideshow to make the dropping ping pong ball select its number but did not even realise his monumental F*^kup and it was left to Barbara Stewart to seek leave an hour later.

And the incompetent morons think they are seated at the Parliament to rule over us mere mortals.

The amendment was defeated by a substantially inflated majority, then the Budget was passed by the more reasonable and correct 64 votes to 57.
Though to be fair it would have barely raised a ripple if it had been 120 to 1 Hadfield.

For all Those Who Moan........

...........about how good things are in Australia here's a little something:-

  • Australia’s population of 23.5 million is about 5.2 times New Zealand’s, but as of June last year we had 8.4 times as many public servants…
  •  Australia's government will spend $6200 a person on cash welfare next year, over 25 per cent more than New Zealand’s government will on each of its citizens 
  • Australian state and federal governments will lavish more than $4600 a person to keep Australians alive and healthy, almost 50 per cent more than is spent in New Zealand.
  • The marginal income tax rate most Australians will pay from July — 34.5 per cent — will be higher even than New Zealand’s top 33 per cent rate, which makes a mockery of our 49 per cent top rate, which will be higher than China’s and France’s.   
That last one is the real kicker.  I've always said its the take home pay which matters, not the wage rate. 

Where are all the Cojones Buried?

Boko Harem still running amok in Northern Nigeria, so whats new?

Nigeria is incredibly wealthy but as a result of drawing lines on maps to "create self government and free peoples" that wealth translates into bugger all benefit or security for the people.

Religion and tribalism trump progress and condemn millions to a grim future.

Boko Harem leapt into the conscience of the world when a bunch of thugs attacked a school and kidnapped nearly 300 female students, and a so called "leader" claimed a right to "SELL" them into bondage. I assumed that would be as wife number whatever for some dominant male already having more than enough Mothers in Law.

This morning it is reported that violent mob have slaughtered a further 29 rural dwellers in another outrage against the values and mores held dear by so many of us.

But sadly the continued ignoring of the "Elephant in the Room"  by the world media continues unabated.

Islam is a minor sect/religion in this country and although I defend the right of its adherents to maintain their belief, culture and churches but the fact their parent spiritual leadership maintains a stoneage attitude to what a majority of NZ citizens see as an abomination should in no way preclude the local msm from reporting on the close connection between Boko Harem and Islam.
The cringworthey reportage on stuff makes no such links apart from one reference to the vague link to establishing an Islamic state within territorial Nigeria.
Islamic motivation underpinning Boko Harem is ignored.
All the targets for that group of brutal thugs appear to be Christians and/or non adherents of "The religion of Peace".
The cult of Islam with its various sects having different attitudes to the degree of violence to be employed in defence of belief has littered history and modern day events with sickening examples of abhorrent extreme violence and still a cowering World media "pussy foots" around the stoneage religious cult who have no mechanism to take their belief system into what for the rest of the world is an enlightened advance in human behavior and interaction.

When will the rest of humanity begin to call out Islam for its abusive, closed mind blind adherence to the unrelenting insult to 21st century philosophical advances.

Boko Harem would cease to exist in short order if the cloak of justification provided by the Islamic Faith systems was exposed and removed

Minions in the MSM, I realise rebuilding your strength, integrity and courage could be seen as difficult but genuine criticism of Islam is still a protected right here so get your collective testicles out of wherever you put them and start calling the benighted bigots for what so many in this still free country see them as.
It is called free speech and is probably the greatest thing we possess after sunlight.

One Sick Canary?

Lou Vincent charged with match fixing by the England Cricket Board.

As if evidence of toxic air was needed.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I am a regular traveler on Air NZ domestic.    Every-time I travel on a main trunk route I am subject to security screening ... the Full Monty.    Yet for Air NZ link flights (even from a major airport) zip. zero, nothing.

Clearly Aviation Security New Zealand (AVSEC) is of a mind that hijackers/crazies only choose to fly the main trunk.   A more balanced view is that the whole thing is a charade predicated on the basis that something is better than nothing.

Well, it's not.   It's a waste of time and money.     You either do it properly or do it not at all.   

p.s.    AVSEC domestic is funded from a levy included in the purchase price of your ticket.    Five years ago it was in the order of $5.   It will have increased since then.

Bevan Who?

In 1991 an Aboriginal Australian was sentenced to a substantial term of imprisonment following conviction for  the rape and murder of a young woman.

Yesterday it was reported he had been paroled from a correctional facility.

This man convicted of an horrendous crime would not have warranted any publicity on release but for one fact.

The now 41 year old is the brother of Rugby League Legend and current Maroons coach Mal Maninga.

So much for a convicted criminal being released by due process to try and rejoin society following serving his sentence.

It is resonably established fact that members of the original inhabitants of the West Isle are in deep turmoil trying to come to terms with coping with the massive changes European civilisation has wrought on their very nomadic and once proud history.
The splurge of publicity and media glare has quite possibly made his transition to life in society an almost unsurmountable mountain and it is only happening because he has such a high profile and successful sibling.

I guess it is pointless bringing the baying pack of moronic and talentless pseudo journalists to book as their collective intellect denies them sufficient nous to see their behavior might be so destructive.
Many of these retards revel in attempts to bring copious guilt upon those who have joined up with the Lucky Country, for  historical depredations and ill treatment of the "first people", non of their making, yet here they are seeking a bit of relevance as they increase the pressure on Bevan Maninga because he happens to be Mal's Brother and would in any other circumstance been released with absolutely zero notice.

The worst part in all this they will never understand.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chris Cairns

Tonight's new allegation by Lou Vincent's ex wife, aired on TV1, indicate Mr Cairns might be in for some serious bother.

If proven true, Adolf wonders whether he may be prosecuted in NZ for offenses which occurred overseas.

If not, then perhaps we need enabling legislation to cover this sort of crime.

Avondale Mosque

New Zealand has had its first taste of the Religion of Peace at work.  

 The centre's administrator was brutally beaten two weeks ago after issuing trespass orders to a Salafist imam and some of his supporters, and spent 10 days in hospital with fractures and eye injuries.

Assault, threats of violence, death threats and harassment.

It's up to the Muslim community to stand up  to these stone age bullies and it's up to the police and Government to back them to the hilt. The Islamist perps must be arrested and dealt to under the full force of the law.  Long jail sentences and/or  deportation are the order of the day

India Is Now In Charge,

And if the current shambles indicates Justice then a french cut missing leg stump is "well played old chap".

Whiney Lou suddenly turns on the mates he was quite happy to cheat on for a bit of filthy lucre.
More to try and escape all repercussions of his inclination to dump on the once great game as the truth comes out and more to save his yellow hide than any suggestion of a road to Damascus conversion to what is right and honorable

Mr X known to some inside the increasingly corrupt tent that runs World Cricket including the CEO of NZC, remains the focus of speculation and finger pointing.

The leak, sanctioned or further evidence of the total corruption that has emerged as the cornerstone of the once noble game is now only making waters already toxic, increasingly muddied.

Only because all the big money, official and corrupt now has its foundation in the Sub Continent and mainly in India, the whole stinking mess has all the credibility of a Mafia Don kissing his rivals cheek  as a show of solidarity and agreement.

Our two daughters used to work on Turoa Ski field and when anyone was found wanting, staff or public, for any reason, "There's one on every bus " became the universal explanation.

Sadly it seems it is now a lot more than one and it  includes the driver, the owner, the mechanic, and the baggage man on  the bus that is International Cricket; Tests, Pajama and hit and giggle.

Bit like watching that much loved old uncle succumb to a terminal disease,actually.

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Smart Maori...... one who recognises a malodorous pile of ordure (a heap of shit) when he sees one and keeps well away from it.

It appears one Julian Wilcox is a smart Maori.

That sort of buggers up the other idiot's chances of suing Labour.

The Impossible Dream.

The MSM and many others are asking the basic question "who is David Cunliffe?"

This guy who happens to be the current leader of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition and seeks to replace John Key as Numero Uno of NZ government, has been in public life much longer than Mr Key, been an MP for over 15 years, served in the Clark Cabinet as a minister with no apparent negatives apart from a peripheral connection to the dodgy granting of citizenship to a Chinese national on an interpol watchlist and a deeper connection to the Hawkes Bay Health debacle where the elected local board was dismissed to protect a fellow minister's dodgy partner.
All pretty much run of the mill potential beltway scandels.
He then after some serious lack of collegial support for  leader Phil Goff and his successor David Shearer, embarked on a very high profile campaign to replace Shearer, in a roadshow, along with the now departing Shane Jones and the ever present danger in the shape and form of quintessential beltway person Grant Robertson.

Now nearly nine months into his leadership, after a very nostalgia ridden launch complete with invocations of past glory days of the once proud and united NZLP, accusations of varying messages tailored to suit current audiences, a penchant for fence sitting summed up with the sobriquet of "Yeah Nah", is the the real Mr Cunliffe is a modern example of what Churchill described " It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma;".  Churchill was referring to the Soviet Union in 1939 and the quote concludes with the qualifier, "The key is the Russian National Interest".
Is the key to Mr Cunliffes apparent personification of a man of mystery merely what is in "HIS" interest?

The way he conducted his campaign for leader, along with the "secret trusts" for funding, a seriously dodgy CV and claims of patently false image boosting via, Post Graduate study in the US, Fonterra origins, Auckland City Mission work and other little inaccuracies, revealed little to give comfort.
A fluff n puff effort by John Campbell based on his " little do up" in Herne Bay added nothing revealing about the main man, though to be fair it was very informative about his Wife and her previously well below the radar existence who pretty much stole the show.
My question is, was that deliberate as it was positive stuff while the man who would be the Man cuddled a cat just in shot. I thought the best line was when Campbell was asked to hand Karen the "Tool".

Today we read another in a growing line of revelations as to who is this man who would be Prime Minister, this one from Tracy Watkins and Michael Fox on Stuff.
Nothing new just more questions.

To be a leader a positive personality, a projection of command and control, and at times it will all be a front but voters really need a central secure and constant figure to instil confidence
Mike Williams et al spent countless fruitless hours and dollars trying to find a flaw in John Key and came up empty.
Apart from the well documented life, in the surreal to so many of us, world of high finance in the heart of worlds currency trading center New York, two pretty normal children and an original model wife from his more tender years, Key was a bit ordinary apart from successfully accumulating some serious personal financial security. All opposition political operators seriously underestimated  this genuine if somewhat remarkable ordinary bloke. Yes he was rather ordinary in oral expression, he was caught on camera fumbling a multi person handshake at the RWC, his children can be caught being themselves but what a voter sees is pretty much what they get. Very few will deny it is impressive.

Sadly for Mr Cunliffe he has as many apparent persona as he will have coalition partners next September if the unthinkable happens and he is left on the 21st of September trying to cobble together the coalition from Hell.

I for one do not care a whit if Mr C continues to confound the voters as to who he is, what he believes in and what his actual basic policies are, however his potential supporters or at least the more thinking among them must be in a fog of despair trying to work it all out.

It is as if suddenly, a turnip on a manuka stick with a red rosette is no longer adequate somehow, apart that is from the ignorant with a vested interest in continuing the destructive slide unabated into the welfare trap for so many who should be working for a better New Zealand.
They seem to form a core support around 20%.

Never post based on initial reports

I just deleted one about road safety being improved by the Darwin award earned by the petrolhead waster in this story, only to have later versions of the story reveal said petrolhead waster is still alive.  No doubt his friends and family are thrilled to hear he may recover and live to endanger or end other people's lives for many years to come - me, not so much.

Friday, May 16, 2014


David Cunliffe needs to demand his money back from Linda Clark if his performance yesterday in the House was anything to go by.    You can see him here in all his 'glory'.      John Key in his response here absolutely creamed him.

Perhaps John Key's most devastating line (directed at Grant Robertson) ....don't worry son, in 127 days, 3 hours and 55 minutes you'll be the leader of the Labour Party .... and David looked pained and Grant smirked.

But really David, when you write your speech some days out you need to have the political smarts to rejig it to take account of budget announcements.    What possessed you to stick with that portion of the speech where you panned the Government for failing to address the issue of child poverty when a major plank of the budget was to provide free health care for all children up to age 13?     That just made you look stupid.    Clearly you and thinking on your feet are like chalk and cheese..

Methinks the smirk on Grant Robertson's face is going to get bigger and bigger in the coming daze.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why do first home buyers (and students) need my freakin money?

As if Beneficiaries aren't bad enough!

I freely accept safetynet welfare as my social responsibility as a citizen.

I bought my first farm and incurred my first debts at 27 years old with less than 10% equity.

The only government money I ever enjoyed was around 1990 when a third one in a hundred year flood in 18 months destroyed miles of fencing and a bunch of us set up a workscheme for unemployed and in return for transport and training  that we funded, the dept of welfare assisted with the cleanup with  workers receiving their benefit.

To all wishing to buy a freakin house, do what those wishing to buy a corner  dairy do and go to a bank, if you can't afford the freakin house, the Bank will soon tellyou.
After endless drifters getting a piece of my hard earned cash as a bribe to vote for my political enemies,  to get housing, have spawn, and all the remaining stream of welfare I provided for me and mine, enough I say.

Get off your gluteus maximus and earn it.

Entrenched unemployed on welfare while we are importing Somalis, Phillipinos, Ukrainians and any others with a will to work and make their way in this benighted world,  to pick fruit and veges, milk cows and the myriad of other work deemed unfit to soil their entitled hands is a nonsense that must be ended before we all sink into the morass.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Now Who Is The Horse's Arse?

Keeping Stock has a glorious story on the antics of Winston First.

You must admit UTU is a wonderful thing to behold and Brendan Horan has delivered a rip snorter.

The 5 year old bay mare Bellazeel is owned by Mr Peters and others, and has a successful racing career. So far in the 2013/14 season from seven starts, the horse has had two wins and a third place, earning prize-money of $20,175. Mr Peters has conspicuously failed to declare the horse in his pecuniary interests return.
“Mr Peters needs to take an honest look in the mirror. He is a prime example of why our Parliament needs to be subject to the Official Information Act,” Mr Horan says.
Brendan Horan says he is also concerned that the New Zealand First Leader could be misusing taxpayer funds. “I am concerned at reports I am hearing regarding overseas junkets, use of contractors and consultants, and other serious mis-spending. Certainly Mr Peters refuses to follow normal practice and report to his caucus on how the Leaders Budget - some $2.5 million in the current Parliament - is being used. I challenge him to open the books so that taxpayers can be sure the money is being used only for proper purposes.

Will some intrepid journo please ask  Mr peters whether the nag was purchased using money from the party leader's fund?

Was it a gift from racing interests for whom Mr Peters arranged huge windfall profits when he was racing minister?

Was he using some version of Te Reo when he burbled on yesterday about poocroonary interests?

Who pours him into his suit each day?


Those of you who have followed my postings on the Veteran's Support Bill on this and other forums will have picked that I didn't think the Bill, which gives effect to many of the 170 recommendations of the Law Commission's Report into the War Pensions Act 1954, went far enough.

The Government (any Government) owes a debt of gratitude to those it puts in harms way.   All decisions that impact on our veteran community should reflect a certain generosity of spirit.

I am therefore delighted with the announcement a few hours ago that the Government has agreed to extend eligibility for the Veteran's Pension to all veterans with operational service.    At present eligibility is limited to those in receipt of the War Disability Pension at the 70% level or above.

The Veteran's Pension is paid at the same level as NZ Superannuation.   The new tranche of veterans will, in addition, receive a Community Services Card as of right and regardless of income while the pension itself will continued unabated should they go into long term hospital care (as opposed to those in receipt of NZ Superannuation where the payment is reduced to pocket money level).

This announcement means that another 16,700 veterans will be eligible for the pension.

I want to pay special tribute to Mike Sabin, MP for Northland and Alfred Ngaro, List MP, for their strong and continuing advocacy on behalf of our veteran community.    Mike is an ex Naval officer with strong family links to the RNZN while Alfred paid a major role in helping to get a special pension for Bill Franheim, a four tour veteran resident in the Cook Islands.   

My understanding is that Minister Dunne also was closely involved in drawing up the policy.   It has the support of both the ACT and United Future Parties.  The numbers are there.    It's a done deal (no pun intended). 

Time for a MPWOF?

Winston Peters is visiting a school.
In one class, he asks the students if anyone can give him an example of a "tragedy". One little boy stands up and offers that, "if my best friend who lives next door was playing in the street when a car came along and killed him, that would be a tragedy".
"No," Winston says, "That would be an ACCIDENT."
A girl raises her hand. "If a school bus carrying fifty children drove off a cliff, killing everyone involved... that would be a tragedy". "I'm afraid not, "explains Winston, "that is what we would call a GREAT LOSS."
The room is silent, none of the other children volunteer. "What?" asks Winston, "isn't there any one here who can give me an example of a tragedy?"
Finally, a boy in the back raises his hand. In a timid voice, he says: "If an airplane carrying Winston Peters was blown up by a bomb, THAT would be a tragedy".
"Wonderful!" Winston beams. "Marvelous! And can you tell me WHY that would be a tragedy?" "Well," says the boy, "because it wouldn't be an accident, and it certainly wouldn't be a great loss!"

Acknowledgement to "Joke Budda"

Before being named to start for the ABs, before any transfer  becomes binding in sports, before a contract to change ownership for a racehorse for racing or breeding, and as an inherent plank in an employment contract a medical certificate is often required to ensure "fit for purpose".

At the media scrum after the pensioner from NZ First was given his chips by Speaker Carter in the  House, later in the foyer of Parliament a very agitated and profusely sweating "victim" was still vainly attempting without success to get his six shooter out of its holster.

Some of those images suggested  all is not well with the aging nicotine stained, partly pickled pensioner.
His delivery in the house as he made earlier pathetic attempts to deliver on his extravagant claims to end Judith Collins parliamentary career, was incoherent, garbled and unintelligible.
Along with amounting to a big fat zero the whole episode indicated all is not well with the ageing warhorse, once touted as a National party leader.
Blood sugar issues, not uncommon in drinkers, onset neurological issues, lack of sleep, and seriously disrupted body chemistry could all be suspected as primary influences in his rather disturbing demeanor yesterday both as he was asking to be carded then in the sideline interviews following his entirely predictable ejection.

If he believes he can deliver on three and a half years as a possibly very influential participant in our already chaotic MMP system of government, I for one require some evidence of mental, physical and intellectual capability as yesterdays efforts raised far more serious questions as to his fitness rather than any perceptions of unfitness of his target, who as an influential member of National is easily replaceable.
The sartorially splendid yesterdays man on the other hand is New Zealand First, front center and wings, should he fall away, what the largly ignorant and demented bloc of voters are erroneously voting for ceases to exist and all that remains is a decaying carcass of half baked wannabes who would struggle to run a pissup in a brewery.

It is now being claimed through a spokesperson poor old pensioner has the "flu", jeez nobody ever tried that excuse before. As if yesterdays shambolic efforts were a one off.
The irascible old goat, true to form didn't think to make that excuse himself, crikey how long to make up a sign reading, wait for it         "FLU"

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Make Your Bloody Mind Up Stuff.



1000 years of 'unstoppable collapse'

This glacier alone acts as a lynchpin holding back enough ice to raise the sea level by 4 metres.

 This part of Antarctica would be a major contributor to sea level rise in coming decades and centuries since the glaciers hold enough ice to raise sea levels by 1.2 metres. 

In their desperation to make capital from the ravings of lunatics Stuff have a wee problem.
Is it the alarmist four feet or the catastrophic thirteen feet, that is the go or is it just same old garbage in garbage out making shit up program.

As the ice melts in my Gin and tonic at 1700 hrs the level will go down but that is because I have drunk it and swmbo aint filled it up again.

Do the raised lakes Tekapo, Pukaki, Ohau, Manapouri, Hawea, Taupo plus the new lakes Benmore, Avimore, Waitaki Roxburgh, Dunstan, Maraetei, Karapiro, Arapuni, Atiamuri, Ohakuri, Whakamaru, Arapuni, Waipapa and the millions of liters in the upper Waitaki canals equate to the receding glaciers for water held back from the oceans?

Could do ones head in if contestable funding became available to pseudo scientists trying to make a case for Armageddon eh.

Mirror mirror on the wall.

Today is Federal Budget day in Canberra.

Today, we here in the lucky country, the real one, will glimpse what we dodged when Key and English wrestled the Treasury from the Megalomaniac and the History Don.

Joe Hockey will be sweating as he attempts to unravel what the tangled bureaucracy, Corporate welfare, trade union corruption and the shambles vote buying largess has wrought on the West Island.

I am sure when John Key called for economic parity with Australia he had no intention of watching the previous "lucky Country" plummet down the other lift shaft while Lil Ole NZ Inc was riding up.

While we agonise over delivering welfare to more and more citizens through programs that destroy self reliance and personal responsibility, Joe Hockey has to make some bellwether creations to reign in  a long term budget deficit that threatens to become intractable.

But Some Are More Entitled Than Others.

Sorry Mr T (not silent) ,your actions were misuse of company funds, property and time.

Sort of "theft as a servant" in my uncomplicated world.

Mind you, aspiring to add Labour MP to your CV is a very appropriate fit.

In your world you may see no problem with your activism involving your employment position and place of work but should you consult every single shill who has been hellbent on "getting Collins" and they are sincere in their response you might just be a little surprised at their advice.

Apologies and acknowledgements to Dominion breweries and the estate of George Orwell.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Another way to spend, make that rort YOUR MONEY!

Creepy, conniving, cunning, 'thumbhead'  Cunliffe has joined the chorus for taxpayer funding of election campaigns.

In an extension of the complete bollocks beatup around The Cabinet Club, entirely legal and well established by precedent, fundraising by The National Party, the incompetent and increasingly desperate  temporary leader of the now minor party remnant of the once relevant and powerful NZLP, has accepted the reality that faces his now moribund gaggle of gays and unionists.


Helen Clark managed a defacto state funding of Labour election costs by appropriating taxpayer funds to the extent of some $800 000 to fund election expenses in defiance of significant advice it was illegal, from multiple opinions.
Not satisfied with getting away with it from the Electoral Commission she then legislated to make further private judicial opposition go away.
Another supporter of taxpayer funding and leader of a personality cult, still has not accounted for his dodgy $150 000 odd, missappropriated funding.

The socialist left, both the labour and green wings, already receive much largess from the trade unions in the form of signage, parallel campaigning and donations of cash, obscured with their almost always late and incomplete accounts along with the clear  and obvious subverting of parliamentary funding for publicity and travel. Add in a parliamentary funded Chief of staff who is a trade union appointed campaign strategist in Thumbheads office and a trend is clear.
All that in no way creates any atmosphere of fraudulent activity in their myopic view as the arrogance implicit in the mantra of "whatever it takes", trumps any potential  embarrassment or admission of fraudulent application of such funds.
Then we put up with "hey look over there the other mob are crooks" as the Nats continue what has long been a normal and accepted fuding strategy.

As if the union leadership giving wholehearted support to the socialist cause without reference to the pertinent fact that a substantial component of the membership, now educated and understanding of how the economy works may well have no desire to support the economic midgets in the NZLP or The GP as it is all about the cause while   ignoring any contrary view.
All the while there is no compulsion involved in those choosing to get close to what at present are cabinet ministers, they pays their money voluntarily.
Those who for whatever reason donate to the two major wings of the socialist left do not all have that luxury and by extending the funding stream to Taxpayers via state funding it will only get a whole lot more inequitable.

Then the other great anomaly with potential for great wrong, I am yet to discover any, even remotely  fair funding model for new entrants with zero exposure to any of the criteria proposed for allocation.
In the volatile and transient nature of Party activity under our very convoluted MMP system, what occurred at the last general election is totally irrelevant one year later let alone three years on.
Who would have considered that the oh so precious greens and so many dissaffected ABC faction members would trek to the Coatsville mansion in search of funds from a reportedly very rich Finn/German resident, fighting extradition to the U.S., as if there was no hypocrisy or potential purchasing of influence. Not even any desire to influence policy just the raw intent  by the overweight convicted criminal to subvert the judicial process of our nation.

Should the disaster of Taxpayer funding become the law when the coalition from hell become the government and it is certain that will eventually happen,  will the army of unionists then be proscribed from donating their time and resources, I dont think so.

If a political movement whether it be a mainstream party or  a pressure/lobby group, is bereft of genuine support where nobody is willing to put their money up, I am at a complete loss as to why I should be required to donate to a cause that may well be totally opposed to everything I believe in.
Bob Jones purchased the downfall of Muldoon, Philip Mills gives generously to the GP, Colin Craig struggles to gain traction for whatever he actually stands for, Owen Glen gave a lot of gold to Peters and Clark only to be shat upon and Clive Palmer has purchsed a moment in the sun across the  Tasman. In reality only by way of the crazy bicameral system where a senate candidate with a miniscule suport in primary vote can be manipulated to a senate seat thereby allowing blocking of the programm of a duly elected House of Representatives, is all too easy.
Yes money can buy influence short term but to become entrenched as ongoing political power, in this day of so many sources of what is actual reality newswise, sustaining such influence is virtually impossible.

So to all the spend thrifts who would destroy my retirement dreams, get your sticky fingers out of my wallet, it is far too easy for you to steal from my diminishing pile of gold already.
Enough I say.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Green reasoning on crime reduction

I've been a little naughty.  I've joined Twitter.  And just this morning had this exchange with Julie-Anne Genter of the Green Party:
  1. one of most robust statistical patterns known is crime rates tend to go up w rising economic inequality
    But NZ crime rate is falling and you are claiming inequality is rising in NZ.
  3. there are other contributing factors - like lead - which is thankfully decreasing.
  4. Lead?Falling crime is because of a reduction in a metal?You've lost me.
She then sent me this link, and I was very polite and thanked her and said I would read it, which I have.

It's quite long and so I won't produce any snippets, but I do encourage you all to have a read and see for yourself why the Green Party think a reduction in lead in petrol is a cause of crime reduction in NZ, and why to the Greens, Correlation = Causation.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Poor Bastard

A high flying crook is moaning about the 'pressures of home detention.'

Rippin was suffering from the inability to leave his house, and do things such as go to a swimming pool and have a coffee which would provide some relief from the pressures of home detention, Grove told the Court of Appeal.
Perhaps he should have thought about that before he attempted to steal $277k from his creditors.  That's what hiding assets from the assignee really is - stealing from creditors.

If he wants a change from his own home he can always ask the judge to send him to the slammer instead.  One always has choice.


There is no doubt in my mind that Kelvin Davis will be a valuable addition to the Labour caucus.   He has a track record as an educationalist and community leader not afraid to speak out on the issues confronting Maori and is respected by all sides of the political divide in the Far North.     Just a pity that at the time of the last election he was shunted down the Labour list in favour of the 'Rainbow' and 'Feminazi' element and lost his seat.

Give me Kelvin Davis over Hone any day for his ability to make a real contribution to Maori going forward.     He is so much better than other Maori Labour MP drones like Mahuta and Tirikatene who are there solely on the strength of their names and remain invisible in the House..    More importantly, he, unlike Hone, is not permanently mired in the grievance mode with no desire to break the mold.    He knows that when you point the finger, three fingers point back at yourself and that Maoridom has to take ownership of the challenges facing it.

So, the question for me is does the Maori Party have the smarts to allow Kelvin a clear run at the seat rather than putting up a candidate and splitting the anti Hone vote.

Serious question.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All They Had in Their Hands Were Their Dicks

That was the Labour Party today in parliament.  I shake my head in amazement.

After a huge media build up in which TVNZ, TV3, Fairfax and the oleaginous Herald all pretty much wrote off Judith Collins after today, Labour gave us a reprise of that wonderful quote from The Godfather.

When young Don Coleone set out to murder the then head of his crime family by shooting him during a private luncheon, he arranged fora loaded pistol to be left in the restaurant toilet cistern.  His parting admonition to his accomplice was this:

"When I come out of that John I want more than my dick in my hand."

They can't even pull off a decent assassination so how can they run the country?

And by the way, is this the same media which a couple of generations ago reported the imminent death of Winston Churchill, was it six or seven times?

What a hopeless bunch of incompetent comprised morons they've turned out to be.

Milt, if you think last week was bad for National, this week sure as hell is  worse your your mob.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Really not a great week for National, that wasn't

You know things are really bad for the government when the PM feels obliged to say this:

... Prime Minister John Key said ... there was no war with the media and that the Government had a good relationship with the fourth estate.

It's like that old one about "I know he doesn't fuck pigs, I just want to hear him deny it."

Interesting, though:  of course Judith Collins wouldn't intervene when a journo talked to her as Police Minister about a family member's dealings with the Police, but of course Maurice Williamson would intervene when a wealthy National Party donor asked him to interfere in a police investigation.  You're not doing National any favours with that one, Whaleoil...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The word you're looking for is...

...nigger.  Stop calling it "the N-word," you twee C-words.  You sound like a bunch of Victorian ladies with the vapours.

Well, Most of Them Are Fairies, Aren't They?

Quote of the year:-

BNZ's TonyAlexander.

. . . Members of the Opposition believe monetary fairies can make the exchange rate settle permanently lower by forcing interest rate cuts and printing money while letting inflation therefore go up. 

Would that be the ones down at the bottom of the garden where the Greens meet secretly with Labour?   

Is it Grabour or the Gleens these days?

Who's Sorry Now?

Not quite the dream job you thought Ms Mayor.

As stated previously, this lady who has had previous issues around honesty and probity as a Labour Minister, looked me in the eye in the public bar of the Grand Hotel Akaroa and stated she was no longer a Labour Person.
She was seeking to be elected by and to represent all citizens, when challenged that after a life of tribal Labour that was hard to believe, reiterated her now demonstrably false claim.

As if I would have believed that election mode hyperbole, and sure as troughers do not change anything other than their current swill container, within weeks of her successful election as the chairman of the re-established Peoples Republic of Christchurch there she was, working her arse off to get Poto Williams, carpet bagger extraordinaire,  into the big house in Wellington as MP for CHCH East.

Where has that smile gone to.
Today Stuff suggests she is showing signs of strain as things are not quite all sugar and spice in the 'village of the dammed'.
Four or is it more inundations in "The Flockton Basin", an apparition unknown to most with even an intimate and longstanding attachment to our now seriously challenged City, until recent months.
Now a part of current language as significant as Bob's word "munted"
Developed in low lying areas unwanted as residential until the post WW2 growth spurt and drained by Dudley creek, its drains and tributaries.
With its elevation lowered, silting and narrowing of waterways by the seismic activities of recent years, this area to the East of Cranford St and North of Bealey Avenue on the edge of "Marshlands", has streets now in even minor rain events  becoming waterways over a meter deep with associated flooding of many homes. 
 Bit like a little Venice but without the romantic accoutrements.
That disaster and ongoing funding issues have turned the mayors sinecure into a nightmare.

Perhaps, had you been true to your claim Ms Dalziel, and fore sworn your socialist life work, you might just have had the time and the energy to get on top of the job you clearly underestimated as to magnitude.

Had you asked your illustrious predecessor, listened and absorbed his answer, actually meant and followed through on your false assurances, the task that now seems to crushing your spirit might have been easier and less onerous.
Take on board what central government was finally driven to do five years ago to deal with 19 years of dithering by ECan and sort out the real core issues facing your Council, forget about your socialist legacy, avoid any further prevarications, just do it.
Oh and as to funding issues, your ratepayers do not need further predations on their already stretched resources and your Council has little need, other than ideological philosophy, for much of the Council owned sacred cows that in truth serve only as positions for the aged, corrupt and now proven useless ex councillors as retirement income and status symbols, sell them and watch increased efficiencies and management make real progress for Our City.
Christchurch City Council is not an investment vehicle to retain Christchurch City Holdings, The Lyttleton Port Company, City Care, Promotions, Elerslie Garden Show or any other stunts that might make some socialists feel good.
If ever a City needed to concentrate on its core business it is our City and NOW.